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> Future Dullest, It's time to d-d-d-d-d-d-d-dull!
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post Apr 22 2017, 06:18 PM
QUOTE (GorillaGamer @ Apr 21 2017, 07:57 AM) *
Authors note: Now the finals will begin Yugi will battle Mai and Sean will battle Joey. Yeah Bandit Keith will not be in this since I hate him.

Well fuck you then. Bandit Keith is a million times better than that faggot OC of yours.

It's funny, you know. If Pegasus doesn't have the Millennium Eye here that means he never humillated Keith with his mind reading powers in front of an audience, which means Keith never fell from grace and is still probably the Murican champion. In short, the author actually did Keith a favor by not including him on this shitfest.
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post Apr 24 2017, 03:41 AM
Truthordeal@ I hate to break it to you, but I don’t think the author gets as far as Battle City in this fic…

Dashguy@ Huh…I never saw it that way. Just goes to show that Dragonlord0 can’t even get bashing done right.

Anyway, this is a rather short chapter. However due to the presence of a lemon, it’s going to be anything but sweet.

Chapter 7 duel match ups and love

The duelists were in the dinning room eating some food.

"Man I cant remember the last time I had food like this." Joey said.

"Now master Pegasus has added a little something to the finalists dishes." Croquet said confusing the finalists as giant eyeballs that resembled the millennium eye came out of their soup.

If Pegasus is good in this fic, and he doesn’t have the Millennium Eye, then why does he still have the giant eyeballs in the soup?

"WAHHH!" Joey yelled in disgust.

"EW its starring at me." Tea said in disgust.

"Hey this is worse then a fly in my soup!" Joey yelled.

I don’t know, flies can be rather nutritious…

"Open the eye and look inside. Each of you has been randomly assigned a letter." Croquet said. Sean had C Mai had B Yugi had A and Joey had D.

"Now then A vs B. C vs D." Croquet said.

"Who has C?" Joey asked.

"Me." Sean said making Joey nervous.

"Looks you lose already Wheeler." Seto said smirking.

"Enough both of you." Sean said not wanting a fight to occur.

He’s not wrong though.


Sean was in his room looking over his deck of greek cards looking at his very best one he had till someone knocked on his door.

You mean that the cards we’ve seen so far in Greek Duelist and Future Dullest AREN’T your best ones?! That card must have an instant-win condition if it’s the best one in his deck. I would assume that it’s his Assassin’s Creed card, but that’s not exactly a Greek card.

He put his cards away and opened the door and Tea was seen.

"Tea what are you doing here shouldn't you be in bed?" Sean asked.

"Just wanting to see how your doing since you finally got what you wanted." Tea said as she walked in.

"Yeah after 26 years I finally know where my brothers are at." Sean said closing the door.

"So how are you going to duel Joey?" Tea asked knowing Sean would win but was curious as to how he would win.

"You'll see." Sean said smirking before she pulled him into loving kiss which caught him off guard for a second before he kissed her back. Tea moaned as his hands went down her back and grasped her hips making her moan more.

And I’m just about ready to throw up my dinner. Thanks Sean…

Tea had pushed them both down to the bed and held him closer as she slipped out of her skirt and unbuttoned her shirt leaving her in her bra and thong and blushed bright red.

"I uh hope this isn't to fast for you." Tea said nervously.

"Tea you can do whatever you want." Sean said making her smile and quickly pulled off her bra and pulled off his own cloths and licked her lips seeing his large member.

Of course. When has a fanfiction self-insert ever had a small penis?

"Oh wow what you do give yourself an enhancement?" Tea asked teasingly making Sean roll his eyes.

"Very funny Tea." Sean said pushing her on her stomach making her giggle as he took off her thong and rubbed her butt cheeks making her moan and blush. Sean rubbed his member between the cheeks making her giggle in amusement as she felt it between her ass while his hands rubbed her back.

"Mmm care to be a little more adventurous?" Tea asked getting on her back and played with her breasts making him smirk getting where she was going with this.

I doubt things could get any more adventurous than that butt stuff you did.

Sean placed his cock between her breasts making her giggle as she pushed them together and moved them up and down on his cock enjoying the twitch every now and then when she hit a sensitive spot.

"Mmm oh yeah this feels really good." Tea moaned out as his cock felt perfect between her breasts. She opened her mouth and licked the tip of his member making him groan in bliss as her wet tongue made him feel good.

Sean thrusted faster between her breasts and groaned out as he neared his first release and she opened her mouth wide as he exploded and came on her face and her mouth. Tea moaned licking up his essence and saw he was still hard.

"Care for a special treat?" Tea asked moving her feet over his cock and pressed them on it making him groan in pleasure.

A footjob, a fucking footjob! So far we’ve seen some hotdogging, titfucking, and now a footjob. Seems that the author has some diverse fetishes.

"You'd be surprised what you can do with your feet when you've taken dance classes." Tea said as she moved her bare feet on his cock up and down and giggled feeling some of his cum rubbing on her feet.

Sean strained against her feet trying to hold off as long as possible since it felt real good.

"Mmmm this feels real good on my feet. care to cum again on them." Tea said moving her feet faster on his cock and he had to really hold back. Sean forced her on her stomach and she giggled as he pressed her feet on his cock as he held them up and continued to thrust into them and she moaned as he came on her back feeling his seed on her ass and back.

"Mmmm so warm." Tea moaned out and giggled as he held her legs in the wheel barrel position and rubbed his member on her sex making her moan.

That’s wheelbarrow, you dumbfuck!

"This is going to hurt for a minute." Sean said warning her making her nod and bit down on her pillow. Sean thrusted into her sex making her eyes widen and screamed into her pillow muffling her screams greatly as blood came out of her pussy but he didn't move till she was ready.

"It hurts." Tea whimpered out in pain but sighed in content when he leaned down and kissed her neck making her forget about the pain and she thrusted back into him signaling she was ready. Tea moaned as he thrusted into her pussy making her eyes roll into her head as the pleasure was getting to her.

"Ah Ah ah!" Tea moaned out as each thrust slapped against her hips making them jiggle and sent pleasure up her spine. "Im so close." Tea moaned out as she couldn't last much longer. Sean grunted as he thrusted into her faster making her gasp and screamed into her pillow as her walls gripped his cock tightly and whimpered out as she felt him cum inside her womb making her twitch in bliss as her body convulsed in pleasure enjoying the sensation.

