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> Ash path to a Master Rewrite, Why Werewolves shouldn't write fanfiction
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post Jan 1 2017, 10:47 PM
Happy New Year, everyone! It’s your boy, GorillaGamer here, and do I have something special for you all.

A while ago, fellow mocker StabbyKobold tackled two fics written by a fellow named Werewolf2300. One of them was a fic known as Atlantrome's Ace, a Pokémon betrayal fic that I was going to mock, but was beaten to the punch. The other fic was a Harry Potter fic known as The Logia Mage, a dumb fic where Ron becomes an incestuous rapist. I checked Werewolf's profile to see if he has anything else that can be mocked, and I stumbled upon this little thing.

This fic is known as Ash path to a Master Rewrite, and I’ll warn you beforehand, the chapter length here is larger than my usual fare. So buckle up everyone, for a third dive into the mind of Werewolf2300.

Chapter 1: The end of a friendship & Parting of friends

It was a beautiful day in the Sinnoh region with the sun high in the sky as Ash, Brock And Dawn made there way towards the Lake Valor resort In order for Dawn to compete in her ultimate challenge the Sinnoh Regions Grand festival and win the Title of Top Coordinator.

"Let's take a small break in the shade and get something to drink this sun is killing me and Pikachu. What do you say Brock?" Ash asked his closest friend and long time traveling companion.

"Sure a small break won't do us any harm" Brock told Ash agreeing with Ash's Idea and wanting to rest in the shade himself.

Yeah, I wouldn’t mind a Kit Kat right now.

"Let's take a break later we are nearly there and I want to get there so I can win the grand festival" Dawn told Ash and Brock objecting to their idea of stopping wanting to get there as fast as possible.

"Dawn there is still plenty of time left to get to Lake Valor its only over the next hill and the grand festival is not being held until tomorrow so don't worry a small rest and some water will do us all good" Brock told Dawn in a calm tone.

"Fine if you guys want to take a break then go ahead. I will go on ahead by myself and you guys can catch up "Dawn told Ash and Brock Ash she started to walk ahead towards the next hill up ahead.

"Is it just me or is Dawn starting to act like a real spoilt brat lately" Ash told Brock pausing to take a sip of water from its bottle.

Not even past the first fucking page, and I can already smell the incoming bashing…

"Please tell me I was not that bad with you and Misty during the indigo league?" Ash asked Brock in a almost pleading tone.

No, you were FAR worse than here. You even got banned from the Celadon Gym, for acting like a brat!

"You were a bit Hyper but not as bad Dawn is acting today" Brock told Ash with a small sigh as he drank a sip of water from a bottle he took out of his bag pack and thought back to when he and Ash traveled through Kanto with Misty and smiled at the good times they had together.

"It's probably just pre competition nerves after all its her first big league contest and she wants the Ribbon Cup" Ash told Brock thinking about his own nerves during the indigo league as he took a bottle of water and a water dish for Pikachu from his bag and poured some water into the dish for Pikachu and took a sip of water from the bottle as Pikachu drank water from the dish.

"Your right its probably just her nerves and the pressure after all she wants to win the grand festival like her mother did" Brock told Ash agreeing with him neither one wanting to really criticize there friend.

But she’ll be more likely to accept criticism if it came from her friends. Don’t believe my? Why don’t you ask Mr. Enter about it…?

"I suppose we should catch up with her and offer her our support" Ash told Brock as he put the lid back on his bottle of water and put away the empty water dish back into his bag pack after drying the dish with a cloth.

"Your right we should after all someone will have to offer all those beautiful ladies who lose their matches a shoulder to cry on" Brock told Ash in a cheerful tone causing Ash and Pikachu to get a large sweat drop on the back of their heads and think same old Brock.

Ash and Brock finally caught up to Dawn at the entrance to where the Grand festival was being held. They noticed that she had her Piplup out of its Pokeball and in her arms which seemed to confirm with Ash and Brock theory of Dawn being nervous.

"Let's go guys" Dawn told Ash and Brock noticing they had caught up with her as she walked in to the conference room where all the other Competitors for the festival were.

When they entered the room and saw the layout of all the different tables with all the food and all the different Pokemon coordinators all Ash and Dawn could say is wow.

You’re right. All I can say is “Wow, what a boring fanfiction.”

"Wow"Ash and Dawn said out loud upon seeing the layout of all the different tables with all the food and all the different Pokemon coordinators.

"Wow is Right" Brock said loudly as he saw all of the good looking Female Coordinators.

"Wow your Beautiful" Brock said going up to each of the different females in the room until he was stopped by his Croagunk who had sensed Brock annoying the females and attacked Brock with a Poison jab to the lower back and dragged him away from them laughing causing Ash, Pikachu and Dawn to get sweat drops at the all too familiar seen playing out in front of them.

"Man this food is good" Ash told Dawn who agreed with him.

Yes, the nondescript food is absolutely amazing.

"It sure is" Dawn said agreeing with Ash.

Ash and Dawn then spotted a female reporter at the other end of the room interviewing Nando.

"So Nando care to give us a statement" The female reporter asked Nando.

"My Pokemon and I have been hoping this glorious day would come to pass" Nando told the reporter.

"So Nando won all five ribbons as well" Brock said having recovered from the earlier Poison Jab.

"What a fast Recovery" Dawn said spotting Brock standing beside Ash before she walked over to greet Nando.

Brock had developed an immunity to it, due to the amount of times he’s been jabbed.

"Nando" Dawn greeted the Minstrel Coorinator with a friendly smile.

"So we meet again" Nando said as he greeted Dawn.

"Look here Dawn. May I have a word with you?" The reporter asked Dawn.

"Me. Sure just give me a quick sec" Dawn said as she pulled out a mirror and checked herself over and saw that she and Piplup looked fine.

"And our next Interview is with Dawn from Twinleaf town" The female reporter said as she faced the Camera.

"So Dawn tell us how you Grand festival goal" The female reporter said but was interrupted by Dawn before she could finish her question.

"I Intend to Give My best performance and with my Pokemon win the Grand Festival" Dawn told the reporter who then left after she had got Dawns Statement to interview some of the other Coordinators.

What the fuck is this sloppy writing?! Do I really have to sit through all 8,000+ words of this poorly written chapter?

Well it is my duty to protect the world from shitty fanfiction.

(Scene change-Nando)

I was having a tough Time deciding whether to persue Gym battles Gym battles or contests but after meeting you I decided to persue both. So I am glad I met you" Nando told Ash and Brock in a grateful tone.

"What about your Gym battles how are they going?" Ash asked Nando in a curious tone.
Nando took out his badge case from under his cloak and showed Ash that he had seven Badges.

"As you can see I have seven badges and I only need one more in order to enter the Sinnoh league" Nando told Ash.

"I only need one more badge as well lets make sure we meet up in the Sinnoh league as well" Ash told Nando in a friendly tone.

"Yes Lets meet at the Sinnoh league"Nando told Ash with a smile on his face.

Dawn then felt someone tap her on the shoulder and she turned around to see who it was only to find someone sticking a finger in her jaw.

Come on now, don’t go sucking your finger in public.

"Got ya Dee Dee, Got ya Dee Dee" A teenager with red hair and wearing a green shirt and Blue Jeans told Dawn.

When Dawn saw who it was she sighed.

"Kenny" Dawn told the now identified Kenny.

I wonder how he’ll die here…

Oops, wrong Kenny.

"Long time no see Kenny" Ash greeted Kenny.

"Hey man"Kenny greeted Ash.

"You see Kenny is from Twinleaf town as well" Brock told Nando.

"I'm planning on wining this with my brand new Fusion move" Kenny told Dawn.

"What's a fusion move?" Ash asked Kenny in a curious tone.

Two powerful moves, combined into an even stronger move. Can be seen commonly in wish-fulfillment fics such as this one.

What can I say? I’m quite knowledgeable when it comes to fanfic clichés.

"You will just have to wait and see Dee Dee dear" Kenny told Dawn.

"Then that's just what I will do" Dawn told Kenny.

"Hey what happened to you whining my name is Dawn" Kenny asked Dawn in a confused tone.

"That's so old I got over that whole Dee Dee thing ages ago and I am not even afraid of Plusle and Minun anymore" Dawn told Kenny with a smirk on her face.

Just as she said her last sentence a Plusle and Minun jumped on each of her shoulders and gave her a light shock causing her hair to stand up which Dawn fixed in a few minutes using her hands.

"See told you there was nothing to worry about" Dawn told Kenny in a confident tone.

"All right way to go" Kenny told Dawn in an impressed tone.

"Hang on a minute aren't these" Dawn started only to be interrupted by a female voice.

"Those are my little ones" A female voice spoke up.

"Dawn and her friends turned to the source of the voice and spotted one of her rivals Ursula.

"It's Ursula" Ash and friends said as they spotted the female Coordinator.

"It is" Dawn told Brock Ash and Kenny upon spotting her rival.

Are we really going to have a rollcall for all of Dawn’s contest rivals?!

Plusle and Minun jumped from Dawns shoulders back on to Ursula's shoulders.

"Hello Ash it's a pleasure to see you again. You're more handsome than last time I saw you.

Why don't you ditch Dawn and come hang out with a real beauty and Coordinator like me" Ursula said hitting on Ash as she hugged his arm against her chest.

"You're still as beautiful as ever as well Ursula but I am afraid I will have to refuse your invitation this time" Ash told Ursula as he kissed the back of her hand who blushed at his complement and actions and Brock looked proud that he was influencing Ash.

Looks like the ground work for the authors harem…

"I'm counting on you to make us all look good Dawn" Ursula told Dawn with a smirk on her face.

"Oh and Ash if you change your mind here is my number" Ursula told Ash with a smile on her face as she walked away.

"Sounds like you two have history" Kenny told Dawn.

"I guess You could say that" Dawn told Kenny thinking of the past battles she had with Ursula.

"Ash don't flirt with the enemy. One Brock is enough to deal with" Dawn told Ash in an annoyed tone at his actions who just stayed silent ignoring her scolding him.

But he should have called her out on it, considering Dawn’s master plan is to drown a sack full of baby Shinx.

"Dawn" A female's voice called out. As Dawn turned to the person who was calling her she recognized the person as her friend Zoey.

"Dawn how are things?" Zoey asked Dawn in a cheerful tone.

"Fine and yourself?" Dawn asked Zoey in a curious tone.

"Been working hard with Glameow for the grand festival" Zoey told Dawn.

"Hey there Zoey" Ash greeted Zoey as he walked up to where Zoey was talking with Dawn.

"Hey Ash it's good to see you" Zoey told Ash in a friendly tone.

"Zoey you have not seen Nando in person for a while have you?" Brock asked Zoey.

"Not since the Hearthome gym" Zoey told Brock.

"That is correct" Nando spoke up from beside Brock agreeing with Zoe's earlier statement.

"But I have seen you on TV" Nando told Zoey.

"Me two I am always stoked with how good your performances are Zoey told Nando in a friendly tone.

Potential side-ship, or pointless filler? I’ll leave it up to you.

"Hey Zoey do you remember me?" Kenny asked Zoey.

"Sure I do its Kenny right" Zoey asked the red haired teenager.

"This time things are going to be different" Kenny told Zoey in a confident tone.

"Sure they are" Zoe told Kenny in a placating and friendly tone of voice.

"Don't forget your promise to meet me in the finals" Dawn told Zoey.

"Of course that would be the absolute best at a big event like this" Zoey told Dawn.

Yeah, go enjoy your little contest. Just don’t come crying to me, when you get demolished.

"Wait you two the only one who is going to win this competition is me. There is no way your winning this one" Kenny told Dawn and Zoey in a confident tone of voice.

"Nothing like being in a group of rivals" Ash told Brock and Pikachu.

"Children every last one of them" Ursula said talking to herself about Dawn, Zoey and Kenny as she heard them from across the room.

She then spotted Jessilina talking to the reporter from earlier at the other end of the room.

"Man Jessilina sure does make a lot of noise" Ursula said talking to herself as she watched her talking about winning the Competition.

(Competitors bedrooms)

Dawn stood out on the Balcony of her Room facing all of her Pokemon giving them a Pep talk to get them ready for tomorrows match.

"This is it tomorrow the Grand festival starts and tomorrow we win the Ribbon Cup" Dawn told her Pokemon as Ash and Brock exchanged worried glances with each other and both trainers looked on worried about how Dawn would feel if she lost tomorrow which they both new was always a Possibility with any competition and she had not really trained with her Pokemon since she won her last ribbon needed to qualify for the festival.

Are you done with your SUBTLE FORESHADOWING yet?

(Next Morning)

This time we will get your Draco Meteor working flawlessly Gible" Ash told his small dragon Pokemon.

"Gible I want you to focus all of that dragon energy inside you from the top of your head to tip of your claws and I want you to gather all that energy and focus it all into one singe ball and then release it high in the sky.

"Watch me do it first ok Gible" Ash told his Gible preparing to use one of his secret Aura abilities that no one besides Misty knew about.

Of course. Arceus forbid there’s a Pokémon fic without this Aura shit in it.

I swear, as much as I like the Lucario movie, it gave inspiration to so many shitty writers.

Ash then looked around him and saw no one was near him and stretched his senses using his Aura and could not sense anyone near him. So it was safe enough to use his aura .

Ash then started to focus his Aura into a large blue sphere and his body was covered in a blue colored aura and he shot the large Blue sphere into the sky and quietly called out the name of the attack.

"Aura Meteor" Ash whispered to himself as the large blue sphere broke into smaller Blue spheres and started to hit the ground causing small craters to form where the spheres hit the ground.

"Now you give it a go Gible. Draco Meteor" Ash told his first and only dragon Type Pokemon.

"Gible" Ash's dragon Pokemon shouted as he started to copy Ash's earlier actions and Gible was covered in a orange Glow and leaned his head back and shot a large orange ball of energy into the sky from his mouth which exploded, releasing many orbs which rained down hitting the ground and forming multiple craters on the Path.

Causing Ash to receive several charges of vandalism.

"Congratulations Gible you just performed a flawless Draco Meteor" Ash said Praising the small dragon Pokemon who jumped around excited at having performed a successful Draco Meteor.

"Now let's try that attack one more time to make sure you have the hang of it ok Gible" Ash told the small dragon Pokemon wanting to make sure that Gible finally got the hang of Draco meteor.

Gible was covered in the orange Glow as before and leaned its head back and shot a large orange ball of energy into the sky from his mouth which exploded, releasing many orbs which rained down hitting the ground and forming More craters on the Path.

Before Ash and Gible could celebrate they head a person scream in fright and they looked over and saw Kenny on the ground with one of the Meteors having narrowly missed his current position on the ground.

Ash rushed over to check on Kenny to make sure one of Gibles Draco meteors had not hurt him.

"You ok Kenny. You're not hurt are you" Ash asked in a concerned tone of voice.

Stan: “Oh my God! You nearly killed Kenny.”

Kyle: “You bastard!”

"Oh Hey Ash" Kenny asked

"What was That Attack Ash?" Kenny asked in a curious tone of voice.

"That was Draco Meteor" Ash told Kenny in a relieved tone of voice that he was not hurt.

"Come on say you're sorry Gible" Ash told his small Dragon Pokemon.

"Gible" Ash's small dragon Pokemon said apologizing to Kenny.

"It's alright" Kenny told Ash in a cheerful tone of voice.

"Hey Ash where is Dawn?" Kenny asked Ash in a curious tone of voice.

"She started going crazy this morning so I left with Gible to get some peace and quiet and get some training in" Ash told Kenny.

Methinks it’s that time of month again…

"Boy I hear ya that's Dawn alright" Kenny told Ash in a cheerful tone.

"Hey Ash can I see Draco Meteor One more time. Please?" Kenny asked Ash in an almost begging tone wanting to see the famous dragon type attack again.

"Sure. Gible use Draco meteor one more time" Ash told his small dragon Pokémon.

Gible was covered in the same orange Glow as before and leaned its head back and shot a large orange ball of energy into the sky from his mouth which exploded, releasing many orbs which rained down hitting the ground and forming more craters on the Path.

"Great job Gible you have perfected your Draco meteor. Take a well earned rest" Ash told his small dragon Pokémon praising Gible as he returned him to his Pokeball.

"Come on Pikachu lets go the Grand festival starts In a Hour and we have to cheer Dawn on Buddy" Ash told Pikachu as he bent down to let Pikachu climb up on to his shoulder.

"See you Later Kenny best of Luck with the Festival" Ash told the red haired trainer.

"Thanks Ash same to you with the Sinnoh league" Kenny told Ash.

Is it just me, or is the dialogue robotic?

(1 Hour Later)

Ash and Brock took a seat in the front row of the spectator stands to cheer Dawn on.

The Brown haired female presenter for the Grand festival came out and started to introduce the grand festival.

"It's here is all about Coordinators in the Sinnoh Region. The Pokémon Grand festival" Marian announced into her microphone.

"Today coordinators who have won five ribbons will be showing off their finest Pokémon today" Marian told the crowd as her voice echoed through the stadium.

“Of course, some of them won by bribing the judges beforehand.”

"The Coordinator who shins the most at this festival will be crowned top Coordinator" Marian told the audience.

"Now let me introduce the people who will help us decide a winner for this festival" Marian told the crowd.

"Our first judge is Mr. Contesta" Marian announced to the crowd introducing the first judge to the crowd.

"Thank you I am glad to be here for this event full of excitement" Mr. Contesta told the watching crowd.

"Our second judge president of the Pokémon fan club Mr. Sukizo" Marian announced to the crowd introducing the second judge to the crowd.

This fic is anything but remarkable.

"Our next Judge all the way from the Hoen Region Nurse Joy" Marian announced to the crowd introducing the next judge to the crowd.

"Wow that's the nurse joy from Lilycove City" Brock told Ash with a love struck expression on his face causing Ash and Pikachu to face-palm.

"Thank you and to help us out in the first round I have called my sisters from Pastoria City and Jubilife City" Nurse Joy told the crowd.

"It's so nice to be here" The joy sisters told the crowd.

"Thank you now are final special guest judge is Fantina from Hearthome City" Marian told the crowd as the lights went out and three spot lights shone on the center of the stadium floor and Fantina emerged from the below as a stage raised her up to the stadium floor.

"We will have three stages operating today Red Blue and Green and we will have two judges operating at each stage" Marian told the crowd.

But where’s the Yellow stage?

"So which Coordinators will make it past the first round" Marian asked the crowd building up the suspense stay tuned and keep watching to find out.

With how this fic has been going so far, I feel it’s safe to bet money on Dawn flunking the first round.

Ursula was up first and she released two Eevee which Ash new can be a powerful Pokémon if trained right thinking back on his earlier battle with Garry.

(Dressing room)

Dawn was watching Ursula on the TV in the dressing rooms and took out her pokedex to see what it has to say about Eevee.

"Eevee the evolution Pokemon. Eevee has an unstable genetic makeup that suddenly mutates due to the environment in which it lives. Radiation from various stones causes this Pokémon to evolve"

(Blue stage)

"Eevee use Iron Tail" Ursula ordered her two Pokémon who jumped up in the air and the Pokémon's two Iron tails connected with each other multiple times in the air.

"Now use Hidden Power" Ursula ordered her Pokémon and both Pokémon were covered in silver bubbles.

"Now evolve" Ursula ordered her Pokémon and she Threw a Fire stone at her first Eevee and threw a water stone to her second Eevee.

The first Eevee was covered in a whirl of fire and evolved into a Flareon

The second was covered in a whirl of water and evolved into a Vaporeon.

Having your Eevee evolve during a contest is quite stupid in my eyes. Yes it does look pretty, but you’re stuck with two overrated Pokémon for the rest of your life. How on earth were you even able to practice this act?

Both Pokémon started to float around each other with Flareon covered in Red Bubbles and Vaporeon was covered in blue bubbles.

The crowd went wild at the show that was been put on before them by Ursula and her Pokémon on the blue stage.

"Both Eevees magnificently evolved at the same time" Marian told the crowd in a excited tone of voice.

When Ursula and her Pokémon were finished with their appeal they bowed to the judges waiting to hear their comments.

"A truly magnificent surprise evolving during a performance and without any wasted movement at all" Mr. Contesta said commenting on Ursula performance in an impressed tone of voice

"What an amazing sight to see" Nurse Joy said adding her comments as well as equally impressed as Mr. Contesta.

Ursula then returned both her Flareon and Vaporeon and walked back into the dressing room.

(Green stage)

"And now on the Green stage a performance that will amaze you all" Marian told the spectators.

Nando stepped out on to the green stage and released his Kricketot and Altaria.

Seriously, he hasn’t evolved the stupid bug by now?

