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> Beast Boy in Equestria, The perfect storm of head-slammingly bad ideas
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I have risen...

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post Feb 15 2017, 10:43 AM
QUOTE (Dashguy @ Feb 15 2017, 04:34 AM) *
It's small parts like this one that make you realize the Titans are genuinely good people. I mean, these computer douchebags insult them, treat their painful past like a joke and offer them no solution at all for their problem. Any other person would tell them to go drown in scat porn. Not only that, it's obvious they want BB back because he's a friend and not just because the team would be incomplete. Let's be honest here, a guy who can turn into animals is not really that impressive. Not when you have over a dozen of "honorary titans" who would surely love to join the team and have more practical skills/powers.

How about that pink-haired girl who could turn into crystal? She was cute.

Or maybe Jinx? She was also pretty cute.

Still, I don't think Mykan will ever figure out why he keeps shooting himself in the foot trying to portray the Titans as in the wrong.


The mistakes I see in this this work are to be pointed out so they may not be repeated.
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I have risen...

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post Feb 16 2017, 12:14 AM
Well, Mykan opened his mouth again and I am blown off my ass to see that it's not only short, but based on a mundane quote of mine here. Nothing about all the hatred and colorful insults I've thrown at this fic or EVEN the claims of the various couples I've shown here being superior to Beast Boy and Terra (with images to boot). Instead, it's him talking about what I said about Starlight Glimmer, in which she is pathetic for accepting Twilight's redemption.

Look, I think too her redemption was clumsily handled and it could have used more of the others being incredulous as to how petty her motivations were, but it's still goes to show what Mykan wants the world to be to better fit his narrow mind. Seriously, you could through a pin through there and it STILL get stuck.

Oh, and he responded to that whole "shooting himself in the foot thing" by weakly reasoning that he simply hates the Tians. He didn't explain why he made tjem sympathetic and better than the main character. He simply said he wanted them to suffer. I've said it before and I'll say it again. There is such thing as not helping your case.

Anyway, more mocking. Away we go....

Pink= Myself

White= What even MONKEYS wouldn't make when given typewriters

Chapter 16: Busted!

I refrain from making a Phineas and Ferb joke. That is all.

The titans all decided to head out for pizza to celebrate Beast Boy had returned.

When the waitress came by to take their order Beast boy ordered, “The mega meaty mountain-load, if you please.”

Also known as "Cholesterol Cannon", if that's the case.

The Titans all gawked at him. “Beast Boy, that pizza’s loaded with meat.” said Robin.

“Yes, I know that.”

“But you’re a vegetarian.”

Changeling realized he was slipping already. There were still a few things about Beast Boy he didn’t know, but he covered up for it quickly…

“…Eh, out with the old, in with the new. I mean Things do Change after all.”

Ooooh! I see what you did there!

Somebody please whack me with a frozen steak so I can forget this.

The Titans gawks grew wider, but then Cyborg felt cool with it. “Well, at least you’re tryin’ something new. Good call, man.” He gave him a small shoulder bop, which almost rather aggravated him…

…but Changeling took it with humour, not wanting to slip his cover.

Brace yourself, Changeling. The "emo-ness" is starting to seep in!

When the pizza came, he practically gorged at it. He hardly left a single bit of meat behind. “Delightful.” he said.

“Oh, Beast Boy; you do not know how delighted we are that you have decided to return to us.” said Starfire “There is so much of the catching up we must do.”

“And speaking of which…” Robin cut in “…Beast Boy, we know about you and Terra now--about what happened and all that.”

Everyone fell silent, even Changeling as he kept up with his act, and before the other Titans could say a thing, “Let her go.” Changeling simply said which surprised the others yet again. “If she wants to live a normal life, that’s fine. There’s nothing I can do to convince her anyway.”

Do I really have to go on as to how much Changeling is basically just a figure-head on how much Mykan hates the canon version of Beast Boy? Yeah, how DARE he accepts her decision and is perfectly willing to accept her happiness! How very DARE he!

“Okay, who are you and what have you done with Beast Boy?” Raven asked in a rhetorical term.

Changeling snickered in his mind, but still didn’t blow his cover by saying, “It’ll be alright… I’m sure I can get over it, with all of you helping me now.” And he silently thought as he gazed at Raven, “Especially seeing as that girl means nothing to me. It’s YOU that I want, pretty Raven.”

In terms of pet names, that was weak. If only Lizardman were here. He'd come up with a good one.

None of the Titans or Changeling knew that Terra had been combing the city all evening.

And gathering quite the load of witnesses who knew what went down during her and Slade's little rampage. All for Beast Emo, I guess.

She was now sitting atop a tall building to give her powers a much needed rest. So far, there hadn’t been many more robberies-- mainly due to the fact that all the banks and stores and other places had already suffered, leaving them virtually emptied out. The banks were even facing bankruptcy and foreclosure due to the officials not sending for more shipments; worried that even they would be robbed by the elusive thief.

Not helped was the president constantly tweeting that immigrants were the cause.

At the rate things were going, all of Jump City was facing serious foreclosure, almost to the point where people were willing to just abandon their properties and find work and homes in other towns… though it would be easier had they the assets for it.

Well, off to Metropolis! The hero there is much more engaging and lovable than the green hunk of ass remnants we have to deal with here!

“I’ve got to find Beast Boy.” Terra said to herself, “Where could he be?”

Suddenly, she could see the Pizza-Place a few blocks away, and she was most certain that she could see the Titans eating on the upper patio… WITH Beast Boy?!

It was almost as if he...moved on or something! What sorcery is this?!

She pulled out a miniature telescope from one of the pouches on her belt and looked through it. She could see it plainly; Beast Boy was with the Titans, and all they all seemed to be having a good time as if nothing was wrong anymore.

Wait, she has a mini-telescope? Yeah, I probably haven't watched the show in a while. Also, I'm surprised this pizza place isn't going down with all the financial strife going about.

She hadn’t seen him smile in such a long time. Usually he was all grumpy, or down in the dumps over all the changes in the city, yet that look on his face was undeniable. Also, it deeply concerned her. The Titans didn’t seem have the faintest idea that he was the thief who had been robbing the city.

She really wanted to go down there and warn the Titans, but still didn’t feel if whether or not she could face them just yet, not to mention Beast Boy, what would the Titans actually think when they found out…!

Hey, writing tip #Whatever the frag. Never use ellipsis before an exclamation point. It's a good example of a delayed reaction.

“What am I thinking, of course I know how they’ll react.” She could just picture it; the Titans being more shocked than ever before, and with no definite excuse they would most likely turn on him like a pack of wolves… and worse, they probably still weren’t aware that Beast Boy was, somehow, capable of magic!

She didn’t want to begin to think how rough it could be if the Titans tried to fight him like they did the other night when he robbed the bank.

Because, as Mykan will constantly preach, nobody can beat the green elf! Though, since he's acting like his canon self, they actually might be in a bit of trouble.

Suddenly, she noticed the team leaving, having already paid their bill, obviously heading back for the tower in the T-Car.

Is that what they called it? If that's the case, then, I guess, that's one detail of the show I slap my forehead at. Really? The T-Car? What about the Titan Rover or the T-Bone?

Wait, that's actually worse.

She began to devise a plan, and silently followed the T-Car, but kept well out of sight so as not to be seen.

Easy to do, considering that body type of yours, you're lighter than air.

It was nearly dark by the time the Titans got home.

Changeling was escorted to Beast Boy’s room upon arriving back at the tower. He was rather appalled and disturbed by how messy it was.

"By King Destroyah's balls, there's white stuff and Linkin Park posters EVERYWHERE! Seriously! I really don't want to know what the white stuff is!"

“We had kept it exactly as it was when you had left.” said Starfire.

“Yes… I see…” he muttered softly, trying to hide his disgust.

If only he knew what went down to warrant such neglect.

“Oh, and before I forget…” said Robin and he explained to him about the thief they were trying to capture, “We’re going to make up a plan to find him and get him, but we’ll need your help. So just… stay on standby.”

“Sure, I’ll do that.” Changeling said, but then he thought to himself, “These fools don’t suspect a thing.”

The Titans bid him goodnight and all went off.

Changeling decided that he couldn’t stay here while the room was such a mess and smelled so stale. He reached in under his turtleneck and pulled out his amulet to magically clean the place up in an instant.

So, I guess the amulet was also blessed by Mr. Clean. Go figure.

There was a knock at the door, and he quickly stashed the amulet away.

“Beast Boy…” Raven called.

Hearing her voice made him shiver with slight delight, though he was rather annoyed from being nearly caught. “Yes…” he called back without opening the door.

“Look… um… I’m just really your back okay and I… well… I’m sorry for how I acted before… when I tried to move in on you…”

Hearing that, Changeling’s insides were leaping with giddiness, but he still played it cool. “Thank you, Raven. Believe I understand.”

Sweet mercy, are you even trying to make the Titans look like assholes, Mykan? Raven is straight up apologizing for taking things too quickly! She's a keeper. And you keep preaching that Terra is the only one for Beast Boy.

It's not gonna happen. End of story.

Outside his door, she was smiling lovingly, but of course, remembering what she had learned from the computer visions, she didn’t think it really right to even try to move in on him, especially remembering what he said to her that night… not being his type.

Which, as anyone on Deviantart, this site, and beyond can tell you, is complete bullslag.

Then she walked down the hall, off to her own room.

While Changeling, now finally unobserved, used his magic to clean and re-freshen the entire room. “Ah, that’s more like It.” he said to himself, “I don’t how these humans can live in such conditions.” None of this seemed to matter to him too much now, especially since he knew Raven had feelings for Beast Boy. “This will make it all the more easier for me.” he said under his breath, and he began to fantasize of himself and Raven in a romantic scene…

"Let's see...me on top...Raven making out with Starfire...yeah...Beast Emo is SO missing out..."

…Or rather his own lustful, greedy scene.

Hey, hormones are hormones.

There he was, sitting on a mountain stolen treasure, wearing expensive gold and silver robes, and Raven, dressed in dark blue harem costume, massaging his bare-feet.

Everything Mykan wishes he could be. Or would, if he didn't have the impression all women are harlots and anything to aspire to other than being a basement boy is inferior. Then again, becoming a harem lord IS pretty lofty and stupid. There's a reason we created the acronym STD.

“It sure feels wonderful being the richest, most powerful being in all dimensions.” he would say.

"Course, I'd normally get my ass handed to me by Trigon, the Green Lantern Corp, the Kryptonians, the Monitors, Darksied, and whatever else, but this author's mind is so narrow, that this is child's play!"

Raven would gaze at him and say, “Oh, darling. Is there anything I can get for you?”

“Yes… you can come a little closer.”

She would act flattered, and softly move closer and closer towards him and whisper seductively into his ear “You… complete me!”

"You actually have character! That's more than I can really say for myself."

They shared a deep, romantic embrace as the fantasy faded.

Changeling had a dopey look on his face, dazed with the very delight that all that would happen.

So...he basically wants to be rich with Raven at his side? Honestly, for all Mykan's talk of him wanting his villains to be more ruthless and vile, that's pretty tame.

This suddenly reminded him that he should slip out and check on his treasure to make sure it was safe, but he decided to wait until it was very, very late when all the titans would be asleep.

That night, at about half past One, he decided to head out, but he slunk about to make sure none of the Titans were awake, and sure enough, the Tower was so quiet would you hear a fly cough.

Once again, the weak-ass analogies have returned! Should I make a scavenger hunt for familiar ones? Like "fights-behind-the-sofa things"?

The last place he checked was the lounge, and certainly no one was there. He was just about ready to reach for his amulet and teleport away, when a shadow loomed over him-- something was blocking the moonlight through the window.

He turned round and saw Terra standing outside the window on a floating rock.

Which turned out to be weathered as hell and promptly crumbled. Ouch.

“That girl again…!” he grumbled softly. He also noted how she was dressed and floating on a rock. “It looks like she’s turned an old leaf, but what brings her here?” he wondered.

"And she STILL hasn't ate anything since we last met? What's up with that?!"

She motioned for him to come outside and onto the roof. Changeling was very annoyed, but he complied and he raced to the roof where he found here there waiting for him. “What do you want, now?” he asked rather sternly.

“We need to talk.” replied Terra “Beast Boy, this may sound crazy… but I know…” she paused “I know what you’ve been through.”

“Oh, you do…?”

She nodded softly, “Look, I’ve done a lot of thinking, and I’ve come to realize… I just can’t do this anymore. Not to me, not to you, not everyone.”

She's been Mykanized, Changeling. One word...RUN. Run before she has you give her two demon-spawn children to pump out! No seriously, that happened.

There was a small moment of silence.

“Beast Boy, I know why I did was really dumb, but… I… I want to help make things right, and I want to help you.”

He seemed rather uninterested and just kept gazing at her with folded arms and a cold stare.

“Beast Boy, I’m going to level with you.” she paused, and she actually looked around despite there was no one around to hear. “…I know you’re the thief whose been robbing the town.”

You can just tell she's repressing the urge to send mountains of rubble onto his ass for everything that's happened. Save your strength, girl. This ain't the bitch you're looking for.

He gasped softly, and his eyes widened. Now he felt concerned, and he would have tried to deny it but she told him “I saw you. I know what you’ve been doing.”

He was starting to quiver nervously but furiously, which more than confirmed Terra’s suspicion. “Beast boy, please… I just want to help. I know you’re upset, but we can make things better.”

She began to move towards him softly and gently, but he backed away, snarling softly like a creature ready to pounce.

Turns out, Changeling is part cat. Now that I think of it, I could use the comfort again.

“Beast Boy, please…” Terra begged, but then she noticed a soft glow emitting from under his uniform collar, and his eyes began to glow as well. That’s when she began to feel woozy… and she collapsed.

Turns out, she went a bit crazy and hit the bar. Harmful to minors, indeed.

Changeling loomed over her out cold body. “I cannot have any witnesses.” He grumbled as he grabbed her by the legs and dragged her off.

He then settled for just carrying her with a pinkie. It was that easy.

See you soon.


The mistakes I see in this this work are to be pointed out so they may not be repeated.
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Well, in a turn of events that surprises nobody here, Mykan has been responding quite frequently as this mock draws to a close. Fair enough. Here are the two points he has made.

-That little thing about Raven being a keeper and being, of course, superior to the madness shown on display. He defends it by claiming this is an alternate universe and that Raven is creepy. Maybe he just isn't into goths and more into blondes, I guess. And I say Mykan, because Beast Boy has pretty much become everything he wishes to be. I'll say one thing.

-Next is about my claim that Changeling isn't really all that special in the villain department. Turns out, his wimpiness is intentional due to the fact he's an Equestrian not being watched over by Starfleet. Because of course! All the MLP villains suck! All they did was bring eternal night across the world (Nightmare Moon), rip the fabric of space time (Discord), institute slavery and hardships over an entire empire (Sombra, who's almost a favorite of Mykan's even), and looking/sounding utterly badass (Tirek). Also, if this was about "meeting my expectations", then I'd be the only one who'd see the flaws here.

In summary, Mykan's just as conceited and short-sighted as ever. Go figure. Onto the mock.

Pink= Myself

White= The Nothing given written form

Chapter 17: Decisions and Deadliness

Well, I've already decided this fic is deadly to the eyes.

Earlier in Equestria…

Beast Boy went straight back to Fluttershy’s after dark, after spending a while recovering from finally letting out his life story.

They had a nice dinner, and just before they went to bed. “Are you going to be okay, Beast Boy?” Fluttershy asked.

“Yeah, I’ll be okay.” he answered “To be honest; it felt sort of great getting all that off my chest today.”

Let me guess. You consider the Titans SO sub-human that you don't consider that half the slag going on here could have been avoided if you did the same thing beforehand?

“Okay…” she walked up the small flight of stairs to her bedroom, stopping halfway up “Um… Beast Boy…?”


She was trembling, and blushing “Um… well… I…” she stammered, and then she finally managed to say “I know it’s hard for you, but… believe me when I say… you can trust me.”

All this talk of bringing a bad boy home and I'm left wishing we could bring back capital D-I-S-C-O-R-D. Much needed levity could be used now.

Her voice sounded so sweet, so innocent, and honest… just like many others who promised him that and all ended up turning on him. Yet, he at least found courage to say “I’ll try… I really will.”

No. It's not a matter of trust to you, as this fanfic has demonstrated. It's a matter of who's the biggest brown-nosing toady.

She felt less nervous now and continued all the way to her room, but Angel was no impressed, and gave her a straight look while tapping his foot as if he was trying to ask “…Is that all you had to say?”

Angel, don't make me introduce you to the many fics that call for your head. Putting these two together is like putting grandiose art against a hippo's ass.

She blushed again, and rubbed her hoof through her mane. “I can’t tell him, Angel.” She whispered softly not wanting to be overheard “I’m not even really sure if I really like him that way, or if he really likes me that way. He’s only been here for half a week.”

She brings up a VERY good point. Is there anything left to say?

Angel rolled his eyes, as if to say “You’re hopeless.” but he just walked off to his bed basket.

Mykan's World! Where romance that isn't instant is condemned!

Then again, Angel is kind of a dick, so there's that.

Fluttershy hung her head in shame and embarrassment, and she wondered what Beast Boy was thinking.

As he lay on the couch, he was continuing to contemplate over things. He still wasn’t exactly too keen on going back to his own world, and after being in Equestria for almost a week, he did find it all so fascinating… despite he had a really rotten beginning when he confused for Changeling and nearly sentenced away.

Because any slight deserves to become a grudge. Then again, at least he hasn't dwelt on that too much recently.

Then again it wasn’t really so bad here. Everyone was trying to be nice, and he was starting to fit in well, despite there being no video games, arcades, but there were skate parks, theaters, and even burgers and pizza.

I take it Mykan isn't a fan of infrastructure and economics. I mean, I certainly wasn't a fan of my high school economics class (the teaching was a slag-show), but still.

“What’s happening to me?” he thought “It’s like I’m actually changing, or willing to accept new things. Almost like I could stay here… like, permanent?”

I'm surprised that, at the very notion of his Beast Boy accepting change, Mykan didn't flip out and karate chop his computer in half. I doubt he'd have the strength to do that.

He thought it a really crazy idea, but then again it did look to have promises, and he was still convinced going back wouldn’t be a smart move and that no one would actually miss him.

There was a lot he could learn and discover about Equestria and the creatures in it. Twilight could probably even hep him learn to control his unicorn magic, and Fluttershy…

…She was still the kindest, sweetest creature he had ever known. Thinking that made him fantasize about her again, and what his life would be like if they really stayed…

Most sweetest creature you met? What of Starfire? Oh, wait. She's one of those MEAN and NASTY Titans! How DARE they actually care about his well-being! How very dare they!

He thought it all with a song

Oh, look! We've plunged into Mykan ruining Sesame Street songs! This one's "My Outer Space Friend". In context, it seems to make sense, but remember. This is about a human-turned-pony mulling over his desire to screw a miniature horse.

I lived a hard life, and I and began to see

That life’s not worth living, at least not for me

Wake me up! Wake me up inside!

This author's opinion...no wonder many reading it deride!

But suddenly now, I may have one more chance,

to fix up my life, and try a romance.

This mocker is fuming, as everyone sees.

Usually, he's really up for love that's interspecies.

My dear Fluttershy, I can’t help think this way,

But you’ve helped me feel better more and more each day

Judging that the author ignored such kindess from the very start,

Proves once more that he's clawed out his own damn heart.

It’s clear that our feelings are starting to grow

It could be a sign that both of us know

Romance, in this universe, is just so rushed.

