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> Misty: Behind The Scenes, The stuff we didn't see in the anime
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It's mocking time!

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post Jun 20 2011, 10:01 PM
Ok everyone after a long time of being away I am back mocking. The story that I will be mocking this time is a seven chapter story about Misty. See end of this chapter mock for more.

I do not own Pokemon. All rights, characters, locations, etc are property of their respective owners/creators.

Welcome, everyone! I'm very excited about this story - It's a joint project with megadeth425 (See the end for his info.) We threw this idea around for a bit before beginning work. See the end notes for more.

There is a 50% chance that they will tell what the story about at the end for me.

Misty: Behind The Scenes

Chapter 1 - The Blowjob for the Thunder Badge!

Ok let's hope that it not Misty who doing it.

Vermilion City - It was in this rather large place that Ash just battled Lt. Surge for his Thunder Badge. During the first round, Ash's Pikachu had no chance against Surge's Raichu - However, after a night at the Pokemon Center, Pikachu did just fine. If Pikachu failed the day before, why should the next day be any different?

Because of Team Rocket cheering Pikachu on.

Sure, Pikachu used a few new attacks, and added some speed into the battle, but the little mouse still should've easily lost to the bigger one.

Oh come on Pikachu is like the most powerful Pokemon ever. Why else would Team Rocket waste their time and money trying to steal it.

How did the match get so one-sided? Well, a certain girl could answer that question.

I wonder who is this certain girl.

It was night when Lt. Surge got a knock on his door; timid, almost worried triplets. He answered the door, not expecting company or knowing anyone who knocked that way, and when he opened it, he saw a familiar face before him.

Its one of his American friends named America so I think what happen is that Raichu took a burger that America was eating and ate it making Raichu weaker due to not being a hero.

There stood the companion of that loud kid who wanted to challenge him, her ponytail taken out so her hair ran down just above her shoulders, her jean shorts worn a little lower than they probably should have, just a hint of red hair breaching the top.

Who's that person?

"Hi." was all she could say. It was a strange greeting, clearly timid and nervous, but at the same time carrying the hint of confidence and, dare he say it, allure. The gym leader looked her up and down, and it was painfully obvious why she was there, but maybe playing around with her a little, seeing just how far he could play ignorant, would kill a little time.

I wonder what fun Lt. Surge have planned for this mystery girl. I bet it going to be playing video games.

If she didn't have the confidence to seduce him properly, he may as well call her out on it.

Umm something tells me that they are not going to play video games.

"You here for a reason, little girl?" He asked her, grinning. He didn't want her to see him in any other light than she had earlier in the day - He seemed like a jerk to some people, but hey - A rep's a rep.

So you are telling me that you can be nice Lt. Surge?

The girl still looked nervous, looking around to see if anyone was in the area. She looked up at the man, nodding her head.

"I need to ask you a favor ... It's about my friend." She said with a hint of fear in her voice.

"If you want me to give him the badge, you can just run back to the Pokemon Center right now. I don't give freebies."

I think mystery girl better listen to him and go back to that loud kid before something bad happen. Who's with me...oh right no one can response to me till the mock is posted in which will be too late.

That part, at least, was true. He just didn't want to be the one to bring up the issue of payment.

"No, I don't want him to get it for free. Just..." she sighed, still standing by the door. "He wouldn't want a badge without doing something for it, anyway. I was just thinking you could go easy on him."

"I'm a sanctioned gym leader, little girl."

I may not know what sanctioned means but I am pretty sure it have something to be with Lt. Surge saying that he won't go easy on that loud kid.

He looked as imposing as he possibly could, trying very hard to keep his composure in the face of a nervous, cute girl with very clear intentions.

So cute girls are Lt. Surge weakness. Should I call mystery girl cute girl for exposing that weakness...I guess until we find out who she is.

Even if he was a jerk, he still had some standards. "If you want me to risk somethin' like that and wrecking everything my gym's done for years, you're gonna need to give me a good reason."

Cute girl tell him that you will use your cuteness to destroy him if he doesn't go easy on that loud kid.

"Well, I ..." She started, still nervous. "I don't know what to do, I was just hoping you would ..." Surge laughed at her, watching her sulk.

Just do what I tell you to do cute girl.

"You're a cute one, girly." He started. "I might consider about goin' soft for one match, but I think I may need to do some heavy thinkin' on it."

Oh I guess her cuteness was too low level to kill and instead made him just do what she wants him to.

"What if I could help you think about that one?" she looked up, still as meek as ever, only a slight edge of seduction on her voice, almost impossible to hear, and if he were oblivious to her motives, it would have certainly gone over his head.

"And how would you do that?"

She will give you a thinking cap.

What happened next caught Surge totally off-guard. The seemingly nervous, innocent, possibly inept-at-seduction girl found her way against his body, her mouth just inches from his, all doubt fading from her voice as the confidence boomed as the seductress took over. "I'll make you not think at all."

But if Lt. Surge can't think then he won't be able to think about going easy on that loud kid.

And with that, she leaned closer and forced the man into a kiss. Surge didn't even think about retreating for a moment

But you must retreat because cute girl might be doing a kiss of death on you.

- Instead, he pulled the girl close and took no time in forcing his tongue into her mouth, their tongues moving wildly against the others'. After a moment of pulling away, the girl walked past him. "I'm Misty, by the way."

It's Misty.

"I've heard'a you. You're the sister of the girls that run Cerulean Gym, aren't ya?" Surge followed her in, watching as the girl sat on his bed. She nodded, winking at him.

"I sure am. My sisters got all the fame and stuff, but I have the real talent in the family." Misty said, watching as Surge sat next to her. She leaned against him, nuzzling into the man's buff chest. Surge looked a bit un-nerved at this kind of attention, but he already had a clue as to what was coming. Misty looked up at him once more, licking her lips. "So like I said, I need ya to go easy on my friend tomorrow."

Don't do it! Misty is really a boy.

Misty said, already moving a hand towards Surge's camouflage pants. "It seems like this part of you is beginning to really think about it, hm?"

"Most women don't like it when men think with that head." He was having as much fun toying with her as he was looking at her. In fact, now that the facade was dropped and he got a good look at her, she was much better looking than she let on. She may not have had much in the chest department, but she was certainly a swimmer; compact muscle, long legs, and a firm, solid ass.

I already give you that meme once last mock and I not doing it again right now.

Add into that her seductive gaze, which belied her youth and cute appearance, and you had a seductress in the making who was already of master quality.

"Most women can't do the things I can do." Her voice had dropped almost to a whisper as she slipped a hand into his camo pants, grabbing his firm penis, her eyes glittering as she felt it out and realized just how hung he was. "Quite a nice thing you have down here." Misty said, grinning at him. She pulled her hand out, unzipping the man's pants, watching as he pushed them down slightly, his erection appearing. Misty gripped it once more, beginning to slowly pump her hand. "Firm, thick ... It's no wonder you had female trainers in the gym earlier." She said, giggling.

I guess the chapter name should have been named Handjob for the Thunder Badge!

"And so far, babe, I ain't seen anything too special. Is this the best you can do?" He said, giving her that same cocky grin. As if driven solely by his taunt, her body shifted rapidly, her mouth only a negligible distance from his cock, her hot breath running along his shaft as she leaned in and, without a second thought, took it all into her mouth at once.

Thanks a lot Lt. Surge for ruining me going back up there and replacing the word blowjob with handjob due to the fact that It's blowjob time!

"A little rarer a skill than being able to give a hand job," he snarked, trying very hard to keep his cool and act nonchalant as Misty gave him a grade-A blowjob, something few of the floozies he kept in his company at the gym could come close to. It took a lot in him to not make even a single sound - If he showed any kind of surrender, then she might just stop.

Misty will stop if Lt. Surge surrender because this is really all a test to see if Lt. Surge is ready to have sex the Misty's hot sisters.

It didn't seem likely, but hey - No reason to risk it. He placed his right hand on the red-haired girl's head, beginning to move her up and down his length as fast as he pleased, and Misty showed no signs of refusal. She moved her tongue the best she could while her head was moved by force, and this got a bit of throbbing from the man's dick. Misty knew she was making a dent in his ego - She could hear his breathing becoming much heavier.

Misty is lowering down Lt. Surge hp.

Her hands worked down her body, treating her to a little bit of the fleeting sensation physical contact gave her before unzipping her shorts. Even if they were down lower than they should be, she wanted them to come off quickly, and didn't want to risk any nicks in her plan. She then moved her hands back up her body, sliding them up her shirt and pulling the small, midriff-exposing top up a little, exposing her bare, tiny breasts to the cool air of his room as she turned her full attention back to the task at hand.

Misty task at hand is to kill Lt. Surge with sex.

Surge was fighting a losing battle to keep his composure as he looked down at a bizarre mix between angel and devil, sucking on his dick like a pro, but still looking too cute and innocent to be doing such a thing.

I guess Misty is doing what I told her to do earlier but skip the threat and added a blowjob to it.

Even as his hand guided her he could feel her doing her own thing, the mark of a definite, experienced slut. In fact, as her hands encroached on his thighs and made their way to his crotch, he knew that he was dealing with a very special slut.

Oh come on I haven't even started a percentage gag yet and someone is already saying that Misty is a whore. 50%

"You've done this kinda thing before, haven't ya?" Surge asked, looking down at her. Misty pulled away from him, a line of spit connecting her lips to his cock. She nodded, smiling.

"Oh, many times. I had to make sure my friends and I get enough money for food and stuff like that."

100% and I will now call you Water Whore during sex scenes for now on Misty...staring now Water Whore.

Misty replied, going back down on the man. Apparently she didn't come to talk. She'd asked Surge to go easy on the kid the next day, and at this point he was beginning to consider it. Misty kept looking up at him, pulling away once again and pumping her hand as fast as she could on the man's length. "Now come on. I didn't come over here to just get a head workout." She smirked at him, giving him another seductive wink - This did it. Surge leaned back, supporting himself on his hands as he shot stream after stream of hot, sticky cum onto the girl's face. Her smirk didn't leave - Instead, she licked her lips as the remainder of the goo ran down her cheeks. "Took you long enough."

"Cute, you think I'm done." He said, a smirk on his face. He admired his handiwork for a second - Somehow, the cum added both to her credibility as a slut, and made her seem, strangely, just a touch innocent. She just had that kind of face. "Strip."

And now we are about to find out if I was right about Water Whore being a boy.

Misty obliged. She unhooked her suspenders, and since her shorts were loose, it slid right down, exposing her lower body, the little triangle of red hair above her sopping wet pussy,

Oh wait I was covering part of the card that say Water Whore was a boy. It really said Water Whore was a tomboy in which I may or may not have done on purpose in order to try to stop the fic.

and her wondrous ass.

No I still not doing it right now.

"You like what you see?"

"I don't intend to see any of it," he said, placing his arm on her shoulder as he guided her to her knees. She complied, her face only a short distance from the wall she pressed her hands against for support. She stuck her ass out for him as he dropped to his knees behind her, his head pressed against her entrance, the very feeling of the slight touch making her sigh in anticipation.