Nandos two Pokémon started their appeal off by floating through the air and spinning together.

"Altaria sing a Perish song Kricketot I want you to sing as well" Nando ordered his Pokémon as he played his golden harp.

Altaria Then started to ascend with a golden light following its ascension as Altaria used its Perish Song. While Kricketot remained on the ground and started to use its Sing.

The two Pokémon's attacks combined and synchronized with each other and make the glowing music notes appeared in the air all around the stadium.

"That music remarkable" Mr. Sukizo said adding his own comment on Nando's performance.

Yes, that music does sooth soul, don’t you think?

"And using such beautiful moves in a contest is wonderful" Nurse Joy said adding her own comments on Nandos performance.

"Ash Pulled out his Pokedex to see what it says about Kricketot and it said:.

Kricketot the cricket Pokémon. When Kricketot falls over, its antennae make a xylophone-like sound.

"It's just Nandos style to use sound in a performance" Ash comments to Brock.

"True but it's also very high level that has got to get him past the first round easily" Brock comments to Ash

Of course, it would have been even better, had Nando taken a page from Ursula’s book, and evolve the little critter.

(Red stage)

"And Now on the red stage Jessilina is showing of some moves of her own" Marian tells the audience.

Jessilina was using her Seviper and Yanmega in the Appeal Round.

Jessilina ordered her Seviper to use Haze and Seviper created a circular spiral of smoke around it.

Jessilina then jumped and flipped onto her Sevipers head without disturbing the Haze attack.

Yanmega then used Silver wind and aimed it directly at Jessilina, causing a brilliant glow of light. The attack destroys her original Contest outfit, revealing a brand new one beneath it.

"That was magnifique I just love her sprit and then she shows of her spirit with her Pokémon" Fantina Commented in a excited tone as she burst into dance.

This fic raises an interesting point. The anime shows that Jessie can perform well during contests. Why Team Rocket can’t take a break from capturing Pikachu, and perform in contests instead, I have no idea.

"Yes that was enjoyable wasn't it" Nurse joy commented to the dancing Fantina.

(Blue stage)

After a few more coordinators had there go at the appeals round it was Zoey's turn.

As Zoey stood in front of the blue stage the center of the stage opened up to reveal a large swimming pool to act as a water stage.

Is Zoey wearing a swimsuit for her act?

This is something I need to know.

Zoey released her Lumineon and Gastrodon into the pool in the center of the stage.

"Lumineon use Aqua Ring now" Zoey ordered her Lumineon was then floating in the air surrounded by three glowing light blue rings of water.

"Gastrodon use your water pulse" Zoey ordered her Pokemon who fired a water pulse at the water pulse attack which hit Lumineons aqua ring causing the aqua rings to burst into a brilliant white light.

The light then formed into three rings of pure light which Lumineon jumped through followed by Gastrodon.

The rings then began to float over the surface of the water and to the shock of watching spectators they shot up in whirlwinds of water which Zoey then jumped into the center of with her two Pokemon beside her one each of the whirlpools.

Zoey then bowed to the judges signaling the end of her appeal and stood awaiting the judge's comments as the crowed starting cheering for Zoeys performance.

Why is it that these supposedly amazing acts, are about as boring as watching a washing machine?

"A performance complete with a water type spectral truly remarkable" Mr. Contesta said commenting on Zoey's performance.

"And amazingly well placed to" Nurse Joy said adding her own comments.

(Red stage)

After Zoeys performance on the Blue stage it was Kennys turn on the Red stage

"And now appearing from Twinleaf town its Kenny on the red stage" Marian announced into her microphone as Kenny walked over to the red stage.

"Floatzel and Empoleon I chose you" Kenny shouted as he released his two Pokémon.

"Floatzel use Aqua jet" Kenny ordered his Water weasel that was then covered in a layer of water and shot straight up into the air.

"Empoleon use Hydro Cannon" Kenny ordered his Pokémon and watched as the attack hit the Aqua jet trail turning it into a large water fall.

"Floatzel use Razor wind" Kenny ordered his water weasel who then fired a razorwind at the Aqua jet which was surrounding him which broke the Aqua jet into multiple s flying discs of water which surrounded the stage.

"And Razor wind slices the water and its spreading all over the stage" Marian comments to the audience through her microphone.

Causing everyone in the front three rows to get water all over their clothes.

"Empolen use Metal Claw" Kenny ordered his penguin like Pokémon who then struck the discs causing them to disperse into a colorful mist.

"Floatzel use Whirlpool and Empoleon use Flash Cannon" Kenny ordered his two Pokémon.

Floatzel then turned the Whirlpool sideways to face Empoleon, the Flash Cannon blasts into the center, breaking up into droplets of rainbow energy.

(Spectator stands)

"That's a lot of power to keep bottled up it could blow at any second" Ash told Brock

"Your right it's very risky move" Brock comments to Ash agreeing with his friends statement.

(Red stage)

However it seemed Ash and Brock concerns were proven true and the Flash Cannon was too powerful an attack for Empolron to control

That doesn’t make any sense.

Empoleon was easily able to use the base 150-damage Hydro Cannon, yet wasn’t strong enough to use the base 80-damage Flash Cannon.

Either Flash Cannon got a major power boost in the anime, or we’re dealing with some major shenanigans here.

and when the attack hit the Whirlpool it quickly collapses and Floatzel is Blown back from the force of the attack causing Kenny to silently curse in his head knowing very well that it could cost him his place in the next round.

The judges decided not to comment on the performance and Kenny went back to the dressing room.

I guess they were thinking the exact same thing as me.

(Competitors Dressing room)

"Contestant number 47 you're up next" The stage hand informed Dawn.

(Green stage)

"Next up we have Dawn from Twinleaf Town" Marian announced into her microphone as her voice echoed throughout the stadium.

Dawn through her two Pokeballs with one of the Balls containing a seal on the front of it which activates and a large Blue ribbon that tied itself into a bow and then exploded into a shimmering light as her Buneary was released followed by her Cyndaquill.

"Buneary spin and use Ice beam" Dawn ordered her bunny Pokemon who began to spin but in a circle around the stage but Buneary tripped and the ice beam went out of control and hit Cyndaquill with a Ice beam causing the small Pokemon to be frozen in a block of ice and sending the small Pokemon Straight into the judges table destroying it and nearly hitting the judges in the process who were smart enough to duck out of the way when they saw the Ice beam heading there way.

Holy Arceus! At least Kenny got off to a good start, before messing things up. Dawn just flopped at the start, like a Magikarp using Splash!

"Oh know it seems that The Ice beam is gone out of control and has hit poor Cyndaquill" Marian announced .

All Dawn could do is watch as her dreams of Top Coordinator went up in smoke as soon as she saw her Pokémon trip and lose control of the Ice beam attack.

There’s always next year.

(Competitors Dressing Room)

"My My that's got to look bad to the judges her own Pokémon not able to control its own attacks" Ursula commented to Zoey who just stayed quiet knowing that there was nothing she could say as unfortunately Ursula was right.

( Spectator Stands)

"I think that's going to cost Dawn the Contest" Ash commented to Brock as he saw the spectacle unfold in front of him.

"Your right especially after having your own Pokémon frozen form an attack from its partner Pokémon.

"I guess I better help poor Cyndaquill" Ash told Brock as he released his Infernape.

"That's a good idea" Brock told his best friend and traveling companion.

Just leave the thing out in the sun, the ice will melt eventually.

"Infernape use Fire Spin to defrost Cyndaquill now" Ash said as he released his Fire ape Pokémon who then fired a spinning ring of fire which surrounded Cyndaquill and got rid of the ice and warmed up Cyndaquills body making sure that the Pokémon was not hurt badly by the Ice Beam by defrosting the Pokémon straight away.

"It looks like one of Dawns friends has defrosted Cyndaquil. Now let's see what our judges have to say" Marian told the crowd.

"It was a good effort" Mr. Sukizo said commenting on Dawns performance

Don’t you mean, a remarkable effort?

as Dawn returned her Pokémon and one of the Nurse joys took Cyndaquil to be checked up after being hit by the ice beam as Dawn handed the nurse the Pokeball and returned to her dressing room.

"Now that all performances are complete on all the stages will have the first round results in a few minutes and announce who goes through to the next round" Marian told the crowd .

(Competitors Dressing Room)

Ash and Brock stood beside Dawn waiting to hear the result of who got through to the first round both of them had a bad felling about the results.

Suddenly Ash heard a loud beeping noise and felt his Pokedex vibrate in this jacket Pocket.

Ash picked up his pokedex and looked at it and saw that he had gotten a message from Professor Oak.

The message read:

Snorlax ate all the food in my lab.

PS: You owe me $5,000.

Ash Tell Brock to ring the Pewter Gym, it's urgent.

Professor Oak.

"Brock I just a message from Professor Oak he says you need to ring the Pewter Gym and says its urgent" Ash tells his friend thinking that it must be something extremely important if they want Brock to ring his home.

"I guess I better do it straight away" Brock tells Ash in a panicked tone worried about his siblings and Parents as he rushes out the door to the phones in the lobby.

"Alright after a tough decision here is the 32 trainers who will move on to the next round" Marian told the spectators as the images of those 32 trainers who got through appeared on the large flat Screen and showed that Ursula, Zoey, Nando and Jessilina (Jessie) had all got through but Dawn and Kenny had not made the cut.

What a twist!

When Ash saw that Dawn had not made it thorough he tried to console her on her loss.

"You did your best Dawn and there is always next Year or you could try one of the Grand festivals in one of the other regions" Ash told Dawn trying to cheer her up but all it did was make her angry.

"Next Year it's your fault that I did not win this Year. If you and your stupid Gym battles did not hold me back I would have won this year's grand festival. Although I suppose what else should I expect from a loser whose own father did not want Him or his stupid whore of a mother" Dawn shouted at Ash in an angry tone.


I could have started the New Year by viewing my collection of high-quality Lusamine hentai. But no, I have to read about Dawn calling Ash’s mom a whore!

Life can be very cruel at times.

When Ash heard Dawn insult him and blame him for her loss he clenched his fist hard and was struggling not to blast her where she stood and subconsciously started releasing a lot of Killing Intent which brought Dawn and those in the room to their knees struggling to breathe.

Pikachu reacting to his trainers anger glared at Dawn before hitting her with a Thunder shock attack which caused her to scream in pain before she found herself pressed up against the wall about 6 feet from the ground struggling to breathe after she insulted Ash's mother.

As Dawn looked as Ash eyes she saw that they were glowing a fearsome Crimson.

When Ash heard her insult his mother he lost it and subconsciously tapped into his Psychic abilities that he inherited from his father that he never used because he never wanted to be anything like him and that included using his abilities that he inherited from him.

So on top of being an Aura Guardian, he now has Psychic powers?! When will you be satisfied, Werewolf?!

"No One insults my mother you stupid bitch and it's not my fault that you did not practice your routine enough. After all my Gym battles never held May back she managed to do well in all her contests when she traveled with me" Ash told Dawn in a cold tone that was full of anger as he raised his hand and made a chocking motion with his hand and watched as Dawns face began to turn purple as she struggled to breathe and was shaking in fear having never been as afraid of anyone as Ash as she was now.

Sure, just give Ash some fucking Force Powers. I don’t care anymore at this point.

All Zoey and the others could do was watch frozen in shock unable to do anything.

When Brock came into the room and saw Dawn pressed you against the wall and Ash's eyes were glowing Crimson he figured that Dawn must have said something really bad as he had only seen Ash this mad once and that was when they were Saving Mewtwo from Team Rocket when he and Misty saw Ash wipe out a entire squadron of Team Rocket goons after they had tried to kill them.

"Ash calm down before you kill Dawn by accident. I know you don't want to kill Dawn think about your mother what will she do without you and what about your dream you can't do that from a prison cell" Brock told Ash as Dawn fell to the ground gasping for Air.

"Now you better Wipe their memories make them think it was just your Pokémon that attacked her Ash so that they can't tell anyone what happened here" Brock told Ash who wiped their memories a trick he had learned from watching Mewtwo do it once.

If Mewtwo wiped your memories, how can you even remember getting your memories wiped?

Ash made every human in the room expect for Brock and himself think that Pikachu just hit Dawn with a powerful thunder attack and the Alakazam which he had saved form poachers a few weeks ago and was one of the Pokémon that had followed him was the one that held Dawn by the throat for insulting his master and his masters mother.

"Look Ash I don't know what she said to piss you off this much and I am sure she deserved what she got but I think its better if you and Pikachu go outside and cool down before you do something that you will regret later " Brock told Ash in a urgent whisper.

When Ash left they all unfroze thanks to a side effect of having their memories altered.

Wha? They were all frozen?

"What did you say to piss of Ash's Pokémon so much Dawn for them to attack you?" Brock Asked Dawn in a no nonsense tone of voice.

"Nothing they attacked me for no reason" Dawn told Brock in a angry tone of voice.

"Bullshit and you know it Dawn she accused Ash of holding her back and said his Gym battles were the reason that she lost in the Appeal round and called his mother a whore and said something about his father leaving him" Zoey told Brock in a angry tone of voice at seeing her friend insulted.

And you did nothing to break up the fight. But then again, you were frozen when it happened.

"How do you know about Ash's father I know for a fact that he told no one but me and Misty that fact?" Brock Asked in a tone that was full of anger and his eyes demanded an answer from the blue haired female.

"I heard you and Ash talking about your fathers one night when I pretended to be asleep" Dawn told Brock in a scared tone.

" Here is what you're going to do Hikari your going to get out of here as fast as your legs will carry you and you will never contact me or Ash again as we both want nothing more to do with you. As far as we are concerned you are dead to me and Ash "Brock told Dawn using her surname showing just how angry he is at the blue haired female.

"So you're willing to throw away our friendship for him?" Dawn asked Brock in a disbelieving tone of voice.

"Yes I am. I have only known you for a couple of months where with Ash I have known him for over six years now so if it's a choice between you and Ash.

You’ve known him for six years, yet Ash is still ten years old.

Not a fault with the story, just wanted to point that out.

Ash wins every time Hikari" Brock Told Dawn as he walked out the door wanting nothing more to do with Dawn.

"I am with Brock on this one I thought you were better person than that Dawn" Zoey told Dawn as she walked out the door to see Ash before she assumed he left with surprisingly Ursula following Zoey.

"I guess this contest Showed who is the better Coordinator and you did make us all look good after all" Ursula told Dawn in a condescending tone as she walked out after Zoey to see Ash.

"That was so not cool Dee Dee it's not Ash's fault you lost it's no one's but your own and let's not forget your own father walked off as well. Wait until Johanna Finds out about what you said to Ash and you will be in so much trouble and make no mistake she will hear about what you said to Ash" Kenny told Dawn which made her pale knowing that her mother will kill her when she finds out.

So long Dawn, we hardly cared about you.

(With Brock & Ash)

When Brock reached out side he saw Ash sitting down on one of the benches surrounded by his Pokémon who were all looking at their master in worry having felt his Anger.

"Ash I have something important to talk to you about first is I have ended my friendship with Dawn I told her that she was dead to you and me" Brock told Ash who smiled glad to have a friend like Brock.

"You know I have not lost control like that in a long time" Ash told Brock with a sigh on his face as he ran his fingers though his hair and thought about what could have happened had Brock not calmed him down.

"Maybe if you practiced with your Abilities more you could control them better I know you don't want anything to do with your father but you have some pretty powerful gifts why not use them to your advantage. You remember Sabrina, Lucian and our unique Pokémon friend also offered to teach you how to fully use them" Brock told Ash using their code for Mewtwo in the last syllable of his sentence.

It’s the first chapter of the fic, and already Ash is shown to have some mastery in Aura, Psychic abilities, and his Force Powers.

"Maybe you should consider taking them up on their offer after the Sinnoh league" Brock told his friend in a concerned tone.

"I will think about it. Is your family ok Brock?" Ash asked in a concerned tone of voice and new instantly by the look on his face that something was wrong.

"What's wrong Brock I know something is up just tell me, maybe I can help?" Ash asked his friend in a concerned tone of voice.

"As you know my Father is acting as Gym leader in my stead and it seems he was battling a trainer with a Gyarados and it seems that the trainer lost control of their Gyarados and father was hit with a Hyper Beam and an Iron Tail its seams the combined attack has broken one of his legs and three of his Ribs.

Just a few broken bones? The Gyarados must’ve had a nature that hindered its Attack.

A little off topic, but am I the only one who feels that this whole Gyarados attack is an excuse for the author to get rid of Brock, just so he can hog all the girls?

Also unfortunately it seems mom is gone on another one of her around the world cruises and is in one of the oceans only Arceus knows where" Brock paused for a minute to let the information sink in before continuing.

"Basically Forest is at home trying to mind my siblings and Dad along with the Gym but he needs my help as he can't do it alone and act as Gym leader at the same time so he needs me to go Home and help him look after Dad and the Gym" Brock told Ash in a sad tone at having to leave his friend so soon after they having a falling out with Dawn.

"It's ok Brock I understand after all if mom was sick and needed me I would be in pallet town straight away even if I had to battle Cynthia for the Title of Sinnoh champion the next day" Ash told Brock in a serious tone.

"You know I am going to miss traveling with you Ash it has been great fun traveling with you across all of the different Regions" Brock told Ash in a sad tone.

I hear you; the anime series went downhill after Brock left. Sure the X&Y series was an improvement, but the Sun and Moon anime is cancer. Literal cancer.

But now’s not the time to be discussion that…abomination.

"Not to mention all the adventures we had together and all the pretty girls you got to see and rejected by" Ash told his friend in a joking tone trying to cheer them both up a bit.

"True my young apprentice. Anyway I have a gift for you in my bag I was going to give it to you after the Sinnoh league but I guess I might as well give it to you today" Brock told Ash in a serious tone.

"It's up in my bag in your room. I am sure it will come in handy" Brock told Ash.

"Looks like we have some company Ash" Brock told Ash spotting Zoey and Ursula coming towards them.

"Hey Ash how are you. Listen what Dawn said was way out of line, it's not your fault she lost the contest" Zoey told Ash in a apologetic tone of voice.

"She is just a sore loser this contest finally showed who were the better coordinators" Ursula told Ash coming as close to praise for Zoey and herself as you would get from her.

"Here is my number Ash keep in touch Ash" Zoey told Ash in a friendly tone of voice.

“Feel free to give me a booty call on Saturday.”

"So where are you going to go now Ash?" Ursula asked in a curious tone of voice.

"I am heading to Sunnyshore City for my final Gym battle against Volkner to get the last badge I need in order to enter the Sinnoh league" Ash told Ursula in a friendly tone.

"I guess this is goodbye then good luck Ash and I hope you do well in the Sinnoh league" Zoey told Ash as she gave him a hug and kissed him on the cheek.

"Best of luck as well Ash and I hope you crush Volkner and get your final Badge" Urusla told Ash with a smile as she hugged Ash and kissed him on the cheek not going to be out done by Zoey.

Remember to put your tissues in the bin Werewolf.

"Best of Luck to both of you as well I hope you both do well in the second round" Ash told the two female coordinators.

"Thanks Ash don't worry one of us will walk away with the title of top coordinator and the Ribbon cup" Zoey and Urusla both told Ash as they smirked at each other before saying there final goodbyes to Ash and Brock before they walked away.

(20 minutes later)

"I guess this is goodbye for now Ash. Take care of yourself Ash the food I gave you should last you for Two days until you reach the next town before Sunnyshore City" Brock told Ash as they both shook hands and remember to drop by the Gym when you get back to Kanto.

And think about what I told you about your Abilities" Brock told Ash as he said goodbye one last time before he began to walk away towards the nearest town with a ferry to the Kanto region.

And Ash put his bag on his back and began walking towards his next destination Sunnyshore city if he hurried he find a good location to set up camp before the sun set.

Ash walked back up the Dirt road and began walking into the dense woodland in front of him.

As much as I don’t like Pokémon Contests, I’ll take them over this boring tedium.

Ash kept walking through the dense forest and as he looked up at the sky he notices that the sun was starting to set and it would be fully down in a couple of hours he kept walking through the dense wood ducking now and then to avoid the low hanging branches and kept making his way through the dense woodland until he spotted a clearing up ahead and deicide that he might as well set up camp for the night.

"We will stop here for the night Pikachu" Ash told his faithful starter who then jumped down to the ground form Ash shoulder who took of his bag pack and took out his folded tent and began the repetitive task of setting it up as he had done many times in the past.

Ash had the tent set up relative quickly due to having done it so many times in the past since he left Pallet town for the first time all those years ago.

