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> What is War?, Pony don't hurt me...
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post Jan 3 2012, 04:08 PM
Hey every*o*y, and welcome to Another Unfinished T_K_17 Mock. This one features those lovable quadrupeds, ponies, along with one very ordinary Gary Stu.

Now, when looking at a Gary Stu author, it helps to learn as much as you can about the author before reading his story so you can see just how Stuish his Stu is. In this case, "demonhorse103" is a member of the Canadian Royal Air Cadets, a WW2 buff, and likes hockey. He is also loves dragons, mechs, furries, and video games. In other words, he is a stereotypical Canadian nerd. The most telling factoid about him is that he loves pairing up his OCs with anthropomorphic animal girls.

The hero in this story, meanwhile, is a WW2-era Canadian soldier who falls in love with an semi-anthropomorphic animal girl. Hmm...

Well, on with the mock!


Hey Demonhorse103 here and I was bored one day and since I started watching My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic I decided to write a fic about it.

That’s exactly what I said when I watched it. Only instead of “write a fic about it” I said “do something productive and beneficial with my life”. I then played video games.


Gah! Don’t scare me like that!

This fic is M rated and may have Adult situations, Some Yaoi, Yuri, and straight smex scenes

No matter your sexual preference, you can still be utterly horrified by pony sex prose typed by a retard.

if you are under 18 of age don't read and I wont' be excepting flames

Excellent. He won’t suspect a thing!

Summery: (suck at summaries)

And spelling.

a human from a different world and era who somehow finds himself in Equestria near the village of Ponyville. Now he's stuck in their world for how long and will he cope with his new lifestyle?

Well once you get past the musical numbers and horse puns it can’t be too hard to live in.

It was a regular Day in Ponyville the sun was shining, there were no clouds in the sky

Yeah I know, and the birds were singing too, right?

thanks to a blue Pegasi mare with a Rainbow mane and tail.

Who was promptly sued by Rainbow Dash for trademark infringement.

She zipped past the clouds making the clouds disappear. (Let's get to the main character)

Yeah, okay. That’s enough of that last scene.

in the ever free forest a figure was walking/limping in the woods.

”He was walking. No wait, he was limping! I mean walking! Or maybe limping…"

The figure stood 5'9", he was wearing old combat boots, he was wearing Grey Taki combat uniform, and he was wearing a steal helmet.

Hey! Give it back!

Slung over his shoulder was a .303 SMLE No.1 Mark III*, the uniform had a patch saying Canada, and a brass pen with the numbers 4 and 9 on the collar.

These details are important guys. There will be a test later.

"Where am I?" he question to himself while limping through the forest.

”And what is war?”

He continued walking before passing out on in a clearing in the forest.

The sugar-infused air gave the poor man hyperglycemia.

A figure stood on the edge of the clearing watching him; she wore a cloak that covers her striped body. She was different from all the other ponies matter of fact she is a Zebra the only of her kind to live near Ponyville.

She’s so different from the other ponies that she isn’t actually a pony. By this reasoning you could say I that I too am different from the other ponies.

She slowly walked up to the figure to the point she was standing over him, "hmmm? What kind of creature are you?" she questioned before grabbing the figure by the collar dragging him to her home.


Meanwhile in Ponyville in the library in the center a purple unicorn pony was reading a book

The Black Stallion is a steamy romance novel in the Ponyverse.

until she heard the door slamming open. She turned to the intruder with an annoyed look, "Spike I told you I wanted to be alone for a bit" the Purple unicorn told a young purple dragon with a green belly.

It’s critical that you know he has a green belly. You haven’t forgotten the test, have you?

"I'm sorry twilight" Spike apologized to the mare. The purple mare sighed and she got up from her spot, and then walked to the door. "Spike stay here I'm going to Zecora's hut in the everfree forest for tea okay" she said to the young wyrm before she shut the door after exiting.

Twilight: “Since there’s no way I’m getting off to this book now, my only option is to help push the plot forward.

Spike opened his mouth before she shut the door but closed it after she did.

He was going to make a “plot” joke but thought better of it.

The dragon then sighed and went up to his/twilights room and went to take a nap.

The man groggily woke up and shooked his head then looked around inside a hut confused. "Where am I?" he asked himself as he continued to look around the hut.

”Also, what is war?”