Is this because the author's prom days made him feel so crushed?

He imagined they actually went on dates-- dinner, dancing, and of course simple things like theme parks, the movies or just staying in and watching the stars in the sky-- and naturally they would gaze into each other’s eyes, and they would share a kiss…!

So...basically one date and you're soulmates? You really ARE projecting your days with Terra on her, aren't you? Unintentional, though it may be.

In a white flash, he then pictured them both of them, just married, under a shower of rice and flower petals, and all the others wishing them the best of luck, and then flash forwarded to a family life of they and their little foals.

Their little baby mutants...and the inevitable result.

Seriously, I'd consider her starting a family with a damn ferocious dragon to be more heartwarming than laying with an overemotional teenager.

I can picture a marriage, for me and for you

I picture a family with our kids too

My knowledge on genetics isn't too keen.

They'll probably grow eyes in places they've never seen!

We’d all be happy; we’d all be so tight

For the first time in my life, things would be right.

Of course, the Titans would have also helped create that scenario.

But alas, in Mykan-land, all intelligence and consideration must go!

Who knows, who can tell; it all might just be

A new hope, a new life, for you and for… Me.

Me. That's what it's all about here.

Because of that, our union wouldn't even last a year.

He suddenly snapped out of his fantasy and scolded himself for even thinking like that. “What am I thinking? It’ll just blow up in my face again… it always does.”

Unable to figure out what really to do decide, he exhausted himself, and he drifted off to sleep.

Oh, Beast Boy! You hopeless green whiny little elf. How will he get out of this one?

Terra began to awaken. She still felt a little woozy. She thought she was seeing bright lights at the end of a long dark tunnel, but it was actually the glistening and shimmering of mountains of gold, jewels and other fancy treasures along the walls of a cave with torches and candles lit all around.

Turns out, Smaug's lair was put to some kind of use.

“Where am I?” she groaned. That’s when she noticed that she was bound up tightly by glowing golden chains. She struggled and pulled to shake them loose.

“It’s no use…” a familiar voice called to you “Those are special enchanted chains I conjured. The more you struggle, the tighter they get.”

She saw him sitting on a pile of gold bars, staring down at her, and she finally understood they were in the old beach cave, and obviously all that was surrounding them were all the goods and money he had stolen from the city.

“Beast Boy…! Why are you doing this?”

He waved his finger at her going “Uh-Uh-Uhn…! Things aren’t always as they seem.” he hissed at her.

"Turns out, I'm part Wallaby."

Hearing that made Terra remember what Jerome had told her; “Things aren’t always as they seem.”

Oh, so THAT'S what he was talking about. At least it wasn't pandering to the ship he was trying to sell to her.

She looked deeply at his eyes, and he gazed back at her. Though she had looked into his eyes many times, whether he was strangling lovingly or angrily at her, something really felt different.

Finally, it all clicked in, and her blood ran cold. “You… you’re not Beast Boy!”

He sarcastically applauded her. “Bravo! Here, you win a prize.” He mocked as he flicked a gold coin at her forehead.

Living in a world of idiots has really put a damper on this OC's mood.


“Yes, I confess. I am not Beast Boy. It is only an astonishing coincidence that I physically resemble him… with the exception that I cannot morph into animals.”

"I am a shadow...the true self."

Terra’s features hardened and she demanded answers. “Who are you? Where is Beast Boy?”

He snickered at her. “My name is Changeling. I am a master thief from the World of Equestria, and I have done many terrible things in my conquest for riches and power.”

Not even subtle, aren't you? Even Discord was more discreet back in his hayday!

He pulled out his amulet explaining how powerful it was, and through its magic he showed Terra parts of his past, as well as taking a short moment to explain about Equestria.

Terra thought it was astonishing; a whole world in another dimension inhabited by magical, talking ponies, other creatures.

There were also the griffons and the minotaurs, but Mykan considers this land STILL a kiddie-fodder area.

“I come from a long lone line of thieves.” Changeling explained. “My father, his father, and his and all their fathers before them were all thieves. All were equally as skilled, equally as ruthless as I am.

"Though, in all honesty, it started out when the first of my kin stiffed a restaurant with the bill."

Anyone who dared to stand up to us… usually ended up meeting their eternal reward!”

"Tickets to White Castle! What? They never want to leave!"

There were images shown of many brave ponies standing up to the thieves, all ended up being hurt, or slaughtered, much to Terra’s fear and disgust. “That’s just sick!” she growled.

“So, what…!” remarked Changeling “We thieves can’t show too much mercy. That leads to weakening, and that means as soon as people find out what a pansy you are, they can over power, then it’s nothing but work-work-work!”

Is it me or is he turning into Aladdin from Twisted?

He held up the amulet again, “Generations ago, this was forged by my ancestors. Enchanted with incredible power from the many victims we defeated who dared to stand up to us and failed. For generations it was passed down, but according to my father, my grandfather lost the amulet while being forced to flee from the authorities.

"They'd found his stash of CelestiaxLuna porn. And that's how that trend started. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to rub my tongue with soap."

With the amulet lost, my family was forced to excel in extreme caution when going about business. Sadly, my grandfather was captured, and locked up until he perished, and my father lost his life during a dangerous heist. He was cornered by the authorities, and would rather have taken his own life than rot in jail.

Fortunately, at my age, I was already skilled enough, having learned everything my family taught me, to fend for myself; scavenging for whatever scraps I could find to feed myself while robbing others of their money and goods to sustain me.

"There was also that Ahuizotl guy and he was cool and all, but the constant fear of getting my eyes clawed out by his pets was starting to wear thin on me."

Then, by a stroke of fate, I found my family’s amulet, on the cart belonging to a traveling merchant, and seeing as it was rightfully my birthright to begin with… I simply took it.

With the amulet in my possession, I began to use its magic to take my thieving skills to a whole new level, stealing more and more than I ever had. I became so elusive and slick that many were determined to capture me and claim the reward on my head.

"A whole TWO DOLLARS! Watch Better Off Dead. You'll understand."

It became harder and harder to maintain my style of life, until I had heard of this world and the only entry was in Princess Twilight Sparkle’s castle. So I crept inside and snuck through the portal with her on her last trip here.

I'm not gonna lie. Equestria hasn't been really keen on security.

I avoided capture and found my way to your city where no one would ever find or suspect me, and then I ran into your friend, and I realized he’d be the perfect decoy. So I sent him back to Equestria, where I’m certain the ponies of my world have confused him for me as we do resemble one another.

And of course, a criminal like me, the punishment is plain and clear.”

"Watching Paul Blaurt Mall Cop forever! Including the sequel!"

The images faded, and Changeling grinned wickedly at Terra, who was wide-eyed with her blood running cold, “You… You mean he’s--?!”

“At the very least, locked up for life…” said Changeling “Or worse…” and he dragged his finger across his throat “Either way, you won’t be seeing him ever again, seeing as he isn’t even in this world anymore.”

"In all honesty, why would you miss him? He's probably blaming everyone but himself by now."

Terra sat frozen with sadness and shock. “No…! Beast Boy…!” she peeped “You can’t be!”

“Aww… boo-hoo…” Changeling mocked “Well, look on the Brightside. He’ll never bother you again. Isn’t that what you wanted-- Change, a new life? Oh, but wait… what am I saying, look at you now. You’ve done a lot of thinking, haven’t you? You finally realized what’s more important to you.

Remember, girls! The MAN is the most important part of your life! No exceptions!

…Well, too little, too late.”

Terra then glared at him furiously, and she tried to use her powers to throw rocks at him… but nothing happened.

Changeling chuckled, “Sorry, my dear, but as long as you’re in those chains, I’m afraid your powers are as worthless as your begs and pleas.”

"Feel the terror...of the Deaus Ex Machina chains!"

She stopped struggling, but her outrage remained, “When the Titans find out who you really are…”

“Oh, they will eventually...!” said Changeling “Not that it makes any difference to me. Besides, you’re the only one who knows any of this at the moment, and of course I can’t have that. A blabbermouth would be far too inconvenient for my plans.”

He snapped his fingers, and they both teleported to another area inside the cave. “You see, as a thief I prefer to keep things nice and clean. Therefore, I made this little pit in case I’d ever have to deal with intruders or blabbermouths.”

"Remember! It gets the lotion on its skin! Or it gets the hose!"

Terra took that last one rather offensively, but she suddenly could hear water seeping in as well as waves from the ocean sweeping by, making her realize what was about to happen…!

“That’s right…” hissed Changeling, “At the time of night, the hide tides are coming in, and at dawn this part of the cave will flood, and I really don’t think you can swim with both your hands tied behind your back while chained to a pillar!”

"I could kill you right now and be done with it, but nope! I'm gonna give you time! Let's face it. Mykan's got a hate boner the size of Jupiter against Equestria. I can't really do much."

Terra struggled once more, but she still couldn’t break free, use her powers or pretty much anything.

Changeling laughed, “Oh, what I’d give to stay here and watch you perish, but I do have an act to keep up, and a lovely little Raven to bring into my cages.” he licked his lips lustfully, and then he vanished again leaving her all alone with nothing but a couple of lanterns and the sound of the water softly seeping in, and slowly creeping towards her from the mouth of the cave.

She tried think all she could of how to get out, but it was hard for her under this much pressure, especially from what she had heard about Beast Boy. She didn’t want to believe he was either locked up for life or on the run, but after everything else… she could believe nearly anything.

Like that Trump will finally apologize for all that he's done?

“Beast Boy!” she cried softly “You can’t be gone! I need you! I need help!”

And there's the damsel-in-distress trope in play. Isn't that just nice?

As strange and as nearly improbable as it would be to many; Beast Boy sat up on the couch as if he had actually heard her pleas. “Terra…? No, it can’t be.”

He then lay back down, but he couldn’t shake off the feeling that something was definitely up!

Then he decided he was much more comfortable with pony ass and went right back to sleep.

Look, I don't have a problem with interspecies relations (they're rather cute if the male or female is monstrous looking), but when it's Beast Emo, all bets are off.

See you soon.


The mistakes I see in this this work are to be pointed out so they may not be repeated.
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I have risen...

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post Feb 17 2017, 10:11 PM
Guess what? More Mykan replies! This time, it's about my villain examples still being weak due to, and I quote, "Where's murder? Where's the bloodshed? Where's the destruction, chaos, mass hysteria?"

Mykan, you do realize one of the villains (Discord) actively caused chaos and despair before he mellowed out? Or that another instituted years of hardship onto innocent people (Sombra), or caused mass panic and destruction (Tirek)? It's the finer details that count. Honestly, this argument is going nowhere. I'm just gonna leave this scene to prove the author otherwise.

Let's just move on, shall we?

Pink= Myself

White= Head Trauma result

Chapter 18: Desperate Mission

I'm just desperate to finish this nonsense.

Changeling made his way back to Titan’s tower, and he beamed his way in through the window. “So much for her.” He grumbled.

“So much for who?” asked Cyborg, his presence startled him. He quickly stowed away his amulet. “You startled me.”

"Just COMPLETELY ignore the artifact with me. No biggie."

Cyborg felt confused, “You know I come out here at 2 am for a late bite.”

Changeling felt a near slip coming.

“Come to think of it, what are you doin’ up so late?”



Changeling, being slick of course; he was able to lie his way out of it so easily. “I… couldn’t sleep too well. So I came out here to stretch my legs. I’m sure I can catch some Zs now. Goodnight.”

Wow. REAL slick. Can you not detect the truth in my voice?

Then he went off with Cyborg thinking he sounded a bit too slick there, but he brushed it off and continued with his snack-- a big hero sandwich, which he devoured rather quickly.

Changeling went back to Beast Boy’s room, “Oh, that was too close.” he peeped softly “I won’t be able to make my move like this. I’ll have to wait until its daylight. Then I’ll have a better chance.” he paused and looked out the window, “As for that meddler, she’ll be submerged by sunrise.”

Well, you guys seem to live in California, I think, so yeah. Pretty small time-scale.

Later, about an hour before dawn, the high tide was coming in faster than ever, and Terra was already up to her chest in water. Very soon it would go past her head and up to the top of the cave, and she couldn’t break free of the chains, no matter how hard she struggled.

Wait, it's already an hour before the sun rises? Time flies when you're reading trite, I guess.

However, she suddenly felt the pillar she was bound to beginning to shift slightly, due to the water rushing in and eroding the rock.

Must have been a weak-ass pillar. Changeling, you can steal mountains of gold, but not strong pillars?!

She pulled, and tugged simultaneously and rigorously. The rock became more and more loose with each struggle before crumpling enough for her to break loose, but she was still bound by the chains and the water was still coming in.

Okay, I'll count the Deaus Ex Machina chains as a contingency plan.

Even though she found she’d be able to swim while tied up, she couldn’t hope to swim out through the incoming current.

Suddenly, she looked up and saw sunlight from the rising sun shining through several cracks in the roof of the cave, indicating the rock was weak.

“If could just get up there…” she said to herself, but she ultimately found she could never reach that high, and she would have to wait as the water continued to come in.

I know this might be a bad time to mention this, but if you have to wait days on end and you get hungry, you are granted to kick yourself for horking up your lunches to keep your figure.

As the water rose higher, she was able to float up, up, to the roof of the cave until she was close enough for her head to reach the rocks. “Oh, boy…! This is so going to hurt!” she groaned, but she then positioned herself so she was uptight straight, and she sank to the floor, and then spring herself up like a missile, slamming head first into the rock with a CRASH!!

Where she fractured her skull and died, leaving poor Beast Emo without someone else to blame for his problems. Good night!

Her head really ached and she nearly passed out. However, that single head-butt made the rock started to crack and crumple, making a huge hole in the ceiling. She couldn’t escape, but at least she had created herself a much needed air pocket to ride out the tide.

“I’ve still got to get out of here and warn the Titans.” she cried to herself.

“Help…!! …HELP!!!” she shouted and cried, but no one was anywhere near to hear her, especially with the roaring waters rushing in.

Not to mention, the persistent use of ellipses were getting on her nerves.

While in Equestria, it was early sunrise, and Beast Boy woke up for the umpteenth time, as if he could hear Terra calling out for help.

"SEE?! THEY'RE SO FOR EACH-OTHER THAT THEY HAVE A PSYCHIC LINK!!! Maybe. That was a maybe, right?"

“Beast Boy…?” Fluttershy called as she came downstairs in her bathrobe “Are you alright? You’ve been groaning in your sleep.”

Heaven help our fragile minds if Mykan actually fantasizes about her with a bathrobe on. I mean, I'm all for anthro art, but thinking about Mykan doing that...UGH.

He looked at her with a deep concern, “Fluttershy… I think something’s really wrong. I need to talk with Twilight.”

Fluttershy was about to protest that it was much too early in the morning to for that, when suddenly and letter appeared with a soft tingling sound like a small alarm clock, obviously meant to wake them up.

Telegram from Unicron. It states 'Get this damn emotional brat out of my universe.' He's not too subtle.

Fluttershy grabbed it and read it, “It’s from Twilight…”

It read:

“Dear Fluttershy and Beast Boy…

I know it’s early, but Princess Celestia has asked us all to meet at Rainbow Castle this morning. It concerns the mission to the human world.

Please come over as soon as you get this letter.

Again, I’m really to wake you up. I wouldn’t if it weren’t so important.

: Princess Twilight Sparkle.”

The two decided to go over to the castle at once, of course after taking a quick, and rather hilarious rush about to ensure all the animals would be fed when they woke up.

(Music plays)

Oh, look. Another Sesame Street vid. This one displays a bunch of clods trying to form the word "COLD". It's rather nice, with the music and all, but in the context of what's going on, you can tell Mykan was struggling for comedic instrumental music.

They almost ended up feeding the wrong animals the wrong things-- nuts to the chickens, birdseed to the squirrels, even the bear got Angel’s carrot, which Angel promptly grabbed and replaced with a jar of honey.

"We almost starved your animals for the day. Comedy gold!"

Once that was all done, they went off to the castle.

Once there, they found all the others were there waiting for them, even the royal sisters had come.

“Good, you’re all here.” said Celestia “Now we can begin.”

The sisters announced that after much discussion and thinking it over, “It has been decided, all of you will accompany Princess Twilight sparkle on her mission, to go to the human world to find and capture Changeling, and bring him back to Equestria.”

"Of course, I have also been informed that Beast Boy is no longer allowed in the state of California due to a certain anti-bestiality law."

“ALL OF US?!!” the Mane six all cried.

“You mean we all get to go to the human world?” asked Applejack.

"And for love of my brain, TELL me we don't have to go to the rural south!"

The sisters nodded in reassurance.

Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie were giddy with excitement.

“This is AWE-SOME!” cried Rainbow.

“Ah! I’m so excited! I can’t wait! When do we go? I’m ready if you are!” spouted Pinkie.

Twilight then lifted them up with her magic, telling them to calm down and get a hold of themselves. “This isn’t some holiday getaway!” she reminded them “We’re going after a criminal mastermind.”

"And NO, we are not going to depose of Donald Trump. Yes, I'm just as displeased as you are."

“Yes…” agreed Rarity “But what I wish to know is, why are we all going?”

“We’ve never been to the Human World before. We’ve only heard stories.” added Fluttershy.

If that's the case, I'm surprised that the history of Earth didn't make you break the damned mirror. Human history is kinda scary.

Princess Luna explained, “We had attempted to contact Sunset Shimmer and inform her of the impending danger, but she does not respond, perhaps it is due to the fact that she has forgotten to take her message book with her on her school trip.”

I take it Beast Emo and Sunset would probably not get along due to the fact that at least she moved on from her past. She's also kind of cute.

Celestia nodded and added “Because of this, there is no way we can warn her or any of Twilight’s friends of impending danger, and that is why all of you must go…” she paused and cast a look at Beast Boy “And that includes YOU as well, Beast Boy.”

Look, good enough that you're booting Beast Emo out of your land, but why can't YOU two also come? I guess being the rulers of Equestria requires your attention, but maybe a few royal red shir-I mean guards could suffice if this criminal is THAT dangerous?

Beast Boy almost felt as if she was scolding him, but before he could ask why, Twilight could get the drift of what Celestia was getting on. “If Changeling really is in your home city, we’ll need you there. You know it better than any of us would.”

“Twilight Sparkle is right.” agreed Celestia. “We will need your guidance, Beast Boy. I understand how difficult it will be for you, but we are in desperate need of your help.”

I get the pragmatism behind this, but let's face it. This is just more leeway for Mykan to stroke Beast Emo's ego.

“Besides, you’re a superhero. That’s what heroes do, right?” added Spike.

Keep in mind. Spike was a 60s Robin-expy and he STILL managed to be more heroic.

The others all gazed at Beast Boy, agreeing with what Spike said, and hoping he would realize the full seriousness of it all.

Despite his obvious and overwhelming frustration, Beast Boy couldn’t ignore those cries from Terra he was certain he heard, and seeing as the others were really depending on him… as well as Fluttershy-- one look at her eyes…

“Alright… I’ll do it!”

"And yes. I'll do my best to remove the razor blades from my cereal. No promises, though."

The others smiled proudly at him, though Fluttershy more lovingly at him.

“I guess I’m still just a big softie.” Beast Boy thought to himself. He was hoping dearly that he wasn’t regretting this decision; not that he was actually given a real decision anyway!

So, yeah. Mykan's trying to turn him into some kind of anti-hero who has to be forced to the call. Feel the sensation to vomit in disgust yet after the havoc that's been going on?

“When do we leave?” asked Twilight.