And considering how this was written before his GX fic, I have no idea whether he improved, or gotten worse in that one.

"Oh god that was amazing." Tea said as she tried to get up but fell in his arms. "I guess I kinda over did it." Tea said rubbing her head.

"If anything you were perfect for your first time." Sean said making her giggle and kissed him again.

"Mmm you know I've been thinking about what you said about your laws about having more then one wife." Tea said confusing him.

"Huh what about it?" Sean asked getting her to giggle.

"Oh come on you seen how Mai looks at you and I'm sure there are other girls who would want to be with you. So I'm giving you permission to date other girls just so long as I'm in charge of them." Tea said making him blink before he chuckled.

And all the potential conflict of Sean’s lovers arguing on whether they should share him has been flushed down the toilet.

"You really are one unique woman Tea." Sean said making her giggle again and pulled him into another kiss before they laid down on the bed tired from their love making.

"I honestly hope Mai is added to this harem since then I can get a little payback." Tea said making him chuckle before kissing her head and both fell asleep. Tea had long since dreamed of this moment of happening of making love to the man who payed for her dance lessons and saved her life. Now she had what she wanted and more.

And we end off with the disturbing implication of forcing Mai into the harem. I apologize if there wasn’t much to the mock, but this chapter was pathetically short.

List of mocks can be found here: Here

QUOTE (AnItalianGuy @ May 27 2016, 02:03 AM) *
Jesus man what is up with you and all of those waifus! Are you secretly the "Ultimate Pimp"?
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post Apr 24 2017, 07:12 AM
You know I understand that for certain banal things in literature you just need to fill in the gaps yourself, but it still really irritates me when people can't close the door before they have wild bestiality sex in a hotel room.

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post Apr 26 2017, 11:20 PM
So here we are at Chapter 8, where the entire thing can get summed up as ‘Sean demolishes Joey and Yugi in a duel.’ I would apologise for spoiling it for you, but was it really a spoiler?

Chapter 8 Finals

Sean wakes up and sees Tea on his chest still naked making him smirk. He kissed her head making her open her eyes and smiled at him as she kissed him back.

"Are you two done in there or what?" Mai said from the outside making Tea squick in fight and hid in the bed while Sean got dressed and answered the door and saw Mai smirking at him.

Holy shit! Truthordeal was right; they fucked with the door open.

"How did you know?" Sean asked making her giggle.

"I passed by last night and heard you guys. So tell me how do you expect me to get into this harem of yours?" Mai asked teasingly.

Simple. All you have to do is let Sean treat your body as a cum-dumpster.

"Ha ha ha." Sean said rolling his eyes making her giggle again.

"Please tell me you didn't tell the others." Tea asked getting dressed again.

"Of course not its not their business anyway." Mai said making Tea sigh in relief. "Now we can talk about this later since we have duels to do today." Mai said.


Mai and Yugi had dueled first and Yugi had summoned the legendary black luster soldier destroying her pet dragon and she surrendered since she didn't have anything else that could defeat him.

A sentence. A fucking sentence. That’s all the author could be assed with, when it came to writing the duel between Mai and Yugi. Fuck this fucking filth!

"Now the next duel. Sean Ashburn Kruger vs Joey Wheeler." Croquet said having both duelist walk down.

"This will be short." Seto said.

"Hey give Joey some slack he's come a long way and he's fighting for his sisters eye sight." Tristin said.

"Sister?" Seto asked not knowing Joey had any siblings.

"Yeah she needs the prize money so she can have an operation to fix her eyes so she wont go blind. Thats why Joey has come so far he has something to fight for." Yugi said. Seto knew he would do the same in his position for his little brother which made him have a little more respect for Joey.

On one hand, I could see this as being in canon. Though on the other hand, I doubt Seto would show respect for an opponent he easily demolished in the show.

Sean's life points 2,000

Joey's life points 2,000

"Alright Sean lets see what you got." Joey said.

"Win or lose Joey your sister is still going to get that operation." Sean said not having his mask on since he didn't need it.

I’m sorry, I don’t see this as a genuine act of kindness, simply because Serenity’s in the harem. This is the author attempting to buy his way into her panties.

"I place Spartan soldier in defense mode." Sean said having his monster appear with a shield protecting him.

Spartan soldier

Atk 1,600

Def 1,000

"Huh why place a monster with more attack points in defense mode?" Bakura asked.

"Your about to find out." Seto said.

"Go flame swordsman!" Joey said summoning his favorite card.

Flame Swordsman

Atk 1,800

Def 1,600

"Attack!" Joey said having his swordsman destroy his Spartan soldier.

"Thanks for that now I can play Spartan captain in attack mode." Sean said placing his new monster on the field.

Spartan Captain

Atk 2,000

Def 1,900

"Uh oh." Joey said.

"Thankfully for you I cant attack since he was special summoned." Sean said making Joey sigh in relief.

What’s this?! A Greek card with a DRAWBACK?! What kind of sorcery is this?!

"Man these greek cards are always full of surprises." Tristin said.

"Every card in his deck is full of ancient legends including those that make Exodia look like a childs pet." Seto said surprising them.

"Now I summon Spartan defender in defense mode." Sean said having a Spartan with a golden shield appear.

Spartan defender

Atk 500

Def 2,100

'I don't get it why is he only playing Spartan cards. Wait last time he did this he used underworld cards on Panic is he trying to summon an olympian card?' Joey thought in his head.

"Now I place a card face down then I activate the field spell battle of Thermopylae which gives my Spartan soldiers a 500 defense bonus." Sean said having his monsters even stronger then before.

'That clinches it he is trying to summon an olympian card but which one? Is it that god of war card or something new?' Joey thought.

"I switch my swordsman to defense mode and play another card in defense mode." Joey said.

I’m sorry if I’m not commenting much on the duels, but how can I? All they are is the author waggling his dick in my face.

'If he's planing on summoning a god card I'm done for.' Joey thought.

"Looks like Joey's figured out his strategy." Mokuba said.

"What do you mean whats Sean doing?" Tristin asked.

"It's a card that can only be summoned by a ritual card. A monster with great power it could destroy armies alone." Seto said shocking them. "However it requires three sacrifices and all three of them have to be Spartans." Seto said.

Whoa! Nice job revealing his strategy, you jerk!

...On second thought, good job Seto.

"And right now he has two of them." Mai said.

'Hmm I haven't played this guy in over a year.' Sean thought with a grin looking at his monster that Seto was talking about.