"Well, you gonna leave a girl waiting? How rude." Misty said, looking behind her. "Not very nice- Oh!" She was cut off by Surge shoving his thick cock into her tight pink hole. Already feeling her legs begin to quiver, Misty reached out and pressed her hands against the wall, trying her best to keep her balance as the man behind her pounded away. Misty's voice went from moans, to screams of "Fuck me harder!" every other minute. All she heard from Surge was a smartass chuckle every once in a while, but she didn't care - This was heaven. "Fuck me! Fuck me like a little slut!" Misty moaned, her body being slammed forward as Surge moved.

"That won't be hard, seein' as you are one, girly."

You just got owned by Lt. Surge Water Whore.

He replied, grabbing her hips and slamming into her deeper, smirking at the screams and moans he got from her. "You're pretty good at takin' it, someone's been poundin' this pussy pretty hard before, eh?"

"Yes! I'm a shameless little whore, and I need your cock, so please, just fuck me harder!"

Water Whore is a lot faster than Whore (yes I even calling her Whore in sex scenes that she not in) at admitting that you are a whore.

Her small breasts bounced with each of his thrusts as he picked up the pace, just like she asked, her tight pussy taking it hard from him. He filled her up damn well, pushing her harder against the wall, now her chest tightly pressed against it as her ass remained on display for him, not that he cared in lieu of drilling her sweet pussy for all it was worth. "Yes! I'm your slut! Fuck me! Cum in me! I want to feel your cum! I love cum!"

Later you will be loving Golduck's cum.

Needing some leverage of his own, he grabbed on to her slim hips, his thumbs feeling the firm flesh of her ass as he half-considered getting and smoking a cigar for the sheer amount of badass he was exuding. It certainly helped his facade that she wasn't looking at him, letting him ease up his firm expression. She was so tight, almost vice-like, and dripping wet, some of her juices even running down his leg as the sound of flesh hitting flesh rose above his nonchalant snickers and her lusty admissions.

"I'm gonna cum! I'm gonna ... I'm gonna cum!" Misty screamed, her moans becoming quiet whimpers as she continued getting pounded by the man. Her hand slipped and her face was slammed into the wall, but she didn't care - The man went faster from the extra space, and Misty's screams got even louder. "I'm cumming! I'm cumming!" And that she did - Climax coming and her cum leaking all over Surge's cock.

"Not done yet, slut!" he shouted as he pounded her even harder, catching Misty post-orgasm as her body fell lay limp against the wall, his dick sliding in and out of her almost too much for her to handle as he treated her almost like a rag doll.

Lt. Surge turning Water Whore into a rag doll may have been the thing he needed to do in order to pass the test meaning he can now do Water Whore's hot sisters.

"You wanted my cum? Here's my cum!" He buried himself to the hilt inside her, snickering as he let loose another load, just as sizable as before, into her cunt. Misty screamed yet again as she felt his seed pour into her. Finally, after he seemed satisfied, he pulled out, a few last, thin strands of cum getting her leg. Now it was cigar time.

No no no, you don't say it like that you got to say it like this. Now It's cigar time!

Misty remained against the wall for a moment, trying to regain her composure, as Surge lit up.

"So?" She asked, trying to give him a smirk while breathing heavily.

"You're right, girl, you are a good fuck." Surge replied, puffing the cigar in his mouth.

"And our deal?" Misty continued, standing with cum dripping down her face and leaking from her cunt to the floor.

"I'd say you made sure the right head will do the thinking tonight." Surge said, nodding at her.

You know what would have worked a lot better and a lot quicker...that America thing that I said earlier on in this mock.

Misty smiled as she slipped her clothes back on, wiped off her face with a cloth she carelessly tossed her way, and left without saying a word.

The next day ...

"I got the Thunder Badge!" Ash said happily as the three trainers left the Vermilion Gym.

That loud kid Ash thinks that that was his first non pity badge but it really was still a pity badge.

As Misty expected, Ash's battle went without a hitch, and the boy left the building with a shiny badge pinned to his vest. Surge chuckled, giving Misty a knowing nod and wave as the group left. Misty waved back at him, giving an awkward smile in return. She sighed as they walked off, smiling at the sight of Ash's happiness.

"As long as it's for him ..."

So Misty is being a whore for that loud kid Ash.

This story is something I'm very excited to be a part of - Like I said, it's a joint project with megadeth425.

(http : / fan fiction . net / u / 1297892 / megadeth425) Remove spaces for his profile. There are more than one.

Anyway, the idea was this - Throughout Pokemon, Ash and his friends always seemed to have items, food, and anything else they needed, despite the fact that we never saw them get money from battles, and they've never had jobs.

Oh come on we all know that its that loud kid's Ash's mom who sends him money.

For some reason, Misty took it upon herself to make sure everything kept going smoothly - And ended up loving it. However, that's a backstory for another chapter.

Well that then end of the first chapter of this mock...Judgment isn't until the end of the story so see ya.


The anime adaptation of that Naruto fanfiction where Tobi comes up a a surefire plan to get the reminding tailed beast aka sexy no jutsu. (The scene you see above is Tobi showing Deidara (Who don't approve of the plan.) that the sexy no jutsu can work with the mask on.)

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It's mocking time!

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post Jun 23 2011, 09:15 AM
Here is another chapter of this mock.

Chapter 2 - Pick Up The Tab!

"This is great!" Ash exclaimed as he stuffed his mouth with his third cheeseburger. Brock took things a little easier, but after so long on the road, eating scarce and relatively tasteless food,

So are you saying that those rice-balls donuts are tasteless?

this quaint, small-town diner, with their authentic grease-cooked everything, was just what they needed.

Misty, at least, had a little self-control - Largely because she knew she'd have to pay for it, one way or another. The higher the bill, the more the restaurant's staff were probably going to do to her.

By going to do to her she means that they will make her clean more dishes in order to pay for the tab.

Every new batch of food the three ordered was going to be another shot of semen deposited directly into her insatiable pussy, another hard cock drilling her without respect or caution, making her scream.

Either Misty don't know that a normal diner would just call the cops make her wash dishes or these are all dish washing terms that no one knows about.

Wow, she was an idiot for being worried.

But you should be worried as washing dishes is boring or if you still think that this isn't a normal diner then stop acting like a whore.

"Another glass of soda, please," she said to the passing waiter. He was young, maybe sixteen, in pretty good shape, and kept giving her flirty looks. She obviously couldn't do much with Ash and Brock sitting across from her, but soon enough he'd get his.

His what? His break? His ice cream? His Team Rocket shirt? His I heart Cilan shirt? There are so many things that it could be.

She watched as he walked away - This guy would be easy enough. He seemed like the type who would be all too-willing. Every time the waiter approached the table, he'd give Misty a smile - Somehow, Ash and Brock hadn't noticed. Maybe it was good that her friends were complete idiots once in a while.

Umm Misty, Ash is the only complete idiot here as the only reason Brock don't notice is because he is starring at girls.

She rested her head on her palm, watching the two boys (and small mouse) in front of her scarf down plate after plate. How long is this gonna take ...?

After about an hour (and another three stacks of plates,) Ash and Brock stood from their seats, stretching and beginning to talk amongst themselves. Misty sighed in relief, standing and grabbing her back from the seat next to her.

"You guys go ahead to the Pokemon Center, I've got this one." Misty said, smiling at him.

"You sure, Misty?" Ash asked. Misty nodded, turning the boy around and pushing him towards the door.

"I'm positive. Get going." She said, watching as the two left. As soon as she did, the smile on her face turned to a very naughty smirk.

OMG I think Misty just turned evil!

She turned around, walking to the counter and the waiter behind it.

And now it turns out that what Misty mean by the waiter getting his she mean his death!

She leaned on the counter, giving him a wink. "I'll give you two options. I can give you money, or I can fuck you. Either way, you'll get payment."

Well it's clear that he is going to make Misty give him the money due to the fact that the amount of food that Ash and Brock ate is like hitting the jackpot if each plate was worth about $5 each.

The boy's face was completely red - Flirting looks were much different than actual sex offers. There's no way in hell he'd pass this up

Ok let me rephrase that last mock...if you let her get out of paying then who paycheck do with think this bill will be coming out of.

- This redhead was cute as hell.

OMG Misty cuteness can now cost people their paychecks! I think Misty ability is Cute Charm

"I don't think that'll take much thought." He said, opening the door to the counter next to him and motioning for Misty to follow. "There's a room in the back that's never used. I think it's a Janitor's closet." Misty didn't say anything, a grin on her face as she walked through the kitchen, somehow not being spotted by the chef and other waiters. As they two entered this room and the waiter

closed the door,

Closing that door caused the line to break.

Misty was already unbuckling her red suspenders.

The waiter seemed nervous, unsure of himself. It wasn't his first time, but he certainly never had sex with strangers in the janitor's closet at work. Not that he'd need to worry; Misty was already undressed and in charge.

Well it look like Misty is about to take charge because It's payment time!

She pushed him against a wall, her hands working his belt off adeptly before pulling his jeans and boxers down at the same time. She took his cock into her hands, stroking it lightly as her mouth pressed to his, the rest of her body slowly following suit. He could feel her small breasts pressing against his chest, even her erect nipples poking at him through his shirt. Finally, her hand left his length as her sweet pussy slid easily and with speed onto him. She moaned as the pervasive feeling of emptiness left her, replaced with hot, solid flesh, fulfilling, maddening.

He chuckled nervously as the oddly aggressive girl began to dance against him, her body swaying almost like water as she wrapped her arms around him. Like a wave, her motions rippled through her body as she slid on and off his dick, her ass almost calling to his hands as they grasped the firm flesh as she gave himself utterly to her. Her pussy was like a dripping, fleshy vice that swallowed his cock hungrily. If Misty had her way, she would have him pick her up, slam her against the wall and start pounding away - But she couldn't risk scaring the poor guy.

But scaring him would be funny.

If she did, not only would she have to pay, but she and friends might get banned from the place forever.

How many episodes are you going to be in this town for getting banned to manner?

"Are you gonna just stand there, or are you gonna fuck me back?" Misty said, still moving herself up and down on the boy's dick. "Making a girl do all the work isn't very good service, Mr. Waiter."

Ok until this guy have a name we are just going to call him Mr. Waiter.

She grinned, not a bit surprised as the man picked her up - She immediately wrapped her legs around his waist, and it was a second later that she had a hand over her mouth to muffle her moaning.

"Sorry, but I don't want to lose my job,"

If you don't want to lose your job so badly then stop having sex with Water Whore and [S]Make her pay.

he grunted as now her back was up against a wall, his motions not as fluid or erotic, but certainly effective; her muffled sounds grew just a touch louder in response. One hand cradled her back as the other went right back to fondling her gorgeous behind,

No, not today.

replaced on her mouth by his lips in an effort to muffle both of their impassioned sounds as his body burned with pleasure. She was so tight, so wet...oh, it was incredible. He had no regrets as she moaned one last time into his mouth, her pussy clenching down on him, her juices running down his legs, as her body bucked wildly between his and the wall, her orgasm wracking her body.

