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> Handle With Care, Mew x Mewtwo shipping. Oh goody.
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post Sep 28 2013, 09:26 PM
Yet another Mewtwo fanfic, but this time I think I found a real gem. It's a shipping fic about Mew and Mewtwo falling in love and becoming mates; and yes, it's as bad as it sounds. It's written by lilpurplebird, another of another shitty Pokémon fanfic, the gridmark Forsaken. So yeah. One of these days, I might get to that, but for the moment, here's Handle With Care.

Please do keep in mind this story will need to be approached with a mature mind-set.

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I will attempt to make the scenes as tasteful as possible, but sex plays an important part in the story for other reasons than you are probably thinking of.

Don't jack off to this, it's a very important work of art!

And even then, seeing the actual sex is pretty spread out—you'll mostly just get implications. Just saying.

Rest assured, it's still enough to gauge your eyes out.

So without further ado, let's get the ball rolling. Enjoy!

Don't worry. I will! Mwuahahahahahaha!!!


“Take me with you.”

It was almost midnight in the city, and the visit had gone on longer than he expected it would. Not that he didn't mind her staying; she was respectful about his personal space and was quiet when she wasn't flying around at random. Mewtwo should have seen it coming when she insisted she was fine and kept the small talk going. He couldn't think of another time she was so persistent on staying at his side a whole night.

Other than that one time they played Goldeneye 64 for 16 hours straight.

Though he proved he could stay up a good few days' worth and barely wobble, Mew knew he was more nocturnal than she was. It was a wonder she made the effort to see him on nights when she could have gone to sleep instead, as their time zones were not too different from one-another. He admired that about her, amongst other things.

He would learn over time that she was prone to obsessing over various things or at least developing a one-track mind.

Well, at least we know where Mewtwo gets it from.

Whatever led her to deciding to visit him over and over again had to have been a strong premonition, or something to that effect.

As they stared at each other, still as statues, the clone could see she wasn't going to back down easily. Enough silence passed between them that she went ahead to repeat, “Take me with you.”

Mewtwo glanced around at the cityscape, slightly puzzled. “I am not going anywhere,” he responded sincerely. “I live here in the shadows. (Yup, he's Batman.) Where can I take you?”

Her brows furrowed a little, a sign she didn't expect the answer. “I don't care. I want you to take me with you.”

He folded his arms loosely. “Exactly where, Mew?”

“Wherever you choose to go.”

How about Canada?

He wasn't liking where this was going; she was beginning to sound a little too persistent. Hesitantly, feeling he was

going to regret it, he said, “What are you proposing?”

To his surprise, she dropped her eyes, her cheeks glowing a bright pink. She took a few deep breaths and mouthed a little to herself, hands clenching hard enough they shook. Her head bowing, she muttered almost inaudibly, “...like you...”

We're not even a tenth of the way through the prologue and already we have a sappy love confession worthy of a twelth-rate animé.

Mewtwo leaned further in. “Hmm? Speak up, Mew.”

She didn't change her posture, but did as asked. “I like you, Mewtwo. I really like you.”

A breeze rushed on by, throwing her into a shiver.

It was buritto night and Rayquza had just broke wind.

The clone not once move a muscle, though his tail and cloak whipped along with the small wind. His sharp gaze scrutinized what little he could see of her face, which now transitioned to a crimson color, her eyes scrunched shut from her confession. The city background noise, unnoticed since she arrived hours prior, was nothing more than a mechanical hum.

He didn't know how to feel about it all.

The most appropriate reaction would probably a combination of pissed off and creeped out.

This was something he had never once thought about, and just like that he was being forced to think on it all, to decide on how he should respond.

Suddenly, shipping this Mewtwo with the one from the 16th movie doesn't sound so stupid. Good job, asshole. Good job.

As much as Mew annoyed him from the beginning, she rarely messed with emotions. Anything she expressed, anything she said, she meant it—it took him a while to see past such bias. Everything here from her pose to tone of voice was very sincere, albeit nervous.

When the silence was enough, he gathered his thoughts and quietly asked, “What are you saying, Mew? Are... are you suggesting a much deeper relationship?”

Heh heh heh... "deeper".

“Mewtwo, I have not once met another one of my species in a long time, if ever. Please take me with you as your mate,” she immediately urged, though her voice sounded a little strained. Almost like she was holding back another emotion...

Oh God, no.

He shook his head, straightening up and stepping away. “No... this is improbable.”

Attached Image

Mew looked up at last, her eyes glassy with the tears as he suspected. “How is it improbable? We're of the same species, if not similar, we're coincidentally either a male or a female, we like each other, we have—”

“Who said I liked you?”

That's actually a very logical question.

He didn't mean to be harsh, but from the way she stood her ground, it was hard to tell if he was. “I'm still here, aren't I? You obviously see something in me besides power.”

Mewtwo gave her a look he hoped was of intrigue before turning his head toward the city. “I suppose...” Another breeze hurried on by, which he was displeased that it carried the smell of exhaust. One of the humans must be having issues with their automobile.

And the point of that scene was?

Mew let out a quiet cough before pleading again, “Please, Mewtwo. I want to be with you.”


"No, seriously, why?"

He looked over his shoulder to find her frozen in place, as though the simple question caught her off-guard. Her baffled expression was enough for him to continue. “Why do you want to be with me of all Pokémon?”

She started wringing her hands as her gaze started to shift back-and-forth between him and the city. “I have not seen another member of my species.”

“Yes, I am aware of that. But there are others out there with whom you can mate with.”

“I've looked into it many times. I wasn't fond of any of them.”

They weren't as brooding.

Mewtwo steadily narrowed his eyes, believing in her words, but still questioning them. “Tell me, Mew, what do you like about me?”

Mew flushed, lifting her eyes in thought. “Um... y-you're strong... very strong. That's always an important factor in choosing a mate.”

“I am not impressed.”

Good answer, Mewtwo. Now, just teleport away so we don't have to endure the rest of this piece of shit fanfic.

Her blush and reaction to his response began to be a mixture of embarrassment and frustration. “That's not the main reason, Mewtwo, I swear!”

“Then what is it? Convince me to take you in, if that is what you want.”

“U-Um... mmm...” Mew fiddled with her fingers more, her tail coiling like it was stuck on a loop.

He huffed through his nose, pulling his cloak closer. “As I thought.”

She shot him an attempt of a glare, though her twitching lips attracted his attention that it became ineffective. As much as she understood emotions, Mew was never good at sticking with one appropriate emotion outside of optimism. “Mewtwo, why are you so... so closed-off to everything? You're better than that!”

Judging by his arc in the animé, I call bullshit.

“The world is dangerous, Mew,” he simply stated. “One needs to be wary to survive.”

“Yes, I know that, b-but there's more to life than that. Haven't you told me you're still discovering yourself?”

He nodded. “Numerous times.”

Three times a day, in fact. Sometimes in the span of an hour.

“That's my answer as well!”

Scowling, he returned his hardened gaze to the city. “I am still not convinced.”

Mew flew around to stay in his view, her half-shadowed face separating what looked to be the stern and soft sides, though her stance suggested she was in determination. “I chose you because I have no other options!” she shouted, her hands pressing against her chest. “I-I don't doubt that I'm not the only one out there, but what are the chances of me finding another Mew?

The animé managed to pull another Mewtwo out of its ass. I'm sure they can do the same in regards to more Mews.

There's so few of us as it is... th-that you were my biggest opportunity! You're technically a Mew, and so... so...” She trailed off, her ears drooping as though she was coming to the realization her argument was becoming moot.

As well as this story.

The clone remained still where he stood, waiting for her to speak up again as they stared at each other. Once her face fell to a melancholic look and her gaze faltered like that of defeat, he briefly rose his brows. “Is that it?”

She timidly shook her head. “No, there's more... um...” She bit her lip as her eyes scrunched shut.

Mewtwo: Please don't take a dump to show your love for me.

Mewtwo could just about see her mind struggling to process a list. “...you're smart, you have a heart even though you're kinda mean, um... you're strong—”

“You already said that,” he pointed out, not bothering to hide his irritated tone.

Her mouth opened like she was going to scream at him, only for her voice to catch. She had to take a couple of breaths to find her words, even though she still struggled. “P-Please, Mewtwo! This is so hard for me... u-uh, you're loyal!” She smiled at the word, her eyes lighting up. He hardly blinked. “Yes, you're loyal! That's one of the things I really look for in a mate, but it's pretty rare with other Pokémon (hah!), so... yeah.”

Mew pursed her lips, her cheeks warming up when she looked away. She clutched her sides and appeared to stiffen. “I-I'm sorry,” she murmured. “I have other reasons, but those are the only ones I can really think of at the moment...”

Actually, it's just one, and we can all guess what that is.

The silence between them was growing colder by the minute. As he had not taken his eyes off her, he watched as she squirmed in place from the sensation, glancing back up at him a couple of times. Mewtwo developed an amusing thought comparing her to an adolescent human confessing her feelings for the first time—but it was rather accurate. In all the years he knew her, Mew was hardly predictable, always keeping him on his toes whenever she showed up out of the blue. He eventually got to the point he could correctly guess her next move, then she started raising his expectations (though disappointing at times) to where she would flip it around and cause it all to crash down. Every time, she was smart enough to go home when his irritation gauge went off the high mark—a rare moment, he admitted to himself.

But occasionally, she had her quiet moments. She was at her best behavior, and asked genuine questions he didn't mind answering. There were enough nights like that to where he couldn't deny not being her friend anymore, and soon he was more accepting of her. She had her good intentions, which was what he wanted from the start, but went through a lot to get to. The moments where they would just look up at the night sky in silence were his favorite, always reminding him of his short days on Mount Quena.

All of this would be better if the story a) showed us all this b) was more interesting and c) was not as creepy.

Somehow, he didn't like this particular silence of hers, not with all the heavy atmosphere that had since settled around them. He could see in her eyes that she was beginning to lose her confidence, her faith in what was an important conversation, the most important moment of her—supposedly their lives. It took a lot of courage for her to speak out about it, and to now lose that voice...

It was bothersome. He did not have all the time in the world to deal with it.

Yet there's no hurry, you see...

Wanting to leave the city for the night, Mewtwo willed himself to hover a few feet off the ground, and steadily backed away up for the sky. Mew did a double-take at the movement, her expression caught in the middle of surprise and huge disappointment as he turned away from her. He trailed his eyes along the skyline, determining which way he was in the mood to go.

"I wonder if Burger King is open at this hour."

Not having moved for some minutes, and still feeling her presence behind him, he began to wonder what exactly she had in mind. Did she even think this far ahead to begin with?

Given the drama that happens later in the story, I seriously doubt it.

Another quiet moment passed, and still she didn't react in any other way. The clone came to the conclusion she was waiting for him to make the next move, allowing him to choose to shoo her away, or to agree. He leaned more toward dismissing her than the latter, but something inside him got the better of his judgment.


Letting out a sigh, he glanced over his shoulder at her, making sure she caught his gaze before gesturing with his neck. “You may follow me if you wish, or you may return home for the night. Your choice.”

He maintained a slow pace forward, counting down in his head to when he would turn around and go off with or without her. Like it took a few moments for her to get his message fully, Mew twirled a little in place and shot up to his place in the air, the light rekindling in her irises. Nodding in acknowledgment, he took off for the clouds, ignoring the cold wind against his face. Occasionally during the long silent flight, he stole a glance of her face, finding her with a smile each time. Two sides of him began to argue: one claimed he gave in to her too quickly; the other said he did the right thing and to keep going. He didn't know which side to stand on.

Choose the latter, numbnuts.

When the cloud cover dispersed, they were welcomed to a sight of a wide plain by a mountain range, a river snaking its way through the canyon into a moderately-sized lake. Mewtwo heard his counterpart give a small gasp, a reaction that lifted his heart for a brief moment. He personally believed the place wasn't spectacular until various times of the year, but he found comfort in the fact another thought so differently. It was an odd, relieving feeling.

“Turn to your right,” he ordered as he sharply dove for one of the mountains. When he landed on a cliffside, he looked up to find Mew accelerating to catch up to him. He was unfazed when she nearly barreled into him in the process.

And crashed into a wall.

“Sorry,” she panted sheepishly, giving him his space. Her eyes trailed over to the cave before them as they widened.

Following her gaze to the ten-foot arching entranceway, he let out a deep breath. “I have not been here for a while, so there may be dust floating around,” he said, shooting her a side-glance. Fixing his cloak, he walked into the short passageway, pleased to find a silver glow around the corner.

So Mewtwo lives near Moria?

As he expected when he stepped into the small space, he caught a whiff of dust amongst the smell of stone and hint of leaves emitting from a bed of weaved foliage (he was a little displeased to find it was beginning to fall apart). Above it was a skylight, the source of moonlight in the cave. A tiny fire-pit was built in the middle of the room, a grayed grate over it, and right across from it was a row of books he had taken from the city to read on his own time. It was just how he left it, untouched for months on end.

Okay, how the fuck has no one found this cave in all this time?

