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> Saya's Cannibal Holocaust, "Why not?" - Johan Liebert
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post Aug 6 2013, 04:29 PM
Ok, this is even worse than I assumed it to be.

"I see with real eyes what my little piece of tentacle did, and I-don't really care except that I got shut away."
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Dr. O


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post Aug 24 2013, 12:15 PM
“There’s a hole in the world like a great black pit
And it’s filled with people who are filled with shit
And the vermin of the world inhabit it…”
-Sweeney Todd

Time to find out what happens if Fuminori, against all logic, decides he likes being brain-damaged.

On that terrifying day when I first opened my eyes after the accident, what would my answer have been?

When I think back on this day many years from now, will I wish that my answer had been different?

It doesn't matter; here, at this moment, there is no doubt in my mind.

It was obvious that this was the “correct” choice, wasn’t it?

There are no correct choices in Saya. Only rape.

"Who was that?" I ask Saya, looking at the unidentifiable pieces of the monster.

".....A man living next door. I don't know his name, though."

"Oh, so it was Suzumi-san."

He wasn't a stranger, of course. I'd spoken with him any number of times, and had even been friendly with him before the accident. And now I've killed him with my own two hands.

“Ah, whatever, time eat some more people!”

...I feel little.

Suzumi-san, the kindly painter who lived next door, is but a distant memory.

Killed a guy who was raping your girlfriend? Eh, whatever. No biggie.

The pieces of meat around me, on the other hand, belonged to a loathsome creature whose mere existence was nauseating. Only by killing the vermin could I find relief. He complained about my yard being filthy or something, didn't he? The swine.

“Asking me to clean up my yard?! What an asshole! He needs to die!”

It doesn't matter what Saya did. He wasn't worth keeping alive anyway - good riddance. These are my honest feelings.

Even with a man's blood covering my hands, I am completely calm.

Surprising absolutely no one.

Now I know what I lost in the accident. Saya says that I can take it back, but I know that I cannot. It is gone forever, like the life of the man called Suzumi.

"Hey, Saya...... No doctor could possibly fix my condition, you know.""......Fuminori?"

"You can do easily what no human is capable of... you're not human, are you?"

Took him only half the game to figure out...


Saya looks away, her expression unreadable.

“Fine, you caught me. I’m an extradimensional biocomputer sent to seed this world by demon magic so I can seed it with my spores, which are formed by love and/or semen.”

“Ha! Alright, seriously, what are you?”

Everything appears warped to my eyes - only Saya looks normal. I thought that she was somehow unique.

However, I was wrong. I see her just as I do everything else: as something completely different than what she really is.

Congratulations on figuring that out, you fucking idiot.

Saya is who she is because of who I am... just like I said a few minutes ago. It's nothing to be surprised about.

I stand and walk over to Suzumi's dismembered corpse.

"I read this manga a long time ago......

Any story starting with a sentence like that has GOT to be awesome.

Fuminori read Monster and thought Johan was the hero, obviously.

It was about a man who recovered from an accident only to find that he could no longer see the world as it was. Kind of like me." I finally realize that, even though the stench of these monsters' flesh turns my stomach, their blood and guts smell pretty good - in fact, I know this fragrance quite well."He saw people as rocks and robots as beautiful women. And so he fell in love with a robot that wasn't even remotely human."

I retrieve the cleaver, pick up one of the pieces of Suzumi's body, and start removing the skin and tendons. Ahh, just as I thought.

The stuff underneath looks exactly the same as what Saya and I have been eating.

"Hey, this looks pretty good. Why don't we eat it?"

I’m at a loss for words, here.


"Oh, sorry. You're in no mood for that now, are you? Now that it's dead, though, meat is meat. It'd be a waste to throw it away, wouldn't it? Let's get it in the fridge."

well then

"Is that...... alright with you?"

"Sure," I answer easily. There is no longer any room for doubt in my mind, after all.

Jesus fucking Christ, even Saya thinks this is fucked up!

"Also, his wife and daughter are probably next door. They might cause trouble when he doesn't come home...... I think we'd better hunt them down before they go to the police."

I can not repeat this often enough: There are people out there, REAL, flesh and blood people, who think this guy is RIGHT and they would have done what he did in that situation!

"Is that...... really what you want?" Saya asks again, this time with a trace of fear in her voice.

I guess I still haven't convinced her of my sincerity.

"So, at the end of this manga, the man who fell for something inhuman gave up his own humanity for the sake of their love.

A happy ending, don't you think?"

You disgust me.

No! That doesn’t sound happy to me at all!


"As long as we're together, I don't need anything more. Everything is fine the way it is."

Tossing the knife and meat aside, I pull Saya into my arms once more.

"I can say it now, can't I? Saya… I love you."

As Saya tries to wipe away the tears that keep flowing from her eyes, I can no longer see any hint of fear in her face.

And here I thought she might have at least a second of doubt given how insane Fuminori is. Well, so much for that.

"I don't want you to regret this...... I don't, but......"

I have sworn my oath, and Saya has accepted it. We have nothing to be afraid of now. Saya will never need to cry again.

"......Even so, I'm happy. I guess I'm pretty selfish, aren't I?"

Wait, really? And here I was thinking that treating people like playthings is saintly behavior.

"I don't mind. I'll always indulge your selfishness, Saya."

Filled with contentment, we exchange a smile and set to the task of cleaning the room.

A single person produces a lot more meat than I expected. Speaking of which, I seem to remember doing something similar before.

"About the other two -- I think he killed them. I heard their screams."

"Well, that makes things easier."

Those two are like the psychopathic serial-killer version of YOLO.

After we finish here, we should go gather the meat from the Suzumi house. That should be enough to hold us for a while.

But, can we pack it all into the refrigerator......?

Of course. We can just use the refrigerator next door.

It’s not like anyone will notice that an entire family has gone missing and that their neighbor is going in and out of their house, right?

I guess all the police in Japan took the year off.

"This picture...... I recognize it."

After we finish our labors and get into bed, I show Saya what I found in the Ougai house.

"This one looks familiar. Yeah, I've definitely been there."

The photograph that Saya has selected from the three is the one with a Tochigi Prefecture address written on the back.

"This is...... a house, right? I see trees and...... mountains?"

"Yeah. Wow, Fuminori, you can see pictures now?"

"A little."

Go Go Gadget Plot Convenience!

But… he… Why?! And how?

At the outset of my ordeal, I had to depend entirely on my sense of distance to decipher what I saw. The houses in front of me, the mountains far behind them, the clouds high above...... Only distance and scale told me what they were. Photographs and other flat images used to be completely incomprehensible to me. Recently, however, I've gotten better at understanding what things are by their shape;

This is bullshit!

I know what the mountains and sky look like, for example, and how they are different from buildings.

Each of the three pictures shows a similar scene: a lone house in the middle of a forest. They must be vacation retreats or something.

"Dad called it his cabin. He said that no one would find us there."

It’s like this game is one third completely inept Lovecraft-ripoff, one third moral vacuum and one third amalgam of every horror movie cliche known to man.

Cabin in the Woods, VN Edition: now with less snark and more rape!


If the addresses on the back of the photos belong to each building, then they probably are excellent places to stay hidden from prying eyes. But why three?

The dates are pretty old, and it seems odd that they were all taken within a few days of each other.

Maybe he was taking photos of houses he was thinking of buying in order to determine which would be the best candidate for his hideaway. And Saya only recognizes one of the houses ・\・\ so Ougai decided on the house in Tochigi Prefecture, S Town.

Maybe something will finally be happening that doesn’t involve dismemberme- HAHAHAHAHA, no.

Checking the location on a roadmap of the Kanto area, I find that it's about three hours out of Tokyo by car.

He better not drive there because (plot convenience). That’d be the lamest.

"Do you think your father will be there?"

"I tried calling him, but he didn't answer. I don't think he's there."

"But he might have stopped by recently."

The way I see it, the only way out of this deadlock is to take whatever chance we have, no matter how small. The probability of there being a clue to Professor Ougai's whereabouts in his villa is very low...... but it's not zero.

So is the probability that the government has secret mind-control rays, but you don’t see me wearing a tinfoil hat.

"I think I'll check this place out tomorrow."

"Eh?" Saya pouts.

I wasn't expecting Saya to object.

"But...... isn't it far away?"

"It'll only take about half a day to go there, check it out, and come back."

"I'll have to stay home by myself while you're gone?"

Just rub one out by yourself or eat a baby or something.

So that's what it is...... Slightly exasperated, I smile and rub Saya's head.

"Be a little patient, okay? You want to find your father too, don't you?"



After a brief silence, during which her expression is hard to decipher, Saya timidly looks up at me and says,

"Hey, Fuminori...... Let's forget about Dad."


I'm completely blindsided by this.

"Forget about him...... But, he's your father, right?

Hey dipshit, since you finally figured out that Saya is not human, how the hell did you not notice that a human can’t possibly be her father?

And yet she’s apparently reproductively compatible with humans. Somehow. So who knows how the fuck biology works in this thing.

Aren't you worried about him?"

"Not anymore," Saya says, coming closer to feel my warmth. "I have you now."

"I call him Dad, but he's not really my father.

He taught me a lot, and probably loved me in his own way, but...... you're kinder and warmer."

Also, serial killers have really big dicks. Trust me, it’s science.

Saya's words make me happy, but… I also feel the loneliness in them.

"Are you really alright with just me?"

"Yeah. You don't like it just being the two of us?"

Just the two of us
We can make it if we try
Just the two of us
(Just the two of us)

"I do, but...... I also want to meet Professor Ougai."

Having finally figured out how to explain my feelings, I continue,

"I want to get to know you better, Saya. If there's someone who knows more about you than me, I have to meet them."

“I want to find out if you have new and exciting orifices to penetrate that I don’t know of yet.”

He must go into the mountains and learn the secrets of Skeet Kun Do.

"Hmm, I see......"

Saya doesn't seem angry, but she does tilt her head quizzically, as though my thoughts are strange to her.

"And I also want to...... Yeah, I'm going to check it out tomorrow."

And murder someone while he’s at it, just in case you didn’t already think he was irredeemably evil.

Another plan has started to form in my mind, one separate from the search for Professor Ougai.

If I find the professor there, great; if I don't... well, I think I can find another use for his mountain retreat.

Like starting your tentacle rape monster harem.

"I know you'll be lonely, Saya, but try to bear it for a little while."

"Okay," she nods, then looks questioningly into my eyes.

"Fuminori...... You really want a family and friends, more people you can spend time with, don't you?"

More delicious meat.

"Well, that would be more fun, yeah......"

Fuck, don’t give Space Loli Hitler any ideas.

Fearing that Saya will start sulking, I hurriedly add,

"But don't get me wrong. Even if I could have lots of friends and family, you'll always be special to me."

"I know. Hehehe, thanks."

Giggling, Saya rubs her cheek against mine.


"I'll find something to make you happy... something just for you."

oh god no

Index of horrible mocks

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post Aug 27 2013, 06:37 PM
Kotaku must be upset this game didn't game with a body pillow.

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post Aug 27 2013, 07:34 PM
It’s not like anyone will notice that an entire family has gone missing and that their neighbor is going in and out of their house, right?

I guess all the police in Japan took the year off.

Im guessing all the ability to smell blood took the year off also...

I mock pony shit.

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post Aug 27 2013, 08:08 PM
QUOTE (Dr. O @ Aug 24 2013, 01:15 PM) *
I guess all the police in Japan took the year off.

They were probably off busting a more profitable orgy instead.

QUOTE (JDR on furries)
If only every fandom could be so nice

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Dr. O


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post Sep 4 2013, 03:41 PM
“The human animal is a beautiful and terrible creature, capable of limitless compassion and unfathomable cruelty. If you wish to find that which becomes the dividing line between mankind and other biological classifications, it lies in the unique capacity for human beings to reflect on their actions and show regret, what is most certainly the ability to empathize. Losing this capability, among individuals of this species, reduces them below their much heralded position.”
- Cruxshadows

Today, all of Kouji's classes were in the morning.

On his way to meet Yoh for lunch after his final lecture, Kouji suddenly gets a phone call in the middle of the hallway.

Without thinking, he reaches to his belt for his new camera-phone, but curses when he realizes that the ringtone is coming from the old phone in his bag.

He bought a camera-phone to see what all the rage was about, but couldn't bring himself to discard his simple, much easier to use old phone, so he ended up walking around with both.

He’s kind of a fucking moron that way. You’ll find this to be a recurring theme.

He hasn't transferred his contacts list yet, and calls still come to his old phone from people who don't know the new number.

When he finally fishes the phone from his bag, the name he sees on the display sends a chill up his spine.


Why now? What does he want?

Victims, mostly.

And loli vagina.

It's hard for Kouji to be happy about a call from Fuminori now, long after he gave up on such a thing ever being possible.


"Hey, Kouji. You're done with class for today, right?"


Of course Fuminori would know that Kouji always has a lot of free time on Thursday afternoons.

"I have something to talk to you about. Can you come to the parking lot?"

If the blood-drenched psychopath asks you if you can meet him in some remote location, say no!


"Yeah, I'll be waiting."

Fuminori hangs up without another word.

What's gotten into him? What does he want? Kouji wonders as he sticks the phone into his jacket pocket.

OK, even if you don’t know exactly what he wants, surely by this point any reasonable person would know it can’t be good.

This sudden change is disturbing after a week of Fuminori clearly trying to avoid both Kouji and Yoh.

Maybe he's finally ready to talk...... In which case, Kouji should probably consider this a good thing.

Hopeless optimism or terminal stupidity? You decide!
(The answer is stupidity, by the way.)

However, he can't shake his unease completely.

The foreshadowing is truly masterful.

"...Did I keep you waiting?"


In the parking lot, Kouji finds Fuminori leaning against the fender of Kouji's Accord. This is the first time he's seen Fuminori since the night at the mysterious abandoned house. It's been a long time since they've spoken face-to-face in the light - perhaps that's why Kouji senses something strange in Fuminori's expression. He's not sure what, exactly, but something has definitely changed.

Might be that gibbering insanity-thing. Who knows.

"I think I told you before that I'm currently looking for information on a man named Ougai."

"...So I've heard."

"Well, it's starting to get more complicated. It looks like I can't handle it by myself after all." Fuminori seems… more relaxed than before. He used to be tense all the time, like he was terrified of something, but now his expression is calm, and he's even wearing what resembles a sheepish grin.

That’s because it needed to happen for the plot. Fuck if it makes sense or not, we have a STORY to tell!

Whoa, they were dangerously close to having character development for a second there. Good thing this “being sociable” business is all an act!

"So I need your help, Kouji."

Nevertheless, some instinct is telling Kouji that Fuminori's changes are not at all for the better.

"Why the sudden change of heart?" Kouji asks, keeping his expression neutral to conceal his suspicion.

"You're involved too, aren't you?" Fuminori responds coolly. His smile, unreadable as ever, offers no glimpse of his true motives.

"You searched Professor Ougai's house after me, didn't you?

It's a waste of time for us to look for him separately. It'll be more efficient if we team up."

For once, someone going to a creepy abandoned house who doesn’t follow Scooby Doo logic.



Why does there seem to be malice, thick and viscous, lurking behind Fuminori's smile?

"Anyway, I need your car today. Mind driving?"

"Well, no......"

“Also, I’m totally gonna kill you.”

Fuminori's car was destroyed in the accident, so Kouji isn't surprised that he'd need a lift.

Kouji unlocks his Accord and gestures for Fuminori to take the passenger seat, then gets behind the wheel and starts the engine.

Attached Image

"......Well? Where are we going?"

"North Tochigi, near the Nasu Heights."

It’s right next to Fate/Stay Night Gulch. There’s no way to miss it.


Even Kouji can't conceal his surprise at this.

"Here's the address," Fuminori says, handing Kouji a photo with an address on the back. "I want you to find this building."

Rather than be angry at Fuminori, Kouji is simply amazed that he seriously expects to be driven over a hundred kilometers.

Then just kick his ass out.

"If we leave now, we should get there by evening, right?"

"......Yeah, maybe."

Kouji sighs heavily, tapping the steering wheel as he calms himself down. Now that he's come this far, the only thing he can do is see his friend's craziness through to the end.

Or maybe call the nurse. Or the police. Preferably both.

I just realized, the nurse is the only human character in the whole story who really accomplishes anything.

"Is this a vacation home or something?"

"Probably. Professor Ougai should be there."

And he is… in a manner of speaking.

Kouji isn't looking forward to meeting the owner of that strange house, but he's even more uneasy about letting Fuminori go alone.

It looks like he just has to grin and bear it.

Again, no place for logic or characters acting like human beings here, because PLOT~!

"We might not get back until night."

"Sorry for the trouble."

"......Don't mention it."

Kouji drives out of the parking lot, leaving the rest of what he'd planned to say unspoken.

Fuminori's smile seems somehow wrong, like an emotionless mask glued to his face.

But he’s so nice and mild-mannered!

Yoh finds herself sitting alone in the cafeteria, searching for a familiar face as her lunch cools on the table in front of her.

It's not as though she and Kouji planned to meet, and it wouldn't be at all unusual for him to have another engagement. When he hadn't been able to show up in the past, Oumi and Fuminori would pick up the slack.

But neither Oumi nor Fuminori is here anymore.

Yoh puts down her chopsticks, her appetite ruined by the lack of company - and even more so by the anxiety eating at her.

In this story, she’s lucky if that’s the only thing eating her.

She knows that Oumi's absence isn't because of some illness or unavoidable business.

She doesn't know why Fuminori suddenly turned against her.

Okay, now put two and two together...

If Kouji were here, she could count on him to distract her from her worries with some idle conversation.

Now that she's all by herself, Yoh becomes keenly aware of how little tolerance she has for loneliness.

She begins to feel paranoid, like the world itself is plotting to steal everything from her.

It’s funny because it’s true, except instead of the world, it’s the writer.

What exactly is going on here?

Where has Oumi gone? Is Fuminori really uninvolved? Or is he the key to this mystery, like Kouji and Dr. Tanbo suspect?

Yoh will never forget what happened last Thursday. Alone and without an outlet for her pain after Fuminori verbally eviscerated her, Yoh had been lucky enough to catch sight of Kouji. Concerned, he had listened to her and, although he could hardly make her problem go away, his kindness had comforted her.

At the same time, Oumi had been on her way to Fuminori's house...... and she hasn't been heard from since.


But she can’t be sure! Not without going to his hou- oh...

Yoh has only been aware of Fuminori's connection to Oumi's disappearance since yesterday, when the truth had been revealed during their visit to the T University Hospital.

What if......

Yoh considers a new possibility, trying to find the answer to the question: Why did Oumi suddenly decide to go to Fuminori's house?

What if it hadn't been a coincidence that Yoh had run into Kouji that day?

What if Kouji and Oumi both knew what had happened between her and Fuminori, and had decided to act separately?.

Oumi might have seen the confrontation in the courtyard; she might have been eavesdropping. It's not unthinkable.

You know what else isn’t unthinkable? Letting someone know what you’re up to before you go get yourself killed. At least then they’ll have some proof when you inevitably end up in Fuminori’s vegetable crisper.


As the idea forms in her mind, Yoh feels as though something is tearing apart her body from the inside.

It's only a possibility, but if it's true... then whatever happened to Oumi is Yoh's responsibility too, isn't it?

“That’s not true! That’s impossible!”


Yoh clutches her head, groaning in agony.

The food she brought out on her tray is now cold - not that she would have eaten it anyway.

Despite the frustration and anxiety tormenting her, Yoh is unable to act on her own. She has never been very flexible, nor is she known for her sharp intuition. She hasn't the slightest idea how to respond to this situation. If Oumi were here, she would probably tell Yoh to think positive and trust her instincts. Yoh has always depended on her best friend's energy - now that Oumi is gone, Yoh realizes just how weak and useless she is. Powerless to stop herself, she can only sink deeper and deeper into a vicious cycle of self-loathing.