"I summon Spartan King in attack mode." Sean said summoning a monster with a helmet that had something similar to a mohawk on the top. (Picture Leonidas from 300)

Spartan King

Atk 2,300

Def 2,000

"Oh boy this isn't good." Joey said nervous.

"I end my turn." Sean said surprising him.

"Oh man I better draw a good card." Joey thought as he drew his next card and grinned. "Alright go red eye black dragon!" Joey said playing his best card.

Red eyes black dragon

Atk 2,400

Def 2,000

"Impressive." Seto said.

It’s only going to be impressive, if Joey uses a combo to bring out a stronger Red Eyes.

"Alright Joey just played his best card." Tristin said.

"Don't get excited just yet." Seto said looking at Sean's face down card.

"Red eyes attack inferno fire blast!" Joey said.

"Not so fast Joey I activate my trap card Shield formation." Sean said as a large wall of shields blocked his attack.

"What the?" Joey said.

"This card blocks your attack but at a price for every monster I have on the field of 500 life points." Sean said having 500 life points left.

"Wait he would have only lost a hundred life points if he let the attack go through so why such a risk?" Bakura asked.

Seto told you this a few moments ago! Does anybody in this fic use their brains?

"Thats why." Seto said as Sean played his ending card.

"I play the ritual card True Warrior. This lets me play the Olympian that the Spartans descended from. Hercules." Sean said having his Olympian card appear and his three monsters vanished. Hercules let out a battle roar as his muscular chest made every other monster look like a chump and had two large gauntlets on his hands that resembled lions.


Attack 3,500

Defense 3,000

"Whoa now thats what I call a monster." Joey said.

"And for every Spartan card in my graveyard he gains an extra 500 attack points

Attack 5,000

"Its all over." Seto said.

"Next I activate the card megamorph which doubles my monsters attack power." Sean said.

Attack 10,000(Yeah I know theres almost no way in hell that would ever really happen but its fanfiction)

Actually, it’s fairly easy to have a monster with an ATK stat of 10,000, provided you use the correct combination of cards.

"Theres not a monster in my deck that could stop that." Joey said as he drew his card and grinned taking his last words back. "I play the magic card shield and sword which swaps our attack points with our defense points." Joey said.


AtK 3,000

Def 10,000

"Whoa nice move now he wont take as much damage this turn." Yugi said.

"Im not done yet I play the card magic metal which turns my dragon to Red eyes black metal dragon." Joey said

Red eyes black metal dragon

Atk 2,800

Def 2,400

Hey, he actually used a stronger Red Eyes. Good job Joey!

"And now I play dragon nails which raises its attack by 600."

Atk 3,400

"Whoa no way!" Sean said in shock.

"Thats right go red eyes flash flare blast!" Joey yelled as his red eyes took down Sean's god card which shocked everyone as Sean only had a hundred life points left.

'I cant believe it I actually took down one of his best cards.' Joey thought grinning like mad.

'He literally just destroyed one of my best cards with a good combo!' Sean thought in his head but he still smirked since there was one flaw in that attack.

"Not bad Joey but I still win." Sean said making Joey blink till he saw the smoke clear and widen his eyes as a monster that resembled a terrifying Lion appeared.

That’s the flaw, a hidden ability of Hercules to summon another powerful monster. Why get on Joey’s case, when this is the first fucking time he battled the goddamn monster?!

"What the! What is that?" Joey asked making Sean laugh.

"Don't you know anything about the legend of Hercules at all?" Sean asked.

"Obviously not." Joey said.

"Hercules is known for competing twelve labors tasked by the gods and one of those labors was defeating the Nemean Lion a monster with an impenetrable hide which is the card that appeared. It can only be special summoned when Hercules is destroyed." Sean said.

Nemean lion

Atk 5,000

Def 5,500

How ironic that the Nemean Lion has higher stats then Hercules, despite the latter defeating said lion…

"And all magic card not he field are destroyed meaning your dragon nails are gone." Sean said making Joey groan as his monster now had 2,800 attack points.

"Man he almost had him." Tristin said.

"Nemean Lion attack claws of steel." Sean said having his Lion pounce on Joey's dragon and he took out all his life points.

"I lost." Joey said.

"Take it easy either way your sister is getting that operation." Sean said making Joey blink and grinned.

"Right." Joey said remembering Sean was helping him.

"I got to admit he impressed me today. Taking down an olympian is not an easy task." Seto said.

"Still he was close to winning the duel by a hundred points." Yugi said impressed how far Joey has come since he first started.

Yeah, I was impressed by Joey’s growth, in all those duels of his we never saw.


"Now the two finalists Yugi Muto vs Sean Ashburn Kruger." Croquet said.

"Well Sean lets give it our best." Yugi said as Yami Yugi took over.

'So the Spirit of the Puzzle is dueling me huh?' Sean thought with a grin.

"Lets duel." They both said.

Sean's life points 2,000

Yugi's life points 2,000

"I'll start things off with my celtic guardian in defense mode." Yugi said.

Celtic guardian

Atk 1,400

Def 1,200

"Hmm alight I play Atlantis soldier in defense mode." Sean said summoning his monster.

Atlantis soldier

Atk 1,000

Def 1,700

'So he's using new monsters again what god is he summoning now?' Yugi thought.

So he’s got Underworld monsters, Spartan monsters, and now Atlantis monsters? How many archetypes does he have in that deck, and why did the author thought it was a good idea to mix them all up into a single deck?!

"I summon Summon Skull." Yugi said.

Summon Skull

Atk 2,500

Def 1,200

"Attack lighting strike." Yugi said having his monster destroy his.

"Now I can summon Hydra of the ocean in attack mode." Sean said having a monster with three head appear. (Picture the hydra from the fist game)

I remembered playing that game. There was a lot of punching in that game.

Hydra of the ocean

Atk 2,500

Def 2,600

"Next I activate its special ability which lets me summon two Atlantis monsters from my hand in defense mode. Atlantean mermaid and Atlantean dragon."

Both cards have

Atk 1,900

Def 2,300

"I take it your planing on summoning an olympian right?" Yugi asked.

"Not just any olympian one of the big three a son of the titan Kronos." Sean said. "But I'm missing the ritual card so count yourself lucky for now." Sean said ending his turn.

'Last time he played three Spartan cards that summoned Hercules so he must need three Atlantean cards in order to play this one whatever it is.' Yami Yugi thought with Yugi.