"Now I just have to make a fire pit to cook the dinner and keep us warm" Ash said speaking to himself and he suddenly got an idea.
"What do you think Pikachu should I dig out the fire pit or ask Gible to dig one out or we could do it the fun way and use Aura to blow a small hole in the ground?" Ash asked his starter

How about D: pour gasoline all over yourself, and light a match.

who just stared at Ash as if saying it was up to him but ash thought that it might bring unwanted attention if he blew a hole in the ground.

He decided he might as well start using his Psychic abilities again like Brock suggested.

Ash focused on the ground in front of him and focused on creating a vector in order to dig a pit right in the middle of the ground in front of him.

Ash's eyes began to glow a familiar crimson and to the eyes of Pikachu something invisible was digging in the ground in front of him as the dirt piled up behind where the digging was taking place.

"There now that fire pit is dug I better get some fire wood to light a fire to keep us warm and to cook some dinner" Ash told Pikachu his faithful starter.

"Pikachu you stay here and protect our gear. I will be only a few minutes ok buddy" Ash told his Yellow mouse like Pokémon.

Your Pikachu’s isn’t going to do diddly squat, if a Ground-type Pokémon tries to steal your gear…

Ash walked into the woods and saw different piles of sticks on the ground.

Ash gathered them up into one neat pile on the ground and when he had enough sticks for a good fire for the night he focused hard on the bundle of sticks in his arms and willed them to levitate as his eyes glowed crimson and he levitated them back to the camp and stacked them all neatly in one pile.

"That should be enough for a good fire shouldn't it Pikachu. Now we just have to get Infernape to light the fire for us" Ash told his faithful starter Pokémon.

"Infernape I chose you buddy" Ash said in a calm tone of voice as he released his fire ape.

"Infernape use a weak flame thrower to start a fire" Ash ordered his fire Pokémon in a friendly tone of voice.

Infernape then used a low powered flamethrower to let lose a small continues stream of fire which connected with the wood in the fire pit causing small wisps of smoke to begin to rise as the wood caught fire.

"Great job Infernape thanks for starting the fire" Ash thanked his fire Pokémon in a grateful tone of voice.

“Now who’s up for marshmallows?”

Ash then took out the book with a copy of all of Brocks recipes for both Pokémon and Human and began to gather the indigents needed to prepare dinner for his Pokémon and himself.

When the dinner was ready for all of his Pokémon and him he took out each of their separate dishes and placed each Pokémon's individual share of the dinner on to their dishes.

Ash then threw all six of his Pokeballs into the air and released all of his Pokémon.

"Come out everybody its dinner time " Ash said as he released all of his Pokémon for their dinner.

As Ash watched his Pokémon he stared into the fire and could not help but think of his past league competitions and what he could have done better if he had trained his Pokémon more.

I’m sure the writers would have come up with another way your ass gets kicked. God forbid they let Ash win a damn Pokémon League.

Ash could also not but think about Gary and Paul his current rival for the Sinnoh League and while he did not agree with how Paul treated his Pokémon he could not but think that Both Paul and Garry switch their Pokémon and while he only used Pokémon Native to each region.

So while he was training his current Pokémon all of his others were relaxing in professor Oaks lab doing nothing that was something he would have to fix.

Oh Arceus…I’m not in the mood to sit through goddamn training montages.

He realized that he was not really doing his best to bring out his Pokémon's Potential.
Ash decided that from now on he would begin switching his Pokémon and train them all for the Sinnoh league.

Ash also decided that if he lost in the Sinnoh league he would take a break to train all of his Pokémon and travel the different regions to catch some new ones and then redo the Kanto League to take a shot at Lance to set up the Kanto Elite four.

Ash was brought out of his thoughts by Pikachu shocking him and he looked up at his Pokémon and saw that they were all looking at him with expressions of worry etched on their faces.

I guess they aren’t used to their trainer using his brain.

"Guys I owe you an apology I have not been a very good trainer to you all as I have not really done my best to bring out your full Potential. But starting tomorrow we will fix that mistake and train until we are strong enough to defeat all of our opponents" Ash told his Pokémon in a unusually serious tone who cheered.

"For now let me clean up after our dinner and we will get some sleep as we want to be up early tomorrow to work on learning some new moves" Ash told his Pokémon in a excited tone.

"As for Dawn well forget that brat she made her choice and she will regret her choice one of these days" Ash told his Pokémon in a serious tone whose expression darkened at the mention of her name.

Oh boy…I can tell that the bashing isn’t over. At least I’ll have more material to mock.

"By the looks on your faces I guess Pikachu told you what happened" Ash said to his Pokémon in a serious tone as Pikachu rubbed the back of his head sheepishly a habit he had picked up from his years of being with Ash.

"Don't worry guys from tomorrow onwards we are in training while you learn new moves I will work on properly controlling my psychic powers" Ash told his Pokémon in a cheerful tone.

"That is something I believe I can help you with Ash"A voice spoke from the darkness startling Ash and his Pokémon.

(Chapter End)

And we end the chapter with some ominous voice promising to help Ash control his powers.

This has all the hallmarks of a bad fic. Overpowered main character, dull and sloppy writing, unnecessary character bashing. In other words, it’s your typical Werewolf2300 fic.

I apologize for the lack of comments on my behalf, but so little of substance happened in this chapter. Hopefully the next chapter will up the ante.

Until next time everyone!

List of mocks can be found here: Here

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Jesus man what is up with you and all of those waifus! Are you secretly the "Ultimate Pimp"?
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When Brock came into the room and saw Dawn pressed you against the wall and Ash's eyes were glowing Crimson he figured that Dawn must have said something really bad as he had only seen Ash this mad once and that was when they were Saving Mewtwo from Team Rocket when he and Misty saw Ash wipe out a entire squadron of Team Rocket goons after they had tried to kill them.

Nice to see calling his mother a "whore" is on the same level as trying to kill his friends.

"As for Dawn well forget that brat she made her choice and she will regret her choice one of these days" Ash told his Pokémon in a serious tone whose expression darkened at the mention of her name.

"Team Rocket may have tried to steal my pokémon and endanger my life countless times, but they never insulted my mother!"
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Dashguy@ Damn, I should have made a comment regarding Dawn’s statement about Ash’s mom being a whore. The damn line just came out of nowhere, for fucks sake!

Anyway, in the last chapter, Dawn got written out of the author’s Christmas card list, and Ash and Brock went their separate ways. Like before, this chapter is quite long, more so than the first chapter. This chapter contains the wish-fulfilment stereotypes that you see in fics like these, all the time. But how will Werewolf2300 portray said stereotypes? Let’s find out.

Chapter 2: Mewtwo Returns and a New Threat on the Horizon

"That is something I believe I can help you with Ash" A voice spoke from the darkness startling Ash and his Pokémon.

"Mewtwo what are you doing here?" Ash asked in a curious tone of voice at seeing the reclusive Genetic psychic Pokémon.

"Is this how you greet a friend that you have not seen in a long time Ash?" Mewtwo asked

“I came to your grandmother’s funeral, for fucks sake. And this is the reception I receive?!”

Ash in a joking tone of voice showing how much he had changed.

"I'm sorry if I sounded rude but it is great to see you again Mewtwo but I doubt you came all the way to the Sinnoh region just to say hello when you went to all the trouble of hiding your existence from nearly everyone" Ash told the powerful genetic Pokémon in a bored tone of voice.

"True I am here for a reason Ash. That is to help you with your psychic abilities and to make sure you are ready for the threat that Arceus has foreseen and to help you achieve your dream of mastership" Mewtwo told Ash in a serious tone of voice as he projected his speech directly into Ash's brain using telepathy.

"What threat is coming Mewtwo" Ash asked the psychic Pokémon in a concerned tone of voice.

Its Team Galactic again, isn’t it?

Fuckers don’t know when to quit.

"Tell me ash do you know the Legend of the Aku ruler of the void, before Arceus egg came into being?" Mewtwo asked Ash in a serious tone of voice.


"You mean the old legend of the dark god Aku Lord of Evil. Aku caused strife, Famine, war, death and suffering with his servants to both Human and Pokémon alike down through the century's and the legend says he rejoiced in their misery" Ash told Mewtwo before pausing for a minute trying to remember the rest of the Legend he had heard as a child from his grandfather.

No seriously, what the hell is going on?!

"But one day Arceus had enough of watching humans and Pokémon suffer and so Aku and his generals were sealed away by Arceus and his children along with the first Aura Users in a tomb which was sealed into a separate dimension with its entrance guarded by Giratina" Ash told Mewtwo before pausing again in order to remember the rest of the story.

Giratina got stuck with the job, after losing a game of poker to Arceus.

"In order keep Aku and his forces sealed Arceus split the keys to his tomb between the Legendaries and Humanity and the keys and there guards were spread across the different regions in hopes of promoting peace between the two races" Ash paused again for a few minutes to remember the rest of the legend.

"Arceus then gave the different legendaries and aura users there domains in the different regions in hopes of preventing Aku from rising ever again. But there is a story that Aku will one day break free and the world will turn to the chosen champion of Arceus called the crimson king to save them" Ash told Mewtwo in a bored tone having heard the tale of Aku a thousand times as a child from both his mother and grandfather.

"That is correct but tell me Ash have you heard the tale of those Aura Guardians who worshiped Aku in secret and tried to free their master on promises of power and took up the name of Jikininki(Human eating ghosts) after they fused their souls with powerful Oni which granted them great power.

Alright, I think it’s time we talk about…whatever the hell this is.

We have just been told that there’s this evil demon called Aku, who’s responsible for everything bad that’s happened throughout history. Arceus created a group of Aura Guardians to help combat said demon, however some of them defected and became Jikininki, or however the fuck you spell it, after fusing with some powerful Oni.

…Werewolf, did you get all this shit from Naruto or some other crappy anime?

The Jikininki (Human eating ghosts) even found a way to control the legendary creation trio in hopes of freeing there master. The capture of the creation trio lead to a war to free the creation trio that spread across the different regions and nearly wiped out all Aura users. I believe you have run into one of their relics recently with the leader of team galactic" Mewtwo told ash in a serious tone of voice.

"You mean the Red chain?" Ash asked Mewtwo in a serious tone of voice as he thought back to the tool Cyrus used to control the creation trio.

“Correct. Other relics they created, include the Red Whip, Red Rope, and Red Buttplug.”

"I thought Aku and those who worshiped him was just fairy tales told by parents to scare children into behaving?" Ash asked Mewtwo in a serious tone of voice.

I can just imagine some parent telling their kid about this Aku fellow.

“Now kids, either you eat your vegetables, or Aku’s going to watch you while you sleep.”

"If only there were unfortunately Aku and his servants exist and they are still at large today just looking for a way to free their master. The guardians have fought them down through the ages for century's and soon they will come for you" Mewtwo told Ash in a serious tone

"Why would they come for me I told no one about me being an Aura guardian and only a select few know about my Psychic abilities and they would tell no one" Ash told Mewtwo in a confused tone of voice.

"I suppose I should be more specific they do not know about your being an Aura Guardian or your specific identity that they could pick you out of a crowd" Mewtwo told ash in a serious tone of voice.

"If they don't know my identity then why am I in danger? I could walk past them and they would never know it was me" Ash asked Mewtwo in a confused tone of voice.

"They along with anyone else with moderate Psychic abilities have felt you using your psychic abilities when you got angry and lost control earlier today. It was like one giant signal flare to them or anyone else with Psychic abilities across the different regions" Mewtwo told ash in a serious tone of voice before pausing for a minute to let the information sink in.

“I don’t care if I just put my life at risk, that bitch Dawn called my mom a whore!”

"You don't understand just how strong your gifts are Ash" Mewtwo warned Ash in a serious and concerned tone of voice for the only human that he trusted or cared about.

"I felt your temper flare deep in the depths of the Cerulean Cave in Kanto Ash.

Someone with your ability who is not one of them is too much of a potential threat to just ignore. They will want you to either join them or die" Mewtwo told ash in a serious tone.

I wonder how this people convince others to allow an Oni to possess their body.

“Come one, come all! Get your Oni here, and we’ll throw in a free Pseudo-Legendary Pokémon of your choice!”

"So how long do I have before they track me down?" Ash asked Mewtwo in a serious tone of voice.

"I don't know it could be one or two days or even longer but I would suggest dealing with them before you reach Sunnyshore city for your rematch with Volkner as that way no one can get caught in the crossfire" Mewtwo warned Ash in a serious tone of voice.

"Now starting tomorrow I am going to start training you with your psychic abilities and help you train your Pokémon and catch some new ones to build up a Balanced team so that you can attain your dream of achieving mastership" Mewtwo told Ash in a serious tone of voice.

"I don't know what to say Mewtwo but thanks I appreciate that you are willing to help me but are you sure you want to take the risk you know team rocket keep stalking me and Pikachu if you hang around us they could send word about you to Giovanni even though he does not remember you he would still stop at nothing to capture a rare Pokémon like you" Ash warned the genetic psychic Pokémon in a serious tone of voice.

Can’t he just clone another? Or better yet, clone billions of them, and give them all to me, so I can appease all of the snotty little shits on the GTS.

"Don't worry Ash I can use my powers to appear invisible to both Human and Pokémon and I have learned how to stay out of sight of most forms of technology. So don't worry I will be fine." Mewtwo told Ash easing Ash's fears about his own safety.

"If you're sure then Mewtwo I would be glad to accept your help" Ash told the psychic Pokémon.

"Good starting tomorrow we will work on your Pokémon's defense and we will also start work on controlling your Psychic abilities. Ash you use too much energy when you use your abilities" Mewtwo told Ash bluntly in a serious tone of voice before continuing.

"So getting you some form of decent control over your abilities is our first step then we will work on teaching you and your Pokémon some offensive techniques when they have perfected there defense techniques first" Mewtwo told ash explain his paln.

Shouldn’t you two work on your grammar first, before improving Ash’s psychic powers?

"But right now improving you and your Pokémon's defense is our top priority" Mewtwo told Ash in a serious tone.

"But for Now I suggest you and your Pokémon get some rest and I want you to think about possible defense techniques to teach your Pokémon" Mewtwo told Ash.

Alright. There’s the shield, and the wall, and the…hmmm…

Did I already say shield?

"Alright Guys return and I will let you all out first thing in the morning" Ash told his Pokémon as he returned them to their Pokeballs.

"You want to sleep in my tent with me Mewtwo it would be a lot warmer inside my tent that sleeping out here in the cold?" Ash asked the genetic Psychic Pokémon.

"Its fine I will sleep outside under the stars the cold does not affect me" Mewtwo told ash in a clam tone of voice as he stared at the stars in the sky.

I know you’re an all-powerful Psychic-type Pokémon, Mewtwo, but surely Ash can spare you a blanket or something.

"Feel free to sleep in my tent if you change your mind Mewtwo there is plenty of room for three people" Ash told the psychic Pokémon.

(Next morning)

Ash was woke up sweat dripping down his face as he thought about the Nightmare he had of a Dragonair being beaten and tortured before it evolved into a Dragonite with pure rage and attacked and hit some men in white coats with a hyper beam before Dragonite was shot with multiple tranquilizer darts and ice Beams that knocked it out.

I don’t think I want to know what he ate before going to bed…

Ash could have sworn that the Dragonite was asking for him to save it.

Ash sat up and opened his tents zip and crawled out through the opening and stood up once he was outside the tent he needed to talk to Mewtwo straight away.

Before any worlds could leave his mouth Mewtwo appeared in front of him in a flash of light.

"What is it you want to speak to me about Ash?" Mewtwo asked as his voice was projected directly into ash's mind.

Ash then proceeded to show Mewtwo every detail about his dream finishing with the Dragonite asking him for help.

It’s almost like the author isn’t satisfied with how strong Ash is already, and decided to dump a Dragonite on his lap.

The nightmare Mewtwo saw was depicted from Ash's viewpoint.

A small blue serpentine like Pokémon which Mewtwo recognized instantly as a Dratini was swimming happily beside a Dragonair in what looked like a large blue mountain lake .

Suddenly a large plane appeared in the sky and dropped a machine on to the edge of the lake and the machine attacked and hit Dragonair with a powerful attack, which hit the Dragonair in the head and killed it instantly.

This attack is so powerful, that not even words can describe its power!

Dranti gently nudged its mother trying to get her to move but she just lay there in the water not moving.

The machine then fired a large electric net which hit the Dratini and a large mechanical hook came from the plane and raised the net with the Dratini inside it and began to lift the Pokémon into the plane.

As Dratini was being taken away, the figures of the Dead Dragonair and machine disappeared with each passing second. The faint cry of 'Mommy!' could be heard constantly in a distressed child's voice as the small serpentine like Pokémon cried for its dead mother.

And these mysterious villains couldn’t have captured the Dragonair as well, in some two-for-one deal, why…?

The image then shifted to a group of men in white coats who were speaking to what looked like a grunt dressed in black and in the grunts hand there was a large electric whip and at his side and some type of metal collar was strapped to Drantis neck.

"We will now began the first phase of the experiment when I give the word begin channeling the signal from the machine into the subject to get it angry and later when I say so begin whipping the subject. Remember our goal is to use Pain and Rage to see if we can we force an evolution of the subject which is under the required level needed for evolution according to breeders and researchers" The scientist told his team.

Give it to me straight, is this how Ghetsis got his Hydreigon at such a low level?

"Now begin channeling the signal into the subject" the scientist told his team.

"Now begin whipping the subject" the scientist ordered the grunt.

Mewtwo watched as the Dratini cried in pain and watched as eventually it got so angry that it managed to evolve into a dragonair but passed out soon after due to being totally exhausted.

"Subject number 12 has managed a successful evolution and it appears that our theory of rage been able to induce evolution is correct". The scientist spoke into a video camera which was taping the experiment.

Well fuck, it looks like my question got answered.

"Take the Pokémon to the holding area and feed it and then keep a close eye on the subject let me know when it is healthy enough to survive the next phase of the experiment to see if we can force the subject to evolve to its next evolution" The scientist told his team. Everything went black for a few minutes before a new image appeared before Mewtwo. Mewtwo watched as the same procedure was repeated again this time on the same Pokémon and watched as Dragonair was forced to evolve into a Dragonite.

The Dragonite then hit the grunt who was whipping it with a hyper beam which killed the grunt before it was hit with multiple ice beams from a pair of Snover and tranquilizer darts shot by grunts. After that everything went black signifying the end of the memory.

"Do you think it was real Mewtwo or was it just a Bad dream?" Ash asked the genetic psychic Pokémon.

I’ll call it a gift from the author.

"Unfortunately I think that dream was very real Ash somewhere out there is a Dragonite that is trying to communicate with anyone for help and thanks of your gifts as an Aura guardian you can sense that particular Dragonites pain" Mewtwo told Ash as he explained his thoughts.

"Well then if that's the case let's get out of here now and free Dragonite" Ash told Mewtwo as he prepared to dismantle the campsite so he could save Dragonite before he was brought down to reality by Mewtwo.

"How do you plan on saving Dragonite when you do not even know where it is being held Ash?" Mewtwo asked causing the dark haired trainer to stiffen and realize Mewtwo is right.

"Then what do you suggest we do Mewtwo? How do we find Dragonite and free him" Ash asked Mewtwo.

I don’t know, ask its dead mother where they took her child.

"We go ahead with our original plan of training you and your Pokémon and when you have enough control we will combine our abilities to do a psychic probe of the existing connection that Dragonite opened with you to find and free Dragonite" Mewtwo told Ash as he explained there plan of action.

"When both you and your Pokémon have had their breakfast then we will start the days training" Mewtwo told ash in a serious tone of voice.

"What about Dragonite Mewtwo it needs our help! How do we know that it will be even alive if we don't get to it straight away?" Ash asked Mewtwo in a concerned tone.

"Whoever is holding Dragonite will not let it die because it is such a hard Pokémon to find let alone capture in the wild and from what you have shown me from your dream they need Dragonite alive to continue their experiments" Mewtwo told ash as he projected his voice into Ash's mind.

I was just about to say that Mewtwo. Even though I have no idea why they killed the mother, if they’re as rare as you say they are.

"Fine then let me get the breakfast ready for my team and then we can start training straight away so that we can free Dragonite" Ash said as he got all of the supplies that he needed to cook breakfast out of his bag pack in his tent.

After Ash had fed his Pokémon they lined up in front of Ash and Mewtwo eager to start their daily training.

"Ash has you thought about what defense techniques you want to teach your Pokémon?" Mewtwo asked the dark haired trainer.

"Yes I have I will tell them what we will be working on" Ash told Mewtwo.