The sudden sound of her phone ringing is what pulls her back from the brink of despair.

Attached Image

It's a text message. There's no title, and the sender is...

"Oumi-chan!?" Yoh cries out in shock.

“Yoooohhhh. Thiiiiis is the ghooooost of Oooouuuumiiiiii. I caaaalled to saaaay yooooouuu are a guuuuullible mooooroooooon.”

The message itself, however, is even more baffling.

"Do you want to know about Sakisaka Fuminori? If so, come to his house alone. Tell no one."


The message bears no trace of Oumi's personality, but Yoh can't deny that it was sent from Oumi's phone.

I’m getting really sick of repeating myself, but what kind of brain-damaged dipshit would come up with this plan, and what even greater brain-damaged dipshit would fall for it instead of CALLING THE POLICE?!

She takes a deep breath to calm herself before typing her reply, taking care that excitement doesn't cause her fingers to slip.

"Is that you, Oumi-chan? Where are you?"

Yoh presses send... the screen shows that her message was received successfully.

As she waits for a reply, her mind fills with questions.

“What’s the most reckless thing I could do right now? How can I best fall into this obvious trap? Why are they called ‘fingers’ if they don’t fing?”

Is someone else using Oumi's phone to send text messages? If so, why to her?

Something suddenly occurs to her.

She and Oumi have exchanged countless messages, many of which contained the sort of embarrassing confessions that close female friends share. At times when her hidden feelings for Fuminori grew too strong to contain, Yoh often put them into words for Oumi to read.

Did Oumi put a password on her phone? Even if she had, the person who sent the message was obviously able to unlock it - which means that whoever it is has full access to the messages that she and Oumi have sent to each other.

Funny, you would think someone who had access to all that would be able to pull off a more convincing facade, especially if we are talking about a supposedly hyper-intelligent alien.

"Do you want to know about Sakisaka Fuminori?"

Yoh reads the strange message one more time. Whoever sent it must believe that Yoh has an interest in Fuminori.

So on top of everything else, Saya is jealous.

The phone suddenly rings again, startling Yoh, but she quickly recovers and looks at the screen. There's no title, and the sender is still Takahata Oumi.

"I'll tell you everything when we meet. Come alone. Tell no one."

It's not Oumi. She would never try to scare Yoh with such a mean-spirited prank.

Anxiety has brought Yoh almost to tears. Her mind isn't made to deal with such an incomprehensible situation.

This is about as incomprehensible as Barney’s 1-2-3.

Who is using Oumi's phone and promising to reveal Fuminori's secrets? Who is it!?

Yoh is helpless on her own. She desperately wants advice from Kouji - from anyone. She even starts to dial Kouji's cell, but a sudden suspicion stops her. The sender might be somewhere nearby, watching her at this very moment. A cold chill runs down her spine as she looks furtively around the cafeteria.

Thus letting any potential observer know she’s suspicious.

"Come alone. Tell no one."

The lifeless characters on the screen are like a knife against her throat.

However... Yoh clutches her phone and forces her heart to stop pounding.

Isn't this cowardice exactly what she was just cursing herself so mercilessly for?

Doesn't she want to know what she's capable of? Doesn't she want to do more than just sit and wait?

Cowardice, intelligence… same thing, practically.

Yoh realizes that her hand holding the phone is shaking.

How easy it would be to just give in to her cowardice, to convince herself that everything - even Oumi and Fuminori - is beyond her reach.

That is what she truly wants. Even if it means abandoning all sense of dignity or loyalty, she wants to flee from the unknowable.

However... she also knows that even escape is beyond her.

Why? Because Gen Urobuchi said so.

Yoh understands herself well. She knows that, no matter how far she runs, regret and self-loathing will consume her after everything has fallen to pieces.

In the end, Yoh is unable to overcome her cowardice alone. She lacks both the willpower and the courage to run.

Because THAT makes sense.

The silence of the afternoon neighborhood seems somehow forbidding.

A stink is in the air, as though someone's garbage has been left out for a long time.

Even this perfectly normal residential area appears ominous to Yoh in her current state. She feels like she's standing in the middle of a ghost town, where everyone in the surrounding houses has died......

Better go right on in!

Yoh pushes her fear aside and presses the buzzer on the Sakisaka house's front gate.

She didn't see Fuminori in class today. Is he at home? He couldn't be the one who sent those awful messages, could he? ...she doesn't want to even consider the possibility, so she forces the unwelcome thought from her mind.

There's no response from the intercom.

Yoh doesn't know, of course, that Oumi stood in the same place one week ago, staring at the silent intercom with the same confusion that Yoh is experiencing now.

Yoh, however, is not forced to wait as Oumi was.

Because we want to get to the awful shit faster. Well, even MORE awful shit.

It’s kind of a recurring theme here.

The phone in her pocket suddenly rings, catching her completely off guard.


It's another untitled text message from Oumi's phone.

"Come in. The door is open."

Yoh looks around quickly, a shiver running through her as she realizes that she's being watched.

Searching fearfully for her observer, Yoh spots movement out of the corner of her eye. On the second floor of the Sakisaka house, a tightly-drawn window curtain just fluttered slightly.

The watcher - the person who has been sending the messages - is inside the house.

“Watcher”, eh? And then Yoh was Lolpip.

Only now does Yoh realize that every other window has its storm shutters completely closed.

No matter what happens inside, no one will ever know.

Then she realized the murderer was inside the house! And the family didn’t own a clown statue! Blood Saya, hear its cry!

This time, she is nearly overwhelmed by the intense urge to run away and never look back.

However, the terror she feels towards the invisible eyes staring at her is many times more powerful.

She has nowhere to run.

“A wild Saya appeared! Yoh tried to run! Can’t escape!”

Attached Image

Yoh bursts into tears, unable to take one step forward or back.

The phone rings again in her hand, as though demanding that she enter the house at once.

She steps through the gate, her legs so shaky that they hardly seem connected to her.

When she enters the house, an undeniable stench assaults her nostrils.

The house is dark, even though it is the middle of the day.

Fuminori must be out, as his shoes are not in the vestibule. However...

Yoh catches sight of a different pair of shoes stuffed behind the shoe cupboard. They look familiar, so she pulls them out of the shadows for a closer look. As soon as she recognizes them, her mind tries desperately to find a way to deny reality.

They are definitely the same as Oumi's favorite shoes. Yoh has seen her wearing them any number of times. However, that doesn't mean that Oumi is here in this house. They might belong to someone entirely different, someone who bought the same shoes from the same store. There's no way Oumi could be here…

Gen Urobuchi, master storyteller.

Those shoes could belong to anyone, really. Maybe Fuminori took up crossdressing. Did you consider that? It’s totally plausible if you’re a moron!

In a sudden flash of insight, Yoh presses the most frequently used speed-dial button on the phone still in her tightly clenched fist. The phone dials Oumi's number. It takes only a second for the signal to reach the nearest relay station, and then......

A familiar melody echoes through the house - the unmistakable sound of Oumi's phone. It's coming from the second floor. Someone must still be up there in the room with the moving curtains. Oumi's phone only rings for a few moments...... and then it stops, as whoever is holding it realizes Yoh's intentions. For the first time, Yoh feels the definite presence of her formless guide.

Congratulations on finally figuring it out. RUN AWAY AND GET THE POLICE.

"......Who's there?"

She gathers her courage and calls out into the house, but there is no response. Whoever it is must not want to be seen.

Swallowing hard, Yoh walks down the hallway to the staircase.

No, that’s the opposite of what you should be doing!

Maybe it's Oumi. Maybe it's Fuminori. Surely it's just the two of them playing a prank on her. Kouji might even be here with them. Yoh's mind fills with comforting images. Whether or not they are possible, she wants to believe in them. Otherwise, she would not be able to take another step.

"Oumi-chan...... is that you? Sakisaka-kun, are you there?"

As she climbs the stairs one at a time, Yoh calls out in a voice choked with tears.

When they see her sobbing, they'll probably laugh and make fun of her. Let them; it would be the happiest moment of her life. She just wants this torment to end as quickly as possible.

God, not even Scientologists are this delusional.

She tries to move faster, but her trembling legs force her to move at an agonizingly slow pace, dragging the crushing silence out even longer. With each second, she begs for release from this nightmare.

After enduring what seems like an eternity of stillness, Yoh finds herself standing in the second floor hallway. No sound greets her. There is only the gloom, brimming with silent malice.

"Oumi-chan...... Oumi-chaaan......"


She shuffles forward, calling out in a weak voice.

"Come out already, please...... I can't...... take this anymore......"

For someone who’s terrified, this girl sure has no sense of caution.

The door in front of her is half open. It probably leads to the room that overlooks the front gate.

Yoh watches helplessly from a corner of her mind as her body, seeming to move of its own volition, slowly opens the door.

The room is empty.

Aw man, there could have been treasure in there!

The damp, stinking air clings to Yoh's skin.

"Please...... stop this......"

She is at her limit, unable to take a single step more.

Her spirit has been completely crushed -- perhaps her tormenter was waiting for this very moment.

Something grabs Yoh's arms from behind... something flexible and strong, like slime-covered rubber.

I guess it’s that time again.

Suddenly, Saya goes from a helpless alien loli unable to subdue a feeble old man to an unstoppable predator second only to the Terminator, except with more tentacle rape.

As the thing binds her limbs, fingerlike appendages tear roughly through her blouse and force their way inside.

Oh, good, I was hoping this would turn into Urobuchi’s personal masturbation fantasy.

Yoh screams at the top of her lungs, amazed that she still has the strength to do so. Responding to her distress, primal energy surges through her body as she flails wildly, trying to free herself. However, the grip of the thing behind her remains unbreakable.

With escape impossible, Yoh can only scream even louder as something cold and wet slips under her bra and wraps itself around her breasts. Yoh is helpless to resist as the invader mercilessly squeezes her breasts and sucks at her nipples, which have gone stiff with fear under the horrifying onslaught. Her ears are filled with the sound of something slimy sliding over her skin and between her breasts.

Seriously, there is no point to any of this except to act as creepy fetish material.

Well. This is certainly happening.

Attached Image

As the loathsome assault on her breasts continues, the unimaginable terror threatens to drive Yoh utterly mad. Her throat is already raw from screaming, and now she can't even breathe as she struggles desperately against her attacker.

Suddenly, the thing releases its grip on her breasts and pulls out from under her bra.

Yoh falls to the floor, unable to support herself on her unresponsive legs.

Having used up all of the strength that her body had held in reserve, she now feels like a marionette with its strings cut.

A minute or so of alien loli-groping and she is suddenly completely unable to move. Makes sense.

The creature that just grabbed her from behind is still here, lurking in a dark corner of the room.

Yoh can feel it watching her, but she can't bring herself to turn around. She knows full well that seeing it will likely destroy the last vestiges of her sanity.

From close by comes the muffled tapping of buttons being pressed.

“Hold on, this is gonna take a while so I’m calling out for a pizza,” Saya said. “How do you feel about Dominos?”

“You’re a monster.”

Yoh hears a cheerful electronic sound, terribly out of place in this room, and sees the phone in her hand blink coldly. A new text message has arrived.

She is powerless to stop herself from reading the characters on the screen.

"You're pretty, and your breasts are so soft and big.

Your body must be quite useful for tempting males."


Now she has her answer. The messages from Oumi's phone were sent by the thing that just mauled Yoh's breasts......


Yoh curls up into a tiny, sobbing ball, unable to raise her voice or even move.

"Oh God...... please save me......"

“I don’t know if there’s a god. But if there is he must hate me, because he let you make a tentacle monster that constantly rapes me!”

The creature hiding in the darkness makes a burbling sound.

Yoh somehow understands that it is laughing contemptuously at her.

"That must be how you tried to tempt Fuminori. You tried to steal him from me, didn't you? You thief."

Something cold seizes Yoh's ankles, then travels slowly up her legs until it has covered her entire lower body. Some primal female instinct tells her exactly what will happen to her now.

Attached Image

She will be raped, powerless to resist a fate worse than death.

To quote Brad Jones: “If you’re sitting there, thinking “God, this is about to get hot!”, THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU?”

"Stop......" she pleads feebly, even though she knows that there is no hope that the inhuman creature will be merciful.

"Please...... not that......"

She hears its bubbling laughter again.

The thing is enjoying her sorrow - her despair.

Saya was the sixteenth student all along.

Yoh no longer has the strength to push away the monster on top of her. She is only able to shiver in revulsion as the cold, slimy thing covers her body.

Her sight grows dim as her consciousness sinks deeper and deeper into a black, swamp-like abyss.

Her breasts are toyed with, her nipples are sucked on, and a weight pushes itself between her legs - but it all seems to be happening far away.

...I won't kill you...

Instead she will do something far worse.

Well, at least Fuminori will be justly horrified and finally realize how evil Saya is, right? I mean, he’d have to. Any sane person- oh. Right.

Though her mind is now barely functioning, Yoh hears a voice whispering to her inside her head. It is the voice of a young girl, sweet and sinister, with the cruel innocence of a child gleefully plucking the wings off of butterflies. ...Instead, I'll let you share in our happiness. Rejoice, Yoh. We'll love you to death...

The soft voice is a stark contrast to the unyielding strength that drives irresistably into Yoh's core.

The pain is sharp and savage, greater than anything she has ever felt before.

It’s just about as painful as reading this and knowing it has a fanbase.

“Saya attacks with “Tentacle Rape”! Yoh’s vagina took 666 damage! Yoh fainted!”

It should be unbearable, but there is no longer enough left of Yoh's mind to even recognize it as pain.


While she stares blankly at the thing slithering deeper and deeper into her body, an idle thought floats through her fading consciouness.

......I still...... haven't been kissed, have I......

“If I am ruined for marriage, would you still take me?”

So anyway, these are apparently likable characters and the fuckers from Kotaku can easily put themselves in their shoes! Jesus fuck. Everyone who enjoys this game, please choke on semen.

Index of horrible mocks

QUOTE ("Al_Cone")
However, I totally would sleep with the Doc... but only for your brain.

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The positive reviewers of this honestly mystify me. I can understand people talking up some pretentious story as more than it is, but all I see is a mixture of shameless J-Smut and the dumbest idiot plot. They can't all be trolling.
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What keeps mankind alive?
The fact that millions are daily tortured,
Stifled, punished, silenced and oppressed
Mankind can keep alive thanks to it’s brilliance
In keeping it’s humanity repressed
And for once you must not try to shirk the facts
Mankind is kept alive by beastial acts
-The Threepenny Opera

Attached Image

It has begun to snow by the time they pass Utsunomiya on the Tohoku Motorway.

"I hope the roads aren't covered in snow......"

Sitting in the passenger seat, Fuminori is gazing out of the frosted window in silence. He's been in this trancelike state for almost an hour now. Taking advantage of his inattention, Kouji stares unabashedly at Fuminori from the corner of his eye. He still doesn't understand the true meaning of the danger signals that he's been getting from Fuminori.

“Hmm, he seems to have entered the sort of tranquility a suicide bomber has. I wonder what it could mean…”

Fuminori has stopped avoiding him, and he's even looking Kouji in the eye when he talks. So why does Fuminori seem even more distant now than he did when he was trying to push Kouji and the others away? Fuminori is noticeably relaxed as he stares off into space, but his gaze never wavers. It's as though he is focused on a single, definite future that he has chosen to bring about, one that has no place for the needs or wants of others.

Say it with me: people sympathize with this character.

Right now, Fuminori is complete. Kouji can't help but feel that beneath his bland exterior is a core of solid steel that no one can touch.

Don’t worry about that, Saya has done plenty of touching...

"About Oumi," Kouji says suddenly, as though trying to gauge Fuminori's reaction.

"It's been a week since she disappeared, and we still haven't heard from her."

"I see," Fuminori replies curtly, still staring into the distance. "I'm worried. What could've happened to her?"

Don’t worry, she’s in a better place. Well, figuratively at least. Physically, she’s in a tupperware container.


Fuminori's tone is completely emotionless, as though Kouji just asked him a question about the weather or the condition of the mountain roads near their destination. "I asked you this before, but...... You don't have any idea what happened to her?"

That’s a really great way of letting him know that you suspect him without actually getting useful information from him.

"No, not at all," Fuminori answers in exactly the same way that he did when Kouji first questioned him following Oumi's disappearance.

"......It's like you don't give a damn."

"That's not true."

“After all, I want her in my fridge, don’t I?”

Finally Fuminori shows some emotion, looking as though he can't believe Kouji could think such a thing.

"She disappeared on the way to my house, didn't she? Of course I'm worried."

“Now I’ll never get to rape her! Sure, there’s still Yoh, but it’s just not the same, man.”

Sudden frustration wells up inside Kouji. If possible, he'd like to beat Fuminori until he reveals everything that's going on inside that head of his. Kouji and Oumi were lovers, and he's worried sick about her. To have his concern brushed off so coldly would be unbearable even coming from a complete stranger; but from Fuminori, who was his best friend, it's... Fuminori never used to be this callous.

Which is exactly why he is not going to do anything about that.

Even if Kouji tried to interrogate him, he'd probably never find out what changed him so completely.

If Fuminori were still just hiding inside the shell he'd erected around himself after the accident, Kouji might have been able to get some answers out of him. With this sly, evasive Fuminori, however...... there's nothing Kouji can do. Fuminori will never reveal his true intentions - not to anyone.

All that's left, then, is for Kouji to discover the truth by himself.

The stupid, stupid truth.

"Oumi was going to talk to you about Tsukuba, you know."


Fuminori smiles bitterly at the mention of Tsukuba's name, perhaps feeling sympathy for her pain. To Kouji, however, it seems as though he is coldly pitying some inferior creature. "About Tsukuba-san...... I wouldn't know what to say. To be honest, it's been hard

Yeah, I bet it was.

to talk to her after what happened."



If Fuminori's feelings for Yoh were really this ice cold, then he would have rejected her when she confessed to him. But he didn't - or, at least, the Fuminori before the accident didn't. Once again, Kouji can't help but wonder if the man who looks like his friend is really a different person who only possesses the memories of Sakisaka Fuminori.

This going to go on forever, right? The same obvious shit over and over and over again.

Wait, so the accident changed him? It sure would’ve been nice if this had been established at some earlier point in the story? Like, I don’t know, every other scene. Come on, Urobuchi, it’s not like your readers are a bunch of morons or something. Wait...

When they get off the West Nasu Flats Interchange, the snow that Kouji was worried about has stopped falling. This area must already be getting a lot of snow, however, as the nearby mountains are covered in white beneath the trees.

By the time they turn off the national highway and enter the mountains, road conditions are already bad enough for Kouji to regret having forgotten tire chains.

Nevertheless, he continues to power his Accord up the precarious slopes with only a road map for a guide.

In a place like this, an address alone isn't enough to pinpoint a location. The only choice is to drive down every road, including private roads that aren't even on the map, while searching for something that matches the photograph.

"Is there really a vacation home in a place like this?"

"It's far from prying eyes. That must be why Professor Ougai chose this place."

“It’s so he can summon the demons from Dimension X.”

He tried it in the city once, but the Homeowners Association complained.


The more he hears about Ougai, the less Kouji wants to meet him.

Fuminori is the one who spots the narrow road half-hidden in the trees.

It's practically an animal trail, overgrown with weeds that are tall and strong enough to withstand the weight of the snow. "Is this...... really a road?"

Welcome to Oklahoma.

Kouji stops the car and sticks his head out of the window to stare into the dark forest, but he can't see where the path leads through the tightly-packed trees.

"How does it look to you?"

Fuminori hands Kouji the photo, which he compares to the mountain ridges visible beyond the trees.