The hooded zebra stepped inside the hut and she looked at him with a small smile. "You are in my hut strange one" she answered the man. The man looked at the source of the voice seeing the hooded zebra and looked at her with a questioning look. "Uhh… Did you just talk?" he asked the zebra. The zebra chuckled and used one of her hoofs to bring the hood down revealing her black and white striped head; she had large gold hooped earrings and a large gold choker around her neck. "Yes I did talk strange one" she said to the man.

Man: “Oh no, the Nazis have perfected talking horses! Now their war machine will be unstoppable!”

She walked to a table and poured some herbal tea then walked slowly towards him. "My name is Zecora and I must ask what are you?" she asked the man before placing the cup on the bed beside him. "Uhh… I am a human and my name is Richard Macdonald" he answered her question.

Richard: “My father was named Ronald and my mother, Grimace.”

"Canada, Royal Edmonton 49th Regiment, sergeant" he also said to the zebra. Zecora looked at him with a strange look, "what are you telling me?" she asked him.

Richard: “My Call of Duty stats.”

Richard looked at her dumbfounded, "Uhh nothing important" he said "the name is Richard Macdonald" he then told her.

His father was named Ronald and- wait a second…

Richard picked up the cup that was beside him and drinks some of the tea, and tried his best to stomach down the strange brew which eventually worked. "Uhh excuse me?" he asked the zebra; "Where am I?" he asked Zecora.

Zecora: “Well after drinking that poison, you will soon be in Hell, like the rest of your kind.”

The zebra mare looked over at the male human with interest after he asked the question. "You are in the land of Equestria populated by the pony folk that lives in the village nearby and other villages in Equestria" Zecora explained. The man looked down with shocked inside him but he kept his cool.

Don’t let ‘em see your fear, Rick. That’s when they pounce.

"So I'm not in the city of Ortona in Italy?" he asked the zebra. Zecora chuckled as he asked the interesting city name, "where ever that is Richard you are not in the city you speak of" she told him.

Zecora: “Unless you are speaking of Coltona in Italoosa, in which case it is right over that way.”

The man looked down a little shocked but depressed that he wasn't in his world. "Does that mean I'll never get back home to fight the 2nd German Paratrooper division?

Sorry, but no. If you are quick enough, though, you may get back in time fight the 7th German Paratrooper division.

And I'll never see my buds in the war ton city as well?" he thought to himself. While loss in thought Zecora heard someone trotting towards her hut and she smile and got a tea pot ready for one of her teas.

Zecora: “Another unsuspecting victim stumbles into my domain.”

Just as she got the water boiling a purple unicorn walked in not seeing the human she walk towards Zecora sighing. "What is wrong twilight?" the zebra asked the mare. Twilight sat down on a table and adjusted her seat before answering, "oh it's just it's starting to get bored at Ponyville" she explained. "Nothing to do over their and I read all the books already and it also get boring if you reread the books also" twilight finished.

Twilight: “If only there was some handsome, bipedal Canadian soldier with a love of Mobile Suit Gundam and a large cock to shake up my dull, dull life.”

The man didn't make any noise or word he just watch astonished as there was another talking horse or unicorn in the hut. "So there is another talking horse but this one is a unicorn" he thought to himself before taking a small silent sip of his tea.

Richard: “Hmm, the PTSD took effect much sooner than I expected.”

Zecora chuckled as she poured the hot water in two empty cups then added the herbs in the water. She handed one to twilight, "maybe it is because those books had gotten tired of you re reading them" Zecora said before chuckling followed by twilight.

What Zecora means is that Twilight really needs to get laid. Which means that she knows exactly what this story is about.

Richard too let out a chuckle then twilight ears picked up the chuckling behind her and she look then gave a surprised gasp at the sight of him. "Who or what are you?" she asked him,


Richard was about to speak before Zecora interrupting him. "He is a new guest his name is Richard Macdonald, from a land called Canada and part of the Loyal Edmonton 49th regiment and also he is a creature called a human" Zecora explained.

Zecora: “And yes, there will be a test.”

Twilight looked at the zebra with a dumbfounded expression on her face then shook her head to get her mind set. "Wait wait wait" twilight said repeatedly

Twilight: “First things first: What the fuck is a ‘guest’?”

"you're saying he is from a different world?" she asked. Richard chuckled, "well yeah" he answered; "and you're part of an army for royalty?" twilight then asked. Richard had a hand behind his head scratching it,

Worst part of living in Equestria: the disembodied hands.

"well… if you can put it that way I'm part of the Royal Canadian Army, Canada's 1st Infantry Division Loyal Edmonton 49th Regiment or Loyal Eddy's" he explained, "but our army fights for a larger empire that has royalty but we got dragged in a war because the Brit's dragged us in to it because they declared war on another country called Germany" he finished.