“Immediately.” replied Celestia, “But before you all go, Princess Luna and I have something for you six ponies.”

The Mane six gathered around and the two sisters combined their magic to bring forth a small stylish box, which Rarity took an instant liking too, but inside the box, the ponies were mesmerized by what they saw. “The Elements of Harmony!” cried Twilight.

Do you want to know the irony of all this? Well, they just got out the Elements of Harmony just to handle AN OVERPOWERED THIEF!

“But how?” asked Applejack “I thought they had to stay with the Tree of Harmony, or bad things would happen.”

Celestia assured them all, “The Tree of Harmony has more than enough power to sustain the kingdom, and this situation calls for drastic measures.”

Did it do so when Tirek was waltzing about?! Did it do so when the Changelings were mobilizing again?! Did it even do so when Starlight Glimmer was futzing around with time?! I'm getting the impression that Mykan is essentially giving them some magical crutches! They can fight well on their own and...

You know what? We all know the reason he's reducing them down to a mini-squad. I'll be surprised if they actually contribute anything substantial.

Princess Luna added, “We believe the Elements of Harmony may be essential to helping defeat the power of the amulet Changeling wields. We aren’t fully certain, but you must take them with you.”

Hell, the main villain has to rely on a crutch and we all know that for a fact because Mykan explained to me on how much he'd wish Equestria would eat a dick without his "help".

Heeding the advice of the sisters, each pony took their respective element, which magically transformed into the five necklaces and Twilight’s old crown.

“It feels so cool to be wearing this again.” said Pinkie.

Rarity admired her reflection in her elemental jewel. “Oh, it’s been such a wong time. Hasn’t it…” she cooed as if she were addressing a baby.

Spike and Beast Boy felt a little left out, not receiving anything special. Though Beast Boy had nothing really to complain or sulk over, since he would be his old self again and regain his animal powers.

Admiringly, there is one thing Mykan DID do right in the Starfleet series. He gave Spike some sort of power that turned him into a dragon-knight hybrid. I'll say one thing. It's a step up from that slag from Keep Living for Friendship.

Soon, everyone gathered in the library where the Mirror Portal was charged up and ready to take them all to the human world. Rainbow Dash was so excited she could barely contain herself. “Come on, hurry up already!” she whined.

“Rainbow, I need to concentrate!” sneered Twilight “I have to make sure everything is just fine with the teleporter, or who knows where we may end up.”

Ah, Rainbow. Somehow less of an idiot here than in Friendship is Witchcraft.

You don't wanna know.

Fluttershy felt her legs quaking more than ever before, but Beast Boy placed his hoof on her back, comforting her, though he himself had no idea what exactly how things were about to go, he smiled lovingly at her.

Touch her again and I'll flay your hide.

The portal started to glow, “We’re ready…” said Twilight “Are you all ready?”

All her friends nodded bravely.

“Good luck to you all.” Celestia said as she bowed to her subjects, Luna bowed as well sharring her sisters blessing on everyone, and they all bowed back to the sisters before all dashing at the mirror and warping to the Human World.

Unfortunately, they'd stepped into New Jersey. Only Beast Emo refused to carry on after that dreadful experience.

“I really hope we have made the right choice, sister.” said Luna. Celestia sighed softly, “I hope so too, but just the same… there’s no telling what sort of evil magic that creature is capable of!”

Wow. So ominous. It's not like this will turn into another receptive slog of blaming and Beast-Emo cock worship.

Aw, hell. Might as well, given the track record.

See you soon.


The mistakes I see in this this work are to be pointed out so they may not be repeated.
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I will mock all the fanfics in the TRI STATE AREA!!!

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post Feb 18 2017, 09:32 AM
I wouldn't take Mykan on his opinion regarding villains serious at all.

This is the guy who thinks Rita Repulsa is better than someone as villainous as Voldemort, Palpatine or Freeza.

For Mykan the idea of a great villain is someone who laughs like a fat bastard and chews scenery more than William Shatner singing Rocket Man.

And it says something if he manage to come up with worse villains than FiM, which is not even really trying to create villains that manage to stay for longer than a season finale.
His villains are just boring one note idiots who are there to copy the modus operandi of any Power Rangers villain ever. And heck even Power Rangers at least had some variety in their villains and motivations.

Anyway, as of this fanfic... I really don't get why this shit is even part of his "Friendship is Failure" story, if at the end of it (spoiler alert) "Friendship" mor eor less saves the day. Oh sure, BB dies because the author throws in a diabolus ex machina, but that is about it. Otherwise the "magic of friendship" defeats the villain and saves the day and BB friends. And one aspect of being a hero and "friend" in my eyes is the concept of sacrifice. In the case of the story, Beastboy sacrificing himself to save the others in some way. So how exactly is this a failure of "friendship"?

I think Mykan believes that any positive virtue such as kindness, friendship and love "fails" the moment it does not immediately result in the guy getting exactly 100% of what he wants. What a spoiled, bratty attitude.

BTW, if Mykan reacts to this, don't bother bringing it up to me.

Hey Mykan, if you read this like the obsessed self loathing little inbred you are, do what I do currently: Stop the shit and just write a good story.

This post has been edited by Maniak: Feb 18 2017, 09:50 AM

It ain`t no mystery, if it`s politics or history; the thing you gotta know is, everything is showbiz

Alles was entsteht, ist wert das es zugrunde geht.
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I have risen...

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QUOTE (Maniak @ Feb 18 2017, 09:32 AM) *
I wouldn't take Mykan on his opinion regarding villains serious at all.

This is the guy who thinks Rita Repulsa is better than someone as villainous as Voldemort, Palpatine or Freeza.

For Mykan the idea of a great villain is someone who laughs like a fat bastard and chews scenery more than William Shatner singing Rocket Man.

And it says something if he manage to come up with worse villains than FiM, which is not even really trying to create villains that manage to stay for longer than a season finale.
His villains are just boring one note idiots who are there to copy the modus operandi of any Power Rangers villain ever. And heck even Power Rangers at least had some variety in their villains and motivations.

Anyway, as of this fanfic... I really don't get why this shit is even part of his "Friendship is Failure" story, if at the end of it (spoiler alert) "Friendship" mor eor less saves the day. Oh sure, BB dies because the author throws in a diabolus ex machina, but that is about it. Otherwise the "magic of friendship" defeats the villain and saves the day and BB friends. And one aspect of being a hero and "friend" in my eyes is the concept of sacrifice. In the case of the story, Beastboy sacrificing himself to save the others in some way. So how exactly is this a failure of "friendship"?

I think Mykan believes that any positive virtue such as kindness, friendship and love "fails" the moment it does not immediately result in the guy getting exactly 100% of what he wants. What a spoiled, bratty attitude.

BTW, if Mykan reacts to this, don't bother bringing it up to me.

Hey Mykan, if you read this like the obsessed self loathing little inbred you are, do what I do currently: Stop the shit and just write a good story.

First of all, to prevent further discourse, it's Frieza. Freeza just sounds undignified. Then again, that Arcosian could still give every villain Mykan makes a run for his money. And I'm the guy who prefers Cooler, for Kami's sake!

Second of all, yeah. You make a great point. In fact, I actually like a few villains from Power Rangers (Lord Zedd, almost the entire batch from Lost Galaxy, Venjix, possibly a few others) due to their menace, hamminess, or just the fact that I have a love for suit-mation.

Thirdly, geez. Way to spoil the fanfic. I don't blame you, though. There's plenty to talk about still. I'll be sure to keep this detail you brought up in mind when I finally put this fic out of its misery.

Finally, it should give you ease that I don't bring up what Mykan says to anyone personally. I just see it as him desperately trying to justify the existence of this fic. I don't respond, not that I can. And yes, I see this fic as 96% selfish. It's that bad.

Other than that, thanks for being here, Maniak. It's been an honor.


The mistakes I see in this this work are to be pointed out so they may not be repeated.
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I have risen...

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So, like clockwork, Mykan responded again, talked about how Beast Boy is destined for failure/death without Terra, yadda yadda yadda, yeah. Just more confirmation he won't ever get out of that bubble of his. One with plenty of dents.

Anyway, onto the fanfic.

Pink= Me

White= White Noise

Chapter 19: Bungling Blunders

You don't have to tell me what the blunder is here.

Author's Note:

It would be a whole lot easier if this were my Starfleet Series, at least there I gave Canterlot High and it's home city an ACTUAL LOCATION, but we don't know it's actual location in the EQG VERSE, so I had to cut corners and leave blanks

For the love of my sanity, we do NOT need any of that Starfleet mumbo jumbo bull-scrap making it's way here. This "crossover" is confusing as it is already.

The friends emerged in the front yard of Canterlot High in the human world, just outside the broken statue, but at least the gate still worked.

The school was empty as it only an hour after dawn. Nobody was around to see what was happening.

You know, I'm surprised there's nobody even trying to fix this thing. I mean, people have seen magic in this world before. I'm pretty sure a bunch of guys heading through a portal is the least weird thing they've seen.

Beast Boy felt relieved to be in his human form again, but he was still down on all fours. Spike, now a dog, told him, “I know it feels weird, just shake it off.”

"I mean, I have it worse. I could have been a Dimetrodon or even just a little kid, but nope! Implied racism against dragons it is!"

To be honest, that's one of my major complaints against Equestria Girls. Dragons=Dogs?!

After a few moments, Beast Boy found his strength again and could stand upright, though he still felt a little wobbly. “Dude, what a ride!” he exclaimed.

Just a thought, but does the portal also go through the Phantom Zone? Who's up for seeing Beast Emo get kneed in the groin by General Zod?

Then he turned round and saw all the ponies… in their human forms, and except for Twilight, all the girls admired their new shapes. “Well I’ll be a…” remarked Applejack as she admired her hands and fingers.

Pinkie Pie checked behind herself looking for her tail, but she couldn’t find it and ended up spinning round in dizzy circles.

Rarity admired her clothes as she gazed at her reflection in the polished base of the statue. “Oh, my stars!” she cried “I’ve never seen anything so exquisite.”

I'm surprised she wasn't the least bit flustered by her new...assets.

Spike admired how beautiful Rarity looked, even though he had seen her human shape before… or rather the other Rarity.

“Whoa… this is so cool!” Rainbow exclaimed a she back flipped, karate kicked, and walked on her hands.

Then there was Fluttershy, she finally came out from behind the statue, working up the nerves to be seen, and Beast Boy… he was almost completely mesmerized by how pretty she looked in human form. He held out his hand to her, “It’s okay, Fluttershy… come on.”

She gazed at him nervously, almost barely recognizing him, though he did tell her about his mutated human body. Still, she managed to work up enough courage and placed her hand in his, and they looked into each other’s eyes. “Whoa… she is so hot.” he thought silently.

His pointy ears tweeked softly, and Fluttershy giggled softly.

You gotta admit. Fluttershy looks awfully cute as a human. Or in any form, really. Even kaiju!

The others all thought it was very sweet, but Twilight reminded them all, “We’re here on a mission. We better get going.”

They all walked down the street. “So, this here’s the human world?” asked Applejack “It’s almost like Equestria, only… a little stranger.”

"And what's up with that blowhard on TV makin' promises about a wall or somethin'?"

“We can go exploring later.” said Twilight “Right now we have to find a way to get to Jump City.”

The others all agreed, and then cast their looks at Beast Boy, but he just gave them a confused blink. “You… don’t know the way?” Rainbow asked in annoyance. “I was unconscious when I was teleported to your world. I don’t know which way to go. I thought Twilight would.”

Twilight felt embarrassed, “Um, actually… all my adventures in this world happened at the school. I’ve never explored anyplace else.”

“In other words, you have no clue either.” said Rarity. Twilight shook her head sheepishly, and everyone groaned in annoyance. “What were we thinking; coming here without an actual plan?” moaned Spike.

"It's almost as if some whiny entity controlling the story made us...dumber and less sophisticated."

Beast Boy had an idea, “Can’t you use those… Elemental… Harmonize… whatever they are to show us where we are?”

“Okay, first of all: It’s “The Elements of Harmony” said Twilight “And no, they. They can only show us a map of Equestria, not this world.”

I thought that insidious table showed you the way. Hopefully, you forget that damn thing exists.

“Hey, that’s it!” cried Pinkie “We could just get a map from someone.”

“And just where are we supposed to find someone with a map at a time like this?” asked Rainbow.

Suddenly, they all could hear someone walking down the street, the mail carrier on his early morning route to pick up from sidewalk mailboxes. If anyone would know he would.

Spike later went berserk and viciously attacked him. Regretting regressing the dragons to dogs now, Hasbro?!

Dammit, I miss Ember.

“Excuse us…” Twilight asked, and the mailman almost recognized her immediately “Hey, Twilight Sparkle. What are you doing out here so early? Come to think of it, where are your glasses?”

The others were confused, but Spike and Twilight already figured the mailman was referring to Twilight’s actual human counterpart.

I think of a thousand ways this trip could end in a universe-destroying paradox.

“Ah, well… now’s as good at time as any.” the man said as he handed her a letter “It’s another request from the research center in Jump City. They must really want you to come and work with them.”

"With those idiots in Congress, we need all the help we can get."

Hearing those words, and seeing their chance, Twilight took the envelope, “Thank you.” she said. The man tipped his hat, and then he dropped off his mail and walked off on his route.

“Twilight, you shouldn’t have taken that.” said Rarity.

“Well, technically it is addressed to her.” said Spike.

We're jumping through a lot of loops to make this plot plausible, aren't we?

Even Twilight herself knew this wasn’t really right to do, but they were desperate for an address and location, and thanks to the printing on the envelope, they now knew they were in California, but still a long ways from Jump City, about eight-hundred miles North.

“Um… does anyone happen to know how we’re going to get there?” asked Fluttershy.

Everyone groaned and smacked their foreheads in dismay. Beast Boy then looked at Twilight as if to ask, but she immediately answered “No, the elements can’t transport us.”

Beast Boy sighed “I can change into birds, but even with my biggest and best flyers… there’s no way I can actually carry all of us there.”

Ever tried Ziz? The legendary bird of the Bible? This is DC. Anything could happen.

Once again, the team seemed to be stuck, until Rainbow spotted a poster on a lamppost about an “Air Show” that was taking place later that day.

“An air show!” cried Beast Boy as he looked at the poster “With planes and ships, and skydiving events.”

And idea began to brew in his head.

“What are you thinking?” asked Twilight.

“Follow me! We’re going to that air show.”

The others were very curious to what he had in mind.

Oh, look, that cliche. Where the hero doesn't reveal his plan until the moment it must be implemented. And this talk of air shows reminds me of the vastly superior MLP crossover fanfic, The Bridge. Rodan could really use an appearance here.

Meanwhile, in Jump City…

Every early morning, Starfire came up onto the roof to soak in the rays of the morning sun. She sat on a large boulder-- the one that Terra had used to scale the tower in the night-- and she drowsed happily as sun rose and the warmth of the rays hit her.

Must...get...lesbian...StarfirexRaven pics...out of head! Nah, I'll keep them. It's good enough to keep me going.

Suddenly, she realized the rock. “Strange. I remember no rock being on the roof like this.” she said to herself.

“Hey, Star…” Robin called “I thought I’d find you up here, and…” he paused “Where did that big rock come from?”

“I was just wondering the same thing.”

The Titan's tower must be REALLY stable in order to keep that thing on the roof for that long.

They both then began to wonder the same thing, “Perhaps… it was Terra?” said Starfire. “Well, I doubt it…” said Robin “I mean, from what we saw, she wasn’t keen on ever using her powers again, but… what else would explain how this rock got up here.”

How about a million other superheroes/supervillains? I know most trouble here is localized, but c'mon.

They decided they needed to look at the security footage from the tower’s cameras.

As they viewed all the footage, Cyborg and Raven came into the lounge, “Mornin’ all.” Cyborg called, but neither Robin nor Starfire even responded. They just sat where they were fixated at the monitors.

“O…kay… what’s going on?” asked Raven.

No Response!

Turns out, it was news that Scalebound had been unjustly cancelled, destroying their desires to live.

Cyborg and Raven walked over to the monitor to see what they were watching, and what they saw put them in the same fixation: Beast Boy and Terra, on the roof in the night. They also noticed the light from Beast Boy’s neck and in his eyes, and Terra suddenly collapsing. Finally, Beast Boy dragged her away, out of sight from the cameras.

“Okay, what was that?” Cyborg asked with a tone of shock in his voice.

"And why is he not trying to desperately turn her into a statue just so he can blindly worship it?"

“Beast Boy, he looked as if he were attacking Terra.” replied Starfire. “We know that, but it doesn’t make sense.” said Raven “Beast Boy can’t use magic… Unless…!”

All of them began to feel the same sickening feeling.

He's become discount David Copperfield. That's probably what they're thinking.

Before long, Robin was practically pounding on Beast Boy’s door. “Beast Boy?” he called “Beast Boy, we need to talk.”

No response!

Yeah. We get it, Mykan. Your narration isn't subtle. Move on.

“Come on, man this is serious!” Cyborg called in a deep tone. “Beast Boy, please, we must speak with you.” Starfire added, but in a sweeter and more gentle tone.

Still denying she's just as demure as Fluttershy, author?

Raven rolled her eyes, and very quickly spouted “Beast Boy, please! We want to talk to you and this is very important.”

Still no response!

They all agreed to go inside, and when they slid the door open, their mouths hung open and their eyes widened at the sight of the spotless bedroom. It looked as though an army had cleaned it up, and they always assumed, such a big mess, that’s what it would require!

And it also looked like a squadron of fumigators arrived there. Seriously, the upkeep must have been a slag-show due to Beast Emo's attitude.

Suddenly, they heard the sound of snickering behind them. They looked toward the door and saw Beast Boy standing there with a smug look on his face. “Now for surprise number two.” He snickered, and holding up a strange amulet, a bright light flashed, and all the Titans fell unconscious.

“Like moths to the flame.” Changeling hissed as he loomed over the fallen Titans. He then gazed lustfully at Raven and scooped her up in his arms, and he actually took in a huge whiff of her neck, “Mmm…!” he sighed “Soon, you’ll be all mine.”

"Also, DAMN! What kind of lotion does this girl use?! No wonder she's popular on the net."

He gazed down at the others, already knowing exactly what to do with them.

"Orgy time..."

Well, we're almost done. Might as well keep on going.

See you soon.


The mistakes I see in this this work are to be pointed out so they may not be repeated.
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I will mock all the fanfics in the TRI STATE AREA!!!

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post Feb 18 2017, 10:07 PM
Two things that make this chapter and how they re going to get to Jump City ridiculous:

1. Using a mobile app on a phone would be more sufficient to find where the heck Jump City is. It is not that hard to get eas internet access nowadays.

2. Jump City is 800 miles away from them? and Canterlot City is also meant to be in California for this fics sake?

Little problem here: California is only 770 miles in length.


Not to forget the thing with the russian airtransporter at an american airshow next chapter.

btw, Mykan, I don't think it is a smart idea to tell tarastrong how you stood up against a cberbully, and then use the slur "retard" in your description. It sounds kind of hypocritical to people with mental disfunctions.

It ain`t no mystery, if it`s politics or history; the thing you gotta know is, everything is showbiz

Alles was entsteht, ist wert das es zugrunde geht.
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I have risen...

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post Feb 18 2017, 10:25 PM
QUOTE (Maniak @ Feb 18 2017, 10:07 PM) *
Two things that make this chapter and how they re going to get to Jump City ridiculous:

1. Using a mobile app on a phone would be more sufficient to find where the heck Jump City is. It is not that hard to get eas internet access nowadays.