"......Yeah, it's definitely the right angle."

"Let's check it out."

Took them long enough!

Well, I’m sure the payoff will be worth it, right?

Fuminori's tone is as flat as always, but there is a quiet intensity in his voice that leaves no room for argument. Kouji is worried that his car's suspension won't be able to handle the terrain, but there's no turning back now. Shifting into second gear, he drives down the frozen road.

The sun sets early at high altitudes.

As the car creeps up the mountain path, Kouji catches glimpses through the trees of the gradually darkening sky. The forest is completely still, with no sound save for the rumble of the Accord's engine and the crackle of snow and brush being crushed beneath its tires. Fuminori is once again staring silently through the front window.

In the ominous silence, Kouji feels the same faint chill that he felt when standing before Ougai's suburban home. It feels wrong, as though some primal instinct is warning him that he is travelling deeper and deeper into another world.

It could just be indigestion.

After some time, a blocky shape suddenly appears amid the trees, standing out against the twilight sky.


Attached Image

Kouji turns off the car and compares the structure in front of him to the picture in his hand - a perfect match. Before he can tell Fuminori, however, his silent friend is already out of the car.

I guess Fuminori recognized it, too. Even though he shouldn’t be able to, since pictures look normal to him and buildings are meaty like everything else.


Realizing that it's pointless to call out to him, Kouji shakes his head, grabs the flashlight from the glove compartment, and follows Fuminori across the snow-covered front yard to the cabin.

The photo must not have been taken recently, as the old, run-down cabin before them has clearly been left to the mercy of the elements for some time. The front door appears to be locked, but Fuminori kicks it down without a second thought. Kouji just watches, knowing that nothing he could say now would matter.

Doesn’t explain why he couldn’t shut the fuck up the entire way there, though.

He lost CDs and all the radio only gets sports stations that far in the boonies.

All of the windows are shut with heavy curtains, throwing the inside of the cabin into thick gloom.

Fuminori turns on his own flashlight and starts rummaging through the cabin without regard for its owner's privacy.

Kouji is reluctant to do the same, but it's obvious that this mountain retreat has been abandoned for a long time, just like the house in Tokyo. Seeing no point in being considerate now, he goes to search a different room.

Soon after entering the cabin, however, he realizes that their search is meaningless.

Kind of like this entire story.

There's nothing inside but the bare necessities of life. Some rooms are even completely empty, save for a thick layer of dust covering the floor. Of what few pieces of furniture are present, more than half appear to have never been used. There's an empty chest of drawers without a single scratch or handprint, but bearing the telltale signs of mold and moisture damage.

The condition of the cabin is eerie, though in a different way than the filthiness of the house in the city. It's like someone put together a mockup of a home and then left it to decay.

Oh no! Not moisture damage! Now the resell value is ruined.

The only signs that anyone lived here are found in the toilet, the bath, the kitchen...... and in the bedroom. It appears that the cabin was never used for anything but eating and sleeping.

Beneath the darkened sky, the snow-covered land itself seems to be glowing with a cold, white light. The scene is like something out of a fairytale, but to Kouji it only serves as an unpleasant reminder that he has stepped outside of the reality that he knows.

Yes, houses in the woods are clearly outside the bounds of reality.

Next to the front porch is a plain wooden door half buried in the ground. It's locked, of course, but Kouji sees no reason for restraint after what Fuminori did to the front door.

The door offers surprisingly little resistance to Kouji's heavy kick, breaking open easily to reveal a set of concrete stairs leading down into a pitch-black basement.


Kouji would prefer to leave searching such a suspicious place to Fuminori, but it's not like he can just ask him to do so. With the beam of his flashlight leading the way, Kouji descends into the chilly darkness.

You know what you could do? Go back to the car and ditch him. It’s not like Saya can drive out there to pick him up. Then, while he’s stranded, call the police. There has to be enough circumstantial evidence to search Fuminori’s house. If not, just get Tanbo and raid the place. Boom, problem solved.

......There turns out to be nothing in the basement but a storage room and a boiler, exactly what one would expect to find in an isolated mountain cabin. The few packages of preserved food sitting on the shelves have long since passed their expiration dates, and the boiler doesn't appear to have been used in years. To Kouji, Ougai's mountain home seems to have been abandoned longer than the house in Tokyo.

Was Fuminori simply mistaken when he said that Ougai might be here? Or...... was he lying from the beginning?


Not sure what to do next, Kouji goes back up the stairs and walks around the outside of the cabin - and there he finds the backyard.

It's in much worse condition than the front yard, having already been mostly reclaimed by the forest. It must have been abandoned even when the cabin was still in use. The remnants of a woodshed lie in the yard, the mushrooms growing on it speaking to how much time has passed since its collapse. Next to the rotten logs, however, stands a circle of stone that has not yet succumbed to the elements. A well.

Here we go...

Time for Fuminori to set his brilliant plan into motion.

Attached Image

It has no bucket or pulley, of course, and when Kouji carefully approaches and looks into it, he sees that the water is no longer flowing. It's probably less than ten meters deep, depending on how much mud is piled up inside of it. Kouji's search of the cabin has revealed nothing of interest, inside or out.

Leaning against the edge of the well, Kouji wonders why Ougai bought this remote home deep in the mountains, and what he was doing here. As far as Kouji can tell, there's no sign that more than one person stayed here for any length of time.

"It's far from prying eyes..."

Fuminori's words play back in Kouji's head. Could this have been some sort of secret refuge? Or could it have been used as a place to keep things hidden from the world?

Could it be that he wants to murder you for knowing too much without anyone finding out? Naaaaah.

Fuminori? Kill someone? What are the odds?

If so, that would explain why there's nothing to suggest that whoever lived here did anything more than eat and sleep.

Kouji suddenly remembers the doctor he met yesterday at T University. Maybe she'd know something.

He takes out his phone and calls up the newly-stored number. There's barely a signal, but it manages to get through.

Kouji's hopes are soon dashed, however, when his call goes straight to Dr. Tanbo's voice mail.

He considers calling back later, but realizes that it would be hard to talk to her with Fuminori around. Fuminori would not be at all pleased to find out that Kouji and Yoh went to see his doctor. Kouji decides that he'd better tell the doctor what he can while he's still alone.

While technically right, Kouji’s forgetting that the only thing that pleases Fuminori is freaky alien sex.

"Hello, this is Tonoh Kouji. Thank you for your help the other day......"

Kouji leaves a clear and concise message, explaining that he was brought by Fuminori to Professor Ougai's mountain retreat, giving the address, and asking for confirmation that the property actually belongs to Ougai. "......I'll call again when I get back to Tokyo. Goodbye."

“I’m just gonna stare down the well because my crazy friend tells me to and get murdered! Bye!”

After hanging up, Kouji thinks back to their visit to the hospital. Is Dr. Tanbo actually investigating like she said she would? The secret about Professor Ougai that she adamantly refused to reveal is still weighing on his mind. He talked to Yoh about it on the way home, but they were unable to decide whether the doctor could really be trusted.

Oh, so SHE is the one who is untrustworthy, not Fuminori.

Speaking of which, how is Yoh doing? Kouji hasn't seen her today.

He didn't say a word to her about his trip to Tochigi. She might be worried, especially so soon after Oumi's disappearance.

Thinking to check up on her, Kouji dials Yoh's number...... and is surprised when it keeps ringing longer than it usually does.

Now let’s watch him try to add two and two.

Did she forget her phone somewhere?

Just as he's about to give up, the call connects.

The first thing Kouji hears is a strange sound. It's not signal interference, but some kind of wet, distorted noise... like the voiceless groans, or perhaps sobs, of someone far away.

No, these really are sobs. Whoever is on the other side is crying in misery.

I remind you, this was totally necessary for the integrity of this masterpiece of a story.

"T-Tsukuba? Is that you!?"


There's a response, but is that really Tsukuba's voice? It's too twisted with agony for Kouji to tell.

Panic surges through Kouji as he realizes that something is terribly wrong.

Yes, just now is when things went wrong.

"It's Kouji, Tonoh Kouji! Tsukuba, is that you? Where are you!?"

After a short period of nothing but pained moans, words start coming through the speaker one by one, as though each takes an act of will. "......I was...... attacked...... by a monster...... and now......

there's...... something wrong...... with my...... body......"

Understatement of the century.

"Wha...... What happened!? Hey, you alright!?"

Yoh must be delirious or something, because Kouji can't understand a thing that she's saying. Her gasps and wheezes, however, are enough to tell him that she's in unimaginable pain. "I'm...... rotting away...... my skin...... is melting......

My...... ear just...... came off......"

“My teeth have begun to fall out. The medicine cabinet is now the Yoh Museum of Natural History. You wanna see what else is in it?”

Unable to make any sense of this, Kouji feels despair seizing his heart in an iron grip.

What the hell is happening to Yoh now, over a hundred kilometers away?

Only her voice gives Kouji any hint of what she's going through, and… there's nothing he can do for her.

"......Help me...... Tonoh-kun...... This.....

This isn't...... how my...... fingers...... are supposed...... to look......"

“I… think I broke a nail…”

"Tsukuba, call the cops! Call for help!"

Whoa. Never thought I’d see those words in this story.

"......No...... I can't...... let anyone...... see me...... like this......"

Yoh suddenly breaks off into a violent hacking cough, as though she's trying to expel something filling her throat.


Kouji screams into the phone, his reason overwhelmed by the unimaginable horror that is befalling Yoh.

Which is why he is unable to react quickly when the phone is suddenly knocked out of his hand, and also why he didn't notice Fuminori sneaking up on him until it was too late.

Foiled by his own stupidity. Yep, he’s a Saya no Uta character all right.


Fuminori seizes Kouji's lower jaw with his right hand, cutting off Kouji's angry shout. Kouji can hardly believe the strength of the smaller man's grip. Kouji's biggest mistake was leaning back against the well.

Yeah, why did he do that anyway? Who would be that stupid to do that when he’s with a guy he wouldn’t trust as far as he could throw Sean Fausz?

And how is Fuminori that strong, anyway? Wasn’t he barely eating anything for months because he found food repulsive?

With Fuminori forcing him backwards over the edge, there is nothing Kouji can grab onto. He can only flail his arms vainly against the air.

Kouji soon loses his balance completely.

He feels a terrifying weightlessness as the world spins before his eyes.

Before he can realize that he's been pushed into the well, his back strikes something with tremendous force.

He thrashes wildly as cold, dirty water fills his mouth and freezes him to the core. Only when his fingers find the wall of the well is he able to regain his sense of direction and right himself.

On his hands and knees in the mud, Kouji vomits the filthy water out of his lungs.

Although the mud cushioned his fall, he has more important things to worry about than being properly thankful for his good luck.

I guess shitty writing can work to your advantage sometimes.

Despite having the perfect opportunity, Fuminori still botches the murder. It’s like they’re trying to out-stupid each other.

"F-Fuminori..." he tries to shout, but it comes out as a hoarse groan made even harder to understand by the echoes bouncing off of the walls.

Fuminori's maniacal laughter on the other hand, is clearly audible even at the bottom of the well.

"Sorry for interrupting your phone call," he says scornfully. "Here, I'll return this."

Fuminori tosses Kouji's phone into the well. Kouji catches it just before it hits him in the face, but he finds that the battery pack has been removed, rendering it useless.

"What the hell are you doing!?"

“Curse your sudden yet inevitable betrayal!”

This is no joke. It's a miracle that Kouji is uninjured. If he'd landed the wrong way, he could easily have died.

Yeah, I think that was the idea.

Wait, just because I'm not hurt doesn't mean that...

Kouji feels around the inside of the well, searching for something to hold on to, but the mud-covered stone offers no purchase. It's obvious that he won't be able to get out without help.

"If you'd died on impact, you wouldn't have had to suffer. You really have no luck, Kouji."

"Hey...... are you..."

Are you serious? Kouji was about to ask, but the pieces have finally come together in his head.


Today's sudden change in Fuminori's attitude - that smile that had always seemed somehow malevolent. Fuminori hadn't been smiling at Kouji, but at the thought of his friend's death.


Even though he recognizes what has happened, he can't understand it.

Why would Fuminori, who was supposed to be friend, try to kill him? True, Fuminori had wanted Kouji to stay out of his business - but is that really a motive for murder?


Well, sure, it was the reason Fuminori wanted to kill his friend, but that doesn’t make it a moti- oh...

"It's not that I needed you dead right now, exactly, but you could have become trouble later on.

So I figured that I might as well take advantage of this secluded place to, well......"

Attached Image

"'Might as well'...... You're doing this on a whim!?"

"Do you really need a reason to die?" Fuminori replies coldly, as though he's truly amazed that Kouji would ask such a thing.

"Do you think you're special, Kouji? People die for no reason at all, you know. My parents did, and I almost followed them."

"Y-you're crazy!"

I’m running out of ways of saying “fucking duh”.

"If you want a reason so badly, come up with one yourself. You'll have plenty of time down there, won't you?"

Fuminori disappears from view, leaving Kouji alone in the darkness with nothing to connect him to the outside world.

"Fuminori! Hey! Fuminori!!"

“Wait! I need to know! How does Breaking Bad end?”

Kouji shouts at the top of his lungs, knowing beyond a doubt that, if Fuminori leaves, all hope of rescue will vanish with him. No one will ever hear him calling for help from the bottom of a mountain well. "It's Tsukuba! She's in trouble! Hey, Fuminori! Listen! Let me out of here!!"

In his desperation, Kouji no longer comprehends the futility of begging Fuminori for mercy.

No god or devil will answer him - his only hope is that Fuminori will have a change of heart. As though praying for a miracle, he keeps calling Fuminori's name.

Let’s see how that works out for him.
(It doesn’t)

Eventually, the sky becomes as dark as the bottom of the well, making it impossible for Kouji to make out the edge of the opening. He has long since lost track of how many hours he has been screaming.

Nevertheless, he continues to scream, for he knows that the despair silence will bring will kill him.

Whatever the hell that means. Ah, fuck it. Next time, more awful shit.

Index of horrible mocks

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However, I totally would sleep with the Doc... but only for your brain.

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Future Sherlock Holmes right here.


QUOTE (9/13/2013 3:49:17 PM Max-Vader:)

QUOTE (Master of AFTER @ Feb 5 2014, 05:08 AM) *
I Was the Drink: The Joan Cheng Story

QUOTE (Screaming Soulcatcher)
Joan are you the straightest shota
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Dr. O


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"I know nothing of philosophical philanthropy. But I know what I have seen, and what I have looked in the face in this world here, where I find myself. And I tell you this, my friend, that there are people who have no good in them — none. That there are people whom it is necessary to detest without compromise. That there are people who must be dealt with as enemies of the human race. That there are people who have no human heart, and who must be crushed like savage beasts and cleared out of the way."
-Charles Dickens, Little Dorritt

I feel great.

I feel fantastic, and I never felt as good as how I do right now except for maybe when I think of how I felt that day when I felt the way that I do right now, right now, right now!

This is the satisfaction of having found the perfect solution to a difficult problem - the feeling that you get when the last piece of the puzzle slides smoothly into place. I have killed a man, and no one will ever know.

“Man, all this “perfect crime”-shit is really easy! Move over Moriarty, there is a new greatest criminal mind on the scene!”

The path back to civilization seems awfully long, but neither the cold nor the exhaustion can ruin my good mood as I walk by myself down the snow-covered mountain road.

I was tempted to use Kouji's car, but that would have introduced a flaw into the plan. That cabin is the perfect place to hide both Kouji's corpse and his car, after all.

So instead you’re gonna die in the cold. Perfect.

Now they’ll never find the culprit, either. It’s the perfect crime!

The plan had formed in my mind the moment that I'd looked at the address and realized how remote the location was.

Even if I couldn't find anything to lead me to Professor Ougai, his absence would at least prove that the cabin had been utterly abandoned - in which case, it would be the perfect spot to take care of a problem. I knew that coming all the way out to Tochigi wouldn't be a waste of time.

I didn't even need to use the meat cleaver that's hidden in my clothes.

Where did you hide that thing, anyway? Up your ass?

A dry well - it's like Fate itself provided me with the perfect setting. That idiot didn't even realize how dangerous it was to be leaning against the well like that, and his phone call distracted him enough that I was able to sneak up on him unseen. Anyway, one of the people whose questions might have caused trouble for Saya and me has vanished completely from the face of the Earth. All that's left is to eliminate the other one. Tsukuba Yoh - I mustn't underestimate her just because she's not as aggressive as Kouji. Even she should be able to see a connection between the disappearances of Tonoh Kouji and Takahata Oumi. In a way, I should be thankful that it was Yoh whom Kouji was talking to next to the well.

Underestimate her? What has she even done in this story? He’s just looking to murder people now.

If he'd reported our location to a third party, I'd have to track down and eliminate that person too.

I'm a little worried about what they were discussing, but, judging by how Kouji was yelling unintelligibly into the phone, they probably weren't exchanging detailed information. Well, either way, I'd better get rid of Yoh as soon as possible.

Boy, he sure is a poor, misunderstood guy who has a totally legitimate motivation, let me tell ya. Everyone would have done the same things as him. Totally. FUCK YOU, KOTAKU.

After walking all night long, I finally reach the Nasu Flats train station just as the trains start running.

It only takes an hour to get back to Tokyo on the Limited Express. It's not enough time to rest, but I'm feeling too wound up for that to matter. Besides, I don't want to waste any time in thinking up a way to kill Yoh.

Using the cabin again would be too dangerous, and I'm not sure how I'd get her out there in the first place.

I just lost my temper and exploded in her face the other day. I doubt that she'll be as quick to trust me as Kouji was, which means that it'll be difficult to get her alone.

Maybe you’re in luck. After all, if there is one unifying element to every character in this travesty, it’s stupidity.

The worst part about this scene is that we already know it’s pointless. He doesn’t have to kill her! This serves no purpose, even within the context of the story!

Rather than dwell on it by myself, I could just ask Saya for her opinion.

Even I have some pride, however. I want to show her that I'm a man who can take care of business.

Man, monster, s’all good.

"What does that make you? A man? A dog? Or a Saya?"
Unfortunately, I'm unable to come up with anything before I get home.

Well, I suppose that I should just be proud of having dealt with Kouji, who was the imminent threat.

The search of Professor Ougai's cabin was a bust, with no trace of his having been there, but I see no reason to get frustrated. Saya isn't all that concerned about the professor's whereabouts, so looking for him is just something I'm doing to satisfy my own curiosity.

If a central part of your protagonist’s motivation is “just because,” maybe you should back up a little and rethink things.

"I'm home."

It's morning, half a day later than I normally get home, and the sound of Saya running down the stairs tells me just how impatient she was for my return. It makes me feel all warm and tingly inside.

Is that what we’re calling it now?

"Welcome home, Fuminori!"

She enthusiastically throws her arms around my neck, her smile at least twenty percent brighter than usual.

"Sorry I'm late. There was a change of plans......"

"It's okay. I'm just about done with my preparations too."


Saya responds to my confusion with a mischievous smile. "I'm getting a surprise ready for you."

"......What kind of surprise?"

"That's a secret. Anyway, aren't you tired? Do you want to eat, or take a bath first?" I don't realize how hungry I am until Saya mentions it.

Why not do both at the same time? Pull a Necromantic, why not.

When I think about how I've been walking around all night without eating anything, my stomach's emptiness becomes painfully clear. However, I can't sit down to a leisurely meal while covered in the dirt and sweat of the road. "...I'd like to grab a quick snack and get in a long, hot bath first."

Maybe he’ll have some baby back ribs. Haha, cannibalism!

"I thought you'd say that, so I got the bath ready. You must be cold after being outside all night."

"Yeah, I sure am."

I'm amazed by Saya's foresight. She's always ready to give me what I want before I want it.