Mew's sneezing from behind turned him away from the reminiscence. “This is not much, but it is at least something.”

She looked around with a sense of awe illuminating on her face. “Did you find this place by chance?” she asked in a whisper.

“Not exactly. During one of my travels, I needed shelter from a storm, so I carved this out on a whim to wait it out. I liked it enough I decided to turn it into a hide-out, you could say.” He ended with a shrug, pulling off his cloak to securely drape over the bed.

Her surprise grew to fascination. “That's amazing!

It would be if it wasn't for the fact that she first met Mewtwo in a castle he built out of the ruins of the lab he was born it.

Oh, look at this place, such a cozy den!” Unable to control her excitement, she pounced on his torso in a rare hug, then beamed up at him, irises catching on the lunar rays. “Thank you, Mewtwo!”

Once more feeling his heart flutter, he nodded and gestured to the bed. “Here. You can sleep on this tonight until I make another bed, and carve out another room. You may use this as a blanket, it gets chilly at night.”

Still attached to him, she gazed at the hand-made furniture, up at the skylight, then around the room with a confused look on her face. “Um... where will you sleep?”

“I am not tired at the moment. I will be out until dawn.”

As he said this, he was psychically packing a suitcase, hoping Mew wouldn't notice.

She then frowned, eyes and tail drooping sadly. Her arms dropped to her sides, though she remained in place. “I see...”

Mewtwo noticed her face was a pink hue for what he figured was the umpteenth time that night. He guessed he would regret asking her about it once he expressed the thought. “Why? What are you thinking of?”

You're a telepath, read her mind. Then again, don't; you might not like what you will find.

She flustered in place, placing a hand to her mouth as she let her eyes wander. “Well... this is our first night together,” she quietly mused.

“We have spent nights together before, Mew,” he reminded her, not liking where this was going.

One symphathizes.

“I mean together.” She tapped two fingers together a couple of times in a form of emphasis, glancing up at him. “We're mates now.”

He fought back a scowl. “No, we are not. We will discuss this in the morning.” He slipped around her for the exit.

“W-Wait! What do you mean we aren't?”

Mewtwo raised a concerned brow looking back at her now-worried face. “What convinced you to believe we are mates when I did not once agree to it?”

Yeah, really.

She wrung her hands together, dipping her chin in. “I-I... um... you brought me here,” she said in a shaky voice. “I've never been here before, s-so I figured...”The clone couldn't believe the situation he was in, as much as he wasn't surprised it happened. For a being whom he was certain was older and wiser than he (she never once told him, he had to glean it from her rare serious moments), Mew was proving to be more and more clueless.

Lemme guess, Mew suffered some brain damage by being whacked by a Shadow Ball in the first movie.

“Inviting someone to a hide-out is not a sign of a guaranteed relationship,” he stated, hoping this would end the conversation for the moment. “We are mates only if we have mated, which we clearly have not."

Why does that second sentence sound like it could be right at home in the Twilight novels?

He watched her eyes slowly widen as her face darkened. “M-Mated...”

Wait a tic...

“Yes, I am aware of that. But there are others out there with whom you can mate with.”

“I've looked into it many times. I wasn't fond of any of them.”

Why is Mew freaking out about mating, now? Did mating with Mewtwo not even cross her mind? And why the fuck am I even asking this question?

“You cannot be serious,” he growled to himself, then resumed out loud, “To mate is to bring together at least two beings into a partnership—”

“I know what mating is!” she interrupted, her brows furrowing from the beginnings of frustration. “I'm not a kitten who needs to be told to do things!”

“Interesting choice of words, as you keep needing a reminder to contain yourself at times.” He raised a hand to count and help him emphasize, “You fly around like a Zubat that has lost its hearing more times than you have been told to sit and behave—which does not last long on its own.”

Last time I checked, Mew wasn't that stupid, at least, didn't appear to be.

She quickly looked away, her face slowly becoming red. “I-It's not my fault my energy level's so high!”

He fought back a growl from the interruption as he resumed. “The few times we ate together, you act as though you were starving, which would explain your energy level.”

“I have a high metabolism!” was her defense.

“Change your diet.”

“My diet's fine! You need to change your diet, if I should call it a diet, you don't seem to eat anything!”

Mewtwo was unfazed, despite the fact there was some truth to it, as it appeared she was comparing her own eating habits with his. “If what you claim is true, than I have a lower metabolism than you do. Thirdly—”

“Why are we arguing over food in the first place?” Mew huffed, crossing her arms tightly.

“We would not be arguing over anything if you would just listen, which is another problem you have.”

Mewtwo's telling someone that she has a listening problem. Oh the irony.

She was making it more easy on himself to shoot down her every claim.

Her hands clenched, and her fur bristled. “Yeah, w-well... I don't like your attitude!”

“Thank you for being observant, I have taken it into account to consider bettering myself in the future.” He mocked a bow.

“Don't do that, it's not funny!”

“I have a dry sense of humor, it is not supposed to be humorous.”

Okay, I admit, I really like the idea of a snarky Mewtwo. Too bad I haven't seen a story to fully take advantage of the idea and this one certainly isn't helping.

Her tiny figure was visibly racking with tears, which she vainly wiped away from her eyes with the back of a hand.

“Why are you so mean, Mewtwo?” she murmured.

Bitch, you don't know what mean is.

It was an interesting choice of words, he had to admit. The way she said it struck a tiny chord in his chest, but he knew it went deeper than that. Without further hesitation, he responded, “I try not to be, it is just that I happen to have a limit in my patience.” He thought back on the many times his calm demeanor had been close to breaking over the years, most of them from Mew's own antics.

“And that patience has been pushed over its limit one-too many times. This conversation is no exception.”

You do realize this is the same asshole who vaporized the lab wherehe was created, the scientists who made him, and a Team Rocket hideout, not to mention trying to pull a Hugo Drax-like plan to wipe out all life on earth and repopulate it with clones. I seriously doubt this is what you would call a "calm demeanor", at least where the first movie is concerned.

Mew glowered up at him, the corners of her mouth twitching. “Why haven't you ever told me about this?”

“Refer back to my ever-expanding list explaining why you act more like a kitten than a mature adult.”

Deeply scowling, she roughly sat herself down on the bed, swallowing down sobs for the next moment while Mewtwo

observed. He hoped this was the last of the comebacks, he was not in the mood to get into a silly argument. When all that followed was silence, he moved to step around the corner.

“I-I want to be better...”

I like to think that the story itself is saying this.

He paused, but didn't look back at her. She sniffled a bit before she continued to mumble to herself. “I am mature, I know I am... why did I have to be a crybaby? No... I'm a damn liar...” She hiccuped, choking back a sob that struggled to escape. “I'm not a crybaby... I'm just gullible. I fall for e... e-everything.”

Slowly, he turned his head around, his expression unchanged from the sight of Mew covering her face as though to hide herself from her surroundings. Her teeth were clenched to keep back more of her growing wails, but failing. “Every one of them... they didn't care for me! If they did, they wouldn't have left me thinking I would bear their offspring immediately!"

Wait, what?!

His heart jolted, sending an icy chill that rooted him more to the spot. Somehow, he shouldn't have been taken aback by this piece of information, but it was like a slap to the face, he couldn't ignore it. The tidbit made him think back to her many moments of naďvety as though there was a connection, which was beginning to make some sense to him the longer he dwelled on it. Such behavior was a form of repression, he noticed it in most humans.

By some sick curiosity, he found himself wondering, “How many?”

Oh boy, here we go...

She didn't seem to react to his voice, but responded anyway, “I can't remember... they kept coming...”

“You were ganged up on?” he gasped, feeling a hand curl.

“No... b-but it was like they were drawn to me... I-I traveled everywhere, and each time... I couldn't escape it...” She stared at her hands with what looked to be a spiteful expression. “I hated it... I hated myself for it...” Squeezing them tightly into fists, Mew covered her eyes with her forearms. “S-So why am I doing this again?! I-I don't understand!"

So let me get this straight: Mew put out for a bunch of Pokémon in a desperate attempt to bear children and hoped her suitors would help raise them, only for them to ditch her. And this is why she's trying to hook up with Mewtwo.

Ladies and gentlemen, we've officially entered Latias' Journey territory.

She surrendered her voice to her tears and cried, recoiling from the echoes. Mewtwo remained where he stood, at a loss of what to do, and still comprehending this side to her that was changing everything he thought about her. Why now come clean about her past? What would that have really done besides bring her so a sobbing wreck? Was it the best thing for her to do?

...why did he feel crushed over it?

Mew then couldn't hold herself up any longer and collapsed face-down on the bed, muffling her cries. The clone took a few moments of contemplation before walking over to stand by the bed, unsure if it was the right thing to do. Hesitantly, he reached out for her shoulders, guessing where to start massaging.

Okay, getting a little creeped out here.

Upon touching her, she gasped and rolled away, gazing wide-eyed up at him as the tears flowed more heavily. He took a step back in response, still maintaining eye-contact.

A flutter of excitement struck his core at that moment, though he didn't register what it was at first. Taking the timeto examine her, he saw the moonlight was hitting her at the perfect angle where she lay, giving her an ethereal glow. Her irises were a deep blue he'd never seen before in nature, much like how her fur, usually a light pink, was now like that of freshly-fallen snow at night. He had seen her in moonlight many times before, but this felt different. He wasn't entirely sure why this particular scene attracted him, so he looked harder. And he found a goddess sprawled before him.

She may not have been a pure goddess, he amended, but she was one nonetheless.

Oh God, no.

Gingerly, Mewtwo crawled on the bed to position himself over her, watching as she caught on a breath and twisted her body around to fully face him. He remained still for a few moments, taking in her anxious expression as though she could see what was coming. He wished her face was more smoothed out than it was, but he had to take it for what it was worth. Not wanting to enshroud her completely in shadow, he took care to lean forward and nuzzle her jawline, inhaling her in amongst the lingering scent of tears and leaves—she smelled like rain. He had that feeling every inch of her was fresh, like she had never been tainted as she said.

Please don't try to confirm that.

His breath on her skin made her tremble and crane her neck to (unintentionally?) expose more of herself to him. Taking it as an invitation, he skimmed his teeth against the jugular, feeling the pulse give a jolt. His own heart flipped from the discovery, and he felt a growing desire to repeat it. Pulling her closer, he attacked her neck, running his teeth and tongue along its length as she whimpered, her body writhing beneath him. When he grew tired of the one side, he switched to the other to repeat his carnal actions.

The goddess felt alive.

Attached Image

“Mewtwo...!” she choked out, whether on instinct or as a way to get his attention—he didn't know. All he knew was her calling his name brought him to more exhilaration. Mewtwo tilted her head back to give him more room for her throat, finding the vibrations of her cries were like a massage. Her upper body arched upward closer to his torso as her hands shot up to take hold of his arms, her claws digging into him. He groaned from the sting, but refused to part from her.

Mew continued to mewl in varying intervals, a sound his primeval side could not get enough of.

More than I wanted to know.

She continued to squirm the more he nipped and licked at her skin, steadily moving down to her chest—her vaguely feminine chest, he noted—then to her abdomen. Mew moved more from the touches, and she smelled more enticing at this point, her scent had rapidly changed. It grabbed his attention for a breather, feeling as though he hit new territory. His suspicions were correct when she made a small protest right as his teeth made contact with her midsection. Beneath her fur, he found her teats, which judging from her sudden jerks and gasps when he grazed them were rather sensitive. He paused for a bit to study them more, a little surprised to find they were tiny, as much as it made sense for her body. Chances were they would grow more prominent once she was with kittens.

His kittens.

Much more than I wanted to know!

Something stirred in his loins at the thought, an unfamiliar sensation. He had an inkling what it was, yet he didn't have the time or patience to dwell on it once his body reacted immediately. As he pried Mew off to flip her over, he caught sight of her wide eyes, bringing him to shudder. He didn't know what to feel or how to react, his mind focusing on the sudden, seemingly unknown instinct kicking in.

Given that he research Pokémon anatomy during his stint as a villain and having a family Nidoqueen and Rhyhorn among his flock in Mt. Quena, I find it very hard to believe that he doesn't know about sex.

Beneath him, like it was a habit of hers, she perched herself on her knees and curved her back so her pelvic area was elevated, her tail curling upward and to the side. She did so with little protest except for small gasps escaping her open mouth.

Focusing his hearing on her, he came to the realization she was crying.

If you weren't already sickened by this story, the above scene is guaranteed to do the trick.

“This isn't like you, Mewtwo,” she quietly hiccuped, ears folded back. Her face was nearly flat on the bed, so her already-soft voice was muffled, her claws stretching like they were reaching for something to hold onto. “I shouldn't complain, I-I know this is all instinctual. But... but I was hoping it wouldn't come to this...”

Horse shit! You spent the chapter pestering Mewtwo to be your mate.

Mewtwo stared down at her, watching as she, his goddess, broke down into quiet sobs. And amidst the turmoil of carnal desires, his heart cracked, shooting shockwaves through his body. As his arms shook, he sat up on his knees, unable to look away from the pitiful sight of Mew. In all the years he knew her, he had never seen her in a submissive or frightened state, always the opposite. It was like once they arrived to the cave, she dropped everything she was known for, and derailed herself to such depths. He didn't know if that was all instinct, or if she truly was such a character.