"Now Pikachu to do Light Screen you have to focus your energy and imagine an invisible wall surrounding you protecting you from all attacks now focus your energy outwards watch me create an Aura Barrier" Ash tells Pikachu. Ash then focused his Aura to create a transparent blue box that surrounded his body.

Fuck…it begins. Better get some coffee everyone, you’ll need it.

"Now you try Pikachu" Ash tells Pikachu in an encouraging tone of voice.

Pikachu nods and copy's the Aura wall by forming a Light Screen but it soon shatters.

"Not bad for a first try just keeping practicing and remember to keep calm is the most important" Ash told Pikachu who just nods to show he understood and started to practice the light screen.

Just give Pikachu a TM for Light Screen, and teach it that way.

"Alakazam you will be learning Reflect which will create a barrier to protect you against some attacks" Ash told his Alakazam

"Now to use Reflect I want you to crosses your spoons and imagine a round, orange barrier surrounding you Alakazam and protecting you from all attacks.

"Watch me create a barrier first and then copy me" Ash told Alakazam as he was surrounded by a crimson spherical barrier.

"Now you give it a go Alakazam" Ash told his Alakazam in an encouraging tone. Alakazam crossed his two spoons and created a round, orange barrier that surrounded its body but shattered after a few minutes like Pikachu's light screen.

"That's great for a first attempt just keep practicing until you can maintain it with barley any effort" Ash told his newly caught Alakazam.

I’m surprised that it didn’t come with its Mega Stone equipped, though knowing the author, I wouldn’t be surprised if that came in a later chapter...

"Salamance Gible you two will be learning Protect now protect is similar to Reflect you just have to Imagine a round, blue barrier surrounding your body and protecting you from all attacks" Ash told both Salamance and Gible who nodded their heads to show they understood.

Salamence?! When the hell did Ash get his hands on a fucking Salamence?!

As soon as Salamance and Gible nodded their heads a blue spherical barrier came into existence sounding both Salamance and Gibles body before it shattered.

"Great job for a first attempt just keep practicing until you can hold it for as long as you like" Ash told Both Gible and Salamance.

"Infernape you will be working on learning to use Close Combat for defense. I am going to levitate some weak aura spheres and send them at you. What I want you to do is to use close combat to stop them" Ash told Infernape as he created some week Aura Spheres which began to float in the air around Ash.

Hey, the author put in ‘week’, instead of ‘weak’. Just like in Atlantrome’s Ace.

Rewrite my ass…

"Prepare Yourself Infernape" Ash told his fire ape in a serious tone of voice as Ash's eyes began to glow crimson and as he began to bombard the fire ape with multiple Aura Spheres.

At first the fire ape had trouble stopping them with half of the Aura Spheres getting through the fire apes defenses before he began to use his fists, knees, elbows and feet to stop the spheres and pretty soon his limbs became a blur as the entire barrage of Aura Spheres were destroyed before they hit the fire Ape.

"That was great well done Inferneape I want you to do some shadowboxing with Close Combat and I will test you again later ok buddy" Ash told his fire Ape who nodded its head to show it understood its trainers commands.

Shadowboxing? Is that some new sport that all the kids are playing these days?

"Torterra you will be learning Reflect. Now to use reflect I want you to imagine a wall of light in front of you protecting you from any attacks. Just like Pikachu's light screen earlier" Ash told the grass type Pokémon.

Torterra then created a wall of light in front of him which like Pikachu's earlier Light Screen shattered after a few minutes.

"That was great for a first attempt just keep practicing until you can form and hold reflect for as long as you need to" Ash instructed his Torterra.

"Take my hand Ash we are going somewhere else to start training your abilities for the safety of your Pokémon" Mewtwo told Ash in an emotionless tone of voice.

If this one-on-one training involves fucking, I am out of here!

"Guys keep practicing your moves and I will check on your progress later ok guys and remember Pikachu is in charge until I come back" ash told his Pokémon as Mewtwo grabbed him and they both disappeared in a flash of light.

(3 Hours Later)

A beaten and bruised Ash returned to his campsite in a flash of red light followed by another flash of light singling Mewtwo's return.

"You made good progress today with controlling your own power at least now you can hide your Psychic aura when you need to and you managed to learn some new ways to attack using your abilities. However that being said do not get complacent Ash you still have a good bit to go before you fully master your gifts" Mewtwo told ash in a serious tone.

"I suggest you change your clothes after you are done checking on your Pokémon Ash. After all I don't think you want to go into the next town like that" Mewtwo told ash in a bored tone of voice.

Don’t worry Mewtwo, I’m bored as well.

Ash then walked over to his tent and crawled inside to change his clothes and get a drink of water from the bottle in his bag pack.

(5-Minutes later)

"Alright line up guys I want to see your progress with learning the new moves" Ash told his Pokémon who lined up in front of him ready for inspection.

"Brace yourself Guys I am going to fire some weak Aura spheres at each of you and I want you to use light screen to stop it" Ash told his Pokémon as he levitated a couple of Aura spheres and sent then hurtling towards his Pokémon.

What about the ones who were taught Reflect? Are they going to fail, on the account of them not using Light Screen?

Ash then watched with pride as each of his Pokémon used their different defense moves they had learned to stop the Aura sphere's from hitting them.

"Great job guys you were amazing I am proud to be your trainer you picked up your new moves very fast" Ash praised his Pokémon who puffed up at his praise.

"Return now for now guys and take a well earned rest and I will let you all out when we get to the next town" Ash told his Pokémon as he returned them to their Pokeballs and then began to dismantle the camp site.

(20-minutes later)

Ash was walking down a mountain path to the next town with Mewtwo having chosen to stay behind saying he would teleport to ash in the next town when he was alone from other humans. Ash was currently walking down a mountain path to the next town. He had just passed a sign that said Yami Village was only 5 miles away.

A quick check on Bulbapedia doesn’t bring up this Yami Village. Must be related to all this Aku shit we’ve been told.

He looked up at the sky and saw the sun was going down and it would probably set in a few hours. He was glad he was nearly at the next town. However, his thoughts were interrupted when he heard something coming towards him from the woods. He saw a tree falling just ahead and out jumped a mean looking Aggron and ash got a felling of rage from the Pokémon. Ash held up his Pokedex and pointed it at Aggron to see what it would say about the Pokémon.

Oh look, another Pokémon for the author-avatar to catch.

"Aggron, the Iron Armor Pokémon. Aggron is the final evolution of Aron. It shows no mercy to anyone who disturbs its territory. Aggron often claims an entire mountain as its own territory. It mercilessly beats up anything that violates its environment. This Pokémon vigilantly patrols its territory at all times. Aggron's steel horns can easily destroy the firmest of bedrock as it digs tunnels to look for iron to eat. Subjects known attacks areShadow Claw, Metal Claw, Iron defense,Rock Tomb,Hone Claws Hyperbeam, and thunder"

As soon as Ash had finished scanning the large Pokémon a large orange beam of energy shot straight towards ash. Ash's eyes widened and cursed as he quickly threw up a red spherical barrier of energy to protect himself and Pikachu from the Hyper Beam.

The beam impacted the barrier but it held strong until the Hyper Beam had completely dissipated.

"Gible Battle time" Ash shouted as he released his small dragon Pokémon.

"Gible time to battle use Dragon Pulse on Aggron now" Ash ordered his first dragon Pokémon who then fired a green ball of emery which hit Aggron causing the large Pokémon to cry out in pain before responding with a Hyper Beam.


First of all, Dragon Pulse shouldn’t have done shit, given that Steel resists Dragon.

Second, Aggron should have recharged after using Hyper Beam.

I don’t want to sound anal-retentive, but I’ve got to get these facts drilled into the author’s empty skull.

"Gible use Dig to underground to avoid the Hyper Beam" Ash ordered his small dragon Pokémon who obeyed and went underground.

"Now Gible use Rock Smash on Aggron now" Ash called out to his Pokémon

Gibel left claw began to glow white as he rushed towards Aggron and jumped up into the air to reach Aggron's height temporarily and slugged the large Iron Armor Pokémon across the jaw causing the large iron Pokémon to stumble back a few feet before it roared angrily at Gible.

Ash watched as Aggrons left claw began to glow bright black with a purple outline and the aura around Aggron's left claw extended into a large claw which struck Gible and sent him flying back.

Gible cried out in pain before he was covered in a bright light which caused Gible to glow, and all Ash could do is watch as Gibles body began to grow.

Ash quickly realized that Gible was evolving. When the light cleared, Ash heard his Pokémon say its new name.

"Gabite!" Ash hoped that Gible would not be like Charizard when he first scanned Gabite with his pokedex and almost drooled when he saw the attacks list that Gible had managed to learn by evolving into Gabite.

Calm down Ash, it’s a Gabite, not a chicken dinner. No need to drool everywhere.

Gabite looked over at Ash and nodded its head to show that he would still obey Ash, and was waiting for instructions from his trainer. Ash smiled at Gabite, glad that he would still listen to him.

"Gabite use Dragon Rush and follow up with Cut on Aggron now" Ash ordered his dragon Pokémon

The two appendages on Gabite's head began to glow a light blue as a dragon-shaped energy that engulfed Gabite's body and his left claw began to glow white as he attacked his opponent. The powerful combination attack from Gabite knocked Aggron on to his back with swirls in the large Pokémon's eyes.

"Great job Gabite you were amazing and congratulations on evolving" Ash praised Gabite as he threw a Pokeball to capture Aggron.

Gotcha! Aggron has been caught!

Would you like to give Aggron a nickname?

After the Pokeball had stopped glowing Ash used telekinesis to levitate the Pokeball into his hand and watched as the Pokeball disappeared signifying that it was teleported to professor oak's lab.

"Return for now Gabite I will let you out in the next town" Ash promised his first dragon type Pokémon as he returned him to his Pokeball.

Ash continued to walk towards the next town as he travelled down the dirt path he noticed a sing up ahead with the writing Yami town 2KM ahead.

The rest of the journey to Yami town's Pokémon centre was quiet enough after he had caught the Pokémon.

As he walked into the Pokémon he couldn't help but admire the Nurse Joy behind the counter she was younger than the other Nurse Joys as she looked like she was only 16 or 17 and was very attractive.

She looks like every other Nurse Joy in existence. How is this one any different?

He shook his head to try and get rid of these distracting thoughts. "Great I'm becoming like Brock. I hung around him for so long as he rubbed off on me, but I got to admit this Nurse Joy is a total babe"

Ash walked up to the Nurse Joy behind the counter to Nurse Joy and greeted her.

"Hello Nurse Joy could I use one of the phones to call my local professor I was attacked outside town and I want to get the Pokémon I caught checked out" Ash asked the attractive Nurse Joy.

"Of course that's no problem but were you attacked by an Aggron? That's unusual, the Aggron around here are usually very docile it must have got into a fight with some of wild the ghost and dark type Pokémon around here" Nurse Joy told Ash.

"Ghost and dark type Pokémon? Ash asked Nurse Joy confused.

"It's where our town name comes from. Yami means dark and the woods around this town and area are full of dark and ghost Pokémon.

Easy, just bring a Fairy-type to take out all of the Dark-type Pokémon.

As for the Ghost Pokémon…uhh, call the Ghostbusters?

"Can I book a room here for the night after I call professor Oak and maybe the next few days if there is room?" asked Ash

"Sure there's plenty of room here there is only a few trainers booked in for the night. We don't get many trainers around this town?" Nurse Joy answered.

"That's great I'll book in for the next three days I want to catch some ghost Pokémon in the morning and get some training in before my next gym battle after I call professor Oak"

Ash walked over to the phone and sat down on the stool in front of one of the phones, and dialled Professor Oak's number and waited for the professor to answer his phone. Soon Professor Oak's image appeared on the phone.

"Hello, this is Professor Oak speaking" "Oak said as he answered the phone.

"Hello professor, its Ash listen I just caught an Aggron but he was injured in his battle with Gabite I need you to send me his Pokeball so I can get him checked out with Nurse Joy" Ash told professor Oak

Uhh, couldn’t Oak just use the equipment in the lab to heal Aggron? Surely there’s a machine in the lab that can do that.

"That no problem Ash I can send you Aggron right now but can you send me your Toreterra, Alakzam, and Infernape I need their help with some research I am currently doing on pokémon mating habits and Gary just sent me a female Toretrra, Alakzam and Infernape. I want to do some more research into how exactly some spices of pokémon chose a mate it will only be for two days" Professor Oak explained to Ash why he wanted his Torettra, Alakzam, and Infernape.

Don’t all Pokémon go for the one with the tightest ass?

"Ok professor I can send all three them over straight away but let me just explain the situation to them first" Ash told professor Oak as he released his Pokémon.

After Ash had explained the Situation to the three Pokémon who were more than happy to go to Oaks lab when there was a possible mate there for them agreed rather quickly.

"All three Pokémon arrived here safely Ash" Professor Oak told Ash as he released all three Pokémon.

"Did you receive Aggron on your side Ash?" Professor Oak asked Ash.

"Yeah I got him Professor" Ash told the professor.

"Oh and Ash before I forget congratulations on capturing those rare Pokémon you saved from the poachers especially those Pokémon from the Isshu region. They are never seen outside of Isshu and I finally get an opportunity to study those Pokémon" Proffesor Oak told ash in an excited tone of voice.

What Pokémon from Isshu? Don’t you mean Unova? Why are we being dumped this right now?!

"Gary dropped by the other day and saw the Pokémon you rescued I believe I have never seen him as speechless before as when he saw your recently captured Pokémon" Professor Oak told Ash in a cheerful and proud tone.

"Oh Ash one more thing before I go the Pokémon G-men would like me to thank you for capturing those poachers it seems they are part of a smuggling ring that they have been chasing all over the different regions for the last two Years and any time they got close to them they always fled the region before they could get a good location on them" The professor told Ash in a proud tone of voice.

Sure, because why wouldn’t a ten-year old kid be able to take down a smuggling ring, that has evaded the International Pokémon Police for a couple of years. At this rate, I wouldn’t be surprised if Ash finds a cure for cancer within a week!

"Take care of yourself and try and stay out of trouble Ash and good luck with your next gym battle and congratulations on Gible evolving" Professor Oak told ash as he said goodbye to ash ending the phone call and walked back over to the reception desk.

"Here is the Aggron I caught Nurse Joy can you please give him a check up to make sure he is not hurt too badly. As he got hit pretty hard with a Dragon Rush, Cut and Draco meteor combo" Ash told Nurse Joy as he handed her the Pokeball containing Aggron.

"Sure that's no trouble it's my job after all" Nurse Joy told Ash in cheerful tone of voice.

(Later that night)

Ash sat down on the bottom of his bead in a meditative position covered in a light crimson Aura as he levitated a few feet above his bead practicing his control exercises that Mewtwo had shown him to help with controlling his abilities.

Ash sensed a familiar presence outside of his window.

"You can come in Mewtwo there is no one here but me and Pikachu" Ash told the genetic Psychic Pokémon as he opened his eyes and watched as Mewtwo appeared in a flash of light.

Hopefully Mewtwo brought along a more interesting plot than the one we’ve got right now.

"Your senses have finally reached a sufficient level where we can do a Telekinetic probe to find out where Dragonite is being held" Mewtwo told Ash as he sat down on the bed.

"Now Ash focus on the emotions you felt from Dragonite think of his rage and pain at being captured now focus on those feelings and think only of locating Dragonite search for his unique Aura with your mind" Mewtwo told Ash as his eyes glowed blue to match the crimson aura that Ash radiating.

Ash watched as the Room started to blur and he felt himself floating like the time in Kanto at the tower in Lavender Town.

Ash looked down and saw his body sprawled out on the bed as then felt a pull towards the forest that he saw earlier as he was coming into town.

It’s a good thing that we’re in a bedroom right now, because I’m about to fall asleep.

He then flew thorough the wall passing thorough it like a ghost and he flew over towards the woods where he was feeling the pull towards. Ash then dived into the center of the trees where he was sensing the strong emotions of pain from Dragonite.

As Ash floated down through the trees he saw a large bunked like structure with what looked like some grunts guarding the entrance to the base.

By the way, which organisation is behind this whole thing? Rocket? Galactic? Plasma? Or are they just random poachers?

He flew right pass them and passed through the walls of the bunker like a ghost and saw a large corridor. Ash followed the pull and floated straight down the corridor and stopped outside a door where he was felling the strongest pull towards.

Ash passed through a door and saw a Dragonite inside a cramped cage. He walked up to the cage and put his hand on Dragonites head caused the large dragon Pokémon to Open his eyes and stare directly at Ash.

"It's Okay I am not going to hurt you Dragonite here let me ease some of the pain your feeling" Ash told Dragonite in soft tone of voice so as not to scare him as he began focusing some of his Aura into healing Dragonite who was covered in a crimson Aura for a few moments before it faded.

Dragonite tried to lick Ash's hands in appreciation put his tongue passed straight thought Ash's hand.

A shame, I would pay good money to see a Dragonite devour Ash.

"Don't worry Dragonite now that I know where you are I will come back and get you free. Just hold out for a little while longer and I will rescue you promise Dragonite on my honor as an Aura Guardian" Ash promised Dragonite as he disappeared in a flash of crimson light signifying that he had teleported back to his room.

Ash reappeared in his room and saw Mewtwo guarding his body with Pikachu.

"Did you find where Dragonite is being held?" Mewtwo Asked Ash in its usual monotone.

"I found Dragonite and transferred some of my aura into his body to heal him and give his Immune system a bit of a boost until I can free him" Ash told Mewtwo in a serious tone. Before Mewtwo could respond they were interrupted by a loud noise and people shouting.

Must be a bunch of no good punks, boozing and partying…

"Mewtwo you better hide while I go and investigate with Pikachu go see what's going on. Whatever is going on you don't need the attention and rumors of a Pokémon as strong as you going around after all, we don't know what's going on" Ash told Mewtwo before he ran out the door and down the stairs with Pikachu following behind him.

When Ash came down the stairs he saw Nurse Joy rushing to the door still in her bedclothes, her underwear, and a t-shirt that hugged her curves.

"What's going on Nurse Joy?" Ash asked trying not to stare at the appealing figure of Nurse Joy in front of him as he was silently cursing Brock in his head.

Give it to me straight Werewolf, you want this specific Nurse Joy in your harem, don’t you?

"I don't know Ash I was in the back getting ready for bed when I heard screaming and shouting" Nurse Joy told him.

"I'll check it out. Could you please unlock the door Joy "Ash ran out the door of the Pokémon Centre once Joy opened it and saw that a Spirittomb was attacking the town, firing dark pulse at random things and causing havoc.

The Spiritomb was larger than the previous one he saw and this one had a blue body and it was shiny but it still had the signature stone below it he scanned it with his Pokedex and it said, "Spiritomb, the Forbidden Pokémon. These pokémon are rare dual ghost and dark type. They tend to border on naturally evil often attacking villages and tend to go on a rampage like Garaydos. Most of these Pokémon have been sealed. Colour: Purple and green height 5' 3" 238.1 lbs. (108kg) said to have been formed from 108 spirits. Known attacks "Smokescreen, confuse ray, Destiny bond, Curse, Willo-wisp ,Dream Eater, Sleep talk, Hypnosis, Dream eater, Shadow Sneak ,shadow ball, torment, rock tomb Giga Impact ,Physic, flash, silver wind, Ominous Wind, and Pain Split Gender female"

I always wait for the time, when the author catches their first shiny Pokémon. It brings joy to my heart.

"Pikachu, you're up buddy. Use Thunder on Spiritomb" Ash ordered his faithful Thunder hit the forbidden Pokémon who screamed in pain form the Thunder and fired a Shock Wave at Pikachu, whom just drank up the electric like it was water. Thanks to Pikachu's experience, electric attacks had no effect on him.

So the little critter has Volt Absorb now? What’s next, will Charizard have Flash Fire?

"Now use Volt Tackle and combine it with Iron Tail and a full power Thunder on Spiritomb" Ash ghost Pokémon cried in pain from Pikachu's attacks and fell to the ground. Ash then threw one of his empty Pokeballs at the forbidden Pokémon and the Pokémon disappeared in a flash of light and surprising Ash as he did not fight the capture.

The people who had been watching the battle cheered for Ash for stopping the Ghost Pokémons' rampage against the walked back to the Pokémon centre and said to Nurse Joy, "I caught the Spirittomb that was attacking the town could you heal him for me it took some damage from Pikachu's Iron tail and Thunder" Ash asked Nurse Joy who shook her head.

"I'm sorry Ash but I don't know anything about Spiritomb. I don't even know if anyone else has captured one since there so rare no one has ever got a chance to study one let alone treat one" Nurse Joy told Ash genuinely sorry that she was unable to treat a Pokémon. Ash nodded his head in understanding and told Joy.