"Hmm, sounds like you had a hard time......"

While soaking in the bath together, I tell Saya about yesterday's adventure.

"Killing him was easier than I thought. The hard part was getting home."

The heat of the bath is soothing, as is the sensation of Saya leaning back against my chest as she massages the fatigue of the night's walking out of my stiff leg muscles. Her cute little collarbone rises each time she squeezes my legs, and I can see the soft curves of her breasts floating in the water.

Looks like the journey isn’t the only thing that’s hard...

Ahh, I'm home, I think, as contentment fills my body. I don't even need to sleep to relieve my exhaustion.

Just like the living room and bedroom, the bathroom is painted in the colors that Saya and I find pleasing. We've left the entrance and hallway untouched, just in case someone should see inside the house, so these three rooms are the only places I can relax in my own home."It was very cold in the mountains, even for winter. I should've worn heavier clothing.

I was afraid I'd freeze to death when it got dark."

He’s so good at murder, he nearly killed himself by accident.

"Why didn't you just take that Kouji person's clothes and wear them over what you had on?"

"Aren't you forgetting that I pushed him into a well? His clothes were with him at the bottom."

"Oh yeah."

“You know, for a biological alien super computer, you sure are a fucking dumbass, Saya.”

Saya laughs and sticks her tongue out bashfully.

"...So now there's just that Tsukuba Yoh woman to worry about?"

So he’s just plain forgotten about Tanbo? OK, cool. I’m sure that’ll work out great for him.

"She's the only person I can think of who can connect me to Kouji's disappearance. After I take care of her, we can finally relax."

Unless someone thinks this horror movie-looking house is suspicious.


Saya glances at me over her shoulder like she knows something that I don't.

"Have you already thought of a way to kill her?"

"Well...... I've been thinking about it, but I haven't come up with anything yet. I was hoping that you might have some ideas."

"Leave it to me," she says, grinning with unusual confidence.

"I have a way of dealing with this that you'd never dream of. It's as good as done."


"Okay, it should be about ready by now..." Saya says, her voice full of anticipation.

She rises from the bath, her naked body glistening through the steam.

Thank you, that was very necessary.

"Come on, Fuminori. I have something to show you."

"Close your eyes, and don't open them until I say so. Okay?"


I have no idea what's going on, but I do as Saya says and close my eyes. She takes my hand and leads me up the stairs.

So this surprise she has for me must be up on the second floor...... As I wonder what it could be, the sound of something crying upstairs reaches my ears, putting me on guard instantly.

"S-Saya, is there something..."

"No peeking!" she admonishes me, then strokes my arm soothingly.

All that childish wonder totally makes you forget that these two are psychopaths.

It’s like Christmas, but with considerably more rape.

"Don't worry. It's nothing dangerous."


The voice gets louder and louder as Saya leads me up the stairs. The unmistakable sound of a person sobbing miserably is coming from the bedroom, telling me that Saya has let someone else into our home. At first, I'm amazed that she can be so careless after what happened to her two days ago, but then I realize that something is strange. I hear someone sobbing in misery? Isn't Saya the only one whose voice can carry such clear emotion to me?

Although I still have my eyes closed when Saya leads me into the bedroom, I know that there is someone moaning and trembling right in front of me. However, I smell none of the human body odor that normally turns my stomach. "Okay, time to meet face-to-face! Open your eyes, Fuminori."

I obey and open my eyes...and am struck dumb by what I see.

Tsukuba Yoh is lying on the in the fetal position, without a scrap of clothing to cover her shivering body.

Yes, she has been turned into a meat monster. Yes, becoming one is incredibly painful and will destroy your mind. And yes, Saya’s ultimate goal is to do this to every living thing on the earth.

When I first lay eyes upon her naked flesh, I am entranced by the sensuality of her generous proportions, far more mature than I would have expected from her usual pure and innocent appearance. Wait, forget about that. Why is she in my bedroom, naked?

Because it’s been two whole minutes since we had any fanservice.

Moreover, why is she...

"Well, Fuminori? How does she look to you?"

"......She's beautiful, but why can I......"

It doesn't make sense.

There's no question that the naked woman in front of me is the Tsukuba Yoh whom I remember.

She isn't the putrid creature whose attentions I found so unbearable after the accident. My senses recognize her as the human that she is.

"This girl likes you, you know."

What girl? There is nothing left of her.

I do know. I've never told Saya, however.

How did she find out?

"So I decided to change her body into one that can be loved by you."

Saya pauses to gauge my reaction, then continues with a satisfied nod.

"I made her like me."

So… she’s evil now?

"What...... How?"

I still don't understand what led Saya to choose Yoh, but even more incomprehensible is what she just said.

She...changed Yoh's body?

"Don't you remember what I said the other day? I have the ability to mold the bodies of other living things."

"Seems legit to me. You’re definitely human.”

Yeah, I remember. She said that she'd done something to my neighbor Suzumi's brain.

I hadn't doubted her sincerity, but I hadn't seen what she'd done to Suzumi with my own eyes either. I guess that, until now, I'd thought that she'd been half-exaggerating. But now, with Yoh like this...

"It was a big change this time, not like the little tweak I made to the man next door. But, this is how my abilities are really meant to be used.

This was my first time doing it, though."

"Is this...... really Yoh?"

No. No, it isn’t. Fuck you.

It might be a strange question, considering that she looks exactly like Yoh, but I know better than anyone that she's not supposed to look like herself to me.

Yoh finally notices my presence and turns her head to face me.

I can see a faint glimmer of recognition in her glassy, unfocused eyes. It's the way Yoh used to look at me; how could I forget it?

Wait, so she sees everything normally? But… whatever, I’m not going to try to figure it out.

This is far beyond mere cosmetic surgery. Once a twisted creature unrecognizable as human, Yoh is now the very image of human femininity. There is no similarity between what she was and what she is ・\・\ which means that Yoh has become something utterly inhuman. According to Saya...... she has become what Saya is.

"No one on this planet knows more about the anatomy of Homo sapiens than I do," Saya declares, her voice filled with pride at her first creation. "I've studied a lot, after all."

Yeah, we’ve seen many scenes that very much confirm how throughly she has studied human anatomy...

"Studied? How did you learn this? Who taught you? When? Where?"

She couldn't have learned it from Professor Ougai. No teacher on Earth would be able to impart such knowledge or skill to Saya. This is far beyond human capabilities.

"Come on...... Don't you remember what you've been filling me with every night?" Saya blushes in embarassment.

“I turn people into abominations for fun and murder innocent children, but naughty words make me blush!”

"That's like a blueprint for the human body.

I can decipher it, and then I can bend it to my will."

Chug semen, become a master geneticist. Makes sense to me!


What is she, really? I've accepted that she isn't human, but there's more to her than that. Saya is something that far transcends my species.

He’s finally figured it out. Merely took him… almost the entire game.

"It was my first time, though, so it didn't go as well as it should."

When Saya approaches, Yoh trembles in terror and tries to crawl away, but she is only able to flail her arms and legs wildly. It's like she doesn't know how to move her new body.

And the only sounds coming out of her mouth are frightened moans.

"...She can't talk?"

"Yeah," Saya sighs, shaking her head regretfully. "Unfortunately, her mind seems to have broken."

Which doesn’t even slightly deter Saya in her plan to do this to everybody in the world.

"It did take a whole twenty hours for the change to finish, after all. I feel a little bad for her. She must have suffered a lot."

I am not joking when I say that if I had the power to kill everyone who loves this game in one stroke, I would use it. If you sympathize with these characters, you are evil scum.


Yoh looks up at me pleadingly, as though begging me to save her. She is no longer able to ask me for help, though, nor even to call my name.

"Well?" Saya asks, her eyes shining with anticipation. "Do you like her?"

I'm at a loss for how to respond.

"What do you mean......?"

"You said you wanted family and friends, didn't you? That's why I got this present for you."

Her innocent explanation only confuses me further.

"A present......? Come on, it's not like she's a puppy."

"There's not much difference. Her head is totally empty, after all."

Seriously, FUCK YOU.

I'm happy that Saya wants to please me, but she could use a little more common sense.

"It's not that...... Holding a person captive is probably a lot harder than you think."

"Don't worry about it. Look, I have her chained up."

The only thing preventing Yoh from being totally naked is the leather collar around her neck. I have no idea where Saya got it from, but it's the kind of dog collar that would be sold in any pet store, and attached to it is a chrome chain that's fastened to one of the bedposts.

She ate someone’s dog, probably. But don’t worry! You can’t blame her because… uh...

Yoh tries to get away again, but Saya sends her sprawling with a tug of the chain.

Yoh falls clumsily to the floor, squealing in pain. Her actions are those of an unintelligent animal, just as Saya said.

"And besides, it's not like she can do anything complicated like escape and get help anymore.

See? There's nothing for you to worry about, is there?"

Saya has a point.

I was wracking my brain trying to come up with a plan to kill Tsukuba Yoh, but now my problem has been solved in a way that I'd never imagined.

“Finally, something else I can stick my dick into!”

If a normal person looks upon her now, they'll probably see no trace whatsoever of the old Yoh. And if she has no memories and can't even speak...... it's perfect. Saya has killed Yoh without taking her life. There's still the problem of what Saya means by giving Yoh to me, however...

"......You're not happy?" Saya asks dejectedly, her confidence suddenly gone as though it was never there.

"Did I misunderstand again? Is this a problem for you?"


"I can take good care of her all by myself. I won't let her make things difficult for you. So...... can she stay?"

That's not it. The last thing I want is to reject this symbol of Saya's affection.

Oh yeah, this is truly a present to be cherished.

But how can I explain to Saya the reason that I can't look at the naked woman writhing on the floor?

"It's not that......"

Yoh is the first human figure besides Saya that I've seen in the three months since the accident, and she's a woman - a woman positively glowing with voluptuous feminine beauty.

Yep. They really are going there.

Of course I'm happy, but I also can't ignore the voice of reason that's telling me not to be.


"I'm happy, really, but...... If I show how pleased I am, I'm worried that you'll......"


Saya looks puzzled, as though she has absolutely no idea what I'm getting at.

"I mean, look...... She's still a girl, right?

Don't you...... balk at the thought of me living with another girl?"

After considering this briefly, Saya finally seems to understand what I'm trying to say.

"Ahaha, of course not! You're thinking too much!"

Too much?!


Maybe I'm worrying too much, although I'm pretty sure that I'm just showing the consideration that any man who's sworn his love to a woman would show. Or maybe Saya doesn't understand that a man faced with a woman's naked body can't help but react regardless of his feelings.

"Aha, how funny! You really are kind, Fuminori."

I’d laugh, but this is the kind of joke that leaves a bit too much of an unpleasant taste in my mouth for me to find it funny.


"I only did this so that she would be able to please you.

If you like her and enjoy spending time with her, then I'll be happy too.

You have nothing to be shy about."

"I hate to say this, but......"

I struggle to find the right words to express my true feelings.

"Men are, well...really depraved creatures, and......

Speak for yourself, asshole.

I mean, Yoh's body has features that are totally different than yours, right?
So...even though it's totally different from my love for you...I can't help but, um, get aroused..."

With each word that I squeeze from my lips, Saya seems more and more amused, until finally she starts shaking with laughter.

It’s funny because imminent rape. Wait… that’s not funny at all! It’s actually incredibly repulsive!

"I know, I know!" Saya exclaims jovially, patting my shoulder with one hand and wiping tears of mirth from her eyes with the other. "There's no reason to be ashamed of your natural male instincts, is there?"

There is if they are completely twisted. Pedophiles also have natural instincts, you know.

"If you're really that worried, let me join in when you play with her. We can enjoy ourselves in ways that we couldn't when it was just the two of us. Okay?"

"......Are you sure?" I ask again, as though trying to force her to say no.

Saya answers me with a smile that I've never seen before. It is calm - so terribly calm - and there is something bewitching about the soft set of her lips that makes it wholly unlike her usual bright, childish smile. "You and I are lovers, and Tsukuba Yoh is our pet.

She will be reminded of that when we play with her - every day, from now on."

I finally know why Saya chose Yoh, for the venom in her voice and smile does not escape me.

Although she can no longer answer, if asked, Yoh would surely have chosen to be killed rather than to meet this end. I have no doubt that what she is experiencing now is a fate worse than death - which is the very reason that Saya did this to her. How wicked and terrible Saya is.

I will repeat this again: If you like this game, YOU ARE HUMAN GARBAGE.

Perhaps others would fear and loathe her; to me, however, her malevolence is irresistably charming.


The horrifying cruelty of what she has done to Yoh is so very human.

Though her shape may be different, her soul is the same as ours.

FUCK YOU, again! What she did is not human! I know of no human being who would ever do something like... THIS! Even Jeffrey Dahmer would think you are horrible!


When I look upon Yoh's wretched form, I see the intensity and passion of Saya's love for me - for the flames that have consumed Yoh are fueled by that very love.

I find myself enthusiastically accepting Saya's present.

Attached Image

ENOUGH! I can’t stand it anymore! We’ll do the gang-rape scene next time! In the meantime, if you’re a fan of this, please eat a bullet!

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Index of horrible mocks

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However, I totally would sleep with the Doc... but only for your brain.

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I would love to see Monster Yoh regaining enough of her mind to bite Fuminori's naughty bits off and strangle him when he tries to "play" with her.
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QUOTE (Dr. O @ Oct 6 2013, 02:16 PM) *
ENOUGH! I can’t stand it anymore! We’ll do the gang-rape scene next time! In the meantime, if you’re a fan of this, please eat a bullet!

Makes the whole "people finding these protagonists relatable" thing pretty fuckin' terrifying...


They say "patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel." I think "being offended" is the last refuge of a small mind.
~Quentin Tarantino
Dude, do my a favor and get go away. Please?
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So, after reading ahead with the rest of the VN, I found the following. Spoilers just in case.

-The upcoming unpleasantness with Yoh is as unpleasant as I thought it would be, and makes me want to smack people who think Fuminori is sympathetic even more.
-The doctor and Kouji finding the professor's laboratory is as cliche as I thought it would be.
-The explanation for why they don't call the police has a small bit of almost smart reasoning mixed with a ton of pretentious garbage.
-There's a lot more exposition than I thought there would be.
-The choice couldn't have been telegraphed any more clearly.

I'd be genuinely curious in knowing about the making of this, and how much of this was Urobuchi's own creation and how much of it was forced by the company. For instance, I'm still having an internal conflict over whether not showing Saya as a monster was because Urobuchi was trying to be too clever and misunderstood the idea of fear of the unknown, or because the company didn't want to ruin the horrible fetish pandering. (Or both)
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...There was no "company", dude... This was a private project by Urobuchi.


They say "patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel." I think "being offended" is the last refuge of a small mind.
~Quentin Tarantino
Dude, do my a favor and get go away. Please?
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QUOTE (Shmeckie @ Nov 29 2013, 01:41 AM) *
...There was no "company", dude... This was a private project by Urobuchi.

I stand corrected. blush.gif

I'd still want to know how much of it was real artistic choices and how much of it was pandering for the sake of getting sales. To use the example of another pretentious visual novel, I'm thinking of Fate/Stay Night. The publisher of that was founded by the author, so he theoretically had as much control over the content as he wanted-and yet he still changed its main characters from "Main heroine and King Arthur" to "Main hero and gender-flipped 'King Arthur' " to appeal to the "visual novel crowd".
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Data: “You are capable of great sadism and cruelty. Interesting. No redeeming qualities whatsoever.”
Armus: “So, what do you think?”
Data: “I think you should be destroyed.”
-Star Trek

Merry fucking Christmas!

"Saya, do you like this pet too?"

"Yeah. She's very pretty, and feels good to touch."

"So you'll be able to enjoy playing with her too, right? I don't have to hold back, do I?"

Oh… it’s this scene...

"Of course I will!"

I think this is the first time the phrase “child molester” can refer to molestation done by a child...

Grinning happily, Saya grabs the chain and pulls Yoh to her feet.


"Try touching her, Fuminori. She's really nice and soft."


As Yoh looks up at me with teary, pleading eyes, I approach and let my gaze roam freely over her lush body and ripe breasts.

The word choice makes it sound like he’s admiring a garden or something.

I run my fingers through her hair, finding it as smooth as Saya's. Enjoying the feel,

Yeah, this is a game that’ll really give you the feels.

I continue to gently caress Yoh's head.


Her fearful expression softens a little. Perhaps she remembers me in some part of her mind, and still thinks that I am someone who will be kind to her... how foolish.

I yet again apologize for repeating myself, but… what a fucking bastard.

I stop stroking her hair and calmly seize both of her breasts.


Attached Image

She flinches in pain at the sudden rough treatment, but I ignore her and continue to mercilessly knead her breasts as my lust demands.

They're really, really soft. When I squeeze them, it's like my fingers are being sucked inside.

I’m pretty sure you’re actually fondling chocolate pudding right now.

I can't get this feeling from Saya's tight, slender body - and, besides, I would never think of treating her delicate frame so harshly. Yoh, however......

Yeah, so much for his behavior coming from the meat-vision he got. No, Fuminori was always a remorseless disgusting sociopath.

I grab her full breasts from underneath and squeeze them like tubes of toothpaste, then give her nipples a little tweak. Yoh squeals, unable to handle the pain.

Even a little force can be painful when applied to a sensitive area.

Of course, I'm being more than "a little" forceful. I pinch her nipples between my thumbs and index fingers then twist hard, listening as Yoh's screams get louder and she gasps for air. Having my way with a woman is… more fun than I thought.

Remember kids, rape is fun! You should do more of it!

"Fuminori," Saya says from the sidelines, "it looks like you're all ready to go."

She's right; my lust is already straining against my slacks, trying to burst free.

I'm sailing away, set an open course for the virgin sea
I've got to be free, free to face the life that's ahead of me
On board, I'm the captain, so climb aboard
We'll search for tomorrow on every shore
And I'll try, oh Lord, I'll try to carry on

"Which do you prefer? A full-grown body like hers, or one like mine?"

"Hmm...... As far as bodies go, probably this one."

"That makes me a little jealous......" Saya complains, pouting adorably.

“Why can’t you be like those other pedos who think women are disgusting!”

"You're the one who said you didn't mind. Come on, join in."

"Yeah, let me play with her!"

Saya presses up against Yoh's back and grabs her breasts from behind. Following my lead, she wriggles her fingers against Yoh's breasts, taking full advantage of their softness. "Aha, this never gets old!"

Unlike this fucking VN, which got old the minute it started.


The tears in Yoh's eyes and the sight of her breasts changing shape under Saya's hands causes a new sadistic desire to well up within me.

"Alright, let's try this."

It’s like nobody ever told him that when people talk about “sexual exploration,” they don’t mean rape.

I pull off my slacks and put the tip of my hard manhood against Yoh's breasts, then begin sliding it into the space between them. "Saya, bring them closer to the center."

"Okay, like this?"

Understanding what I want, Saya squeezes Yoh's breasts around my shaft. The sensation is astounding.

You do in fact realize that breasts do not secrete their own lubricant, right?

Attached Image

As Saya uses Yoh's breasts to press on me from the outside, I plow through the center with my penis.


"Does it feel good, Fuminori?"

"Yeah, it sure does......"

The softness and warmth of Yoh's breasts is different from that of Saya's vagina, a heretofore unknown pleasure that is swiftly driving me to climax. I thrust even deeper, bringing the tip of my penis up against the crying Yoh's face.


With each stroke, the stiff head of my penis pokes her in the mouth or nose like a dark red weapon, bringing new cries of fear and pleas of mercy from her throat. "Saya...... harder."

“In retrospect, however, the story contains a strange kind of tenderness to it; a sort of delicate interior beneath the harsh, rotting-flesh-coated exterior.” - TV Tropes

"Um, like this?"