2. Jump City is 800 miles away from them? and Canterlot City is also meant to be in California for this fics sake?

Little problem here: California is only 770 miles in length.


Not to forget the thing with the russian airtransporter at an american airshow next chapter.

btw, Mykan, I don't think it is a smart idea to tell tarastrong how you stood up against a cberbully, and then use the slur "retard" in your description. It sounds kind of hypocritical to people with mental disfunctions.

You make very good points. Also, it's actually pretty good Canterlot is in California. At least that state is fighting for its sanctuary cities. Still, you are right. California is only 770 miles in length. Also, please be easy on the spoilers, Maniak. I'll still bring up that detail, though.

Wait, hold a minute! He used THAT slur?! His ignorance knows no bounds! Even I wouldn't use it in that context! If I have before, I apologize profusely.


The mistakes I see in this this work are to be pointed out so they may not be repeated.
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I have risen...

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post Feb 19 2017, 01:31 PM
Alright. Usual Mykan reply. More talk about how MLP villains are bad and Discord is dumb (despite offsetting his lack of destruction by being funny and endearing), ponies can't do slag without trinkets (despite episodes like "A Canterlot Wedding" and the comics proving otherwise), Starfire is a bitch for not kissing Beast Boy's feet, Beast Boy doesn't do legendary creatures (which is fine except that was a joke and he actually cited from Teen Titans Go of all things), he'll never get out of his bubble, comparing me to Trump and that he's president just to punish us all-

*Glass Breaks*

...Okay. I'm going to keep this LOUD....SLOW...and CLEAR. I'm going to shorten this just so this doesn't become another political thread and I don't want to hate on anyone for just being a Trump supporter. But please...continue to compare me and the guys here to a man who just wanted to be famous by giving political mudslinging a whole new level, proposed a wall that would destroy us morally and economically, ignores the environmental strife in the face of facts, wants torture to be back in the military's list of tactics, and started half-assed ban on Muslims that tore apart families and caused mass hysteria.

Think I don't have empathy?! You think I'm some kind of heartless politician?! You think this man's the answer to the end of this site?! Well, I hope you're happy living in your black and white world! Because slag's about to go down! It's even sadder when you consider I never compared YOU to Trump, jackass!

Well, that was something. Back to the fanfic. Last thing we need is a discourse. Even then, the worse thing this guy can do is either compare us to Hitler or insult our families.

Pink= Me

White= A train wreck I can't look away from

Chapter 20: Come Fly with Me

Surprisingly, there's not a single song in this chapter. Sorry, but that chapter title sounded a bit sappy.

Beast Boy and the Equestrians crept their way through town and made it to the Air-Show which took place in a large air-field, hiding behind some shrubs which they could pick up and move.

Huh. I just got imagery of Beast Boy holding a bush to hide himself. Classic.

The waited until no one was watching, and slunk about. Pinkie Pie accidently bumped into Applejack. “Watch where you’re goin’?” she grumbled softly.


“Keep it down!” Twilight called quietly.

Once they were safely inside, they all discarded the bush disguises and still crept around. Everything was all getting setup. Planes, Jets and choppers were all being fueled up and fitted with smoke-blowers to make pictures in the skies. Air Balloons were being filled and tied off.

Their plan was to hijack a fast plane that could take them all to jump city, and they had their eyes set on the perfect one; an Ilyushin Il-76. It was big enough to carry all of them and with a fast speed of 900 kph, it would get them all to Jump city the fastest.

Okay, Maniak brought this detail up, so I might as well get it out of the way. While the plane does looks awesome in real life, keep in mind. It's a Russian air-transporter. Do you honestly need something like THAT for just a few hundred miles?! What ever happened to the simplicity of a bi-plane or something?!

“I really do not take kindly to the thought of stealing an aircraft like this.” complained Rarity.

Beast Boy sighed and said, “If you have any other suggestions to get us to J.C fast enough, I’m all ears.”

I'm going to just refer to the fact that California is smaller than you think, guy.

All the Equestrians couldn’t disagree, but Rainbow did point out “Look at all the guards and Airforce guys around. How are we going to get through this?”

Beast Boy had no clue, until he noticed the sing next to the Il-76 which read: “Preserved for Skydivers.” Then he noticed the shed they were leaving against was the “Skydivers Change Room.”

“Maybe I do have some good luck after all.” he said to himself.

If you did, you'd be as awesome as Joseph Joestar. Which you are not.

Sorry, but I need a shaft of light (or Hamon, in that case) to get me through this.

He changed into a spider and crawled up the tall wall, through an open-window. No one else was inside.

He unlocked the door from inside and ushered everyone to come on and quickly get suited up in jump-outfits and take parachute packs with them, which they did and then silently snuck back out again.

Credit where credit is due, at least he isn't using that 'Secret Agent Man' theme. It got old.

The Il-76 was all fueled up as they could all see the technicians leaving the plane, right near one of the runways, but there were still two air-force guards at the ramp of the plane keeping a tight watch over it.

“Great! Now what?” groaned Rainbow “There’s no way we can get past those guys.”

Even Beast Boy didn’t have an idea out of this one, but Spike had a thought. “Twilight put me down.”

Great. The one time an Equestrian has a plan and it has to be a guy. I like Spike and all, but geez. More parallels with Keep Living for Friendship?!


“I’ll make them chase me.”

“What?!” snapped Twilight “Spike, that’s crazy! What if you get caught?”

“Darling, I agree with Twilight.” agreed Rarity, and she began patting his furry head, “Oh, if any of those bad me harmed one cute wittle hair on your wittle head.”

I'll say this. If they did, Rarity would probably have their spines snapped. She's tougher than she looks, Mykan. And that's why me and Dashguy find her in our good graces.

As much as Spike liked Rarity's affection or concern for him, and Twilight’s concern, he knew what he had to do, and actually slipped through Twilight’s arms. “Spike!” cried Twilight, but Spike had already dashed down the corner barking furiously at the guards.

“Hey! It’s loose dog!”

“Where’d he come from?”

"And are those scales?!"

The guards began to chase Spike calling to him to come, but Spike continued to lead the men, chasing him round and round the plane.

“Wow, look at him go!” cried Pinkie Pie.

“At’a boy, Spike.” added Applejack.

Suddenly, Spike was cornered with both men facing him either way… exactly what he wanted. He waited for the men to charge for him, and then he zipped off at the last moment causing the men to bump head-first in one another, and out cold.

Yeah. Real hilarious.

“He did it!” cried Fluttershy. Even Twilight was proud, and worried for him all at the same time.

Keep this "motherly Twilight" moment in mind for when Mykan decided to off her out of spite in Starfleet Magic.

“Let’s move!” Beast Boy said, and he and the girls made their way to the no unguarded plane and made it safely onboard. Beast Boy even dragged the two men onboard with him.

“Are you crazy?!” snapped Applejack.

“Trust me; they’re better off with us.” He said, and then he told the girls to guard them while he made his way to cockpit and began to fire up the engines, using his knowledge from flying in the T-ship.

I'm no expert on the T-Ship, but I'm pretty sure this kid's gonna need some more lessons in aviation before he sets this bad girl into the air.

“Come on, hurry up!” cried Pinkie.

“I need to wait for the engines to warm up!”

This worried him as it was going to be very noisy, and maybe alert the authorities. “I got this…” said Twilight, and she concentrated hard, and her ground began to glow, and cast a pink light on the entire plane. All at once, there wasn’t a single sound. No engines roaring, no vibrations. Nothing!

“It’s a spell of silence, but it won’t last very long.”

So, wait. Twilight can still cast magic in this form?! Is this this the element's doing (reinforcing the fact Mykan wants to feel superior over them by giving them crutch mcguffins) or is it just her? If that's the case, why couldn't Dash use her speed to knock out the guards?

Beast Boy thought that was amazing, and soon he had all the systems working. “Okay, strap down! We’re moving out!”

Everyone quickly strapped down into their seats. Fluttershy whimpered fearfully. All of the ponies were actually fearful, having never ridden in a plane before as there weren’t any in Equestria.

What about chariots? And how come Dash is quaking? She's miles above the ground 24/7!

Despite that the plane was making no sound, as it began to move onto the runway, half the gaurds and staff at the airfield noticed and sounded the alarms.

“The Il-76…!”

“It’s moving!”

“Alert the ground control!”

Anyone who makes a 9/11 joke will be blocked off this thread. Just saying.

Ground controls set themselves up at the end of the runaway, and the control-tower called to Beast Boy on the radio, ordering him to cease and stop the aircraft. Of course Beast Boy ignored them and continued onward, making the plane pick up speed. “Here we go!!” he called to the passengers.

"I've sabotaged an air show! Truly, I am greater than Superman!"

All the others held on tightly. Rarity breathed nervously into a paper bag, and Spike curled deeply into Twilight’s arms as the plane rose off the ground. That’s when Twilight’s spell wore off and the noise suddenly exploded out.

After climbing several thousand feet, Beast Boy leveled off the plane, and they were on their way. “Yeah…! Alright…!” he cheered “Look out, J.C here we come!”

“Uh… Beast Boy…!” Twilight hollered from in back “Glad you got us up, but you have to fly the other way.”

This is a nice change of pace. The Equestrians actually doing things and having to keep this lunatic on track.

Beast Boy checked the compass and could tell she was right. They were heading north, and Jump City was to the south. “Hang on!” he called back, and gave the wheel a huge turn, nearly flipping everyone over as he steered the plane in the right direction.

“Hey!” Rainbow yelled “Careful, Beast Boy!”

“Sorry, I’m not used to flying planes like this.”

Well, that just confirmed that aviation statement I made. Can't fault the author for honesty, sometimes.

This really made all the others worry, but at least they were on their way.

Applejack felt a little green around the cheeks. “Ugh’ll… I think I’m gonna blow apple chunks!”

Apple...chunks...All in favor of never using that word in any context whatsoever, say I.

“Oh, here try these salty peanuts I found.” said Pinkie “they’re really salty and chewy. They make their own peanut butter in your mouth.”

Applejack only felt worse, and grabbed Rarity’s bag, letting it out.

“Oh, Applejack, that is repulsive!” whined Rarity.

Surprised Rarity didn't do it, given the author's opinion of her.

Applejack said nothing, but just let out a soft groan.

About halfway through the journey, they ran into more trouble as Twilight peeked out the rear window and saw two air force jets heading their way.

“Oh, great!” snarled Beast Boy.

The jets caught up to them in no time, and one of the pilots contacted them through the radio. “Attention! This is the U.S Air-Force Patrol. You are ordered to turn about and return to the Canterlot airfield! If you do not comply with our orders, we will be forced to take extreme measurements.”

"The metric system is a bitch. We repeat, the metric system is a bitch!"

Beast Boy picked up the radio and explained the situation and the importance of the mission, “If we don’t get to Jump City fast, it could mean certain disaster for all involved.”

The pilots weren’t sure if whether or not they could believe such a story. “I’m sorry, but our orders remain. If you do not comply, we will be forced to shoot you down. You have One minute!”

Somewhere in Washington, Trump feels awfully smug as he blames this on the Muslims once again.

Yeah, I'm still pissed off about that ban. So what?

Beast Boy then gazed back at Twilight hoping she could do something, but she shook her head indicating she couldn’t do anything.

“We’re all gonna die! WE’RE ALL GONNA DIE!!” screamed Pinkie

“Oh, I’m too beautiful to go down now!” cried Rarity.

I know how you all feel. You're gonna die with an idiot and be branded as terrorists.

This suddenly gave Beast boy an idea, and he called to the pilots. “I have hostages onboard!”

The Equestrians immediately bought into the gag. Beast Boy then held up the receiver, and they all cried out like frightened hostages begging not to be shot down. Then he called to the pilots, “You don’t want to cause any trouble here. So back off or else!”

You...you're not. You really turned this into an honest-to-Kronos HOSTAGE SITUATION. I know this is pragmatism at work, but it really hammers in how Mykan has turned Garfield Logan into a stock anti-hero.

The pilots fell for the trick, and immediately reduced height and flew off.

The Equestrians laughed softly, and then applauded each other for the performance. Beast boy was just relieved as it meant they could continue their quest in peace, but he just hoped things were not too bad in Jump City.

Uh, no. The problems aren't over. Maybe this comes back to bite him in a later chapter, but, chances are, Beast Boy is going to be the target of a manhunt for the whacko who ruined the air show and kidnapped several hostages from a high school.

But I kid! We're almost done! Thank God.

See you soon.


The mistakes I see in this this work are to be pointed out so they may not be repeated.
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Shillin' Best Girl from Fire Emblem: Echoes

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post Feb 20 2017, 01:04 AM
QUOTE (MasterOfNintendo @ Feb 20 2017, 08:01 AM) *
...Okay. I'm going to keep this LOUD....SLOW...and CLEAR. I'm going to shorten this just so this doesn't become another political thread and I don't want to hate on anyone for just being a Trump supporter. But please...continue to compare me and the guys here to a man who just wanted to be famous by giving political mudslinging a whole new level, proposed a wall that would destroy us morally and economically, ignores the environmental strife in the face of facts, wants torture to be back in the military's list of tactics, and started half-assed ban on Muslims that tore apart families and caused mass hysteria.

Think I don't have empathy?! You think I'm some kind of heartless politician?! You think this man's the answer to the end of this site?! Well, I hope you're happy living in your black and white world! Because slag's about to go down! It's even sadder when you consider I never compared YOU to Trump, jackass!

Did he seriously compare you to Donald Fucking Trump?! Holy shit, just when I thought Mykan couldn't be anymore of a self-righteous jackass.

Good job on the mock. I can tell that you'll be a far better president than Mykan and Trump combined.

List of mocks can be found here: Here

QUOTE (AnItalianGuy @ May 27 2016, 02:03 AM) *
Jesus man what is up with you and all of those waifus! Are you secretly the "Ultimate Pimp"?
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I will mock all the fanfics in the TRI STATE AREA!!!

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post Feb 20 2017, 09:26 AM
You know, I would not even acknowledging the entire Trump thing.
I would rather say the following: Better a Trump than a Mikulak. Seriously, this guy could compare me to Hitler, I would take at least pride in the fact, that I am compared to someone who achieved more in life than the guy who wanted to disown his own sister, told a 16 year old girl to get raped, told a rape victim she has it not as bad as Beastboy.

And lets be honest: The only reason he even hates on Trump is, because all the VAs he wants to rimjob are against him. If Tara Strong embraced Trump, he would create a Starfleet pony in his honor.
You know, one that isn't just Grand Ruler Celesto, who is actually more Trump than Trump himself.

And this comes from someone who finds the shit going on in your country HILARIOUS.

On another note, I can't help but chuckle at the stupidity of the stolen aircraft, as it showcases a certain problem I see in Mykan's fanfics as of the recent years.

See, back in the "old days" when Mykan just wrote how Davis managed to build a moon base and lead an army of toodlers as childsoldiers like General Pedo, he never bothered with common sense or explaining in some way how the shit made sense.

Nowadays he tries in some way... and still fails.

Like, how do the characters get to Jump City? Let them just steal a russian airplane, that was normally used/is used to transport tanks.
...overkill much?

No, seriously, this is dumb as fuck. Here why

1) I get they want to get to Jump City. and if they want to use a plane, fine. But a Cessna 172, flown by an associate of Twilight in the human world was out of question "why"?

Mykan: Sunset and the others are on a schooltrip!

Here is a suggestion: DONT WRITE THEM OUT OF THE STORY! Seriously, what do you achieve by writing them out of the scenario? Nothing. You make things rather more complicated, because now you don't have someone who may have organized bit of help in that regard.

Or make it even more simple: Make Canterlot City be only 50 miles away from JC or something. Would even explain why Changeling bothered to go to JC in the first place (it was nearby) instead of travelling 800 MILES away, just to steal stuff and act like so chessy, I can put him on pizza. Seriously, why bother to go to Jmp City, when you have god knows how many cities in a 800 mile radius? Oh that is right,m because the plot says so.

2) Why would an american airshow feature a russian troop and tank transporter? I doubt they could perform airstunts with it. Furthermore, did the russians just donate it? And how is BB able to fly it? This thing is complicated
just look

3) the thing not just being shot down.
Okay, lets recap:
Some strange guy STOLE a massive airplane from an army base and he is heading with it to a major city that has a lot of skyscrapers?
... yeah, if I were the president, I would give order to shoot the thing down, "hostages" on it or not.
No seriously, I am rather pragmatic. A guy who we don't know anything about is heading for a major city with a flying coffin and for all we know, he could actually have a nuclear bomb with him or some shit.
We have no information about what is really going on (and no, we can't just "trust" his words, cause you know, I don't trust Achmed when he buys large amounts of picrin acid that he just wants to stain some tissue either) and his "hostages" could also just be fellow terrorists who pretend to be kidnapped.

So fuck that. Shoot the plane down.
Or send a message to the JLA to send someone to deal with the situation. Considering what is going on, even Aquaman should be able to do something.

It's such little things that make Mykan's stories not just cheap and petty, but in a certain way ridiculously entertaining.
I mean, come on. The guy is 30 years old and yet can't manage to avoid falling into plotholes, a ten year old could walk around.
I get it, Mykan. You need to blow your load with this shit to feel good about yourself for metaphorically fucking Terra and Twilight in the ass. But come on. At least put effort in your masturbatory fantasy instead of jerking it raw.

It ain`t no mystery, if it`s politics or history; the thing you gotta know is, everything is showbiz

Alles was entsteht, ist wert das es zugrunde geht.
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I have risen...

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post Feb 20 2017, 10:33 AM
After that...passionate little rant I did last chapter, Mykan, of course responded. You can tell he was pissed, because he started to claim I was indeed like a heartless politician and that I wish death upon him.

Death? No. If I did in the past, I apologize. Death is too severe. I mean, let's face it. I got a little hot-headed because whenever somebody equates me with someone like THAT, it kind of grinds my gears. And about me having no empathy...

...then how come my family loves me and I love them? Also, as demonstrated through this mock, I have a love for the color pink and baby animals. Maybe I'm just letting out a bit of my sardonic side a bit on this site. At least I can admit my faults and not blame it on someone else.

Also, I'll keep what GorillaGamer and Maniak said in mind for the final chapter of this. I thank them a bunch for their support. But enough about me. Bring the pain on, fic.

Pink= Me

White= Slag in full

Chapter 21: It's All Mine!


Yeah, that was weak of me.

Author's Note:

It's a lot easier when I make BB the main antagonist of these fics instead of someone else. Then the fic is a lot easier and much-much shorter!

Oh, well... as long as my proper protocol is carried out, I suppose it's alright.

You know, the downside of making him the antagonist with the same motivations as the previous "Evil Beast-Emo" characters (special mention to Count Logan, the most infamous of them all) is that he's easier to mock. I mean, the deaths of millions of creatures all perpetrated...by an angst filled teenager who got dumped. Yeah.

The Titans began to awaken to find themselves in the basement, bounded by magical chains. Starfire could not use her powers, and Cyborg and Robin couldn’t reach any of their gadgets.

You know, I was willing to pass off these chains as really durable and power-draining, but in the case of Cyborg, it's going for a stretch.

“What’s going on?” asked Robin.

“Last thing I remember, BB zapped us with some stone, and the next thing I wind up in here.” said Cyborg.

"And why am I in this clown outfit? What HAPPENED last night?!"

Starfire tried all she could, but she couldn’t break free of the magical bindings. Then she looked and noticed “Raven? Where is Raven?”

“Your friend is safe, for the moment…” called a voice, “But I’m afraid you won’t be so fortunate.”