Canada actually joined WW2 of their own free will after being given sovereignty after WW1. How bad must it feel for a WW2 buff to be as bad at history as Mykan?

Twilight looked at him with a more quizzical look "what is war?" she asked him.

While rhythmically bobbing her head to the left.

Richard sighed and reached in to his left breast pocket and pulled something out that was a small rectangle object.

His copy of Fire Emblem for the GBA will teach her all she needs to know.

"I heard the books you read are boring you can read this It'll explain everything about the war I was fighting" Richard said before tossing his journal.

Evidently it will not teach you much about punctuation.

The journal made a thumping sound as it landed on the floor; Twilight looked at the journal and used her magic to lift it up. She then bowed in gratitude, "thanks for the new reading material"

”for me to burn.”

she then walked towards the door but stopped then looked at the stranger. "Uhh if it doesn't trouble you do you want to come with me to Ponyville?" she asked him.

Twilight: “It’s my turn for the weekly sacrifice and I don’t want to give up Spike just yet.”

He thought about then got up; he looked around for his stuff but stared at Zecora. The zebra chuckled and pointed by the door their laid his pack, his mess kit, and his SMLE No.1 Mark III* Enfield rifle.

Just say “rifle”; no one cares what mark it is and shit.

He placed his pack on with the mess kit clinging against the bag. He then picked up his rifle and slunged over his shoulder;


he picked up his helmet and put it on then walked out the hut waiting for twilight. The purple mare walked out and walked down the path followed by Richard who unslung his rifle from his shoulder. He pulled the bolt back then pushed it back loading a round which made a clicking noise. Twilight looked over at the human with a quizzical look wondering what he was doing.

Twilight: “What? No, Richard! You have so much to live for!”

"What are you doing?" she asked him with her soft voice, Richard looked at the pony that came shoulder height to him.

Shoulder height? What part of “little pony” do you not get?

"Oh this" he held up his rifle to show her, "it's my weapon my rifle it's called an Enfield and it's what I use to fight a war and this" he pulled out his sword bayonet and placed it on his rifle. "This is a bayonet it what gives me the use of close quarter combat when a Fritz comes up to me face to face" he finished explaining.

Richard: “I pulled it out in case we get jacked by a squad of adorable bunnies on the way to Ponyville.”

Twilight looked at the object with amazement and reached out at it with one of her hoofs. Richard pulled the bayonet back swiftly; "whoa their filly I don't want you to cut yourself" he said. "Oh okay" twilight said before she went back to walking, Richard chuckled and followed.

Do ho ho. She didn’t notice it was made of plastic.

Well this is chapter 1 of the my little pony fic I hope you like it R&R please and thank you and no flames please

How about this: You are a faggot and should go stick your head in a microwave before touching another keyboard.

No, but seriously, I love and tolerate you.


So to recap: A man who is way too into his LMSF Marky Mark 576 or whatever randomly plops into Ponyville and accidentally dodges several attempted murders, chuckling all the while.

Well, now that that's out of the way, it's time for that test I mentioned earlier. What, you thought I was joking? Of course not!

1. What is the name of his rifle?

2. Who zipped past the clouds making the clouds disappear?

3. Why is Zecora different from the other ponies?

4. Who is Richard's father?

5. What color is Spike's belly?

6. What the fuck is a guest?

7. What is the worst part of living in Equestria?

8. What is war?

Submit your answers in a PM. Winners get pony porn.

This post has been edited by T_K_17: May 14 2013, 09:09 AM

1. Digiball Z - 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 (f)
2. Saiyaman (f)
3. Saiyaman 2 - 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
4. Teen Titans vs Project AFTER - 2 3 (f)
5. Desires Unspoken - Deluxe Special Edition (f)
6. TK versus Birdboy | Fandom | Empire - Part 1
7. Garden of EVA - Sucks Everybody! (f)
8. What is War? - 1 2
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post Jan 4 2012, 08:40 PM
I think I'll opt for an 'F' this time.

So why is it that whenever someone magically plops down into a fictional world, they take it surprisingly well? Never do they freak the fuck out like a normal person would. What, are soldiers trained for this sort of thing? Because if I woke up to colorful, talking horses, I'd be wondering who drugged me.

Grammar is the difference between "knowing your shit" and "knowing you're shit."
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post Jan 4 2012, 10:56 PM
So far, my favorite character is the *copypaste* SMLE No.1 Mark III* Enfield rifle.

