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> The Project and The Plumber, Paper Mario TTYD is my favorite anime
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post Jan 8 2017, 08:56 AM
Sup guys, it's your main man VGtree. Today, I will be mocking a fanfic writen by KingChaotixX7, who was so tired of not being laid while playing Paper Mario: The Thousand year door, that he created this monstrosity. Oh and let me give you a hint on what kind of fanfic I'm reading, the author inserted himself into the story!

Chapter 1:Freedom, Fights, and Friends

(Hey, It's King again! This time, I'll take a little change of pace and work on this Mario story as well! It's my first romance story and some of the characters will have some more human characteristics,

Because lord know how things will go if you fuck Goombella or Ms. Mowz in their regular form.

so give me some reviews and feedback! There will be lemons in this fanfic. This will be taking place during the Thousand Year Door saga and the characters will be in 3D and not paper form.

“I tried to fuck paper once, that shit gave me 20 stitches”

All characters from Nintendo go to their respected owners.)

Hello, my name is Rick Evans. I'm 20 years old, and i'm black. I'm kind of slender and i'm about 6'7. have a flat nose, blue eyes, black hair and black eyebrows.

Considering what kind of fic this is, I can imagine why all of these traits would be more than desirable, especially to a lad like you.

IMy usual clothes through this whole thing is a black long sleeve turtleneck that's made of a special carbon fiber that's made specifically for combat as well as my black pants. The shirt had a white middle zipper opening. I had a white t-shirt on.

Knowing that taught me so much about your story.

Let's take a look at my life and how this crazy adventure began...

Oooh oooh, I know this one! It has something to do with being a pathetic dweeb who can’t get laid who found a monitor and a keyboard.

I actually started out as just an innocent child.

“But one fateful day, I discovered…the Internet”

I lived in Miami, Florida. My parents were murdered when I was 5 years old. I never really had anyone to rely on after they died.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if Bruce Wayne was raised by the CIA? Me neither, but the author’s going to tell you anyway.

One day, I was abducted by multiple men in black suits and taken into a black van.

God, imagine if that was a white van.

I was so scared because I had no clue what was going to happen to me.

Look on the bright side, you don’t have to lose your virginity. At least not right now.

I had my eyes closed the whole time. When we stopped, I finally opened my eyes again and saw a large building. I didn't know what was going on at the time, why it was happening, or even where I was. I did the moment I had realized what was going on, I was knocked out cold from behind.

Why haven’t they done that when they were loading him onto the truck? Doing it at this point of the story just seems to be totally pointless, as it doesn’t seem to serve any real purpose for the story other than to make this dry story look more dramatic.

Since that very moment, I became the government's little lab rat. It wasn't all bad, though. I was treated with plenty of food and care. It was mostly because one of the scientists said that my own genetic code is different than other humans.

All the others that didn’t have the sue gene all suffered electrocution, days of torture and injections of unidentified toxic chemicals.

Non sue lives matter! Spread the word!

I was trained in fitness, got injected with all sorts of crap in syringes, taught about all sorts of basic education, and I was even taught how to fight. I learned all sorts of combat styles such as American Karate, American Kenpo, Bojuka, Bok Fu, Close Quarters Combat, Chun Kuk Do, Collegiate wrestling, Danzan-ryū, Emerson Combat Systems, Jailhouse rock (52 Hands Block/JHR), Marine Corps Martial Arts Program, Modern Army Combatives, S.C.A.R.S. (military), and even Shootfighting. (American). I learned all of that and a few sword fighting styles after being stuck in that facility for 15 years.

Who needs character development when all of those things can be given to you on the spot?

Constant experiments and medical procedures ended up giving my genetic code a complete overhaul and practically made me a demigod.

Which was so special, it apparently wasn’t special enough.

Through some incidents in the past, some parts of my body was exchanged for the highest grade of mechanical weaponry. I learned how to jump into the air for miles,

The uses for such a power are endless!

gained super speed,

Gotta go fast!

digitize and create weapons of my own if need be,

If the government has this kind of technology, our army should’ve been able to kick ISIS in the shlong by now.\

fly with special anti-gravity power, and create extra arms from my back for more fighting power.

Shiva is not amused!

