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If everything was possible, nothing would be interesting.
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From: Denmark
29 years old
Born Mar-23-1988
Games of any kind. Various genres in narrative media, such as fantasy and sci-fi. Fanfiction. Having random thoughts and exploring them. And hopefully a growing trend; Mocking.
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Real Name: Anders Jensen
Gender: Male
Occupation: Student in educational game design
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I'm very concerned.

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About Me
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I'm your average, mild-mannered nerd and gamer. I have been deeply involved in the ways of reading, watching, playing and even at few times creating fiction from an early age. I have random hobbies from time to time, allowed by the material the Internet can provide, and I hope that being a part of this glorious forum will be one of those that stick with me.

Here are the mocks I have made so far, ordered by fandoms.

Dragon Ball:
When our eyes met - Mary Sue saiyan princess and Cell meet. Unreasonable romance ensues.
Trunks is a daddy - A male OC travels through time and protects Trunks by letting himself get raped by an android.

Harry Potter:
The Amulet - Harry Potter gets a magical device thrown at him, which allows him to transform into any horny animal the author wants.
Defender of Magic America - Harry's American relatives arrive to England to fix things, a decade too late.

Kung Fu Panda:
You've Been Broken - A Kung Fu Panda fanfic, including an amnesiac OC girl. And the story apparently features ShifuxOC.

Kung Fu Panda, The Necromancers of China Saga:
Episode 1: More Than a Comrade - Includes a wolf-bird-fish anthro OC.
Episode 2: Warrior of the Land, Sea, and Sky - Kalifilak gives her origin story.
Episode 3: The Seventh Art - Fenhong Se's story. - mocked by Professor Pineapple.
Episode 4: The Truth - Julie tells her side of this stupid shit. Everyone is from the future, btw.
Episode 5: The Time Rift - The Necromancers and others die. - mocked by Professor Pineapple.
Episode 6: The Castles of Heaven and Hell - A direct ripoff of Final Fantasy 2, to which I have a delayed realization.
Bonus: Conception - A recipe for disaster, the lemon that is meant to spawn Fenhong Se.

Mass Effect:
Different Dimension Savior - An author self-insert is put into the Mass Effect universe. It's confusing, stupid, badly written and is a surprise Halo crossover.

The Plague Doctor - A Dishonored fic with a psychotic Mary Sue main character.

Alliance - A Grandia fic with a double dosage of author self-inserts as dick-headed voyeuristic gods.

Steven Universe:
Steven Universe: Gem In The Sand - A Steven Universe harem fanfic written by an author with a deteriorating view of what is canon and logic is. Connie-hate and bad sex scenes galore.
A not so good steven Universe - a Steven Universe fanfic made from combining the worst of all illiterate traits found in fanfic authors.

Crossovers (legit ones):
Journey to Pandora - Harry Potter goes to Pandora. This was written by an author lacking actual knowledge of Harry Potter
Landing on The Edge - Harry Potter/ Legacy of Kain: Defiance crossover. Harry jumps to Nosgoth and acts stupid beyond belief.
The Black Mage - A HP/FFX crossover, where Harry is stupidly abandoned by the Potters and adopted by Lulu.
Overlord Harry - Everything is turned into matchstick thin torpedo-chested bimbos. Pedophilia, brainwashing, slavery and idiocy abound.
Harry Potter the Ghost Rider - A plot that rapidly descends as everyone is fine with Harry selling his soul. It somehow incorporates Sonic and the Black Knight.
Two Kryptonian Wives - Harry goes to Las Vegas and marries Power Girl and her clone, making his not-dead dead godfather sad.
Overlord Danny - A one-chapter mock of a multi-chapter story intended as a refresher from Overlord Harry. It was worse, despite being a ripoff of the other.
Rapture's Crazy Princess and Her Daddy - Batman/Bioshock, an insane Eleanor is set to gain a heroine/villainess harem. Now with Justice League and Young Justice.
Fourth year Minister of Magic - Harry Potter replaces Fudge as minister, and suddenly have too many family members, and multiple mothers.
Forth Year Minister - Another author's inspired take on the concepts of 'Fourth year Minister of Magic'.
Gravity Souls: Darkness Falls - A Gravity Falls crossover with elements from the Souls games. An authors first attempt to be edgy.
Harry the Qwaser - Harry Potter harem story involving magical element-controlling lactation.
Mass Effect: Man of Steel - The last Kryptonian, Clark Shepard, idiotically roams the galaxy.

Chapter 33: Why Pokephilia is NOT bad - My mock contribution of the final chapter of Gabi's mock of Pokemon Breeders Guide to the Strange and Unusual.

Mock projects in progress:
A Rose By Any Other Name - Bruce Wayne fucks a lot. Batman rarely appears. Now with kidnapped love child.
Jet's Universe - A Steven Universe fanfic with a self-insert prowling the plot of every episode the author have watched.

Random stuff I've said. I'm putting these here so I don't forget what I've stated in the past:
Analysis of Don't Like Don't Read - A topic started by CobaltKori, which I supplied with my own take on dl;dr.
...More to be filled in at some point...

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