Cor cordis
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post Sep 6 2013, 02:10 PM
Hey guys, remember when this forum wasn't completely flooded with self-insert MLP bullshit? That was back when I uploaded the first chapter of this story! Now here's the second!


Hey it's Demonhorse103 here and I remembered in my first chapter that I forgot something

To proofread your story and remove the spelling errors?

XD had a Derp moment their

I guess not.

any ways what I forgot was this My Little Pony and it's characters are all owned by Hasbro and Lauren Faust

Oh right of course! How silly of you to forget to clarify! I had just assumed that you writing a My Little Pony story on fanfiction.net meant that you were Lauren Faust herself! Now I see the truth.

the only thing I own in this story is my OC Richard Macdonald and that is it

”And also Twilight’s hindquarters, but that’s not for a few chapters from now.”


This fic is M rated and may have Lemons in future chapters so no minors under the age of 18 and I won't be excepting flames either now on with chapter 2

Evidently he thinks of flames the same way he thinks of periods.

After twilight and Richard got back to Ponyville and into the library where twilight lives she looked at him with a soft smiled. "Uhh yeah this is where I live Richard" she said

The narrator is way ahead of you, Twilight. You’re better off leaving all the talking to him.

"Uhh if you like you can stay up in the spare room up their next to mine" she said as she pointed with her horn towards the door next to another door.

Which was next to a wall which was next to another wall which was next to a window which was next to another wall which was next to my head bashing against it furiously.

Richard smiled and walked up the stairs, the sound of his combat boots making thumping noises on the wooden staircase brought him memories back in his world where he and his regiment just entered the city of Ortona.

There were wooden staircases as far as the eye could see.

And he and his company had to take a large hotel that was crawling with jerry that weren't giving up that hotel with out a fight.

No matter how dire his situation looked, Jerry would never end his feud with Tom.

He sighed as he reached to the top and he looked down at twilight then walked towards his new room. Twilight heard the sigh but shook it off she looked at the brown journal and opened it up with the magic from her horn. "Hmmm let's see here" she said to herself as she began reading one of the pages.

November 18th 1943

Third application rejected. “Severe mental instability” claimed once again. I’ll show them. I’ll have my own WWII! This town will be my Cortona and those short-sighted recruiters will be my jerries! MWA, HA, HA, HA, AH, AH, AAAAAAHHH!

My squad and I had proceeded down a road.

Then we went down a path. Then we were on a trail. I think we were on a passageway at some point, but it’s all a haze now.

Brass said it was a key road to a city that will take us weeks to get to since Italy is crawling with Italian fascists and Georings boys the German 2nd Paratrooper division.

You know exactly which German Paratrooper division you’re going up against, but you don’t even know what city you’re going to. Seems like an odd choice of details to me.

But we had no contact for almost an hour, it's strange.

November 19th 1943

If their is a hell I'm in it.

Hell is a place where no one can spell “there”.

Yesterday we came into contact with German MG42. The sound of that machine gun still haunts me. It was manned by no other then remnants of the Afrika korps who managed to escape to Italy after we took Africa and defeated Rommel's Afrika Korps.

The soldier currently manning the gun was Meinhard Kaufmann. He was 23 years old and loved Pinschers.

No, I still don’t know what road we’re on.

Me and my squad mates flanked the machine gun and destroyed the gun and its gun crew with two or three Mills bombs. After we destroyed the gun nest we had to pay a price we saw a boy no older then 15 he was German and his eyes were blue like water he put his hand up as if he wanted to shake my hand. He then said "friend" I hesitated then shot him through the head.

Yeah, I usually wait until they say “friend” before I shoot them, too.

I will regret ever killing that young boy. Also I lost two friends Johnson and my brother Robert Macdonald.

I like how he tacks on the death of his brother as an afterthought. This guy has a serious Jerry Boner.

Twilight stopped reading the journal and slammed it shut shaking with fear, and had the images she imagined burned permanently in her head.

They were so vaguely described she pretty much had to use her imagination.

"So this is war?" she whispered to herself sweating abit

“It had way more run-on sentences than I expected.”

"hope that nothing like that ever comes to Equestria" she whispered to herself again.

"I sure hope this fanfic called 'What is War' doesn't have any war in it!"

She walked towards the door wanting to take a walk probably visit one of her friends. She opened the door then looked at the journal "maybe I can take it with me"

I dunno, Twilight. You sure? You might wanna sit down a rest for a moment before do something as strenuous as taking a book with you somewhere.

she used the magic of her horn and watched it float in front of her and then walked out closing the door behind her.