Yoh jerks in agony as Saya squeezes her breasts ruthlessly.

Her convulsions combine with the sensation of Saya's hands coming through the softness of her breasts, and the feeling of being serviced by both of them at once brings my pleasure to the breaking point. My lust erupts right in Yoh's face.

“I’d laugh at the ridiculous phrases, but...



The sudden explosion covers her entire face with my hot seed.

Yoh shakes her head violently, trying in vain to escape from the sticky goo dripping from her eyelids and nose.

"Wow, that's a lot......" Saya says, staring at Yoh's face with a mixture of awe and envy.

Then Saya grabs Yoh's head, pulls it to her, and starts lapping my seed off of Yoh's face like it's the most wonderful thing in the world.

“The Woobie: Yoh is the most obvious example, although a case could be made for pretty much every character in the novel.” - TV Tropes again

"All of this belongs to me......"


Attached Image

Even as Saya tries to lick it all off, some of it drips into Yoh's mouth, causing her to choke as it runs down her throat.

"Hey, stop that! You can't have any!"

Saya desperately presses her lips against Yoh's and thrusts her tongue into Yoh's mouth, sucking up all of the semen inside. When she pulls away with a wet sound, a sensual strand of saliva and other fluids connects them briefly.

"You don't get to have any," Saya says with satisfaction as she swallows my sperm. "It's aaaall mine."


Yoh looks on Saya's bewitching smile with fear-clouded eyes, as though she has no idea what's going on.

“Lovable Sex Maniac: Fuminori notes she is always eager to go to bed with him every day.” - yep, you guessed it

The sight of these two women passionately exchanging fluids fills my loins with hot lust once again.

Just using Yoh's breasts isn't enough. Saya went to the trouble of giving me this present, so I'd better take full advantage of it.

Abandoning Yoh's breasts, which are red and inflamed from the friction of Saya's fingers and my penis, I run my hand down her stomach and slide my fingers between her legs.

Oh… there’s more...


As I touch her most sensitive place, her entire body stiffens as though hit with an electric shock. However, my fingers clearly feel the unmistakable honey seeping from her inner folds. Despite what has been done to her, this woman is wet.

This realization purges my mind of any remaining respect for Tsukuba Yoh, replacing it with the affection one feels for a pet.

Except you don’t fuck your pets. Also, this logic is about as correct as saying women have a mechanism to shut rape down.


Ignoring her cries of pain, I roughly push Yoh down to the floor and lift her left leg into the air.


I raise her leg until it's almost perpendicular to the floor, giving me a good view of her vagina.

Try a magnifying glass instead.

Yoh probably can't feel shame anymore, but she does seem to understand how vulnerable she is in this position. She tries to get away from me, panting like a hunted animal.

Attached Image

While holding her firmly in place, I get on my knees and straddle her right thigh, then poke my manhood against the dripping entrance to her womb.

Hot. By which I mean fuck my life.


When I make contact with her sensitive mucous membrane, her gasps start to become screams.

She's still not wet enough to accept me without difficulty,


but that doesn't matter. My shaft is more than hard enough to force its way in. After enjoying Yoh's panicked reaction to the impending threat of pain, I thrust myself in to the hilt.


She must not have been sufficiently prepared, as her choked scream is like that of a dying animal. In fact, it reminds me of how Suzumi screamed when I stabbed him with my knife. "Uhhhhh! Ahhhhhhh!"

I can honestly say this is the best dialogue in the story.

Yoh struggles to escape from the painful thing invading her.

But with me sitting on her right leg and holding her left leg in the air, she can't move her lower body at all. No matter how hard she flails her arms and twists her torso, she can't escape from me."Hau! Kuhhhh!"

Powerless to resist, she can only ride out each brutal thrust of my hips.

"Looks painful," Saya says, peering curiously at Yoh's tear-streaked face.

“Moral Myopia - Saya, for all of her Complete Monster level activities, is not actually all that inherently and purposely evil” - oh come the fuck on

The sensation of Yoh's inner walls is completely different from Saya's.

Despite her immature appearance, Saya's vagina is surprisingly soft and flexible, always sucking me in like a hungry serpent. Yoh's, on the other hand, is clearly untouched. Unaccustomed to intrusion, it's still hard and tight, and isn't producing enough lubricant to match the speed of my thrusts. That said, such strong resistance can be a source of pleasure for the one exploring the undiscovered territory.

Truly, Fuminori is the Columbus of rape.

You know, a lecture on colonialism would actually be more erotic than this.

"Is she pleasing you?"

"You could say that."

Her vagina alone isn't as satisfying as Saya's, but the rest of her voluptuous body offers different riches to plunder.

So that’s what pirates mean with “booty”...

The hypnotic quivering of her thighs as she trembles beneath me - the sight of her breasts heaving like storm-tossed ships - these sights and sensations alone are enough to stimulate my basest lusts. "Hehe, I'll join in too."

Saya straddles the side of Yoh that isn't on the floor, pressing her clitoris against Yoh's hipbone.

Sure, why not.


Attached Image

Saya gasps in pleasure as the tremors caused by my ravaging of Yoh's insides are transmitted into her body.

"How cute......" Saya mutters dreamily, rubbing Yoh's breasts with her left hand. "She's so adorable......"

Rape is the most adorable thing in the world, aside from murder and genocide.


Yoh's moans start to become more rhythmical and passionate.

She must be beginning to find my movements pleasurable, as her insides are now wet enough for me to slide through easily.

"Hey… Fuminori..." Saya calls to me in a breathless voice as she pleasures herself on Yoh's body. "When you're about to come..."

She doesn't need to finish to make her desire clear to me.

Fuminori might be the most unlikable protagonist since… uh… yeah, I got nothing.

"Yeah, I know. Don't worry......"

Saya shamelessly slides her slender waist between me and Yoh, the glistening dew dripping from her groin speaking to her readiness.

You know, it’s kind of fitting that this scene rapes good writing.

Racing to the finish, I pick up the pace of my thrusts. Once again, Yoh is forced to gasp for breath.


"Saya, I'm..."

"Okay… Come, Fuminori..."

The blazing hot orgasmic fire races down my spine.

Where I’m from, they call that gonorrhea.

Having reached the moment of truth, I release my grip on Yoh and push her away, then seize Saya's buttocks with both hands.

What a dick.


Responding to her cry of anticipation, I pull her to me and drive my exploding penis into her soaking hot core.


Fun fact: Saya’s nuclear-powered and Fuminori now has dick cancer.


Saya accepts my raging manhood, screaming in both pain and ecstasy.

are you goddamn serious

Surrounded by the familiar hot and soft embrace of Saya's body, I fill her with the seed of my lust that she so desperately desires.


Saya convulses and collapses into my chest, smiling contentedly as she surrenders herself to the fire filling her womb. Still breathing hard after my ravaging of her body, Yoh gazes at us with dazed, uncomprehending eyes.

Sprawled on top of each other, the three of us bask in the warm glow that comes in the quiet aftermath of a storm.

Yeah, this very much seems like a shitstorm to me...

As I lie on my bed, completely drained of energy, I consider what my life will be like from now on.

Saya is sleeping in my arms; Yoh is sleeping curled up on the floor. Yesterday, I could not have imagined that the three of us would be a family.

Again, I would laugh, but this is too fucked-up to still be funny.

A new home, new food, new family - all granted to me by Saya. To soothe my despair, she has selflessly led me from the brink of death to find new joy.

And I, too, have changed.

The only way he’s changed that I can see is that he’s open about being a worthless piece of shit instead of trying to hide it.

I have killed two people who were nuisances to me, and have made a third my mindless slave. Yet despite all that I have done, I am still able to sleep peacefully...... Without a doubt, I am no longer the Sakisaka Fuminori I once was.

No, I think you haven’t changed at all, actually.

How far will Saya go?

What will I become?

So much for this little scene. Next time… well, at least we’ve got the worst behind us. Sort of.

Index of horrible mocks

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Holy fucking Christ this game.

It started out creepy and awful and it gets exponentially worse with every fucking paragraph of text.

This fucking thing isn't Lovecraftian at all. It reads more like Albert Fish's letters to the police than anything.

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“The sin which is unpardonable is knowingly and wilfully to reject truth, to fear knowledge lest that knowledge pander not to thy prejudices.”
-Aleister Crowley

I feel somewhat unsure, though not discouraged, about the unknown world into which we are heading; and so, while playing with Saya's hair, I ask, "Saya… just what are you?"

An alien milking machine? A terrible person? An awful character?

All that and more!

I don't expect an answer. If Saya is asleep or doesn't want to respond, I won't mind.

Saya turns to me, however, and draws my gaze into the deep pools of her eyes.

"It's...... kind of hard to explain......"

She thinks for a while, as though searching for the right words, then says simply,

"You know the dandelion flower? The one that scatters its seeds on the wind?"

Oh boy, they’ve brought in Terrence Malick to spice up the dialouge.


"The wind carries those fluffy seeds far, far from where they were born.

What if one of them ends up in a desert where not even a single blade of grass is growing?

If you can imagine how that lone seed will feel......
then you might be able to understand me."



As I consider Saya's answer, she continues her story.

"The seed is a baby plant, after all. If it does its best, it can turn even a desert into a garden.

Maybe that little seed will decide to try its hardest.

Maybe it will decide to grow and multiply, so that it can turn the whole desert into a field of dandelions.

Well, anyway. You know what, fuck it. Let’s run with the plant analogy. Imagine all living beings on the earth as a small forest. In this scenario, Saya isn’t a dandelion, she’s Kudzu. (For those of you not in the know, Kudzu is a strongly invasive plant that easily and quickly overgrows everything, smothering and killing all other plants until nothing is left alive but itself. It’s such a problem that it’s often referred to as “the vine that ate the South”.)

What do you think can give that dandelion seed the strength to do so?"


Saya smiles softly and caresses my cheek.

"All it needs… is to be loved by just one person in the whole desert.

Oh, come on...

All it needs is to be told how pretty dandelions are."

“Some fertilizer might help too, though.”


The loving touch of her slender fingers fills me with peace and joy.

"I....... love you."

I pull her into my chest, nodding silently.

"Stay with me forever. Never leave my side."

"Of course."

Basking in the soft warmth of our love for each other, we sink into the oblivion of sleep.

I’d rather wish they’d sink into the oblivion of death...

He has been buried alive.

His whole world is the silence and cold of the grave.

Ever since his voice gave out and he lost the strength to scream, no coherent thought has run through Kouji's mind.

Perhaps his brain was being merciful by shutting down. By forgetting who he is and why he is trapped in this dark well, he is able to ignore the freezing cold that is gradually draining his life.

“Why am I here again? Oh yeah, I’m a moron and my friend’s a dick. Welp, time to die.”

Instead, he dreams.

Images flash before his eyes. Random, unconnected scenes from his twenty-odd years of life. Not all are of happy times; there are sad, painful memories as well, but even these are merciful, for they are pleasantly warm compared to the death that is encroaching upon him.

He dreams of mountains.

His older brother had taken him hunting for insects when he was a child. They'd sealed the butterflies that wouldn't fit in their cage in a plastic bag, and later found the bag filled with the wings of suffocated butterflies...

It’s funny because they’re morons.

He dreams of his lover.

They'd met at a mixer, where he'd been the only one to realize that she couldn't hold her liquor. After she'd had too much to drink, he'd looked after her while she vomited in the back alley. They'd toasted each other with canned juice, and then…

Then the magic happened.


He dreams that he is diving into the black depths of the night sea. When he reaches the bottom, he looks up to see the moon shining through the surface of the water. As he gazes up at the circle of light, entranced by its roundness and brilliance, he listens absently to the distant sound of a car... Something still conscious within him tells him that this dream is wrong.

Have I ever gone diving...... in the ocean...... at night before?

Have you ever danced with the devil in the pale moonlight?

The dots begin to connect in his mind, forming a barrier to separate his dreams from reality.

What is bothering him......? Of course, the car. He can hear the sound of an engine coming from far away......

The engine noise gradually changes to a low idling, then abruptly gives way to silence... followed by the sound of a door opening and closing.

It sounds like...... someone drove up and got out of a car. This isn't a dream. These sounds are real...

Is this the real life
Is this just fantasy...

Wait, never mind, it’s real life.

Understanding comes like a sudden blow.

This isn't the bottom of the sea, and that circle of light isn't the moon.

It's… the mouth of the well. The sun has already risen, and someone is right outside with a car......

The last piece of the puzzle falls into place, and he becomes Tonoh Kouji once more.

Considering how fucking purple this prose is, you’d think we’re reading a romance novel or something.

"Help me!" Kouji shouts, surprised by how easily his voice emerges. Perhaps he is desperate enough to subconsciously block out the pain of his raw throat.

"Hey! I'm down here in the well! Help me!!"

He keeps screaming with all of his might. Soon, the echoes in the cramped well become deafening, and he is no longer sure if his screams have meaning or if he is just howling wordlessly.

Nevertheless, he continues. His only desire is to be heard, so that whoever is out there will know that he is dying at the bottom of this well.

Kouji's wait is not long, but it feels like an eternity when spent at the boundary of hope and despair.

Soon, the circle of light above him is partially eclipsed by the silhouette of a person staring down into the well.

"Tonoh-kun? Are you alive?"

“I mean, you did yell a lot, but I want to really make sure.”

That’s his last name? Is this secretly Tsukihime?

It's a woman. Although her voice is not familiar, Kouji has heard it somewhere before - for some reason, however, he can't remember who it belongs to.

"Just hold on. I'll get you out of there."

The silhouette vanishes, restoring the light to a perfect circle. Fear of being left alone again threatens to send Kouji into a panic, but his reason has recovered enough for him to resist the urge. She said she's going to get me out, he reminds himself. I haven't been abandoned. While waiting, he gingerly tests out his body, which he had forgotten all about until now. His joints ache, and his fingers and toes are numb, but nothing is completely immovable. Though exhausted, he's definitely still in one piece. After some time, the silhouette reappears at the top of the well.

"Are you hurt? Can you climb a rope on your own?"

"No, I don't think so......"

“Well, I’m out of ideas. All I know is ‘shotgun’ and ‘good.’ And rape.”

Kouji lacks the confidence to attempt such a feat with his fingers barely moving.

"Hmm...... Oh well. I'm coming down!"

It would actually be kinda funny if she just jumped down there and then they’re both trapped.

After a brief pause, the owner of the voice tosses a knotted climbing rope into the well.

He grabs the rope as soon as it reaches him, its definite presence filling him with true relief. Finally free from his despair, he is able to start asking questions - specifically, who is his savior?

The rope shakes as the woman climbs carefully down the ladder, the beam from the floodlight slung over her shoulder pushing back the shadow cast by her body. She is soon standing in the same mud as Kouji, and he finds himself face to face with...


"Were you expecting someone else?"

“Bugs Bunny?”

Kouji couldn't have imagined that his savior would turn out to be Dr. Tanbo Ryouko, neurosurgeon at the Tokyo University Medical Center.

Actually, I’m fine with this. It means good things are coming.

Instead of a white gown and tight skirt, she's wearing a heavy leather coat, denim jeans, and boots with no heel. Her practical clothes make it clear that she expected to end up hiking through the mountains. She's carrying not a flashlight, but an all-purpose lamp that can be toggled between a large electric floodlight and smaller side-mounted flourescent lights. It's obviously survival gear, rather than the sort of thing you'd find in an emergency kit.

"......You look awful," Dr. Tanbo says wryly as she looks Kouji up and down. "Here, drink this."

She pulls a flask out of her pocket and hands it to him.

“Crystal Pepsi? The hell?!”

"Don't chug it. Go slow, taking small sips. It should help a little."

"T-thank you."

Walking around with a flask is like something a middle-aged alcoholic man would do...... Maybe Kouji's just old-fashioned, but he can't help but think that it's not the sort of item that a young female doctor should be carrying.

Nevertheless, he unscrews the cap and takes a swig... and struggles to keep from coughing as the potent liquid sears his tongue.

"W-what is this!?"

"Spirytus vodka. It's good as an analeptic or disinfectant, and also does a fine job of setting certain things on fire."

“You might want to get your eyes checked as soon as possible, if you know what I’m saying.”

Her straightforward, no-nonsense tone makes it clear that she's quite serious. Kouji can only gape at the doctor, the dark smile on her face doing little to ease his confusion.

Is she...... really Dr. Tanbo Ryouko?

There's no trace of the bookish, mild-mannered doctor Kouji met at the hospital. Her expression is now set in a hard mask, and her eyes are sharp and wary...... In the darkness at the bottom of the well, it is possible - however unlikely - that the change in her features is caused by the ominous shadows cast by her lamp. It's not so easy, however, to explain the change in her demeanor.

"Um...... Why are you here?"

"You're the one who called me, aren't you?" Ryouko replies brusquely, glaring at Kouji like she would at a student who'd just said something foolish.

"I get a strange message from someone who's off looking for a missing person, but neither he nor his friend answers when I try to call back. Am I supposed to think everything's fine?"

Wait… someone with common sense? What’s going on here?


Man, that actually sounds really stupid when she says it like that! Who would have guessed?!

Although Kouji still doesn't understand why she acted so quickly, it's a different part of what she just said that seizes his attention. "...Wait, what about Tsukuba!? You called Tsukuba Yoh too?"

"I did, but she didn't pick up either. To be honest, I figured you were both corpses already."


That's right, he was almost killed - and at the hands of the man whom he'd believed was his best friend all along.

Anger and frustration well up inside him. He can't forgive Fuminori's betrayal, nor can he forgive himself for his foolishness.

You went alone in the woods with a creepy sociopath who you knew was a creepy sociopath and who you knew had something to do with your girlfriend’s disappearance, even if only tangentially. I think we’re a little beyond “foolishness”.

Come on, what was the worst that could happen?

And now he has no idea if Tsukuba Yoh is safe. Fuminori tried to kill Kouji; could he have done the same to...

"Calm down, why don't you?" Ryouko says irritably, without even looking at him. "Getting all pissed off here won't solve anything."

"If you thought something was wrong," Kouji says to her back, "then you must have called the police, right?"

Finally, someone thinks of that! We’ve only been saying so this whole time.

"The police?"

Still engrossed in her examination of the walls, Ryouko laughs scornfully at the idea.

"So you still think this mess can be cleaned up like that, do you?"

One one hand, I’d ridicule this game for suggesting that making the existence of an alien invader public when you have irrefutable proof is not the right course of action, but on the other, we’ve already seen that everyone is completely retarded and can’t even find a trace of a baby-eating slug monster IN A FUCKING HOSPITAL.

"What's that supposed to mean?"

Starting to get annoyed by her overbearing attitude, Kouji is about to demand answers when she cuts him off with a gesture and shines her light at a corner of the well.

"You didn't notice this, Tonoh-kun?"


In the light of the lamp, Kouji sees that some of the stones are clearly different than the rest of the wall. This must be what Ryouko was looking for while ignoring him.

"......Huh? .......No, there wasn't enough light to see."

Very convenient.


Ryouko's gaze moves slowly along the wall, finally coming to rest on a gap between two of the stones. The hole is just wide enough for an adult to reach into open-handed.

"You sure picked the right well to fall down," Ryouko says with a grim smile. "Like they say, expect the unexpected."

That makes no goddamn sense.

She’s become self-aware and knows she’s in a badly written VN.

She wastes no time in thrusting her hand into the opening. After she feels around for a few seconds, Kouji hears the thunk of something solid coming together behind the wall.


Ryouko pulls her hand out and gives the different-colored stones a gentle push. With the rumble of weights shifting, the stones slide smoothly back into the wall.

"So that's how he fooled me. I had no idea this was here the last time I came."

What kind of brain-dead moron builds a secret escape/entrance to an evil lab at the bottom of a fucking well?!