“Beast Boy?!” cried Starfire.

Robin’s features hardened.

“Yo’ man, what is with you?” added Cyborg.

“Silence!” snarled Changeling, “I can see I’m going to have to explain things all over again, but I’ll make it fast and simple.”

"I'm a shitty OC villain specifically made to make my country look bad. Yeah, my life is a prison."

He raised his amulet and set himself on fast-forward, like a video, and explained his entire story, and by the time he was finished, the Titan’s ears were smoking, but they were filled with rage.

Okay, that's kind of clever. Just getting to the bottom line by fast forwarding the talk. I'll give him that.

“So you’re the one who’s been robbing the city.” Robin sneered. Changeling sighed in annoyance, “Yes! I believe that is exactly what was implied!”

“What are you gonna do to us?” asked Cyborg.

“You represent a potential danger to me.” replied Changeling “You know my secrets and I can’t very well have you out there trying to stop me now. I’m afraid I’ll have to dispose of you just like I did with that blonde Earth-moving friend of yours.”

"What was it again? I remember some kind of tag being on her. It stated 'Property of Beast Emo, don't touch, this means you, Project AFTER'. Our maker really isn't subtle."

“TERRA!!” the others cried.

“You… how could you do such a thing?!” cried Starfire “She was our friend! Beast Boy had the feelings for her!”

...I'll repeat that rather hilarious line. "Beast Boy had the feelings for here!" Just that extra "the" makes this gold.

Changeling snickered and mocked “Poor, Starfire, don’t you use your ears for anything besides wearing earrings?” He then leaned in close to her hear and whispered very sinisterly to ensure she was paying attention “Beast Boy and Terra are gone… and they will never come back… ever!”

Starfire felt her heart breaking, but Changeling could only laugh.

“I must be going now, I have little… friend waiting for me upstairs.

"And a little...friend...in my pants!"

Okay, that was beneath me.

As for you three…” he held up his amulet, and it emitted a bright glow. That’s when the room rumbled very softly, and the Titan’s looked up. “The ceiling…!” cried Robin. It was very slowly, but surely coming down upon them like some magical lift.

Changeling snickered and mocked “I wonder what Teen Titan pancakes will taste like? Ah, well. I’ll know soon enough. Bye-Bye.”

Well, I'll give it this. Despite the cliche, I DO have a fear of getting crushed slowly to death. So, yeah. One of my phobias is coming into play.

Then he vanished and was gone, leaving the titans to look up fearfully as the ceiling continued to make its way towards them.

Meanwhile, Raven was starting to awaken as well. She was not tied up at all, she was lying on her bed, completely unharmed, and wearing a rather elegant blue gown encrusted with sapphire jewels. “Ugh! What’s going on, and what in the world am I wearing?!”

"And why are there lewd pictures of Starfire around me?! Is this supposed to imply something?!"

“I think you look stunning, my pet.”

Well, this certainly got kinky.

Raven looked forth. “Beast Boy…?” she remembered how he knocked her and the others out, and she was suddenly able to see it through it all. “You’re not Beast Boy!”

Changeling merely nodded, but he didn’t want to have to go through his whole story again. “Now that we’re alone, we can get to know each other better.”

"Let's play some Cards Against Humanity. Get it?! Because I'm a villain?! No, seriously. Can we play? My purpose is basically a being a fucking figure-head. I could use comfort for my meager existence."

Raven didn’t have to be psychic to tell what he was getting at, and he confirmed her fears when he told her, “I’ve just about robbed this entire city clean of its assets and valuables, and I plan to do the same to the next town, and the next one, and the one and so on. I’ll be the single richest being in this world and any dimension of all… and I want you by my side!”

He reached out to caress her face, but she rolled off the bed and away from him. “Get real you creep! Like I’d ever want to go for a sleaze like you…!”

You'd think that, at this very moment, Changeling's face would get blown off by a well-placed spell after THAT come-on. She doesn't have those chains on her, so I don't see why she shouldn't make a new hole in the wall with his body. Let me guess? Delayed reaction?

Undeterred, Changeling actually admired her attitude. “I think I like you even more now.”

“That’s it, I’m outta here!” said Raven, and she tried her powers to teleport away, but nothing happened, not even a spark. “Uh-uh-uhn…” Changeling said as he held out his amulet, which he used to nullify her power, “I’m… the only one who uses power here.”

Oh. Yeah. The amulet. Nevermind.

Swear to God, I really hope that thing gets ground into dust by the end of this.

Raven dashed for the door, only to find it stuck thanks to Changeling.

“But you know, all you have to do is ask of me, and I can give absolutely anything you desire. Power, riches, the world… anything you could possibly want.”

“Thanks, but no thanks!” sneered Raven “I’m already content with what I have.” She stopped a moment remembered how Beast Boy had rejected her, but knowing she could never truly win his heart she was willing to be brave about it and put it behind her.

Holy scrap! This is one awesome gal! While I wish she could at least attempt a punch-in-the-face towards Changeling, this is good enough. She knows her chances with Beast Emo amount to squat, but she still desires to be a hero and fight the bad guys. We were right. Beast Emo really ISN'T deserving of her.

Unfortunately, Changeling was able to tell this, “Oh, you poor thing. It must be so hard for you never to experience true love.”

Jokes on you. At least she didn't spend an entire career of fics lamenting over how Beast Emo would never choose her.

Raven’s fury hardened.

“And here I offer it to you on platinum plate, and you reject it?”

“What you’re offering me isn’t love. Frankly, it sickens me and so do you!”

Amen to that.

Changeling sighed “Oh, well. I guess we’ll have to do this the hard way. At least I tried.” and he began to creep towards her.

Raven tried throwing her things at him-- books, statuettes-- but Changeling just used his powers to stop them harmlessly in midair and kept on coming, until finally he was a few inches away from her, and using his powers to hold her still. “What are you doing to me? Leave me alone!” she groaned.

Changeling only looked deeply into her eyes, “Much as I detest this sort of stuff, I’m afraid you left me with no alternative.” With that, his eyes began to glow, casting a deep spelling into Raven’s mind “You’ll see that I can be quite irresistible.”

At the very least, he's not totally into mind-control. It's the little details that count.

As much as Raven tried to resist, it was no use and suddenly she was completely hypnotized, and her eyes were rather empty looking. Yet she smiled up at him and said “Wherever you go, I go… my love.”

Changeling snickered wickedly, “That’s more like It.” and he broke out into a song to celebrate his triumph, and broke into a fantasy with all the treasure surrounding him.

Yep. Another Donkey Kong Country clip. And it's the same "Love Potion" episode. Irony is, like I said, the show as fairly okay to me. Now, it's here. Scary how fate works, eh?

I couldn’t be happier than ever before

Now I’ve Raven by my side, and soon I’ll have more…

I mean, for Celestia's sake, take for instance,

The pitiful and hollow lie of my existence.

He looked at Raven…

“Watch this baby, and you’ll adore.”

Raven, still spellbound, gazed admiringly at him and he sang his song…

To… Own… All treasures is so fine, but simply not enough

When it comes to romance and true love, it can’t give me that stuff

I could have just left all this foolish villain crap all behind,

But the author seems fixed on giving me a one-track mind!

Now everything is set, all thanks to this amulet

Now I’ve got Raven and soon I’ll have way more than you can bet

Kids, a life, an actual house, a new purpose!

But nope. This feeling of nihilism is about to resurface!

I can proclaim it so loud and clear that everyone will fret…

…It’s all… MINE!!!

Except for the fact that I still feel like a disgrace.

Next thing you know, I'll never be able to remember my mother's...face...

I want my mommy...

Feeling so giddy, he couldn’t help but do a twinkly little dance, while all Raven could do was gaze lovingly at him as if she were to fall into a daze.

Like my forefathers and then, I’ve kept to my thieving way

Stealing all that will sustain me now, forever and a day

Quite some leftover financial strife. But, with all that said,

these humans should be thankful they're not in the late century of 1800!

Now everything is set, all thanks to this amulet

Now I’ve got Raven and soon I’ll have way more than you can bet

I can proclaim it so loud and clear that everyone will fret…

…It’s all… MI-I-I-I-I-I-INE!!!

MINE! MINE!!!! Oh, someone please kill me!

My life is an utter sham! It's plain to see!

The song ended and he laughed maniacally as a thunderstorm began to approach.

No doubt to signify the inevitable justifications the author has for this mock. I just say...go right ahead.

See you soon.


The mistakes I see in this this work are to be pointed out so they may not be repeated.
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I will mock all the fanfics in the TRI STATE AREA!!!

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So, Raven in a harem girl outfit.
... yeah, no "unfortunate implications" around here.

Though I am at least not getting Shockwave trigger happy about it.
Still, it is telling that Mykan's idea of how to treat women involves slavery. Then again, that is what Terra's marriage with Beastboy also amounts to.

also, Changeling sucks as a villain. You have the heroes at your mercy? Just kill them.
Use your magic to make Robin's blood boil.
Make Cyborgs implants rust so that he dies of blood poisoning.
Make the air poisonous for Starfire to breath
Instead he goes for Bond Villain stupid trap room.

For a guy who wants to torture the "heroes", he ends up torturing Beastboy and his other emotional stand ins way more than the guys he hates.
Same I say about MLP. Aside of his rape fetish for Cadance, he really sucks at making Twilight and her friends suffer.

btw, there should be a sequel to this shit.

Probably a story involving Sunset Shimmer's friends suddenly being questioned why they stole an airplane.

This post has been edited by Maniak: Feb 20 2017, 12:37 PM

It ain`t no mystery, if it`s politics or history; the thing you gotta know is, everything is showbiz

Alles was entsteht, ist wert das es zugrunde geht.
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I have risen...

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As we near the end of this travesty, I wonder how Beast Boy and his highly implausible "flying coffin" (quote coined by Maniak) are doing?

Oh, and Mykan called me idiotic and "dopey" and how I suffer from a weakness called "love".

I wear those titles with pride, as of now. I'll save a little musing for the ending chapter. Also, Maniak, I wouldn't call it a "rape-fetish". I'd call it a hatred outlet Mykan has for Cadence. Strangely enough, he has a bunch of married couples in his fics and he targets Cadence for being married (and not Shining Armor, as much, anyway). Bit of a double-standard going on. Onto the fic!

Pink= Myself

White= The ravings of an escaped lunatic comic book writer

Chapter 22: Trust!

Something I certainly lack in terms of the promise of quality in this fic.

The plane was nearing Jump City as the sky grew darker with the approaching storm. “Is this it?” Twilight asked to Beast Boy.

“Sure is… this is my hometown.” replied Beast Boy. Being back made him feel a mixture of feelings, relieved and glad, while at the same time feeling sad and nervous because of all the bad memories, but now was not the time to get emotional. The one thing that was really on his mind above all things was finding Changeling and making him pay!

50 dollars plus tax!

The two guards were beginning to come to after their knock out.

“Where… are we?”

“Last thing I remember, we were chasing that mutt and…”

“Who are you calling a mutt?!” Spike barked at them. Twilight quickly hushed him, but the two men were already shocked and stiff. “Did that dog just speak?”

"Also, we are SO fired for allowing a potential terrorist attack! I mean, for Kronos' sake! There are skyscrapers EVERYWHERE!"

“I think we hit our heads harder than we thought.”

Beast Boy set the plane on Auto-Pilot, and then he explained to the guards what had happened.

“You hijacked this craft?!”

“You’re going to be in some trouble when we report this to the authorities.”

For rightly calling out Beast Emo for how much of a hair-brained and convoluted scenario this is, they deserve medals. Doubly so if at least one of them knees the guy in the crotch.

“Yeah-Yeah, whatever!” snapped Beast Boy “Look, the bottom-line is, we’re bailing out and we need you to take control of the plane and get it back to the airfield.”

The guards were very hesitant, though they did have some flying experience, they weren’t sure they wanted to play any role in this hijack.

This is gonna scar them for life and ruin their careers. My heart goes out to them rather than the main "hero".

“Let me try something…” said Fluttershy, and she gave the two men a terrifying stare, which actually frightened them into cooperating.

Beast Boy was amazed “I didn’t know she could do that.”

Yeah. Sure. Turn Fluttershy over to this hair-brained idea's side. That won't totally make me want to snap my laptop in half.

“Her nickname is the Stare-Master.” Pinkie whispered to him.

Once the guards took over the controls, the gang suited up and prepared to jump. Rainbow slid open the hatch and she and Twilight took a good look down. “Whoa! That’s a lot of air!” shouted Rainbow.

Believe me when I say she's been through worse. Breaking the sound barrier via Sonic Rainboom, much?

Spike whimpered nervously, but Twilight clutched him tightly.

Applejack’s hat blew off and flew right out the door. “My hat!!” she cried. “Dang it…! That was an Apple Family Heirloom.”

There was nothing she could do about it now.

I'd say that was all she had left of her parents, but other MLP material suggests she just won that thing in a contest or something. Still, harsh.

The girls were all suited up and had their parachutes ready. Beast Boy was the only one not suited nor with a parachute as he didn’t need either.

“There’s Titan’s Tower.” shouted Beast Boy. Most of the girls were really nervous, but Twilight and Rainbow weren’t.

What about Pinkie? She's a tough cookie, I'll say.

“Let’s go!” shouted Beast Boy. Twilight jumped out first, she and Spike both screamed!

Rainbow followed them yelling “GERONIMO!”

Rarity took one step to the edge, and she tumbled nervously. “I don’t think I can do this. I won’t do it! I…” she suddenly screamed when Applejack shoved her out of the plane to get her to stop whining and go. “I’LL GET YOU FOR THAT, APPLEJACK!!” she screamed up.

She'll do it too.

Pinkie stepped up to her with a cheeky grin, “Ready?” she asked.

“Come on, Sugarcube!”

Hand-in-hand, they leapt out of the plane, screaming and flailing about as they fell.



I want her too! Also, way to joss the expectations of her taking this in stride. Doing so well, there.

Beast Boy was ready to jump, but Fluttershy was trembling so nervously. She had flown before, but never this high!

“It’s okay, Fluttershy. I’ll be right with you.”

“I… I can’t… I’m too scared!!” she whimpered, with tears in her eyes. Beast Boy could see she would need a little extra persuasion, and so he grabbed her softly and laid his lips against hers.

First off, ew. Second, I guess skydiving is a bit much for her, but she's been WAY higher. Cloudsdale, anyone?

She was shocked and felt her body go numb. Beast Boy then pulled her as he fell backwards out of the plane, taking her with him.

Still being clutched in his arms, Fluttershy could hardly feel a thing, but closed her eyes and kissed him back as they fell.

Once they separated, Beast Boy pulled on the cord releasing Fluttershy’s parachute, and he changed into a pterodactyl.

Okay. Giant primeval monstrosities getting together with beautiful females is a bit of a turn-on for me. Kinda gets ruined when you realize what said primeval creature's true form is. That of the living emotional teenage phase that walks.

As the team got closer and closer towards the tower, the strong winds from the storm began to pick up. Teasing winds that blew in hard motions and knocked several of the girls off course…!

“Rarity! Applejack! Pinkie Pie!” cried Twilight.

The girls cried out, but they couldn’t fight the strong winds and were being blown towards the beaches.

Beast Boy was finding it difficult to fight the air current himself. Even his strongest birds could hardly handle it and he was swept far, away.

Bird? You're a pterodactyl. Still, I see your point. Though, I suppose you should have picked the mightiest pterosaur of them all...

Attached Image

Praise the obscurity!

“BEAST BOY…!!” Fluttershy screamed.

“He’s lost!” cried Rainbow!

“LOOK OUT!!” Spike screamed, and the girls realized they were heading straight for the side of the tower. “PULL UP!!” cried Twilight as she and the others yanked on their parachute cords sailing up, up into the wind and crashed onto the roof.

Where they were reduced to bloody stains on the tower, ending this fic.

“Whoa! That hurt!” Rainbow groaned and she rubbed herself.

Twilight removed her helmet and straightened out her badly messed up hair. “Is everyone alright?” she called.

Fluttershy wasn’t hurt, but she had never felt so frightened in her life. Suddenly, some weird shape popped up beside her from under her fallen parachute, making her scream, which made Rainbow and Twilight jump.

“Relax, it’s just me!” Spike said as he crawled out from underneath.

"Also, seeing a saurian creature fly through the skies has brought up my insecurities of being reincarnated her as a DAMN DOG!"

Fluttershy still felt very shaky from the crash, but more worried about the others. Neither Beast Boy nor the other three were anywhere to be seen. “We’ve got to find them.” said Twilight.

“Yeah, but how do we get down from here?” asked Rainbow. “Um, we could use The Door!” Spike said.

Rainbow felt awkward, “Good idea.”

Even as a dog, you don't mess with a pimp named Spike.

Yeah, I'm following by Dashguy's example from that other infamous mock involving duel monsters.

Meanwhile, inside, Robin Starfire and Cyborg were still trapped, and the celling was still moving towards them.

“Perhaps we should roll under the desks and work-tables.” Starfire suggested. “No good. They’ll be crushed like matchwood.” said Cyborg.

Robin had been struggling and fussing about trying to reach his utility belt. “What are you doing?” Cyborg asked, but he got his answer when Robin finally managed to shake one of his disc bombs loose.

Always the pitfall of cliche plans like this. Always one detail left out. Reminds me of the god ol' Riddler. In times like this, I miss him.

He then rolled over and picked the disc up in his teeth. He then rolled onto his back facing the oncoming celling. “This better work…!” He said with the disc in his mouth. He took in a few huge breaths and then spit the disc high up at the ceiling.


And they all died from the collapsing rubble.

Wow, I'm in a real kill-happy mood here. I should probably seek help.

The Equestrians had just gotten inside the tower when they hard and felt that explosion. “What was that?” cried Fluttershy.

Spike sniffed the air, “I smell smoke.” And he began to pick up the scent with the others following him from behind.

Robin’s bomb had not stopped the ceiling from coming down, but what he had done was blown a huge hole in the ceiling, big enough to fit around him and the others so they wouldn’t be crushed.

“Smooth move, man!” said Cyborg.

I'll admit. Pretty clever. A bit suicidal, but all bets are off when one of the option is "getting crushed into bloody pulp".

“You have saved us from the smooshing!” added Starfire.

Robin said nothing as just lay there trying to catch his breath as the celling continued to come down, crushing all the equipment, tools, even the stairs before hitting the ground completely, but thanks to Robin’s hole, he and the others were all safe.

Then, the ceiling quickly rose back up to its proper place, leaving the entire basement in one heck of a mess. “Man, it took me ages to get it the way I liked it!” whined Cyborg.

"Also, my batteries were there! I'm a dead-man walking!"

“Shh, wait… I hear something.” said Robin. He and the others listened and could hear voices.

The basement door slide wide open.

“Here!” Spike hollered “Look down there.”

"Kibbles and bits! Oh, damn, I hate this body."

Twilight came to the door and could see the Titans down below in the cluttered basement, “Girls, over this way.”

Despite the damages, it wasn’t too high a drop. The girls leapt off the ledge and all landed safely on their feet, and Spike jumped into Twilight’s arms.

“Who are all of you?” Robin asked.

“We’re friends of Beast Boy.” replied Twilight.

"Or, really, boot-lickers, at this point. Yeah, it sucks to be us, now."

“Beast Boy, he is alive?!” cried Starfire.

“Yo’ where is he?” Cyborg asked.

“Hey, hey, first thing’s first.” snapped Rainbow.

