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> spyro and blink, A depressed dragon fucks an underaged mole
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post Mar 18 2017, 11:47 AM
Good evening all you lovely people, VGtree054 here, back with another mock! About two years ago, I’ve already mocked an atrocity known as Tails and Vanilla, written by a user named human by form and dragon by heart, a crazed scalie who actually believes he/she is a dragon. No, I’m not making that up. Now, not only did he/she write a fucked up Sonic story, they also wrote a truck load of Spyro the Dragon fanfics. One of those stories being the one we are about to read today. Just to give face to the name of the story, here is what Spyro’s lover's visage looks like:

And by the way this story includes a lot of buttsex, and Blink is about 9 years old.

Summary: It has been two months since Red's defeat and in that, time a certain purple dragon has fallen in love with a certain mole that is afraid to be above ground. Will he win his love over or will he never know what love is like.

Will Spyro get to learn of the joy that comes from shipping, or will he get to live a relatively normal life?

Rating: For male on male love

Yes, forget the fact that there’s tons of buttsex in this story, what matters more is that Spyro and Blink are in a relationship, which means this story is rated M.

Disclaimer: Charles Zembillas and Mark Cerny own Spyro the dragon and all its characters.

Thank god neither of them had ever gotten the chance to read this atrocity knowing their character is having poopy buttsex with a 9 year old!

(Spyro s pov)

Oh, it’s going to be one of those fan fictions!

It had been two months since all my friends and I had defeated the rouge Elder Red and we were still celebrating, but I knew that I would have to make my confession shortly.

Did I mention that this story is supposed to be in the ACTUAL CONTINUITY OF THE SPYRO CANON? As per, A hero’s Tail, a game that was mediocre at best!

I knew that I could not go on with it hanging over me, but I was afraid of the reaction that I would get. I was afraid of the rejection, but I was also afraid of being accepted, as well. I wanted to be with him, but I was afraid of what the others would think of me especially his uncle, who was very protective of his nephew. This, however, I knew would never stop me from trying to profess my love for the cute little mole known as Blink. I knew that my life would be empty without him beside me, and I desperately wanted to show my love to the little mole I loved ever since I rescued him from that cage in Crocovile Swamp.

Rejection should be the least of Spyro’s problems! He should be worrying about not being locked away paying for therapy bills faster than Moneybags can bribe him to pay him.

Good morning, honey! Sleep well? Ember said trying to make another pass at me when she saw that I was awake.

No, not really I couldn t sleep well. I said in a depressed tone. I could not sleep at all, in all honesty even though I was dead tired the night before and decided to sleep next to the bonfire.

As if Spyro having sex with a mole child isn’t bad enough, the author decided to force some pathos into this story. Spyro is all depressed over not having it with Blink. When you have a story with a premise as ridiculous as that, you know shit’s going to hit the fan so hard it paints the walls.

Now that I thought about it, I should not have told Ember that. I knew that it would create too much attention for me because she would try to comfort me.
And that’s a problem, how? Not that it matters anyway, because all it really is is the author stating that Spyro X Ember somehow don’t add up while his shipping is way better!

I looked around to see that everyone else was enjoying the beautiful day we were having in the Dragon Realms. I also noticed Blink hiding out in a cave. As soon as I saw him, I started to have thoughts of us being together, and to have the little mole inside of me. Him shouting my name as we ejaculated our hot cum together.

We’d prefer it if you didn’t share your sexual fantasies with us, though.

I knew, however, that this would not be possible without Blink knowing my love for him was existent.

“Hey Blink, I love you, now cum on me!”

A few hours later, I joined Blink in his cave for lunch; I could not help but look up from my kill to look at Blink every now and then. He was busy repairing his laser gloves. The others had gone for a flight somewhere. I felt alone and unwanted now, I decided to stand up and go since I did not want to crying front of Blink. I set off, not knowing where I was going or what would happen. I looked back after a few seconds to see if Blink had noticed my departure, but I saw that his eyes were fixed on his gloves. I turned around, and ran off towards an unknown destination, with tears running down my face.

After five minutes of walking and reflecting on what was circling around my mind, I started to wonder if I would ever get the chance, to ask Blink if he loved me. Nothing could take my thoughts away from that cute mole. Nobody could change the way I felt towards him except for him. That was when, out of nowhere, a voice came towards me, shouting my name, Hey, Spyro wait for me! I heard it. The most beautiful voice in the entire world was calling out to me.