With Richard he laid on a bed in the spare room, his rifle still loaded with the round in the barrel and 9 more in the magazine,

He needs to keep himself armed at all times in case any dragons show up.

Pah! As if that could happen!

his pack hanging on the bed post his helmet on the ground. He sighed and looked up at the ceiling, "this is like the Broad houses in England right Johnson?" he said to himself as if he was talking to one of his dead friends.

Johnson: “Yeah, man. Libraries made from hollowed-out trees are just like brothels. Geez, why was I ever friends with you?”

Twilight arrived at a house that was near the Everfree forest. She knocked on the door, few seconds of waiting the door opened revealing a yellow Pegasus with pink mane and tail, she had light blue eyes and she gave twilight a soft smile.

Twilight: “Dammit, Pinkie! Would you stop wearing Fluttershy’s skin and greet me seriously for once?”

"Good afternoon twilight" the yellow Pegasus pony greeted. "Come in" she moved aside to let twilight in. "good afternoon Fluttershy" twilight greeted back. The purple mare walked inside the house and then took a seat on a chair in the living room.

Oh God it’s like I’m there!

Oops, I mean “their”.

Fluttershy sat across from her on a separate chair with a little smile, "how are you twilight?" she asked her friend. Twilight set down the journal and looked at the yellow Pegasus across from her.

Twilight always enjoys observing Rhymey’s stuffed corpse whenever she visits Fluttershy’s place.

"I'm doing fine fluttershy I've been to zecora's to relax and I found a new friend their" she said. "he's really strange he walks on two feet rather then four, and he is complete hairless except for the hair on his head, and also he has no tail" she explained to fluttershy.

Fluttershy: “Um… that doesn’t sound very different from Iron Will, except for the tail part.”

Twilight: “Huh. Guess I wasn’t very descriptive.”

Fluttershy listened with interest as she continues listening to twilight. Then she looked down at the journal with interest also, "say twilight what is that?" she asked while she pointed and poke the journal with her hoof. "Oh that it's the journal the stranger kept you want me to read you a page?" she asked her friend.

Twilight: “I could read to you about the teenager he shot in the face.”

Fluttershy: “Oh that would be wonderful!”

Fluttershy nodded and twilight smiled softly but straightened her face with concerned remembering fluttershy's innocent mind. "But this is just a journal this doesn't happen in real life okay" twilight told her friend.

Journals are always about entirely fictional happenings.

Again fluttershy nodded, "okay twilight" she said. Twilight opened the journal on a new page, cleared her throat and began reading.

December 1943

We've crossed the Gustav line with heavy casualties.

So many blue-eyed young Germans cut down in their prime! Oh, and I guess I lost two cousins, five best friends, and the first man I ever kissed.

I've lost half of my squad to one MG that was well hidden.

They had a “Not a German MG” sign in front of it. I’m really getting sick of falling for that…

Those boys were friends of mine from high school. Their deaths were difficult to bear.

Those boys were in my basketball team. They were always helping me get my head in the game.

I heard our boys of the 3rdCanadian division are doing some training in England something big is going to happen. What it is I don't know.

Hopefully not another dance number.

But all I know my squad and the rest of the 1st Canadian division are heading for a city known as Ortona.

The staircase capital of Italy.

What the plan is liberate the Italians in the city then make a pincer movement towards Rome the Italian capital.

Twilight stopped reading and sighed, "This journal it has some sad parts but other parts are well? Confusing" twilight explained.

Twilight: “Like this page which has just the phrase ‘All Stu and no proper capitalization make demonhorse a dull writer’ endlessly repeated.”

After she closed the book, fluttershy listened with amazement and interest.

She wasn’t paying attention while Twilight was actually reading the book.

"But why is their so much sadness in this one page?" she asked her friend. Twilight shrugged, "who knows it's how war is fought I guess" twilight answered truthfully.

”War is sad.” – Demonhorse103

The yellow mare looked at her dumbfounded as soon she said the word "war". Uhh twilight?" fluttershy said, "What is war?" she then asked.

Uh… sad?

Twilight sighed and shrugged, "I asked that questioned also but I haven't thought of an answer myself" she answered her friend.

Twilight hosts lengthy Q&A sessions with herself.

While the two mares were sitting and discussing, three little fillies were sneaking up to the door to fluttershy's house. One of them was yellow with a red mane and tail, and a red bow on her mane,

Diamond Tiara?

the other filly had light orange color red orange mane and tail, and small wings.