'Yeah but he still has ways to play that card we just have to hope for the best' Yugi thought.

"I play dark magician in attack mode." Yugi said placing his favorite card down. "Now I attack your Atlantean dragon." Yugi said but the Hydra blocked the attack. "What?" Yugi questioned.

"Sorry but thats not going to work the hydra protects all my monsters if their Attack points are lower then its own and in the process lets me draw one card from my deck." Sean said drawing his card and grinned.

I have no words. A monster that protects monsters on the field from destruction, and enables its owner to draw cards for every monster saved that way.

"I end my turn." Yugi said.

"I play the ritual card water god summoning. This lets me sacrifice my three monsters to play my Olympian god Poseidon the god of the seas." Sean said as all three of his monsters turned to water and formed a large man with blue marking on his body and held a trident weapon. "This is the second of the big three you've seen now Hades was the first now this is the second one you've seen." Sean siad


Atk 4,000

Def 3,000

"Oh no." Yugi said.

"Now by removing any of my atlantean cards from play I can attack you for each one I remove." Sean said removing his all three cards and destroyed Yugi's dark magician Summoned Skull and Celtic guardian winning the duel.

"Those Olympian cards really do you good." Yugi said turning back to normal with a smile.

"Like you I have all my complete faith in my cards and my heart in them." Sean said as Pegasus clapped his hands together.

"Well done all of you now for the final duel." Pegasus said heading down.

"Well good luck your going to need it if your up against him." Yugi said.

"I have all the luck I need." Sean said.

Thank fuck that chapters over. Now we have to watch the Spartan asshole duel Pegasus. I can safely say that it’s going to suck hard.

List of mocks can be found here: Here

QUOTE (AnItalianGuy @ May 27 2016, 02:03 AM) *
Jesus man what is up with you and all of those waifus! Are you secretly the "Ultimate Pimp"?
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post Apr 27 2017, 04:51 AM
I’m sorry, I don’t see this as a genuine act of kindness, simply because Serenity’s in the harem. This is the author attempting to buy his way into her panties.

Lovely. I swear this guy gets progressively creepier with every chapter.

"I play the ritual card True Warrior. This lets me play the Olympian that the Spartans descended from. Hercules." Sean said having his Olympian card appear and his three monsters vanished. Hercules let out a battle roar as his muscular chest made every other monster look like a chump and had two large gauntlets on his hands that resembled lions.

That would be "Heracles", since "Hercules" is the Roman equivalent. And notice how his description fits the one from the God of War series; it's like the author learned everything he knows about Greek myths from there. That aside, I like how Joey managed to defeat Hercules with a combination of cards while the self-insert just keeps throwing out overpowered shit.

"Now by removing any of my atlantean cards from play I can attack you for each one I remove." Sean said removing his all three cards and destroyed Yugi's dark magician Summoned Skull and Celtic guardian winning the duel.

No Mirror Force, Magical Hats or Spellbinding Circle. Don't you love how, when Sean is not pulling out effects that destroy all spell and traps on the field from his ass, his opponents go ahead and try to take him head on, where he has the advantage?

"Like you I have all my complete faith in my cards and my heart in them." Sean said as Pegasus clapped his hands together.

Fuck you. It's easy to boast about "believing in your cards" when they make the Blue-Eyes White Dragon look like the fucking Beaver Warrior.
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Shillin' Best Girl from Fire Emblem: Echoes

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post Apr 28 2017, 07:18 PM
No Mirror Force, Magical Hats or Spellbinding Circle. Don't you love how, when Sean is not pulling out effects that destroy all spell and traps on the field from his ass, his opponents go ahead and try to take him head on, where he has the advantage?

Just goes to show that the author can’t write duels to save his life, which we’ll see more of in this chapter.

So the penultimate chapter is here, and it’s the Spartan pervert going up against the King of Fabulousness himself…and that sentence itself is more intense than the duel itself.

Chapter 8 final duel and help

Sean stood across Pegasus with a smirk on his face.

"Pegasus if you don't mind me asking how did you create the game anyway the old future archives never said why." Sean asked.

"Well shortly after you left I traveled to ancient Egypt thinking the cure you gave Cecilia was from there but that wasn't true. During my travel there I found myself in a tomb where I found monster stone tablets and discovered that in ancient Egypt they were used for wealth land and power so I created them into a new game of duel monsters. And in all honesty its a good thing I did otherwise your olympian cards might not have existed." Pegasus said making Sean smirk.

So even though he had no reason to go to Egypt in this timeline, he still goes there anyway, just to give an excuse as to why Sean has his crappy ass cards.

"True and these cards are very important to me while you didn't create them they will be in time. They were created from the ancient statues that were brought to Sparta when the Earth exploded and I won them in a tournament when I was 12." Sean said remembering how he won those cards by luck and ever since then he's won duel after duel with his greek cards.

"Now let the duel begin." Pegasus said.

Sean's life points 2,000

Pegasus's life points 2,000

"I'll start things off." Pegasus said drawing his cards and chuckled. "Tell me something Sean what was your childhood like did you watch a great deal of cartoons in your youth?" Pegasus said confusing everyone but Sean Cecilia and his guards.

Oh yeah, I watched cartoons when I was a child. My favourite one was Beavis and Butthead.

"Let me guess you just drew the magic card toon world am I right? And to answer your question no I didn't I grew up dirt poor and pulled my self out of the gutter to the position I achieved in life." Sean said making Pegasus fake gasp.

"Oh you poor thing and yes I did draw toon world." Pegasus said playing his magic card and a pop up book of toon world appeared. "Let the fun begin." Pegasus said.

"Oy no offense Pegasus but this card always annoyed me mainly due to its abilities." Sean said making Pegasus chuckle.

I would put a witty comment regarding Toon World here, but I feel Dashguy perfectly summed it up in his ‘Dueling Drama much’ mock.

This is stupid. The Toon World may have been the big deal in Duelist Kingdom with all the “being unique and belonging to the creator” shit as well as the shenanigans regarding the rules. But with the actual rules it’s just another continuous spell you can easily destroy with over a dozen of cards.

"Well I certainly cant blame you for the your reason but lets see how my toons respond Toon mermaid attack mode." Pegasus said summoning his toon who winked at Sean making Tea's eyes twitch in annoyance making Mai giggle silently.