I suddenly shot around like a bullet. My breath suddenly froze in my chest like it always did when I was around Blink. He was running towards me. I knew that we were the only two here, and I knew that it was now or never that I told him, but I was so afraid that Blink would not accept my feelings towards him. This and a thousand others things shot through my mind. I knew that this could be the place where I would finally make love to my secret love. I knew this could be the place that I would take Blink s eternal purity and in turn him take mine.

Is it wrong for me to be disgusted that this author decided to use “purity” as a substitute for “virginity”? Because I am! Seriously dude or dudette or alien thing, whatever you are. Don’t you know using purity in a sentence like that may be interpreted in a way that is completely different from your intended meaning?

Blink finally caught up to me and now I had to just pray that I didn t mess up. Hi, Spyroyou don t mind me coming with you, do you? He said as he slipped his gloves on.

Suddenly backfired from my emotional talk with myself and blurted out No. not at all! Sure, Blink! I thought to myself that I would love Blink to come, to cum all over my body, that is!

“Ha Ha! I’ve made a pun! This will totally blend in with my story about a chronically depressed, sexually frustrated Spyro and his twisted pedophilic fantasies with a character barely anyone remembers!”

Blink started to look puzzled at me. What s the matter? You don t want me to come with you? Blink noticed a single tear sliding down my cheek as he stared at me. Spyro, Blink said with a serious tone. What s wrong? You can tell me Spyro. I stared at Blink in the eyes and finally said the four little words that brought me to tears again. Blink I love you. I cried even more when Blink ran off with a disgusted look on his face. I now knew he didn t want me like I wanted him.

“And since that very day, I was locked up, and no one ever went near me again!”

(Blink spov)

As I continued to run from the purple dragon, who professed his love for me I started thinking that I might have over reacted. He loves me. Shit how am I gonna deal with this, I mean I think I like him too but we re too different to be together. Besides what would my uncle think of me loving a dragon, and a male dragon no less? I thought as I unconsciously headed for my uncle s lab. Arriving at my uncle s lab, I called out to him, "Uncle, can we talk.

"You know you can come to me for anything. The Professor said looking up from his work.

"Uncle I m very perplexed by something " I started weakly.

"Do share it with me; I may be able to aid you." He replied, in a very fathering way.

"There s this person I seem to get a very strong feeling from. Ever since we met I would stare at this person without realizing and I find this person's appearance very alluring " I tried to explain.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t find puppy faced dragons “alluring”.

The Professor eyed me, suspiciously with a twinkle in his eye "Blink, these things put together sounds like love." "L L love? I stuttered out, feeling my cheeks heat up slowly. This piece of information struck me down hard. I knew the meaning of love. What I didn't understand was obvious. When I thought of love, I thought of a happily married male and FEMALE couple, with children.

The Professor chuckled "Yes" He eyed me more intensely "Just who have you been interested' in."

I didn t know what to say. In my mindset, a male loving another male sounded ridiculous and forbidden. If I asked the question that had come to mind, it would surely give my uncle 'ideas’. ”Uncle is it possible for a male to " I swallowed the lump in my throat before I said the word "Love something other than a female?"

You’re afraid you’re going to give your uncle “ideas” and you ask him if it’s okay to fall in love with something that’s not female. Hey, it’s your funeral.

The Professor again analyzed me for answers with his eyes, but answered my question either way "Yes, no matter of one's gender or species, love will attract you to the person that will make you happy." He paused.

Alright author, let me make something perfectly clear. In the Spyro universe, there are species that don’t have human characteristics like Spyro or Blink. Take the creatures that Spyro must kill to regain his health for example such as the sheep, for example. Would you really want Spyro to be having sex with one of those just because the Professor says it’s OK to have sex with any species!

"Why are you asking such a question Blink?"

I looked up at him; I hadn't even noticed that I was sitting the whole time during the conversation "I think I m in love with a male dragon." I said bracing myself for a thrashing but it never came.

Looking up I saw my uncle with that same knowing look in his eye. So you finally came to terms with your sexuality.

What do you mean? I asked.

I ve always known you were gay. The Professor said.

"I’ve know you were gay ever since the original game had even established you had some weird relationship with Spyro."

Let me give you a hint, the game this was based on never expressed Blink had any kind of relationship with Spyro

My advice to you is, go find this dragon you love and tell him you love him before it s too late because you ll regret it for the rest of your life if you don t.