My strength even allowed me to move, carry, and withstand at least 600 tons of pressure

If that’s the case, the place should be crumbling to pieces by now, seeing how you should be able to punch through a brick wall as if it were made of styrofoam.

and my skin made me almost invincible to weapon fire. I could even drain an opponent of all of their powers and abilities when they were beaten.

Why not give him the ability to take the powers and abilities at anytime? He’s a fucking army inside of a single man, so of course he’s going to defeat the enemy!

I was grateful for getting all of the powers and everything, but part of me wanted to go outside and see the outside world again.

“I want to wreck the world with all of my stuness, then my master plot will be complete.”

I've always made pleas with my superiors about leaving the place, but it never happened.

“Hey, superiors I really want to leave! I need to become a believable three dimensional character.”

“No, you’re not a big enough stu yet.”

Then one night, I learned about their future plans for me.

“We’re just going to trash him because we realized how much of a cardboard cutout he is, plus the Paper Mario canon is best left without any of those.”

I was walking through one of the hallways when I overheard Science Director Dr. Levins talking with General Fisher...

"Damn it, man! When is Project Alpha going to be ready!?

As soon as he finds the seven dragon balls.

Our tax dollars are paying for your little human test tube because he is the key for our troops becoming stronger! Why is this taking so long!?"

"I can assure you that all of our efforts in truly harnessing Project Alpha's true potential will not be in vain. Thankfully, he can still reproduce which means that he can help create a new version of humanity. He is truly the next step in evolution.

Assuming he doesn’t wipe out humanity first with his unlimited power.

Once we unlock his true power, he will become our ultimate weapon! No force in the world will ever dare to oppose us again!"

Unless, you know they also find a way to make sues in training.

"You better have soon good results soon, maggot!"

I heard the footsteps of the General walking in my direction. I had to act fast. I grew my four extra arms, jumped up, and grabbed on to the ceiling to not be seen. It's a
good thing I practiced stealth every now and then.

And they never thought about teaching you that while they were teaching you martial arts?

After the General had passed by, I knew what I had to do.

I snuck up to him and crushed his head, making my escape.

"Ok, that settles it. I have to get out of here. These bastards really do only see me as a weapon!" I thought.

“I mean, I can’t just accept the fact that I’ll go down in history as a superhuman”

I immediately rushed back to my room to collect all of my things. They all treated me like a normal person growing up until now.

I had gathered up everything that I had owned into a special duffel bag that can carry almost anything.

Felix: Now where did I put my magic bag?

I tossed in my iPad, Jawbone Jukebox(look it up), and even some pistols and knives that I had. I also activated a secret compartment underneath my bed that had a weapons and ammo cache. It had assault rifles, sub machine guns, riot shields and more. I stuffed everything into the bag and got ready to rush out when suddenly...

You know, considering the fact that this guy’s skin is impenetrable to almost all means of attack, learned a shit ton of martial arts, has the ability to actually carry 600 tons, and possibly even more than that, and even had his body to be jacked up to being the fucking Terminator, is there really any purpose of packing up all of these weapons? He could just as easily walk up to the enemy and then kill them Mortal Kombat style. Even if that were not the case, hasn’t the author already stated that he can create any weapon from his conscience when need be?

(Multiple Guns are Cocked Back)

I turn around to see that multiple Black Ops soldiers have all of their guns pointed at me! Dr. Levin walked in front of them after they made a gap for him to pass by. He was smiling as he had given the impression that he knew that I had no way out.

Why don’t you just kill them all? You have the god damned powers of a god, now would be the perfect time to use them.

"Tsk, tsk, tsk. I must say that I am very disappointed in you, Mr. Evans. Trying to run away from the very people who raised you, cared for you, and helped you when you had nothing?" sighed Dr. Levins.

"Stay away you bastards! Especially you, Director! You were never going to let me go! You would have gladly kept me around for your own selfish needs until I was of no further use to you!" I yelled angrily.

"Oh come now, Mr. Evans. What would possibly ever give you the idea that we would do that?" asked the Director.

"I heard what you said to the General."

"Well, then it seems that someone knows a little bit too much. No matter. All it will take is a bit of brain surgery to change your mind."

And possibly a lobotomy.

"I would rather die!" I snapped.

"That can be arranged. We have more subjects like you in stasis. I'm sure that we can afford to lose one more. Prepare to open fire on my signal."

"Oh crap! Oh crap! Oh crap! Is this really the end?" I thought to myself.