Twilight inspected the chains that were binding the Titans and deduced the three elements she and her friends had had would be enough, and using their magic they broke the binds and Titans were free.

Magic's fine, but a good ol' kick from Applejack would have done the same, had she'd been here. Sometimes, muggles are just better.

“Oh, how will we ever thank you?” cried Starfire.

“You can thank us later, right now we need to talk.” said Twilight.

Meanwhile, the storm was getting nearer as the waters got rough and thunder was heard.

Thunder, rain and lightning...danger, water's risin'...

Dammit. I've got to stop thinking of awesome things. Back to this fanfic, I guess.

Rarity, Pinkie Pie and Applejack had landed on the beaches, a few miles away from the tower. Their parachutes and packs now sat tangled on the rocks.

Rarity seemed more concerned about the mess her hair was in. “Why didn’t I bring my brush when I felt I should have!” she whined.


“Never mind that!” snapped Applejack “We gotta’ get over to the tower. That’s where the others are.”

All Pinkie did was stand perfectly still, and with a strange expression on her face.

“Um, Pinkie Pie…” Applejack called.

“Shh!” said Pinkie “I hear something.”

Looks like the voices in her head got a new recruit.

Rarity and applejack listened, but all they could hear were sounds of the wind, the waves splashing and occasional sounds of thunder crashing as the storm got closer. “I can’t hear anything.” said Rarity.

“Help…!!” someone shouted “Please help me!!”

“I hear it now!” cried Applejack.

The girls follow the sounds of the cries, going along the rock formations and finding a huge hole in the rocks. “Over here!” Pinkie cried.

"You found a living stick, sugarcube?"

Terra had been sitting in the cave all day, the waters receded a little, but the oncoming storm caused them to rise again.

She suddenly looked up and saw three girls gazing down at her thought he opening she had made. “Hello!” she called up.

“Hey down there!” Applejack called “You alright?”

“I’m tied up! Please help!”

"And bring down some food! I'm decided that having a body like this isn't worth it!"

The girls-- not knowing who this human really was-- could suddenly see she was bound by magical chains.

The girls agreed to use their elements.

“Hold still down there.” Applejack called, and she and the others dispelled the chains.

Does it require the same flashy rainbow attack or are these...you know what, I think we all know the answer is clear.

Terra felt ever so relieved to be free; next she saw a rope being lowered into the cave. “Grab it!” Applejack called. Terra did as she was told and soon she was out, and never felt so relieved.

Applejack rolled up her lasso, feeling grateful she remembered to bring it.

“Oh, my heavens!” cried Rarity “You’re soaked to the bone!”

Considering her figure, I'd equate that with emancipation.

“I’ve been down there all day. I nearly drowned.” cried Terra “I don’t know how to thank you.”

Pinkie suddenly grabbed her hand tightly and shook it vigorously, while spouting quickly “Aw, it’s nothing. I’m Pinkie Pie. This is Rarity and Applejack. What’s your name?”

Shaking herself off of Pinkie’s grip, but still vibrating, “I’m… Terra…?” She shook herself straight.

“Terra?” said Rarity “Strange. That names sounds so familiar.”

As in Terra Firma, which is what this fic is being brought down to?

Pinkie shook her head without an answer.

“Hang on…” said Applejack “Ain’t Terra the name of that girl Beast Boy talked about?”

Lightning struck and thunder crashed as Terra’s heart and mind leapt at the very mention, “Beast Boy?! You know Beast Boy?!” she cried with wide, hope-filled eyes, and this immediately told the girls whom she was. “Eeyup… she’s THAT Terra.” said Applejack.

"And she's just as slavishly devoted to him as ever. Buck me."

The girls began to glare at her sourly.

Not this slag again. Let's get this over with. You know the drill.

“What?” Terra asked.

Rarity and Pinkie immediately turned their backs to her. “I take back my handshake.” Pinkie jeered gruffly.

“What?” Terra asked again. She was starting to get annoyed, but only Applejack spoke with her. “Look, I don’t know if you’ll believe this, but we all know of your little sad story with BB, and all that “Things Change” stuff.”

The Mykan virus has taken over the Equestrians! Run, Terra! RUN!

Terra began to feel guilty again, but more astonished, “How do you know all this? Who are all of you?”

Rarity and Pinkie still weren’t too keen on talking to Terra, thinking of her as nothing but the virus that broke Beast Boy’s spirits, but Applejack decided to explain everything to Terra.

"The virus that broke Beast Boy's spirit." Wow. Real edgy.

While at the same time, the other Titans were told the same stuff.

Spike lay on Starfire’s lap, sighing happily as she stroked his little head and smothered him. “Oh, I believe I have never seen such an adorable creature such as you, Spike.”

“Yeah, that’s what they all say about Me.” said Spike.

"Well, there's this advantage at least."

The Equestria Girls were not impressed with his bragging, but Robin and Cyborg were impressed and astonished. “So you’re all from Equestria, and you’ve come to help us fight Changeling?” asked Robin.

“That’s right.” replied Twilight “Our magic is the only thing that can stand up to the power of his amulet.”

“If you fight by our side, we can nab that creep and save your city at the same time.” added Rainbow.

"Also, I'm looking on the computer here and...wow. There's a BUNCH of fan-art of us. Wonder what this NSFW thing is....holy..."

Fluttershy said nothing. She was still very worried about the others, preferably Beast Boy and what had happened to him. She could still feel the warmth of his lips against hers.

The others were already told of the skydive trouble and that they didn’t know where Beast Boy was, they weren’t even sure if he was safe.

Perhaps on the hood of a car and getting questioned by the police after the stunt he pulled off.

The Titans were also concerned about Raven, and had a feeling Changeling was behind her disappearance from the tower

“I’m in!” said Cyborg.

Starfire stood, “I, too, am the in.”

“Looks like we’re on…” Robin said

Twilight was very grateful, but she also hoped they would be able to find the others too, and worried if they were okay.

“…And that’s about the size of it.” Applejack said as she wrapped up the story.

"It's as dumb as you think and I feel like an idiot for siding with it. We live in a Hell, girl."

Terra was relieved to hear Beast Boy was alive, but frightfully worried that he was lost in the storm. It only intensified her guilt for what she had done to him, but also fueled her determination to not only find him and hopefully make things better, but to make Changeling suffer for all he had put her, Beast Boy and the entire city through.

“I want to help you!” she said firmly “I want to find Beast Boy, and I want to track down Changeling. I can help you catch him.”

Pinkie and Rarity still weren’t too sure, but Applejack’s Element of Honest was glowing brightly, proving that Terra was speaking from her heart.

I thought it was just her and not some trinket. Way to strip them of their traits that aren't magical, Mykan.

“You got it, girl.” Applejack said proudly, and she shook Terra’s hand in trust. Then she gazed over at the others “Come on, you two. She’s bein’ honest, I know she is.”

Deciding they had nothing really to lose, the others complied and gave their trust.

Of course, not one of them said a thing to her about Fluttershy and Beast Boy and their relationship.

Lest they tell her he's...sorta...moved on, which is punishable my death in Mykan-land. To Beast Emo, of course.

Suddenly, they could all hear the sounds of police sirens as several cars and military wagons raced down the street behind them.

“What’s going on?” asked Rarity.

Terra clenched her fists, “I bet I know. Let’s follow them!”

Either it's Changeling or the fact that the authorities have caught up with what they dub the "Little Green Terrorist". The age we live in is still filled with strife, but then again. What life isn't? All in the name of balance.

At the same time, the alarm went off in the tower. “The last bank in town...!” cried Robin “It’s being robbed!”

Everyone immediately assumed correctly that Changeling was behind all this, and they all headed off!

So, the final battle is about to commence. Yeah. Good for them.

See you soon.


The mistakes I see in this this work are to be pointed out so they may not be repeated.
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Oh, and Mykan called me idiotic and "dopey" and how I suffer from a weakness called "love".

See, this is why I ultimately can't hate Mykan. He's like a dorky, ten years-old kid who believes himself to be Darth Vader.

“Her nickname is the Stare-Master.” Pinkie whispered to him.

“What?” Terra asked.

Rarity and Pinkie immediately turned their backs to her. “I take back my handshake.” Pinkie jeered gruffly.

“What?” Terra asked again. She was starting to get annoyed, but only Applejack spoke with her. “Look, I don’t know if you’ll believe this, but we all know of your little sad story with BB, and all that “Things Change” stuff.”

You sure you don't want to hear her side of the story before passing judgment on her? What's that? "Shut up, Dashguy"? Okay...
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I have risen...

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Well, the battle is on and Mykan contacted again. Apparently, he doesn't like the fact that, in some episodes and especially the comics, Applejack has been able to sense the honesty in people without an artifact. But proving it seems fruitless at this point.

Also, Mykan, I don't own a hat. I wish I did. I hope it's a pretty one with cute feathers and pink color. Anyway, onto the fic.

Pink= Myself

White= The cornerstone of lazy

Chapter 23: Battle Time!

You think it'll be a curbstomp like the last one? Let's find out.

Author's Note:

It may be Christmas Eve... but I don't stop pretty much for ANYTHING. Things Change, MLP, can really tick me off THAT MUCH

I'm sure it did. Yeah, this was done near Christmas last year while I was actually doing something with my life (spending time with family, going to San Francisco and being nice to people). Also, there's a video of more "Magic Voice" crap. Joy.

The sky was nearly as dark as night. The lightning and thunder were going constantly, and it wouldn’t be long before the rain began to fall.

Normally, this would be a cool background for any fight scene. But then I remember what fic we're in.

The last bank in town, the only one that hadn’t been robbed was already emptied out of all its assets, and all the staff and security were powerless to stand up to Changeling and his power.

“Give my regards to the poor.” Changeling mocked to everyone as he left the bank through the front doors, and naturally he found so many police cars and swat teams armed to the teeth surrounding the bank.

“Freeze!” the captain shouted “We have you completely surrounded.”

"I mean, this didn't work the first 43 times and we REALLY need to contact the League or something, but here we go!"

Changeling sighed smugly, and he help up his amulet and sent a magical shockwave at all the officers, knocking them over and disabling their weapons at the same time, even making all their cars explode.

Small fires and damages spread out all over the street, and the police and swat-troops were now trembling with fear.

These guys run the risk of getting shot everyday. I'm sure quivering in fear isn't in the training regiment. I mean, a tactical retreat is okay.

Jackie and Jillian were nearby and saw him. Still thinking he was Beast Boy, and wanting revenge for throwing them in that manure truck the other day, Jillian picked up a rock to throw at him.

Oh, look. It's you two. Somehow, I knew Mykan couldn't pass on the opportunity for them to suffer again.

“No, don’t!” Jackie cried, but Jillian already tossed the rock… not that Changeling hadn’t seen, or heard, and used his powers to suddenly halt the rock in midair just inches before, and sent it flying back at naughty girls, bank-shooting them both in their heads.

Huh. That's a bit of a change in pace. One of the girls actually having some foresight. Surprised Mykan didn't go all the way by having them get holes put in their heads.

They both collapsed out cold.

“Some creatures just never learn!” Changeling grumbled. Then he called out to everyone in the area “Anybody else who wishes to be foolish?”

"But enough about the author who made my life a living Hell, let's talk about you!"

There was a small moment of silence, and someone called out, “We do, but we’re not going to be foolish!”

Changeling looked up and saw the Titans standing atop the bank, which already shocked him enough, but three of the Equestria Girls, whom he immediately could tell…

“Twilight Sparkle…?! It can’t be!”

"She's even CUTER!"

She glared furiously at him, “It’s time you answered for every horrible thing you’ve done, Changeling!”

“Yeah!” growled Rainbow.

“Um… yeah…” Fluttershy peeped, weekly.

Let her have ONE moment, please? One that doesn't involve that goddamn plane-hijack hubabaloo?

Changeling, as outraged as he was decided to seize the opportunity, “I suppose it will be worth it, defeating you and gaining those precious Elements of Harmony you possess. I’m sure they’re bound to bring me a great fortune and power.”

“I am starting to feel the invisible.” grumbled Starfire. The boys felt the same, but they, the girls and Changeling all stood ready to brawl.

To feel...the invisible...WHAT?! Context. Please.

“Go!” shouted Robin, and they all leapt off the roof, though Fluttershy hesitated, but Rainbow pulled her down. They all then charged at Changeling, but he stood where he was and did nothing at all…

Then, a huge wall of black light emerged right in front of him, and the team bounced off it like rubber and ricocheted backwards.

I'm going to resist the Overwatch joke involving Mei coming along.

“What the--?!” snapped Cyborg, then he and everyone saw standing on another roof, “Raven!” cried Robin “What are you doing?”

“Defending my heartthrob, that’s what.” Raven answered, and she gazed loving down at Changeling.

"Oh, UNICRON! I've turned her into a vapid teenager! Go back to being mysterious and sexy!"

“Did she just say “heartthrob?” Rainbow asked in disgust. Even the Titans were confused, but Twilight could see Raven’s empty, and small shimmering in Changeling’s eyes that emitted from Raven’s. “She’s under a spell!”

“We must try and break the spell!” cried Starfire.

Changeling snickered “I’m afraid that’s easier said than done.” Then he looked up at Raven, “Would you like the honors, my sweet?”

Raven fluttered her eyes at him, “I thought you’d never ask.”

Domination. Something Mykan wished he had over his life.

Then she gazed sharply at the others.

“Raven, stop!” cried Robin, but Raven already leapt down from the roof and fired a huge magical zap at the team, forcing them to scatter.

“Raven, come on, it’s us!” Cyborg called to her.

“It’s no use, she can’t hear you.” cried Twilight.

Raven’s eyes and her hands were glowing brightly, or rather darkly as she looked ready for more. As much as Robin didn’t want to fight his friend, he and the others knew they had to at least defend themselves and try to hold her down to try and break the spell.

I gotta say. That whole mess involving that shape-shifting dragon (Malefor, I think his name was) is looking to be a whole lot better than what's happening here.

Robin lunged forth to catch Raven and hold her, but she swerved causing him to miss, and the other Titans jumped in, but she skillfully swerved and evaded their every move.

Starfire fired her star-bolts around Raven hoping to distract her. It seemed to work, and Starfire got close enough to grab her by the wrists. “Raven, please… we wish to help you!”

Raven hissed like a spider and kicked her in the stomach knocking her into Robin, but then Cyborg grabbed her from behind and lifted her up off her feet. “Let me go! Let me go!” she shouted.

Hissed like a spider? Really?

“Twilight, do you thing, girl!” Cyborg called “Hurry!”

Twilight and the girls stood together, and shined their Elements on Raven…

“Oh, no you don’t!” shouted Changeling as he held out his amulet, staving off the Elements’ powers, and sent out a magical shockwave the girls were barely able to dodge, and they all rolled along the ground.

This amulet might as well be re-named the "Total Party Kill" gem.

Raven then used her powers to blow in Cyborg face so he let her go, and she dashed to Changeling’s side.

“It’s no use...” cried Twilight “Three elements aren’t powerful enough. We need all six.”

Changeling laughed maniacally, “Too bad you didn’t think of that before. Now, it will cost you dearly…!”

You know, I've always wondered what the strength of one element can do. A shame nobody (I think) has bothered to measure such power. Than again, as DBZ abridged can tell you...

He held up his amulet to blast them all when suddenly a flying rock came out of nowhere and struck him, “A’rgh! My hand…!”

Magic blasts, alien lasers, and advanced technology can never measure up to...a rock. I'm just as baffled as you are, folks.

He turned and looked back, and he saw where the rock had come from; Terra stood at the end of the street.

“Terra!” cried Robin.

Starfire and cyborg could hardly believe it, but it was her. “Long time, no see, Titans.” She said with a smirk. And standing next to her were Rarity, Pinkie Pie and Applejack.

“Girls, most excellent timing!” called Rainbow.

“Thank goodness you’re all safe.” added Fluttershy.

The girls smiled at their friends, and then glared at Changeling. As outraged as he was, he still didn’t feel too discouraged, “You saved me a lot of trouble of hunting you down. Now I can finish you all right here in one easy swoop.”

"I'm pragmatic that way. More than I can say for that death-trap from earlier. Speaking of contradicting my pragmatism, I should be wiping the floor with you faster with how many skills this amulet has, especially when combined with Raven's prowess, but nope. I'm depowered for the sake of the plot. My life still sucks."

“Do the math, Changeling…” snapped Robin “There’s nine of us and only you and Raven.”

“Do we look scared to you?” sneered Raven.

“Hmm… I’d say more annoyed than scared.” said Pinkie.

My feelings exactly about every reply I've gotten by the author, thus far. Although, less annoyed and more honored. I do like reception.

“Point is, we’re gonna shut you down for good, ya dirty thief!” snarled Applejack, and all the others nodded in agreement with her.

Then, like magic, all six elements began to glow, and the Equestrians seemed to transform, spouting pony ears, tails, Twilight, Rainbow and Fluttershy even got their wings.

“Whoa! Now that is one heck of a thing.” murmured Cyborg.

"I can see a bunch of fetishes popping up all over the web, now! Oh, wait. They were always there."

“Oh, this ought to be amusing!” snarled Changeling, and with that a huge strike of lightning flashed followed by thunder, and a heavy rain began to fall as the battle began.

All the Equestrians all tried to huddle together to combine their powers, Changeling fired another magical blast forcing them to scatter.

What ever happened to wearing down the guy with their unique set of skills before going in for the final attack? It's a good reason some guys save their best attacks for last. It's a cliche I can live with.

Then the Titans and Terra lunged for him, punching, kicking, and attempting to get at him with their powers, but he skillfully blocked and evaded their every attack and attacked them back mercilessly, sending them all crashing in different directions.

The Titans and the Equestrians all got back up and lunged for him again, only for Changeling run off to attack only some of them at a time.

While running, Starfire mercilessly unleashed her star bolts, and Twilight fired magical blasts, and he fired his own blasts back at them. Then they all skidded to a halt, and Changeling lunged at them, giving them both a huge shove sending them sailing backwards and hitting the wall.

Cyborg fired his sonic cannon from behind, but Changeling saw and dodged it, which gave Robin the chance to throw his smoke-bomb balls hitting him hard.

“Get him!” shouted Robin, but as he Cyborg and Rarity and Pinkie dashed forth, Raven swooped down in front of them, “Azarath… Metrion… ZINTHOS!!” and used her power to send two damaged police cars crashing at them forcing them to leap out of the way.

Raven snickered, but she was suddenly levitated up really high on a rock, and Terra came flying in on another rock. “Bet you never thought you’d see me again, huh?”

Let me guess. Only Terra and Beast Boy land any substantial blows on this couple. Because that's what I'm seeing so far.

Raven growled, used her own powers to take the rock away from under Terra causing her to fall, but Rainbow Dash swooped in and caught her, and placed her safely on a roof.

“You saved me!”

“Ah, don’t get all sappy about it.” said Rainbow, then she soared back down to the battle.

Changeling brushed the smoke off of him as Rainbow and Applejack lunged at him. Punches and kicks flew; Applejack even got down on all fours for a buck and kicked him hard in the back sending him soaring, tumbling backwards in midair, but Changeling fired a huge beam at them, resulting a small explosion that threw them off their feet.

Well, that buck was something, I'll admit. I'm surprised his spine isn't dust by that point.

I've been on the receiving end of a horse-kick before. Nearly fractured my rib-cage. Or, at least, felt like it.

Changeling landed safely on his feet right near Fluttershy, and she was already trembling so frightfully. He simply leaned in softly and let out a tiny little “Boo.”

She cowered ever so miserably.