Fuck you, story. Fuck you.

Recoiling from the continuous pains in his heart, he got to his feet and headed for the exit. From behind, he heard Mew stir, and her cracking voice called out, “Mewtwo, I-I didn't mean to! Don't go, please!”

“I am not going anywhere,” he assured her, sounding a little rougher than he normally did. “I am needing of fresh air, and perhaps a little time to myself.”

I think any sane Pokémon fan, especially fans of Mew and Mewtwo, who stumbled upon this monstrosity would say the same thing.

Her sobs got softer when he reached the mouth of the cave, though he heard her follow and felt her presence pause directly behind him. “Mewtwo, I'm sorry!” she gasped out. “That was selfish of me to speak out!”

“How is it selfish?” he questioned, keeping from looking back at her even when her breath caught. “Expressing yourself is not selfish. I, however, was the selfish one.” He couldn't pinpoint the reason for why he started to shiver, if it was from wind blowing in, or an icy chill running through his heart.

“N-No... you were just doing what you had to do.”

Oh God, this does sound like something from Twilight.

He scowled a little. “It is precisely what you said, Mew. That was not at all like myself. I... I do not know what overcame me.”

She sniffled for a bit before she responded quietly, “That was instinct, I'm sure of it. I don't know when it exactly happened, but... it's in your genes.”

Mewtwo then spun around to look at her, his reaction bringing her to flinch and back away. “I am a clone, I have no instinct.”

That is the most retarded thing I have ever heard. Mewtwo was created to be a killing machine, I'm sure he has instincts related to that.

Mew swallowed. “I-Instinct varies from creature to creature,” she nervously explained. “Even the most intelligent of creatures have instinctual traits. Like humans! When they're in danger, they get that burst of energy that brings them to flee or fight even when they aren't trained to!”

His brow rose knowingly. “I am familiar with the adrenaline rush. But what does that have to do with this?”

Her fingers laced in anxiety. “The need to breed is in the genetic code of all living beings.”

“Of course.” It was clear from his strained tone of voice he was getting impatient with her. She was only stalling him at this point. “What are you getting at?”She was quiet for a moment as she started to tremble with tears again. “I went against nature by telling my dominant partner what I felt about him... because the male is the dominant partner.”


Not that I can't see Mewtwo cursing, but I don't think "Bullshit" would be in his vocabulary.

When Mew looked up at him with a startled gasp, he felt the pressure on his chest begin to lift, but not enough to soften his mood. “Nature does not belong here, not between us.”

“What... what do you mean?”

“Nature did not create me, man did, even if nature created man. Just because nature created you does not mean you are not above it. You are one of the strongest Pokémon for a reason, Mew, you can govern nature.”

“Well... I suppose, but—”

“We are two different beings who should have never gotten together,” he continued, his tone growing more bold.

Keep in mind this fanfic is based on a RPG series where you can breed a Delcatty with an Arbok.

“That is going against nature in a sense, does it not? Instinct may be a nature, but we are intellectual beings governing our own lives, our own personalities. Mew,” and she looked back up at him when her eyes dropped for a moment, “you are not selfish. You interrupted because you were not comfortable, thus telling me about my own selfish act. If you were selfish, you would still be there on your face.”

It was a harsh truth to say, Mewtwo was starting to wonder if he should have worded it different, or been gentle about it. But from how thoughtful and teary Mew became during his statements, it was the only other way to get through to her. He found it tragic that she, a being who went through many-a mate in her lifetime, had to be snapped out of it by someone whom was still figuring out about relationships in the world. What did he know about mates outside of the obvious factor in it all?

And, in one fell swoop, Mewtwo has just become the Marty Stu of our fanfic.

The gaze broke when she bowed her head to weep, very little tears dropping off her face as a result from her crying the past several minutes. He looked into the canyon where the river flowed through a couple of hundred yards down. Having nothing on him to use as a container, he held out a glowing hand, twirled it once into a loose fist, then scarcely lifted it higher. Within several seconds, a sphere of water rose to where he stood, held in an invisible enclosure of his powers. Balancing it in his still-blue hand, he carefully swerved his arm over to Mew, whom had watched what he did with reverent interest.

“Drink as much as you like,” he said when she didn't make another reaction.

With a slow nod, she reached out for it, though he quickly shook his head, and pushed it closer to her lips. Her hands laid on his fingers as leverage to hold it up, for with every sip, the sphere would shrink. During the quiet minute, Mewtwo found himself distracted by the soft, azure illumination on the water and her face that his faltering concentration caused it to warp. When he fixed it, though she smiled and blushed a little, she had her fill and pushed his hand away. Deciding not to waste it, he swallowed down the rest, getting a small remembrance of why he chose this hide-out.

Wow, this scene is actually pretty touching. Too bad the events leading up to it sucked ass.

Looking back up at Mew, whom hadn't moved from her place, he softly spoke, “Now answer me this, Mew—do you want to be my mate?”

She appeared to grow alert from the question, then became timid once more. “Y... Yes.”

“For how long?”

Her face darkened to a deep pink. “I-It's embarrassing—”

Of course it is.

“Nothing is embarrassing between us. How long do you want to be my mate?”

Holding herself close, Mew scrunched her eyes shut and stammered out, “...I... I want to be for life.”

It wasn't the answer he was expecting, but despite the surprised skip of the heart, he felt some relief. “Then we are for life.”

Her head snapped up at his response, like she had a different expectation herself. As the moment sank in, her face started to lighten, and a grin spread on her lips. “Thank you,” she breathed out, giving a bow. “I-I'm so happy to hear that...”

I am so happy for these two...

...Is this chapter done yet? No? Dammit.

A rare smile was on the corners of his mouth, though it was small. He didn't know if she would be able to see it. “Do you know how to express affection for one another?”

Her ears perked, and she tilted her head back to look up at him. “Huh?”

“Do you?”

Straightening herself, she scratched the back of her neck with a shrug. “Erm... outside of rubbing our faces against each other, I don't really know...”

Even if it was normal behavior in other Pokémon, Mewtwo found nothing appealing about it, the imagery of it was enough to make him cringe.

He didn't seem to have a problem with that five minutes ago.

If Mew wanted to do it, he wouldn't mind letting her as long as he wasn't expected to do the same. Fortunately for his pride, one idea came to mind quickly. “Then we shall adopt a new type of affection. Here is my suggestion.”

She blinked when he advanced before her, then gasped when he took her face into his hands and pressed his lips to hers. He was rough, but he kept still, waiting for any reaction from her. When none came, he pulled away and studied her expression. She was blushing furiously, mouth and eyes wide open as she stared up at him, possibly out of focus. Once she regained her composure, she wavered in the air for a bit until she caught herself. “Wh-What was that?” she breathed out.

Mewtwo felt an amused smirk curl to the side. “The humans call it a 'kiss'.”

Didn't know the human DNA that was used to make Mewtwo belonged to Captain Kirk.

Mew ran a shaky finger over her bottom lip, still in shock. “That's what it is?”

“So you are familiar with it.”

“Yeah, a little...”

His tail flicked, feeling proud of himself for taking that risk. “What do you think? Unless you have any other


Please, Mewtwo, for the love of God, don't give Mew any ideas.

She looked up from under her lids as a blush glowed on her cheeks. “I... I like it,” was her timid answer.

“Good,” was all he said before he tried again, softer this time, keeping himself glued to her seconds longer. She murmured something he couldn't decipher, and when he broke away to hear, she latched back on for a third round, sealing the deal.

It wasn't long before a stray salty taste interrupted the kiss, and a hiccuping sob escaped her lips. He opened his eyes to find her tears individually stream down, more delicate than they were earlier. When she gazed up at him, he noticed her irises were as blue as sapphire, and despite being cast in shadow, they illuminated with the maturity he rarely saw but was familiar with. “Sorry,” she muttered, shooting him an embarrassed smile. “I won't cry anymore tonight.”

Sadly, I can't say the same about the readers.

Mewtwo stroked a thumb across her cheek before cupping it. She leaned into his palm as her eyes gently closed, letting out a slow breath. “Take good care of me, Mewtwo... please.”

He nodded. “I will.”

*Cue Vanilla Fudge's rendition of Burt Bacharach and Hal David's "The Look Of Love"*

Pressing their foreheads together, the clone took her into his arms and carried her inside the cave to lay her down on the bed. He didn't climb on, but from the way their gazes were locked on each other, he got it into his head neither of them would notice if he was right on top of her. Mewtwo felt no real intention to carry on with anything else, already growing more and more satisfied with their static state.

Mew appeared to jerk back into reality from the way her gaze faltered for a brief moment. “This is the first time any of my... well, my mate has ever looked at me like this,” she breathed out as though she came to a shocking revelation—which she probably have judging from her now-sorrowful look. “At least not for a long time...”

He was still puzzled over it, but he was realizing he didn't like seeing her sad—and he couldn't think of a time when she last was. There was something off about her, the most optimistic creature in the world, crying and moping over events that happened however-long ago. “That is all in the past,” he softly assured her, watching her eyes gleam. “This is now, and the future.”

She let out a breathy giggle, carefully reaching up to faintly touch his jawline. “I think I'm starting to know why I fell in love with you.”

Come to think of it, why did Mew fall in love with Mewtwo? Other than this is a shipping fanfic.

Love... it was a concept he still had yet to grasp. He heard of it in passing numerous times in the city and throughout his travels. Each time, it seemed to develop a new definition like it was interchangeable or adaptable. It was too human a word even for him, so was it, if ever possible for Pokémon to fall in love, or at least acknowledge its existence?

As Mewtwo joined Mew on the bed, his understanding of it all, and ultimately of her, slowly grew to fruition.


End of Prologue.

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It's funny how Mewtwo was pretty well within his rights to keep saying no to Mew, since they don't really have any bond whatsoever. They did fight in the first movie, but other than that they are complete strangers to each other.

The whole not-rape(?) scenario comes right out of left field too. But I think what bothers me the most is that Mewtwo just goes on to love her right after the reveal. If Mew is so afraid of rejection, wouldn't it be better for her to learn about healthy relationships than make a relationship with a dude that verbally trounced her just a few moments before and has clearly not wanted to deal with her?

It sounds more like pity-love than anything, really.


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My apologies for taking so long with this one. My school work kept me (and will continue keeping me) occupied. It doesn't help that these chapters are absurdly long and takes a while to come up with decent jokes. Any way, on with the mock!

Nothing much to say here, honestly, except that the story switches point-of-view every now and then. It's all still in third-person, but I'm going for a third-person limited here, as a way to practice my POVs since I tend to have issues with it at times. So let's move right along in this little slice-of-life we got going on.

Oh yeah, forgot to mention the last chapter that this Mew is a different Mew, whether it was implied last chapter or not.

Is it different from the one in the first movie? If so, does it really matter?


Chapter One

Rays of sunshine broke through Mewtwo's subconscious when his aching body flipped over with a sigh. He blinked over at the window right across from him, rubbing the sleep from his eyes as he slowly became adjusted to the light. He chose to lay there until then, fighting off more temptation of sleep when his mind drifted off. As the dream still lingered in reach, he chuckled quietly to himself. How odd it was for the one memory he cherished and thought of to feel like it happened only yesterday.

On a technicality, it happened yesterday five years ago.

Oh joy, they've been at it for five years.

Realizing his right arm was tingling from numbness, Mewtwo looked beside him to find the sleeping, happy figure of Mew cuddling his limb close. While possibly more from sleep than from last night, her fur was still sticking up, but her coat was otherwise emitting a healthy gleam. He reached up as far as he could move his arm to caress her chest, feeling like he was touching a cotton ball (which he loved to tease her about). Gentle as he was, she may have felt his touch for she began to stir and her hand blindly reached out, finding his arm and tracing it down to his intruding paw. Her eyes fluttered open, though she appeared unresponsive for several more moments as she gained consciousness.

Watching her take her time to wake brought a loving smile to his lips. "Good morning, dear," he whispered. "Did you sleep well?"

No I did not, fanfic. No I did not.

While still continuing to nod from the little sleep that was left in her system, her vision darted up to lock with his. With a tired "mmm" gurgling in her throat, and once she could hold her eyes open longer than a few seconds, she let out a decipherable giggle, her irises sparkling. "'Morning, Mewtwo." Sluggishly hoisting herself up, she wrapped her arms around him to trace her fingers along his shoulders, and pressed a kiss to his nose. "I can't remember, how many times did I thank you last night?"


Quietly snickering, her tail inched over his thighs, sending a thrill along his lower half. "Then once again, thank you for such a wonderful night, Mewtwo."

"The pleasure was all mine."

I'm sure it was.

Grinning at the double entendre and memory of the previous night, they shared a slow, deep kiss. Mewtwo lightly felt around the back of her head before slipping his hand down to rest between her shoulder blades. Mew giggled into his lips as she squirmed a little. "Think we have time for another?" she purred.

