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> Luffy fucks Shirahoshi, Size really does matter
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Ramming You Lethally

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One must do violence to the object of one's desire; when it surrenders, the pleasure is greater.
-Marquis DeSade

You didn't think the fic with Crocodile was just a one-time thing, did you? No, of course not. If I were to list all the things wrong with the One Piece-fandom, I would roughly be done the next five Billion years or so. Anyway, this time you'll get to feast your eyes on a pairing of the more whacked-out variety. And before you ask how this is physically possible - we'll get there. Oh man, we'll get there.

"Man, this food really IS good!"
The giant Princess Shirahoshi gazed down fearfully at the tiny man consuming the food laid out on the table faster than she ever could even if she tried. She wiped more tears out of her eyes.
"Luffy-sama... really, youíre the first person to ever yell at me! Thatís... well... it was mean!"

"You... you MEANIE!"

Luffy waved a hand at her. "Wuteva, kybaby," he said through a full mouth. He swallowed and looked up at her, frowning. "Everyone gets yelled at sometimes, ya know. I think itís good it finally happened to you. I wonder why no one ever did before?"

That's Luffy for you - sensitive like a steamroller.

Shirahoshi pondered that for a moment, her face still expressing her hurt feelings and her eyes still shining. "I... I think itís because Iíve never done anything wrong... or maybe they donít want to yell at a princess...."
Luffy laughed at this. "Have you really never been outside this tower your whole life?!"

Well, it's either that or getting showered in presents. SHARP presents.

He picked up a giant piece of unidentifiable golden-baked food and admired it for a moment. "Cuz thatís the only way you couldíve never done anything wrong before. Everyone messes up!" He then proceeded to shove the entire thing into his mouth, stretching it out even more than before. The princess wouldíve previously thought that was impossible.

Everyone thinks that before they meet him. Dude's got the appetite of Michael Moore.

"I-Itís for my safety!" she defended herself feebly. "Staying in this tower ensures my safety, and so I am less of a burden to the kingdom."
The pirate captain glanced up at her, swallowing his latest ridiculous culinary conquest. "Thereís nowhere you wanna go?"

"Well, I always wanted to go to the strip club, but they won't let me in."

The question was blunt and caught Shirahoshi by surprise. "I... well... it doesnít really matter since I have to-"
"So there is somewhere?" Luffyís gaze into her eyes was somewhat intense, searching. "Tell me and Iíll take you there! As thanks for the food!"
The giant mermaid found herself blushing once more.

You know, there is such a thing as being too shy.

"You...! What?! You would take me, Luffy-sama? To... to the Sea Forest?" She shocked herself with the boldness of this request. Her hands sharply covered her mouth as if she had accidentally uttered some terrible curse, her eyes wide and fearful, her face burning hotter more than ever.

If she ever tries to order something from McDonalds, she'll probably faint.

Luffy gave her his most encouraging giant grin. "Yeah! Wherever that is! Show me the way and Iíll take you, and Iíll keep you safe!"
The princess, a smile finally on her face, clasped her hands together before her in joy and leaned forward, her eyes shining with childish joy.

Well, she is indeed very childish. Which will make the following all the more uncomfortable.

"Oh, Iím... Iím terrible for this, but okay! Luffy-sama!"
The captain suddenly found his gaze being forcefully drawn elsewhere. She was leaning toward him, causing gravity to do wonders to what her bikini top was already doing so little to hold in.

Yeah, who makes those things anyway? Must be a royal pain in the ass, no pun intended.

Her clasped hands were also making her arms push those giant orbs of hers closer together, causing quite a sight that was intriguing Luffy in a way new and foreign to him.

Haha, right. The day that Luffy starts having a sex-drive is the same day where Perona will become the coolest character in One Piece.

She noticed his gaze and sudden change in facial expression. He looked... serious all of a sudden. The princess instantly grew worried, as was her wont. "Luffy-sama... is something wrong?" Her hands were still clasped. She was still leaning. She was still blushing ever so slightly.

If she blushes even more, her cheeks will spontaneously combust.

Luffy was suddenly thinking of how he had bounced on those before she had turned on the light, how so very soft they were... how they reminded him of pudding....

Like I said, very uncomfortable.

A new hunger suddenly overtook him. "Uh, nothing... but first, before we get you out of here... I think I want some dessert."

Oh Christ, here it comes.

Shirahoshi looked confused for a moment. "Oh, I... well, thereís some tropical coral fruit over on that side...." She pointed over to the far end of the table Luffy was still standing on. "But, my, is your appetite endless? A-And why are you staring at-?"