That must have been the author's logic. "Well gee, I better profess to the world I like to imagine Spyro and Blink having an orgy, otherwise I'd regret not sharing it."

Thanks uncle. I said smiling. Leaving the Professor s lab, I headed back to the place where I last saw Spyro. When I arrived, I didn t see him anywhere. He s probably over at the temple.

And I know that because I have magic mind reading powers!

I thought heading in that direction. When I arrived at the temple, I saw Elder Tomas walking out of the sacred building. Elder Tomas have you seen Spyro? I asked as I approached him.

He s inside brooding about something. He said. Hope you can help because it looks like he s ready to die.

Well why the hell didn’t you do anything about it? Spyro’s about to cut himself open and all you can do is just walk out of the building? What’s wrong with you!?

At those words, I immediately ran into the temple heading for Spyro s room. Upon arriving at his room, I saw him cutting himself with a sliver blade. Running into the room, I grabbed the blade and tossed it out the nearby window. Just because I ran away from you earlier doesn t mean you should go and kill yourself! I yelled after shooting him with my laser glove set on stun so I could bandage his wounds without any unnecessary struggling.

Pretty drastic measure to take just to treat a cut don’t you think?

Now that I stopped you from killing yourself I think you should know that I think I like you in the same way that you like me.

At those words, I saw Spyro s eyes light up with hope and longing. As the effect of my stun laser wore off Spyro moved towards me and did his best to whisper in my ear, I ll always love you but why did you run before?

“Because your weird sexual fantasies creeped me the fuck out!”

I was afraid to acknowledge my feelings. I said. I could tell by looking at him that what I said made Spyro sad. But now I m with you, and I can t be happier. I then broke down crying in front of Spyro, whilst Spyro heard what I had to say, he took my gloved paws away from my face, and then thrust his tongue into my mouth. I could hardly believe what he did, but in that one moment I knew that, I truly did love him and only him.

And the insanity ensues!


It’s a little too late for that now!

Blink and Spyro both used their tongues to explore each other s mouths. This went on for a good two minutes. Spyro collapsed onto Blink s body, and they embraced each other lovingly, Spyro adding to the embrace via use of his wings.

How exactly does that add to the embrace? I’d imagine it has to be because the more he flaps his wings, the more he cums OH MY GOD GO FUCK YOURSELF WITH A RAKE FOR MAKING ME THINK ABOUT THIS!

After showing their true love to each other, Blink looked down and saw his erect phallus as well as his lover s. Reaching down Blink began to play with Spyro sthrobbing cock. Spyro and Blink looked at each other again, and they both smiled, as they knew what was to emerge from all of this. Spyro unexpectedly decided to show Blink what he was made of and reached for the straps that were resting over his lover s shoulders and pulled them off along with the belt around his waist that were attached to the straps before deciding to anally tease Blink s hole with a clawed finger causing Blink burst out with a huge moan as well as a load of pre from his throbbing phallus.

Why do authors like this have to make their apparent lack of knowledge to fucking so damned deranged? Like seriously, are you fucking telling me that all men have a freaking G-Spot up their asses? It’s questions like these that make me want to punch this guy in the face for making me think about the limits this fucking story is willing to push to.

Suddenly wanting to wear Blink s hat Spyro took it off his head and placed it on his own as best as he could with his horns in the way. Hey that s mine! Blink moaned.

Well it s mine now. Spyro said playfully. Just be grateful that your goggles won t fit my head.

Oh it s on now. Blink said smiling evilly as he flipped Spyro onto his back causingSpyro s claw to slip out of Blink s tail hole as well as the hat to fall off.

So now they’re engaging in…Hat Sex? Wut da fuuuuuuuuuu….?

As Blink moved down his lover s body, he dragged his tongue along it until he reached the tip of Spyro s cock. Blink, that feels great! Spyro moaned. Blink then took his cock full force into his mouth causing Spyro to moan even louder. Blink was having the time of his life; he couldn't explain why he just was.

Even though it was already made apparent that Blink is gay and has a thing for Spyro!

He loved every second of it, but not as much as Spyro was. Spyro started to leak some pre from his member, and Blink loved the taste of it.

What the fuck is pre? Is that supposed to be precum? I’d be lying if I said that it wouldn’t be fucking scary to have Blink lick cum off of Spyro’s throbbing cock, but this came so unexpected at full force that he might as well have him lick his man juices instead of fucking precum.