As I panicked about the status of my current situation, I started praying to God in hopes that I would make it out of here alive.

"Dear lord in heaven, I truly hope that you can hear my plea. Please, grant me this one single wish..."


"It is my only single and true desire.

“I want to fuck Goombella up her tight asshole!”

I wish to be in another world..."


"A world where... I can truly be free!" I yelled out loud.


After hearing a voice come from out of nowhere, I turn around to find a blinding light appear right behind me.

“Hey is that a train?”

It engulfed me and I began to black out...

Unknown Location, Unknown Time




"Ugh... Huh? Where am I?"

I awaken to find myself... Falling from the sky!?

Well, that was totally unexpected, being sent to your dream world only to fall from the sky. But then again, I am reading a fanfic on TTYD, which starts off with some guy becoming a government experiment.

"Oh shit!"

I look for some decent ground to land on when I notice that I was about to land in a boating dock and that five unknown people were in the very spot where I was going
to fall.

“Hmm, should I fall in the water where my velocity slows down and I can fall down safely, or should I just land on these groups of people and create a crater, anime style? I want to make this story as much of a knockoff anime as possible so I’ll just go with the crater.”


As I yelled my warning, I landed on my feet between both sides of people and created a small crater where I crashed.

So far, this story has to be my favorite anime. Screw Cory in the House, this shit’s amazing.

The impact from the fall sent a serious shock through my body. Normally, I can handle that kind of stuff, but since I wasn't ready... Well... you know.

"Ouch... The least that freakin' light could've done was put me on the ground! Damn it all!"

At least the story is being self-aware

I shook the fall off and noticed that a man in red and blue overalls and a young girl was standing right behind me. They were both pretty shocked to find a random dude falling from the sky. Then again, who wouldn't be?

"Outta my way, punk!" said another voice.

Moar Description Porn Incoming

I turned to my front to notice a tubby man dressed in black with a white x on the front of his clothing. He wore black shoes and white gloves as well. He goggles on his eyes, a hat with horns, a red beard, and a red cape. He spoke in a tough and mean voice. I noticed that there were two more guys wearing clothes like his. Although they were wearing goggles, the both of them had red shirts with black x's on them, white boots, white gloves, and white hats. The large one snapped at me again trying to get my attention.

"Hey, I said move it!"

He charged and attempted to ram into me, but I moved to my left and tripped him.

The man behind me took out a hammer and whacked the fat man in the head.

"U mad, bro?" I taunted.

Who me? How could I be mad, when I’m reading a story called “The Project and The Plumber” with such a ridiculous premise?

"You little...!"

He regained his balance and tried to punch me in the head, but he only ended up breaking his knuckles in the process.

"Gah! Dang it! That hurts!"

“Nobody told me this guy was a brainless self insert!”

"You done making an idiot out of yourself, fat boy?"

"Lord Crump!" Yelled one grunt.

"Sir! Are you alright?" Yelled another.

I took advantage of that moment and grabbed him. I used my extra arms to hold on to him and make sure that he couldn't escape. I launched him into the air. I pulled
back all of my arms and got ready for the next attack.


I sent what looked like hundreds of fists flying at him at high speed hitting him everywhere on his body.

Everyone that was watching awed in amazement. I like to see him shrug that off. After he fell down to the ground after roughly 437 punches, I walked up to him and stooped down.

"Make a good mental note of what just happened, fat ass. You will never defeat me." I said to him.

And like any good fan fiction, the protagonist never has any believable flaws.

His grunts pushed me out of the way and scraped him up. After they got him, Crump looked at me with what I believe was a smirk. It was hard to tell since his clothes was covering his face.

This is Crump:

Just by looking at him, can’t you just tell he’s a man of 1,000 faces? Apparently, we’re all dumbasses.

"Buh! Buh! Buh huh huh! Ok, you got a couple decent shots in, I'll give you that.

But...unfortunately for you, that means... IT'S GO TIME!

As he said that, hundreds of grunts came out of nowhere and gathered all around us.

"Real brave, you pussy. You can't fight me so you send your buddies to do all of the work for you? Pfft, some leader you are."

“Only pussies order their troops to fight a beast like me.”


At that very moment, the entire mob of grunts dove right into us. Unbelievably, they all miss us completely and the young girl finds a way out.

So they completely missed you, but yet they tackled you enough that you’d have to find a way out.