Even the fucking cards want to jump on this author’s dick. Have you no shame author?! Is this only here to show that the author jerks it to the Toon Mermaid?

"Oy." Sean said drawing his cards and hummed in interest.

'Well well what a surprise.' Sean thought in amusement.

"Tell me Pegasus what do you know about the gods of olympus?" Sean asked.

"Very little but I do know about the top three. Hades the ruler of the underworld. Poseidon the king of the seas and the king of all the gods Zeus." Pegasus said having a feeling where this was going.

Does the author also know that most of the problems in Greek Mythology was caused by Zeus sticking his dick in any orifice he could find?

"That last one you'll see very soon especially after I play this. Kings ritual." Sean said as a large blade appeared on the field. "This is a different type ritual card. Instead of sacrificing monsters like my last few I must wait two turns before summoning the king of all gods." Sean said.

"Whoa talk about pressure." Joey said.

"If he actually pulls this off we get to see his strongest card." Bakura said making Seto snort.

"Whats so funny?" Joey asked narrowing his eyes.

"Zeus is one of his strongest cards but not the strongest this is one of the top 5 he has." Seto said shocking them all.

"Wait if this isn't he strongest card then what is?" Yugi asked.

"That would be telling. All I can tell you is that it is a god but only half." Seto said.

Ok…what is that even supposed to mean?

"So all I have to do is get rid of your ritual card no problem." Pegasus said but knew it wasn't that simple.

"Think again the only way you can stop the ritual is by using a combo of magic trap and monster effects." Sean said.

So let me get this straight…

You have a ritual card, that can summon an absurdly overpowered monster in two turns, and the only way to stop the ritual is if the opponent uses a complex combination of spells, traps, and monster effects, in TWO TURNS, let me remind you.

"Then I better get started." Pegasus said.

"Wait Sean didn't even play a single monster card." Mai said.

'Hmm if I'm guessing correctly that ritual card will defend his life points if I attack so I better start up my defense.' Pegasus thought.

"Parrot dragon in attack mode." Pegasus said.

Parrot dragon

Atk 2,000

Def 1,300

"And I'll end my turn." Pegasus said.

You could have attacked and ended the damn duel already! You had one fucking Job Pegasus, and you blew it!

"I draw and end my turn." Sean said confusing everyone minus Seto and Mokuba.

"Thats twice he hasn't played a single monster whats he doing?" Joey said in disbelief.

"You'll see soon enough." Seto said.

"Your pretty bold not to play any other cards on the field." Pegasus said in amusement.

"I cant the ritual card prevents me from doing that and it cant be played if I have any on the field." Sean said before looking at his hand seeing it change from smooth skin to old and wrinkled for a second but shakes it off as it turned normal again.

'Don't tell me its wearing off now?' Sean thought in concern.

Now what, is this more future bullshit?

"Hey whats with that look?" Tristin said nothing Sean looked worried for a second.

"Not sure." Yugi said.

"Hmm I play the magic card pillager which lets me look at your hand and pick one card for myself." Pegasus said.

"Crap." Sean said showing his cards and Pegasus laughed seeing his favorite card the assassin of order and took it.

"Now lets turn this bad boy into an adorable lad." Pegasus said playing the assassin on the field and it went into toon world. "Lets give a warm welcome to the toon of order." Pegasus said having the Assassin jump out and start making goofy faces at Sean.

Toon of order

Atk 3,000

Def 2,500

"What have you done you stripped him of both his pride and honor man." Sean said annoyed.

If anything, Pegasus managed to make that assassin card tolerable. Such is the power of Toon World.

"Don't say that you'll hurt his feelings." Pegasus said in amusement as waterfalls poured out of the toons eyes while the toon mermaid kissed him making the toon of order have hearts in its eyes.

"Oh wow." Joey said laughing along with Tristin and Yugi while Seto looked amused along with Mokuba and the girls.

"Ok that tears it." Sean said annoyed. "Now my ritual is complete which means I can summon the king of all the gods lord Zeus in attack mode." Sean said playing his god card. The arena was covered in clouds and lightening as Zeus dropped down and looked very intimidating. (Picture him from the god of war games)

"My my now I see why he's king." Pegasus said impressed.

Lord Zeus

Atk 5,000

Def 5,000

"Whoa that cards even more powerful than the other two of the big three." Yugi said.

"And I can summon the other two of the big three with this. Legendary gods. This spell lets me summon the other two of the big three by removing three atlantean cards and two underworld cards from my deck or hand from play and by giving up half my life points." Sean said as the other two cards appeared.

Sure, go summon more members of the peanut gallery. I don’t care anymore.


Atk 4,000

Def 3,000


Atk 4,000

Def 3,000

"Oh my." Pegasus said.

"I know that Toon cards are hard to destroy thanks to toon world but Zeus negates that special ability once I play the blade of Olympus." Sean said as a large blade struck the ground next to Zeus and he picked up the blade.

"Now all three of you attack with all your might!" Sean said as Zeus destroyed toon dragon Poseidon destroyed Toon mermaid and Hades destroyed the Toon of order and took away all of Pegasus's life points but he simply chuckles.

"Well done I almost thought I had a chance." Pegasus said making Sean grin before he gasped as his body began to shake.

Keyword here: chance.

"Hey whats wrong?" Joey asked as Sean began to cough up blood and fell down unconscious.

"Get a medical team down here now!" Croquet yelled.


Sean was still out cold and his body began to age to a sickly old man.

"Whats happening one minute he ok then he looks so old." Joey said.

"Its the serum its worn off." Seto said surprising them

"I thought it was permanent." Tea said.

"No it lasts for 30 years when one vile is injected into the body but he's been off it for that long. He was using sheer will to keep it going now he needs another injection." Seto said.

"Then what are we waiting for that ship has to have more?" Tristin said.

No, we let him die, knowing that his mission is complete, and you can all go back to living normal lives.

"Its not that simple remember its still deep underground." Seto said.

"Not anymore new reports have found a door outside the ship but it requires a code." Croquet said getting Sean to wake up and got to his feet surprising the others.

"Hey you should rest for now your to weak." Bakura said.

"I may have turned to an old man but I'm not that weak." Sean said in an old voice. "Besides I'm the only one who can get inside that ship." Sean said standing up.

"We don't have much time then lets go." Seto said.

I just noticed this, but the author has used ‘said’ quite a lot in this fic. A decent writer would have used more variations of the word, in order to properly showcase character emotions. And all of the characters here sound like robots, which makes that mask bullshit from earlier a lot more fitting.