Surely, one of your sisters know how to heal a damn Spiritomb. It’s not like its Arceus or something.

"It's ok. I have an idea how to help Spiritomb just don't tell anyone how I will help him ok?" Ash asked.

Didn’t the Pokédex say it was female? Are Pokémon genderfluid or something now? If so, then Tumblr’s going to have a field day.

Nurse Joy nodded her head and promised not to tell anyone and said, "I won't tell anyone but how are you going to heal Spirtomb no machine or medicine will touch him because of his unique properties" Joy asked curious.

"I am an Aura Guardian I intend to use my aura to heal Spirtomb." Ash told Joy who nodded her head as she had never seen an Aura guardian before or their powers only story she heard as a child from her mother. Ash closed his eyes and started to focus his Aura to his hands which took on a green glow.

Ash held up his hands and Spiritomb was covered in a green aura sphere and the pokémon groaned in pleasure at the warm feeling. Soon Spirtomb was feeling better.

All the pain and aggression it was feeling was gone Ash opened his eyes and saw Spiritomb come towards him and floated against him rubbing up against his jaw.

"Do you feel better Spirittomb?" Ash asked the rare ghost type.

Between Spirittomb, and Spirtomb, the author can’t even keep his spelling mistakes consistent.

I mean come on! You spelt it right a couple of times!

"TOMB" Spiritomb replied as she shouted her name.

"What do you say we get some rest Spiritomb and good night Joy" Ash asked as Joy nodded her head and said, "I just have to lock up. Good night Ash."

Ash said goodnight to Joy and also told her, "I'll see you in the morning sweet dreams Joy" Ash told the beautiful Nurse Joy who smiled at Ash.

(Next morning)

Ash walked down the stairs with Pikachu on his shoulder to the canteen to get some breakfast for both himself and his Pokémon.

"Come out everybody its breakfast time" Ash said as he realised all his Poké Ash had fed his Pokémon he decided to call up Professor Oak to see if he could get his Noctowl sent to him so he would not fall victim to the ghost Pokemon's tricks and end up wandering the forest in circles when he was rescuing Dragonite.

And should another Ghost Pokémon try to stop Ash, it’ll only end up getting captured.

Ash dialed Professor Oak's number and waited. A few seconds later Professor Oak's image appeared.

"Hello, Professor!" Ash greeted.

Oak looked at who had called his name and saw it was Ash "Oh Hello Ash do you need something" Professor Oak asked.

"Professor I am wondering how are Aggron and Tyranitar?" Ash asked Professor Oak in a concerned tone.

Tyranitar? I know that near the end of the Johto arc of the anime, Ash befriended a Larvitar and brought it home to its mother, but is it the same Larvitar, but evolved, or is it an entirely different Tyranitar?

"Aggron is fine he has settled in nicely with the other Pokémon in fact I have never seen an Aggron as docile as he is before" Professor Oak told Ash.

"As for Tyranitar had calmed down a bit he is not as scared as he was of the other pokémon when you first sent him to me. He has made friend with your Ivysaur and is starting to relax. He is still a bit nervous around humans thanks to those poachers" Professor Oak told ash.

"You mean Bulbasaur right? Did he evolve?" Ash asked Professor Oak in a curious tone.

"He evolved around the time you sent me those Pokémon you saved from the poachers"

Which ones, the Unovan Pokémon?

Dammit Werewolf! Some more detail wouldn’t hurt, you know.

"Did you catch any new Pokémon lately Ash?"Professor Oak asked Ash in a curious tone.

"Only one I caught a Spiritomb that went on a rampage last night in the town I'm staying in" Ash told Professor Oak.

"Spiritomb! Ash did you really catch a Spiritomb?" Professor Oak asked Ash in an excited tone of voice.

"I can show you if you like" Ash told Professor Oak as he called over his spirit Spiritomb.

"Spiritomb come over here for a minute" Ash called his Dark/Ghost Pokémon who was resting with the other Pokémon after having her breakfast.

"It seems lately you are a researches dream Ash. With all the Pokémon you have been catching lately" Professor oak told Ash in an excited tone of voice at the sight of such a rare Pokémon.

Yeah, while you drool over Ash’s Spiritomb, mind if you do something to end the MIND-NUMBING BOREDOM I’m experiencing right now?!

"Anyway Professor can you send me Noctowl I want to try and catch some more Pokémon in the forest where I am staying before my next gym battle but it's full of ghost Pokémon. So I need Noctowl before I can go into the forest" Ash told professor Oak in a calm tone of voice.

"That's no problem Ash I will do that now let me just get his pokeball and I will transport him to you" Professor Oak told ashas he walked out of view of the screen. A few minutes later Professor Oak came into view again with a pokeball in his hand.

"Here is Noctowl's Pokeball. I am transferring it to you now" Professor oak told Ash.

"I got it Professor" Ash told the Professor as he held up the pokeball to the screen.

That moment when Oak realized that he accidentally sent Snorlax’s Pokéball, instead of Noctowl’s.

"Ash where are you right now anyway?" Oak asked

"I'm at Yami towns Pokémon center" Ash said.

"Yami town where is that Ash I never heard of it before?" Professor Oak asked.

"It's an hour from the main route 41 and ten miles outside of Sunnyshore city" Ash answered the Professor.

"Why do you want to know where I am anyway?" Ash asked

"No reason I was just curious where you caught such a rare Pokémon" Professor Oak told him.

Something tells me that I’m meant to remember this bit of dialogue, just in case Oak ends up betraying Ash for some reason.

"Ok bye Professor say hello to mom and granddad for me" Ash said as he hung up the phone.

"Noctowl I chose you old friend" Ash said as he released his shiny owl like Pokémon.

"Noctowl were going to rescue a Dragonite that is in trouble so I am going to need you to scout for any ghost Pokémon and stop any hypnoses tricks the ghost Pokémon will try and use on us ok Noctowl?" Ash asked the owl like Pokémon in a quiet tone to make sure no one overheard them. Noctowl just nodded its head to show it understood.

"Let's go then Noctowl. I'm counting on your foresight to help us out were heading to the woods at the edge of town" Ash said as he returned all his Pokémon and told Nurse Joy he was going to catch some Pokémon.

But what about the Dragonite? Are you going to leave it for dead?

(30 minutes later)

Ash and Pikachu sat in a tall tree hidden from sight by the green leaves on the branches of the tress and through use of a camouflage aura technique which hid the user from all sense once they did not move around too much. Ash and Pikachu were waiting for Noctowl to come back with how many guards were on the outside before he attacked the base.

Ash heard a cry of "Noctowl" and saw his Noctowl returning. The bird like Pokémon landed on the branch of a tree and Ash got an image of two guards standing guard at the entrance to the base.

"Great job Noctowl now lead the way and keep an eye out for any pranks by ghost Pokémon" Ash told his Noctowl.

Yes, you better watch out for their spectral Whoopee Cushions.

(Back at Pokemon center)

Nurse Joy looked up from her magazine as she heard voices and she looked up from her magazine and at the entrance she spotted a familiar tall blond haired woman wearing a black tank top that hugged her figure and showed of her impressive bust, along with a matching short black mini skirt that showed of her long legs on her feet was a pair of black sandals. Nurse Joy recognized her instantly as the reining Sinnoh champion.

Oh hi Cynthia, how’s my second best girl in Pokémon going?

You see, she was originally No.1, but Lusamine recently snatched the title from her, and became my second best waifu in general.

She’s still got a long way to go before she takes Nanami’s place…

Beside Cynthia was a female with purple eyes and long white hair which was reached down to the end of her back. The end of her was done in a plait style with a ponytail which was held together by a purple ribbon. The girl was wearing a sleeveless black outfit with a high collar, gold trim, with a silver symbol on the chest.

The lower end of her outfit split off into four long pieces that nearly extend to the floor. A long, adorned red sash was also around her waist.

The white haired female was also wearing long black gloves with gold trim kept on with red bands on the upper arms as well as long white and gold high-heeled boots. Underneath her uniform the white haired girl was wearing a pair of white shorts.

The white haired females outfit only seamed to highlight her voluptuous figure. As they got closer she managed to here the white haired female ask Cynthia if he was good looking.

Could this be the OC that the author told us about, in the author’s notes?

"Hello Nurse Joy is there a tall dark haired teenager here. He has a Pikachu on his shoulder his name is Ash Ketchum?" Cynthia asked the Nurse Joy ignoring the white haired girl's question.

"There is an Ash staying here he came in here yesterday and last night he stopped a Spirittomb that was on a rampage but he is not here right now he left earlier this morning after he fed his Pokémon he said he was going to catch some ghost Pokémon while he was waiting for his next gym battle he is gone into the woods at the edge of town" Nurse Joy told Cynthia.

"Ok thanks Nurse Joy I will go and look for him but if he is back before me could you tell him to wait here for me?" Cynthia asked the nurse Joy

"Sure no problem" nurse joy told walked outside followed by her companion and saw two large columns of light in the distance coming from the forest.

"Let's go and see where the lights are coming from Kaname" Cynthia told her white haired companion.

It’s probably coming from the people who forgot to take down their Christmas lights.

"Garchomp I need your assistance my friend" Cynthia says as she summons her Garchomp.

"Dragonite I need your help old friend" Kaname shouted as she released her Dragonite that she had got as a Dranti the same time Cynthia got Garchomp as a Gible.

"Garchomp I need you to fly me towards those lights I want to see what they are" Cynthia tells her Garchomp who just nods as her trainer climes on to her back.

But that’s the last thing you want to do, especially if you’re in a hospital.

"Dragonite you do the same" Kaname told here Dragonite as she climbed on to her back.

"Cynthia someone is generating a massive amount of power from the direction of the lights" Kaname told Cynthia as she held her hand to her head for a minute as she felt her Psychic senses being overwhelmed with power.

"Are you going to be ok?" Cynthia asked her sister in a concerned tone of voice.

"Don't worry I will be fine it just caught me by surprise" Kaname told Cynthia as she regained here senses

That’s what she said!

(Back with Ash)

"Ash had used his abilities with some help from Mewtwo to transform the outfit he was previously wearing into his aura guardian uniform.

Ash uniform was mostly back but was also trimmed in red and markings of his rank, within the order which was shown by ranking stripes on the shoulders of his uniform, on the right side of his chest was a cloth badge which bears the emblem of the Aura guardians.

On his face was a white mask with two red stripes along with the Aura guardian's symbol engraved on the forehead of the mask in order to hide his identity and strike fear into the scientists experimenting on Pokémon.

Sounds like its some cheap cosplay, the author made from spare rubbish in his house.

Ash was rushing through the base with his katana in his left hand using it to cut down any grunts that stood in his way along with his vectors.

As ash reached the end of the corridor he recognized the entrance to the room where Dragonite was being held.

However he also noticed a bunch of grunts with guns standing in the hallway that were in his way. Ash recognized them as the creeps who were whipping Dragonite in his dream.

Pray tell, how are they distinguishable from the other grunts? Do they have unique scars on their faces or something?

When the grunts saw Ash they opened fire on him but Ash used his Vectors to stop the bullets before he disappeared from sight and reappeared behind the grunts.

Ash then sheathed Juuchi Yosamu(10,000 Cold Nights), holding it in a reverse grip, in his left hand. Ash stopped when only the last half inch of the blade was left unsheathed, smirked, and sheathed the rest of the blade. A slight click was heard as the grunts fell to the floor dead lying in a pool of their own blood.

Now Ash gets his own ‘SPESHUL’ sword? Why? Why does he need it, when’s he’s got dozens of Pokémon to help him?

Ash tried to open the door but realized it was locked so he held out his hands as his eyes glowed crimson and the door was ripped off its hinges rather violently. Ash then walked up to the cage which held Dragonite who looked up at Ash in confusion before hearing his voice in his mind.

"It's ok Dragonite I am here to help just like I promised" Ash told Dragonite as he broadcasted his voice into the Pokémon's mind.

"Now step back I am going to get you out of that cage" Ash told Dragonite telepathically who stepped back against the wall as Ash drew Juuchi Yosamu (10,000 Cold Nights).

Yes, we got it the first time. No need to tell us what the sword’s name means, every time it appears.

Ash's left hand moved in a blur as he used his katana to cut the cage into pieces. With the front of the cage destroyed Dragonite stepped out of the cage and stretched his limbs and wings to get rid of the feeling of stiffness that was in its limbs from the cramped cage.

"Can you please hold still for a minute Dragonite I want to use my Aura to heal you ok?" Ash Asked Dragonite who nodded its head and bended down to eye level and stared into his eyes as if judging his intentions before nodding its head to Ash to show it trusted Ash not to hurt him. Ash focused his Aura on healing Dragonite before he was covered in a green sphere of Aura and when the sphere dissipated Dargonite was looking a lot better and the scars and half healed wounds that once were on his body were gone thanks to Ash's aura.

"There that should help until I can get you to a proper Nurse Joy to be looked at" Ash told Dragonite who rubbed its jaw against Ash to show his thanks.

"Dragonite I want to put you into this Pokeball temporally until we get out here. I promise to release you when it is safe" Ash told Dragonite as he held up a Pokeball. Dragonite started at the Pokeball for a few minutes before nodding his head in acceptance and touched the Pokeball with his left claw and disappeared into the Pokeball in a red light.

Surely, Ash would have ponied up the money for a Luxury Ball or something other than a regular Pokéball.

Ash then walked back out of the room and out of the corridor as he stepped outside of the entrance he sensed two Dark and malicious Auras and heard Mewtwos voice in his head.

"Ash be prepared the enemy I warned you about has finally caught up to you" Mewtwo warned Ash.

You mean those human-eating ghosts? I wonder how they’ll do in battle.

"I see I will draw their attention its best I deal with them here where no one can get caught in the crossfire" Ash told Mewtwo telepathically.

Ash then held out his hand towards the base that had caused Dragonite so much pain and began to gather a large amount of aura into his left hand which caused small sparks of red energy to which would be sensed by anyone who was remotely sensitive to Aura or psychic energy.

"Aura no Kaden Ryūshi Hō(Aura Charged Particle Cannon)" Ash shouted as he fired a red beam of red beam of electric like energy which vaporized the base destroying it instantly.


Every time, I get stuck with some brainless weeaboo, who thinks dumping Japanese phrases in their fic, automatically makes it cool. Why can’t they think about me for once?!

"That should get their attention now Pikachu I want you to hide so you don't get hurt" Ash told his faithful starter who looked ready to argue with Ash's command but Ash gave him a firm stare and Pikachu obeyed his trainers command and jumped off Ash's shoulder and hid under a bush.

Pikachu had only finished obeying his trainers command when two cloaked figures appeared in front of Ash. The cloaked figure on the right decided that he would be the spokesman for the two and spoke to Ash.

"Hello guardian we sensed your strength and we have a proposition to make" The figure told Ash in an emotionless tone of voice.

"I'm listening what is this proposition you have for me?" Ash asked the two cloaked figures.

"We would like to offer you a place in our group. We can teach you how to control your power and anything else you want money, fame, power, or women.

Hey, the exact same deal that MoA offered me, before I joined Project AFTER.

All you have to do is swear you allegiance to our master and forget Arceus and his stupid balance" The cloaked figure told Ash.

"I see well in that case I refuse I will uphold the balance that is my duty as an Aura guardian" Ash told the cloaked figures in a serious tone.

"In that case die" the figures shouted as they fired three back beams of energy at Ash which merged into one and hit Ash's aura shield before being shot into the sky.

The two cloaked figures then transformed before his eyes into two large Shikigami.

Wha? I thought they were Jikininki or something. Now they’re this Shikigami creature. I…I don’t know what’s going on anymore.

The first cloaked figure that was talking to him now had red skin and two large horns on its forehead and two upward pointing tusks. The creature that he had become was now large and muscular and was armed with a large battle axe in his left hand.

The second cloaked figure now had blue skin and had a large horn in the middle of its forehead and two downward pointing tusks. Like its companion it was large and rather muscular. Unlike his companion he was not armed.

The two figures charged at Ash but just as they were about to hit him he seminally disappeared when the creatures hit the ground where Ash was standing they caused a crater from the force of the impact and to the eyes of those watching Ash seemingly disappeared from sight before appearing behind the two Shikigami.

Ash then held Juuchi Yosamu in his left hand and he twirled the blade around, holding it in a reverse grip, and started to sheath it if you looked closely you would see that the blade was still clean despite having been used to kill two enemy's.

Welp, so much for this foe that is threatening the balance of the world. I was hoping for a bit more of a fight, if I say so myself.

Ash stopped when only the last half inch of the blade was left unsheathed, smirked, and sheathed the rest of the blade.

A slight click echoed around the forest and the as the creatures heads and waists slid of their body's having been cut into two pieces as a geyser of blood erupted from the creatures neck's and waist as they fell to the ground dead having died instantly from having their head's sliced in two.

Ash created two Aura flowers and threw them at the two creatures causing them to fade away there remains having been converted back to Aura for the earth to use.

You mean that MacGuffin from the Lucario movie?

Come on out Pikachu the threat is dealt Ash told Pikachu as he took off his mask and changed back to his original clothes of jeans and a black tee-shirt.

"We'll have to be careful buddy. I don't think this will be the last of them, but together we will destroy them and make sure there plan is never carried out, right buddy?" Ash asked his Pikachu who just nodded agreeing with his trainer and best friend.

"Let's go back and get something to eat ok Pikachu" Ash told his faithful starter he returned Juuchi Yosamu to his internal aura realm.

Suddenly a familiar blond figure riding on a Garchomp and a white haired female landed riding a Dragonite landed on the ground in front of Ash and Pikachu. A tall blond haired woman with an impressive bust jumped of her Garchomp

Well what do you know? It’s the same bust from Atlantromes Ace.

Man, this fic has several references to Werewolf’s other fics. Now all I need for my bingo card to be filled, is for rapist Ron to have a cameo.

and walked up to Ash behind her was a female with purple eyes and long white hair which was reached down to the end of her back who had got off here Dragonite. Both Garchomp and Dragonite stood behind their respective master.

"Hello Ash, mind telling me what all that's about. I thought the Aura guardians were extinct?" Cynthia asked Ash.

"Cynthia what are you doing here?" Ash asked the blond champion in a surprised tone of voice.

"What are you talking about?" Ash asks Cynthia trying to play dumb.

"I'm talking about you being and Aura guardian. I saw you fighting those Oni and I heard what they offered you to join them" Cynthia told Ash answering his first question.

And you didn’t help out Ash, why? Not that he needed the help, but it would have still been appreciative.

"As for what I'm doing here, I got a call from Professor Oak saying that one of his trainers had caught a Spiritomb. Imagine my surprise when I find out that it's the one and only Ash Ketchum and he is staying in a town just 2 miles from where I am staying, studying the ruins" Cynthia told Ash.

"Why would Professor Oak call you about me catching a Spiritomb? I know it's a rare Pokémon but why would you of all people care about a ghost Pokémon that I caught," Ash asks confused.

Maybe it’s because, you know, she has her own Spiritomb, and helps out other trainers who have caught their own Spiritomb.

"The reason professor Oak called me is because I left word with all the region professors to let me know if any trainer caught a Spirtomb because I had a feeling that they would need some pointers on caring for one, as no Nurse Joy who knows how to treat one and I was the only one who has one and knows how to treat one" Cynthia tells Ash.

Thanks for backing me up, Cynthia.

"Now stop dodging my question and tell me what those things you were fighting were. I thought Oni only existed in myths and who is there master Ash?" Cynthia Asked Ash in a serious tone.

"Trust me when I say this Cynthia. Forget about what you saw, as far as the world is concerned we are nothing but a memory, shadows of the past and its better for it to stay that way" Ash told the Blonde Beauty.

"You still did not answer my question Ash" Cynthia tells Ash.

"Were those really Oni that you fought and where did you learn to use a sword like that and is it hard to learn? Kaname asked Ash in a curious tone of voice.

Question, why the hell do they care about Ash’s business with the Oni?

"Can't you two just forget about this? It would be safer for you to forget about this fight and the Guardians?" Ash Asks Cynthia and the white haired girl in a serious tone.

"Are you threatening us, Ash?"Cynthia asked in a cool tone of voice. Ash was seriously considered erasing there memory of the whole fight but remembered Lucian would just undo it so it would be a waste of energy.

"I'm not threatening you I have no interest in threatening or harming you or your friend. I'm merely stating a fact that there will be more of his kind and they won't be as kind as the guardians. They might even try and kill you and your companion if they think you're involved with us guardians" Ash told Cynthia in an unusually serious tone of voice.