Huge tracts of land, most likely.

"Thatís not what I meant." And in a flash, his arms were stretched and his hands were latched onto the flimsy material of her top. She uttered a startled sound, and then he was flying at her. He latched onto her giant right breast in a huge, stretched-out bear hug.

Gomu Gomu no Statutory Rape!

"Hey, hey, shhhhh... Iíll get you out of here soon. Just let me..." He looked around, hardly noticing that his pulse had greatly increased. "Hey, put your hand out in front of this." He firmly poked the tender, heavenly-soft flesh of her breast. She whimpered and shuddered a bit at the touch; the skin there had suddenly become acutely sensitive.
"Why... Luffy-sama? Why are you doing this?"

"To entertain eldrich monstrosities from beyond space and time."

He gave her a look of utmost sincerity. "I think this will be nice. For both of us."
The mermaidís face was probably the brightest red it had ever been, but she slowly, silently complied with his request. She held out her hand, palm up, directly in front of the right side of her chest. He wasted little time on hopping down to it and forcefully ripping aside the thin layer of clothing before him.

It's like a trampolin, except more rapey.

The top was tied a bit tight in the back, but the fabric tore with little effort before his monstrous strength. There was another "Kyaaaa!", albeit not as loud this time. The flap of that side of her bikini now hung limply on the side of her body, leaving her breast in full display before the hungry pirateís eyes. She continued to blush furiously under his intense gaze. He reached out and stroked the bright pink ring of flesh surrounding her huge nipple. She felt a shiver run up her spine, and the area immediately started to harden and shrink in size as the tender flesh tensed up beneath his touch.
Luffy couldnít quite understand why this was exciting him so much.

Neither can any intelligent One Piece-fan, but as we all know, a brain has always been optional with your stereotypical anime-fan/fanfic-writer.

Namiís boobs were quite impressive, and he had even seen them uncovered a couple of times by accident (the obvious exception being that one strange night when the navigator, smelling of alcohol, had pulled him into a dark room below Sunnyís deck and not only bared them to him, but demanded he grope and squeeze them... which he had done with quite some confusion until she suddenly fell asleep, snoring loudly).

Wow. The gut-wrenching hilarity. This was almost as funny as Spandam kicking Nico Robin in the face.

Those were no comparison to these, however; Shirahoshiís tits were not only giant... they were perfect. Their proportion to her body, their shape, their texture, even the size of her nipples were perfectly proportional. Luffy remembered thinking how Namiís rather large nipples were kind of strange. These beautiful pink mounds were nothing short of perfection... and there was so much surface area to enjoy.

Goddamn macrophiles.

The smoothness under his fingers rapidly gave way to bumpiness, and he loved this even more. The mountainous nub in the center grew and grew and became more and more taut right before his amazed eyes. Touching was quickly becoming not enough to satisfy him, and his mouth made contact like a hungry leech.

I swear, these metaphors are almost as painfully awkward as the subject matter itself.

"K-Kyaaaaa...~" Much gentler this time. "L-Luffy-sama...." She actually felt herself start to sweat a little, she was blushing so hard. She was still nervous and confused, but... this was starting to recede a bit.
Luffy sucked voraciously on the tip of her nipple, the size of it in its aroused state making it impossible to fit the whole thing in his mouth. He quickly remedied this by stretching his mouth and tongue, and he soon had the whole thing in his mouth, licking and sucking and biting without abandon.

So the part about it being impossible was just a bunch of bullshit, then.

He heard her whimper some more, but these definitely werenít sounds of fright. He felt her hand start to tremble despite his tiny size and weight. His mouth began roaming all over the delicious rings surrounding the main attraction at the center, his tongue running over what felt like mini mountains.


He reached over and gripped and stroked the long, pert nub at the center as his tongue made its travels. She stared down at him, watching with partly-lidded eyes and breathing heavily as if short of breath.
Once her nipple was satisfactorily warm and soaked with his saliva, he hopped up onto her shoulder. She didnít question him as he stretched his arms down and tore the fabric tied together against her back.


She let the top fall to her fishy lap. He was right; this was nice.
Shirahoshi silently moved her hand to her other breast, and Luffy obligingly hopped down to it. He began his vigorous treatment on the left side.

Not the same shit AGAIN!

He was even more forceful, more passionate than he was on the right. He wrapped his arms around its entire curvature and squeezed tight as he sucked and nibbled, massaging the whole thing as best he could.
There was no doubt in the princessís mind now: this was pure pleasure she was experiencing, her excitement growing more and more as this little rubber human continued.
"Luffy-sama..." she mumbled. "Is this... uhmm... am I enough for your hunger?"