Soon they arrived at the ship and Sean's condition was getting worse by the minute barely managing to walk so Tristin and Joey had to help him stand up.

:Authorization code required for entry: The ships computer said shocking most of them.

"Secretary override authorization code 2963." Sean said weakly.

:Access granted: The computer said opening the door.

"Alright lets go." Joey said as he and Tristin rushed him inside the ship.

"So wheres the serum?" Tristin asked.

"Medical bay but you cant just inject it like some flu shot in this time it requires a procedure. Go to these coordinates and find Victor Crowley he can help." Sean said as they sat him down in the med bay.

I did a search of that guy, following my comment about not knowing him. Turns out he’s the main antagonist of the Hatchet series of films. Why the author is obsessed with adding in horror movie antagonists, I have no clue.

Tea ran as fast as she could and gasped once she entered the room he told them to go. Inside thousands of people were frozen.

"Ah man which ones Victor?" Joey asked.

:Victor Crowley Cryogenic pod: The computer said as one of the pods had the top part glow red.

"I'm guessing that one." Mai said as she and Tea walked over to it and Mai slightly cringed from seeing his deformed face Tea wasn't freaked out since she already saw him in the picture Sean showed her.

"How do we open this thing?" Tea asked.

:Access granted: The computer said as the pod opened letting off some cold steam and Victor groaned a little before opening his eyes and growled(Picture his grows and roars from his Hatchet movies)

No thank you. I have better uses of my time then to watch a video to make up for the authors laziness.

"Who are you!" Victor yelled taking out a hatchet.

"Wait Sean sent us to find you he needs help." Tea said making Victor stop and stood up.

"Where is he?" Victor asked.

"In the medical bay his serum wore off." Tristin said making Victor's eyes widen and rushed passed them with great speeds.

"Whoa he's fast." Joey said as they followed him.

Victor getting to the medical bay sees Sean on the table coughing up blood making him quickly get what he needed and injected the serum into him. The others get there just in time to see him inject a green liquid they assumed was the serum and Sean's body began to change again back to his younger body. Sean groaned before sitting back up and saw Victor making him smirk.

"Long time no see Vic." Sean said pulling him into a hug which he returned.

"Glad to see your back to normal." Seto said.

"Yeah we really need to fix that serum if this happens." Sean said making Victor nod. "But never mind that now we need to wake up the others.

"You wont get the chance." Said a man with three other people aiming guns at them.

"What the hell are you doing!" Seto yelled.

"Your business partners want this ship and all of you out of the way so say good bye punks." The man said about to fire when Victor threw his hatchet at him in the face while Sean pulled out two pistols and fired at the other three killing them in the process.

I forgot about how the Big 5 want in on this ship for some reason.

"Those slim balls are going to pay for this!" Seto said in rage.

"They will but later. Lets go." Sean said leading them back to the Cryo champers.

"So all these guys are the survivors?" Yugi asked.

"Every single person you see in here are the ones who survived the war this is all thats left of the human race in our time." Victor said inputing some codes.

"Wow I know you said the war was devastating but I didn't think it was this bad." Joey said.

:Access Jason Voorhees Access Alex Mercer access Soap Mactavish: The computer said having three other pods open. One with a brown jacket brown pants with a hockey mask over his face This was Jason Sean's second in command. Next man was dressed in a black jeans a black leather jacket with a hood over the top of his head This was Alex Mercer Sean's fourth in command. Last man had army cloths on and his heard was smilier to a mohawk This was Soap Mactavish Sean's fifth in command.

Now the author avatar is reunited with his fictional dream team. On one hand, I find such a complex to be rather goofy, but on the other hand, I wouldn’t mind having a dream team of my own…

"Whoa I feel lightheaded." Alex said as two of Pegasus's security helped him up.

"Sean who are these people?" Soap asked as he got his head together.

"Long story." Sean said inputing some codes to one special pod.

:Access Turok Ashburn Kruger: The computer said.

Wait what?

"Did I hear that right?" Tea asked as a little boy jumped into Sean's arms.

"Hey little man." Sean said ruffling his sons hair.

"Wait I thought you said you lost him." Tea said.


"I almost did but this pod was healing his mind. You see his mind was badly damaged during the first attack but I managed to find him just in time to put him into this pod that was healing his mind during the whole war and since its been longer he's fully recovered." Sean said putting his son on his shoulders.

"Aww look at him he's so cute." Mai said pinching Turok's cheek making him pout while the others laughed.


"Now then time to finish what we started access A.I. Serena." Sean said to the computer and a holographic woman appeared.

"At your service Mr. Secretary." Serena said.

"Serena transfer all Data on UNSC ships to Kaiba corp now." Sean said.

"At once sir." Serena said vanishing.

"Jason you and Victor will get the others out of their pods and I want the other Secretaries out within the hour we have work to do. Alex you and Soap are coming with me its time we brought the Spirit of Fire to orbit now." Sean ordered as he put his son down.

"We're on it." Alex said as he and Soap went to the bridge.

"Tea look after Turok for me for a minute will you?" Sean asked getting her to smile.

"Sure." Tea said holding Turok in her arms.
Sean Alex and Soap inputed the codes and the ship began to move out of the rubble.

"Hold on guys this could get a little bumpy." Sean said as the ship flew off the ground and up into the upper atmosphere.

Is this still Yu-Gi-Oh? Because I think we’re in a different fanfiction now.

"Everything checks out. I'm putting the ships computer in control." Alex said.

"Now then we need to talk." Soap said.

"Look something went wrong during the time travel and I don't know what but it doesn't matter I've already taking out all our targets so the war will never happen now." Sean said.

"And what about the others?" Soap asked about the ones on the ship.

"Friends I've made in this time look we can talk about all this later right now we have work to do." Sean said.

Now that the Duelist Kingdom arc is over, here’s to there being no more duels. We have one more chapter left, and I have a gut feeling that it’s going to suck.

List of mocks can be found here: Here

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Jesus man what is up with you and all of those waifus! Are you secretly the "Ultimate Pimp"?
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"True and these cards are very important to me while you didn't create them they will be in time. They were created from the ancient statues that were brought to Sparta when the Earth exploded and I won them in a tournament when I was 12." Sean said remembering how he won those cards by luck and ever since then he's won duel after duel with his greek cards.