Spyroknew that he was going to cum soon and he hadn't masturbated for a while now due to the presence of his friends so inevitably it was going to be a powerful orgasm.

And apparently balls work like fucking motor engines. The less you rev those bitches up, the more powerful the cumshot is going to be.

Blink felt Spyro s cock start to throb like an erratic heartbeat, and knew that he was going to cum soon.

Well fuck then, there’s a nice little image that’ll scar me for life! Spyro’s scaly cock beating and pumping blood like a heart! Is there such a thing as a penis attack, where your cock cums so much that it literally starts attacking you by not functioning the way it's supposed to?

Blink began to massage Spyro s balls whilst continuing to suck his phallus. The double simulation became too much for the purple dragon to endure, and he yelled out UGH! I M GONNA CUM!

OH GOD! Nobody, and I mean nobody has the balls to create a fucking simulation of rubbing Spyro’s balls and stroking his cock simultaneously where he shout’s I M GONNA CUM! I hope to god I’m right, because If I’m not, I hope that god I’m hoping for me to be right is just enough to fucking castrate the freak who’d even think about making it.

Blink redoubled his efforts when Spyro said that.

Let that sink in for a second:

Blink redoubled his efforts when Spyro said that.

Blink redoubled his efforts when Spyro said that.

Blink redoubled his efforts when Spyro said that.

Blink redoubled his efforts when Spyro said that.

Spyro could not hold it in any longer, and he yelled out, BLINK! As he cummed into his lover s mouth. Blink eagerly drank every bit of Spyro swarm, salty cum, enjoying the taste. Did you like that, Spyro? Blink said with a seductive tone.

Are we going to find the nearest liquor store and drink ourselves to death just to thwart the physical pain this story has created for all of us?

Spyroreadily acknowledged, God that was incredible! Spyro smiled at him as he said; Now it s my turn! Understanding what he meant Blink got incredibly excited and quickly lied down on his back. Spyro took the little mole s phallus into his mouth and moved his tongue over his penis while occasionally sucking it. The moans that came from Blink were stunning. As he focused on the tip Spyro ran his paws ran up and down the sides of it.

Imagine Freddy Kruger got ahold of your dick and he tried to get you hard! That’s what I’d imagine what this thing that Spyro is doing to Blink would feel like.

Spyro felt Blink s muscles clench, his cock begging for release.

“I deserve more than this! All I ever wanted to be was an astronaut!” begged Blink’s dick.

Planning to give it just that, Spyrosucked extra hard, trying his best to get his lover to cum. Spyro succeeded a few minutes later. As his cum squirted into his mouth Spyro quickly drank it down not allowing a single drop to be wasted.

Otherwise god would get quite irate! I really got to stop thinking about Monty Python.

Sitting back on his ass Spyro looked at Blink while swallowing the last of his cum. Is there anything else you want to do? Spyro asked.

“What else can we do but fuck each other?”

Without answering Blink lied Spyro on his back. Blink then crawled on top of him and thrust his cock into Spyro s tail hole. The purple dragon tensed up rapidly at the sudden intrusion but moaned a few seconds later as his body relaxed. Blink didn t bother with allowing Spyro to slowly adjust to his size; instead, he shoved his full six inches in at once and started pounding his tight asshole.

Hooray for sodomy!

Blink quickly increased his pace as he fucked his dragon lover up the ass. Spyro was dreaming. He knew it couldn t be real, but it was.

Fuck you!

Blink was fucking him raw. Spyro met Blink s lips and they delved into each other s mouths. Spyro slowly explored Blink s mouth again whilst Blink was shaking rapidly with excitement from being inside of him. Blink quickened the pace again as well as started to fuck Spyro harder and harder. Spyro moaned into Blink s mouth. Finally breaking the kiss, Spyro grabbed himself and started to masturbate. God, you re so fuck in tight, Spyro! Blink moaned. He knew he couldn't hold it in for much longer.

After another five minutes, Blink screamed as his orgasm hit him and he cummed into his lover s tight little ass. Spyro was about to hit his orgasm, too, but Blink wanted to taste him again so he quickly removed his cock from Spyro s tight ass and stuck his length into his mouth, and after a few seconds, Spyro moaned his lover s name as he cummed into his awaiting mouth. Sitting next to each other, Spyro and Blink stared at each other, smiling, as they recovered. That was great Spyro. Blink said gasping for breath.