"Time is non-existent here," he started saying, "but unfortunately, I am not a time lord. So I do not know what time it is."

It's time for time.

"Just a little quick one." A sly smile spread on her face when they briefly parted. "I'll let you pick."

A brow rose slyly. "You sure you are up for it?"

When she giggled again, her smile turned anxious. "Well, when you put it that way..."

Why does this sound like lilpurplebird was watching a James Bond film when writing this scene (and a bath scene later in this story)?

He playfully growled as he rolled over on top, pressing their foreheads together. "Do not worry, Mew," he said seductively. "You are in good hands." He wriggled a hand to emphasize, then slipped it down her body, just below the covers.

Mew threw her head back into the pillow at the touch, gripping the sheets immediately. "Why did you go with the puns?" she gasped, gazing starry-eyed up at him as her heart began to race.

Mewtwo chuckled. "They come in handy." A crooked grin then flashed when he flicked his tail into view for a brief moment, giving a wink. "I honestly did not want you to get the tail-end of it all."

"Ohh, that was awful," she moaned, though she did let out a breathy laugh. "You're terrible at one-liners."

"You know you love them."

You're not a James Bond movie and the puns aren't funny! Stop it!

He leaned in close as possible without touching her lips, which dropped open with a pleasurable cry as her lower half started to jerk. Eyes squeezing shut, she shot her hands up to grasp his arms the moment her body made the sharp climb to its peak.

He personally loved it whenever she just breathed, either normal or aroused, quiet or rapid, he took what he could get. There was something alluring about the way her sighs carried many meanings in one puff she couldn't express in words—in this moment, from the way her moans escalated and caught in her throat at times, she was singing best she could, but hadn't had the time to prepare herself. He couldn't help smiling, yet it was from that detail alone he chose to slow his strokes. Mew reacted accordingly, gazing up at him with a silent plea for more. He could lose himself in those deep blues if he was allowed to.

Then he abruptly paused, glancing over to the door. "I sense a presence approaching."

While a little upset at the interruption, Mew looked under the covers before slipping out of bed. "I'll go greet them while you compose yourself," she sighed out.

"There is a subtle hand joke in there somewhere."

I would say I'm reluctant to condemn him for making a masturbation joke, given that I made one myself mocking the previous chapter, though considering that same chapter had Mewtwo more or less force himself on an upset Mew, this story does not deserve any mercy.

She teasingly smacked him in the shoulder before flying out of their bedroom. Mewtwo chuckled in her place, stretching his arms over his head before getting to his feet. He went for the window first, carefully peeking through the curtains to avoid catching any sun in his eyes. Staring out into the forest, scarcely damp from last night's microburst, he managed to spot one of the neighboring Pokémon walk out of sight—Swampert was just finishing his daily morning walk. It was his second-biggest clue that he and Mew slept in, which he chose to shrug off this time around.

Their anniversary night wasn't too different from other nights even after going through lengths to make it a little more special. They lasted longer than normal for taking their time with one-another, however, Mew insisted on talking to keep themselves awake, so they had rested off-and-on in between rounds of intercourse.

Instant maturity, just add sex!

Most of it left her in a giggly mood, possibly from the combination of non sequitur and exhaustion as the night went on. It came to a halt when the microburst shook his already-sensitive mate up she kicked him in the ribs out of reflex, and almost knocked herself out hitting her head against the bed post. Once she and the weather calmed down, they turned in for the remainder of the night. Thus, their anniversary ended on a slightly awkward note, though it reminded him of their inside joke about how they love each other so much only the heavens could pull them apart.

I'm tempted to think it was God trying to save them from this fanfic.

Yes... to be so in love for divine intervention to separate them possibly sounded odd or even absurd to most other beings. But for them, it was like an achievement they wished to continue to uphold, or even trump.

I've seen enough stories that use a similar phrase to know that this won't end well.

Such a thought brought him to smile as he pulled away from the window to check their bed. It looked to be that time to change it, he could feel it crackle underneath the sheets.

The crackling is either the foundations of the bed coming apart or... Goddammit fanfic!

Of the many things Mewtwo was thankful for, this was one of them. It was the norm where they lived; helped lessen the embarrassment to know they weren't the only ones fixing their beds.

Having that feeling Mew was going to be a while with the visitor, he went ahead to start the morning chores.

Hopefully it involves burning the bed.

The feline took her time getting to the front room, not wanting to make it look like she had waited for the knock by the door. Slipping into the kitchen, she fell into a slight daze in the meantime, still feeling the sensuality from moments ago. "Five years, huh," she sighed to herself, looking about without comprehending anything. "And out of that five, only four in this place. A little hard to believe it."

A smile cracked on her face at the thought. Many things changed the past few years since they moved to the quiet forest; a site Mewtwo had found while they were still at the hide-out. They built the house together, got to know the neighboring Pokémon, watched their families slowly grow—few of the many memories she held for the place. She remembered it not being as big as it is now, though she was sure it was because she never explored the area a lot. All she knew from the others and her mate was it had been a community for at least a generation: a haven from human eyes.

That's what they said about Mt. Quena and look how that turned out.

Mew knew such places existed, even had visited a few in her lifetime, so she didn't know why this particular one won their hearts over. Mewtwo said he had her in mind when he was picking out a new place, which must have been good enough for her at the time. She had room to travel, had Pokémon to travel with, a lot of trees, sun and fresh air—the necessities of life she always had. There was no real reason for them to live here when she had seen much better communities.

And this place is worse why? Seriously, from the way its described, this forest doesn't sound so bad.

Her thoughts were interrupted when the door hinge knocked rapidly against the wood. Pressing her cheeks briefly to check her smile, she flew into the front room to unlock the door, revealing a Mismagius hovering outside, her golden eyes notably glowing from the shade of her hat-like extension. Mew's irises lit up in surprise. "Marjorie! I didn't expect to see you here."

"I'm full of surprises." The specter chuckled a little, one of her tassels rising to stop by her jagged mouth, an eye ridge rising as she scanned her. "Rough night?"

The feline sheepishly grinned, and tried to smooth down some bits of her fur. "Yeah, pretty much. These summer nights have been brutal, let me tell you."

Summer rains, you can never predict them.

Mismagius' sly smile grew a little bigger. "Late-night romps will do that to you."

Mew sucked in a harsh breath, feeling her face burn. "Were we really that loud?"

"Oh, I wouldn't know. But the hips don't lie, honey."

I... I have no words for that.

She glanced down at herself, then quickly laid her hands over them. "I told him not to hold on so tight," she hissed, scrunching her eyes shut.

Mismagius laughed. "They're not that noticeable. Besides, you're always flustering over it anyway like a newly-mate. How long has it been again, four... four-and-a-half..."

"Our anniversary was just last night."

The specter's eyes sparkled. "Oh-h-h, exciting news! And Tuesday is tomorrow, so does that mean you're sticking with the schedule—"

"What is it you want, Marjorie?" Mew quickly changed the subject, starting to fidget in place. "I'd love to talk all day with you, but I don't have the time today."

Chirst, Mew, who pissed in your Cherrios?

Her mouth transitioning to a straight line for a moment, Mismagius let out a nonchalant sigh. "Oh, I was on my way back from Wigs' place after dropping off Missy—I'm taking her someplace Wednesday," she added to the side, "and since your house was nearby, I thought I'd come and visit."

Feeling some regret, Mew forced herself to smile. "That's very thoughtful of you to stop by."

"Thank you. Oh yes, have you heard—actually no, I haven't told anyone yet." Scrunching her face in thought, the ghost just shrugged it off. "Eh. Anyway, I found myself a new date!"

Am I the only one who hears Rarity's voice with this Mismagius?

At the word, the psychic cat's ears perked up, and her smile became more genuine. "Great to hear that! Is he nice?"

"I don't know yet, I'm supposed to be meeting him here soon, so I won't be going to help pick Lil's strawberries today."

"When did you get a blind date?"

"I don't know, my sister hooked me up with him." Mismagius' expression faltered in slight disappointment. "I'm not fond of her personal tastes, per se, but I can't be picky. Missy needs a father, you know."

Interesting note: There was one guy on deviantart who said this story was a like a generic high school slice of life story. I don't blame him; this does not sound like something out of Pokémon, even during the darker moments of the games, animé, or manga.

Mew nodded, remembering clearly the day her friend's mate, after months of fighting and heartbreak over the discovery of a secret second partner, left the forest without another word. It was believed he ran off with the mistress, as neither of them had been seen since. Missy was very young at the time, but she sometimes asked about her father and if he was coming back. Such questions were what brought her mother to start searching for a new mate.

You already fucked up on naivety in relationships, fanfic. I don't think you're qualified to deal with divorce and/or parental separations.

Breaking away from the depressing reminiscence, she said as happily as possible, "I wish you luck, Marjorie."

Mismagius grasped her paws with her tassels in a relieved countenance. "You're such a dear, Mew," she whispered. "Thanks so much for listening. I needed to get it off my chest, but I don't want to bring attention to myself."

"I can't blame you."

With a nod, she released her and turned to leave before her eyes lit up in remembrance. "Oh, before I go, I've heard Blissey is pregnant with another egg again."

I don't think eggs work like that, do they?

Mew blinked, surprised but confused. "Which one? There are two Blissey working at the clinic... both have children of their own."

"The one who kept carrying her baby around before it hatched, I can't think of her name..."

"Basil," she said, then her eyes widened a little as she leaned forward. "And is it really Basil? Didn't the egg just hatch like a few months ago?"

Mismagius nodded. "That's right. But I've also heard that this new egg might not be her mate's."

"No... No, that can't be right. I mean, they've been having problems lately, but..." Mew shook her head, searching her friend's face as though it held the answer. "Are you sure, Marjorie? Granbull is going to be heart-broken."

Does everybody in this town have relationship problems?

The specter shrugged, lightly tossing her head back. "I can't be sure at the moment, that's just what I heard when I was at the doctor's yesterday. I overheard the other nurses whispering about it."

The feline frowned, glancing over her shoulder into the house as if expecting Mewtwo to be nearby. "Who's believed to be the father?" she brought her voice down to a whisper.

"Who else could it be? Dr. Mime is the only other male in the clinic."

A tremor ran down her spine as the doctor's face came to mind. She had no personal qualms with the Mr. Mime, but while he was the community doctor, she had always found him a little unsettling.

I would feel the same way if I had to fuck a mime.

Check-ups were normally awkward as she tended to squirm a lot whenever he was in the room, and it was Mewtwo's presence that had kept her from making regrettable decisions. The last time they had a physical months back, Dr. Mime had said some form of flirt or tease with one of the receptionists that even made her mate embarrassed. In the exam room, she had spotted in the hazard bin what looked to be a form of contraception, though it was too hazy to make out. She put two and two together later that day, coming to the conclusion he was holding affairs in the clinic, even if there wasn't much proof.

After a quick swallow, Mew stammered out, "Y-Yeah, I'm not buying it. Besides, I don't think the two are compatible."

Wow, he actually did research on Egg groups. Good for him, I guess.

Mismagius nonchalantly shrugged. "You never know until you knock it. I think that's how the saying goes."

Please don't encourage the Poképhiles.

"I think that's for something else entirely," the feline sighed out, scratching at an ear.

"Eh." The ghost looked up at the sky. "Anyway, I need to get going. We both have men to attend to."

Mew looked back when she heard a clatter resound from the kitchen. "I think my man needs help making breakfast."

Mewtwo built a castle out of rubble and made a cloning machine in about two months time. I think he can handle making breakfast.

Snickering, her neighbor ran a tassel along her rim extension. "I'm so jealous of you two. Well, I'll talk to you later, Mew."

"See you, Marjorie." Once the Mismagius vanished with a twirl, she shut the door, her frown hardening. She wasn't a big fan of her friend's gossiping habit, but rumors were quick to spread in the forest community—most were debunked due to misunderstanding. However, various secrets have come out as a result of such gossip. The longer she dwelled on it, the more Mew grew suspicious and worried.

Letting out a small breath, she started heading for the kitchen before a knock stopped her. Holding back a giggle and another sigh, she backed herself to the door, spinning around when she opened it. She blinked in surprise at the sight of a Fearow with an envelope in his wing. "Oh, good morning," she politely greeted, giving a small bow.

He bowed his head in response, a smile in his eyes. "And a good morning to you, ma'am. I see you're doing well."

Well, at least this fanfic didn't make Fearow into a serial rapist. At least, for now.

She blushed a little. "Thanks. Were you late doing your rounds this morning?"

"Nah, I always make two trips."

To add more to the odd neighborhood, Fearow was the messenger whom usually was the connection between them and other communities in nearby areas. She remembered the first time they moved in when they were given a message out of the blue, though it was more-or-less a message from the whole forest welcoming them when most couldn't stop by themselves. Over time, like word had spread across the globe, he would drop off various messages from old acquaintances they never expected to hear from again. According to him, there were more messengers out there, but since they never found out if he had a mate, they suspected he had enough time to fly around himself.