"Ash we are big girls and we can take care of ourselves and I want to know why the guardians seemingly disappear from history at a certain point in all the different regions."Cynthia tells Ash in a curious tone of voice.

They all wiped each other out, in an attempt to claim their respective harems.

"From what I was able to figure out it has something to do with the god of Pokémon and the Guardians of the world which I think means the legendaries and something called the shadow of Arceus" Cynthia tells Ash who is surprised at the amount of knowledge she has on the guardians and the fact she has touched upon knowledge of Aku.

"Fine you win, Cynthia. Let's go back to the Pokémon centre and I will tell you what you want to know on the condition that you both tell no one of my Aura abilities is it a deal?" Ash asks Cynthia and Kaname who both nods their heads and promises not to reveal his secret.

(Pokémon centre)

"Let me just get a Pokémon I just caught checked out by Nurse Joy first and then I will tell you what you want to know" Ash told Cynthia and her companion Kaname who Cynthia had introduced as her sister.

"Nurse Joy can you have a look at the Dragonite I just caught him and he looks like he is exhausted can make sure he is not hurt?" Ash asked the young Nurse Joy.

"That's no problem Ash I will do it straight away it is my job to care for all Pokémon" Nurse Joy told Ash.

I wonder how much Nurse Joy gets paid for her job, what with healthcare being free in the games.

Ash walks back to where Cynthia and her sister were sitting he noticed that they both had their Dragonite and Garchomp out.

Ash walks over to Garchomp and Dragonite and starts to pat them on the head, which causes them to lean forward into Ash's touch and the nice feeling of getting petted earning a shocked look from Cynthia and Kaname at Ash being able to pat her Garchomp and her sisters Dragonite the same Pokemon who would not even let Lance near them and he's a dragon Pokémon master.

So Kaname is an OC, who happens to be Cynthia’s sister.

What is it with authors like Werewolf2300, and giving Cynthia a sister?

"That's strange Garchomp usually can't stand strangers. She does not really like anyone but me or my family unless she has to put up with them" Cynthia told Ash in a surprised tone with how well he got on with her Grachomp.

"Dragonite is the same besides me, Cynthia and grandma she does not like anyone else" Kaname told Ash in a surprised tone with how well he got on with her Dragonite.

It’s almost like he’s a Gary-Stu…

"Well I guess I am just lucky like me" Ash told the two beauties.

"Now that they're fed, follow me and I'll tell you what you want to know about the history I promised you earlier" Ash told Cynthia who nodded her head and she and Kaname followed Ash up the stairs to his room.

When they reached the room the two sisters sat down on the head of Ash's bed and he say down on the end of the bed. Ash closed his eyes for a minute and the whole room glowed blue for a second before it stopped.

"What was that?"Cynthia asked Ash curious to what he just did.

"I just placed a sound proof barrier so no one will be able to eavesdrop on what I am going to tell you two" Ash said addressing Cynthia and Kaname.

Heh, your soundproof barrier is no match for my listening devices.

"Now what about the guardians do you want to know first?" Ash asked so he would know where to start his tale.

"How about why the guardians suddenly disappear from time at the same point and what it has to do with the legendary Pokemon and the shadow of Arceus?" Cynthia asked Ash curious.

"A long time ago the guardians were spread throughout the regions doing deeds like healing and protecting the regions. When Aura guardian Apprentices had reached a certain level they stood before the legendary Arceus at the Tree of beginning in Kanto." Ash paused for a minute to let the information sink in before continuing

"He tested them to see if they worthy to attain the title of Aura Guardians protector of the balance" Ash told Cynthia explaining the early history of the guardians.

“Of course, not many were able to pass the Trigonometry test.”

"This went on for centuries guardians kept the balance between Pokémon and human but there was another being that was jealous of Arceus and did not like the peace that Arceus created and so he caused pain and misery down though the ages and he rejoiced in their suffering. He went by many names some called him the shadow of Arceus due to him coming into being after the creation of Arceus egg" Ash told Cynthia and Kaname who were listing keenly at ash's explanation.

"This being even managed to sway some of Arceus own chosen guardians to join him. They worshiped him in secret and this being fused there souls with powerful Oni like those two you saw today" Ash told Cynthia and Kaname noticing he had there full attention.

"But Arceus had enough of watching Pokémon suffer and he imprisoned him in a tomb" Ash told the two sisters,

"But one day they had enough of worshiping there Master in secret and took up the name of Jikininki (Human eating ghosts). They tried to free their master from his prison on promises of power" Ash told Cynthia and Kaname

What about the wealth and women you were promised Ash? Were they also included in Aku’s deal?

"They even found a way to control the legendary creation trio in hopes of freeing there master from his prison. The capture of the creation trio leads to a war between those Aura guardians who followed Arceus and the Jikininki who followed Aku.

"The Aura guardians managed to free the creation trio but the war spread across the different regions and nearly wiped out all Aura users and a good bit of the legendary Pokémon population" Ash told Cynthia and Kaname.

“Luckily they had the excellent strategies of Lt. Surge on their side.”

"You have already seen one of their relics recently with the leader of team galactic Cyrus Cynthia" Ash told Cynthia who had a surprised look on her face at that piece of information.

"After the guardians and Arceus won the war Arceus then gave the different legendaries and Aura users there domains in the different regions in hopes of preventing Aku from rising ever again" Ash said pausing one last time before continuing on.

"But there is a story that Aku will one day break free and the world will turn to the chosen champion of Arceus called the crimson king to save them" Ash told Cynthia and Kaname after finishing the story he always thought was a fairy tale.

I’m betting $500, that Ash is this ‘crimson king’.

"Ever since the war we guardians have moved to the shadows and protect the balance from the shadows down though the different ages, the world only knows about our kind in stories and we are happy for it to stay that way. Does that answer your question?" Ash asked Cynthia and Kaname.

"Yes it does thank you Ash I have always wanted to know what happened to them since I was a child". Cynthia told Ash she then surprises Ash by kissing him on the check as a thank you, this action is then copied by Kaname leaving Ash flabbergasted.

"Ash if you don't mind me asking but how come you're not with Brock and Dawn?" Cynthia asked, curious to where Ash friends are.

Dawn ended up on his bashing list, and Brock was kicked out, just so he can’t try and steal Ash’s harem.

"Brock had to go home as his father was injured in a gym battle by his opponent's Pokémon by accident, and his mother is gone on a cruise. Thus, he had to go home to mind his Brothers and Sisters along with his father" Ash told Cynthia in a friendly tone.

"As for Dawn, well she lost in the preliminary rounds of the Grand festival and left she claimed that it was my fault she lost and that my gym battles were holding her back. She left and I say good riddance" Ash told Cynthia with a bit of anger slipping into his tone.

"The girl who lost was Dawn from Twinleaf Town right?" Kaname asked Ash who nodded.

"I remember that performance now. I was watching the grand festival on the TV she was the girl with the Buneary who lost control of Ice beam right?" Kaname asked Ash.

"Yeah that's her Kaname" Ash told Cynthia's sister.

"She blamed you what a pathetic idiot it was obvious to everyone watching that she did not practice that routine enough" Kaname told Ash with an undignified snort.

We get it, Dawn sucks at life. Get over your petty hate boner.

"But I glad she left, it let me thinks about some things like how to improve my skills as a trainer," Ash told her.

"Well I guess this is goodbye Cynthia Kaname. I'm heading out to Sunnyshore city now I hope to see you both again good luck" Ash said as he grabbed his stuff and put it into his bag and walked back down the stairs to where Dragonite was with nurse joy. Cynthia thinks to herself and decides to go with Ash to Sunnyshore city to see his gym battle.

She had to admit to herself that Ash was quite good looking and had got taller since the last time she saw him he was now as tall as her. He must have had a Growth spurt. She shook her head trying to get rid of such distracting thoughts.

-Good looking

Pick one.

"You know what Cynthia I suddenly have a feeling to visit Sunnyshore city and I can tell by the look on your face you want to go as well. I wonder is my sis starting to fall for a certain trainer. I saw you staring at him as he left" Kaname tells Cynthia in a teasing tone.

Well it didn’t take long for Cynthia to start creaming herself over the author…

"Wait up Ash, we're going with you to Sunnyshore." Cynthia tells Ash as she goes out the door after Ash with her sister behind her.

"I want to see how much you have improved since the last time I saw you battle. If that's ok with you," Cynthia asks Ash as she walks up beside him as he had just finished talking to Nurse Joy.

"Same I want to see how you do against Volkenr" Kaname tells Ash with a smile on her face.

"Sure I don't mind some company, it will make the trip less boring" Ash told Cynthia as he steps outside the door

Yet it won’t make the fic any less boring.

"Dragonite come on out" Ash says as he walks out the door hrew his Pokeball into the air. There was a flash of red light, and when it cleared standing in front of Ash was the Dragonite he had rescued .

"How are you feeling Dragonite?"Ash asks in a concerned tone of voice.

"DRAGONITE!" the Pokémon walked forward and petted his Dragonite. Who leaned into Ash's touch, enjoying the feeling of being petted by his new trainer.

"Dragonite you can go if you want I only captured you so Nurse Joy could heal you" Ash told Dragonite intending on keeping his promise.

Dragonite shook his head and touched Ash's chest and points to himself and the Pokeball in Ash's hand.

"You want to travel with me as one of my Pokémon is that right Dragonite?"Ash asked the large dragon Pokemon who nodded its head.

"Ok then return Dragonite I promise I will protect you" Ash promised the dragon Pokémon who nodded his head. Both Cynthia and Kaname looked at each other and had a feeling that there was a good Story with how Ash ended up with Dragonite. Ash Cynthia and Kaname then began walking towards their destination of Sunnyshore city.

(Chapter End)

We’re now delving deep into familiar territory. Had it not been for the fact that Werewolf2300 it writing this schlock, I wouldn’t have given it as much as a second glace.

Until next time everyone!

List of mocks can be found here: Here

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Welcome to the Tone of Voice Emporium! We've got sad tones, cheerful tones, angry tones, and bored tones! We've got tones you've heard once and a hundred times before. Want some other way of conveying emotion in your story? Tough luck! This story contains nothing but blank-faced storefront mannequins, which the author uses as ventriloquist dummies.

Sigh. This story is atrocious. Even should we give the awful plot a free pass, the chapters only need to be half as long as they are, what with the unnecessary inclusion of training montages and the repetitive writing of the first chapter.

Good mocking thus far, GorillaGamer. Keep it up.

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Tell me ash do you know the Legend of the Aku ruler of the void, before Arceus egg came into being?" Mewtwo asked Ash in a serious tone of voice.


Aku comes from the cartoon network show samurai Jack, where he was the big baddie.

As for the Ghost Pokémon…uhh, call the Ghostbusters?

Just bring a dark type.

Technically, couldn't you kill a weeping angel by knocking it over with a stick? Seems like that would work as long as you kept watching it fall without blinking

Have you made your daily sacrifice to our Lord and savior Cthulu today?
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StabbyKobold@ You’re right about the story being atrocious. Too bad this chapter is as bloated as the previous one.

Dalekid@ Thanks for clearing up the whole Aku situation. I remember watching Samurai Jack when I was younger. Why Werewolf2300 would add elements from that show into Pokémon, I have no idea.

So here we are, the promised bout between Ash and Volkner. Unfortunately, before we can get to said bout, we have to sit through more of the same shit that was in Chapter 2. I’ll also close this part off with a little speech on why I prefer mocking fics with short chapters.


Chapter 3 Rumble in Sunyshore city

The heat of the tent woke up Ash, and he pulled the zipper of his sleeping bag to let some cool air in to the tent. Ash checked the time on his Pokedex and saw that it was only eight o'clock in the morning.

"Ash get dressed it's time for your morning training" Mewtwo told Ash as he projected his thoughts into Ash's mind. He crawled out of his tent and stood up and stretched his muscles before concentrating on Mewtwo's unique aura and disappeared in a flash of light straight to Mewtwo's location.

"Good morning Ash today we will start off with control exercises first" Mewtwo told Ash as he began to explain their lesson plan for the day.

"After we have finished working on your control we will them move on to creating a dome made from Psychokinetic energy which will protect you from most attacks and more importantly knowing how to guard your thoughts from others" Mewtwo told Ash as he explained there lesson plan

Do you have a plan on how to speed this training process up? Because that would be greatly appreciated.

"If we have time we will also work on the basics of Pyrokinesis now let's get started" Mewtwo told Ash as they began their daily lessons.

(2-Hours later)

A flash of red light signified Ash's return to his camp-site having just finished his morning training with Mewtwo.

Ash walked towards his tent and grabbed one of his bottles of water and noticed he was running low on supplies he would have to restock in Sunyshore City.

You should have stocked up in Yami Town, while you had the chance. But no, you were too busy acting like a badass, by mowing down faceless mooks.

Ash put the bottle of water to his lips and began sipping the water to cool down after his intense training session with Mewtwo. When Ash had finished his bottle of water he put the empty bottle into his bag and took out the pots and ingredients he would need to make breakfast for himself, Cynthia, Kaname and his Pokémon.

Ash walked out of the tent while carrying what he needed to make breakfast and paced them down near the fire as he went to gather some wood for the fire. He then used a twig to rattle the burning embers and placed some of the fresh wood into the fire pit and used Pyrokinesis, which Mewtwo had thought him, to get the fire started by placing a few loose twigs into the pit before setting them on fire and added some of the gathered wood on the fire.

Yes that’s right. Mewtwo, in his efforts to train Ash’s psychic powers, managed to teach him Pyrokinesis.

You know, in case you weren’t convinced that the author’s typing this up with one hand.

After a period of time Ash had a pretty good fire going and had both sets of breakfast cooking away on the fire. He checked the breakfast and figured that it would not be done for a while. While he was waiting for the breakfast to cook he decided to practice the basic sword Katas in order to stay in practice after all he doubted that those two Oni he killed would be the last of their kind he would meet.

(10 minutes later)

Ash had just finished the basic Katas for the different cutting techniques and decided to practice the Katas for fighting multiple opponents. He dodged the first imaginary opponent and then sidesteps the opponent before moving in a full circle and swung his blade at the back of his foes neck for an instant kill. He then brought Juuchi Yosamu (10,000 Cold Nights) down from an over head position for a simple horizontal cut before stabbing his blade forward into the air aiming for the throat of his next imaginary foe.

Fucking hell! What did I say about translating your damn sword, in the previous chapter?!

Ash then sheathed Juuchi Yosamu (10,000 Cold Nights) and returned the blade to its Saya (scabbard) and bowed to his defeated imaginary opponents. Cynthia and Kaname stepped out of the tent they were sharing and both stared at Ash going though the basic Katas and both blushed lightly when they saw Ash's bare chest and him going though the different techniques with his sword.

Ash heard clapping, and looked for the source. He spotted Cynthia and Kaname both wearing the same outfits as the previous day and could not help but notice how attractive both sisters are.

Well I’m glad Ash is quite fond of pretty sisters. And I can’t blame him; every time I look at fan art of Bonny and Betty de Famme from Ace Attorney: Spirit of Justice, I get a pleasant, tingling feeling…in my pants.

He could also not help but admire their figures as he tried to get rid of the distracting thoughts.

Make sure to throw your tissues away, once you’re done Werewolf.

For the second time that week Ash silently cursed Brock again. It seemed all the years that he hung around with Brock were starting to affect him and Brock's habit of admiring pretty girls had rubbed off on him. He swore that if he started acting like Brock whenever he saw a pretty girl and asking to be there boyfriend, whenever he saw Brock again he would kill him Ash silently promised to himself.

It’s called growing up, you snotty little shit!

While Ash was admiring the two Shirona sisters both sisters could not help but smile having got the reaction they both wanted from Ash.

Cynthia could not help but admire Ash herself. He was well muscled but not overly so from all his years of travelling and what she guessed from his aura guardian training.

Cynthia could not help but admit to herself that Ash had gotten more handsome since the last time she saw him, and she blushed lightly when she saw Ash's bare chest an action her sister mirrored. Both teenagers shook their heads to get rid of distracting thoughts

Teenagers?! Cynthia’s got to be in her mid-20s. I don’t know where this whole teenager thing comes from.

and Cynthia wondered where that thought came from. She had never really have much interest in guys before, unlike with Ash.

Cynthia had spent her time, like Ash, refining her Pokémon battling skills. She knew she had many male admirers and some had even asked her out and want to be her boyfriend, but she saw through them there were either only interested in her body or fame as the Sinnoh champion, or ask her to teach them some non-existent secret on how to become a champion with a strong Pokémon like Garchomp.

*sigh* it’s this whole ‘every male but the author avatar is perverted scum’ routine again.

I would be angry at this, but I’ve gotten used to hack author pulling this shit.

The other male members of the elite four of Sinnoh, and Lance champion of Johto only saw her as a friend or in Flint and Lucian's case a sister, and a trusted friend. Kaname had spent her time studying archaeology and refining her Pokémon battling skills and was one of the few who could match her sister evenly in a battle.

She was also one of the youngest qualified historians with a doctorate in all of the different regions. she had many male admirers and some had even asked her out and wanted to be her boyfriend, but she saw threw them there were either only interested in her body or the chance to date the champions sister to find out a non-existent secret on how her sister became a champion.

I’ve been wondering this since I first saw the damn thing, but how do these women see through their potential suitors, for who they’re really are?

So she turned down all those who asked her for a date and they called her an Ice queen.

"Sorry Cynthia, Kaname did I wake you?" Ash asked the blond haired champion and her white haired sister who smiled at Ash's concern and answered his question.

"No it's fine. We were actually awake and were just getting dressed," Cynthia told Ash who nodded and put his t-shirt back on having not wanted to dirty a clean tee-shirt with his training. Ash then walked up to the fire to check on the breakfast. And saw that his Pokémon's breakfast was ready.

"Breakfast is nearly done. I just have to feed my Pokémon first" Ash told the two sisters who smiled and thanked him for his consideration of making breakfast for all three of them.

It better not be pancakes again. We all know what happened the last time you made them.

"That's fine we both have to feed our own Pokémon as well" Cynthia told Ash in a friendly tone of voice as she and her sister went and got their own Pokémon's breakfast ready.

"Breakfast time," Ash said, as he released all of his Pokémon from there poke balls.

"Come out my friends, its breakfast time" Cynthia said as she released her Pokémon.

"Time for breakfast" Kaname said as she levitated all of her Pokémon's Poke balls as her eyes glowed a majestic purple and there was a flash of light. When the light cleared there stood a Dragonite, Steelix, Golbat and finally a shiny Gengar in front of Kaname.

Only one shiny Pokémon? This is a surprise.

This surprised Cynthia small bit as her sister was not one for usually showing of her abilities.

Ash Cynthia and Kaname's Pokémon stood looking at each other in a three way circle like a Mexican stand-off sizing each other up trying to determine if the other is a threat to their master, especially Ash's Pokémon who had become overprotective of their trainer lately.

Does Mexico even exist in the Pokémon universe?

The tension was broken by Pikachu and Gabite walking forward to Dragonite and Garchomp respectively and the four Pokémon seemed to be talking to each other which dissolved the tension and the rest of the Pokémon followed their team mate's example and began to make friends with the other trainers Pokémon.

Ash Cynthia and Kaname then began feeding their Pokémon. As there Pokémon were eating there breakfast Ash lifted up his own breakfast along with his travelling companions breakfast.

"Here you go Cynthia, Kaname. While it's not as good as Brock's its still OK" Ash told the two sisters as he gave them their breakfast who both thanked him.

GASP! Ash isn’t the best at something! Quick, write a 500 word piece on why Brock’s cooking skills suck.

"Ash you said earlier that due to the war most of the Aura guardians were killed. So how did you manage to learn to use Aura and who thought you how to use a sword?" Kaname asked Ash in a curious tone as she put a portion of her breakfast into her mouth after asking her question.

"My mother was one my teachers for how to use Aura and my grandfather was the one who taught me to use a sword and he also taught me some of the advanced aura techniques" Ash told Kaname as he answered her question.

Delia has Aura powers?! Why couldn’t we read about this instead?!

"Ash would you mind answering another question? You don't have to if it's too personal I apologize I am just curious?" Cynthia asked Ash.

"Its fine I don't mind ask your question" Ash told Cynthia.

"What about your father. Can he use aura or a sword?" Cynthia asked Ash and when she saw his face she knew she had said something wrong when she saw the anger on his face and eyes.

Uh-oh, somebody’s got daddy issues.

"Ha that's a good one. My father left after he got my 17 year old mother pregnant and ruined her life. I have never seen the bastard once in my life," Ash told Cynthia his tone full of venom at the mention of his father. Ash then paused for a minute and then went on with his story.