The added frenzy set him off as well. He quelled her frenzied movements by pressing his body tightly against hers, burying his entire dick into her as he let loose his cum directly into her. He was far from done though; a slutty girl with a great body? She was only passing through, and he wouldn't let her go that easily. He was going to get at least a few more positions out of her before she'd leave.

Or at least he planned to. There was one hitch in that plan; light peered through the door into the closet, exposing them to the manager and the two cooks, who just stared.

Look like someone was looking for that big pile of money that they should have gotten from severing Ash and friends.

Both Misty and the boy slowly turned, seeing two sets of eyes - Although the waiter was shivering in fear of losing his job,

Well that what you get for having sex with Water Whore, Mr. Waiter.

Misty got another smirk on her face - Now it was getting fun.

It is not going to be fun when you are washing dishing for a week along with Ash and Brock.

The door slowly opened, all three men staring with their arms crossed, with very angry looks in their eyes - Misty knew that wasn't anger at all; it was sheer jealousy.

But the are anger as they are about to kick your butt for trying to get out of paying real money for the tab.

As she was put back to the floor, she gave the other three men a wink, licking her lips.

"I'm not gonna stand here naked all day, guys. Are you going to let me pay for my friends' food or not?" She said, grinning.

Well of course they are going to make you pay...money.

There's wasn't another word spoken. Misty was, actually, surprised by their reaction time. Even by the standards of having a girl like her outright offer sex, it usually took just a tad longer for their pants to be off and for them to start manhandling her. But no; as if they knew what was going on already and were just waiting for the word "go", they were all pantless, their sizable cocks making Misty's mouth water as the young waiter was told, quite literally, to fuck off; it was their turn, and she only had one hole for each of them. He wasn't getting any more of her sweet honey pot.

OMG Misty went to Diamond Pokemon and took one of May's honey pots...how many honey pots do May have anyways?

She didn't even get to pretend she was taking charge of matters as the manager pulled her onto him, seating her in his lap and unceremoniously slamming her down on his cock. She moaned at the feeling of fullness, much more than the waiter could provide, as the first cook slid up behind her, his slick penis pressed against her back entrance, definitely lubed up. It was certain now; they knew what was going on, and now they were claiming their share.

As the dick slid carefully into her incredibly tight little ass hole, the second cook stood in front of her, his cock almost taking out her eye as he uttered the words, "Suck it."

"What about him?" she asked, pointing to the waiter.

Mr. Waiter is on his break.

"He already got some. Now blow me." He replied. Misty nodded, leaning close and taking no time in getting the cock as deep into her mouth as she could manage, quickly bobbing her head up and down. Her tongue swirled around his length the best she could, her head moving faster by the second. The men didn't say anything besides quiet lines of "Oh yeah" and "Fuck yes" - Typical men. It was quite the sight - One cock in her soaking cunt, another pushing into her tight asshole, and a third pumping in and out of her mouth - What would her sisters think?

They would like totally think that Water Whore is still like lame.

Who gives a damn; she was loving every second of it.

She felt the hands of the two in her ass and pussy feeling out her body, her soft curves, her small breasts ... The sensations drove her mad. For all their lack of dirty talk, at least they knew how to feel her up. She began to buck her hips between the two, making something out of their discordant rhythm, eliciting louder sounds from them as she deep-throated the cook with renewed vigor. From the corner of her eye, she could see the waiter jacking off furiously a short distance away.

So I guess Mr. Waiter masturbate on his breaks.

She could tell from the sheer speed he whacked away that the sight of her slutting it up, all three holes ravished uncaringly, was certainly among the hotter one could see. She was glad about that.

She pulled away from the cock in front of her, still bucking on the ones inside of her, her eyes closed tightly as she felt her own orgasm approaching. She looked around at the four men, giving them all a smile.

"Oh come on, aren't you guys done yet?" She said. The cock in her ass pulled out, and the man she was sitting on pulled her up and sat her to the floor. Misty stood on her knees, watching as these three, along with the waiter who approached, began to stroke themselves in front of her face. She began pleasuring herself at the sight, seeing as her orgasm was close to start with. "Come on guys, let me have it. Show me what kind of men you are!"

Mr. Waiter and friends are the stupid kind.

With that, there was a loud groan from the four men, Misty's face now being hit with stream after stream of hot cum. The goo ran down her face - She licked every bit that went past her lips, and licked her lips as much as she could. Just as her face was hit, orgasm came - She moaned loudly while the men continued showering her. Misty stood, her face dripping her cum and her cunt dripping onto the floor. She walked past the group, reaching into the janitor's closet and grabbing her clothes, beginning to dress.

"So bill's all paid, right?" She asked, giving an oh-so-innocent smile. The manager nodded.

The manager then send the bill to Misty's hot sister in which caused them to want to like kill her.

"Come back soon." He said, the men watching her leave. Misty wiped her face clean with a napkin she'd taken, tossing the soaked paper to the ground - Another successful attempt. Their Pokemon journey would continue the next day, and her friends still wouldn't notice how they didn't have money - Just another normal day.

So that was a normal day in the life of Misty and with that being said I am 101% sure that Misty is a whore in this fic.

Like in the last chapter, this was another thing that baffled us - Ash and the gang never seem to have money, yet they've ate at restaurants before. How did they afford it? Well, as you've read - They didn't. The next chapter's coming eventually.

Well that the end of the this chapter of this mock join me next time as we go into a fiery chapter.


The anime adaptation of that Naruto fanfiction where Tobi comes up a a surefire plan to get the reminding tailed beast aka sexy no jutsu. (The scene you see above is Tobi showing Deidara (Who don't approve of the plan.) that the sexy no jutsu can work with the mask on.)

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It's mocking time!

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Well while I am waiting for important stuff to happen I guess I could mock this chapter while I wait.

Chapter 3 - One Fiery Night!

As I say last chapter, this chapter will be a fiery chapter.

Misty was furious.

OMG if it was about that calling you a boy in the first chapter then I'm sorry. So please don't kill me.

It was the dead of the night, everything totally still and silent - Which made her angry, careless march through the woods all the more terrifying, twigs snapping like bones beneath her feet as she held in hand Charizard's Pokeball.

No please don't use the Charizard on me!

She couldn't believe him; after everything Ash had done, every sacrifice, every attempt to warm him up to the trainer, he was still an asshole, refusing to fight half the time, and when he did fight, he was uncooperative the moment the fighting was done.

Oh she mad at the Charizard and not me.

Ash deserved better, and she was going to make sure she got her point across.

I hear that using a pimp slap works well on a Charizard that disobey.

She didn't stop to think, as she approached a clearing where she could let him out, how bad an idea it was to angrily stare down a rogue Charizard, especially one so powerful when she had none of her Pokemon with her.

So there is a 50% chance that Misty will get blasted off by Charizard.

It didn't matter, though; she was pissed. She pressed the button on the capsule-ball, releasing a beam of light which formed into the large dragon. Charizard let out a loud roar, shooting streams of fire into the air.

"Oh, save it!" Misty said. Charizard paused, looking at her - This wasn't the annoying male human that usually brought him outside.

He is annoying a Pokemon breeder right now.

Where was Ash?

Ok let me repeat, the annoying male human is annoying a Pokemon breeder right now.

The dragon looked around, his trainer nowhere in sight; A real shame, that. He enjoyed burning the human's face. It was funny.

As we learn here Charizard real reason for burning the annoying male human face is because it funny...Charizard just became a better character then Mr. Waiter.

"You really need to learn some manners, Charizard!" Misty said, her arms crossed.

But Misty, he does it because of Rule of Funny.

She had no idea why in the world she decided to yell at Charizard, but she was already here and she was frustrated enough. "I love Ash and I don't wanna see his cute face get burned every day from your stupid fire! He's your trainer and you need to learn to respect him!"

You know maybe Charizard will stop burning the male human 'cute' face and start burning your cute face and also Charizard respects no one.

Of course, the Pokemon ignored her, scratching himself with his leg - That felt good, he itched. What was she going on about? Something about his trainer, and fire, and something or other - Eh, who cares.

Ha Misty, Charizard don't even care about what you have to say. laugh.gif

The Pokemon smelled the night air, enjoying the scent of the dew on the grass, and the pleasant ... Wait, what's that smell? He took a few heavy sniffs, his face moving around before finally he zeroed in on the source; it was the annoying human girl, of course.

As much as I like to call you annoying human girl for the rest of this chapter I can't as you need to be dumb before I call you something else besides Misty or Water Whore.

He sniffed again, the exact source coming in clearer. It was those strange blue things she wore on her lower body.

"Are you even listening?" she shrieked as he began to draw closer. Her eyes flew open, but she was too fearstruck to do anything except draw back just a little.

I think Charizard is about to burn your cute face.

Charizard wasn't going to attack her, though.

Darn it foiled again.

His snout pressed against her denim shorts, sniffing harder, feeling a faint moisture on the other side. It was a heavy, intoxicating scent, one that made him feel strangely aroused. Misty breathed a little easier as she began to understand what was going on. It had been a while, since they were on a very long stretch of road and not a Pokemon Center in sight, which meant little in the way of private time, and since they had to devote all their energy to walking, no late-night sex with her companions.

Hold it! By companions does she mean the annoying male human and the Pokemon Breeder, her Pokemon, or Mr. Waiter.

Then, the idea struck her. If she was using her feminine wiles to make gym battles easier and keep Ash fed and all, why not help him out in getting Charizard under control?

That is the dumbest idea I had heard.

She was in need of a good fuck, his size indicated he'd probably be damn well hung.

"Maybe you'll listen to my body more than my words," she smiled as she unhooked her overalls and let her shorts, which she had recently upped to a somewhat larger size so they literally needed the support to stay on her body, fall to the ground. Her dripping pussy felt the biting chill of the night air for just a moment, before Charizard's hot breath made her cry out. Charizard continued to sniff at her, finally knowing that scent was coming from the girl's slit. Maybe just a taste, right? It won't hurt.

Well people it look like I am about to not just copy but quote Dento because It's tasting time!

Charizard slowly stuck out his rather large tongue, giving Misty's sex a small lick. Misty almost jumped from the feeling, an instant moan coming from her.

"C-Charizard! That felt amazing ..." She moaned, reaching down and patting the dragon's head. Charizard ignored her, continuing to slowly lap his tongue at her, enjoying the taste of her wetness. Her moans weren't that annoying, so she was saved from a Fire Blast ... For now.

Charizard planning on burning Water Whore while tasting her if she annoys him enough...you just keep on getting cooler and cooler Charizard...just remember to back away from Water Whore before burning her.

The taste was amazing - Something that he seemed to remember from his Charmander days. Maybe this was "mating" for humans. It can't stop at a tongue, right?

No it stops when Team Rocket suddenly appears and take you in which should be soon. If they don't come then yes it does stop at a tongue.