The last filly was white, a horn on top of her head, light purple mane and tail with light pink and purple streaks.

Rodney Dangerfield?

The three giggled as they got a hoof away from the door until. "If you three are planning on sneaking up on us don't even try it" a voice said from behind the door. "AWWWWE" the three said in unison,

”We were so close to pulling off our classic ‘open-the-door-when-you-don’t-expect-us-to-open-the-door’ prank!”

the three fillies opened the door and walked in with small bright smiles plastered on their faces. "Hey twilight hey fluttershy" the yellow filly greeted before sitting on a couch followed by the other two fillies. "Hey apple bloom" twilight greeted back before letting out a small giggle.

Heh heh, it’s funny ‘cuz… she’s Apple Bloom?

"What are you three doing?" she asked, "oh nothing just trying to find our cutie marks still" apple bloom answered.

”We thought our ‘surprise door openers’ cutie mark was a sure thing!”

"Uh huh?" twilight said, "and does Applejack know you're out?" she then asked. Apple bloom nodded, then twilight looked over at the white unicorn filly, "and does rarity know you're out sweetie belle?" she then asked. Sweetie belle made a nervous laugh then left. "Sorry girls I don't want my sister to know I'm gone" sweetie belle yelled while running to rarity's shop. "awe" the light orange filly awed, "now this isn't fun any more

”Sweetie Belle is the good friend.”

I'm going to find Rainbow dash to teach me more extreme sports" she said before walking out.

Twilight: “But what about your pare-oh fuck it.”

"Okay bye Scootaloo" apple bloom yelled as she watches her friend hop on to her scooter and left. Apple bloom looked at twilight and fluttershy with interest, "so" she said "what are you guys talking about?" she then asked the two older mares.

How much they hate obnoxious little foals who don't mind their own business.

Thought I could end this chapter with a cliff hanger well this is chapter two and I hope you like it cheers and demonhorse103 out

And what a cliff hanger it is. “Will Twilight and Fluttershy tell Apple Bloom about what they were talking about? Find out next time on an all new 'War, what is it?'”


So to recap: You need a trigger-warning for wooden staircases, there is a yellow pegasus in Fluttershy's house, and WWII was sad because German soldiers died! Also, other people died too, I guess.

Before I finish here, I'd like to give a special shout-out to Professor Pineapple, who was the lone and only member to attempt and also complete the quiz from Chapter 1. He is currently enjoying his 5.7 GB of horse porn vigorously.

1. Digiball Z - 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 (f)
2. Saiyaman (f)
3. Saiyaman 2 - 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
4. Teen Titans vs Project AFTER - 2 3 (f)
5. Desires Unspoken - Deluxe Special Edition (f)
6. TK versus Birdboy | Fandom | Empire - Part 1
7. Garden of EVA - Sucks Everybody! (f)
8. What is War? - 1 2
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This creep's "war journal" seems to be a bit heavy on the wrong kind of "sad stuff". I mean, he lost his brother, but he was more concerned with a young enemy combatant? Guess he hated his brother. I mean, REALLY hated him. I'm almost afraid to think about how long it'll be before something "happens" on a grander scale
besides the obvious.

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I saw this guys ff.net account page. What the hell is his profile pic? I wish I could get a bigger version of it.

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QUOTE (Dejablue @ Sep 6 2013, 09:08 PM) *
I saw this guys ff.net account page. What the hell is his profile pic? I wish I could get a bigger version of it.

Attached Image

His waifu?

1. Digiball Z - 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 (f)
2. Saiyaman (f)
3. Saiyaman 2 - 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
4. Teen Titans vs Project AFTER - 2 3 (f)
5. Desires Unspoken - Deluxe Special Edition (f)
6. TK versus Birdboy | Fandom | Empire - Part 1
7. Garden of EVA - Sucks Everybody! (f)
8. What is War? - 1 2
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That's right, Susan!
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post Sep 7 2013, 10:26 AM
QUOTE (T_K_17 @ Sep 7 2013, 12:37 AM) *
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His waifu?

His tubby wubby pony waifu?

I'm holding out hope that Twilight will one day ask "What is war good for," and Private Ronald McDonald will answer "Absolutely nothing." Then sexy makeouts ensure.

QUOTE (theabhorrentatrocity @ Aug 15 2015, 02:25 PM) *
daddy longleg spiders are scary as they're one of the most poisonous spiders so not much of an over reaction.

A list of mocks can now be found on my profile page!
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