Returning to the present, Mew glanced back down at the envelope, unable to recall the last time they had gotten a written note. "This is a peculiar message," she stated, gesturing to the item.

It's a chain letter that says it'll blackmail Mew unless Mewtwo goes to Ecruteak City dressed like a clown and juggle some watermelons while singing "L.A. Woman".

Fearow just shrugged a little. "It's nothing urgent, even though the Pokémon that handed it to me specifically questioned if I knew Mewtwo personally." He handed it over. "It was weird, honestly. I have no idea how it knew that."

"I can't think of any other Psychic Pokémon off the top of my head who does," she mused, holding it up to the light.

Why a Psychic Pokémon? Not saying it's impossible, but why that type, other than Mewtwo being one?

She recognized the markings on the front as writing, but couldn't decipher it. "Mmm, can't read it. I'm getting that feeling it's human language."

"Oh, is that what it was?" he said, leaning in for a look. "Huh. The Pokémon didn't say anything about humans."

"Who was the Pokémon, by the way?"

"A Charizard. Yeah, I was a little surprised, too," he added when he caught her eyes widening. "You don't see many Charizard in these parts. Something tells me he was flying far."

"Did he have any unusual markings on him?"

He shook his head. "Looked normal to me, though he looked really powerful. Must work out or something."

Oh goody, Ash is in this story. I am so excited, you guys.

Fluffing his feathers, Fearow stepped back and gave a small salute. "Well, I'm off. Take care, Mew."

She waved. "Thank you, Fearow. Have a good day; don't hurt yourself."

Snorting a laugh, he flapped his wings once to shoot up over the treetops. The moment he was gone, Mew scanned the area for more potential visitors before finally retreating into the house. Making her way to the kitchen, she kept her glance down at the envelope, smoothing her hands over it and wishing she could read the language.

"Was Fearow late again?" She looked up at Mewtwo, only to quickly bite back a sudden burst of laughter, bringing him to frown. "I take it was funny and I missed it, or you are bad at visual imagery. It is one of the two."

Given that the writer so far has sucked in his humor, you can easily eliminate the former.

She didn't really understand what he meant to say, for she was too distracted by the spot of berry jam on his face, which she confirmed from glancing at the counter was the result of him knocking over the bin earlier. Licking her hand, she reached up to wipe it away, though he backed up a little. "Well, you're bad in the kitchen," she replied in a joking manner, tossing the envelope onto the table to get a better hold on him.

Don't tell me that he left all the cooking to the Joy he brainwashed back in the first movie.

"Hold still, Mewtwo, you got jam on your face."

A smirk suddenly flashed. "Is it really?"

I would hope so.

Mew felt herself recoil, but knew better than to fall for it. "Nice try. You can't scare me like that." She happened to look down at his hands, then gave him a look. "You handled food and items with these? Really?" Without warning, he grasped her face, and roughly massaged it. "Mewtwo, what are you doing?!" she shrieked, flailing about in his hold.

His expression went unchanged. "There we are, now you look better suited for the kitchen this morning."

"No-o-o-o, it'll be a pain to wash off!"

They recently added super glue as one of the secret ingredients.

Freeing herself, she hurried to the sink and leaned into the running water, furiously scrubbing her face. When she sensed

Mewtwo come up behind her, she chucked the washcloth at him, which ended up sticking to his chest. "Why would you do something like that? That's awful," she huffed, crossing her arms.

"I love you, too." Peeling the cloth off himself, he once more grabbed her face, but this time to clean her up.

I assume the wash cloth is not going to be used.

She mewled a little in protest, yet a smile found its way onto her lips as she relaxed in place. Without a pause, they gazed at each other for a few moments (though they were a long few moments), a faint blush glowing on her cheeks as his eyes began twinkling. Almost like a habit, she hooked her fingers on his left hand resting on her jawline, and slowly stroked along one of his digits. He squeezed back in response, letting go once he tossed the washcloth into the sink basin and moved for the envelope.

He did use the washcloth. Oh thank God.

"Do you recognize this, by any chance?" he questioned, holding it up.

Still in a daze, Mew shook her head. "I can't read what's on it. It must be for you."

Brows rising in interest, Mewtwo carefully ripped it open. "Who was the first visitor, may I ask?"

"Oh, Mismagius. Just wanted to drop by, say 'hi', have a... small chat." She shrugged, watching as he pulled out a few items. He first looked at the smaller ones, blinking down at it before turning his attention to the folded piece of paper which he opened. After scanning it and glancing up at her, he read it out loud:

"'If you receive this, then I was lucky enough to find you, so this was specially mailed. Even though I have a feeling you may not be interested in it, I am asking as a precaution anyway. I have a place in mind where, if you agree to to show up—and I do not blame you if you if you choose not to—you can watch from the shadows away from the eyes of the guests, yet I will be able to catch a glance. However, I will need your response as soon as possible. Signed, Ash K.'"

After 15 years, Ash finally managed to pass the 6th grade.

Mew zipped over for a look herself, though she stared upon what looked to be a photograph of a young dark-haired man, accompanied by a woman hugging him from the back with a wide smile that matched his. She tilted her head at it, glancing back and forth between Mewtwo and the picture, noticing his gaze having a slight far-away look to them. "Do you know him, by any chance?"

His voice when he responded was quiet, "I do indeed."

Wait a tic, this Mew is different than the one from the first movie? I was thinking on going on a rant on how Mewtwo having a relationship with this Mew was more meaningless, but I don't know anymore. At least he's not hooked up with the one from the first movie.

As I said at the beginning, given that the story is complete shit, it probably doesn't matter.

The letter was steadily being forgotten, slipping in the clone's hold until she gently took it to set on the table. They then turned their attention to the other item still in his hand, one that Mew thought looked like a check-list judging by the two squares printed on it. Mewtwo confirmed it as such after translating:

"'Because I am aware of long-distance, I need a list of individuals who may be coming to the reception.'"

The feline's ear twitched. "A reception?"

"A type of get-together. Judging from the photograph, it may be an announcement or human engagement."

The thought of it brought a small, dreamy smile to her face. She knew of such human activity, finding it an odd piece of nature, yet somehow she admired it. "So... are you going?"

He looked over, a faint film over his eyes of a memory being reviewed over. "I have not seen him since he was a boy," he said without hesitation."While I have heard of his accomplishments from time to time, we are hardly acquaintances now."

Okay, why on earth would Ash invite Mewtwo? Mewtwo erased Ash's memories of their first encounter and their second only lasted half a day.

Mew's eyes drifted back to the picture. "Still, if you choose to go, am I not allowed to come with you? I mean, it didn't exactly say it anywhere, but..."

"Honestly, dear, it is more on my part."


Mewtwo briefly tipped her chin up. "It is for your protection. If you were to be seen, it would attract a lot of attention."

She stuck her bottom lip out a little. "You stand out more, though."

"I can stay in the shadows easier and soundlessly, it is right there in black and white." He reached back to lightly tap the paper. "Besides, have you ever seen a human ceremony?"

"Sort of. But I still would like to go. I may not be familiar with him like you are, but I at least want them to know you are doing well." Mew laid her hands on his in a loving gesture.

"Well, I am not going." He dropped the items on top of the letter, and stepped over to the counter to put the bin away.

She picked it back up. "He thought of you, Mewtwo. You could at least acknowledge it."

Once again, why? As far as I know, Ash never contacts the friends he meets in the animé on a regular basis.

"It is a nice gesture, but I have made my decision. In the mood for rolled omelet?"

"I was going to make egg rolls—anyway, we don't know when the date is, right?" When he nodded, she flew up to him to hold out checklist. "He just needs a list of possible guests so he can plan for the date."

"My answer will be 'no'."

Mew frowned, staring at it like it would give her helping tips. "Well... can you think about it? You don't have to come up with an answer today."

Mewtwo raised a brow over at her. "It sounds like you really want me out of the house. Is there something going on?"

Mew was secret planning a birthday party for Majorie and Mewtwo would not approve of having Dr. Mime in the house.

"Of course not! Though it would be a nice change of pace if you got out more." She pinched his cheeks to stretch them out, ignoring the warning glint in his eyes. "You're looking pale, and you've gained a few pounds." She giggled a little upon releasing him. "Not that I mind, it makes the cuddling more bearable."

"Make up your mind, want me to exercise off the weight or not?"

"Whatever you want, dear. Just not to the point you get really chubby or really thin. Although..." Slyly, she trailed her eyes to his abdomen, where a smirk found its way out of her. "I hear strong abs are ideal."

"My eyes are up here, Mew."

"I know. Let me fantasize a little bit longer."

I wonder if this scene was the inspiration for that one guy on Deviantart who designed a Mewtwo body pillow. Yes, somebody made such a thing. No, I am not going to link to it.

He released a small huff, turning away to get the utensils and food items. Mew kept him in her sights to visually study him even though he deliberately avoided looking at her. She tried to insert idealized structures, but they didn't fit him. She was delighted either way, feeling her gaze drift in a dreamlike state as she held herself. When he paused at the make-shift gas stove with the frying pan at the ready, eggs in hand over a bowl, he let out another sigh.

"I will have my answer within three days."

Then we ride to Gondor!

Smiling, she hugged him tightly around the neck, and he leaned his head on hers in return. "You forgot the soy sauce," she whispered cheekily when he started cracking the eggs. Patting his shoulder, she pulled away to gather it from their shelf. "I'll get right to it. Oh, yeah, aren't you going somewhere today?"

Hopefully away from this story.

Mewtwo perked up, his face softening. "Yes, I was asked to help make repairs to the home that was recently finished. They want to make sure everything checks out."

"They're the new neighbors, aren't they?" She chewed on her lip in thought as she combined and mixed the side seasonings into a smaller glass bowl. "The... Azumarill and Golduck who introduced themselves?"

"The very same couple."

She giggled. "That's so sweet of you to go help them."

"We do not want any house fires or gas leakage, unless you do not mind that."

She waved off the last bit. "I'm sure this community is very happy to have you here. Spending time around human cities was worth it after all."

He puffed out his chest. "I built my own laboratory before I traveled. It would have not made a difference."

"I'm mated to a supercomputer, I forgot." She playfully stuck out her tongue when she passed on the bowl, ignoring the look he gave her while he strained the two mixes together.

I know Mewtwo's smart, but I don't think he's that smart.

"Do you have an estimate of when you'll be back?"

"It should not be for a few hours unless other circumstances turn up."

"How are you going to let me know?"

A useful technique amongst the Psychic Pokémon was the ability to have a psychic connection between loved ones. While Mew had used it when she was a kitten, she had very few mates who were Psychics, though they rarely used it, either because the connection never strengthened or it was cut off once the male left. Mewtwo was new to the technique, so for the first year of them living together, one of their activities was tapping into it, and then exercising it. Normally, it was a way to link thoughts between one or more beings through a limited distance, but their closeness took it a step further to the point they could read each other's hearts—which they saved for their intimate moments.

Bow chicka wow wow!

Pushing back a developing blush, she shook her head. "A note will be just fine. It is not like you're going to travel very far."

He nodded. "Very well. It will be on the door if I return before you."

"Need a lunch just in case?"

"I will be fine. How about you, 'Mother'?"

Mew rolled her eyes before answering, "Of course I'm going to eat before I meet up with the girls. I have to, or else I'll be eating every single berry I pick."

One berry binge caused Mew to clog up their toilet for two days.

Mewtwo chuckled. "And you say I am putting on the pounds."

Scowling and pursing her lips a little from the tease and unable to think of a comeback, the feline tidied up the kitchen and dining table in silence while Mewtwo made their breakfast. Occasionally they shot faces at each other for cheap laughs, which lasted through the rest of the morning in between more conversation when she wasn't dreamily staring at her mate. She saw him off not long afterward, and finished up the remaining housework, still finding dusty corners she missed from the previous day's spring-cleaning. Then after a quick lunch, she put on a straw sunhat, grabbed an empty basket, and made her way to the forest's edge, deeply breathing in the cool air.

Now we come to the real sleepy and like boring part of the chapter, oh my brothers and friends.

"Mew, you made it!" A Wigglytuff of plump stature waved frantically once she was in view, a huge grin on her face, and a bandana on her head. Her free ears twitched in the small breeze. "I thought you slept in or something."

"Kinda did," she said, scratching the back of her neck. "Had a later breakfast than normal."

Her smile grew sly. "Did you two have a nice anniversary?"

Mew blushed, having forgotten that she knew the date. "Yeah, we did. Thanks for asking."

"You're so polite, Mew. You need to loosen up a little."

"Thanks for that, Wigs."

"See, there you go again!"

A Vileplume picked her head up from the bush she was occupied with nearby. "Hey, you ladies gonna help pick or not?" Across from her, a Lilligant quietly waved in a more courteous manner.

Giving an aside, knowing look, Wigglytuff hopped down to one of the unoccupied rows of strawberries, Mew following after. "Vile's as grumpy as always," she sighed under her breath, shaking her head and pushing the loose curls back under the bandana. "I hear Victreebel's been sick this whole month, and we all know how 'fun' that is. At least the little sprouts are well-behaved." She began her share of the picking, slowly making her way down.