If this goes into vore-territory, there will be hell to pay.

The pirate, in the midst of savoring her erect nipple like a delicious, fleshy lollipop, only nodded vigorously in response. But even as he nodded and believed his answer to be true, he noticed an annoying, almost painful straining of his pants.


He paused and glanced down at this large lump protruding before him, frowning at it. Shirahoshi immediately noticed this diversion of attention (oh, why is he stopping now, please donít stop) and craned her neck a bit to try to get a better look. She saw what he was now poking and prodding. "Oh, goodness... is everything okay?"
Luffy looked up at her, his face still quite serious. He pointed down. "I dunno, but I think this is your fault."

Oh yeah, she's totally at fault here. Bitch was practically asking for it.

He scratched his head and returned his gaze to the matter at hand. "Well, there just isnít enough room for it like this." And with that, he undid his button and fly, and out it flopped through the front hole of his boxers like some small animal long held captive, thankful for the air and freedom.

And there are my nightmares for the next few weeks.

The sight of this made the innocent princess fully blush once more, but she wasnít quite sure why. However, she, too, suddenly became aware of something happening just below her waist, where smooth porcelain skin gave way to scales. It was a strange tingling sensation, and she felt... something there. She bent over a bit to look beyond her hand and Luffy, down to her waist area... and gasped. It had become wet there, and what seemed like a fleshy opening had appeared.

Attached Image

Attached Image

Attached Image

Most of it was upon her fish tail, but the upper tip of it reached her human-like top half. As she reached down to touch it, she gently ran her finger up it, and, with a gasp, she touched what felt like a small nub in that upper area. This was even more sensitive than where Luffy had been working.
"Whatís wrong?" Luffy asked her. He looked down to where her other hand was. "Woah, that wasnít there before! I wanna see!"

I'm this close to just stopping my commentary alltogether and just continue posting One Piece-reaction shots. Because what are you supposed to say after dialogue like this?

He hopped down to her tail, standing beside her hand.
"L-Luffy-sama, please donít look! I donít know why, but Iím... Iím embarrassed!"
"Oh, itís just you being a crybaby again."

"Take your rape like a man- uh, woman!"

He pried her large hand away from what she was trying to hide. He gazed at it open-mouthed, and he felt his prick, still hanging out shamelessly, twitch involuntarily.
"Oh, my...." Her cheeks were so red. She noticed that her whole body now felt about as hot as her face. The both of them were already putting two and two together...

Is that what you call it nowadays?

what was supposed to go where. Biology was all they needed; their inexperienced and terribly naÔve brains were doing all the work for them thanks to good olí nature.

Speaking of, can fishmen/mermaids and humans actually reproduce? It's like humans and chimpanzees: It might be possible, but nobody wants to find out.

But there seemed to be a fatal flaw, and she realized it: Luffy was so small.

Brilliant. They are only now realizing this?

Well, there was something he could do for now....
Just as she was about to tell him, he had already figured it out. He saw the small protrusion at the top. It was hooded, but there was a red nub there that almost seemed to be throbbing. "Is this what made you gasp like that?" He walked closer and reached up to stroke it. It was wet and warm to the touch. He almost fell off of her tail as the princessís entire body shook suddenly at the feeling of his hand against her most sensitive area. "A-aaaahnn~!"
Luffy liked the sound of that.

Unfortunately for him, nobody else here does.

Shirahoshiís new-found womanhood was about as big as her tiny lover, so it was easy for his head to reach where he wanted it to go. His tongue made contact with her clit. He worked at it more slowly and more gentle than he had with her tits; it was clearly much more sensitive. She was moaning now, her face now red with more of an aroused flush than an embarrassed blush. He nibbled a little, and the resulting "AAAHHHHN!" was the loudest yet. He wondered if there were guards or someone nearby who could hear them, but he didnít really care that much.

Yeah. It's not like Neptune or her brothers will give a shit that she's being plowed in the palace of all places. You're just being paranoid.

Meanwhile, below Luffyís own beltline, even the hole in his boxers had become too restraining. With no hesitation, he stripped himself of everything below the shirt. The complete liberation and cool air felt good on his heated manhood. He pushed his body up against her wetness, his hardness pushing up against the ample cushion of her puffy lips. The feeling this caused was quite incredible. His excitement peaked, as did Shirahoshiís.
The pirate captain knew what to do with this aching need... but the question was, how?