His tongue slipped into her, getting a good three inches, as now Misty was having trouble standing as the feeling of his hot breath rushing against her clitoris and his long muscle penetrating her. She leaned her head over and saw his cock beginning to emerge, and it made her eyes nearly glisten. It was massive. The biggest she'd ever seen, and she wanted it. Charizard didn't need her to guide him, though. As his dick emerged, he began to clue into things, and though he cut off the best cunnilingus Misty had ever recieved, he was about to give her something so much better.

He about to back away and give you a fire blast in which will blast you off.

He grabbed her slightly curved hips and lifted her up, pressing her soaked entrance against his cock, the sensations Misty was both feeling and anticipating making her quiver in his grasp as slowly, he sank her down his shaft, eliciting from her a quiet, but increasingly louder as she went, moan that ended in a scream when finally his massive member was buried entirely in her.

"Char ... izard ...!" Misty said through screams, not caring if anyone heard her. This was amazing, and she wasn't gonna let a little thing like noise ruin it. She didn't even have to move on her own, and she didn't want to - Charizard controlling her was amazing.

So as we see not Whore early laziness passed on to Water Whore.

Just when she wanted him to speed up, he did so; Go harder, he got rough. It's like he was in-tune with her mind. "More! M-More!" Misty yelled, her screams not silencing at all as the dragon Pokemon held her body and fucked her how he wanted.

He continued, closing his eyes slightly as he enjoyed the incredibly tight pussy surrounding his entire cock. He was elated, wishing this fine piece of ass could have been his trainer instead of that twerp.

So not only do Team Rocket call the annoying male human a twerp but also Charizard does also. Also still not using the meme.

He may have listened more if she offered him sex sooner. Misty's head hung back now as she resigned herself to just being fucked by the massive Pokemon. Her usual proclamations of being his whore would obviously fall on deaf ears, leaving her only with moans and demands for more as her body again began to shake in his grasp.

She was having the time of her life, enjoying the long, girthy dick filling her like nothing else had even come close to. She wondered for a second what it would be like to have three of them, to be ravished by three Charizards at once, to fill her ass and mouth with the same huge cocks. The very thought of it made her scream louder as her hands found their way to her top, slipping up and roughly treating her small buds.

So are you going to tell us who your buds are?

Teasing her nipples and making them erect only served to make her pleasure even better - Teasing and pinching her nipples while getting fucked by Charizard's huge dick was getting to where she was about to go over the edge, but she didn't want to yet - She wanted to save it until she felt that warm blast of cum hit her insides. She was craving it badly now, but knew saying anything wouldn't help a bit. It's not like she could talk if she wanted - Moans and screams were all that came out. She felt herself tighten around the Pokemon, which made him go faster - MUCH faster.

"CHARIZARD! OH FUCK, YES! FUCK ME!" She screamed, not caring if the creature (or anyone else, for that matter,) heard. This was pure bliss - In fact, it wouldn't surprise her if she passed out from both the pleasure and excitement. The faster Charizard bobbed her up and down on his cock, the louder Misty became. "OH-YES-FUCK-ME!" She stammered a bit, but only because of the Pokemon's speed. "I AM YOUR FUCK TOY! RAVAGE ME!"

First Water Whore was turn into a rag doll and now she is a sex toy? This fic gets weirder and weirder.

As if she even needed to say it, but he still obliged, almost making her question how anyone could make her move as fast as he would. Everything beyond them became a literal blur as she was bounced up and down his heated shaft far faster than should have been possible. Her pussy got wetter because of it, her juices dripping down her and Charizard's legs.

The Pokemon had his eyes tight shut now as he focused all of his power to him arms, moving her faster, fucking her with the ferocity his kind was known for. Her pussy was truly divine, only made better by the speed at which they moved, the incredible friction her sweet cunt generated for him. Misty pressed her head tightly against his chest as the incredible sensation tearing through her body became just too much for her to bear.

"I'M CUMMING!" She screamed as loud as her lungs would allow, her pussy clamping down with a vengeance on his cock. Her body shook violently as he kept her in place.

The final tightness sent him over the edge as well. He pulled her down, keeping his entire cock deep in her as he howled so loudly that it drowned out her scream with zero effort. Following that howl, a giant cone of flame erupted from his mouth, shooting straight up into the air and bathing them in light as a powerful orgasm wracked his body. He sent his hot cum straight into her, so much of his seed pouring into her that her sweet cunt couldn't take it all. It ran down along the sides, dripping onto the ground beneath them, as his rock-hard cock remained buried in her a while longer.

Misty nuzzled against his chest as he held her tightly on his shaft. "W-will you..." she wandered off, barely able to speak. She couldn't believe what had just happened. "Will you listen to Ash from now on?" Charizard looked down at her, his face impossible to read, but no acceptance of her terms. "Will you listen to Ash if we do this every time you battle for him?"

Charizard will only do it if he can burn your cute face.

A smile broke across his face and he nodded as he pulled her off his cock and set her down, semen dripping down her legs. She smiled back at him. She would do anything for Ash, but she loved every second of the promise they just made - If Charizard fucked like that next time, she may have to stick around with Ash forever.

We all know what happen to Charizard later on.

Not that she didn't intend to, anyway.

Yeah Misty is only following the annoying male human until he sees that Misty loves him pay her back for that bike he destroyed.

Both megadeth and I are known around here for our Pokeality stories - Both of us get (normally) positive reviews, and we love writing for the fans. Since we DO write that kind of thing, and since Misty's pretty much a whore in this, we both agreed we couldn't write this story without at least putting in ONE chapter for the thing we have fans for.

So as we now see this chapter was just fan-services.

Well that the end of this fiery chapter of this mock and the next chapter will have some bonding in it.


The anime adaptation of that Naruto fanfiction where Tobi comes up a a surefire plan to get the reminding tailed beast aka sexy no jutsu. (The scene you see above is Tobi showing Deidara (Who don't approve of the plan.) that the sexy no jutsu can work with the mask on.)

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Constant yelling

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Ergh. I really...have no other comment for that. smile.gif

"I was getting all pumped for hot pizza bondage and cocaine action"

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Kinomoto Sei


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Yeah... I don't really have a comment...

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It's mocking time!

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Umm...can't really think up of some witty comment right now.

Chapter 4 - Sisterly Bonding, Part 1: Watering Down

Did I forget to say last chapter that bonding takes more than one part.

It was a sunny day in Cerulean City - Not a cloud in the sky, and the whole area just seemed as pure as it could be.

However, the city's gym was a different story.

"Daisy! Where are you?" Misty was walking the gym's hallways, trying to find her blonde-haired older sister. Her trio of sisters had to rehearse for one of their many shows (once again leaving Misty alone,) and Daisy was late to show up. The girl was nowhere to be found. "I'll try her bedroom ..." Misty thought out loud, heading down the hall containing the four girls' rooms. Just as she approached Daisy's door, she heard a strange sound.

I bet it Daisy playing a video game.

"Ahh ... Y-Yeah, Wartortle ... G-Go faster ..." It was Daisy, and it seemed like she was ... Moaning?

Ok I am 95% sure that Daisy is not playing a video game.

As she leaned in and peered through the crack in the door, she found the source of the sounds; on her bed, a Wartortle lay with a goofy, elated grin on his face, two soft hands on his chest.

It not Daisy playing video game it just a Wartortle touching someone boobies.

Her eyes traced them along to find they belonged to her sister,

I would have never guessed.

who sat in a compromising position on him, her gorgeous body moving with grace as her head rocked back and forth in sexual bliss.

Misty may have been younger than her sisters, but she was far from stupid. She knew exactly what was going on, and the sight intrigued her immediately.

As we see here is either Misty is turn on by the sex or the fact that Daisy must be so hot that even the girls want her.

Without thinking, her hands found her way down to her jean shorts, two fingers pressing hard against her hairless mound, a soft gasp escaping her lips as she watched the scene play out before her. Daisy's moans got louder as the Wartortle moved faster, causing Daisy's hips to begin bucking around him.

"Mmm, Wartortle! More!" Daisy said, her eyes closed tightly. The Wartortle had been one of Daisy's Pokemon in the that day's earlier water show, and since he did such a good job, Daisy decided to make sure it stayed that way - Well, that, and they did it every day anyway. "That's so good!" The Wartortle didn't make any noises or say any variation of his name - He continued thrusting away at her, the look on his face showing her was enjoying it just as much as she was.

Misty continued to rub herself furiously through her shorts, watching the very intense scene before her. She had masturbated before; more than she could possibly count, and porn was a regular partner,

You know I think I heard of a ten year-old whore who also watch porn.

but never had she seen either sex happen right before her, or, more shockingly, a human and a Pokemon go at it as they did.

That because you are too young to be seeing sex, silly girl.

Her jeans became wetter as she went, and suddenly she wanted very much to scream out that she wanted a turn with the Wartortle. She was a virgin,

Oh if you guys haven't figure it out yet this is that backstory chapter meaning that I can't call Misty Water Whore due to the fact that this is before the sex with Lt. Surge.

albeit with a hymen broken from very intense workouts, and losing it to her sister's Wartortle would make for
one hell of a first time.

Just thinking about doing it with Wartortle makes the line break thingy happen.

The two on the bed now worked even harder, Daisy's fine rump bouncing in his lap as she mashed her breasts furiously with her hands. "Give me your cum!" she screamed as her orgasm ran through her, her head hanging back, mouth agape, a continuous moan from her mouth as the Pokemon followed, shooting his thick, blue-ish cum right into the Sensational Sister. That did it - Misty couldn't hold back. She needed it.

Needed what? Help? Cake? Cilan's lure? It really could be so many things.

She burst through the door, her jeans and suspenders on the floor behind her. Daisy and Wartortle both stared at her and her naked lower-half. The turtle stepped away from Daisy, his eyes still on Misty's dripping cunt.

"Misty, I ..." Daisy started, trying to come up with an excuse. "I was just ... Wartortle had an ..."

"Save it, Daisy." Misty said, her eyes hungrily staring at the Pokemon's erection. "You can lie to me later, right now I just need ... I mean, that's so wrong of you! But it's so b-big ..." Misty's usual attitude wasn't going to work here - She craved that creature's dick and Daisy could tell.

The sisterly bond between Misty and Daisy helped Daisy be able to tell what Misty is thinking.

"Wartortle, give it to her. She's a runt, though, and a virgin, so maybe you should break her in." Daisy said to the Pokemon, smiling. She wasn't going to let her off easy.

Hold it! If Daisy do not want Misty to get off easy then would that mean that Daisy is about to make Wartortle rape Misty...I thought this was bonding not raping!

"Tort!" The Pokemon agreed as Misty drew closer. When finally she reached the bed, the Pokemon grabbed her and pulled her on all fours, his hands grasping her hips as, without mercy, he plunged right into her sweet, virgin snatch.

*Looked up snatch* Oh it just another slang word for vagina.

Misty shouted in shock as she felt the pokemon's dick slip into her, and in an instant, she loved it.