"Quick! This way!" Yelled the girl.

Me and the man in red and blue manage to get out the same way she did.

"Phew! What a bunch of loons! Let's just sneak out of here, what do you say?" Whispered the girl.

The man nodded.

"I'm with you guys, so let's make like trees and get the fuck outta here." I said.

“Dude, you don’t make out like a tree, you are a tree.” the girl whispered.

As we sneaked our way into the main square, we managed to catch our breaths. The young girl went up to me and the man.

"Whew... Thanks, you two! You guys are real life savers! I have just GOT to give you a little reward!" Said the girl.

She went up to the other guy and kissed him on the cheek. After that she walked up to me and whispered in my ear...

"Don't worry, cutie. I have a special little "reward" for you in mind...

As predictable this story is, I can arguably give this fic points for at least warning minors about the hell they’re about to encounter later.

Anyway, my name's Goombella. I'm a student at the University of Goom. Nice to meet ya! So, uh... Who are you two?"

After she introduced herself, I got a good, overall look at her. Goombella looked like a girl in her early 20s. She had some nice thighs and her breast size appeared to be a C-Cup.

I can also give this thing points for hinting the fact that this story was made solely for masturbatory purposes.

She had brown eyebrows, a fang coming from her lower jaw, and she had brown eyes with eyelashes.

Does that mean the eyes have eyes of their own with their own eyelashes, and those eyes also have eyes of their own, and so forth?

She held a closed, green book in her right hand and had her left had on her left hip. She had brown gloves and boots.

And enlighten us, author, seeing how you made this story to fuck up the Paper Mario canon by fucking its bitches, is that all she’s wearing? If so, get the fuck away from her, she’s mine!

I thought that she looked really cute.

For a fine gal like that, “cute” would be an understatement.

"The name's Rick. Rick Evans. It's a pleasure to meet you, Goombella!" I said in a happy tone.

The man beside me introduced himself as Mario.

Rule one of any Mario Universe, not counting that shitty CD-I game or any of those shitty educational games: Mario does not fucking talk. In the original game, Goombella just figured out Mario is Mario, because Mario raised his hand? No I’m serious, in the game, people automatically figure out what Mario is talking about by just having him raise his hand.

"...Mario? Wait, you mean like that famous guy? Wow! I can't believe I met you here! Cool... Anyway, no offense, but it looks like you just rolled into town yourself. Right?"

Mario nodded yes to her comment.

"Me, I already HATE it here! There are freaks and weirdos. EVERYWHERE! It's nasty! I mean, I know the place is called Rogueport, so I should have expected it, but sheesh!I'd never come to a place like this if there weren't some legendary treasure here."

Mario was surprised by what she said about a legendary treasure and started to mention that he was he for the same reason.

"What? You're looking for the legendary treasure, too? Seriously?"

Mario nodded again at her comment. Goombella noticed that some old paper was sticking out from his left pocket.

"Whoa whoa WHOA, bucko! Whatcha got there?" asked Goombella.

Mario pulled the paper out from his pocket. It was folded up. Mario unfolded the paper and it revealed a map.

"Omigosh! Is... Isn't that a treasure map?! You HAVE to tell me where you got that!"

Mario claimed that he got it from someone named Princess Peach.

"...Princess Peach? What?"

You know author, If you’re going to insert yourself into the story, can’t you at least make some sort of effort to actually communicate with the characters rather than just standing there? If you don’t, you’re pretty much proving how useless you are to the rest of the story, as well as how well the story would run just as nicely without you.

"Great hoogly-boogly! If it isn't Master Mario!" Exclaimed a nearby voice.

"Bit of a coincidence, bumping into one another in this sort of place, hm? Ho ho! So tell me, Master Mario, what in the world brings you to this wretched little burg?"

And who is this guy and why is he staring into that girl’s bosom?

"Um... Excuse me, sir. I don't mean to be rude, but, who are you?" I asked.

"Why, my name is Toadsworth, my good man! I am a loyal old toad to the one and only Princess Peach! What what! But, I digress. Master Mario, please continue."

Mario explained to Toadsworth about why he was here.

So it really took you that long to start communicating with the characters? Not when it is announced that some sort of treasure hunt is going on? You’re not the least bit amazed by that, and now you decided to talk when this dude you’ve never met before comes along? I’m just going to skip the rest of this part since all it really is is the exact same stuff you watch in TTYD, but without all of the visuals.

