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> Future Dullest, It's time to d-d-d-d-d-d-d-dull!
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post Apr 22 2017, 06:18 PM
QUOTE (GorillaGamer @ Apr 21 2017, 07:57 AM) *
Authors note: Now the finals will begin Yugi will battle Mai and Sean will battle Joey. Yeah Bandit Keith will not be in this since I hate him.

Well fuck you then. Bandit Keith is a million times better than that faggot OC of yours.

It's funny, you know. If Pegasus doesn't have the Millennium Eye here that means he never humillated Keith with his mind reading powers in front of an audience, which means Keith never fell from grace and is still probably the Murican champion. In short, the author actually did Keith a favor by not including him on this shitfest.
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post Apr 24 2017, 03:41 AM
Truthordeal@ I hate to break it to you, but I donít think the author gets as far as Battle City in this ficÖ

Dashguy@ HuhÖI never saw it that way. Just goes to show that Dragonlord0 canít even get bashing done right.

Anyway, this is a rather short chapter. However due to the presence of a lemon, itís going to be anything but sweet.

Chapter 7 duel match ups and love

The duelists were in the dinning room eating some food.

"Man I cant remember the last time I had food like this." Joey said.

"Now master Pegasus has added a little something to the finalists dishes." Croquet said confusing the finalists as giant eyeballs that resembled the millennium eye came out of their soup.

If Pegasus is good in this fic, and he doesnít have the Millennium Eye, then why does he still have the giant eyeballs in the soup?

"WAHHH!" Joey yelled in disgust.

"EW its starring at me." Tea said in disgust.

"Hey this is worse then a fly in my soup!" Joey yelled.

I donít know, flies can be rather nutritiousÖ

"Open the eye and look inside. Each of you has been randomly assigned a letter." Croquet said. Sean had C Mai had B Yugi had A and Joey had D.

"Now then A vs B. C vs D." Croquet said.

"Who has C?" Joey asked.

"Me." Sean said making Joey nervous.

"Looks you lose already Wheeler." Seto said smirking.

"Enough both of you." Sean said not wanting a fight to occur.

Heís not wrong though.


Sean was in his room looking over his deck of greek cards looking at his very best one he had till someone knocked on his door.

You mean that the cards weíve seen so far in Greek Duelist and Future Dullest ARENíT your best ones?! That card must have an instant-win condition if itís the best one in his deck. I would assume that itís his Assassinís Creed card, but thatís not exactly a Greek card.

He put his cards away and opened the door and Tea was seen.

"Tea what are you doing here shouldn't you be in bed?" Sean asked.

"Just wanting to see how your doing since you finally got what you wanted." Tea said as she walked in.

"Yeah after 26 years I finally know where my brothers are at." Sean said closing the door.

"So how are you going to duel Joey?" Tea asked knowing Sean would win but was curious as to how he would win.

"You'll see." Sean said smirking before she pulled him into loving kiss which caught him off guard for a second before he kissed her back. Tea moaned as his hands went down her back and grasped her hips making her moan more.

And Iím just about ready to throw up my dinner. Thanks SeanÖ

Tea had pushed them both down to the bed and held him closer as she slipped out of her skirt and unbuttoned her shirt leaving her in her bra and thong and blushed bright red.

"I uh hope this isn't to fast for you." Tea said nervously.

"Tea you can do whatever you want." Sean said making her smile and quickly pulled off her bra and pulled off his own cloths and licked her lips seeing his large member.

Of course. When has a fanfiction self-insert ever had a small penis?

"Oh wow what you do give yourself an enhancement?" Tea asked teasingly making Sean roll his eyes.

"Very funny Tea." Sean said pushing her on her stomach making her giggle as he took off her thong and rubbed her butt cheeks making her moan and blush. Sean rubbed his member between the cheeks making her giggle in amusement as she felt it between her ass while his hands rubbed her back.

"Mmm care to be a little more adventurous?" Tea asked getting on her back and played with her breasts making him smirk getting where she was going with this.

I doubt things could get any more adventurous than that butt stuff you did.