The kind who brings Saya into the world, apparently.

"You've...... been here before?"

Kouji wants answers, but Ryouko ignores him and peers into the opening. In the beam of her floodlight, Kouji can see a concrete tunnel leading into the mountain.

"I'm going on ahead, Tonoh-kun. You'd better stay here." Her warning is simple and utterly devoid of warmth.

Considering his options, Kouji looks from the tunnel to the rope and back again.

He's practically sweating now, thanks to the nearly 200 proof vodka he just drank, but although feeling has returned to his fingers, he still doesn't have the strength to climb the rope.

Drunken rope-climbing? Go for it. Nothing bad can happen.

That said, the mere thought of being left alone again in the well makes him shiver.

"I'll go too. Please take me with you."

"......Heh, have it your way."

If it turned out that the Burger King was actually behind this all along, this game would be amazing. Unfortunately, it’s not.

Ryouko steps into the tunnel without looking back, and Kouji doesn't hesitate to follow her.

"You were pretty different the last time we met," Kouji says sarcastically, following Ryouko as she moves cautiously down the tunnel with her light leading the way.

"This isn't the hospital, and you're not my patient. This service doesn't come with a smile."

She’s got the positive attitude of a disgruntled hooker.

"So this is who you really are?"

"I wonder. Does it matter?"

Ryouko suddenly stops and stares at the floor. When Kouji looks over her shoulder, he sees a dust-covered rope lying coiled up in the middle of the path.

"......What is it?"

"Something left behind by the last guy who came down that well."

Ryouko picks up the rope, examines it, and hands it to Kouji.

"It's about twice as long as my rope. It has a knot in it, and both ends have been severed. They were connected before, making it a circle."

Make a circle, there’s earth!


"You loop one end of the circle around something topside, then use the rest to climb down into the well.

When you're at the bottom, you cut the circle open and pull the whole rope in with you… leaving behind no trace of your descent."

So how do you get back up, then? And given that the well is literally a few feet behind the house and you have to tie the rope to something, how the hell do you remain undetected using the well when you’d be discovered using a (presumably existing) secret entrance in the house?


Ryouko shines her light down the tunnel, revealing that it ends in a closed wooden door about ten meters ahead. "That's how he avoided detection after hiding here. He really got me good."

"Doctor, you said you've been here before......"

"Yeah, you and Sakisaka-kun aren't the only ones," Ryouko says dryly. "I checked out Ougai's cabin a while back."

And she, uh, didn’t think anything was up with the bathtub full of bones?

As Ryouko speaks, she opens her coat and pulls out something that she had hanging underneath it.

"If there aren't any other exits...... then he's still behind that door."

“He’s kind of an idiot, is what I’m saying.”

At first, Kouji thinks that she is holding a steel pipe. Amazed that she would be carrying a weapon, Kouji looks closer ・\ and is appalled when he realizes what it really is.

It's a gun.

And not one of those sleek handguns that he's seen in the movies, but a double-barreled shotgun. The stock and most of the barrels have been sawed off for easier concealment, making it appear even more terrifyingly brutal.

Attached Image

"Wha- what is that!?"

“I’ve got a shotgun!”

"A 12-gauge shotgun," Ryouko replies blandly, as though naming a brand of cigarettes.

"I don't have a permit for it, and cutting it down like this is also illegal. Any other questions?"

"......What are you planning to do with that?"

Ryouko looks over her shoulder and shows Kouji her most chilling smile yet.

"When I first learned what Ougai was doing, I was a model citizen. I'd never even gotten a ticket."


The woman whom Kouji had thought was just a normal doctor waves her sawed-off shotgun menacingly as she continues, her tone sharp, yet self-deprecating.

"If I'd had this back then, I probably would've been able to kill Ougai then and there.

What, there were no scalpels or shit like that in a hospital?

If I had, you kids might not have been dragged into this disaster. I feel bad about that, really."


Kouji listens in silence, helpless to do anything but watch as understanding moves farther and farther out of his grasp.

"In other words, everything I do from now on is to clean up this mess that you and your friends have stepped into.

Remember that, and don't ask any unnecessary questions. Got it?"

Unnecessary questions like “why does this story make less and less sense the more you think about it?”

Kouji's only choice is to nod weakly in response.

With the light in her left hand and the shotgun in her right, Ryouko walks up to the door and takes a deep breath.

Then she kicks the door open, putting her full weight behind the blow.

If she were any other character, she would’ve stood there for an hour trying to figure out what this mysterious “door” object is.

With a disappointingly feeble sound, the door breaks off of its hinges and falls into the room.

In the beam of Ryouko's light, dust billows into the air like white smoke.

The room is large, probably at least thirty-five square meters in size. Kouji's first impression is of an operating theater that was turned into a storage room. The tiled floor is set with drainage grates, and there's no mistaking the movable operating table sitting in the middle of the room. One of the walls is covered with cabinets containing enamelware and drugs, while against the opposite wall stand a writing desk and bookshelves.

Even Kouji can recognize that much. The mysterious objects cluttering the tables and shelves, however, are beyond his comprehension. Mirrors delicately engraved with complex patterns, grotesque statues and masks that must have been left behind by a race of savages, tapestries woven in nauseating arrays of color, a crystal ball the size of an infant's head......

They're probably all antiques, but there's one thing that they definitely have in common - every one of them is so loathesome and foul that Kouji feels sick just looking at it.

It's as though they were designed for the sole sinister purpose of immortalizing their creators' hatred of the world.

Because when I think “hatred of the world”, I think “table full of new-age knick-knacks”.

Rare-looking books of the sort that were in Ougai's Tokyo home are piled here and there, and on one of the shelves are stacked some scrolls that look to be made of some kind of sheepskin or papyrus - whatever it is, it's not paper.

Finally, there are the indecipherable chalk patterns and symbols filling every available space on the walls. Even the two sliding blackboards are completely covered in strange, unreadable scribblings. Just looking at them is making Kouji dizzy...

Aww, how cute, it’s trying to be Lovecraft.

"Don't look!" Ryouko snaps at him.

"Listen. Don't move, and whatever you do, don't touch anything. Even if something draws your attention, don't look at it.

“Don’t twitch, don’t blink, don’t breathe, don’t even exist!”

If you see something that feels wrong, stare at your shoes right away. Got it?"


Ryouko switches from the floodlight to the flourescent lamp, then sets the light on a nearby table where it can illuminate the whole room. She then holsters her shotgun, only to pull out an even more confusing set of tools - a digital camera and a can of spraypaint.

She gives the spraycan in her left hand a good shake, switches the camera in her right hand on, and steps into the room while looking at the camera's side-mounted screen. After methodically recording the symbols on the walls and blackboards, she immediately begins to cover them in layers of black spraypaint.

"Um, Doctor......?"

"Lesson one. Never look at strange designs or read anything written in unusual languages like Latin.

Yeah, fuck trying to understand things! Also, fucking LATIN is an “unusual” language?

Latin is basically the Dark Tongue of Mordor.


Use a camera to record them for later examination, then use paint or something to destroy the real thing." Now that she mentions it, Kouji realizes that she's only looking at the screen of her camera - and even then only in short glimpses - and never directly at any of the drawings. He understands what she's saying, but it still doesn't make any sense.

"Why do you have to......"

"Now that you've come this far, you'd better shut up and listen for your own good.

Things like crystal balls and mirrors are dangerous. Anything can happen if you break them, so it's best to cover them with a cloth or paint over them for the time being."

Yes, and you should also avoid meeting black cats or opening umbrellas in houses. What other superstitious gobbledygook are you gonna throw at us?

Kouji begins to fear that this doctor might be even crazier than Fuminori.

Despite the burst of energy he received from the vodka, Kouji is still exhausted from having spent the night at the bottom of a well. The fear is affecting his body, making him dizzy and nauseous.

Soon, the walls are covered in black paint and the stale air is thick with the smell of turpentine.

I’m sure the paint fumes will help him think clearly!

"......That should do it for now," Ryouko says with relief, then tosses the empty can aside and puts away her video camera.

She’s gonna feel really stupid once she finds out that all those numbers were just the formula for Colonel Sanders’ secret recipe of eleven herbs and spices.

"What happened to Ougai?" Kouji asks, supporting himself against a nearby table.

"Hm? Oh, he was over there."

Without stopping her examination of the papers on the writing table, Ryouko nonchalantly points to a Chinese-style screen standing in one corner of the room. He was there...... Her clinical choice of tense makes the truth clearer than any words can. "......"

The urge to see for himself is irresistable. Kouji staggers across the room to the screen, taking the utmost care not to look at the scaly octopus-thing that is painted on it.

It’s like if Call of Cthulhu was retarded. “Roll Sanity for looking at a crappy octopus-picture and a blackboard full of bad math!”

Behind the screen is a large easy chair. Although he's never met the man before, Kouji is fairly sure that the person sitting in it is Ougai Masahiko.

Ougai's corpse must have shrunk significantly while drying in this sealed, undiscovered chamber. The skeleton is barely the size of a child's, with only the business suit hanging from the bones offering any hint of Ougai's former stature.

Attached Image

His empty eye sockets and wide-open jaw are filled with darkness - the same darkness that surrounded Kouji at the bottom of the well. Compared to those gaping voids, the tiny hole in Ougai's right temple is almost demure.


The small revolver he must have used to kill himself is still clenched in his dangling right hand.

Did he put a bullet-proof vest on before doing that? I wouldn’t put it past him.

Next to Ryouko's shotgun, it would probably look like a child's toy.

Ryouko must have noticed Ougai's corpse when she was spraying paint on the walls. Having gotten beyond surprise by now, Kouji is instead impressed by Ryouko's ability to keep working next to a corpse without batting an eyelash. He wonders why he keeps meeting people who are totally crazy.

If it weren't for her, Kouji reminds himself with a bitter smirk, he would have ended up joining this mummified corpse here - and no one would ever have found him.

Kouji's vision suddenly dims. He's pushed himself too hard, and the Spirytus vodka can't help him anymore.

Vodka, paint fumes and Elder Gods. Eh, I’m sure he’ll be fine.

He collapses to the floor, unable to hang on to his slipping consciousness, and the last thing he sees are Ougai Masahiko's gaping eye sockets staring at him.

Kouji is out of usable Pokemon! Kouji dropped 420 Pokedollars! … Koiji blacked out!

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“Talk sense to a fool and he calls you foolish.”
-Euripides, Bacchae

When he awakens, Kouji finds himself lying on something dry and soft.

A bed is a bed, he thinks to himself, even one that smells of mold and dust, and especially after having slept in cold mud all night.

A is A.

There are no lights hanging from the ceiling, but the soft, warm light of a lamp fills the room. A room devoid of furnishings... Kouji realizes that he's in Ougai's cabin, in the ground-floor bedroom that he'd searched before getting pushed into the well.

You know, a bed is a bed. Even one in an occult death cabin.

"You're awake?"

When Kouji turns his head to face the voice, he sees Ryouko sitting in a chair against the wall, expressionlessly studying the pile of documents on the table in front of her. She must have brought them up from Ougai's underground lab. As she examines the papers by the light of the lamp, she occasionally takes bites of the sandwich she has in her free hand.

"If you feel up to eating, there's food there."

Hopefully actual food this time...

Without looking up from the files, she gestures towards the convenience store bag sitting on the nightstand.

"How did I...... get here?"

You sleepwalked back to the Pokemon center.

Kouji can't imagine that a woman - even one like Ryouko - could have climbed out of the well with him on her back.

"There was a sealed door behind one of the bookshelves down there," Ryouko mutters, as though talking to herself.

Then why did he need to enter through the well at all? He could have avoided having to do that trick with the rope if he’d just used the other entrance he apparently had this whole time.

Taking care not to let her explanation interfere with her reading or eating, she continues,

"It was a pain to break open, but it led to the boiler room underneath the cabin. The other side had been hidden with a thin layer of mortar.

He probably sealed it after bringing all his equipment into the secret lab, then used the well to get in and out. Pretty thorough."

More like pretty retarded.

Oh, that’s why. And the explanation makes even less sense. How is a secret passage in a well, open to the outside, more secure than one hidden under his own home? After all, these two dumbasses found it.

"......Was there really something in there that he needed to hide so badly?"

"There used to be. This is the last of it."

Having finished her sandwich, Ryouko picks up some unsorted papers with her free hand and waves them in the air.

"Not all scholars want to get on stage at a symposium and show off their research to the world, you know.

There're also nutcases who get their kicks by learning secrets no one else knows, and by being buried with those secrets in hidden tombs that no one'll ever find."

And of course said nutcases clearly have elusive knowledge that the combined efforts of all scientists in the world couldn’t uncover.

Now let me tell you about the crab people who secretly live in our midst.

Kouji still hasn't the slightest idea what Ougai's secret might have been. From what Ryouko said in that tunnel, however, he can guess that whatever it is has done something to Fuminori.

"Fuminori...... What happened to him?" Kouji asks desperately, no longer caring who he gets answers from.

"What does Fuminori have to do with that dead body down there? Just what is it that you're after?"

"That's what I'm trying to find out," Ryouko replies coldly, as though Kouji's concerns are none of hers.

Well, you haven’t been doing a very good job.

"Sakisaka-kun told me that he'd been asked to find Ougai by one of Ougai's relatives."

"......Yes, he told me the same thing."

"Oh? Well, at least that's consistent."

“Well, his story checks out. Let’s drop the investigation here.”

Ryouko pulls several sheets of looseleaf paper from a different file.

"The truth is that Ougai had no relatives. I thought that Sakisaka-kun was simply lying.

Which is why you didn’t tell him that he had none, which would have led to him blurting out the existence of Saya when trying to contradict you, considering he actually believed her when she told him that. You’re kind of a moron.

However… there was another possibility I should have considered. He might have been tricked by someone claiming to be Ougai's family." Ryouko pauses, then looks sidelong at Kouji.

"Does the name 'Saya' ring a bell?"

"Saya? ......No, who is that?"

"Who - or what - is the question...... but the more I read, the less I understand."

This isn’t very hard. She’s basically Cthulhu mixed with Cannibal Holocaust and ET: The Porno.

She sighs bitterly, then returns her attention to the papers in her hand.

"All I can say for sure is that it appears to have been the focus of Ougai's research.

Like Fuminori, Ougai was a loli enthusiast.

If Sakisaka-kun has become deeply involved with whatever Saya is, then he's already passed the point of no return."

The icy certainty in Ryouko's voice sends a chill down Kouji's spine.

"If so...... what will you do with him?"

Give him hot chocolate and read him bed-time stories.

He has to ask, even though he already knows the answer.

"It's like I said," Ryouko replies, smirking at the tension in Kouji's voice. "I have no idea how many times I've wished I'd had a gun with me one year ago.

So why the fuck didn’t you kill him with something else, or kidnap him, or go to his cabin or house after getting a gun and shoot him there? It’s not like you were starving for time.

...I won't make the same mistake twice."

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me ten thousand times, I’m an Urobuchi character.

"If I go to the police, everything will be over!"

Ryouko doesn't respond, as though she didn't even hear what Kouji just said.

"Fuminori tried to kill me," Kouji continues persistently. "If I press charges, he'll be arrested and..."

Ryouko cuts him off harshly. "You have witnesses? Proof? What motive did Sakisaka-kun have to kill you?"

You really don’t know how the police works, right? But to answer your questions: Himself and Tanbo, His car and Fuminori’s fingerprints, the fact that he is an obvious psychopath and clearly insane. See how wonderfully easy this all is?

"You know, Tonoh-kun, you're completely misunderstanding what police do.

Their job isn't to fight for justice, nor even to keep the people safe."

Their job is to keep Dunkin Donuts in business.

"W-what are you saying?"

"Finding reasonable explanations for unreasonable events… that's what police are for.

I swear, if she starts talking about how 9/11 was an inside job, chemtrails, the NWO, that Jews are from space and mental illnesses are the result of a conflict between Atlanteans and Martians which ripped open the lower dimensions, I am SO fucking out of here.

They will always choose to believe the simplest, most logical explanation.

It's just like how water always flows downhill.

They aren't interested in the truth. They don't know, or care, that the truth is often stranger than fiction."

Oh my fucking God, are you for real? I knew you were crazy, but I didn’t know you were stupid, too. First off, there is no such thing as an “unreasonable event”. There are things that go against our intuition and appear illogical to us at first glance, but they are actually not. Next, are you seriously implying that using Occam’s Razor is somehow bad thinking or just a way to deny the “truth” that is “too scary” for us MUNDANE HYOOMANS? In this world, Saya is an alien spore sent from another dimension to infect living beings on planets and convert them. It’s retarded, but it’s not beyond our comprehension. In fact, since we know what Saya is, it makes no sense that looking at her drives people insane. They’d be shocked and repulsed, but disgust doesn’t make you go nuts. She doesn’t twist reality with her very presence like the Old Ones do. Furthermore, you’re saying that everyone else is just in denial about the horrible “truth” you’ve uncovered. You know what people think like that? Madmen. And you know how many of them were ever right? Not a single one. I know Saya actually exists in that world, but she didn’t know that. She already believed outrageous and ridiculous things with no evidence and yet she has the stones to look down on people who aren’t willing to unquestioningly swallow whatever horseshit some kook dreams up. Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence, ever heard of that? And now that you have it, you refuse to use it because you don’t think you can convince the “sheeple”? You imbecilic, self-righteous little hypocrite! Had you even remotely used your brain for anything else than just to prevent your skull from caving in, you could have prevented the deaths of hundreds and stopped Saya from ever coming to your world in the first place. But nooooo, you just had to play the lone outlaw who is the only one who TRULY knows how the world works and all those deluded sheep just don’t fucking get it, right? How about you go fuck yourself, you phony truth-seeker? What you’re looking for is just a validation for your own self-righteousness, fuck how many people die, how much of the actual truth gets buried, how much damage you do and how much risk you’re creating that the world ends just so you can satisfy your own ego. I take back everything positive I’ve ever said about you, you are the worst character in this entire game next to Fuminori and Saya. Fuck you and fuck your disgusting, fucked-up creator most of all.

"......Surely they're not all like that! I won't know until I try!"

"Exactly," Ryouko states, as she pulls another sandwich out of the bag. "That's the problem."

Attached Image

She hasn't spared Kouji a second glance since looking at him earlier. Even while talking, her attention is always focused on the papers in front of her. "Let's say you accuse your friend of going crazy and pushing you into a well.

In addition to your statement, the police will consider two alternative versions of the truth. Maybe you're making it all up to frame your friend.

Or - even simpler - the shock of having fallen into a well by accident has you doubting your friend.

Or he get could Tanbo to testify in his favor. Sure, she’s an obvious crazy person, but so is Fuminori. And who’s Fuminori going to call up in his defense? His meat monster waifu?

These three possibilities will race to see which comes out with the most convincing evidence. No one knows which will be the winner.

Except for everyone, but other than that...

Are you willing to bet everything you have on your 'truth'?"


Kouji has no response.

Can he really logically explain the events that led Fuminori to do what he did? How can he convince everyone else when he doesn't even understand it himself?

Dude, even the most incompetent police officer this side of Chief Wiggum would take one look at Fuminori, his records or his house and immediately believe you everything, even if you said he was wearing a tutu and screaming that he was King Ding-Dong of Penisland when he pushed you down the well.

"And here's the biggest problem......" Ryouko says calmly, cutting into Kouji's thoughts.

"While you're raising hell with the police, we'll lose our chance to corner Sakisaka Fuminori.
If he sees trouble coming, he'll go into hiding to avoid getting caught. And then we'll be back to square one."

So aside from the fact that he might already be doing that anyway, your logic is basically that it’s HARDER to catch Fuminori and his alien bodypillow when he’s on the run from a state-organized manhunt? What brand of nail-polish remover did your parents make you drink as a child?