Well, there's always masturbation...

"Luffy-sama..." she whispered as if reading his mind, "I donít think you can.... I mean, Iím just too big...."
And then it came to him. "I got this, crybaby," he assured her breathlessly. He hoped he was right. He would have to do it himself with his hand if not... and he would much rather finish this the proper way.
He stepped back and placed the tip of his thumb in his mouth. He bit down. "GEAR THIRD!"

...he's actually going there. No. Please God, no.

He drew in his breath and blew mightily into the hole he had created. The air entered the rubbery interior of his body, and his hand quickly expanded into a giantís extremity. He pushed the air into his arm... then into his chest... then into his belly... and then into his-

I hate the author so much right now.

Luffyís pelvis, genitals, and behind received the air and expanded just as he had hoped, but the feeling was... indescribable. It was strangely pleasurable yet immensely uncomfortable at the same time. It was as if the straining sensation he had felt increased ten-fold. He needed relief... NOW.
He was, however, in a precarious and rather amusing situation. The whole set had grown, both shaft and balls. The whole thing now lay on her tail like some sort of beached whale with Luffyís tiny little legs, now quite far from each other to accommodate his new size, dangling uselessly in the air below him.

Okay, I was wrong. THERE are my nightmares for the next few weeks.

Luckily, he had already been positioned correctly when he invoked the technique; the tip of his stretched, quivering head was gently rubbing against her soaked lips.
Shirahoshi was in shock. He could make his body parts those of a giant?! This normally would have scared the hell out of her... it still kind of was... but right now, she was just grateful; he could fulfill what she now so desperately needed.

It's just like that scene with Kitami and Bunnygirl in Bible Black.

She saw, however, that he couldnít really move.
"Do you... need my help?" Despite the seriousness of the situation, she giggled a bit as he wiggled his body around atop his grossly disproportionate manhood.
"No... no, I think I got it."
His legs stretched and shot out to either side of her, wrapping themselves firmly around her waist. His arms then followed suit and stretched up to her neck, his hands intertwining at her nape.

We're not really gonna get an elaborate description, are we?

Her hands went behind her and laid flat on the floor, supporting her and allowing her upper body to tilt back. With some effort, he pushed his waist forward. She shivered as his head started to press in. He obviously couldnít maneuver it very well, so she reached down with a hand and gently guided him to her small, wet opening. The feel of her soft hand gripping him excited the pirate even more, and so he attempted to push in too quickly and too deeply.

Oh fuck, we are. WE ARE! (Haha, opening-joke.)

The poor virgin yelled out in sudden pain, causing Luffy to stop about halfway in.
Unfortunately for Shirahoshi, the man who had just taken her virginity was quite well-endowed... and this translated over to the Gigant version of his fully-erect manhood. Getting this all the way into her would be quite a task... but she wasnít going to stop now.

Not as long as there is even a shred of hope for humanity left.

Despite the tears of pain in her eyes, the sight of his huge, pulsing cock partially inside her made her feel hotter and needier than ever.
Luffy started to pull out in concern, and then he saw the blood. "Princess!" he exclaimed, alarmed. "Are you alright?! What have I done?!"
"No, no, Luffy...." She had dropped the "-sama" as she quickly grabbed his shaft to stop him from getting all the way out.

Well, obviously.

She looked into his concerned eyes, bringing her hand to her eyes to wipe the tears and then bringing it back to the object of her interest. It was hot and really was pulsing; she could feel his frenzied blood running through the bulging veins, keeping him rock hard and ready to penetrate. "Iím... it hurts, but I think Iím okay.... Whatever was there is broken... please continue...."

I think this is a good time to point out that she is sixteen.

The pirate searched Shirahoshiís earnest face, and he decided that she was telling the truth. He pushed in slowly, steadily. She winced, the pain still there. She was vaguely surprised at how well she was taking the pain; it didnít take much to get her bawling, and this was definitely more pain than she had ever felt. He finally got all the way in, pushing into her deepest depths. He hit a spot that caused her eyes to go wide and made her clap a hand to her mouth.

Yeah, that's the magic R-spot that will always transform even the most painful sex into an incredibly pleasurable experience. The R stands for "Rape", by the way.

Suddenly, she didnít care about pain. The only thing that mattered was that he hit that spot again.
"Luffy... again... harder..."
This breathy request set him aflame once more.

Oh shit, it was Ace the entire time! Someone call Akainu and tell him he fucked up and needs to finish the job!