"Hello! Earth to Rick! Are you still alive?" Said a ringing voice.

Rick never responded because Rick was just bunch of hot air.

I snapped out of my thoughts to notice that Goombella was really close to my face.

"Oh! Sorry. I was thinking about something important."

“Nondescript thoughts are so important that they give me an excuse to not be the protagonist of the story.”

"Well, are you coming with us?" Asked Goombella.

"Yeah, I'll roll with you guys. It's not like I have anyone else to turn to..."

And it's not like standing here staring at her ass will make this story go any faster

"Great! We're all good, then! Let's go, boys!"

(Goombella and Mario have joined your party!)

"First off, we gotta go find my professor. Thing is, since I just got here myself...I, um, don't actually know where he lives." Said Goombella.

"It shouldn't be too tough. Rogueport doesn't seem that big, so we should be able to find him easily. We should probably start with the west side of town." I suggested.

Yay, this sounds so exciting.

"Ok, then let's get looking!" Said Goombella.

We soon started walking down the path to west side when we were suddenly stopped by an old lady.


"STOP RIGHT THERE!" She yelled.

"Whoa! Calm down, Ma'm! We didn't do anything! Honest!" I replied.

"No! I said stop because some jerk knocked out my contact lens! So whatever you do, DON'T MOVE AN INCH!" I didn't ignore her request and I held still but...

You cannot be stupid enough to do this. I’m talking to you author.

"Shit. I think I'm about to sneeze! Ah... Ah..." Mario put his finger under my nose to stop me just in time.

"Thanks, Mario. That was a nice save."

He removed his finger and for some reason, I still sneezed! I ended up moving back my right leg and I heard a little cracking sound where I put my foot.

As we all know, all body reflexes cause a hurricane to form on the other side of the world.

"Oh, hell..."

You can say that again

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! IDIOT! You stepped on it! My poor contact lens! I told you NOT TO MOVE! Don't your stupid ears work? What were you thinking?!" Yelled the old lady.

"I'm sorry! It was an accident! I swear!"

"This is your fault! Now I have to buy a new contact lens! But YOU'RE gonna pay for it! Compensate me, Mr. Clumsy!"

Here’s another problem with this story so far, all it really is is a fucking let’s play. Don’t believe me?

"But... I..."

Before I can even spit out a sentence, she rushes over and blocks the entrance to the west side.

"Fine! If that's your plan, then here's MINE, you jerk! I'm gonna block the gate to the west side until you bring me a new contact lens!"

"But we need to get through!" I snapped.

"No! Look, I'm not letting you into the west part of town until you buy me a new lens! Sorry, but end of story. I can't cook anything without my contact lenses in!

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! My rage is so hot right now, I could cook YOU with it!" She yelled.

"Ok! Ok! God almighty! We'll get you your new lens! Just chill, ok!? Jesus!" I yelled.

As we walked away, I started talking with the others.

"Ok, that old bag isn't gonna let us get through, so let go order those lenses." I said to Mario and Goombella.

Both nodded in agreement and we went into the items shop. After a few minutes of buying some items, I went up to one of the clerks and checked if they had any
contact lenses that we could buy.

"Eh? What's that? You want a contact lens, you say?" Asked the clerk.

"It's a long story..." I said as I scratched my head.

"Hmm. Wait just a moment." Said the clerk.

The clerk we were talking to came back to us after a few minutes and said that they were out of stock and that they needed to re-stock. After that we took our leave
and went to the east side.

Wasn’t that the most exciting scene you’ve ever read so far?

When least expected it, some blue jackass knocks me and Mario out of the way!

Gotta go … fuck it, this is the second time I’ve used this joke, and it is getting trite already.

"Hey! What's your beef, pal? YEAH, I'M TALKING TO YOU!" Goombella yells to the guy.

She turns to Mario and gasped.

"Mario! You gotta wake up! That guy just stole half of your coins!"

Mario looks into his wallet and sees that half of his money is gone.

Man, this has to be the worst thief Mario’s ever encountered. Anywhom, it’s time to skip more pointless shit! You’re not missing much, it’s just the stu, Mario, and Goombella retrieving their stuff. And author, just because this happened in the game, doesn’t mean you have to include it into the story, because you know, being the Gary Stu of this god damned story, you probably could have seen him miles away and punch him for miles. What, are we going to assume all of that training and stuff we saw at the very beginning of the story is completely useless? I assume you just put that all there because we have to be reminded that you’re a protagonist, a very useless protagonist.