When you think of Pokémon, fifth-rate slice of life is not one of the things that immediately pops into mind, is it?

The feline glanced over toward the Flower Pokémon, whose large petals were all she could see, before plucking the first fruit of the day. She inspected its ripened shape in the sunlight, feeling her mouth water up. "The season's been good to them, hasn't it," she mused.

"I'd say the exact opposite, I've never seen them so cran—oh, you mean the strawberries." Her friend smiled sheepishly. "Oh, yeah, they're beautiful. You've out-done yourself yet again, Lil!"

The addressed Lilligant shyly smiled over at them, giving a bow. "It's nothing special," she said with a soft voice. "Just takes a little water and some love, is all."

Wigglytuff threw one into her mouth, eyes glazing over with happy tears as she chewed. "Unbelievable," she muttered. "No way, there just has to be a secret method she's using."

It's grown with the corpses of unsuspecting humans that Lilligant collected Sweeny Todd-style.

There was a snicker from behind, belonging to that of a Raichu whom they didn't realize was there. "What're you getting so dramatic about? Did you get into the cocoa again?"

"Naw, I wish!" the rabbit expelled out, one of her ears flicking. "I'm still really happy from this morning! Iggly said his first word today!"

"And that's exciting?" The electric mouse smiled cheekily, though her dark eyes twinkled under the shade of her hat. "But that's awesome news. What'd he say?"


Gazing up at the sky thoughtfully with furrowed brows, she said, "Something like 'Madaleji'—'mah-dahyl-gee'," she repeated phonetically. When Mew and Raichu glanced at each other in confusion, she added, "I think he tried to say our names at the same time."

"I swear, you have the weirdest kids," Vileplume grunted. "Takes after you, I suppose."

It wasn't that weird.

Wigglytuff shrugged. "Better me than my mate, honestly."

Mew smiled at the imagery as she returned to picking the fruit, knowing from experience how her children were never constant. She loved them for that, the reason she always looked forward to babysitting them. The family was still young when she and Mewtwo first moved in, with their daughter Jig being just barely a year old. They were the first children she watched, and somehow or another she did well enough, for not long afterwards did word spread, and she eventually became the community's go-to sitter.

Keep this part in mind when we get to Chapter 8, assuming I ever get there.

"Oh, Mew?"

She turned around to face the Raichu, folding the hat's brim up. "You need something, Rachelle?"

"Of course." She placed her paws together in a pleading manner. "Sorry it's such short notice—blame Rugby—but could you look after the kids for a few hours tomorrow evening? I can drop them off at your house if you'd like."

"I'm not busy, so I'll be happy to come over. I don't think Mewtwo's willing to let children run around yet."

Given that the previous chapter had Mew acting like one, I can't blame him.

She bowed in relief and thanks, then her expression became crafty. "So has babysitting my brood not sworn you off kids yet?"

Mew couldn't help laughing. "I love them, you know that. I look forward to my own someday." She turned her back to quickly pluck several strawberries in a row, rubbing off a seed that stuck to her finger.

She could feel the Raichu's smile directed at the back of her head. "You've been childless for a time now. Have you two ever thought about having children?"

The feline had to think on it, slightly debating with herself whether to answer or not before she did. "Mmm... I have. I think we only mentioned it once, but Mewtwo kinda backed up from it." She shrugged looking over her shoulder. "He doesn't mind kids, that much I can say."

"Can't blame him," piped up Vileplume, though her gaze remained on the strawberries. "Once we had children, our sex drive plummeted."

Thank you for sharing.

Mew felt her face fall. "I don't think it's because of that..."

"It's all the hard work put into raising them, it puts off a lot of couples." Wigglytuff gave a playful smirk. "I remember when you two watched my kids for a whole week. I had never seen you guys look so tired.""Yeah, but we still enjoyed it."

"I don't think it'll hurt to ask around, Mew," Raichu said, giving a quick wink. "Many of us who do have children don't always spend enough time with our mates. I love spending time with my children, don't get me wrong, but I do wish we had waited a little while longer. I have to really schedule the night in advance if I want something." She rolled her eyes briefly, though she maintained her smile. "But I wouldn't put it past you guys to keep it going. That kind of closeness will help you in the long-run for sure. I sure learned that the hard way."

Yes, that's what I've been looking for: sex and/or love advice from a children's cartoon character.

Vileplume huffed in agreement, her face noticeably softer.

"By the way, have you heard the news?" Wigglytuff brought up in a louder tone, looking between the small group.

Mew inwardly flinched when the thought of the pregnant Blissey came to mind. "About what?" she inadvertently asked alongside Raichu, who snickered when they realized it.

The Balloon Pokémon raised a brow almost in surprise. "Did Marjorie not tell you about her date today?"

"Is that why she's not here?" Lilligant questioned, her face brightening up. "What wonderful news!"

"Looks like she's still got it in her!" the electric mouse exclaimed, thumping her tail against the ground once. "I bet she got a looker!"

Lilpurplebird, if you wanted to make a Sex and the City story, just make a Sex and the City story!

The feline brought herself to calm down and smile. "Oh, yes! Yes, she has—told me! I'm happy for her!" She quickly turned back to the fruit, hoping she didn't bring any suspicious attention toward herself.

Fortunately, none of them showed signs of having noticed. "It's been so long since little Missy had a father," Wigglytuff sighed, sounding like she was growing more reverent. "Marjorie's just been so stressed out over this."

"I'm just surprised she hasn't hated males ever since that day," Vileplume stated in a solemn tone. "I sure as hell wouldn't trust another male for the rest of my days if Vic walked out on me. Though I wouldn't blame him if he did... years ago, anyway."

"Forgive me for asking this silly-old question," Lilligant whispered out, "but is that why you've all come here to this place? Because you're not of the norm?"

I'd make a "special snowflake" joke, but this story isn't even worthy of that.

Mew then realized it was getting close to two years since the Flowering Pokémon arrived from her native region. She never explained how or why she traveled so far, but she adapted well-enough to the forest it slipped their minds. And as the group were friendly with her, and she recently became mates with a Tangrowth whom used to live by Mount Silver, her place in the community felt natural despite the stories from the other pairs.

"It's not like we're outcasts," Raichu said, frowning down at her now-full basket. "We just made a decision with our mates that we wanted a place to stay. My first home wasn't too bad, per se, it was just kinda awkward. But for the most part, we walked a lot looking for a place to raise a family. Thus we came here."

"Sounds like our own origins," Wigglytuff said, chuckling. "My mate wanted to go to Mount Moon, but I was all, 'Aw, hell naw, I'm not stayin' there with all them Clefairy'.

If this story wasn't such a piece of shit, that line would actully be somewhat funny.

No offense to any Kanto natives, but I wasn't a big fan of that region. And I grew up on the border."

"Vic and I are jungle folks who loved where we lived, we were just flooded out." With a shrug, Vileplume blew a petal out of her line of vision. "I was getting tired of the monsoons anyway, and the others of my species were pretty bitchy, for lack of a better word."

Lilligant was either surprised or too invested in their words, Mew couldn't tell from her expression. When she looked over to meet her gaze after pointing Raichu to where the strawberries were being stored, she forced out a small laugh after a quick glance around. "We lived in the mountains for a year—I didn't catch the name of the range, but it was somewhere out in Johto, I think. It was Mewtwo's idea to move, I didn't mind our little cave, personally."

Okay, I find it hard to believe that Mewtwo was the one to make that decision; I think Mew would be the more likely one to do it. Mewtwo, given his personality in the animé, would refuse and only change his mind when he sees how sad Mew is living in the cave.

"That was why I didn't want to go to Mount Moon, even though I know they have plains and all that." With a huff, the rabbit ate the strawberry in her hand when she couldn't find more room. "I can kinda imagine you two really living in such a place. You two look like you can adapt anywhere."

She smiled nervously. "I was a jungle kitten, too, but Mewtwo... um... he lived in the city. Or cities, since he traveled a lot."

"The mother couldn't stay still, eh?"

Her gut twisted a bit before she managed to calm herself. "He's actually an orphan like me.

So Mew vaporized her parents in a blinding rage?

We had to learn to survive."

"Thank Arceus above for keeping you two alive," Raichu said when she returned, the others nodding in the same agreement. "It's as though you two were meant to be."

"I-I'd say more like a coincidence."

"Don't pretend what we're saying is just wishful thinking," Vileplume reprimanded, her face in a small scowl once more. "You may not be aware of it, Mew, but some of us grew up hearing about rare Pokémon. Hell, we have a few here in the community, if we're not all rare. I remember being told stories of a mirage Pokémon living in the jungle, supposedly the rarest of us all. I consider it an honor to be your friend and neighbor—stupid petal!" She flapped it back with a glare flashing in her eyes. The other females snorted to themselves before she resumed, "Point I'm getting at is there's no such thing as coincidences.

Only the illusion of coincidence.

You two finding each other had to have been planned somehow, because I've never seen another like you or him. Ever. It's a blessing from Arceus for all your hard work, and you two deserve your happiness."

Wigglytuff applauded, though one of her brows rose slightly. "That's the deepest I've ever heard from you. Did you breathe in your pollen for too long or something?"

Oh goodie, drug jokes. I am so laughing my ass off, you guys.

"No, I sucked up some of your hot air last night while tending to my sick mate."

The two started spouting off petty insults back and forth while Lilligant and Raichu laughed along, yet Mew, while the scene was amusing, was too lost in thought as Vileplume's words sunk in. Deep down, she knew them to be true; she was a little embarrassed to speak out similar thoughts in case they didn't take it seriously. She was aware no one had the same mindset, that some would wave off events as coincidences, while others said it was fate, destiny, or whatever word they would use. For being friends as long as they were, it never crossed the feline's mind just how unique they were—or mostly just herself.

Excusing herself to go deposit what she gathered, she felt a smile slowly spread on her lips. There was something so appealing, so right about her friends that she silently thanked them, hoping they would feel that same gratitude. She felt blessed to be where she was; blessed to be with them, and with Mewtwo.


I will be home late tonight as the repairs are taking longer than expected. Go ahead and put aside dinner, and do what you want as long as the house stays intact. I may or may not be joking with that.

— Mewtwo

I'm highly tempted to start a counter on how many decent jokes are wasted in this fanfic.

Mew couldn't help letting out a snort at the last sentence, releasing it from the knocker. "He tries so hard sometimes," she sighed, rolling her eyes to the heavens as she entered, hanging up her hat on its rightful hook.

So she returned to an empty house that evening after all, though she wasn't too surprised. Mewtwo became a technician for a reason, and thus why the houses worked the way they did. She had a feeling she knew where he was getting the supplies from, much as he denied it, but she wasn't one to complain.

A neat story idea... if this was on the level of something like The Borrowers, The Secret Of NIMH or even one of the better moments of the animé itself.

Their own house was built with her in mind, after all, much like the hide-out was chosen for her sake. According to her mate, they moved because she was getting ill where they were living at, which she believed was the case. Why he exactly kept it a secret for so long was the question, and his answer never satisfied her.

Huh, the writer actually did get that part of Mewtwo's personality right, at least where this scene is concerned.

Pulling the curtains closed, she switched on some lights for a warm glow about the house. Stepping into the kitchen to set down the basket of strawberries she was allowed to take, she found herself hungry. Looking over what was available, she decided to make curry for dinner, wanting something simple that would be easily reheatable. Making a judgment from the shadows outside, Mew decided to go ahead and fix it to get it over with.

Waiting on the rice, she leaned against the counter, losing herself in thought. "No such thing as coincidences, huh?" she muttered, stretching and curling her fingers against her cheek. "But what if the odds are against you? They were always against me... from survival rates to... mates..." She shivered and held her herself, fighting back the memories. "There should be no way it would come to this... I was just lucky. I got lucky my whole life."

Her small laugh sounded forced, if not empty. "They have a point, though. If anything, it's Arceus' blessing for getting this far in life. I shouldn't complain. Beggars can't be choosers, after all. Though... was I really a beggar by the time Mewtwo came along?" She frowned, glancing out the window. "How desperate was I?"

Mew, your emotions are getting the better of you again, the voice of Mewtwo echoed in her head. She hardly blinked from the sudden presence. Were you troubled by what the neighbors said?

Is he talking about the destiny thing, or the Vileplume's dwindling sex life?

Of course not, Mewtwo. I have to preoccupy myself, somehow. She smiled to herself to balance out her emotions. Wish you wouldn't probe me like that. What if I was thinking of something personal?

His chuckle rumbled through the void. Like I have not been caught up in it before. You are not that hard to read, Mew.

She blushed, covering her eyes. She should've seen it coming. So... you...

If you want me to work out for such muscles... He trailed off almost teasingly, like he was waiting for her to finish the sentence.

Just get back to work, she huffed, finding herself glaring down at the rice. Dinner will be on the stove when you come home.

Thank you, dear. She expected him to feel victorious, but on the next heartbeat, her anger washed away when he sincerely said with a smile in his voice, I love you.

Love you, too.