She pauses to take a bite of her sandwich before continuing.

"Just like how I let Ougai get away."

Ougai was hidden in the last place she would have suspected: his own home.


A heavy silence falls upon them, with only the soft rustle of pages turning in Ryouko's hands marking the passage of time.

"Please tell me, Doctor..." Kouji says, his hushed voice breaking through the quiet.

“Is stupidity infectious?”

"What is so unforgivable that you're willing to take justice into your own hands? Just what exactly did Ougai do in that room down there?" Once again, Ryouko coldly ignores Kouji's question. This time, however, Kouji doesn't back down. He keeps staring at her relentlessly as she continues to silently immerse herself in the documents.

After some time, Ryouko rearranges the papers in her hands and sets them aside, as though having come to some conclusion. She then finally turns her whole body towards Kouji.

"...Listen, Tonoh-kun." Now that she's finally facing him, Ryouko affixes Kouji with a firm stare that belies the calmness of her voice.

“Only Cubic Harmonics can save humanity. Cubic Harmonics will pacify all religions. Nature’s harmonic simultaneous 4-day time cube.”

"You should back out of this now. Go relax at an onsen somewhere in Nasu or Nikkou, and don't return to Tokyo until you're ready to forget all of this."

“I’m just gonna go after him on my own, get murdered and thereby cause the completely preventable apocalypse! Toodles!”


After disbelievingly repeating Ryouko's command, Kouji feels quiet, yet irrepressible anger rising within him.

"Oumi was my girlfriend, and Fuminori was my best friend. You're telling me to forget about them?"

"Yeah, forget about them," Ryouko replies, coolly rebuffing Kouji's anger. "This isn't a suggestion. It's a warning."

And she knows what happened to his friends because...

"Whatever their relationship to you might have been, that's all over now. You'll never see them again - I guarantee it."

Well, you’ll see one of them again, but...

"Then what about Tsukuba!?" Kouji practically shouts.

"What'll happen to her? She was begging me for help on the phone! Something terrible was happening to her somewhere!"

"And how many hours ago was that?"


"Do you know how much time has passed since I saved you? How much longer do you think you would've lasted down there if I hadn't?"

She shakes her head, then coldly says,

"It's too late. She's already dead. You shouldn't expect everyone to be as lucky as you."

“Give it up. They’re in a better VN now.”
“No. What I just said is an oxymoron.”

"You......" Kouji growls, unable to supress his anger.

"......If you'd found me dead in that well, you wouldn't have thought anything of it, would you?"

She would have justifiably thought he’s a stupid idiot.

"I was prepared for that, of course," Ryouko says with a shrug, unfazed by Kouji's ire. "I hardly expected to find you alive."

“Which is why I made the trip there anyway.”


Once again, Kouji has been made painfully aware of the futility of arguing with this woman.

No matter how hard he tries, he'll never be able to make her feel shame or reform her ways. It's meaningless to debate with someone whose morals are fundamentally different.

What morals? Also, you can’t argue with people that are stupid and insane. Trust me, I’ve tried.

Kouji gets out of bed and stands on his shaky legs.

"......How long have I been asleep?"

"About half a day. I envy your ability to recover from exhaustion so quickly. It's the privilege of the young, so enjoy it while it lasts."

Kouji looks at his watch and sees that it's 4 A.M., which means that it was already early evening when Ryouko rescued him. He can't believe that he survived sitting in that well for almost two days. Now that the gaps in his memory have been filled in and his sense of time has returned, he realizes that it's already Sunday morning. Ryouko's right - a lot of time has passed since he spoke to Yoh on Saturday.

Yes, sitting in a well for two days. A truly superhuman feat.

Kouji grabs a sports drink and two jellied nutritional snacks from the pack of food that Ryouko brought, then heads for the door. He's still unsteady on his feet, but he can manage through force of will.

"Just to make sure, mind telling me where you're going?"

"Tokyo," Kouji replies brusquely, his tone no less hard than Ryouko's.

"Tsukuba might still be alive. I'm going to save her."

This is a great idea and totally won’t backfire horribly.

"......You just don't listen, do you?"

"I could say the same to you."

Kouji is expecting Ryouko to watch him go with that cold, mocking smile of hers; instead, however, she sighs heavily and rests her jaw in her hands.

"Can't you wait a little longer? Somewhere in here..." she thrusts her chin at the mountain of papers in front of her,

"...is the answer to what this thing Ougai called 'Saya' is. I think that we should wait until I figure that out and come up with a plan to defeat it."

Try spinning. That’s a good trick.

Saya was physically overpowered by a frightened painter. Killing her is not some kind of insurmountable challenge.

"You would think that, since you're already convinced that Tsukuba is dead."

In truth, Kouji is extremely uneasy about going on alone.

He knows, however, that, even if he did have Ryouko's help, she would surely bring about the worst possible end. He mustn't depend on her.

"Tonoh-kun," Ryouko calls, just as Kouji opens the door and steps into the hallway.

"You were almost killed once. Don't let it happen again."

She picks up something that was lying next to her pile of documents and casually tosses it to Kouji.

When Kouji catches it, he feels its solid weight fill his hand.

“How are your collectors edition copies of Crazy Fucktard Monthly going to help me?”

"This is..."

Attached Image

Kouji stares at the menacing shape of cold metal.

It's a revolver, the one that was clenched in Ougai's skeletal fist.

"It has four more shots. There's no safety, so you just need to pull the trigger to fire.
......Where and how to use it is up to you."

“Maybe you shouldn’t listen to me though, after all I store my shotgun-shells in the pond nearby.”

Well of course there's no safety. It's a revolver, they usually don't have a safety catch. But you can't just pull the trigger to fire, since you have to cock the hammer first, which she doesn't explain to him because this is dumb as hell.


If Kouji were his usual cautious self, he probably wouldn't hesitate to reject the dangerous offering. The only end a gun can decisively bring is absolute ruin. He doesn't intend to go back to Tokyo to fight a losing war. However… without even knowing it, Kouji has already set foot into Ryouko's world. Choosing instinct over reason, he accepts the small but deadly weapon and stuffs it into his pocket.

Taking a gun to protect yourself when your former friend has become a homicidal serial killer who tried to murder you is devoid of reason.

There is no question that Kouji intends to save Yoh and bring Fuminori to answer for his sins.

In the back of his mind, however, he clearly hears the footsteps of destruction approaching.

When he steps out of the cabin's front door, Kouji shivers at the cold of the dawn forest.

The freezing wind sweeping across the front yard is like knives against his skin. He can't believe that the outside air is even colder than the mud at the bottom of the well.

The cold of night must have been lessened by the stagnant air filling the cramped space. If he'd been exposed to this intense chill all night long, he would surely have frozen to death.

So Fuminori’s murder attempt actually saved him, since all he had to do was drive away without Kouji. That’s… par for the course, actually.

Kouji finds two cars parked at the end of the road leading to the front yard. The mini-car next to his Accord must be Ryouko's.

When he sits behind the wheel of his car, he gets some relief from the feeling that he has taken the first step, however small, back into his world.


He takes small sips of the sports drink, wetting his parched throat, then washes down some jello. His stomach rebels at the sudden influx of food after 36 hours of emptiness, but he manages to force down the urge to vomit.

Kouji needs the energy. No matter how hard it is, he must regain enough stamina to overcome the challenges ahead.

After forcing down the necessary amount of food, Kouji leans back in his seat and takes a short break. Now that he has begun to feel like himself again, he reaches into the back seat and pulls his spare cell phone out of his bag.

He never expected that accidentally carrying two phones would be such a stroke of luck.

As he calls up Fuminori's number and prepares to hit send, Kouji is overcome by a flood of emotions.

No, why are you giving him a warning? This is the opposite of what you should be doing. Why.

Rage, despair, sorrow, pity - he is unable to decide what to feel towards his friend.

How about “he should die”?

However, there is no time for such idle worries. Every second lost diminishes the chance of saving Oumi and Yoh...... Kouji refuses to even consider that it may already be too late.

He steels himself and presses the button, then holds the phone to his ear as it rings longer and louder than ever before.

Right now, Fuminori's phone must be displaying the name of the caller. Kouji wonders what Fuminori's reaction will be when he sees it.


The call goes through.

Kouji can clearly sense surprise, apprehension, and dark fury coming from the silence at the other end of the phone.

Feeling slightly gratified, Kouji delivers the first jab.

"Yo. What, you weren't expecting a call from a dead man?"

Given Fuminori’s previous displays of his gargantuan intellect, I wouldn’t be surprised if he actually believed Kouji was a zombie.

"......What a surprise. How did you manage it?"

As Kouji is about to answer, an idea suddenly flashes through his mind.

"There was a secret passage in the well," Kouji says, as a plan forms rapidly in his head. "It led to a hidden underground room."

He pauses to let that sink in, then, with the satisfaction of having taken the initiative filling his voice, says,

“The room was full of steak and blowjobs. I didn’t know what to do with them all, so I’m on my way to give some to you. Also, if it looks like I’m holding a gun, that’s just your meat vision acting up, so let me in anyway.”

"I met Ougai Masahiko, you know."


Fuminori's gasp makes it clear that Kouji has seized the advantage completely. Keeping his voice fearless, he decides to further exaggerate the truth.

"I know it all - everything about 'Saya'. You're finished, Fuminori.I've got all the proof I need to blow this thing wide open. You won't even see it coming."

"You bastard......"

“How dare you find things out that any moron could have stumbled upon!”

It's obvious from the sound of Fuminori's voice that rage has overwhelmed his reason. Kouji's hit-or-miss bluff appears to have worked perfectly. His victory is tainted, however, as Fuminori's extreme response to the word 'Saya' brings a cry of pain from the traces of friendship still hiding in the depths of his soul.

"If Sakisaka-kun has become deeply involved with whatever Saya is..."

Ryouko's cold words play back in his head, sounding even more pitiless than before.

"...then he's already passed the point of no return."

He musn't allow himself to be overwhelmed by useless emotions.

"Fuminori, where are Oumi and Tsukuba?"

“Oh, they’re here. And there. And there. And there.”

Kouji suddenly switches topics, trying to keep Fuminori off balance. It all comes down to this.

"Even I might be willing to show you mercy. Depending on how you act, that is."


"If you swear not to cause any more suffering, I'll forget about what you did to me, and about what I found at the cabin.I don't want to have anything more to do with you and Saya anyway. All I want is for Oumi and Yoh to be safe."

define “safe”

"Oumi and Yoh, huh......"

I also want to mention that this was a retarded idea. Fuminori assumed he had dealt with all his problems. You could have easily waited for him at his house and either grab or kill him when he comes out. Instead, you’re practically throwing a parade announcing that you are still alive, a bigger threat to him than ever and that you know everything. Because clearly, the best way to put down a rabid animal is to slowly and loudly announce that you are coming, give it time to prepare and back it into a corner so that it will fight with all the power it’s desperation can give it. Sun Tsu is spinning in his grave right now.

Fuminori's voice trails off, but it's obvious that he's desperately trying to decide whether or not he can trust Kouji's words, and whether or not there's room for negotiation. Fuminori has been called out, and now it's time for him to show his hand. "I truly don't know anything about Oumi. She never came to my house. Yoh, however..."

Fuminori pauses, then gives a knowing chuckle that sends chills up Kouji's spine.

"Well...... I wonder if she'll really want to leave."

Fuminori throws some kickass parties.

"......She's with you, isn't she?"

Kouji is relieved to learn Yoh's location and that she is, at least, alive.

At the same time, however, it is now clear that Fuminori had something to do with the suffering that Kouji had heard Yoh going through over the phone.

Had Yoh already fallen into Fuminori's trap back then?

This is completely unbelievable. Fuminori could outright explain what he did and Kouji would still be confused as to whether something bad is going on.

What has happened to her? How is she being treated?

"She's finally had her deepest desire granted, you know, " Fuminori says with venomous sarcasm. "She's my property now. It looks like you and Oumi got what you wanted after all."


Kouji feels despair settling over his soul.

How much lower will this man go? Kouji wonders. Must Fuminori seek out and destroy every memory of the friendship that they'd once shared?

"Let Tsukuba go. When I'm sure she's safe, I'll destroy everything I have on you and Saya."

"How can I trust you? First, I want you to..."

"I'm not giving you a choice here, Fuminori."

Kouji instinctively realizes that it's dangerous to push his bluff any further.

"I'll call you again later. You have until then to make up your mind."

What’s dumber than giving the murderous psychopath a warning that you’re coming for him? Giving him two warnings!

He hangs up without waiting for a response.

Fuminori doesn't know that Kouji is still at the cabin in Tochigi. Right now, he's probably worrying about whether Kouji will show up in an hour or a minute. Kouji hopes that he'll be able to take advantage of Fuminori's confusion. ...Three hours. That's how long it'll take to race all the way back to Tokyo.

It’s almost like this was the worst thing he could have possibly done! Then again, that almost garantees that Tanbo will think it’s genius.

Kouji is afraid that his body won't allow him to maintain the concentration necessary for such a long drive.

His mind is clear, but his limbs still feel half-asleep, like they're weighted down with lead.

Although he knows that he has to stay resolute, Kouji still longs for the life that he had until a few days ago.

Back then, life-or-death conflicts were the furthest thing from his mind, and he'd never imagined that he might be fighting for someone's life. With each passing moment, he feels himself becoming less like the person he was. When all of this is over, will he be able to return to his normal life?

Or will this change continue until it has consumed him and his world?

Urobuchi, you are not Lovecraft and you never will be Lovecraft. Stop it.

Time is against him. Every second that passes is wasted.

Even so, he decides to allow himself just five minutes of weakness.

call the police call the police call the police call the police call the police call the police call the police call the police call the police call the police call the police call the police call the police

For exactly five minutes, he leans against the steering wheel and cries.

And when his tears have run dry and his heart is calm, Kouji starts up his Accord and drives away.

Fuck these characters, fuck this game, fuck Urobuchi, fuck TV Tropes, fuck Kotaku, fuck everyone who likes this and fuck Japan.

Index of horrible mocks

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"They could put me in a helicopter and fly me up into the air and line up the bodies head to toe on the ground in delightful geometric patterns like an endless June Taylor dancers routine — and it would never be enough. No, I don’t keep count."
- the Joker

I stare at the silent phone for a while.

There is anger, of course, but something cold and heavy holds my emotions in check.

The sense of danger...... To be honest, I'm surprised at how calmly I'm handling this.


Yoh looks up apprehensively from where she was attending to my manhood throughout the call.


Oh good. It’s been a good two minutes since he did something deplorable, I was starting to wonder if maybe Urobuchi lost his touch.

Perhaps mistaking my silence for annoyance, she desperately rubs her breasts against my shaft and attacks the head of my penis with her tongue.

The remaining fragments of her memory seem to have joined together, as she has regained some degree of speech. Upon realizing this last night, Saya immediately began to teach her language once more, finding it amusing to teach her pet new tricks.

"Don't… be mad… Yoh will… try harder..."

I just… I can’t.

Still gazing up at me pleadingly, Yoh sucks on my penis without even taking the time to breathe.

Her ministrations threaten to fill my head with a white fog of pleasure that would impede my thoughts - and, besides, my arousal has already vanished. At first, I consider making her stop. When I gaze into her puppy-dog eyes, however, I begin to think differently.

Because when I think “sexy,” I think puppy-dog eyes.

Thanks to Saya's efforts, I have a family once again. For the first time, I am becoming aware of the responsibility that places on me. I am now the head of a new Sakisaka household, as well as its only male member. It is my duty to protect, to comfort, and to ensure the happiness of the women living under my roof.

I know I’m not being very funny right now, but you have to understand that it’s a little bit hard to play the comedian when you are THIS FUCKING PISSED OFF.

With that in mind, I know that I mustn't carelessly show any fear or confusion.

"Continue, Yoh."


I entrust my manhood to Yoh's ripe breasts, basking in the pleasure with one part of my mind while contemplating our current predicament with the other. It is clear that I made a grave, irredeemable error when I failed to finish Kouji off two days ago. Right now, I need to set my frustration and anger aside and deal with this problem logically. It's time to leave.

Yes, let us consider this logically, my meat monster sex slave.

I have no way of knowing when Kouji escaped from the well, how much he has learned, or how many people he has had contact with since then. Now that it's impossible to know how far the problem has spread, simply disposing of Kouji again won't guarantee our safety.

Right now, Kouji is like poison in a reservoir. No matter what, it will never be possible to filter all of the poison out of the water. What should one do in this situation? The answer is obvious - stop drinking the water. The only choice is to find a new place to drink and start a new life.

Oh, he’s gonna run away. Who could have guessed that would happen? Good job Koiji, you FUCKING RETARD.

"Fuminori? Who were you talking to?"

Saya returns from the kitchen, where she'd gone in search of a midnight snack. She's munching on her favorite - spareribs.


I had to double-check to be sure that ribs thing wasn’t a joke that Max added in. This is about as subtle as a Chick tract.

Purging myself of unease and impatience, I respond with a casual shrug.

"It looks like we have a little trouble. That bastard Kouji is still alive."

"Oh dear."

By breaking the news suddenly, and without any trace of anxiety, I am able to avoid frightening Saya or putting her on edge. Instead, she goes straight to being surprised. "Saya...... It might be best if we leave this house."

"Hmm, I see......"

Saya lowers her eyes and strokes her chin thoughtfully.

“...let’s rape him to death! That has always worked until now!”

Despite the severity of the situation - of which Saya is no doubt fully aware - she has gone straight to the planning stage without wasting time getting upset. I knew that remaining calm would work.

I really don’t see the problem. Let’s say Kouji’s planning to storm the house. Does anyone think he isn’t brain-dead enough to ring the doorbell first and wait for Fuminori to answer?

Moreover, I'm currently getting my penis sucked by Yoh. It would be hard for anyone to get too serious under these circumstances.

"Well, either way, this area would have gotten dangerous once people realized that Suzumi-san's family has disappeared. I think this day would have come sooner or later."

".......Yeah," Saya nods. I can tell that she's reluctant to leave, but at least there is no sadness in her expression.

Everything will be fine.

In this way, I will continue to protect my life with Saya. I have that power.

No one man should have all that power.

Knowing that we've overcome one problem gives me new confidence.

"By the way, Saya, I'm… almost..."

"Eh? Ah! Wait, wait!"

Saya hastily discards her spareribs and pushes the still-sucking Yoh off of me.


"Fuminori! You're harder from Yoh's breasts than you are when you're with me!"

"Well, that's......"

Despite her scolding tone, Saya gently and passionately wraps her mouth around my manhood.

You’d think after the extended rape-scenes nothing would be shocking anymore, but it’s surprisingly disgusting to watch this cannibalistic serial-killer and his alen loli waifu-play house.


Eww, she didn’t even rinse her mouth out first.

With my orgasm already charged up by Yoh, Saya's ravenous tongue and throat push me over the edge instantly. "Saya, I'm..."

"......Come on, give me..."

Before Saya finishes, I thrust deep into her throat and unleash my lust as I stare into her eyes, wide with surprise.


Even while moaning around my penis, Saya grabs me firmly by the waist and swallows all of my seed without choking.

OK, we get it. We’ve established that she loves semen. It isn’t necessary to remind us of this in every scene.

".......Pwah! That was good."

"You're so greedy, Saya," I say, smiling wryly as I look at Yoh, who's lying limply on the floor.

"You always keep it all for yourself."

"Of course. I won't forgive you if you give it to any other women."

I think this is what Gen Urobuchi’s interpretation of romance is.

After baring her teeth at me grumpily, she burrows her face into my stomach.

"......I'm serious, okay?"