We resumed our original planned course and checked to east side.

“And if I knew anything about writing, I’d know that I should only write about things that have a purpose to the plot.”

We soon walked into a house that had lots of books inside. There was also a table with an old man in a lab coat with glasses reading and old book.

"Oh, hi! There you are! Professor Frankly!" said Goombella.

"Whazzuhuh? Who's there? Who wants me? Ah. Yes. You. Now, you, uh... I've seen your before... Yes, that face... Wait for it... Just a moment... Don't tell me, now!

Silence! I'll get it right! Umm... It's not Goombriel... Errr... It's not Elizagoom... Hrrrmmmm... Errrrmmm... A-HAAA! I've got it! You're Goombella, aren't you? You were in my archaeology class last year, am I right?" Asked the professor.

"Wow, yes, sir! That's me! I'm Goombella, a junior at U Goom! Goooo GOOMBAS!" Said Goombella.

"Of course I remember you. Not to toot my horn, but i'mm pretty good remembering. You, though... You stick out in my mind because you were such and exceptional student. And those two behind you are... WHO?!"

Mario literally face planted himself into the floor like it was something straight out of an anime show.

anime show
anime show
anime show

I gave off a light chuckle just from watching that.

And frankly, no pun intended, this is the most he contributes to the conversation, because you know, the “protagonist” here is always in the background.

"Mario! Professor, he's Mario! You know...the famous one! And this is our new friend, Rick!" said Goombella.

"Hello, professor. It's nice to meet you." I greeted.

"Oh! My apologies. I'm such a book worm, I haven't a clue about what's "hip" right now. In any case, what sort errand brings you three all the way to a place like this?" Asked Frankly.

"We were hoping you'd tell us about the legendary treasure said to be below Rogueport! I thought that if anyone knew anything about it, you would, Professor
Frankly..." Explained Goombella.

"Of course I know about it. The reason I came here was to study that very subject. But why do you tykes want to learn about the legendary treasure? You know that most say it's little more than a fairy tale, don't you? asked Frankly.

As the both of them went on, I looked around the shelves and rows of books and scrolls were everywhere. I was really bored until Goombella got my attention again.

Maybe you wouldn't have this problem is you actually did something!

"Hey, Rick! are you all set? We're about to go find the Thousand Year Door!" Said Goombella.

"Yeah, alright. Let's go!" I exclaimed.

As we left the house, the professor opened up the fence across from his house. Behind the fence was some kind of green pipe. As we went inside and reached the bottom in a matter of moments, I took a wide look at the gigantic, expansive underground caverns.

"Wow... This is amazing. Where I'm from, I couldn't even leave the facility. Now I'm in some other world getting to travel to all sorts of places! Ha ha! I said out in enjoyment.

So you mean just about any RPG or free roaming world. What makes this place so special… oh yeah I forgot, you want to fuck Goombella, not Zelda.

"Wait, facility? What are you talking about?" Asked Goombella.

"Oh, I didn't tell you guys yet, did I? Yeah, I guess i've got some explaining to do...

It’s not like I could have explained this to you while we were in the square, that would involve some character development

End of Chapter 1...

Hope you enjoyed first chapter! Later!

(BTW, for those of you who are a bit confused about the characters' appearances, they've become more like anthros. Just in case you got mixed up.)

Uh, thanks?

Folks, I apologize for the lack of comments in this one, but can you blame me? So far, this fanfic has so little substance in fanfic standards, that there is almost nothing for me to mock. That has to be some kind of fucking record.

My content can be found here.

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Good mock. I think Paper Mario:The Thousand Year Door might be my favorite anime too now. If the MAGICAL GARY STU WITH POWERS HE SHOULDN'T HAVE BASED ON HIS ORIGIN STORY was replaced by someone like you.

Technically, couldn't you kill a weeping angel by knocking it over with a stick? Seems like that would work as long as you kept watching it fall without blinking

Have you made your daily sacrifice to our Lord and savior Cthulu today?
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Your commentary is fine. Sometimes less is more when it comes to these. Just make sure every bit is worth keeping in.

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