And the connection broke, leaving her alone once more.

Mew pressed her hands against her chest, her blush cooling down enough to remain warm on her cheeks. "That was embarrassing," she sighed, shaking her head a little. "I thought I was doing okay, too..." Shrugging, she started on the curry itself, humming a tune to herself to keep her mind occupied, twice sneaking a strawberry when the craving pangs hit.

Meh, at least it isn't french fries.

When dinner was finished, she ate on her side of the table, staring at the waning sunlight. The quiet moment reminded her of the few months Mewtwo spent on building the house—they were painful months because she didn't know where he was then. She spent a majority of each day alone in the cave, unable to get a hold of him and worrying herself sick, which arguably was the sickness he had said she was developing. Following him was one of her best decisions, even if it "ruined the surprise".

So he spent months building a house when he could have used his powers to do in a day. Okay, maybe a week or two at the most if he wanted to make absolutely sure it was built properly.

Mew touched the corner of her eye when a tear slipped down. She stared down at her plate with a sniffle, pretending it was from the spices in the curry. "So it's been a long time, big deal," she grumbled to herself, taking another bite while wiping her eyes with the back of her hand. "Mewtwo wouldn't mope if I was out late."

Not wanting to spend another moment at the table, she shoveled the rest of it down, wincing from the inevitable heartburn, and flew for the bath. Scanning the bottom of the tub for residue, she turned the tap for a temperature she could stand, and sat back to wash herself off, watching the water slowly fill up. Whether it was the steam or a full stomach, Mew was beginning to rock in drowsiness, drifting her eyes about the cozy tiled room. More accurately, she mentally amended, it was cozy for her; though it was big enough to hold a few Wailmer with a little room to spare, Mewtwo never liked it. He would be in and out within fifteen minutes while she would stay a whole hour, most of it spent soaking in the tub. Yet he had little issues bathing with her, which she suspected was held in for her sake.

Or, and I can't believe I'm saying this, he loves bonding with her in the bath.

She turned the faucet off at the halfway point, almost finished with her washing. She always saved her pelvic region for last, but didn't like cleaning down there, whether it was just her or whenever Mewtwo offered. Mew was worried she would rub herself raw, she almost always itched from irritation, yet she found it embarrassing to bring it up to see if she was doing something wrong. From what she gathered, while it was a sensitive area, she shouldn't be feeling any burning sensation or anything of the sort—it didn't help she kept getting soap into the folds and thus had to go deeper to clean it off.

Speaking of soap, I have a strange sensation to put some in my eyes right now.

Ironic that she knew and loved Mewtwo's body more than she did hers, and possibly vice versa.

Wriggling in discomfort from the burn, she tossed the washcloth into the hamper, and carefully sunk into the water, a slow, quiet moan emitting from her parted lips. Leaning back and taking deep breaths, she lightly closed her eyes, allowing the warmth to envelope her into a light sleep.

"A hot bath after eating a hot dinner should never occur without supervision."

Don't forget to bring a towel.

It was great while it lasted.

Mew lifted her head to look past the steam to where Mewtwo stood at the entranceway, his gaze soft. She shot him a tired smile, lazily waving a hand as the bath drew her back into drowsiness. "Wasn't gonna stay long," she mumbled. Wiping the sweat from her brow, she forced herself to get up and crack open the window above.

"Looks like I came home in time to find my fair maiden bathing herself. For my sake, I suppose?" There was a distinct seductive purr in the last sentence.

"You keep that attitude up, Mewtwo, and I'm going to question our relationship," she shot a tease, unable to fight off a smile.

She sat back down just as he stepped to her side, sitting himself next to the bathtub. She scrunched her eyes shut while holding back a laugh, her left hand raised up in an open gesture, to which he intertwined fingers with hers in response. "I apologize for taking as long as I have."

"You were doing your job. I'm happy you were willing to put in those extra hours for someone we hardly knew." She glanced up at him, noticing how his eyes drooped in faint fatigue.

He spent two hours fixing the gas pipes and six more creating replicas of the paintings from the Sistine Chapel.

"At least you got home safe," she added in a whisper, running her thumb along the back of his hand. "Your share should still be warm."

He lightly kissed her. "Thank you for the consideration, dear, but I will eat later."

Mew squirmed when he climbed into the bathwater across from her, straightening up in place. "Honey, don't do that," she breathed out with a small frown. "I'm almost done anyway, and then you can have your turn."

"Is there a law that states I am not allowed to bathe with my own mate?"

See? Why was the writer having Mew mope about Mewtwo bathing with Mew simply out of obligation? What point did that serve?

She glanced down at herself, then eyed the water level and their bathtub. "No... but this isn't the best cuddling spot. I

figure you know this already, you never seem to ever relax in here. You always wash up fairly quickly, I've noticed."

"I cannot bring myself to sit and relax in such a bland room."

The small feline rolled her eyes about. "I've asked multiple times about what motifs you want in here, and all you ever say to me is, 'I could care less'." A brow quirked. "Really? Leaving it up to me to decide?"

Chuckling, he took her into his arms and slid in where she was. Mew snuggled into his chest, gently skimming her fingertips along his pelt as he stroked her back and bumped his muzzle to her temple. "How was your day?" he asked. "I noticed you brought home a treat."

"I don't know what to do with them at the moment, though, so I wonder if you have ideas."

As long as it doesn't involve them putting whipped cream on each other.

He peppered small pecks to her skin. "Whatever you want, darling."

She smiled a little, trembling from the light touches. "So... I'll make jam, and whatever's left, I'll make a dessert out of it?"

"Sounds wonderful."

When he slipped to her neck for a nip, Mew grew flustered. "Um... should we do it here? I-I don't think water is safe for such activity. And I'm... clean and wet."

A laugh rumbled in his throat. "Between the two of us, I believe you have the more 'questioning' thoughts."

She blushed. "I-It's not my fault! Since when have I come on to you?"

His brow rose, a smirk quirking on his lips as he met her gaze. "Need I have to remind you of a certain... event?"

No, please don't.

Despite the fuzzy memory, her color darkened. "That wasn't my fault either!"

Laughing some more, he dipped her head back and kissed her deeply, which she hesitated to return, but gave in when she couldn't think of reasons not to. Without breaking away, Mewtwo flipped around so her back could press up against the tile wall where she sharply gasped from the smooth, cool surface. "You're lucky you're charming, Mewtwo," she murmured into his lips, shivering at the gleam in his eye, "always keeping me on my toes..." He steadied her by the neck when he pecked his way across her collarbone. "...always so eager to show off, it seems... I swear I would've given up on you long ago."

"I hope you are joking, Mew."

My thoughts exactly.

"Ah, I don't know anymore." A small smile spreading across her face, she blindly reached out to graze her fingers along the top of his head. "Quite a bit has changed over the years. A whole decade ago, none of us would've thought we'd get together, we rarely had less than six feet between us." Her eyes opened halfway to dreamily meet his gaze. "And five years ago, we never imagined we'd have gotten this far, and so close to one another. Ever since you opened up your heart, you've always been so persistent... but you make sure to win my heart first before you do. I feel I should know you by now, you just surprise me at times." She giggled. "It's such a strange feeling, you know?"

Mewtwo nodded in agreement. "It is the same here, Mew." One of his hands dropped down further.

Mew tensed, just barely biting back a cry. "Ahh-ha...! W-Warn me next time, hon... ohh..."

Something Mew should have said at the start of the prologue.

"I have to keep you on your toes, dear."

"That's not funny, Mewtwo," she breathed out in what she hoped was a mild tone before he passionately kissed her mouth. She promptly melted into his hold, seizing his figure.

Outside, a Golduck and Azumarill were out for a walk through the neighborhood, wanting to make it a habit. The temperature was still cool, and they could sense moisture still in the air, though chances were they wouldn't get rain that night. They found it peculiar the neighbors were spread out, though remained in sight of other houses. The aqua rabbit's ears twitched at the sound of children running around, looking over in time to see two young Pikachu go by one of the windows, pillows in hand.

"Sure is a lively neighborhood," she giggled, turning to her mate. "I'm happy we came here."

He was going to reply until they neared the next house, one they could just recognize. The steam pouring from the window caught their eye, though what made them unintentionally slow down were the sounds of moaning. Neither of them were fazed by it. "You're hearing that, right?" Golduck didn't wait for a response. "They sound like those kinds of neighbors. It's a wonder no one here's complaining."

Pikacku: Mommy, what are those two Pokémon doing to each other in the bathroom?

For a few moments, Azumarill was silent while her ears pricked up at the accompanying sounds of water sloshing about. It wasn't until they passed the yard did she face the front and grumble to no one in particular, "How is it we are never satisfied for a whole hour, yet they are within a minute?"

Because only the main couple is allowed to have good sex in this fanfic.

End of Chapter 1. Any thoughts or criticisms?

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Well, it's back. Here's the first half of Chapter 3:

She remembered dreaming... and that was it. Her subconscious didn't allow it to sink in long enough for her to tell apart what she just dreamed, and what she was now dreaming about. It didn't help there was nothing except a white, empty void where images should manifest. Yet there were voices—faint ones, but they were there.

“Breathe for us...”

“...losing her...”

“Get him out... here!”

“...please, no! Me... to me!”

“Sir, this is...”

“Speak...! Please!”

Oh God, this story is having flashbacks to Star Wars: Episode III!

And when Mew's eyes opened, they faded away, and with them any recognition. She stared up at the ceiling for no apparent reason, slowly blinking as she waited for her body to regain its senses. Almost immediately, she felt Mewtwo's slow breath on her neck, bringing her to smile, though she found it odd he was pretty much on top of her. A brief wriggle allowed her to feel his arm draped over her torso almost protectively, and when she turned her head, she noticed a small, anxious crease on his brows.

It was a curious expression, one she hadn't seen on him before, if ever.

Deciding there was no longer a need to remain in bed, she attempted to slowly squirm her way out of his hold, but she could swear he was pulling her closer.

And to make matters worse, he was dreaming he was in a factory of chocolate Easter bunnies.

Mouth curling in thought, she went ahead to Teleport herself out of bed. After shaking off the dizziness of it due to her not being fully awake, Mew backed out of the room, keeping the clone in her sights until she rounded the corner. With a yawn, she headed for the kitchen to find the pots still on the stove, and inside both were Mewtwo's portion, albeit smaller to show he did eat a little.

“Dammit,” she groaned, taking a wooden spoon to check how hardened the rice was. “You don't leave it out, freaking... mmph...” She hacked away at it, her mood steadily growing more unpleasant.

You don't leave rice in either, it still turns out hard.

There was a prickling feeling at the back of her head, and gripping the utensil, Mew swung it around, catching Mewtwo in the shoulder. “Ah...! What was that for?” he hissed out, wincing when he touched the stricken area.

She sternly pointed at the pots. “Why didn't you eat?”

Crinkling his brows, he looked between her and the stove. “I ate a little last night before bed.”

Mew: I mean in terms of food.

Mew felt an eye twitch, running her hands over her face after dropping the spoon into the pot. “God, Mewtwo...” She took in a sharp breath before continuing, “If you weren't hungry, you could've just stored it somewhere. You know what happens to food when you leave it out overnight.”

Mewtwo: It becomes more delicious?

He gently laid his hands on her shoulders, which she shrugged off. “I apologize. I was distracted.”

Shooting him a leer, she telepathically took the cookware into the sink and flipped the faucet on. “At least you're honest,” she huffed, “but it doesn't mean you're off the hook.” Foaming up the cloth, she began scrubbing away the dried rice, breaking it off into pieces. “Dinner's your responsibility tonight. And we've had enough sex this week, so don't bother thinking about it.”

With a quiet laugh, he stepped over to her side. “Fair enough, as long as you hold up your end.” He pulled out a clean hand towel and waited, watching her intently.

So much for Mewtwo not thinking about sex.

She bowed her head to avoid seeing him in her peripheral vision, taking out her developing anger on the pot hard enough to chip the inside. Then a thought popped

into her mind, making her sigh loudly. “Actually, I'm babysitting tonight... I don't think I'll make it to dinner.”

“That is fine, I can wait.”

“I don't know how long I'll be, though. It's Raichu's kids.”

Mewtwo was silent for a few minutes, much to her relief and amusement. It was after he was handed the clean pot to dry did he say anything. “Good luck with that.”

The feline rolled her eyes. “That's all you have to say?”

He shrugged. “You told me so many stories about what goes on in that house that I am not astonished nor worried anymore.

For example, last week, Richard Kuta came over and pretended to be a baby left on Raichu's doorstep.

You lived through them before, and you will most certainly live through this one.”

“The youngest can run now.”

“Pray for mercy before you leave.”

Mew lightly punched him in the arm. “Stop making fun of me!”

Mewtwo smiled down at her, barely reacting to her behavior. “You will be fine,” he said, hooking his tail around hers. “If you ever need any assistance, do not be afraid to give out a shout.”

“Thanks, but I can handle it.” She passed over the second pot, and grabbed his tail to wipe her hands off.

He flicked it away from her hold, turning around to face her. “What has gotten into you this morning?”