See, we've all been giving Suxius Muchdickseus here too little credit. Obviously the reason that Sean's Mary Sue deck is so overpowered is because he comes from the future in which Konami has continuously let power creep into Yugioh and by the time he was 12, those cards were as lame as a standard tournament-gift deck. That being said, I have a hard time believing his deck confirms to the current TCG formats. Shame on him.

Also I tuned out a bit after Pegasus threw the game by not attacking an open opponent for two subsequent turns. When did this story become Starfleet Troopers? Hopefully the final chapter reveals how Sean Spicer went from being this very cocky, obnoxious action hero to the wienie butt that randomly got his dick sucked in that GX fic you did.

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Truthordeal@ your theory on why his cards are so powerful, sounds fairly plausible if I say so myself.

So here we are, the final chapter of this crusty condom of a fic, and my last adventure into the authors mind for a while.

Chapter 10 Rebeca

Sean was with many of the surviving secretaries from the war. The main two he was happy to see were Julia and Reznov old friends of his during his college years.

Are you kidding, more Call of Duty characters?! Why? Why do you need so many fictional characters sucking your dick?

"So what is the plan for the americans when do we wipe them out?" A cuban man said representing the cuban planet since their secretary was killed during the war.

"I also am wanting to know of the plan to wipe them out." A woman of Japanese decent said reprinting Japan planet.

"There is no plan. I've done the math and research now that the main cause for the war is over they should be no threat to us anymore and in the years I've been in this time I've seen many acts of kindness towards its allies. The problem we faced in our time was due to their leaders ancestors from this time but now that it is taken care of we having nothing to fear from them however we will still keep a close eye on them." Sean said making many agree.

Hold the fucking phone! In chapter 2, Sean was trying to persuade Yugi and Co. why the Americans should die, and now he’s pitching for them. Consistency, where the fuck is that?!

"I don't know Kruger they are responsible for so much destruction in our time." Reznov said.

"Yes in our time but in this time they aren't like that. For now we have work to do ships to build to transport people from out originating countries to our home in 10 years time." Sean said making the others agree and left.

Sean walked up the observation room and smiled when he found Tea and Turok looking over the planet.

"Beautiful isn't it?" Sean asked walking up to them. Tea smiled as she held Turok.

"Yeah to bad it will be gone in ten years." Tea said.

"Actually I lied about that you see the beings that sent us here did it under a condition that Earth would not have anymore human life and saved from its destruction so I made the story that in ten years it will explode due to an american weapon destabilizing the core of the planet. Seto and a few others know the truth but only a few this way no wide panic will occur." Sean said.

So the destruction of the earth was a lie as well? At this rate, his friends should leave him, on the basis of him telling so many fucking lies!

"Who were these guys that sent you back anyway?" Tea asked since if these beings could send them back in time they must be highly advanced.

"They go by many names but the most common would be the engineers and the strange thing is we look a lot alike as a species of course but many differences in appearance." Sean said.

That sounds like something from either Halo, or Mass Effect. I don’t know, I don’t care enough to search.

"Do you think you'll ever see them again?" Tea asked.

"Probably not since they live outside of space and time watching us and only appear when needed." Sean said.


Once they got back at duelist kingdom Pegasus had awarded the 3 million dollar prize to Sean who won it during his duel before the serum wore off.

"Now as a special prize allow me to present you this." Pegasus said as a card that had an angel on it. "I call the ties of friendship and its the only one of its kind treat it well." Pegasus said as Sean took the card and smiled.

"Great now can get started on the projects." Seto said as they left.

"See ya around Pegasus." Sean said as they left.


Sean had left Jason and Soap in charge of the ship construction with Seto since after all this he needed a break.

"I'm impress by how far you've come Joey being in the finals of the tournament." Solomon said.

"Yeah and he almost beat me I'm still surprised by that combo you played I only had a hundred left." Sean said as Turok was on his shoulders.

A hundred combos. A duelist doesn’t even need to have ten combos, provided they have a sufficient strategy.

"Hey!" A blonde haired little girl said who looked to be a year older then Turok.

"Well I'll be." Sean said in amusement. "Hello Rebeca how are you?" Sean said making the girl smile.

"I've been good Sean nice to see you again." Rebeca said.

"You know her?" Joey asked.

"I gave her some tips on the game a while back." Sean said. "So what are you doing here?" Sean asked

Who wants to bet that the only reason Turok is alive, is so the author can ship himself with Rebecca, using a child as a skin-suit?

"I came so Solomon can give me my blue eyes white dragon back." Rebeca said.

"What are you talking about "Your blue eyes?" Rebeca that card was made long before you were born and he doesn't have it anymore I do." Sean said showing the card. "And no I'm not going to just give it to you." Sean said.

"Aww pleeease?" Rebeca said.

"Tell you what beat me in a duel and I'll consider it." Sean said.

That card was her grandfather’s, you cockgobbler! She has every right to the damn card.


Sean and the others soon arrived at a private duel arena he owned.

"Ready to duel?" Rebeca asked but noticed Sean looked a little out of it. "Hey whats wrong?" Rebeca asked.

"Ugh I don't think I can duel today the serum is still taking its effect on me." Sean said getting a little dizzy.

"I'll duel." Turok said surprising them.

"What? Boy do you even know how to play?" Sean asked his son who nods. "Well since I'm in no shape to duel alright here." Sean said handing him his deck and both went.

And his son knows how to duel, because why not?

Turok's life points 2,000

Rebeca's life points 2,000

"Since you probably never played before I'll go first and summon witch of the black forest in attack mode." Rebeca said.

With of the black forest

Atk 1,100

Def 1,200

"Your turn." Rebeca said.

"Ok I play this." Turok said and the monster was the blue eyes white dragon who roared at the witch.

Blue eyes whit dragon

Atk 3,000

Def 2,500

"Uh oh." Rebeca said.

"And activate dragons treasure which increases its attack and defense by 300." Turok said.

Blue eyes white dragon

Atk 3,300

Def 2,800

"Now attack." Turok said as the dragon blasted away the witch and took away all of Rebeca's life points.

"No way thats not fair." Rebeca said.

Indeed, since that duel was over in less than a minute. What was the point of that?

"Not everything in life is Rebeca." An old man said walking in.

"Grandpa?" Rebeca said in surprise.

"Arthur is that really you?" Solomon said.

"Yes its been a long time solomon." Arthur said.

"Oh so this is the guy who gave you the blue eyes?" Sean asked as Turok gave him his deck back.