"Before he came along she was an apprentice of Professor Oak and had a bright future as a Pokémon researcher and model. He promised to marry her, but he did a runner the day he learned she was pregnant with me Ash" told Cynthia, in a cold tone full of anger at the mention of his father.

Kind of like how Lusamine’s husband did a runner on her. Dirty fucker should’ve been grateful he even got a chance to marry her.

But I can’t get too mad at him. He did give me a chance to make a move on her…

"I'm sorry for bringing up what is such a personal and sore subject Ash" Cynthia apologized, "I was just curious as to where you learned the sword and how to use aura. I thought it might have been your father, as that is the way the sword is usually thought according to what I read in history," Cynthia told Ash in an apologetic tone.

"It is fine I never really cared about him anyway if I saw him I would deck him on principle. I'm just grateful to my mother she kept me when she could have gotten rid of me. She gave up everything for me, even her future, and worked hard to feed and clothe me and taught me everything she knew" Ash told Cynthia, "She eventually opened her own restaurant in Pallet town and it's the most popular restaurant in the Kanto today" Ash told Kaname and Cynthia in a proud tone of his mother's accomplishments.

So she gave up being an assistant of Professor Oak, and ended up becoming the manager of the most popular restaurant in Kanto, which is bound to make her more money. Looks like this inconvenience, is more beneficial than you give it credit for.

What I don’t get, is how a small town like Pallet Town manages to house the most popular restaurant in Kanto.

"She sounds like an amazing woman," Cynthia told Ash, who smiled at the compliant.

"How about I tell you about our family since you told us about yours" Cynthia asked Ash.

"It's fine Cynthia you don't have to tell me anything," Ash told Cynthia who smiled and told him it was OK.

"It's fine Ash I want to besides its only fair you told both myself and Kaname about yours it is only fair we return the favor" Cynthia told Ash.

"Well our mother died when I was five and Kaname was 3 she was fine a day before she went to bed that night but the next morning she did not wake up, she had died in her sleep. As for my father he left me and Kaname with granny." Cynthia told Ash before she paused for a minute before continuing.

"I still remember his last words he told granny that day he said that did not want me and my sister that we were only females and were not wanted. He said he wanted a son and he only stayed that long because of my mother and the hopes of getting a son" Cynthia told Ash a bit of anger seeping into her tone as she recalled those hurtful words.

Wait, what the fuck?! Now we’re going through this whole ‘I want a son’ routine, in order to explain Cynthia’s lack of a father figure. Does the author have a strong hatred of his father?

"I was eavesdropping at the door trying to hear what he was saying to granny and I heard him say that he did not want Kaname and myself" Cynthia told Ash with a bit of anger seeping into her tone as she spoke about her father.

"After that he left and we never saw him again. Granny raised me and Kaname like her own daughters and taught us all about history and had a friend of hers capture a Gible and Dratini for me and Kaname" Cynthia told Ash.

"Good riddance we don't need him anyway" Kaname exclaimed in an angry tone of voice.

"Sounds like he was a big a jerk as my own father" Ash told the two Shirona sisters.

Hey, at least they aren’t bigger jerks than the author.

"So what are you going to do now Ash were only twenty minutes outside of Sunyshore city, and your match with Volkner is not until tomorrow" Cynthia asked Ash.

"My plan is do some light training with my Pokémon to teach my Pokémon some new attacks and keep working on their defense before I face Volkner" Ash told Cynthia.

"You're not taking Volkner lightly are you Ash," Cynthia told Ash with a small smile glad that he was not being overconfident about his gym battle as she had seen happen to many trainers.

"Volkner is a powerful and skilled trainer, and he has not remained undefeated by pure luck in his gym challenges. It's better to have my Pokémon prepared and ready to fight Volkner's Pokémon to the best of their abilities." Ash told Cynthia as he explained his plan of action for the upcoming match against Volkner.

Meh, just sic a Ground-Type Pokémon like Torterra onto him. Then he’ll go down like a house of cards.

"Anyone who thinks Volkner can be beat easily is a fool. The only ones I say would be able to do it would be you, the other champions, maybe Norman of Petalburg city, and Clair from blackthorn city," Ash told Cynthia in a serious tone who agreed with Ash's statement about Volkner's skill level.

"Are you going to use Dragonite in your Gym battle with Volkner?" Kaname asked Ash curiously.

"No I want to give him some training and let him get use to his new body before I let him battle just yet he only evolved a short while ago" Ash told Kaname in a serious tone.

"That is a very wise decision Ash usually most trainers just send their Pokémon straight into gym battles when they are only newly evolved without training them especially with a Pokémon like Dragonite" Cynthia told Ash as she praised him on his wise decision.

What’s next, are you going to suck his dick when he gives his Pikachu a backrub?

"OK line up its training time" Ash ordered his Pokémon.

"Gabite, Dragonite I want the two of you to pair up and have a practice spar against each other to get use to your new body's" Ash ordered the two dragon Pokémon who then took to the air away from the camp-site.

"Pikachu you will be working on learning Electro Ball. In order to use Electro ball you first gather the electrical energy in your body like you do for volt tackle" Ash told his starter as he began explaining.

"You then condense all that energy at the tip of your tail into the shape of a ball and then jump into the air and throw the ball of energy at your target."Ash told Pikachu as he explained the basics of Electro ball after pausing for a minute.

Is Pikachu going to play a match of magical tennis against Ganondorf? Because if so, then that would be cool.

"Watch I will demonstrate" Ash told Pikachu as his body was wrapped a layer of crimson lightning which caused his hair to stand up straight.

"Now when you have gathered all that electrical energy you compress it into a sphere shape" Ash told Pikachu as he condensed the electrical energy into a ball of red lighting which he then threw at a tree like a baseball which exploded on contact with the tree creating a sphere shape hole.

"Spiritomb you will be working on learning Giga Impact. Watch Salamence closely" Ash told his rare Ghost/Dark type.

"Salamence show Spiritomb your Giga Impact on that bolder over there Ash ordered the large dragon Pokémon that he saved from poachers.

Oh, so now we get the damn lizard’s backstory. And it’s your dime-a-dozen ‘saved it from poachers’ bullshit.

Honestly, what else did I expect?

With a powerful flap of his wings Salamence flew up high into the sky and its body was covered in a yellow-orange energy before a purple energy sphere then surrounded the large dragon Pokémon's body as it flew towards the bolder. When the Giga impact connected the large bolder was turned to rubble.

"Great job Salamence thanks for demonstrating Giga Impact" Ash praised the large Dragon/flying type Pokémon.

"Salamence you will be working on Learning Dragon Tail it a move that will suit you thanks to your already impressive tail strength" Ash told Salamence as he explained what he wanted the large Pokémon to working on.

"You understand how to use Giga impact now Spiritomb" Ash asked his Spiritomb who said its name to show it understood and began practicing.

That reminds me; I too, need to practice how to sleep. And this chapter shall help me greatly.

"Now Salamence do you remember Pikachu using iron tail?" Ash asked the large Pokémon who nodded its head to show that it did remember.

"Well Dragon Tail is very similar to Iron tail you focus your energy into your tail to make it stronger you then hit your tail to strike your opponent" Ash told Salamence as he explained the basic principles of Dragon-tail.

Why teach it that shitty move, when you could go for Outrage instead?

"Now give it a go use Dragon tail on the bolder beside the ones you crushed with your Giga Impact earlier" Ash ordered the dragon Pokémon. Salamence's tail began to glow a light blue before it struck the bolder splitting it in two.

"Great job Salamence just keep practicing" Ash told the large dragon Pokémon.

"Now Noctowl, you will be working on learning Reflect this will help you counter physical attacks" Ash told Noctowl as he explained the purpose of learning the move.

"Now to use reflect I want you to think of a wall of light which will block physical attacks. Similar to Pikachu's light screen you saw before" Ash explained to Noctowl as he told the owl like Pokémon the basics of reflect.

“It’s like Light Screen, but physical.”

"Now give it a go Noctowl" Ash ordered his shiny owl like Pokémon. A large shinning multicolored ball materialized in front of Noctowl before it shattered after a few minutes.

"That was a very good attempt Noctowl just keep practicing and you will get the move down in no time" Ash praised his Noctowl in an encouraging tone of voice.

(One hour later)

Ash was watching all of his Pokémon practice and could see that they had all perfected there new techniques and Gabite and Dragonite had got use to their new body's they still needed some more practice but they could work on that later.

Also while his Pokémon were training Ash had also decided on what Pokémon he was going to use for his Last Gym battle in Sinnoh. Ash had also spent the time getting to know Cynthia and Kaname better.

Character development? Fuck that, we’ve got a shitty training montage to show you!

"Ok guys that is enough for now take a well earned Break you have all made amazing progress" Ash praised his Pokémon who puffed up at their trainers praise. Ash heard a beeping noise and tried to find the source of the sound and found that his Pokedex was beeping loudly.

Ash looked at the screen and saw a notification that he had got a message from professor Oak.

The message read:

Ash call me immediately.

I need to talk to you about your Charizard and Squirtle it is imperative that you contact me as soon as possible.

Professor Oak

What now, did they too get attacked by a rampaging Gyarados?

When as saw the message he stood up quickly and ordered his Pokémon to return.

"Guys return I will let you out in the Pokémon centre in the next town" Ash told his Pokémon in a frantic tone as he returned them to their Poke balls.

Ash then began dismantling his tent and camp-site at a fast pace which alarmed Cynthia and her sister.

"Ash what's wrong why are you suddenly in such a rush" Cynthia asked in a concerned tone.

“There must have been something funny in that burrito I ate last night.”

"I just got a message from Professor Oak to contact him immediately about my Charizard and Squirtle. The way professor Oak phrased it sounded urgent" Ash told Cynthia as he finished dismantling his camp-site.

"Salamence come on out" Ash said as he released the large dragon Pokémon

"Salamence!" the large dragon Pokémon roared its name for the heaven to hear.

"Salamence, I need you to fly me to Pokémon centre in the next town over that hill as quick as you can" Ash told the large dragon Pokémon who nodded its head to show that it understood. Salamence turned around and bent down low so that Ash could climb up on its back.

"Hang on Ash Kaname and I will go with you" Cynthia told Ash.

(5 minutes later)

Ash along with his temporary travelling companions

Temporary my ass…

were flying towards Sunyshore city at a very fast pace each on their respective dragon Pokémon.
The three trainers reached their destination very quickly thanks to their Dragon Pokémon. Salamence let out a roar and proceeded to descend which started some of the pedestrians causing them to jump which got a laugh from Salamence as he landed in-front of the Pokémon centre. Ash took out Salamence Poke ball from his belt and returned the large dragon Pokémon.

Scaring people with his powerful Dragon-type Pokémon; ain’t that Ash just the most adorable scamp?

"Thanks for the lift Salamence take a rest for a while" Ash told the large Pokémon as he returned him to his Poke ball.

"Ash, I will book two rooms for the three of us so you can call Professor Oak quicker" Cynthia told Ash.

"Thanks I will call the professor now" Ash told Cynthia in a grateful tone of voice as he saw down in front of the phone and dialed Oak's lab in Pallet town and waited for the professor to answer his phone. After a few minutes Professor Oak's image appeared on the phone.

"Hello, this is Oak lab Pallet town this is Professor Oak speaking" The Professor said as he answered the phone.

"Professor, its Ash what's wrong with Charizard & Squirtle" Ash asked Professor Oak in a concerned tone.

"Hello Ash, the first thing is that your Charizard is fine.

Then why’d you say it was urgent, you dumbass?!

I got a call from a Miss Liza from Johto. She told me to contact you and tell you to call her about your Charizard. She assured me that he is fine, but just that she needs to speak to you about Charizard," Professor Oak told Ash, who was relieved that Charizard was OK.

"I have some good and bad news about your Squirtle" Professor Oak told Ash.

"You see Two weeks ago the Squirtle Squad was called out to deal with a bad house fire anyway your Squirtle and the rest of his squad were trying to save a child and her mother but they ended up trapped in one of the rooms the mother used for a make shift office when one of the ceiling support beams fell and trapped some of the squad members in the room" Professor Oak paused for a minute before continuing.

"The squad was trapped in the room and it looked like they would die along with the child your Squirtle forced himself to evolve into a Wartortle then Blastoise with the help of a water stone the mother had in a glass case on a desk

Because fuck logic, when it comes to powering up Ash’s Pokémon.

and your Blastoise then used its two powerful water cannons to blast their way out of the fire and save the mother, child and its squad" Professor Oak told Ash.

"But unfortunately the other Squirtle's began to feel intimidated by Blastoise and have alienated him from the squad they will have nothing to do with him so he is lonely and a bit upset" Professor Oak told Ash in a sad tone.

So much for together forever, Squirtle Shitheads.

"I have had Blastoise transferred to my lab and he cheered up a bit after he got reacquainted with Ivysaur but he is still a bit depressed" Professor Oak told Ash.

"But I think the best place for Blastoise right now is with you Ash" Professor Oak told Ash.

"I will send Noctowl back for now and you send Blastoise over to me" Ash told Professor Oak as he placed Noctowl's Poke ball into the transporter after explaining the situation to him. After Ash got Blastoise Poke ball he dialed Liza's number in the Charicific valley in Johto, and after a few minutes a green haired young woman wearing a red blouse which hugged her curves appeared on the screen.

To be fair to the author, this Liza is pretty cute. Too bad there isn’t that much porn of her…

"Hello Liza, its Ash. What's wrong with my Charizard?" Ash asked the green haired trainer.

"Hello Ash, nice to see you again don't worry Charizard is fine, do you remember what you said to me when you left Charizard here to train?" Liza asked Ash.

"I told you to make Charizard the strongest he can be" Ash replied answering Liza's question.

"Well three days ago Charizard fought the alpha of the valley for the right to mate with one of the female Charizard, as it was the annual mating season for the Charizards here in the valley" Liza told Ash as she began explain her reasons for calling Ash, "Well your Charizard beat the alpha of the valley quiet easily the alpha was not even a challenge and claimed his prize. What really surprised me is how he only received a cut above and below his left eye,

Let’s see here: So far we have Psychic/Aura powers, several rare and powerful Pokémon, women throwing themselves into Ash’s lap, a tragic childhood, and now his Pokémon have a scar on their face, that doesn’t make them hideous.

All I need now, is for Ash to have a 12-inch dick, and my bingo card of clichés will be complete.

but I brought him to Nurse Joy and she said he is fine" Liza told Ash pausing for a minute before continuing.

"She told me it will not affect his eyesight in any way but it will leave a scar, which Charizard likes as it has managed to get him a lot of attention from the female Charizards here in the valley" Liza told Ash.

Well this is a first.

Never before have I seen Ash’s Pokémon get their own harem.

"Anyway the reason I told Professor Oak to get you to call me is that Charizard has got as strong as he can in the valley and he wants to go back to travelling with you" Liza told Ash.

"I would love to have Charizard travelling with me again let me just call Professor Oak and I will call you back" Ash told Liza before he hung up and dialed Professor Oak's lab in Pallet. Ash then dialed Professor Oak and told him about Liza sending him Charizard and Transferred Salamence back to the lab after explaining the situation to him. Ash then Called Liza back and had her transfer Charizard to the Sunyshore Pokémon centre.

There was a flash of light and Charizard's Poke ball appeared. Ash told Liza that he got it.

Ash said goodbye to Liza and walked outside of the Pokémon centre and released Charizard and Blastoise who both looked happy to see Ash.

Come on out Charizard, Blastoise" Ash said, as he released some of his first Pokémon that he caught. When Ash saw Charizard, he was surprised at how much he had grown. He was massive.

Want to know what else is massive…?

My dick.

He must at the very least be twice his previous size, and he saw the scar that Liza was talking about on his left eye. Ash also looked over at Blastoise and saw that he appeared to be fine but he looked happy to see his trainer. As for Charizard well when Charizard saw Ash he decided to greet Ash his favorite way – a flame thrower to the face which drew a laugh from Blastoise at his friend's favorite way of greeting Ash.

Roasted Ash, my favorite midnight snack.

"I see your still have the same attitude problem" Ash told his Charizard in mock anger, as Ash and Charizard glared at each other for a few minutes before Ash ran over and embraced the two Pokémon who both returned his gesture. Both Pokémon were glad to be back with their trainer who had taken them in and taught them to trust again.

"I missed both of you every day we were apart but at least we are finally back together again" Ash told both Pokémon.

"I can tell that the two of you have improved so much already together we will face anyone who stands in our way" Ash told both Pokémon in a happy tone.

"I also promise that I will never let either of you go again" Ash told both Pokémon in a serious tone. Cynthia and Kaname both walked out of the Pokémon Centre and when they saw the Charizard they were surprised with how big the Charizard was when compared against others they had seen and he looked very strong. Cynthia wondered how he would stand up to her Garchomp, if Ash managed to win the right to challenge her in the upcoming Sinnoh league.

Your Garchomp will be lucky if it lasts ten seconds against Ash’s Charizard.

"Are your Pokémon going to be ok Ash?"Cynthia asked Ash in a concerned tone.

"They should be fine but I will get Nurse Joy to look over them to make sure they are ok" Ash told Cynthia.

"Was Charizard always that big Ash?"Kaname asked in a curious tone.

"No Charizard was a lot smaller when he first evolved" Ash answered Kaname a bit surprised himself at how much one of his first Pokémon grew.

"Well he is the largest Charizard I have ever seen he easily dwarfs other Charizard I have seen" Kaname told Ash a bit amazed at the size of Charizard.

Charizard dwarfs the others, in more ways than one…

"I guess he just grew where he was training maybe it was his diet" Ash guessed having seen similar sized Charizard's in the Charicific Valley.

"Anyway I am going to get my Pokémon checked out by Nurse Joy to make sure they are ok for tomorrow's gym battle" Ash told the two Sisters

"Here is your room key Ash" Cynthia said as she handed Ash his room key for the night.

"Thanks" Ash replied in a grateful tone.

You mean they’re not sleeping together?

Thank fuck; I shudder to think how bad a lemon written by Werewolf2300 will be.

"I am going to get my Pokémon checked out by Nurse Joy" Ash told the two sisters as he walked up to the Reception desk.

"Hello nurse joy" Ash greeted the female nurse.

"Welcome to Sunyshore Pokémon centre how may I help you?" Nurse Joy asked Ash.

"Can you check up my Charizard? He got into a fight with another Charizard and got a scar on his left eye. I want to make sure he is healthy enough to train and battle and can you do the same for my other Pokémon."

Liza just said that she got it checked up on, and everything seemed fine. What, are you worried that this scar will cause Grass-type attacks to be super-effective against Charizard?

Ash asked the nurse joy who promised to give Charizard a detailed examination.

"I will give them a check them up right-away just hand me the Poke balls for your Pokémon and I will let you know when I am done" Nurse Joy told Ash in her usual cheerful tone.

(Next morning)

Ash walked down the stairs with Pikachu on his shoulder intending on getting some breakfast for both himself and his Pokémon in the Cafeteria.

When Ash reached the cafeteria he grabbed seven Pallets and put some Pokémon food into each of the Pallets for his Pokémon's breakfast.

After Ash had finished getting his Pokémon's breakfast ready he released his other Pokémon from there Poké Balls so they could eat their breakfast. After all of his Pokémon were released Ash sat down to eat his own breakfast a simple bowl of his favorite cereal.

Is it Cinnamon Toast Crunch? It is, isn’t it?

Just as Ash was beginning to eat his breakfast he spotted Cynthia and Kaname walking into the Cafeteria.

"Morning Cynthia, Kaname did you both sleep well?" Ash asked Cynthia who smiled and told him she slept well.

"I had a lovely night's sleep Ash" Cynthia told Ash in a friendly tone.

"Same here was out like a light as soon as my head touched the pillow" Kaname told Ash in a friendly tone.

I wonder if they know why kids love the taste of Cinnamon Toast Crunch…

"Are you ready for your match with Volkner Ash?" Cynthia asked Ash.

"As ready as I will ever be. I just want to let my Pokémon digest their breakfast. Then we can head over to the gym," Ash told Cynthia.

"That's fine I want to get some more coffee anyway and Kaname and I both fed our Pokémon earlier" Cynthia told Ash.

"I want to get some Coffee as well" Kaname told Ash with a small smile on her face.

(10 minutes later)

Ash and the two Shirona sisters began making their way towards the Gym as they reached the Entrance to the gym they noticed a large queue of trainers forming outside of the gym. Ash walks up to the door with the two Shirona sisters walking behind him and presses the intercom.