She pointed to her brows. “I'm grumpy because a certain someone shirked dinner for sex.”

And my sex for dinner joke just became useless. (BTW, most of my comments are basically first impressions, so if I become surpised about the story taking a turn it should have taken, this is why. Anyway, back to the mock.)

She watched him go over it in his head before he focused his gaze back on her, and set down the items to fold his arms. “Is that all? I worked all day so I could relax and spend time with my mate at home.”

Mew crossed her arms as well. “You asked to have dinner set aside.”

“I did not go to bed hungry.”

“You had sex on an empty stomach.”

He shrugged nonchalantly. “So?”

“Don't pretend your stomach wasn't growling at you!” She puffed up her cheeks briefly. “I could hear it while you were having at it down there.”

“And you were delectable.”

Well, the James Bond-esque quips are improving, though I don't think this necessarily is a good thing.

She threw her hands up, turning her back on him. “Whatever,” she huffed, quickly swallowing down a small laugh of forfeit bubbling in her throat. “I don't want to talk about it anymore. Make your own breakfast, I'll eat later.”

“Yes, Your Majesty.”

Rolling her eyes, Mew moved to leave when the letter caught her eye, having forgotten about it. “Oh, yeah, have you made your decision on the invitation yet?”

Glancing over her shoulder at Mewtwo, she watched him pull out the frying pan from where it hung in the cupboard. “I thought on it here and there,” he responded, not looking at her. “I can say for sure that pondering on the answer has not brought me to saying 'no' yet.”

She once more stared down at the letter, skimming her fingertips along the paper. Scanning across it, she noticed an odd golden symbol at the bottom, slightly

sticking up like it was stamped or glued on. Lightly touching it to feel around the creases, Mew pulled up the picture of the man for a quick look to find nothing that matched. “What's this on the letter?” she asked out loud, thinking Mewtwo would know what it was.

“Jam stain.”

I would hope it's a jam stain.

She looked over with narrowed eyes, unsure if it was a serious answer or not. “No, this golden sticker... thing.” She held it up for him to see.

He paused cracking eggs to briefly crane his neck for a glance over his shoulder, then returned to what he was doing. “I believe that is the stigma of a League Champion, they call it. He is a registered champion for one of the leagues the humans hold every year.”

Mew's eyes lit up in interest. “So he's famous. I wonder when that happened.”

“I never saw it happen, this was the first time I have known of it.”

She felt a small cold wave stir in her heart from his tone of disinterest. “How did you two meet, if you don't mind my asking? You never once mentioned him.”

Mewtwo didn't answer at first, allowing a brooding aura to fall in the kitchen.

Mew: Mewtwo, you asshole, you never told me you are a registered sex offender!

The feline shivered, dropping the letter back on its small pile and looking away toward the window where the sunlight outside softened. A slow, deep breath was then heard from the clone. “Back when I was... young, you could say, I challenged as many strong trainers as I could find, though only very few arrived to the island. The boy was one of them. He cared for his and the other Pokémon on that island so much he died to end the war I had proclaimed upon the world. It was a foolish move to get in the way of two powerful attacks... but the Pokémon who witnessed it cried for him, and he was given another chance at life. I erased everyone's memories at that time and place, and somehow by chance he found my clones and I. He never remembered that particular day, but I allowed him and his companions to maintain the memories they had made.”

Mew floated up to him to lay a hand on his shoulder.

Mewtwo: Well, that went much better than expected.

He shot her a somber glance until he poured the mix into the pan. “I would see him a couple of times since then until I stopped keeping in contact, not wanting to be in the way since I knew he would grow up and move on. Looks like he never took the hint.”

“The fact he thought of you is sweet of him,” she said with a smile. “He's a rare breed.”

Mewtwo let out a breath of amusement. “That is true.”

“You were battling that one Mew when he died (then got better), right? I remember you saying you met one years ago.”

“That was the one.”

She rested her arms on him to prop her head up, watching as he carefully folded the egg. “Did you ever see him, or her, again?”

“I never did. We parted after he showed us the way to Mount Quena, saying we would never again cross paths, which I agreed with.”

"Though the little bastard still owes me twenty bucks."

Her ears flicked, and her face fell. “So there are other Mew out there,” she muttered. “But it explains why you were a bit reproachful towards me.”

“He was a wise Mew, but I got that impression he was a... what is the word... prick.”


He shrugged. “I am just saying, he was not the most agreeable being. Very stubborn.” Mewtwo then looked over at her with a questionable stare. “Is it in a Mew's nature to be stubborn, by any chance?”

She scowled a little, but not entirely seriously. “You've been living with me for five years, what do you think?”

The clone smirked suggestively. “I think your attitude needs to change.”

Mew pulled away with a scoff. “Whatever.”

Like original, like clone.

Her vision trailed over to the strawberries contained snugly in the corner, and a thought came to her head. “I'm going to go visit Mismagius for a little bit, if that's alright with you.”

“I rest my case,” he whispered to himself, though most of it may have been audible on purpose. “That is fine, dear.”

“I'm also taking some strawberries over,” and she opened an empty plastic container to scoop out a few handfuls.

“But what about the jam?” he feigned a moan—she guessed he did.

“You're spoiled, Mewtwo,” she sniffed, sticking her tongue out at him while he grinned. Sealing it up, she held the item up to the sunlight to study the ripe berries for a moment, then flew right up to Mewtwo with it under her arm. “I'll be back around lunchtime,” she said, “so can I get a promise you'll be good until then?”

“Do you not trust me with the house?” he chuckled, turning his head to kiss her lips. “Want me to have something ready for you when you walk in through the door?”

“I was thinking we make lunch together.”

Please don't let it be sex this time.

“Excellent. I will be waiting.”

Rubbing her nose against his, Mew backed out of the kitchen until he was out of her sight, and exited the house. Clutching the container close, she followed the pathway up to the hill, and turned to her left off the path. She kept going straight, avoiding the trees without much movement until it opened into a small clearing where a short, but stout bare tree stood. Built into the wood were a couple of windows, a door, and a small bin for mail nailed beside it. The curtains weren't completely drawn, so she was able to see a soft glow of light inside the main room.

Mewtwo stole a bunch of TV sets and gave them to everyone in the town.

Balancing the item on her hip, she knocked, glancing around the simple area.

She saw a movement at the window before the door was opened by a young Misdreavus, crimson irises gazing curiously up at her. Mew smiled sweetly. “Good morning, Missy. How are you?”

“Fine,” she whispered, ducking her head a little to hide her eyes underneath her bangs. “Momma's still in her room. She'll be out soon.” Looking in the house for a brief moment, she nodded her head, and pushed the door wider for her.

The feline floated in, eye-sight quickly focusing in the dim lighting. “Did you have fun at Jig's house yesterday, by the way?”

Missy shrugged. “Yeah...”

“Are you two getting along fine?”

“Yeah. Iggly was loud yesterday.” Her gaze fell upon the container.

She grinned and held it out. “I brought a treat for you and your mother. Just try not to eat it all before she does.”

From the darkness where Mew was certain was the hallway, Mismagius appeared to materialize from nothing. Her already-glowing eyes lit up more when their visions crossed. “Oh, Mew! I didn't expect you today!”

The BDSM club was coming over in about half an hour.

“I thought I'd come visit. We missed you at Lil's, so I brought you some strawberries.”

The specter gasped and happily took them from her paws. “Oh, my Arceus, these are beautiful! She's out-done herself yet again! Thank you so much, Mew!” Handing it to her daughter, she wrapped her tassels around the feline in a hug. “Did you gals have fun yesterday?”

“We did. Vileplume wasn't in a great mood for the most part, though.”

She nodded knowingly, waving her further in to where the consistent levitating chairs were. “Victreebel's still sick, huh? At least their children are respectful.”

Mew agreed, sitting down carefully on the closest one. She wasn't very comfortable sitting in something floating off the ground, (Ironic considering that type of thing probably goes on every Saturday night, usually involving very naughty activities with Mewtwo.) but she made sure not to look down. “I hope he gets well soon.”

“Same. Would you like some tea?”

“No, thank you. It's still a bit early.”

Settling in the chair across from her, Mismagius let out a sigh and tilted her head back so her face was fully visible. “All right, be truthful: you came here because you wanted to know about my blind date.”

She flushed sheepishly. “That's part of it...”

Laughing, the ghost smirked over at her. “Ah, I can't blame you. No one else is searching for a mate, so it's still a new concept, in a way. Well, you'll be the first one to hear it, and let me tell you that I haven't laughed so hard in my life.”

The feline's brows rose. “Did you go see a show somewhere?”

“No, of course not. My date was funny, he had some of the funniest stories I've ever heard.

She's dating Mark from The Room? Eww!

I'd tell you one if I could just choose one from the batch.” A fluttery sigh blew out of her. Mew blinked from the sudden expression; she hadn't heard such a sound come from her friend in a long time. “But not only that, Mew,” she continued, almost breathlessly, “he's handsome.”

“The 'tall and dark' kind?”

“Have you ever seen a Dusknoir, by the way?”

She sifted through her memories of her travels, her brows furrowing more and more. “I don't think I ever have, honestly.”

Mismagius continued to sigh in a dreamy way. “That's fine... because I don't think I will ever find another Dusknoir as handsome as he is.”

Mew nervously scratched her cheek. “Well... I'm glad to hear that. Was he what you thought he was?”

Well, his breath smelled like Swiss cheese and he might or might not have an unhealthy obsession with Gary Oak.

“Even better! I kinda had low expectations from the get-go because my sister hooked me up with him, but I'm so glad I agreed to this. He may be a punctual Pokémon, because he arrived right on the dot, even apologizing for keeping me waiting for so long, even though it was only five, maybe six minutes. And his voice, oh Arceus, if I could melt, I would! So we remained there for a little bit so we could finish our introductions before he took me to—”

The feline had a hard time catching up with her. (One sympathizes.) She rarely ever heard the specter ramble on even when she gossiped, so the behavior was new territory. All she could do was just nod with some “uh huh”s here and there, and if she was lucky, she slipped in a question that only got her to gush more. Mew was finding it hard to believe she was so engrossed in her retelling of the date. She loved spending time with Mismagius, she just didn't like her gossipy nature, and as she rarely was one to get in on it, she normally remained silent or tried to steer the topic. Here, however, she was at the edge of her seat, her heart bursting with joy for her friend.

It truly had been a long time since she last smiled.

Oh goodie. I am so happy you guys.

For the entire time she was there, excluding the moment she arrived, Mew only ever saw Missy a few other times. She would hover around the front room, then disappear for a little bit, and then come back in for about another minute. The young Misdreavus never once spoke, nor interrupted her mother. The tree wasn't very big with only four main rooms, and as Mismagius had a tendency to get loud, it was possible she was listening in the whole time. When asked about her (in between a segment about the Dusknoir having great vocals), the specter said she hadn't told her date about her.

“I'll wait until after I see him a few more times before I bring Missy up,” she responded. “It's just in case I decide to not see him again at some point down the road. Which doesn't look like it'll happen at this given point in time.” She grew bubbly, squirming a little in her seat.

“I can tell,” Mew chuckled. “I hope he's potential to be a mate.”

“Oh, Arceus above, he's fitting the bill thus far.”

Wink wink, nudge nudge.

Smiling, the feline decided to change the subject. “By the way, Marjorie, I'm babysitting Rachelle's kids tonight.”

Mismagius whipped her head over at the window to check the time. “Oh, do you have to get going? I'm so sorry for keeping you so long.”

“I'm not going anywhere yet. I told Mewtwo I'd be back to have a lunch and maybe go on a stroll around the neighborhood.” She giggled to herself, holding back her crack on the clone's weight. “But yeah, tonight should be fun.”

"Mewtwo is gonna let the kids borrow his brand new chainsaw."

The ghost grinned. “Rachelle's kids are such a blast. They're guaranteed to swear others off having children.”

“Eh, I haven't been broken yet.”

“You're just lying to yourself.”

“I'm not, honest!”

Mismagius then leaned forward, a small smirk on her face. “Do you have any plans?”

“What plans?”

“Don't play dumb, Mew.”

Mew looked over toward a darkened corner, a slow, quiet sigh pushing past her lips. “I have plans, somewhat, but I'm not sure about Mewtwo,” she muttered. “I dunno, I think it's mostly because I babysit a lot, so I'm constantly having urges. Almost like I want to be part of the club... in a way.”

Keep this part in mind when we reach Chapter 9.

The ghost nodded, a small scoff on her next breath. “It's not like you have to have children to fit in.”

“I know... but this urge has been around for ages. I've just wanted to have kittens for the longest time, even before I met Mewtwo.”

“Have you mated prior to Mewtwo?”

Chewing on her lip, she glanced up at Mismagius. Her expression must have been more negative than she expected, for she just nodded and sat back. “I won't pressure you about it, then.”

“Thank you,” Mew breathed out, putting on a tiny smile.

The topic was dropped, and the specter quickly found a new one to pass the time away.


To be continues in the second half. Any thoughts or suggestions?

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