Ok I guess Daisy isn't using Wartortle to rape Misty.

She pushed back against him, moaning as the feeling of penetration for those few seconds were far superior to anything her fingers had ever granted her. "Harder, Wartortle!"

Daisy's eyes narrowed as she watched her sister enjoy herself far too much. She wanted the runt to regret spying on her, not have the time of her life.

So does that mean that it was meant to be rape but it failed.

She grabbed Misty's orange ponytail and knelt in front of her younger sister. "There, you'll have your fun, but you have to learn not to spy on people." With Wartortle's cum dripping from her entrance and down her thight, she brought the girl's tongue to her slit.

I don't really have a good comment for this so I will just get on with saying that It's bonding time!

Misty didn't even think of resisting - She slid her tongue on Daisy,

Yes! I was right about Daisy being so hot that even the girls want her.

making her older sister moan lightly from the sensation. Sure, Daisy and Violet had done this plenty of times in the past,

It seems that Daisy never done it with Lily.

but for some reason, Misty doing it seemed so taboo ...

That might be because of the fact that Misty is the runt.

Misty kept lapping at her sister's slit, moaning out louder as she was fucked by the Pokemon behind her. The movements made her whole body thrust forward, thus making her tongue move on it's own as she licked at her sister, soon sliding her tongue inside the girl. Daisy moaned, grabbing Misty's head and forcing her tongue deeper in, her eyes closed as she felt the pleasure and heard the sounds of Wartortle pounding Misty. The wet sounds coming from it made her even more aroused.

Wartortle was a lucky bastard, wasn't he? One Sensational Sister, and then the runt,

Oh Wartortle you dog, having sex with two girls in one day much mean you get all the ladies also I think till this backstory thing is over I am going to call Misty, The Runt.

who may not have had the breasts, but her pussy was incredibly tight, wet, and hot, driving him to pound that virgin hole like he never had before, not that he wanted to admit it to his trainer.

Well you can't admit that to your trainer unless you had either a talking Meowth or Bidoof to translate for you.

Daisy wouldn't have noticed, though. She bucked harder against Misty as the girl eagerly explored her vagina. Her attempts to punish her had failed miserably; Misty not only enjoyed doing it, but the taste of her sweet cunt meant she wasn't going to stop, and the lingering semen from her pokemon made Misty want only more of everything. More cock pounding her mercilessly, more sweet juices, be they male or female, treating her tongue. Daisy had just turned her kid sister into a raging whore.

So Daisy was the cause of The Runt becoming a whore in the future. I guess we better get our pitchfork ready to chase Daisy out of the city.

Little did she know how bad that really was.

It very bad Daisy because soon in the future she will be called Water Whore during sex scenes, using her body and cute face to help Ash get pity badges, using her body and cute face to pay bills at dinners, and using her body and the chance to burn her cute face to tame Ash's Pokemon.

"Misty! Come on, finish me!" Daisy yelled.

I would make a Mortal Kombat thingy but I don't feel like it.

Misty did just that - Swirling and probing her tongue as fast as she could, feeling her sister's orgasm hit her tongue. At the same time of Daisy's scream of "I'm cumming!" Watortle let out a groan of his name and shot a blast of his hot cum into Misty's cunt, making her release as well. All three were panting heavily from the mass orgasm, looking at one-another with blank expressions; no one was quite sure what to say. Misty and Daisy dressed, Wartortle was recalled to his Poke Ball, and Misty and Daisy began walking down the hall.

"See, this is that "sisterly bonding" Mom talked about." Daisy said, sticking her tongue out.

Either Daisy is kidding around or having sex with your sister is what their Mom thinks sisterly bonding is.

Misty teasingly punched her arm, smiling.

"I'll probably never forget today."

No I will not allow The Runt to become a whore. Return to the past! *Nothing happened* Well it was worth a shot.

The two of us decided on something with one of Misty's three sisters - Daisy, the blonde one. If you need to know what she looks like, just look it up; there are plenty of sites that have at least a picture of her. As you saw, this is part 1 - There will be another. May be next chapter, may not be - We don't know yet.

So what other bonding will happen in the next chapter? I guess we have to wait and find out. Also thanks for the comments that wasn't really comment but still counts as comment in my book.


The anime adaptation of that Naruto fanfiction where Tobi comes up a a surefire plan to get the reminding tailed beast aka sexy no jutsu. (The scene you see above is Tobi showing Deidara (Who don't approve of the plan.) that the sexy no jutsu can work with the mask on.)

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I figure a sex scene in DBZ would take twelve episodes and a planet blowing up to complete
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Constant yelling

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Damnit, these aren't well written, either!
Anyway, Mr. L, very entertaining. smile.gif

"I was getting all pumped for hot pizza bondage and cocaine action"

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It's mocking time!

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I can't believe it but I did it...I was able to not update my mock for a whole week because really I like to update weekly but usually get to impatience to do that.

Chapter 5 - Sisterly Bonding, Part 2: Bugging Out

Maybe we get to see why The Runt hate bug pokemon so much.

"Fucking yes!"

Misty screamed as she hung suspended above one of the private pools in the Cerulean Gym, her body limp as the firm tendrils of Daisy's Tentacruel violated her in every possible way.

Oh great tentacles, guess this is the second thing that is creeping me out in this fanfiction. (the first being the fact that The Runt will turn into a whore.)

They mercilessly pounded her vagina, drilled her ass, constricted her near-insignificant breasts, rubbed against her body, and shifted in her grasp as she jacked them. "More! I need something to suck! I want to taste your cum!"

The Pokemon obliged, his groaning becoming louder as her cock-hungry mouth went to work on yet another tentacle, sending more shocks of pleasure up to him as he defiled the youngest of the sisters. Her every hole was so tight, and she was so skilled, let alone that she was willing to do far more than her-comparatively-prudish sister.

Daisy wasn't pleased at all, though.

Is Daisy finally seeing that she is making The Runt a whore.

After making her Wartortle hunger for more trips in the runt's tighter honey pot and her attempts at punishing her sister with multiple "Eat me" demands,

So it was around this time that The Runt took May's honey pot.

all occasions of which ended with Daisy having an intense orgasm from her sister's skilled tongue, and Misty just happy to get some of her sweet juices, she hoped Tentacruel may dissuade her from her increasingly slutty ways;

So Daisy is trying to stop The Runt from being a whore but failing. Well I believe in you because you can become the hero...like America.

she couldn't be showed up by the runt to her own Pokemon, let alone her sisters' if they ever got word of this. She'd be a laughingstock.

But just like Light you will be known as the villain to at least 50% to 75% of the readers.

Of course, this plan wasn't working. Misty had been screaming like a banshee for a good hour now, cumming multiple times while she got violated by tentacles. Wartortle stared up at the sight, slowly starting to become erect - Daisy saw this and smacked him on the head.

"Oh, shut up." She said. The Pokemon chuckled, knowing what she meant. "This isn't working, Wartortle. I'm going to have to think of something else. Come on, let's go." Daisy left, her turtle following. The last sound they heard was a "I'M CUMMING AGAIN!" from Misty, which Daisy shrugged off in frustration. It was gonna be a long walk back to her own bedroom.

After she and Wartortle finished their daily session, Daisy began to ponder on how she could actually get revenge on Misty - Well, she could only think between moans while the turtle Pokemon licked at her cunt to clean her up afterwards. What was the one thing Misty hated more than anything in the world? What was the one thing she would always hate, no matter what the circumstances were?

Hmm what could The Runt hate...well I got nothing.

A-ha. Now she had an idea.

But Daisy does.


Misty awoke that morning to find her vision hazy, and a lot different. This wasn't her lavish bedroom by a long shot; this was a dark, dank room, somewhere likely in the bowels of the gym, and instead of her bed, she seemed to just be on a cot. She tried to get up, but found her arms bound to posts by the bedside. What the hell was going on? She could feel something writhing on her, tickling her breasts, and she laughed half-heartedly, her body feeling far too heavy to even make those sounds, as the feeling next came of something doing an impeccable job of eating her out.

"Good, the little whore's awake," Daisy snarled. "Well, since you like fucking every Pokemon you see so much, I decided to call in a favor with a few friends and get you all the fuck buddies you could want."

When Daisy began speaking, Misty was actually sort of glad; another attempt at revenge that involved just her being fucked repeatedly? Her sister was the best kind of idiot, giving her punishments that she absolutely adored.

Well Daisy is hoping that you don't enjoy and quit your whoring so that chapter 1-3 will no longer be canon making the last chapter the real chapter 1 and this one the real chapter 2.

Her mouth sank, though, as the "boys" came into the picture. She looked down to see that the thing teasing her breasts was a Caterpie, and that Pokemon eating her out? A Scyther. Bug Pokemon.

She HATED bug Pokemon.

So The Runt been hating bug pokemon.

Daisy was playing hardball now.

"Oh my God! Daisy, this is disgusting! Get them off me!" Misty yelled, trying her best to struggle and knock the Caterpie off her chest. The Scyther didn't take too kindly to Misty interrupting, and held her down the best it could while continuing to lick the sweet nectar that was her wetness. Misty moaned loudly, trying her best to fight it - It was a BUG eating her. A bug! This is sick! All the while, Daisy was standing over her, hands on her hips and a grin on her face.

"Loving it NOW, sis?" Daisy asked, crossing her arms. "Not so fuckin' great now, is it? Ready to give up yet?"

Yes! Daisy weird plan is working now I am sure that this time Daisy will become the hero and also know as a villain to at least 50% to 75% of the readers.

"I...I don't know." It was horrible, but it still felt so good. She unconsciously bucked her hips up, forcing more of her pussy on the Scyther, a mix of disgust and bliss coming across her moan as the Caterpie slithered away.

Daisy just cause The Runt to not know what to feel.

"Well, I guess you're in for the long haul. And you shouldn't struggle so much; even if you weren't tied up, you've taken so much Tentacruel cum that your body's weak from the toxins.

And this is one on the many reasons why tentacles are bad.

You'll be here a while."

So that means that Daisy had this partly plan all along.

She tapped the Scyther on the head. "That's enough, now." Reluctantly, he pulled away from her delicious pussy and left the room with the Caterpie. Entering what seemed to be just some empty closet of some kind next were a Heracross and a Pinsir. "Boys, go to work."

Misty whimpered as they advanced on her, the Heracross' erection instantly slipping into her pussy as the Pinsir mounted her face and, with his stubby hands holding her ponytail, forced his cock into her mouth. The insect creatures didn't even speak parts of their names, instead just pounding and thrusting away at the girl, ignoring her struggles and moans. Misty began to suck on the Pinsir - Not like she had much of an option, and hoped that he would eventually get off and get away from her. Heracross, however, was pounding at her like he wouldn't be alive the next after.

The sad thing is that Heracross isn't going to be alive soon as Daisy can't allow other people to see a Johto Pokemon yet.

Misty tried her best to fight noise, but scream after scream of pleasure came from her. Daisy chuckled, watching in amusement.