I know this is just a massage, but can you imagine what would happen if she went all out instead of being the damsel in distress ALL THE DAMN TIME?! This is the guy who's been beating up her friends. I'm sure something like that would cause her to cut loose!

“Hey!” Cyborg shouted as he and Robin dashed forth to help, “Pick on someone your own size!” Robin called.

“How about easy pickings?!” shouted Changeling, and he blasted at Robin hard, making him collide into Cyborg.

Okay. That was clever. I think.

Terra and Twilight unleashed a barrage of rocks and magical bolts at him, but Raven popped up and used her magic to repel it all right back at them.

“WATCH OUT!!” screamed Twilight as everyone scattered about to avoid getting hit.

The team all huddled together and Changeling laughed at them, “Well, I’m waiting…” he mocked at them “When are you going to actually defeat me? Oh, that’s right… YOU CAN’T!”

"BECAUSE I'M OVERPOWERED! Except not. Except I am. Look, my life is still a complicated piece of shit, okay?!"

He zapped at them again, nearly knocking them down.

“We have to get his amulet!” said Robin.

“Right, it’s our only chance.” agreed Twilight.

Changeling of course heard them and waved his amulet teasingly in front of them “You want it? Come and get it!”

Raven hissed at the team.

“Go!” shouted Robin, and everyone lunged forth, then split up to scatter about to come at him from all angles.

It's not gonna work. It's not gonna work. It's not gonna-

Unfortunately, it was a struggle just to try and even get near him! Every chance they got, Changeling leapt out of the way, or fought back to stave off their every attempt to get at him. Raven helped him by using her power to throw more cars, lampposts, and boulders their way.

Robin managed to sneak through and grabbed at Changeling’s arms engaging in a struggle, but he couldn’t go for the amulet around his neck.

“Is that your best?” Changeling sneered and he gave Robin a huge shove, sending him crashing into the others.

...like FRAGGING clockwork. Why are you even here?

“Come on, girls…!” cried Twilight, and she and the Equestrians all lined up again to try and combine their powers, “Think again…!” snapped Raven, and she used her power to grab the three flyers of the sky, and bind the others down below in chains of dark light.

Starfire and Cyborg rushed at Changeling, but he teleported out of the way causing them to crash hard into a wall.

“Oh, so close, yet so far!” he mocked at them. “I think I’ve wasted enough time with all of you…!”

He held up his amulet high ready to deliver a final blow to everyone, when suddenly… Spike leapt in from out of nowhere, snatching the amulet and chain in his teeth.

Once again, it's the GUY who has to save the day. I guess it's a metaphor for how the smallest creature can be a big hero (which isn't bad), but, based on Mykan's track record, it's easy to see this as the former theory.

“Ah!” cried Changeling as he turned to see Spike land on the ground dropping the amulet. It bounced and rolled along, and stopped right in front of Terra.

“No!!” He cried.

Terra grinned cheekily, and then grabbed a huge rock and slammed it down hard on the amulet, crushing it to bit-- exploding in a small flash of bright lights.

And it's Beast Boy's property that lays the final blow on the amulet. Great. Yeah, give the Equestrians and the Titans very little points against this guy. It totally will make them pay and not make you look like you write like a hack.

Changeling Screamed in horror as all the magic forces dwindled away.

Raven’s eyes flashed as the spell broke.

“Huh?” she cried “What’s going on?”

With her concentration broken, the Equestrians were released from her power.

“Way to go, Spike!” Twilight cried a she hugged him warmly. Rarity planted several kisses on his head, making him faint in a daze.

“You too, Terra.” said Robin.

“You go girl.” added Cyborg.

Terra smiled and breathed a sigh of relief.

“We are victorious!” cried Starfire…

…but Changeling was laughing loud and so hysterically they thought he had flipped his lid!


“Are we missin’ somthin’ here?” asked Applejack.

Changeling glared nastily at the team, “You think just because you’ve destroyed my amulet that you actually beat me… well… You Haven’t!!”

The others all felt shivers run down their spines.


“That amulet isn’t my only source of magic. You forget… I am the greatest, most elusive, most deadly thief in all of Equestria. I was already pulling off great heists and fighting battles long before I found the amulet… all thanks to my own special magic… which is why they call me “Changeling.”

"Other than to be a pointless take-that against the Beast Boy/Raven ship. So, please. Kill me! FOR THE LOVE OF UNICRON, DO YOUR BEST TO KILL ME!"

With that, he leapt up high in the air and let out a might big SCREAM… and his body was shrouded in and eerie glowing light.


“Whatever is happening now?!” cried Rarity.

“I think we’re about to find out!” said Robin.

So, Changeling has gone full-on One-Winged Angel on them all. Who's betting Beast Boy will save the day? I know I sound like a broken record, but what else do you think is gonna happen?

See you soon.


The mistakes I see in this this work are to be pointed out so they may not be repeated.
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I have risen...

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The final battle is on and I'm really close to finishing this thing. That's all there really is to it as of now. Also, Mykan time. I agree that we all seek domination over our own lives (choosing what we do instead of following the same boorish path like automatons) but he also asks me what I've got against Magic Voice videos.

Look, I get that he probably doesn't have enough money to buy something more advanced than Windows Movie Maker, but I think the main reason is that, well, it's Beast Emo material about either him whining about how life isn't fair for the billionth time (and making a unintentional mockery of 30 Seconds to Mars, a great band) or some other thing I could ignore. Other than that, they're not much to me in the long run and not the focus on this fanfic.

Also, the dragon's name was Malchior. Sorry. That was bad on my part. Onto the fanfic.

Pink= Myself

White= A headless roach scuttling about

Chapter 24: Beast to Beast

Emotional asshole vs. Nihilistic Magic-User! Who will win?!

When the light had faded away, everyone gasped and gawked in horror. There stood Changeling, but he was three times the size of any of they were. He had changed himself into a huge hulking creature-- a cross between a Dragon and a Bog Beast!

That...really doesn't tell me anything about what he looks like other than size and a vague concept. So, he's basically this?

Also, dragons are awesome. Why drag them into this?!

Fluttershy hid behind the others, trembling, while Rarity thought he looked repulsive as well as terrifying.

Repulsive?! You think she looks repulsive? My word, sir. Your tastes are narrow.

“Take a good look at me now…” he growled in his a deep monstrous voice, “It’s rare that I’ve had to rely on my own tricks, but in the end, I always win!”

"Actually, I always lose with the note of my existence. But, hey! At least I've got this dragon form!"

Robin clenched his fists “Until now, you mean!”

“We’ve faced way bigger bozos than you before, and we always beat ‘em.” added Cyborg.

That's true, but let's disregard canon for a while. The Doom Patrol can attest to that.

Changeling snickered gruffly, and then he took in a huge breath, “WATCH OUT!!” cried Spike, and everyone scattered about just as Changeling unleashed a huge breath of blue fire.

“Whoa! Talk about a hothead.” cried Pinkie.

Took you all day to come up with that one, eh', Mykan?

“Seriously, you’re going to joke at a time like this?” grumbled Raven. Then she yanked off her dress revealing, instantly changing into her normal wear.

“Let’s get him!” shouted Rainbow.

The others agreed, and they all lunged forth, but Changeling breathed out another breath of fire. Sparks and explosions blasted all over knocking everyone away.

Of course this is happening. Another curb-stomp. Excuse me if I take a back-seat to most of this.

Cyborg got up and fired a huge blast from his cannon, and Starfire shot her eye-beams. The two blasts hit him square on, but Changeling hardly suffered much damage as his strength had greatly increased in this form.

He proved this by mashing several damaged cars and lampposts into a huge ball and hurled it hard at the team.

“WHOA!!” cried Raven, and she used all her might to try to hold the ball in midair, but it was far too heavy for her alone. “Come on, girls!” cried Twilight, and she and the Equestrians each blasted a beam of light from their elements at the ball and helped Raven send it flying out to sea, splashing extremely hard into the water.

Too heavy? She's lifted worse.

“That was way too close!” cried Fluttershy, but she and the others felt very weary. That last blast combined from battling for so long, everyone was starting to feel a bit tuckered out. The elements of harmony were flashing, indicating their power was running low. They didn’t even have enough power to unleash their greatest attack and wouldn’t until they were left alone for a chance to recharge.

So, it's like Ultraman? They flash for a while but, unless it's a finale or a very special episode, they won't actually give out?

Come to think of it, I could be watching Ultraman right now instead of this.

“What’s wrong, running out of steam?” Changeling mocked “Here, have a drink on me…!” and he spewed from his mouth a flowing wave of blue sludge.

It's rather interesting that his color motif is now blue. Explanation?

Twilight gasped and screamed “…It’s toxic venom!!”

“Let’s move!” shouted Robin, and everyone leapt out of the way as a poison spread past them burning everything in its path.

With all this talk of dragons and utilization of strange abilities, I've been getting Monster Hunter vibes. How I miss the lot of those creatures.

But, hey. At least the film footage they released of the upcoming MH movie looks good.

The venom burned away quickly making it safe to tread along the ground again.

“We have to keep on fighting!” said Robin.

The others agreed, and they all charged forth.

“So that’s how you want to play it…?” scoffed Changeling, and he lunged forth as well, swinging his huge fists, and swiping his large tail.




Everyone was hit really hard and knocked away.

He then grabbed Raven in one of his claws. “A pity it didn’t work out. We’d have made such a charming couple.” Then he threw her hard colliding her with the others.

Terra and Fluttershy were backed against a wall with Changeling glaring them down, and there was no way for them to slip around him.

“Terra!” shouted Starfire.

“Fluttershy!” called Twilight.

Nope. I'm not feeling the tension. All I'm sensing is the lube the author is preparing for Beast Emo to save his waifus. Yeah. They're no longer characters in the fic. Waifu is a more fitting term.

The trembling girls held one another whimpering nervously as Changeling loomed over them. His fangs drooling with venom as he sneered, “You two shall have the honor of being the first to go…!”

He raised his claws ready for the big swipe.

“NO!!!” the others all shouted.

Suddenly, BASH!! A green Rhino came in and rammed hard into Changeling, sending him rolling along the road.

Okay, I'll admit. Rhinos are fragging awesome. And like I said, they can be absolutely adorable.

The Rhino then transformed, and he stood tall and fiercely.

“Beast Boy!” cried Cyborg. Everyone’s eyes lit up, but not as much as Fluttershy or Terra’s. “Beast Boy!” they both cried.

He looked over at them both, “You two okay?” he asked.

The girls both smiled lovingly at him and nodded, but then the realized the awkwardness as they gawked at one-another.

Changeling could hardly believe his eyes either as he gawked back at him. “Impossible! You can’t be here!”

"I've managed to wipe the floor with everybody else here, but a guy that transforms into animals?! MY ONE WEAKNESS! Still, at least you could kill me quicker."

Beast Boy said nothing. He just gazed furiously at the wicked creature, and let out a scream as he rushed forth!

Changeling growled and unleashed a breath of fire.

Beast Boy changed into a cheetah and zipped to the side evading the fire.

Changeling spewed out a wave of acid, and Beast Boy changed into a falcon, and flew harmlessly over the burning stream, right towards Changeling. He then swooped down and changed into a huge Elephant and slammed him hard.

I'm officially calling that move the "Dumbo Drop". Couldn't resist.

Changeling clutched his chest as he skidded back. Then he glared at Beast Boy, whom changed into a T-Rex and charged at him.

The two big brutes engaged in a struggle with their arms, while roaring and growling at one another.

Uh, guy. I'll admit. Tyrannosaurus has been speculated to have some really powerful arms, but they're kinda small. Why not the simplicity and ferocity of Allosaurus?

The others, still too weak to lend much of a hand, could only watch in fear and astonishment.

Beast Boy head bashed Changeling in the chest.

Changeling socked him hard in the face.

The two then swatted each other hard with their tails, knocking one-another hard up the road.

Sad thing is, I usually like it when monsters are locked in mortal combat.

Beast Boy changed into his human shape. Now he was madder than ever!

“You really should have remained where you were!” growled Changeling. “When I’m through with you, you will regret returning and facing me!”

“Wrong!” snapped Beast Boy “It’s who’s going to regret… regret messing with me…” he paused a minute, finding the courage for what he was about to say “…AND MY FRIENDS!”

And, in that shining moment, for reasons probably a few people could say...

Beast Emo's dignity and heart grew 3 sizes that day.

Everyone felt heart-struck that he said such a thing, but in a good way. The Titans were relieved to hear that, and so was Terra, but it was Twilight who was the most impressed. “There’s hope for him yet.” she muttered.

I'm actually kinda amused that she said that with some resentment. I'd be like that too if I was saddled (no pun intended) with his idiot.

Changeling laughed, “You don’t fool me. You know just as well as I do that Friendship is am empty force. It cannot save you from all things, and it can’t always make things right.”

All the Equestrians felt badly insulted. “Why you…!” Pinkie snarled, and she wanted to run out there and sock it to him, but the girls held her back.

Beast Boy was panting furiously, and his rage suddenly exploded. He clutched his head, moaning and groaning.

The Mykan virus was trying overtake him again and force him to become a complete asshat again! FIGHT IT, GARFIELD!

“Beast Boy!” cried Starfire.

“Ah, man, not this!” said Cyborg.

“What’s happening to him?” asked Fluttershy.

Terra was speechless as she watched Beast Boy start to grow in size that he stretched out of his clothes, tattering them all as he became a fierce werewolf-like beast.

“The Beast Within!” cried Robin!

Well....say what you will, but at least it isn't The Incredible Beast.

The Beast roared furiously at Changeling, who actually seemed concerned, but still not willing to back down, he roared and rushed the beast hard, but the beast furiously swatted his huge arms away and tackled him hard to the ground.

The Equestrians and Terra had never seen Beast Boy fight like this before, and the others Titans explained that this was his most powerful form and it only happened whenever he got extremely angry!

And it sent his Marty-Stu levels all the way to 11!

“Cool!” said Rainbow.

“It is not cool!” cried Starfire.


“She’s right, Beast Boy has hardly any control of himself now.” said Raven.

Terra and Fluttershy gasped when they heard that.

Everyone watched as the beast actually flipped Changeling over his head and onto the ground, while Changeling bashed him hard in the face with his tail!

Changeling was starting to feel a little exhausted, but still not willing to give up. “This is it…” he said to himself “I’ve had so many battles and yet each of them was an easy win! This is what I’ve been longing for: A true challenge!”


He glared he beast dead in the eyes, and the beast glared back at him.

Changeling unleashed another wave of fire, hitting the beast square on and damaging him badly.

Oh. I wondering when you were just gonna get to the point. The venom would have also been fine, but I suppose this is quicker.

“BEAST BOY!!” Fluttershy and Terra screamed.

The Beast, burned, but not beaten, roared and charged forth, forcing Changeling to spew out more venom, but the beast leapt up high, and swung on a lamppost like a gymnast over the stream, launching himself at Changeling and two continued to brawl.

Now, I have images of Gamera doing the same thing.

Is it concerning I keep bringing up superior media in this?

“Okay, we really gotta stop this somehow.” said Applejack.

“Ooh-Ooh…! I got an idea! Pick me Pick me!” squealed Pinkie.

“Um… Pinkie Pie…?”

Pinkie took in a huge breathe and spouted really fast, “By this time, Changeling’s probably getting tired from fighting so much, so maybe if we concentrate really, really hard and combine all our remaining powers and beliefs into the Elements of Harmony, they’ll glow so bright we can weaken Changeling enough for us to finally catch him.”

That was a lot to say, and lot for the others to take in, but they actually held onto every word. “Well, it could work…” said Twilight “I mean the elements have done stranger things before.”

"There was that New Years party incident, but that's another story."

"What? The one with the dwarf and the killer chandelier?"

“Except for one thing…” Robin pointed out “Beast boy will get hit too. We have to try and get him away from Changeling.”

“Yeah, that’s easier said than done.” said Rainbow, and she was right; the beast hardly seemed distracted by anything and just kept on brawling with Changeling… like it was ready to fight to the death!

“Let me try…” Terra suddenly said “Maybe I can get him to listen to me, and I can get him to stop.”

You know what would be a nice change of pace and be amusing at the same time? If Fluttershy, finally remembering she's not some kind of waif, unleashes what she did against that bear a .gif ago and forced the both of them to come to a stalemate.

Yeah, I'm a dreamer. So what?

“Terra, that’s crazy,” snapped Robin. “I agree,” added Starfire “If you go out there, you might be badly hurt or worse…!”

“Look, I know it’s dangerous but it just might work.” protested Terra “Beast Boy and I still have a connection; I know that if I can just reach out to it he’ll listen to me.”

Yes, you do have a connection. A connection that, frankly, wasn't healthy to begin with.

The others couldn’t argue with that.

As for Fluttershy, it was obvious even to her that Terra still harbored deep feelings for Beast Boy as she did, but as she was needed to power up the elements, and she could also see maybe Terra would be able to help just as she would if it were she going out there… she softly smiled and told her “Good luck!”

Terra smiled back at her. “I know how you feel about him, but…”

“It’s okay, just go.”

"I'm going for the dragon I scolded long ago, anyway."

The others thought it was heart-warming and seeing no other way, they all gave Terra their support, and each told her to be really careful.

Terra then dashed off to wait for an opening in the fight for her to jump in.

“Darling, are you alright about this?” Rarity asked, and Fluttershy nodded innocently but she did feel a little down about it.

Rarity never got to say that she had some feelings for her.

What? A gay romance in a Mykan fic would raise a few eyebrows and be interesting to boot, at least.

“Okay, everyone gather in close.” Twilight said.

“What can we do?” asked Cyborg.

“You need to concentrate hard.” replied Twilight “Think about all the positivity you can, that you want to share and want to give. It just may work.”

“That’s usually not one of my best traits.” grumbled Raven. The other Titans gave her a look to go along with it. “Fine, I’ll try.”

Think of the canon, everybody! Everything the author took!

“Okay… concentrate.” said Twilight. The team all held hands in a ring, shut their eyes tight, and concentrated as best they could. Each of the Titans thought deeply towards Beast Boy.

Robin: “Beast Boy, I’m sorry I’ve been so hard on you. Please understand that.”

Oh. So the elements will only respond to what amounts to a pity-fest from the Titans. This outta be rich.

Starfire: “Friend, I wish not to be hostile with you anymore. I would do anything I can to given one final chance to make things right.”

You never WERE hostile to him in this fic. You were being demure as always, but, to quote Mykan, "Once a bitch, ALWAYS a bitch."

Do you all need anymore proof that his mind's got full-on one track?

Cyborg: “Don’t give up, BB. I’ve always thought of you as a bro… a real bro… always.”

Frankly, Beast Emo didn't deserve you the most, next to Raven.

Raven: “Beast Boy… I… I know we’ve had more bad times than good, you know how it is, but… I still love you, and I always will. Even if you don’t feel the same about me, I really can and want to understand you better, just how you tried to understand me.”

Their feelings of extreme honesty and pureness were already strengthening the elements, but they still needed more time, more power.

Several hours later, they were at full power, but Beast Boy was nothing but a stain on the floor by then. Changeling had resolved to just impale himself with a street lamp.

Changeling and the Beast were engaged in another struggle. The Beast bit Changeling’s arm hard, making him roar in pain. The Beast then bashed Changeling hard and sent him tumbling backwards through the air, but Changeling retaliated with another flame breath knocking his opponent up the road.

Changeling lay on the ground, weak and battered while trying to find his next wind, while the beast seemed equally as weak, but still wouldn’t stay down!