I thought so too honey. Spyro replied before kissing him on the mouth. After their ordeal, they both suggested that they get cleaned up, so they walked to the nearest water source, which happened to be a washroom in the next room over, to clean up.

Oh good, a washroom in a yaoi story with a dragon and a mole! I wonder where this is going to go!

Spyro washed Blink, and Blink washed Spyro. Spyro took extra care and time in washing Blink s body since fur and cum didn t mix all too well. Stepping out of the shower Spyro and Blink walked back to Spyro s room.

It goes nowhere!

So you re the lucky dragon eh Spyro. A familiar voice said.

Uncle what are you doing here? Blink asked.

I was just spying on you guys...uh I mean I was really enjoying your super awesome fuck session...DAMMIT!!!

I wanted to know who you fell for. The Professor said. And to tell you the truth I think Spyro is perfect for you.

The author pulled both of your names of a hat, so it must be true! The almighty hat never lies! He determines the fate of all!

So does this mean you don t care that I m in love with your nephew? Spyro asked.

I couldn t care less if I tried. The Professor answered. Spyro smiled at the Professor s answer while using a wing to drag Blink closer to him, As the Professor left.

“Now if you excuse me, I’m going to go and watch you guys…I mean experiment with my penis...Dammit I'm horrible at this!”

Spyro and Blink met in another heated kiss. Even though they only shared a handful of kissed Spyro and Blink had quickly learned, how Blink's mouth had to be opened a little wider and Spyro's a little smaller in order for their kisses to be completely compatible and it was quickly becoming second nature to them.

How you know Fanfiction.net has ruined your innocence #545: “You write about how the characters are so OCD about the way they kiss that it has to be second nature to them.”

Their tongue has affectionately wrestled with each other as Blink used his foot to kick up his abandoned hat into his paw then forced it down on Spyro s horns, which tore through the thin fabric. What are you doing Blink. He asked.

You laid claim to my hat remember. Blink answered.

I was only joking. Spyro said.

Even so, I still want you to have it. Blink replied.

Aw! The author is trying to make this shipping look OK by having Blink and Spyro act cute!

Thanks . Spyro said as he led his lover to his bed. Pulling back the covers Blink and Spyro lied down on the bed and pulled the covers over them.

I love you. Spyro said as he embraced Blink with his arms and wings.

Me too, Blink replied as he returned the embrace.

-The End-

And there you have it, weird shipping fanfiction #43,152. This story wasn't exactly anything too special. All it really was was two characters that were afraid to admit they were gay, eventually admitting to each other that they are gay, and then they have sex together. Bull-fucking-shit!

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I'm very concerned.

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post Mar 19 2017, 12:23 PM
Well, this story was certainly lackluster. To me, a claw in an anus sounds neither pleasant nor arousing.

It has become a pet peeve of mine with regards to these sloppy fanfics' warped perspective of love, and how they fail to validate it. What was in this fanfic was pure lust. These characters were lusting for one another. Even the uncle got it wrong in addressing what the mole was feeling. Sexual yearning can lead to love and vice versa, but for all I know these two have nothing else than sore asses to base a relationship on.

Also, count me as confused. I was under the impression that dragons, while purely ficitonal yet as a lizard-like creatures wouldn't actually have any balls to speak of.
While the lack of details in this fanfic was a blessing, they could both have been humanoid and the writing wouldn't have changed much.

As far as your mocking goes, I found it a bit lacking. There are only so many times you can state your dislike for what's in the fanfic before it becomes grinding. While you did transform some of that spite into jokes and sarcastic punchlines, I would have preferred there was more of that than angry acknowledgements. On a minor error note that can be easily fixed whenever; I spotted a color format issue of a line and you presented the image of the mole as being Spyro.

All in all, it was okay, but could be better.

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post Mar 19 2017, 01:36 PM
Thank you for your honest feedback. Looking at this mock, I didn't exactly find it to be my best work! I feel as though I could have added a couple more jokes and looking at this now, I don't exactly like how I told the author to hurt him/herself, especially since that doesn't seem to be funny in the slightest, it's just childish and it makes me look like an asshole.

Also, I think it's worth mentioning that I usually don't double check my mocks, which I find to be a pretty bad habit, since I end up leaving formatting errors like the ones you mentioned.

I think I did pretty well for one of my first mocks with 100% original content, especially since I'd steal jokes from other people in my earlier mocks. But again, your feedback is appreciated.

Kudos to you.

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