"Oh, little sister. Naive, naive little sister. You wanted all the sex you could have. You sure got it." Daisy said, looking down at her.

Misty cursed her sister, but the words didn't escape her mouth as she clenched her eyes, imagining she was sucking the tasty cock of any other Pokemon, that any other Pokemon was plunging to the hilt inside her, making her whole body burn with pleasure. It wasn't a Heracross and a Pinsir. It was her sister's Wartortle and her Starmie. Definitely. It had to be.

It wasn't, though. The Heracross pinched her perfect little ass as he went,

Sorry, if you want me to say it please try again later.

his whole body rocking in time with his thrusts as he lost himself in the young slut. The Pinsir was wildly fucking her face with equal vigor. Rarely did they great a treat this tight, this so seemingly made for pure slutdom, that they were loving every second of her divine body.

Misty couldn't hold back orgasm for long - Bugs or not, this felt too good. Add to the fact that they're still Pokemon, and that made it better. She can't cum for a bug ... It would be so gross, she just can't! Please, let something happen to stop this!

Maybe if The Runt cums then that would make her not want to be a whore and do task that normal people do for getting people pity badges, paying tabs, and getting a Charizard to obey people.

She didn't cum - But that doesn't mean her insect lovers didn't Heracross leaned back and shoved his cock into her, blowing quite a big load into her, most of it dripping to the floor. At the same time, Pinsir also let loose in her, some going down her throat and a little on her lips. The two creatures moved away from her, looking at Daisy.

"Okay guys, you're done. Go back to your trainers." Daisy said. The Pokemon nodded, walking away.

And after all this is over Daisy will go to the trainer with the Heracross and kill him and his Pokemon due to outliving their usefulness.

Misty looked up at Daisy, who grinned at the sight of cum dripping from Misty's cunt.

"How ... How did you get so many bugs?" Misty asked. Daisy laughed, shaking her head.

Because she is hot.

"Oh Misty, you know so little. You find a few bug catchers, you suck their cocks, and you can borrow any Pokemon you want. It's as simple as that." Daisy said,

Daisy can also use people in order to help her in her goal of a whore free world.

as if this was an everyday thing - Which it probably was. Misty always pegged Daisy as the whore of the family.

Being a whore in order to stop whores for both good and bad reasons strangely sounds like being a killer to stop a killer for both good and bad reasons. I will now give you a last name due to that, Daisy.

Well, maybe Daisy was for the humans, anyway. Misty had the Pokemon side of things. "You're not done, though. I have one more little friend for you, I'm sure he'll help you scratch that itch." At those words, a Beedrill flew into the room.

Well this is Daisy Yagami final plan so now It's Beedrill time!

"Drill," was all he eagerly said as he went straight for his prize, burying his stinger directly into her pussy. Misty cried out as she felt the strange penis slip into her and begin ravishing her without abandon. It was a rough, savage fucking; not too rough, but certainly taking her without mercy, just as she enjoyed. Again, her body thrust against it subconsciously as it pounded her before, much to her surprise, he shot off a load of cum far too soon for comfort.

"Oh, I forgot to mention," Daisy Yagami evilly laughed, "Beedrill have multiple orgasms. They can go for a long time, and have enough orgasms to fill the quota of a little cumslut like you. Enjoy!"

"Bitch," Misty meant to utter, but ended up crying out as Beedrill didn't miss a beat, continuing to hammer her, sending her whole body into throes of pure ecstasy. "Beedrill!" Misty yelled the bug's name, her eyes widening after realizing what she'd done. She looked over, seeing Daisy bent over in laughter. "Shut up!" Misty said, her face a mixture of anger and extreme pleasure as the bee Pokemon kept pounding away at her. "Besides, this is still gross!"

"Oh my God, you're such a slut Misty!" Daisy said, wiping a tear from her eye. "Well, whatever. I just hope you like staying in that position and never moving."

"W-What do you mean, never moving?" Misty asked, stammered. Daisy shook her head, pointing to the Beedrill. Before Misty could turn her head, the bee began to pound at her better than she had ever felt - Such speed, such force ... This was gonna do it. Fuck it being disgusting, she was gonna cum. Hard.

"Do hurry, Beedrill." Daisy said. The Beedrill's slamming only got better, blasts of cum shooting deep into Misty's cunt, the warmth getting her close as well. Daisy could tell this, it seemed. "Come on Beedrill, let's wrap it up." Daisy said to him, the Pokemon nodding and flying up to Misty's head, shoving his stinger in her mouth and beginning to fuck her face. Spray after spray of cum came out of him as Misty bobbed her head up and down that stinger-like cock, swallowing every drop that hit her tongue. This was getting too hot for her - She was gonna cum if it didn't stop. Daisy clapped her hands, pointing for the door. "Thanks for your help, Beedrill."

"W-What are you doing?" Misty asked, trying to sit up and failing. "What the hell did you stop him for?"

Well Daisy Yagami realized that you may still be a whore if you cum so she not letting you cum.

Daisy giggled, turning away from her sister as Wartortle came into the room.

"Did you really think I'd punish you for being a bigger slut than I am by letting you cum? Oh no, you little runt. I'm going to leave here, Wartortle's going to fuck my brains out for a couple hours, and you're going to watch.

So Daisy Yagami is going to let Wartortle do her brains...that is really going to make The Runt not want to be a whore.

You'll be so close to the edge that a strong breeze could set you off, and you can't do anything about it." She grabbed Wartortle and mounted him, pulling her bikini bottom aside as his cock disappeared into her pussy.

For the next two hours, Daisy fucked Wartortle every which way, in every hole and position she could think of. She was covered in his cum, and playing up the whole slut act as much as possible, exaggerating her movements, screaming in unbridled rapture, while Misty was powerless to do anything so much as move. She was frozen on the border of her orgasm, trapped, while Daisy got all the sex she wanted. It was there that she decided she'd journey outside of Cerulean, outside of her jealous sister's reach, where she could fuck all she wanted.

But sadly Daisy Yagami's plan didn't work but that won't stop her from moving on to a certain fanfiction with a certain blue hair whore.

This one's pretty goddamn messed up, ain't it? But hey, we wrote it for you guys. We know someone out there is bound to enjoy this.

Only weirdo will enjoy this crap.

Well that the end of this mock and thanks for the comment luckyduck. (I have been using the L persona alot. I haven't found a good place to use my Light persona.)


The anime adaptation of that Naruto fanfiction where Tobi comes up a a surefire plan to get the reminding tailed beast aka sexy no jutsu. (The scene you see above is Tobi showing Deidara (Who don't approve of the plan.) that the sexy no jutsu can work with the mask on.)

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I figure a sex scene in DBZ would take twelve episodes and a planet blowing up to complete
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It's mocking time!

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Well it umm been close enough to a week later so here is a update.

Chapter 6 - Sex Friends Forever!

So this is the friendship chapter.

"Please, feel free to use the bedroom we have. I apologize for only having one room and one bed, but I'm sure you three can make due just fine!"

That's all the smiling pink-haired Nurse Joy said earlier that night. No other options, no "sleep in the lobby," no anything.

Misty was in total hell.

After a long day of walking, she wanted nothing more than to relax, soak in a hot bath, and then make due with her fingers for a few hours. That wasn't likely, though, because she was stuck in bed with Ash and Brock All 3 in the same bed.

This is clearly a test of friendship.

And it was cramped.

She lay between the two, their hot bodies against hers, making her furiously horny and unable to do anything. Both guys were in shorts, but Misty had only taken off her suspenders, having stopped wearing a bra or panties long ago,

The reason that Misty stop wearing a bra or panties was because she was becoming even more tomboyish in which cause her to ditch the bra and panties.

and unwilling to lie naked between the two.

Between Brock's breathing and Ash's heavier breathing, she began to wonder if a little bit of finger play would be dangerous - Best to not risk it, though; it would be awkward as hell to explain if either of them woke up. Crush on Ash or not, it still wouldn't be the first thing she wanted him to see. Pikachu was on the floor next to the bed, so leaving the room would be difficult too ... What could she really do?

Well I got a plan but it might be tough and you may want to just kill yourself to end this fic but I am sure that if you follow thought that it will work. The plan is to...JUST GO TO SLEEP!

That's when she heard Brock.

"Yes, Officer Jenny," he groaned, "Wrap your hand around my cock."

As we see now the real reason that Brock had to leave after DP was because of his dreams and the fact that there is a Pokemon that make dreams come true in Unova.

Her eyes opened wide at those words as her gaze drifted down, scanning the blanket. They remained wide as she marveled the tent his erect cock made, showing his impressive length off to her. It wasn't even a decision for her, whether or not to do anything. Her hand dove for his cock, reaching into his shorts and pulling it out, peeking under the covers to see that he was actually bigger than the blanket gave away. She grasped his shaft, like he asked, and went right to work.

"Just like that, officer. I need to be punished." He had a goofy grin on his face, but his face was the last thing she was paying attention to as she jacked off his long dick. She was horny, and she needed more than a cock in her hand. Her spare hand worked her shorts off, her soaking cunt completely exposed.

In the best Jenny impression she could muster, she said lowly, "I'm afraid this isn't nearly enough punishment for you. I'm going to have to fuck you. Hard."

Brock let out a fake sigh as Misty cast the blankets off of him and climbed atop his lap, not moving fast enough as she wanted-no, craved-cock in her. She wanted to just jump on him and go wild, but she knew he'd instantly wake up and probably be angry ... Or, at least freaked out. Hell, knowing Brock he would probably just keep going.

Brock will do all of the above in that order.

Either way, it was too big of a risk. Just keep up his dream and she'll get off. Finally.

"Mmm ... I-I mean, this is your punishment ..." Misty muttered, almost forgetting to keep up the act. "It better show you how b-bad ... Oh, fuck ... How b-bad a boy you are ..." He filled her up so nicely that she was finding it hard just to keep her composure. She wanted so hard to scream from the great fuck the sleeping gym leader turned out to be. Her hands worked their way up her shirt as she frenziedly kneaded her breasts. Everything was so great. "Yes!"

Shit. The words had forced their way out of her, and she knew instantly that it was too loud not to backfire. Indeed, Ash stirred just a short distance from them, and with her movements shaking the bed, it looked like her death sentence had come. She was well and truly fucked, but not in a good way.

Don't worry Water Whore this is Ash we are talking about. He will just most likely either go back to sleep, ask why you are hurting Brock, or something stupid.

Ash sat up, and what a great thing to wake up to; your two companions fucking.

Now Ash is most likely scared for life.

He didn't have a word to say in response, and could do nothing but cast aside the blanket and reveal his strained shorts, his cock instantly called to attention and ready for duty. Misty's eyes lit up.

What Water Whore don't know is that Ash is just on his way to the restroom.

Talk about making the best of a bad situation.

Misty gave him a grin, licking her lips and motioning for the boy to come closer. Ash did so without even a hint of second thought, watching as Misty grabbed and yanked his shorts down, grabbing his erect cock and stroking it slowly.

Ok so either Ash didn't have to use the restroom or he was on his way to the Water Whore all along.