"Yes indeed I did and I'm impressed by how well you son did with it in one turn." Arthur said.

"Just lucky." Turok said rubbing his head.

"Hardly boy." Sean said rubbing his sons head.


Sean was walking around a park till he felt a familiar presence.

"I know your there Shadi." Sean said as a man appeared dressed in robes and had what he knew was another of the millennium items known as the millennium key that could enter someones mind and memory.

"Its been a long time Sean and I see you've finally found that of what you seek." Shadi said.

How? I—I give up. Clearly the author can write whatever he wants, logic be damned.

Flash back to how they first me a month after Sean arrived at the time

Sean ran away as he just killed his second target since coming here and sighed in relief that he was in the clear again.

"Another one down 98 more to go." Sean said till he felt a presence. "Who's there show yourself." Sean said.

"Calm yourself my friend I only want answers to questions." A man said as he appeared. "My name is Shadi and I have question about you since your arrival in this time." Shadi said.

"How did you know about that?" Sean asked suspiciously.

"With this." Shadi said holding what looked to be a golden key but Sean knew what it was from the archives of time.

"The Millennium key so they do exist after all I always thought the archives about them were just superstitious nonsense." Sean said.

And all of your future bullshit ISN’T superstitious nonsense?

"Now tell me who are you?" Shadi asked.

"My name is Sean Ashburn Kruger and believe it or not I'm from the future 1 billion years ahead of this time sent back to change the course of history." Sean said.

"Not a wise thing to do." Shadi said.

"You wouldn't say that if you seen what I have in my time a war broke out and only a small handful of people surveyed the war and there is no more planets to inhabit human life I'm here to prevent that war from happening. If you don't believe me use your key from what I understand from the old archives it can look into the mind and memories of an individual." Sean said as Shadi walked up and did just that.

Shadi looked through the memories and could see why he truly needed to change the course of history.

"I see your reason is understandable but where are the other survivors?" Shadi asked.

"I don't know something went wrong when we traveled back and I'm trying to look for them. All I know is I need to find them and fast." Sean said as Shadi vanished.

End flashback

"Yeah just in time when my serum wore off but I doubt your here for small talk what is it?" Sean asked.

"One of the targets you killed a few years ago has caused a change in things with the Ishtar family." Shadi said making Sean sigh since when he first met Ishizu and her little brother he felt guilty about leaving them like that but better they are now then being dead like the archives said.

"What happened exactly?" Sean asked.

"Marik has left behind his responsibility as a tomb keeper and has caused a great deal of suffering to others with his rare hunters you must make this right and tell him your reason of what you did that night." Shadi said.

Naturally, this does sounds like a way to jump-start the Battle City arc, were it not for the fact that this is the last chapter.

"Look even if I did I don't know where the hell he is after all if I didn't kill their father he would have killed them as the archives said he would and in time would have raped an innocent woman who later killed herself after his son was born. I will try to find him but it will be difficult." Sean said.

"It is all I ask." Shadi said as he vanished again.

"Speaking of Ishizu I might need to tell her the truth as well since I doubt she's forgotten me at all." Sean said walking off.


A young woman in a museum was looking over the artifacts. She has tan skin blue eyes black hair and around her neck was a neckless known as the millennium neckless this was Ishizu Ishtar. Suddenly her eyes widen feeling a very familiar presence.

"Who is there?" Ishizu asked looking around.

"Over here Ishizu." A mans voice that she recognized all to well and her entire body shook in both fear and anger. "I'm not here to hurt you Ishizu I just want to talk to explain what really happened that day its all I ask." Sean said as he appeared from the shadows. Every part of her body wanted nothing more to hit the man who murdered her father but seeing his eyes showing guilt and regret her anger vanished but she still shook from his very presence.

"Why are you here after all these years you've caused enough trouble." Ishizu said facing away from him as her body continued to shake but stopped when he put his hands on her shoulders.

And the author immediately goes for the touchy-feely approach. Dashguy was right about this guy becoming creepier.

She couldn't keep her tears contained anymore and turned and buried her face in his chest and cried and hit his chest in anger.

Hey guys, remembered when Ishizu did nothing but cry during the Battle City arc? Wait, what do you mean I was the only one who remembers it going like that?

"I'm sorry about what happened but you need to understand I had a good reason for what I did. I only ask you listen and judge my actions after I'm done." Sean said as he held her close. She sniffed and looked him in the eye and just couldn't for any reason tell him to leave her.

"Why did you kill my father?" Ishizu asked in a croaked voice.

"Because if I didn't you and your brothers would have been killed by him and before you say I'm a lier you already know I'm from the future due to the news. I came back to kill off the people responsible for a war unlike any other that makes all wars look like a child's game." Sean said making her eyes widen. "Your father after you two got back would have killed all three of you out of anger thinking you were all lost causes and in time would have raped an innocent woman to give birth to a boy and killed herself out of disgust. Your father created a monster and his decedents made life miserable in my time by causing the war." Sean said.

Talk about the wrong thing to say to a grieving lady.

“Hey, your father would go on to rape a woman, whose descendant caused a massive war a billion years into the future.”

"Why didn't you just tell us this from the start?" Ishizu asked.

"You were all so young and innocent I didn't know how it would affect Marik I knew you would have been fine likely looking out for him in a more human way then your father. I know you still doubt me for my reason but let me tell you something a father will do anything to ensure his children's safety in life." Sean said pulling out a picture to her and she saw a small boy on his shoulders.

"Your a father?" Ishizu asked.

"He's adopted since the day he was found on my door step the day he was born. I did all this for him. When you have your own kids you'll understand you must do everything you can for them to survive in life I almost lost him from the war your fathers decedents caused and others." Sean said taking the picture back. Ishizu couldn't actually believe her ears she had always assumed Sean had done it for money but seeing his reasons and the undeniable proof he's shown she knew he had every right to do what he did.

"I cant say I forgive you entirely since you are a cause of what happened to Marik but I am willing to give you a second chance." Ishizu said.

"Thats all I ask and I am going to fix what happened to your brother somehow." Sean said as he left.

I’m done here. This fic is the equivalent of a child fantasizing about his undefeatable Yugioh cards, while jerking off at the same time. Tune in for my next mock, and BOY is it special.

List of mocks can be found here: Here

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Jesus man what is up with you and all of those waifus! Are you secretly the "Ultimate Pimp"?
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