Sean placed his cock between her breasts making her giggle as she pushed them together and moved them up and down on his cock enjoying the twitch every now and then when she hit a sensitive spot.

"Mmm oh yeah this feels really good." Tea moaned out as his cock felt perfect between her breasts. She opened her mouth and licked the tip of his member making him groan in bliss as her wet tongue made him feel good.

Sean thrusted faster between her breasts and groaned out as he neared his first release and she opened her mouth wide as he exploded and came on her face and her mouth. Tea moaned licking up his essence and saw he was still hard.

"Care for a special treat?" Tea asked moving her feet over his cock and pressed them on it making him groan in pleasure.

A footjob, a fucking footjob! So far weíve seen some hotdogging, titfucking, and now a footjob. Seems that the author has some diverse fetishes.

"You'd be surprised what you can do with your feet when you've taken dance classes." Tea said as she moved her bare feet on his cock up and down and giggled feeling some of his cum rubbing on her feet.

Sean strained against her feet trying to hold off as long as possible since it felt real good.

"Mmmm this feels real good on my feet. care to cum again on them." Tea said moving her feet faster on his cock and he had to really hold back. Sean forced her on her stomach and she giggled as he pressed her feet on his cock as he held them up and continued to thrust into them and she moaned as he came on her back feeling his seed on her ass and back.

"Mmmm so warm." Tea moaned out and giggled as he held her legs in the wheel barrel position and rubbed his member on her sex making her moan.

Thatís wheelbarrow, you dumbfuck!

"This is going to hurt for a minute." Sean said warning her making her nod and bit down on her pillow. Sean thrusted into her sex making her eyes widen and screamed into her pillow muffling her screams greatly as blood came out of her pussy but he didn't move till she was ready.

"It hurts." Tea whimpered out in pain but sighed in content when he leaned down and kissed her neck making her forget about the pain and she thrusted back into him signaling she was ready. Tea moaned as he thrusted into her pussy making her eyes roll into her head as the pleasure was getting to her.

"Ah Ah ah!" Tea moaned out as each thrust slapped against her hips making them jiggle and sent pleasure up her spine. "Im so close." Tea moaned out as she couldn't last much longer. Sean grunted as he thrusted into her faster making her gasp and screamed into her pillow as her walls gripped his cock tightly and whimpered out as she felt him cum inside her womb making her twitch in bliss as her body convulsed in pleasure enjoying the sensation.

And considering how this was written before his GX fic, I have no idea whether he improved, or gotten worse in that one.

"Oh god that was amazing." Tea said as she tried to get up but fell in his arms. "I guess I kinda over did it." Tea said rubbing her head.

"If anything you were perfect for your first time." Sean said making her giggle and kissed him again.

"Mmm you know I've been thinking about what you said about your laws about having more then one wife." Tea said confusing him.

"Huh what about it?" Sean asked getting her to giggle.

"Oh come on you seen how Mai looks at you and I'm sure there are other girls who would want to be with you. So I'm giving you permission to date other girls just so long as I'm in charge of them." Tea said making him blink before he chuckled.

And all the potential conflict of Seanís lovers arguing on whether they should share him has been flushed down the toilet.

"You really are one unique woman Tea." Sean said making her giggle again and pulled him into another kiss before they laid down on the bed tired from their love making.

"I honestly hope Mai is added to this harem since then I can get a little payback." Tea said making him chuckle before kissing her head and both fell asleep. Tea had long since dreamed of this moment of happening of making love to the man who payed for her dance lessons and saved her life. Now she had what she wanted and more.

And we end off with the disturbing implication of forcing Mai into the harem. I apologize if there wasnít much to the mock, but this chapter was pathetically short.

List of mocks can be found here: Here

QUOTE (AnItalianGuy @ May 27 2016, 02:03 AM) *
Jesus man what is up with you and all of those waifus! Are you secretly the "Ultimate Pimp"?
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post Apr 24 2017, 07:12 AM
You know I understand that for certain banal things in literature you just need to fill in the gaps yourself, but it still really irritates me when people can't close the door before they have wild bestiality sex in a hotel room.

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