The boy moaned quietly, keeping an eye on Brock to make sure he didn't wake up - Of course, he thought he was fucking Jenny like crazy and he most likely didn't want to wake up anytime soon. Misty didn't say a word, her mouth shut as she tried to stop any moans that came from her moving up and down on Brock's hard cock - However, it was getting very difficult. Ash going along with it was sheer luck; she didn't know if Brock would be the same.

Ash's eyes scanned her bared lower body and decided upon his next course of action. He pushed her hand away and slipped his cock into her mouth, making a few quick thrusts until he felt his dick was adequately wet. He went behind her, Misty groaning as she anticipated the obvious course of action, taking in a deep breath and bracing herself as Ash's sizable dick slid into her tight ass.

OMG Ash is smart enough to do things that aren't Pokemon related on his own.

There she was, double-penetrated by the two of them, loving every second of it. She was nicely filled by the two, and for such a deep sleeper, Brock was a great lay - Except he began to stir beneath her, still muttering something about Officer Jenny, but clearly his sleep began to wane.

"I'm going to cum," he groaned, his hands grasping her hips, holding her in place as, with Ash still drilling her ass, she felt Brock's penis erupt inside her, sending his seed into her. She moaned far too loud now as Brock seemed to take it pretty well, though his groofy grin changed to a self-satisfied smirk as his hand left her hip and, with an audible slap, he high-fived Ash.

Umm that is werid.

Something was up. What the hell was going on?

She turned to look at Ash, who also had a smile on his face.

You know maybe they high-fived each other because they are happy that they lost their virginity.

"You mean you guys ..." Misty started, but was quickly cut off by movement;

Well I guess there is only one clear thing to do now, It's friendship time!

before she knew it, Ash was in front of her, pounding into her cunt while Brock's dick was directly over her face, his hand pumping it as fast as he could. "Oh yeah ..." Misty moaned, feeling Ash pull her closer and shove himself in deeper. "This is what I needed ... I need cock, guys ... Please ..." She said a bit louder, leaning up to lick the underside of Brock's cock as he continued to beat off over her. Neither boy said a word as they continued, exchanging grins from the loud moans Misty made every second.

You know, this isn't what I had in mind when I said the friendship thing.

Ash grinned as, at last, he got what he wanted,

I don't see a Pokemon Master title on you.

to be on his knees drilling his orange-haired companion.

That doesn't even sound like Pokemon Master.

Her breasts heaved slightly with each forceful thrust into her, thin strands of Brock's cum on her legs and a few more on her face. He had to hold on hard to keep himself from cumming just at the sight of it, and that wasn't even getting into her tight, wet pussy that, despite its firm grip on him, was just perfect for his dick to slide in and out of with ease.

Brock, meanwhile, closed his eyes tightly shut as he jacked off,

Only in fanfiction can we tell if Brock eyes are shut or closed.

Misty's skilled tongue a great way to augment his usual method of self-pleasure. He stopped blocking out all sight, however, when he looked down to see the remarkable sight of the adorable Misty somehow looking innocent as a whore could as she licked his cock. Oh, how he looked forward to plastering that face with more of his cum. He continued, moving his dick down a bit to allow her to lick more, although she was cut off at times by moaning from Ash's fucking.

"Please, guys ... Cum ... I need it ... I need cum so badly ..." Misty begged the two, tightening her lower-hold on Ash and giving Brock long, smooth licks. The boys nodded, Ash beginning to thrust at her as fast as he could, Brock doing his best to get himself into her mouth. Ash lost his composure at last, not being able to stand another second in her sweet cunt. He groaned, his head reclining back against his shoulders as he shot off in her pussy, the most satisfying orgasm he'd had up to that point.

Misty came next, the realization that her beloved had just blown his load in her sending her over the edge. As Ash pulled out, pleasure ran over her body. As her orgasm ran its course, Brock shot off another wad of cum, this one deposited directly into her waiting mouth, and she eagerly swallowed his load. She wanted to beg for more, she wanted to tell them she was their slut, but ... She couldn't.

Water Whore being unable to act like a Whore anymore...I think all this was really a part of Daisy Yagami plans to make Water Whore not a whore anymore.

The orgasm was just too strong.

She fell asleep, the last feeling being Brock's warm cum dripping onto her face and down her cheeks. She finally got what she needed - A scratch to that all-too-craving itch.

But sadly like all of her other plans it failed.

This one was based off a hentai pic that I found a while back that was actually pretty well done (of course, I'm not telling you where to find it!) but I think this one turned out pretty good, although possibly shorter than others. The story's almost coming to a close, so get ready for a good ending!

By good ending do you mean Daisy Yagami using a plan that is 100% sure to work which is forcing Misty to leave Ash and Brock due to having to take care of the gym.

Well that the end of this chapter, join me next time as I go into the final chapter...on Friday!


The anime adaptation of that Naruto fanfiction where Tobi comes up a a surefire plan to get the reminding tailed beast aka sexy no jutsu. (The scene you see above is Tobi showing Deidara (Who don't approve of the plan.) that the sexy no jutsu can work with the mask on.)

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I figure a sex scene in DBZ would take twelve episodes and a planet blowing up to complete
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It's mocking time!

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Well it finally Friday so here is the last chapter of this mock. And I also notice that this is my 100th post so yeah!

And here we are - The last chapter. Megadeth and I personally think this was a fitting ending, and we hope you'll feel the same.

And whatever feeling I am feeling this ending will be my Judgment.

In this chapter, we scroll years ahead in time to where Misty has already left Ash and Brock, with May and Max in her place.

You know if this story was made after BW was made then I would have been commenting about how a year haven't past yet but this last chapter was made on 04-02-10 so I can't.

Also, I've just noticed that we kept Misty in her Kanto clothes and forgot her new outfit - Her clothing was the LAST thing we were worried about here (how long does she keep clothes on anyway?)

You know the longer Misty keeps her clothes on the better the Judgment will be.


Chapter 7: Passing The Torch

That better not mean passing the Whoreness.

Ash, Brock, and their new companions May and Max finally reached the Pokemon Center and let out a collective sigh of relief. Too much time on the road had tired them all out, and the prospect of a warm bed that night was overwhelming. With salvation in their grasp, they entered the Center to find it not only a building, but air-conditioned.

Gasp the Pokemon Center is a building and have air-condition I would have never known.

Heaven on earth.

For Ash and Brock, though, another aspect of heaven lay in the Pokemon Center. To their surprise, a certain red-haired friend of theirs was sitting with three very stunning women in about their twenties, laughing and lounging at a table in the cafeteria.

Who's that person? (the red-haired one)

"Misty?" they blurted out in unison as they walked to the table,

Well let's see if they are right.

their new friends trailing behind them, not saying anything. "What are you doing here?"

Misty was about to say something,

It's Misty.

but an air-headed voice cut them off. "The Sensational Sisters were invited to a summit on specializing in training water Pokemon here in town, and the invitation included the runt over here."

Daisy Yagami is mad that they invited Misty because Misty might go back with Ash in which will mean that Daisy whole plan of making Misty not a whore will be ruined.

She leaned her head, motioning toward the younger of the four sisters, the red-head without the stunning curves or developed breasts of her siblings. "Feel free to ignore her, though. She's nothing special."

All Daisy Yagami can do now is hope that nothing bad happens while their here and that Misty will still take care of the gym after all of this is over.

"I'm just as good as you three!" Misty yelled, looking very angry at her sister's insult. However, that look of anger turned to a blush as she saw Ash and Brock. She looked away for a moment, the various nights of sex with the two instantly coming to mind. "Oh ... H-Hey guys, it's been a while ..." She said. The two must've read her mind, as they too looked uneasy - Even Pikachu did.

Does that Pikachu comment mean that he joined in on the sex also.

"It's nice to see ya again, Misty ..." Ash said, finally growing a spine and walking over to sit next to the girl, pulling her into a hug. "We've missed ya." Brock nodded, sitting next to Ash.

"It'll be nice to hang out again." He said, the two both ignoring their new traveling partners completely. Max was too busy staring at the breasts of Misty's sisters

So could that mean that the real reason that Max pulls Brock's ear whenever he flirts with a pretty girl is because of the fact that the flirting was stopping Max from staring at them.

- However, May didn't take too kindly to being pushed away. She walked over to Ash and Brock's old friend, extending her right hand.

"I'm May, I'm traveling with Ash now." She said warmly. "It's nice to meet ... You ..." She paused from the look of rage in Misty's eyes - How did Ash and Brock miss this? May had no idea what this girl's problem was,

Well May maybe she mad about the fact that your boobs are bigger then her in which normally won't be a problem for a tomboy like her but there the fact that her sister may talk about have you are a so much better traveling partner for Ash then her due to that fact.

and maybe that was a good thing.

Misty looked the girl straight in the eye, then down at her hand, then back to her eyes with even more flame burning in them before turning back to her cola and taking a sip that May couldn't have interpreted as anything but a warning.

You better run May, Misty look like she is about to kill you.

"Guys, why don't you catch up while I go get us some rooms?" Without waiting for a response, May rushed off to do just that, not wanting to stay under Misty's gaze another moment.

I am happy that you took my advice.

Once that was settled, she rushed into the privacy of her own room and lay down, trying to remove the memory of those furious eyes from her memory and try to relax, like she was supposed to. "I wonder what Misty's problem was with me ... Does she have a thing for Ash or something?" May thought out loud. Of course, Misty had more than just a crush on Ash, but May didn't know that.

Oh yeah, Misty could also be mad at you just for traveling with Ash.

Knock Knock Knock.

May sat up, hearing someone knocking at her door. She slowly stood, adjusting her skirt and walking to the door,

Don't answer it, it could be Misty with a knife or worst...her mallet.

opening it to see Misty standing in the doorway. May backed up a bit, looking somewhat nervous. Was Misty here to yell at her? Hurt her?

It is most likely a little bit of both.

"I just wanted to talk to you about Ash." Misty said, letting herself into the room. "It's something that you're gonna need to know if you continue to travel with him."

If it that Ash is an idiot then I think she already knows that.

"What's wrong? Does he have some kind of illness?" May asked.

If stupid counts as an illness then yes he does.

Misty chuckled, seeming much nicer than she was before. "Is there something really wrong with him?"

Well I am pretty sure that even after all that sex he had with Misty he still don't know that Misty loves him and he still don't even know what love is.

"Oh no, nothing like that." Misty said, shaking her head. "It's just that as Ash's female traveling partner, you have some ... Duties ... That you'll be required to attend to, making sure that Ash and Brock don't know about."

Oh crap! Is Misty about to spread her whoreness to May before Daisy Yagami fully take it out of her?!

"I'm not washing their underwear," she said outright, missing the subtext in what she said, even as Misty drew a little closer to her on the bed.

"No, nothing like that. It's...well, it's complicated. Are you a virgin?"

Ok I am 50% sure that Misty is about to spread her whoreness.