Hesitation gone, he pulled out until he saw the beginning of the dark purple flesh of his head, and then pushed back in with a little more force. She threw her head back and moaned. He repeated, over and over and faster and faster until he had a steady rhythm. Her slick walls were very tight on his shaft, both satisfying and increasing the strain he felt after using Gear Third. It was heaven and hell at the same time; he felt like he was going to explode.

Ha, if only.

The beautiful princess was in the full throes of passion now, pain long gone as he rocked her faster and harder. Her arms gave out and she lay flat on her back. Her voluminous breasts bounced magnificently to his rhythm, her nipples soon hardly more than a blur as his speed just kept on increasing. He moved his tiny hands to these blurs, now using her tits for leverage as he urged his waist to go even faster.

Gaaaah, mental pictures!

He reached his speed limit which was much lower with his very awkward position, and he sorely wished she could shrink down to his size. Shirahoshi didnít feel like she was missing out, however; the speed was just fine for her. He was pounding into her with all the force he could muster, and nearly every thrust hit that spot deep within her. She suddenly remembered how good it felt to have her clit rubbed, and she immediately brought her hand down to it. She rubbed herself to his rhythm, increasing the overall pleasure of the experience to a level of white-hot ecstasy.

Is this the part where we're supposed to read one-handed? Because this is the most unerotic thing since Absaloms bathroom-escapades.

Sweat dripped down from Luffyís face, his face red and twisted with great concentration as he continued to thrust in and out as fast his state would allow. He watched his own cock as it continuously slid out and hammered back into her without mercy, noting how it gleamed with her wetness enveloping it, no longer caring about the traces of blood still mixed in.

Also, can we please stop with the virgin blood-obsession?

Despite how amazing Shirahoshi felt, despite how her inner muscles squeezed him with spasms of pleasure, the incredible strain he still made it seem like his climax was still very far away. That was when she started thrusting her own hips in time with his own. Their eyes locked, and he saw how flushed her face was, how her gorgeous eyes were lidded in a look thick with passion. He had never seen anything so sexy in his entire life, and he doubted he ever would. For the first time, he appreciated the sublime beauty of mermaids and Sanjiís rather extreme reaction in front of them.

"If looks could kill", indeed.

The strain started to give way to mind-blowing pleasure, and Luffy felt like he was about to pass out (although that also might have been partly due to his heart trying to keep the blood flowing through such an enormous dick).

[insert joke about him being an asshole in this fanfic here]

He took in and loved every sensation of the moment; the feeling of his sweat rolling down his body as well as watching her own, her delicious scent, the indulgent squelching noises of his steel-like rod pounding into her sopping-wet womanhood, the smoothness and firmness of her inner depths, the softness of the sweat-shiny breasts beneath his hands.
Shirahoshi felt like it couldnít get any better than this.

Funny, I have the exact opposite expectation.

She was wrong, however, as she started to rub her clit with even more force. It was starting to grow numb, but she went at it, and the immense pleasure coursing through her body reached peak intensity. Her climax finally hit her as Luffyís manhood once more slammed into her G-spot. Electricity ran down her spine as uncontrollable spasms of release rocked her body. She squirmed and shook like crazy as she came, vocalizing her satisfaction in her loud, beautiful, lustful voice.

Are all the guards in this palace deaf and retarded?

Her inner walls copied the rest of her muscles, clenching and unclenching her massive intruder in spasms of their own. This sent the nearly-unconscious pirate over the edge, too. She felt his abundant, hot, thick seed stream into her in spurts, adding a whole new level to the intensity of the moment. It was the icing on the cake,


the perfect epilogue for the perfect finale.
Brook and the tied-up guard from the royal castle burst into the room just as Luffy shrunk down to his chibi size, unconscious before he even hit the surface of Shirahoshiís fish tail.

Oh no, don't involve Brook in this travesty too!

The mermaid weakly lifted her head to gaze at the newcomers over the bare, sweaty mounds rising and falling on her heaving chest. Luffyís cum oozed from her fully-satisfied womanhood as she spotted them.


The skeleton took one good look at the scene, placing the guard, who was in a state of complete shock, on the floor next to him. He put his hands on his hips and laughed.
"Yohohohoho! I guess mermaids donít have panties after all!"

He's taking this remarkably well, considering what we just witnessed. Anyway, stay tuned for the next installment that will mock a fanfic based on a pairing that is preposterously popular for some reason. Hint: one of the two characters is Nico Robin.

I have had a vision. It has been revealed to me by the secret chiefs of the world that I am sexier than Buddha and harder than Jesus. I cannot die.
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