It's adorable how Saya goes from angry to pleading like this. I find myself reaching down to muss up her hair. "Don't worry. I won't. ......Now then, we'd better get ready."


We can travel light, and borrow the Suzumi family car.

That’s a nice way to say “stealing”.

I'd better withdraw everything that's left in my bank account and carry it as cash. I'll also need a weapon, something more reliable than a butcher's knife.

Kouji will most likely follow. He still thinks that Yoh can be saved, after all. However, I'm not abandoning this house just to run away. Now that Kouji knows our location, staying in one place will put us on the defensive. I'm not about to do something so foolish. I need to find a way to regain the initiative and deal with Kouji at a place of my own choosing.

Stay in the murdered family’s home and ambush Kouji when he comes to investigate. There. I solved the problem. It took less than five seconds.

The next time we meet, I'll kill him with my own hands. I'll make sure to wring every last drop of life out of his body.

A shiver runs through me as I anticipate the battle ahead, and my bloodlust feels like orgasmic fire filling my loins.

Is there anything that WON’T give you a boner?!

When she looks up, the morning sun is already streaming in through the window.

Tired from hours of poring over files, Ryouko removes her glasses and massages her aching eyes.

Her dreams are always filled with horror, yet the night she just spent was more nightmarish than them all - and it's not over yet. She has only just set foot on the threshold.

As expected, the files left behind by Ougai Masahiko were not the sort that Ryouko could simply pick up and read.

Fortunately, Ougai had been too old-fashioned to put his trust in electronic media. If he'd encrypted his files on a computer, she'd have had to find a hacker to decipher them.

Instead, he wrote in Klingon. Qapla!

Apparently, however, Ougai had not wanted to take the time necessary to write every sentence in code. The method he had chosen was, in fact, quite simple.

Of the vast number of files Ryouko had found in his underground lab, the majority turned out to be notes and theses from Ougai's days as a student.

Considering this guy’s mental prowess, it’s probably just photocopies from textbooks with some funny cat-doodles...

The important papers were the diaries and research notes that had been scattered throughout the piles and piles of worthless scrap.

At first, she was unable to understand the documents that she had found. Each sheet was covered with text on one side and blank on the other; each line was completely unrelated to the next, making it impossible to glean any meaning from the paper as a whole.

The trick revealed itself, however, while she was sorting the pages that made no sense. She found that each line continued on the same line of a different page.

“‘Way… to… waste… your… time… you… fucking… idiot.’ I wonder what he could be saying here.”

In Ougai's diary, for example, the first day would begin at the first line, then continue not with the next line, but with the first line on the next page. Similarly, the second day was the second line, the third day was the third line...... and so on and so forth. After filling all the lines on one set of pages, Ougai had torn them out and hidden them by scattering them among his other files.

Which of course makes zero sense if you already have a hidden base that nobody can find.

There was no regularity to how the pages were numbered, of course. There was probably a random number list somewhere, but, unable to find it, Ryouko had no choice but to figure out the page order manually.

Despite knowing that the task would be exhausting, Ryouko set to it valiantly. After separating all of the looseleaf sheets from the jumbled files, she began the painstaking process of linking pages together according to the contents of their first line.

Ougai had apparently dismantled and scattered his diary after finishing a number of days equal to the lines on one page, and had done the same to his research reports every thirty pages or so.

If he’s determined to render his notes useless, why not burn them? Tearing them apart obviously doesn’t prevent anyone else from using them, it just makes things inconvenient. There’s no point.

The diary was much easier to restore. Because the entries varied in length, later pages had a larger number of blank lines. The page with only one line, therefore, was the last page of the diary, and those with the most blank spaces could be considered closer to the end.

Truly, we have the next Sherlock Holmes working here.

Ryouko's perseverance has paid off, for she has already succeeded in restoring several volumes of Ougai's diary. As she rereads them, she feels despair draining her spirit, as it has so many times before.

This cursed feeling of powerlessness that comes with knowing hidden truths - those who have tasted it once shall be beaten down by it again and again, until the day they die. All secrets are connected, after all. Once you have glimpsed even the tiniest fraction of the world's true horrifying face, you have no choice but to watch in terror as the veil continues to roll back inch by inch.

She never really got over finding out Santa isn’t real.

All that is left is to wait for the day when insanity will crush your reason under its ever-increasing weight.

I already addressed this bullshit at length earlier, so… FUCK OFF.

I have succeeded in communicating with the organism. It shows enormous curiosity, and its intelligence is beyond doubt. See separate files for confirmed voice patterns and body language.

"His" appetite for knowledge is insatiable, and his learning efficiency is off the charts. However, he exhibits absolutely no desire to be recognized as an individual.

His ego appears to be quite weak. His psyche is clearly different from a human's.

His ability to learn languages is astounding. No, perhaps I should say... "ability to develop communication." When I laughed at his mispronunciations, he immediately picked up the concept of "puns."

Followed shortly thereafter by the concept of being a shithead.

Ever since, he has been employing his entire vocabulary in an attempt to find puns that will "make me laugh." Perhaps, in a few days' time, he will have learned enough language for us to communicate freely.

We have begun to discuss various matters using human language. Although he continuously barrages me with questions, he is unable to answer any of mine.

You’d think someone who makes a discovery like that would want to publish it and become the most famous scientist to ever live.

Judging by his responses, it appears that he only gained awareness after materializing in this universe. He has no knowledge of where he came from. While I am disappointed, the fact that he has reached this level of intelligence only one week after starting to think tells me that there is no end to what I can learn from him. Hypothesis: He is not a naturally-occurring organism, but was created by an even more sophisticated sentient lifeform - like an artificial intelligence, perhaps.

Here it comes. We’re going to learn the truth about Saya. The stupid (but apparently sanity-shattering) truth.

If this is true, it would explain why he has no ego, yet possesses such a hunger for knowledge. He might be some sort of reconnaissance "robot" that was sent from another world.

Which makes absolutely no goddamn sense.

For the nth time since she started reading, Ryouko smiles humorlessly.

How wonderful it would be if she were ignorant enough to laugh the diary off as the delusions of a madman or the work of a science-fiction writer.

Unfortunately, however, she knows far too much.

When she thinks back to the many horrors that Ougai brought into her life, the words before her take on chilling credibility.

If this story was worth half a shit, we’d have seen some of those. Show, don’t tell, you fucker.

Considering what this is and who wrote it, I bet he just raped her.

I have confirmed that his intellect far surpasses any human's. This morning, I taught him about prime numbers. After I explained the Lucas-Lehmer test for Mersenne primes, he immediately began to list examples that he had calculated in his head.

I was only able to confirm by memory up to number 10, M89, but he continued to list further examples without any trouble.

I left him to his calculations, and, when I returned a few hours later, I discovered that he had written down more than 70 of them.

Computers all over the world are currently working to calculate Mersenne primes, but the last one I remember being found was number 39 back in 2001.

When I entered several of his results into my laptop and ran the Lucas-Lehmer test on them, I found that every one was correct. The rest are no doubt just as accurate.

“But verifying research is hard, so whatever. Now excuse me while I trash my own notes.”

After all, he has never shown the pathological need for respect that would lead him to tell such a lie. I see no reason to doubt his veracity.

If I could reveal to the world my process for discovering these Mersenne primes, the prize money alone would make me a billionaire...... It goes without saying, however, that keeping my research secret is far more important than some worthless money.

Yes, keeping it secret for absolutely no reason at all sure is important.

His computational abilities exceed even those of computers. I can only conclude that his cognitive power is beyond anything humanity can imagine.

At his request, we have begun a new field of study.

Despite his immeasurable aptitude for mathematics, he now desires to concentrate on sociology and the natural sciences. Perhaps our math problems are simply too boring for him.

He has shown especially keen interest in how organisms reproduce and multiply. As he possesses nothing that could be called emotion, I hesitate to use this description, but...... when he learned about DNA, he seemed somehow "excited."

In fact, even he seemed surprised by his reaction. Unable to understand his own impluse, he decided to label it "instinct." If this description is in his own words, then this development is extremely interesting. It would mean that there is a deeper level to his psyche than just the knowledge he has acquired since coming to this world. If I can use this discovery to trace his roots, I might be able to learn what he truly is. Note: Candidates for the plane and world of his origin are discussed in Regarding the Silver Key, filed separately.

Urobuchi seems to think mixing occult bullshit and sci-fi bullshit makes for good writing. It doesn’t.

...I spent the whole day carrying books into his room.

Apparently, he is no longer satisfied by the knowledge I am able to impart. It should come as no surprise, considering his linguistic prowess, but the speed at which he consumes texts is astounding.

The diary continues for some time, chronicling the intimate relationship between Ougai and "him."

In the back of her mind, Ryouko imagines the old professor climbing down the well in the middle of the night to hold congress with some inhuman creature in that bizarre laboratory. The image is disturbingly similar to the nightmares that have plagued Ryouko's dreams and shattered the silence of many nights with her screams.

The Creature from the Black Lagoon + The Ring + severe psychopathy = how Tanbo sees the world.

What follows, however...makes her worst nightmares pale in comparison.

…He has made a very strange request. This is the first time he has wanted anything other than food and reading materials.

I can hardly believe it, but...he wants to consume the sperm of living creatures. This is separate from his desire for food. Once again, he is describing this impulse as "instinctive."

All this is telling me is that the aliens that created Saya were the dumbest “advanced species” in the history of fiction.

Now that he has declared himself a "lifeform that needs the sperm of males," he has begun to consider himself "female." Starting tomorrow, I suppose I will have to start calling the organism a "she."

...Is the personality that she is exhibiting really just an imitation created for her amusement? Ever since she started to immerse herself in human culture and literature, she has been acting surprisingly human. She recognizes herself as female, and already possesses an enormous amount of knowledge. Is she trying to create a human identity for herself based on these?

I have seen her laugh, grow angry...... and today, she...cried. Is she just copying our emotional displays? If not, then she is already......

There you go. Saya is an alien meat computer sent by an alternate dimension and/or demons to chug semen until she has enough genetic information to turn every living thing in the world into meat monsters like herself. A Von Neumann machine that can rape.

Is the "soul" something that any intelligent lifeform can acquire?

I feel that I am witnessing something even more mysterious than the secret of life.

Yes, you are listening to a supposed “scientist” prattle on about the occult and souls and other assorted nonsense.

Today is her birthday. Although it is a year late, I want to give her a heartfelt gift.

"Saya" was the name of my mother's cat. In my childhood, she was my sole friend and my beloved. I decided long ago that, if I were ever to be blessed with children, I would give that name to my daughter.

Happy birthday, Saya.

Happy birthday to you
You live in a well
You rape and eat people
And I think that’s just swell

Let this be the name of your soul. You have earned it.

The "ability" that Saya has discovered in herself is showing more extraordinary results each day.

I have no doubt that she is a kind of artist. What exactly is it that she created in her body from the rat semen I gave her? At this point, I can only surmise that it is a type of retrovirus - a reverse transcriptase enzyme that creates exactly what she desires.

Please, don’t pretend you know shit about biology.

The rats - or rather, the creatures that were once rats - that have been transformed by her "art" are so very beautiful. The many enzymes secreted by her body and the various appendages she uses are discussed in detail in my biological observations, filed separately. Here, I will say this. By witnessing Saya perform her operations on several rats, I have gained much confidence in my theory that her body is designed specifically to manipulate the biology of other organisms.

Ryouko looks grimly at the still-unsorted mountain of research reports. When she finally manages to separate those papers, she will probably find the many other files mentioned in the diary. Ougai's biological observations... at the very least, she wants to look through those before facing the thing called "Saya." Under no circumstances does she want to go into battle unprepared. She looks at her watch and sees that it's 7 A.M. Assuming Tonoh Kouji drove without making any stops, he should be arriving in Tokyo about now. Now that it's too late, she wishes that she'd stopped that stubborn young man from leaving… even if she'd had to shoot him in the leg.

What are you, the female alter-ego of Captain Hindsight?

Kouji pulls up two blocks away from the Sakisaka house and stares at the silent building.

Time for him to put his brilliant plan into motion.

In the bright light of morning, the Sakisaka house seems to be shrouded in a dark miasma, like a black hole torn out of the landscape - is it just a figment of Kouji's imagination? Every window is closed, offering no glimpse of the inside. Kouji has no way of knowing whether or not Fuminori is home.

A pedestrian - probably a neighbor - walks his dog down the street, glancing back at Kouji after he passes by the Accord.

Kouji isn't surprised that he'd draw attention even though he's sitting inside his car. He hasn't bathed or changed clothes since spending the night in the mud at the bottom of a well, so he must look like some homeless drifter.

You know, I just realized. If Saya can manipulate biological matter, why can’t she take on a more human appearance? Or at least look more like an animal? Furthermore, if her real voice is inhuman, why does that dude describe it otherwise? Is it because he’s nuts? If so, that makes it even more ludicrous that he could conduct any research at all.

When he looks in the rearview mirror, he sees the haggard face of a man with one foot in the grave staring back at him. It's hard to believe that the unshaven, tired face really belongs to him.

If he stays here for too long, he might very well be reported to the police. He'd better pull himself together and get moving.

After driving slowly up to the front of Fuminori's house, Kouji quickly checks to make sure no one is around, then gets out of the car. Anyone who might be in the house probably heard the sound of the car, but there's no point in worrying about that now.

Yeah. Why worry about anything? Just charge on in there and see how it goes.

Kouji walks swiftly through the gate and yard to the front door. He puts his hand on the doorknob, forgoing ringing the doorbell or knocking. The time for such pleasantries has passed. The door is unlocked, and the knob turns easily in his hand.

He puts his ear against the door and listens for any sounds coming from inside the house. It's like I'm a thief, he thinks, feeling some shame. There doesn't seem to be anything moving inside. After checking the street again to make sure that no one's looking, he quickly opens the door and disappears inside.

A strange stink immediately assaults his nostrils. He is already prepared for anything, however, so, rather than discourage him, the stench only sharpens his caution to a razor's edge. He has crossed this threshold many times in the past, and has countless vivid memories of times spent at this house. So why... why does he feel the same ominous, blood-chilling aura that he did at Ougai's home and cabin?

Because Urobuchi is a hack, as we pointed out.

Anger and sorrow seize Kouji's heart, as though the image of a dead friend has been defiled.

Kouji doesn't remove his shoes before entering. He knows why he's here, after all.

Every rain shutter is closed, filling the house with gloom, and he can see nothing but pitch black darkness through the open doors of the various rooms. I should have brought my flashlight from the car, he thinks ruefully, then remembers that he dropped the light when he was attacked by Fuminori outside of the well. It's still lying in the backyard of the cabin in Tochigi.

The house might be empty - then again, it might not be.

Did you try burning it? That would have been smarter. If Koiji hadn’t called Fuminori and just drove to his house with some Molotov-cocktails, this shit would already be over.

But isn’t it so suspenseful and ~spooky scary~ watching idiots fumble around until one of them wins by sheer dumb luck?

Each particle of the air seems charged with silent menace, like knives against his throat. Is there an enemy lurking in the thick darkness that fills every room of the house? It's not hard to imagine Fuminori waiting for a chance to take him by surprise and finish what the well failed to.

Kouji walks down the first floor hallway, then climbs the stairs to the second floor and checks that hallway too. He moves slowly and carefully, keeping his senses sharp, but feels nothing sneaking up behind him or watching him from the shadows.

After completing his rounds safely, he is convinced that the house is empty.

He suddenly realizes that his right hand is touching the cold steel of the gun in his pocket. Did he intend to draw the weapon upon encountering Fuminori?

That’s his subconscious rebelling against his dumbassery.

Now that Kouji thinks about it, his own actions seem mysterious to him.

How convenient. “Even the characters know they make no sense, I ain’t gotta explain shit!”

What is he planning to do when he meets Fuminori? Will he lay into him with curses and epithets? Will he force him to turn himself in? Or will he... Enough, Kouji decides. This isn't the time for these thoughts.

If he keeps thinking about it, he'll stop moving; if he stops moving, the crushing fear will paralyze him forever. Right now, he has to forget about such hopeless questions and keep marching ahead. He has to close the distance to his prey. In any case, Fuminori isn't at home. What form their reunion takes will probably be decided at the moment of their meeting. All Kouji has to do is not hesitate. Still, why does the whole house smell like stagnant water?

It's been three months since Fuminori shut his friends out of his affairs...... Just what kind of life has he been leading all this time?

He’s been livin la vida loca.

Kouji enters the living room and feels along the wall for the light switch. The moment he flips it on, the answer to his question is revealed.


How far has Fuminori gone?

Kouji realizes that this is the first time he has encountered Fuminori's insanity in visible form.

As opposed to that time he tormented one of his friends to the point of tears, during which he was presumably invisible.

From the dust piled in the corners of the room, it is clear that the paint was not applied recently.

How many nights has Fuminori spent surrounded by this maddening array of color?

Why, if such obvious signs were available... why didn't Kouji realize that something was wrong before it got this bad?

Was he deaf to the dying screams of Fuminori's sanity as it crumbled away? Was their friendship really so worthless?

1. because of bad writing, 2. yes, 3. also yes.

As he stands petrified in the unfamiliar living room, Kouji directs his anger entirely at his own powerlessness. If he could, he would like nothing more than to apologize to the old Fuminori for not helping him in his lonely battle against his suffering.

Kouji feels that he might have been able to save Fuminori. Perhaps he is arrogant to think so - but, if so, it is arrogance born of kindness.

Now there’s some word-salad...

Kouji passes through the living room and opens the sliding door that leads to the kitchen.

When he enters, he finds that the most disturbing of the many stenches that have been torturing him is at its strongest here.

Blood......The room is redolent with the smell of countless layers of blood grown stale over time.

He’s found SCP-173’s containment chamber!

He peers into the well-used sink.

Around the rim, he sees faint, brownish-red blotches that water alone couldn't rinse off.

Even more unmistakable are the stains on the dishrag.

Such stains are proof that many dishes were washed here, over and over again - but what could the cloth have been used to wipe off to make it that color?


Kouji stares at the refrigerator next to the counter as though it were something unbelievably terrifying. He stands motionless until he is able to work up the courage simply to touch it.

Then he steels himself, grabs the thick handle, and opens the door. First he'll check the freezer, then the refrigerator.

The large freezer is packed with frozen meat of varying shapes and sizes. As each piece is wrapped tightly in frosted-over plastic, he can't tell what kind of meat it is.

The meat in the refrigerator however, has already been thawed for consumption.

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For a while, he can only stare in disbelief at the five fingers beckoning to him from the back of the compartment.

They are the long, slender fingers of a woman, their bluish tinge giving them the appearance of waxworks.

Hey Oumi. How’s it going?

Kouji is unable to remember what Oumi's hands looked like, even though he kissed her fingers countless times.

Seriously? Maybe you’re just not that good with relationships, Koiji...

When he finished crying after his conversation with Fuminori, Kouji promised himself that he wouldn't cry again - and, in fact, he doesn't.

He regrets his decision, however. He indulged himself too early.

He should have saved his soothing tears for this moment....... for he is now absolutely certain that the world that he knew has vanished forever. Now, at last, his doubts about Fuminori have been utterly obliterated.

Kouji pulls Ougai's revolver out of his pocket and wraps his hands around its grip like he would a charm.

Its definite presence - its promise of merciful, absolute destruction - is the only thing keeping his sanity intact.

He will surely use it to kill Sakisaka Fuminori.


Not for revenge...

Not for justice...

But to reassure himself that this world is indeed governed by his reason. For that purpose alone, he must eliminate the anomaly.


He breathes deep, exhales, then lifts his hand before his face and stares at his spread fingers.

Alright, he's not shaking. He is prepared to face his new objective.

Kouji sticks the revolver back into his pocket and pulls out his cell phone.

In the immortal words of MST3K: “END! ENNNNND!”

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