May's gaze was lingering a little as she tried to make heads or tails of Misty's words, but at that question, it snapped right back to Misty.

"What?" May asked loudly, surprised by this.

"Are you a virgin? It'll help if you've already got some experience under your belt." Misty replied, looking as if this was an everyday question.

Well there is a 50% chance of someone asking if you a virgin everyday and also 75% sure that Misty is about to spread her whoreness.

"Um... No. I've had a little bit, but not enough to...why are you asking this?" May said,

looking a bit disturbed now.

It was so disturbing that it did that line thingy again.

"Because when I traveled with Ash, he didn't know it, but I did things to help him out. I paid for various supplies with sexual favors, convinced more than a few trainers and even a gym leader to take it easy on him so he could win ... I even fucked a Charizard he had once a week so it would obey him."

You left out Mr. Waiter, you jerk!

May started blankly at Misty, at a total loss for words.

"You ... You're joking, right? People can't have sex with Pokemon, and there's no way an official gym leader would do that, yet alone allow it to make a battle easier!" May said,

Cute Charm can get you anywhere kid.

very surprised at all of this. What the hell was up with this girl? Misty sighed, shaking her head with a smile on her lips.

"I'm not joking, May. I had to pretty much learn to love sex and everything about it. You see, Ash and Brock are ... Well, idiots. We never had any money back then, and they didn't seem to question how we got away with "free" supplies and food.

Well you know for the record Ash might be thinking that the free stuff is coming from his Mom and as for Brock he is too busy looking at girls to care.

I had to work hard to get us all that." Misty continued. "I know it sounds creepy, but-"

"Sounds nothing, it is creepy!" May blurted out. "What's wrong with you? What kind of self-respecting girl would degrade herself like that?"

OMG May is telling Misty off in the way that I would have told her off if it wasn't for the fact that I rarely get that mad, she have to rape someone for that kind of anger.

At her words, Misty's previous look of anger returned.

"Look ya little bonehead, when you're in love with a guy you'll do whatever it takes to make him happy! Now are you gonna make sure my Ash's life goes well, or am I gonna have to take my foot and shove it up your-"

Ok 100% sure that Misty is trying to spread her whoreness. But now it look like Misty is mad enough to just kill May.

"Misty, May! Dinner's ready!"

And May life was saved be the dinner bell.

"We'll be a little while longer, I'm getting to know May one-on-one!"

Ok May life is not saved by the dinner bell and now there is a 99.9% chance that Misty will just kill May.

Misty shouted, coming even closer to her.

May better have her last words ready.

"Listen...I know how it sounds, but..."

Oh crap, not now ...

She was horny, and being so close to May wasn't helping, especially as her eyes drew across her very sizable breasts for her age.

Oh crap! Misty better not rape May then kill her!


"If you have the experience that you say you do, you must know how good sex feels ..." She drew in even closer, a little too close for May to feel comfortable with. "And when you care about someone enough to do something, and you enjoy the feeling it brings..." Even closer now, practically straddling May, who, for all her reservations, did nothing to stop her. "It's a win-win situation..."

Don't do it May, just ran away again. It worked well last time.

Surprisingly, it was May who reached out, pulling Misty's mouth in for a kiss.

Well look like Misty isn't raping May because It's yuri time!

She didn't know why she did, and even as she found Misty to be a great kisser, she had absolutely no idea why she was doing this, it just seemed like the right thing to do. She felt Misty's body against her, warm, and it just felt right as did Misty's hand as it unbuttoned her shirt frantically, trying to free her breasts from their restraints.

Misty kissed May deeper as the final buttons came undone and she opened the shirt up, revealing a white bra, nothing fancy, but containing a bountiful rack. She pulled on the bra, putting it under the breasts to free them as her mouth left May's, her body slowly snaking down the younger girl's until her mouth found her goal - The girl's nipples.

So Water Whore's mouth goal was May's nipples...well not everyone have normal goals.

They were quite a nice size for May's large chest, nice enough for Misty to put her lips over one and begin to gently suckle on it, getting a surprised, yet pleasured moan from May. May herself had no clue why she was letting Misty do this - It was dirty, wrong, and they had just met - But it felt so amazing that she just couldn't say no.

Well we have just learned that Water Whore's Cute Charm don't just work on male but females also.

Misty had experience with this, that was undeniable, but she had never done it with someone so compact and so young with such breasts.

That because a ten year-old with big breast for her age comes so rare that it almost as if the sole purpose of the anime writers doing it is for fan-service.

She eagerly indulged herself on this little treat, the increasing moans of pleasure telling her that it was paying off. May began to squirm beneath Misty, and was very disappointed when she decided it was time to move on to something else.

"Sorry, May, but I've got something else in mind." In one motion, she crawled down the rest of May's body and spun around so that her mouth lined up with May's vagina and vice-versa. She smiled as she worked off the bike shorts, her previous treatment leaving May very wet down there, and just aching for release.

May followed suit, unfastening Misty's suspenders and pulling her loose denim shorts down, waiting on her action to see what to do next.

We all know that what clearly is next, It's 69 time!

Misty leaned up just a bit, lapping at May's soaked slit, getting a surprised, much louder moan from the girl. Misty smiled to herself as she licked once more, feeling May's lower body quiver.

Again, May deferred to Misty's technique, trying her best to replicate the exact motions used on her as she fought to keep her body from just lying dormant and soaking in the pleasure the more experienced girl granted her. A touch of her own, though, was to grab Misty's lower body, holding her tight, feeling the swimmer's firm bubble butt as she tried to go in deeper.

Fine I'll do it and this time say it instead of posting a link...Data...oh look a penny! What was I doing again?

Down below the waist, she began to buck forward against Misty's tongue, trying to get her to go deeper herself.

Misty obliged, her expert technique putting May back in her place instantly. That was more than enough for May, though her body continued to move, driven now just by the intense pleasure, as they enjoyed the taste of each others' aching, sopping wet pussies. They both needed it, and everything May thought of Misty before had washed away. Being an irredeemable slut made a little more sense if the perk of the job was sex like this.

"So ... D-Does helping Ash ... Ah~ ... Always get me stuff like t-this?" May asked through moans,

No no no! You not suppose to get in to the whore offer during the yuri, you are suppose to fell in love with Water Whore and then only have Water Whore have sex with only you in which will make Water Whore not be a whore anymore. Also you won't always have sex with girls if you become a whore.

licking at Misty's cunt between talking and feeling herself get probed by the tomboy's tongue.

"It depends on who you're paying ..." Misty replied, pushing deeper into May and licking all she could with her tongue, getting louder moans from her. "I've had to please a few girls on occasion, though ..." She pulled May closer, gripping the girl's ass and probing her tongue as deep as she can, May doing the same. Both pulled away to moan loudly, lapping at each other the best they could. "See, if you wanna travel with Ash, you have to just lose all self-control, self-respect, and most important, lose your panties. I don't bother wearing any anymore ..

If you take the panties out of the lose thing then we will have all the things you need to become a whore.

May was only making a little sense of the words now as the pleasure overtook her. She licked more eagerly, eventually abandoning Misty's technique and going off on her own, just doing what she felt like, driven now only by the pleasure she was feeling and the pleasure she was dealing. She would abandon all of that gladly for more of this, as well as the promise of more intense pleasures. "Gangbangs?" she managed to spill out, her breath incredibly heavy now as she tried to keep her orgasm at bay.

"More than you'd expect. Sometimes you'll hit a restaurant where the guys there will all want a turn, but sometimes they'll just take you everywhere at once. Most of the time it'll be two people, if it's a slow day."

"I actually ... Mmmm ...! I actually like the sound of that ... I know when I don't get off soon enough my boobs start to ache for some reason ..." May said, feeling her large breasts rubbing against Misty's bare skin, her nipples erecting from this. "This sounds like it'll be a good deal for me ..."


"Yeah, it's ... Oh God ... It's pretty fun if you have an open mind ..." Misty replied, her body shivering. "Just a little more May ... I'm gonna cum ..."

"Me too," May squealed into Misty's vagina, redoubling her efforts as she felt the more experienced girl go for broke, both of them almost screaming in bliss as orgasms tore through their bodies, both of them writhing in unison to the intense pleasures. May eagerly lapped at the coming rush of Misty's juices, eagerly lapping them up as her partner did the same, her body finally beginning to calm down when at last Misty rolled off her and crawled back up her body.

This time, there was no denying either of their roles in the kiss. It was an intense one, one on which the entire deal was made. May would continue Misty's duties, and she would love every second of it.

Oh great even when Daisy Yagami is done making Water Whore not a whore she will now have to deal with making May not a Whore.

What Misty didn't see coming, though, was what May would come to feel after all of this,

I hope that May will feel bad about being a whore.

but that's for another story.

Oh great, I may have to come up with a name for May during sex scenes for the next fic.

Yes, I know this hints at a May story - One won't be happening.

Well that's good news now I won't have to think up a name for her during sex scenes.

Well, I can't say that something with May won't be happening, really, but I can tell you that it WON'T be a complete sequel to this. However, we've been talking about possibly doing something to tie up the (very) loose ends that we left here. Although if we ever do, it won't be a multi-chapter like this.

All that aside, we sincerely hope you enjoyed this. It was our first joint effort, and the way we both really got a feel for each others' writing styles.

Well why don't you try to use your joint effort to make a non-lemon story?

It was a joy to create, and we hope that for you it was fun to read. I hope you'll keep in touch, as we have more on the way. Until then!

Well that the end of the story my next mock will be a story with 24 chapters and at least 533 reviews and it about Dawn but right now It's Judgment time!

I give it a 2.5/10. One point came from May trying to stop Misty from being a whore before falling for her cute charm, one point because of Charizard trying to burn Misty, and half a point for Misty going a long time with her clothes on this chapter.


The anime adaptation of that Naruto fanfiction where Tobi comes up a a surefire plan to get the reminding tailed beast aka sexy no jutsu. (The scene you see above is Tobi showing Deidara (Who don't approve of the plan.) that the sexy no jutsu can work with the mask on.)

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Oh, god, you're a much tougher person than I am. I read your mock of the first two chapters, and that fic... ugh. I have to take a ten minute break before I move on to the rest.

Anyway, great work here.

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After looking through this mock, I have only this to say...

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I pretty much agree with Pamachu and Shockwave S08.

I have to wonder, though: Is Goombario really OK with this mock? He hasn't visited here in a while...

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It's mocking time!

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Maybe he left because he thought we weren't going to mock any of his stories that he asked us to tear into. (I would have done it right when he asked but I needed to mock an one-shot first and then other stories before I started on any of his to his stories.)


The anime adaptation of that Naruto fanfiction where Tobi comes up a a surefire plan to get the reminding tailed beast aka sexy no jutsu. (The scene you see above is Tobi showing Deidara (Who don't approve of the plan.) that the sexy no jutsu can work with the mask on.)

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QUOTE (Screaming_Soulcatcher @ Mar 13 2011, 08:06 PM)
I figure a sex scene in DBZ would take twelve episodes and a planet blowing up to complete
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