You may think that it's fair that Beast Boy is actually struggling to beat him this time in one of these fics, but keep in mind. He's holding his ground better than the other Titans. Fairness and not hogging the spotlight? What's that?

As he got up and prepared to lunge back for more fighting, Terra leapt out in front of him. “Beast Boy, stop!” she cried.

The beast took one look at Terra and roared at her, seeing her as an obstacle between him and his opponent he wanted to finish off.

“Beast Boy, please! Listen to me…” she paused “…I love you!”

The beast’s growls grew softer at those words.

“I love you… and I’m sorry… sorry for everything I did. I was wrong!”

The beast was hardly growling at all now, and he actually could think back to all those time, including Things Change and how she rejected him and pushed him aside. He also reflected to how mean and angrily he had treated her by telling her off when they ran into one another.

Well, at least you admit the fact that you both f-ed up. At least, while missing a few other details, but credit where credit is due.

…But now, seeing her there and confessing these feelings to him. He picked her up gently and held her up over his head and he looked deeply into her tear-filled eyes, which melted away at his heart.

“Beast Boy… I’m sorry.” she cried “I can’t fight it… and I can’t change it.

...I love you!”

Two of her tears fell upon his face, and nothing could prove her heart more than that.

He softly brought her close and hugged her warmly, and she hugged him warmly, and planted a small kiss on his warm cheek.

"I'm standing right here, jackass! I'm about ready to burn your friends. Hello?! Could someone kill me actually? Right now?"

If only the other could had seen, they would had bawled their eyes out by the sweetness, but the only sound that was heard was Changeling snickering. “Oh, that’s so sweet… I think I’m going to be sick!” and he spewed out more venom.

Less spewed and more upchucked. Turns out, that wasn't a joke.

The beast, still clutching Terra, was forced to jump up to avoid getting hit, but Changeling leapt over towards then, and sank his fangs hard into the beast’s back. The beast roared and howled in pain and Terra screamed in horror!

The beast looked horribly injured, worse than before, but still gave Changeling a huge shove and sent him crashing to the ground.

“I’ll get you for that!” he shouted up at him.

“No!” Twilight called to him “…You won’t!”

Her eyes were glowing with a white light, as were the Equestrians, and their elements. The Titans stood by their side, continued to fuel the elements with their wishes for harmony and peace.

And an end to this damn thing.

Changeling tried to breathe more fire and spew more venom, only to finally have run low on power form battling for so long. “No! No!! This can’t be happening!” he cried.

“Oh, it’s happenin’ alright.” Cyborg chuckled.

“You will now answer for everything you have done!” added Starfire. All the others nodded in agreement, and in a blinding flash, the elements unleashed multi-colored streaks of magic which combined into one massive beam that fired straight at Changeling, enveloping him and sapping the remains of his evil powers.

All this followed by the biggest flash of lightning and loudest thunder crash of the storm.

…But was it all good enough?

Well, it at least gave the others leeway into laying the final blow. I think.

Author's Note:

Can't exceed my word limit rules!

You brought that upon yourself. Maybe that's the reason for the next chapter.

See you soon.

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The mistakes I see in this this work are to be pointed out so they may not be repeated.
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Well. Here we are. The final chapter. We've been building up to this and only one question remains. Will friendship fail here or will Mykan manage to botch up even THAT? Guess we'll have to find out.

Also, he contacted and you can be he was more than a bit incensed about my remark about the Magic Voice videos. Look, Mykan, we're allowed to express our opinions and, yes, you can defend them to your leisure. I'll give you that. There was also an email that featured the first episode of the anime known as "Otaku Teacher", in order to both tick me off and show how he wants to live his life.

My reaction...eh. Okay. Fair enough. I'm a sucker for anime too (Dragonball and Azumanga Daioh come to mind)

Either way...here we go.

Pink= Myself

White= Nothing but dust in the wind

Final Chapter: I'll Miss You

Despite everything, I just might with the author when he inevitably passes. At least he'll have someone to bow his future hat down in respect. I'll probably convince the other guys here to do the same.

The storm had eased up a little, it was only raining softly now.

The heroes were all exhausted, the streets were a mess, but in the midst of it all, Changeling, back in human form, lay smoldering on the ground, weak, frail, and unable to escape.

"Dammit. I'm not dead. And to think...Mykan was so adamant on killing off his villains..."

The heroes all approached him and gazed down pitifully at him. “It’s over, Changeling.” Robin said. The others all glared down at him, and Applejack gave her rope a threatening tug in front of him.

Changeling had no choice but to go quietly.

"Well, at least there's a good chance I'll die in prison. So, there's that."

You know, I'm really surprised at the level of restraint Mykan is showing here. Rather than just have the elements kill off the main villain, they just depower him. Huh.

He was tied of tightly, and kept under a close watch, as much as they all wanted to celebrate…

“Beast Boy…!” Terra cried, the others all turned and saw her looming over Beast Boy. He was in his human form again, his uniform was all tattered, but he didn’t look so good as he lay on the ground.

The theme used here in yet another video is "Tragic Memory" from Familiar of Zero. Gotta say. Good theme for a sad scene. If there's one value I can count on one hand about Mykan, he can show some good taste in music.

When Changeling had bitten him, the venom laced on his fangs entered his bloodstream. The poison was unknown to any Earth elements, and it was already more than too late.

…He was dying, and there was nothing any of the others could do about it.

I'd say Changeling did us some good by ridding this world of one emo idiot, but, well, the guy manned up for a bit. Yeah, this is awkward.

“Oh, no!” cried Robin.

“Beast Boy?!” cried Fluttershy.

He was still breathing as he looked up at Terra as he laid her arms. “Te…rra…?” he spoke so softly it was almost hard to hear him.

Also, very gargled. That venom has a string of side-effects, turns out.

Tears were cascading down Terra’s face, “It’s okay, Beast Boy…” she sobbed “I’m right here, I’m not going to leave you again!”

"I'm never going to disagree with whatever you say, bear your babies, and, if you do die, blame myself for every little thing that's happened!"

He raised his hand ever so weakly and held hers. “Te…rra…!”

She felt his hand starting to slip out of hers… and it just flopped down onto his chest.

Cyborg scanned him with his computer, and he sadly shook his head, and clenched his fists really tight.

Terra clutched Beast Boy’s dead body close and softly let out all her emotion.

Starfire began to cry and Robin held her softly, while struggling with his own outrage and sadness.

“Beast Boy…” Raven sobbed softly, “No… Please don’t go! We we’re going to make it up to you!” She was so upset and hurt that she pulled her hood completely over her face, softly crying to herself.

Raven isn't here. She's in hoodie-town.

Also, you already made it up by being heroes. Don't be so hard on yourselves. Kudos.

Spike let out a sad howl. All of the Equestrians had tears in their eyes. “No…” Twilight peeped “There was hope for him.”

Not for as long as Mykan keeps making fanfics. It's a vicious cycle, I know.

Easily, Fluttershy was the most devastated, “I never got to tell him...” she peeped “And now… I never will!”

I'm pretty sure that kiss you guys had confirmed that he was into you.

Everyone sat and stood where they were, bewailing the loss of their friend, while Changeling was somewhat amused as he thought “How tragic. They win the battle, but in way… they still lost the war.”

Terra lifted her head up and looked down at Beast Boy’s face. She wouldn’t let him go without having at least one-- she leaned forward softly and placed her lips over his, though he couldn’t return her kiss.

So, wait? His last words literally were "Terra." His life really did run it's course.

They gave Beast Boy a small funeral. His body, since it was already rotting from the inside because of the venom, was cremated, and his ashes were kept in a stone chalice Raven had in her room, and the chalice was kept in a niche in the wall over the table in the lounge, so it would be like he was still there.

Hopefully, it'll be kept there to respect him and Raven won't turn it into a shrine like Beast Emo did with Terra's statue.

Everyone was just devastated, and it would take time to get over all this, especially for Terra. She felt so guilty for remembering being so hard on him, but it was comforting somewhat to know that he actually seemed willing to forgive her, or he wouldn’t have hugged her.

…But still, it really hurt her!

It's kinda amusing how that was formatted. It was like Mykan, like a little kid trying to convince me of something, tried to still make it sad.

“Terra…?” Robin said to her. She turned to face him, and she burst into tears, sobbing over his shoulder. He held her tight letting her cry.

The others felt positively crushed for her, and for Fluttershy, understanding that she had feelings for Beast Boy too, but that didn’t really matter too much now.

A couple of days later, the Titans showed the authorities the cave where Changeling had stashed all that he had stolen. Soon, the banks were restocked, and the businesses were all saved from their financial distress, putting the city at ease again… once all the collateral damages were repaired of course.

As we've seen before, cities in superhero cartoons (with a few exceptions, probably) tend to rebuild quite quickly. So, no biggie.

However, many of the citizens, when the found out about Beast Boy’s death and how he helped to save all the assets and beat Changeling, many of them felt really bad. Then again, some didn’t even seem to care. Not even the Js, which earned them all ridicule and disrespect for their own nastiness.

So, anyone who didn't kiss his feet was demonized? I get that speaking ill of the dead is really bad, but given the track record of some of these fics, I wouldn't be surprised.

As for the Equestrians, the Titans escorted them back to Canterlot High, which was still deserted as there was no school that day because of the airshow.

And the subsequent arrest of some innocent high-schoolers for almost causing an international incident.

“Must you really go back to your world?” asked Starfire “There is so much we can learn from one another.”

I’m sorry, but we really have to go.” said Twilight.

“Eeyup.” added Applejack as she tugged on Changeling’s ropes “We gotta get this bad apple into the slammer. There’s many a pony waitn’ to get their hooves on him.”

"You mean I can die?! If you didn't hate my guts, I'd kiss you!"

“We only can’t begin to apologize for all that has happened.” said Rarity “Especially for… for Beast Boy.”

Apologize for WHAT!? That whole trial thing was, yes, inconveniencing, but the Equestrians were incredibly nice to him! And I've already talked about the "injustices" the Titans did.

Everyone felt the same way, “It’s not really your fault.” said Cyborg “It just happened, we weren’t ready for it.”

The Equestrians were more than understanding, but just like the Titans they wished it hadn’t happened and maybe Beast Boy wouldn’t be gone.

For now, it was best they, the two teams, went their separate ways, but perhaps someday the Titans would venture into Equestria. It sounded like an okay place to explore… but this was so not the time.

You gotta admit. It's pretty awesome that Equestria has a bunch of famed and dedicated superheroes on speed dial now.

Robin approached Twilight and handed her a Teen Titan Communicator. “If you’re ever come back and you need help, you can call us. We’ll be there.”

She accepted it and shook his hand, “Thank you… for everything.”

"Then again, there was this Peter Parker guy I've heard about...got his phone number?"

"Wrong universe, Twilight."

Smiles and thankful nods were exchanged, and then the girls bid their farewells as one-by-one they marched through the portal and were gone.

“Now that is cool.” Cyborg said, and the others all agreed with him, but then they heard the sounds of police sirens as a couple of cruisers passed by.

Robin looked at his teammates, and they all nodded to get into the action. “How about you, Terra…?”

She smiled barely and snapped her goggles over her eyes, implying she was now a member of the team again, for keeps this time. It was where she belonged, and nothing would have pleased her more to help fight crime again, “…for Beast Boy.”

Sigh. Fine. Just don't screw up like last time. Still, there's going to be a ton of people with a bunch of questions for you.

Robin tossed her another communicator. “Titans, Go!” and off they all ran!

To White Castle!

After the ponies all returned to Equestria, Changeling was handed over to their authorities and was immediately sentenced to life imprisonment and hard labour for all his crimes and murders.

Where he gained a new purpose in life by becoming a favorite among the inmates.

The ponies then reported to Princess Celestia in person and turned in the Elements of Harmony, to send them back to the Tree of Harmony to recharge their powers.

Where they could inevitably be replaced by another macguffin or be one-uped by one of the author's future "original" villains.

“Well done, all of you.” She said proudly to her subjects, but then she sighed sadly “…But I am very sorry to hear of what happened to Beast Boy.”

The others all felt the same.

Rarity sniffled, “When I think of the poor dear, and how he… he went. Oh, this is so dreadful.”

Twilight hung her head low, trying to fight off her tears. “He was a very special friend. He had great potential, and a lot of heart.”

Said the many readers who witnessed their favorite Titan get bastardized into a stock anti-hero powered by whining in a world where all crimes and tragedies are equal.

Applejack didn’t seem like the rest of them. She wasn’t really crying, but she was upset on the inside. “Well, for what it’s worth, at least he died a hero.”

You're slowly becoming my favorite pony. In that case, I'm ready to fork over my twenties for a commission of you and Titanosaurus getting hitched.

The others agreed with her. They probably never would have been able to capture Changeling without him.

Because he is always superior to everyone in these fics. Who's betting even the gods themselves would fall to him? Broly, dare we dream?

Of course, Fluttershy was still visibly heartbroken. She just stood outside on the terrace by herself. Everyone felt just horrible for her, but all the friendship and all the magic in Equestria would never bring Beast Boy back.

“You okay?” Rainbow asked as she came out to her “Oh, what am I saying… of course you’re not.”

“I’ll be okay, Rainbow Dash.” she said turning to smile bravely but sadly at her.

I never got how one can "smile bravely". Is it a cocky smirk? A facade on the face?

The others came out and Twilight approached her “Look, we all decided you should have this…” and she passed her the communicator.

Fluttershy took it and clutched it close to her chest. “I wonder…” she said as she looked up at the sky “I wonder where he is now, and if he’s found peace.”

There can be no peace in the Mykan-verse. Just an seemingly endless cycle of rebirth into even more mudane plots. No wonder people become miserable easily here.

The others, even Celestia all wondered that, and some believe he was at peace.

Fluttershy then closed her eyes, and looked deep in her heart, remember all those times she and Beast Boy shared.

All those...very minimal times. Do I have to repeat what I said about Mykan and dating again?

“I’ll.” miss you… Beast Boy…

Thank you… for everything!”

And thank you for ending this.

Author's Note:

Well, the protocol had to be followed (Even though I wrote the fic the way it is) BB is dead, and that means Friendship FAILED in that field.

Excuse me for a moment.

I'll explain soon enough of why that is the most hilarious line in the entire fanfic. But, for now, take a gander of this.

-An alternate ending I had was, even after everything that happened, Terra would still be dedicated to her NORMAL life. The titans would still be bad to BB, and BB would be denied to return to Equestria and have relationship with Fluttershy, promoting him to leave angrily declare he needs no one and is never seen or heard from again, which makes Twilight scold the Titans "...I've alwasy stood strong for Friendship. I always believed there was hope and good in all involved... but I guess I was wrong with this. You ARE horrible people."

Of course for that work out, so many things would have be rewritten, and would take too long.

You read right, but are you even surprised? He would have written that badly written and even MORE emo story, but didn't because it would require time and effort. Let's just move on.

Either way, my protocol is followed, the Titans have been punished, and the ponies friendship failed to save Beast Boy, and for EVEN THINKING of moving on without Terra... BB paid the price for upsetting me

Except it did save him. Don't worry, the explanation is coming up.

"Failure cannot be tolerated."

*Glares at the other MALES of the cartoon couples I ship*

Stop glaring at the nothing in your room, Mykan. You know nobody answers.

"When you work for me... success is amply rewarded... but fail and you will receive the same treatment and fate as the miserable to wretch you have just seen executed!"

TELL me that doesn't sound like something a mad king would say to his subjects. "You either fall in love with this person or I make whatever misery in your heart increase a thousand fold." is the impression I get. It's rather cute. I mean, this is just a 30 year old manchild, not a supervillain!

That's how my protocol works with these fics. (You die/no happy ending for you... Period)

Until the next time...

*To the Ponies*

And he closes off with the "You filthy animals" clip. Yeah. Filthy animals. Are you even trying to keep your insecurities to a minimum?

And now, the explanation and, by extension, the summation of what makes this fanfic so inane and utterly pointless. Forget the fact that the characters have been turned into Mykan's own puppets that he carved his own ideals into. Forget the fact that there are plot-holes lining this thing like a bullet-riddled tank. Forget the videos. Forget the angst. Forget that all.

It's the fact that the fanfic fails in doing what it set out to do. Mainly, prove that friendship is failure (I'm going to be paraphrasing from an email from Legendbringer that was sent to me).

You see, friendship didn't fail. Beast Boy, for all the scrap he's pulled off in this fanfic, was humanized by friendship so much that he, in the words of the fanfic, "died a hero". He died with his ideals restored and, heck, the villain was really defeated by a super-powered attack POWERED by positivism and friendship in the first place. Did it fail because he died? No, for reasons I just stated. The mourning broke the others? No, they said they'll keep fighting bad guys and helping people with their friendship problems for the sake of their fallen comrade.

Hell, you could say this about every single Friendship is Failure story, with a few major variations. Rarity's story? You'd have to believe she'd stoop to stealing ideas AND letting the words of a low-rate guy would say about her get to her. Twilight's Tale? The guy was a whiny jackass. The newest one? Things actually got better and it was treated as a somber thing, but that's another story. Out of respect and my sanity, I won't tackle those "stories".

Me and Legendbringer agree. This is basically a string of stories taking the same ques from the damn Spiderman story known as "One More Day". There, nobody could fix a bullet wound (not even Doctor motherfragging Doom) because Quesada willed it. Here, friendship basically failed because the author said so. The conclusion of this fic barely makes his claims plausible.

So, yeah. There you have it. Another example of hubris. And, you know, I've learned a lot. I've learned about not only this hypocrisy in motion, but also that me and Mykan are like two sides on the same coin. I'm a bumbling and somewhat vitriolic, but otherwise lovable dork who loves girly things and is willing to admit my mistakes. I'm willing to admit I'm wrong. I'm willing to admit that this mock might be hurtful to others and there are better forms of criticism. This might not be the site for others. Mykan, on the other side, is a closeted and extremely aggressive indivisual who must always be right to keep his inflated ego afloat and loathes pretty much everyone (including himself).

The major thing? Effort and love. He sees the former as too long and arduous, while the latter is a weakness to him. I, on the other hand, have grown stronger and smarter due to a combination of passion and determination. I have myself, my brother, my mother, my father, my pets, whatever friends I do have (I'm not the social butterfly one would think I am), and life itself to thank. And you know what? I'm still learning and awaiting the day I get to hold my child's hand (if I have one/am qualified enough, that is). Mykan? He'd sooner quit then bother trying to press onward.

And don't say that these fics are your obligation, author. If you were "obligated" to do them, you wouldn't show so much zeal in defending them. Also, at this point, I think this little "confrontation" between you and me can be summed up in this song (interpret it the way you wish).

Well, that was something. I hope you all had a good time. And, you know what? Mykan, here's to us.

See you soon!


The mistakes I see in this this work are to be pointed out so they may not be repeated.
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A damn fine job, Good Sir.

Now, if I may add my two cents, Mykan believes himself to be a very talented individual who is just a lucky break away from stardom. You see, he wanted to be a voice actor/writer/whatever but, instead of getting an education like everybody else, he decided it would be much more impressive if he just went ahead and practiced on his own. Needless to say, that didn't work. Instead of realizing life is not a stupid Disney movie, he threw a monumental temper tantrum and decided that if he could not get the things he wanted in the way he wanted, it was not worth it. That's why he projects so much on characters like BB, Davis from Digimon 02 and even Spike; he believes them to be unappreciated heroes, much like he believes himself to be. That's why, when he's not writing shit like Dueling Drama Much where he's a super awesome teacher/king/duelist, he writes shit like this where he lashes at the rest of the world for their "uncaring" ways.
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