"Ash Ketchum from Pallet town, I am here to challenge the gym leader Volkner to a battle" Ash speaks into the intercom. The gym door opens and a voice from the intercom tells Ash to come in, and that Volkner has accepted his challenge.

God, can something happen already? I’m fucking bored over here!

When Ash, Cynthia and Kaname entered the Gym arena they noticed Flint talking to Volkner in the stands. But what surprised them was the appearance of Lucian sitting in the stands reading a book. Mewtwo's words suddenly flashed in his mind about having sensed him all the way back in Kanto. So Ash guessed Lucian must have sensed him losing his temper with Dawn during the grand festival. Flint then looks in their direction and spots them standing in the entrance to the gym and speaks to Volkner one last time.

Volkner then stands up and gets into position on the battlefield with Ash doing the same.

"Good luck Ash, we are going to sit in the stands. Best of luck and Ash if Volkner uses his Raichu do not underestimate it. Raichu is his strongest Pokémon he has had him since he was a child" Cynthia told Ash as she offered him some advice.

"Best of luck Ash I know you can win this match."Kaname told Ash in an encouraging tone before she joined her sister in the stands.

Ease up on the sucking Kaname. Remember to take quick little breaks, before you resume sucking.

"Ash the match between you and Volkner will be broadcast live on the internet, just to let people know that Volkner is back in business and accepting challenges again and if there is a good response we might place them in other gyms in Sinnoh and maybe other regions." Flint told Ash as he explained the purpose of the web cameras strategically placed around the gym.

"You don't mind do you Ash?"Flint asked Ash wanting to make sure it would not bother Ash.

Oh…so Flint’s here. I hope that he doesn’t rant about Ash being a fake and a cheater.

"I don't care once, I get to battle Volkner for my last badge" Ash told Flint who smirked at Ash's answer as he saw that both Ash and Volkner were fired up to battle.

"Welcome back Ash. Today is a great day for a battle so let's both give it our all?" Volkner Asked Ash excitement lacing his tone.

"I intend to give this battle my all Volkner. I have been looking forward to our battle," Ash told Volkner, his face blank of emotion.

Looking forward my ass…

"The Sunyshore City gym battle between Volkner the gym leader and challenger Ash Ketchum from Pallet town will now commence it will be a 3 on 3 battle with only the challenger aloud to substitute Pokémon." The robot referee announced to both trainers.

That’s a perfect analogy with the robot, given how bland all the dialogue is.

"Now begin" the robot said as it raised the flags where its arms should be and brought them down signaling the start of the battle.

(Spectator stands)

"Word is getting around that Volkner is back in business. That's why there are so many challengers outside, waiting to challenge Volkner, but he promised his first battle to be with Ash."Flint told Cynthia and Kaname.

"He is really fired up to battle Ash again especially after their last fight was interrupted by those losers and their match had to be called off" Flint told the two sisters.

"So what are you two doing here Cynthia, Kaname and coming in with Ash no less? Flint asked the two Shirona sisters in a curious tone.

They’re here to play the role of Ash’s cheerleaders. What else did you expect?

"I got a call from Professor Oak about a Pokémon that Ash caught a Pokémon that is very rare, and no one but me knows how to treat it so I met up with Ash to give him some tips on the care of the rare Pokémon and Kaname decided to take a break and come with me" Cynthia told Flint.

"Rare Pokémon that only you know how to treat? Don't tell me Ash caught a Spiritomb" Flint asked in a shocked tone.

"It is a larger than normal shiny Spiritomb" Kaname told Flint before like Cynthia she turned her attention to the match.


"I hope you're ready Ash here is my first Pokémon" Volkner said as he released his Electivire.

"Electivire? Well I guess this is our first battle together in a long-time old friend" Ash said quietly to himself as he held Charizards Pokeball.

"Charizard I chose you" Ash said as he released his first fire type Pokémon who glared at the Electivire who took a step back in fear.

That scar seems to be doing some fine work out there.

(Spectator stands)

Flint was exited as seeing such a large and powerful looking Charizard.

"Man, that's one impressive Charizard. That has to be the largest one I have ever seen" Flint said to himself.

"When did Ash get a Charizard?" Flint asked more to himself than anyone.

"Ash rescued it when it was a Charmander, when he was starting out, from a trainer who abandoned it because it lost a battle. Ash saved it with Brock and another friend's help" Cynthia told Flint, who cursed at what sort of trainer could abandon a Pokémon just because it lost a battle.

"Trainers like that make me sick. Abandoning a Pokémon because they lost a battle is stupid. If every trainer did that then there would be no elite four or champions.

Look on the plus side, it’ll make my road to the championship a lot easier.

Pokémon require time and effort in order to reach their full potential and sometimes that means losing a few battles in order to learn from them for the future" Flint told Cynthia in a disgusted tone


"Electivire use ice punch on Charizard now" Volkner ordered his Electivire whose right fist became covered in an ice misty like substance and charged Charizard with his right fist cocked back ready to hit Charizard, who smirked at it.

Why use Ice Punch, on a Fire/Flying Pokémon, when Thunder Punch is the superior choice in every way?

"Charizard, counter with fire punch now" Ash ordered his dual fire/Flying type in an emotionless tone, concentrating only on his battle. Charizard and Electivire's punches met in the middle of the field, Charizard fire punch blocked and easily overpowered Electivire's ice punch, and sent Electivire skidding back to Volkner's side of the field.

"You have improved so much since last time Ash. I can feel your fighting spirit," Volkner told Ash in an exited tone.

"Electivire use motor drive, and ice punch one more time on Charizard" Volkner ordered his Pokémon who charged towards Charizard at a faster speed than before thanks to motor drives special ability.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but doesn’t Electivire need to be struck by an Electric type move, before it can activate Motor Drive?

"Charizard use dragon rush and fire punch to counter" Ash ordered his fire Pokémon. Charizard's body was surrounded in a light blue orb with white streaks as its body began to glow blue and releases a dragon-shaped energy as Charizard charged towards Electivire. Charizard charged towards Electivire at an incredible speed which showed its dedication to getting stronger.

Charizard hit Electivire full force the Fire punch overpowering the Ice punch easily as it connected with Electivire's jaw and sent him flying into the wall causing a small crater to form on the wall from the force of the impact which had also knocked Electivire unconscious.

Good to see that the Pokémon get knocked out in one hit. It makes that battles both shittier, and quicker.

"The winner of the first round is Charizard" the robot ref said raising its flag towards Ash side of the field.

(Spectator stands)

"That is one powerful Charizard, but Volkner has not shown his full power yet but that is one strong and well trained Charizard I have to say he is one powerful Pokémon" Flint said commenting on Charizard's power and Volkner's skill to Cynthia.

"Charizard is strong he is easily one of the strongest Charizard I have ever seen. And I know that Volkner still has stronger Pokémon than Electivire but I am sure that Ash will win in the end" Cynthia told Flint with a smirk on her face.

"Cynthia is right Flint Ash still has other aces up his sleeve and other Pokémon besides Charizard that are more than a match for Volkner's Pokémon" Kaname told Flint a confident tone of voice.

What did I just say to you two, about sucking Ash’s cock?!

"So the two of you are so sure that Ash will win could it be that the two Princesses' of Sinnoh finally have a crush and on the same trainer at that. I did not think Ash had it in him" Flint teased the two Shirona sisters

"We will see if your boyfriend can beat Volkner," Flint teased the two Shirona sisters who blushed lightly causing, Flint to smirk at her reaction, thinking of all the teasing material he could use on them both now.

I swear Werewolf, you start with this teasing shit, and I’ll shoot you with a silver bullet, before turning your hide into a nice coat.

"Ash is not my boyfriend. He is just a friend" Both Cynthia and Kaname told Flint at the same time.

"Sure he is not. I mean this is the first time I have seen you wearing a skirt and a tight top in as long as I have known you, and then you decide to travel all the way here just to see a gym battle you could see on the net later" Flint told Cynthia as he teased her who blushed lightly causing, Flint to smirk at her reaction, thinking of all the teasing material he could use on Cynthia.

"And Kaname I have never seen you as friendly with a guy as you are with Ash as long as I have known you have had very little to do with males outside of a professional manner as an archaeologist."Flint told Kaname in a factual tone.

"I still remember when you turned down the last guy who asked you out" Flint said to Kaname in a teasing tone and she also blushed like her sister.

“You fed him to your Aerodactyl, I never knew you had it in you.”

"I think you're both trying to get Ash's attention," Flint told both sisters in a teasing tone with a smirk visible on his face directed towards the two sisters who just ignored him.

"What do you think Lucian is love in the air?" Flint asked Lucian in a joking tone.

"It's possible who knows maybe" Lucain told Flint in a distracted tone as he was focusing on the match and the way someone had taught Ash to suppress his Psychic Aura and hide his thoughts.

"What do you say we make a wager Cynthia, Kaname" Flint asked the two sisters

“Who can suck his dick for longer?”

"What are the terms of this so called bet Flint?" Cynthia asked Flint curiously.

"I say Ash will lose to Volkner, and if Ash loses both you and Kaname have to give Ash a good long kiss on the lips in front of the web cams," Flint told Cynthia and Kaname who both blushed dark red at the terms of the bet.

"Fine, but when Ash wins you have to stop this talk of Ash being our Crush and you have to pay me and Kaname 200 Poke dollars each and kiss a Muk in front of everyone here" Cynthia told Flint with a smirk on her beautiful face which made Flint pale at the last stipulations of the bet.

Well what do you know, the author spoils the ending of the chapter, with his SUBTLE FORESHADOWING.

"You don't have to. Of course, you will just be known as Flint the scared Meowth of the Sinnoh elite four" Kaname told Flint goading him into accepting the bet which worked like a charm.

"Fine, I accept your terms. I am no coward" Flint told Cynthia and Kaname in a defeated tone who both smirked at their victory.


"Luxray lets go" Volkner said as he released his Second Pokémon.

"Charizard return you were great I will save you for later as my trump card old friend" Ash praised his Charizard as he returned him to his poke ball.

"Gabite I chose you" Ash said as he released his first dragon Pokémon.

"Luxray, use shock wave on Gabite now" Volkner ordered his Pokémon.

"Counter with twister Gabite" Ash ordered his dragon Pokémon who let lose a vicious tornado which overpower the Shockwave and sent Luxray flying back to Volkners side of the field.

"You ok to battle Luxray" Volkner asked Luxray who struggled to its feet and glared at Gabite.

It survived the hit?!

Man, this fic is more innovative than I originally gave it credit for.

"Gabite use Shadow Claw on Luxray now" Ash ordered Gabite deciding to take the initiative and attack first. Ash watched as Gabites Claw was covered in a black aura with a purple outline which took the form of a large Claw. Gabite then rushed forward and slashed Luxray with shadow claw making it hit the ground hard. Luxray managed to get to his feet again after been hit with the painful Ghost-type move.

"Luxray Use Ice fang and Iron Tail" Volkner ordered his Pokémon.

"Gabite use Rock Slide on Luxray now" Ash ordered his dragon Pokémon. Gabites body was covered in a red aura as multiple red rings of energy formed around him and large boulders began to fall from the sky and roll towards Luxray.

Luxray began to jump over the boulders and used Iron tail to deflect one of the boulders when one boulder nearly hit him and bit Gabites arm causing it to be encased it Ice and temporally paralyzed.

"Luxray use Iron tail on Gabite now" Volkner ordered his electric Pokémon.

"Gabite Use Outrage to break free" Ash ordered his Dragon Pokémon.

Gabites eyes began to glow and ominous red and its body was engulfed in an ominous red aura as well.

The Ice encasing and paralyzing Gabites arm shattered and Gabite caught Luxray's Iron Tail and Slammed the Pokémon hard into the ground and began Punching and kicking Luxray on the ground Knocking the Pokémon out only stopping when Ash ordered it to.

This is no different from your average street brawl, save for the names.

"Gabite that is enough stop" Ash ordered his Gabite in a strict tone who obeyed immediately and the ominous red Aura disappeared.

"The winner of the second round is Gabite" the robot ref said raising its flag towards Ash side of the field again.

"Return Luxray you did great take a well deserved rest" Volkner ordered as he returned his Pokémon.

"Who would have thought that I would be on my Second Pokémon and Ash has not lost one yet. This is definitely the best battle I have had in a long time Ash you don't disappoint "Volkner said to himself.

(Spectator stands)

Flint looked over at Cynthia and Kaname and saw that they were both smirking at the scene below. Flint hoped that Volkner pulled out a win, or else he was screwed and not in the good way.

Muk aren’t exactly known for being the best lovers in the Pokémon universe.

Flint did really not want to lose this bet or else he would never live down the humiliation of have to kiss a Muk. As Flint had no doubt that Cynthia, the other elite four members and Volkner would never let him forget it.


"I guess it's Time to get serious Raichu battle time" Volkner said as he released his Starter Pokémon.

"Gabite Return" Ash ordered as he returned his dragon Pokémon who was still a bit confused from using outrage.

"Pikachu you're up" Ash told his faithful starter who took his place in the arena

"Begin" the robot referee said as it brought as it brought down both of its flag arms signaling the start of the match.

"Raichu use Volt Tackle on Pikachu" Volkner ordered his Raichu who charged towards Pikachu. Raichu's body was surrounded by golden electricity, as it charged towards his opponent.

"Pikachu use Agility to doge and Counter With Iron tail" Ash ordered Pikachu who used agility to avoid the Volt Tackle and counter attacked Raichu with an Iron tail to the side of its face.

Marvel at the battle, as it reaches levels of intensity that can only be rival by a chess match between garden gnomes!

"Raichu use Quick attack and Focus Punch now" Volkner ordered his Raichu who disappeared and repapered in front of Pikachu.

"Pikachu use double team to doge" Ash ordered his Pokémon but Pikachu was unable to doge in time as the attack connected.

Raichu's hand was covered in a white Aura as Raichu brought its left paw down and the force of the hit slammed Pikachu hard into the ground.

"Raichu use Thunder Punch and Hyper beam on Pikachu now" Volkner ordered his Raichu.

So far, this Raichu has Volt Tackle, Quick Attack, Focus Punch, Thunder Punch, and Hyper Beam.

Doesn’t Werewolf know that Pokémon can only learn four moves at a time? Granted, things might be different, since this fic is based off the anime…

Raichu's fist was covered in lighting as it brought its fist down to connect with Pikachu the force of the blow sending Pikachu rolling back to Ash's side of the field. Raichu then began gathering energy in front of his mouth in preparation for Hyper beam.

"Pikachu use Endure" Ash ordered seeing that Pikachu was struggling to get to his feet. As Pikachu spotted Raichu preparing to fire a Hyper beam at him Pikachu Began to gather a large amount of Electricity and his body was covered in an electrical aura.

Ash saw the Electrical aura covering Pikachu and realized that Pikachu had managed to learn Charge Beam.

"Ok Pikachu use Charge Beam to counter Raichu's Hyper beam" Ash ordered his faithful starter. Both Pokémon fired their respective Beam attacks which met in the middle of the Field with both Attacks struggling for dominance.

"Your Pikachu is very powerful and well trained Ash usually anyone who battles Raichu is knocked out after the Focus punch combo but it's time to end this Round" Volkner told Ash in a confident tone.

Don’t worry Volkner, once Ash reaches Unova, Pikachu will get nerfed to the point where a Snivy knocks it out.

"Raichu stop holding Back it is time to end this" Volkner ordered his Raichu and watched as the Hyper beam cut through the Charge Beam.

"Pikachu use Light screen now" Ash ordered his faithful starter planning on using the Light Screen to cut down on some of the Damage of the Hyper Beam.

The Powerful Hyper Beam destroyed the light Screen and knocked Pikachu off his feet. Pikachu Struggled to get to his feet again and after a few Minutes he managed to get to his feet before he fell again with swirls in his eyes signifying he had fainted.

"Winner of third Round is Gym leader Volkner" The robot Referee announced as it raised its flag arm towards Volkner's side of the field.

"You did great Pikachu" Ash told his fainted Pokémon as he wrapped his faithful starter in his Jacket and carried him back to his trainer position on the battle field.

"Charizard it's your turn again" Ash said as he released his Charizard when Charizard saw the state of Pikachu he glared hard at the Raichu.

“You motherfucker! Only I get to beat up Pikachu like that.”

"Begin" the robot referee said as it brought as it brought down both of its flag arms again signaling the start of the match.

"Charizard End this with Dragon Rage" Ash ordered not giving Raichu a chance to recover. A large yellow colored ball of energy began forming in Charizard's Mouth when the ball was complete fire the ball of energy at Raichu. Volkner cursed to himself as he noticed that Raichu could not move yet as he was still feeling the effects of the hyper beam he had used previously against Pikachu.

Well then that’s your fault for using the damn move.

Volkner could only watch as the Dragon Rage connected with Raichu sending Raichu back to his side of the field and against the Gym wall which knocked the electric Pokémon unconscious.

The robot referee then spoke and said the winner is Charizard and his trainer the challenger Ash Ketchum from pallet town.

"That was great Charizard, we won a beacon badge thanks to you and the other's help," Ash praised his Charizard in a grateful tone.

Volkner returned his Raichu and walked forward to present Ash with his well earned badge.

Looks like Flint’s fucked.

Which reminds me, am I the only one who feels that Werewolf has some sort of grudge against Flint?

"Here you go Ash. That was a great battle, the best I have had in a long time. You earned your badge as proof of your victory here at the Sunnyshore city gym. I present you with the beacon badge" Volkner congratulated Ash as he gave Ash the last badge he needed to enter the Lily of the Valley Conference.

"Ash I want to also give you a Thunder stone and some advice. You should consider evolving Pikachu Ash" Volkner told Ash in a serious tone.

"Pikachu does not want to evolve we discussed it before and he wants to stay as a Pikachu" Ash told Volkner in a serious tone.

"You know Ash a long time ago I had the same discussion with my own Pikachu and he did not want to Evolve either" Volkner told Ash before pausing as he recalled fond memories.

Fuck me, we’re stuck with this pointless shit. At least this chapter is nearly over.

"Raichu and I kept training until we reached where you are right now a wall that we could not climb or get past no matter how many attacks Raichu learned back then.

"Both me and Raichu both realized that we were not getting any stronger so I decided to challenge Wattson of the Mauville City in the Hoenn Region to see if he could help us find a solution to our problem." Volkner told Ash.

"After our battle Wattson told me the solution to our problem; Raichu had gotten as strong as he could then as a Pikachu" Volkner told Ash in a serious tone.

"Raichu was upset for a while because he felt he could no longer win matches for me before he decided that he wanted to evolve because he wanted to get stronger." Volkner told Ash

"The reason I am telling you this is that you and Pikachu might face the same choice."Volkner told Ash in a serious tone.

He’s not wrong, the thing took out a fucking Regice!

"Ash your Pikachu is the strongest of its kind I have ever met but like the way we grow and mature into adults Pokémon to have to evolve someday in order to reach their full potential."Volkner told Ash in a serious tone. Unknown to both Trainers Pikachu was listening to everything Volkner was telling Ash and taught about his one sided battle against Raichu and how he barely put up a challenge.

Pikachu began to feel depressed at his humiliating loss and how he could not beat Raichu while the other members of the team chosen for the Gym battle won their matches for Ash and he could not. Pikachu began to think of the different Raichu's he had met on his journey with Ash and wondered if Evolution would be so bad if it meant he could win battles for Ash again.

Oh shut up and listen to My Chemical Romance.

"I will leave the choice up to Pikachu if he does not want to evolve and is happy as a Pikachu then I will not force him to" Ash told Volkner in a serious tone as he put the thunder stone into his jacket pocket.

When Pikachu heard this tears began to roll down his face glad that he had a kind trainer like Ash. But the remainders of Ash's kindness also made him feel depressed as he felt he was too weak to win badges for Ash to repay his kindness.

(Back in the stands)

Cynthia turns towards Flint with a smirk on her face after seeing Charizard defeat Raichu

"Pay up Flint, I won our little bet," Cynthia told Flint, gloating at her victory.

"That's right Flint pay up we won our little wager" Kaname told Flint with a grin like a Cheshire cat on her face.

"Here you go Cynthia; Kaname here is your money. I don't suppose you would reconsider the second part of our bet," Flint asks trying to get out of kissing a Muk.

“Fuck no! The author hates your guts.”

"No chance I know that if Ash lost you would have made me and Kaname fulfill our part of the wager," Cynthia told Flint, still smirking at her victory.

"Now let's go down and tell Ash and Volkner the good news," Cynthia told Flint with a smirk on her face, as she walked down to where Ash and Volkner are with Kaname and Lucian following behind her making sure Flint did not try and leave the Gym without fulfilling his part of the bet.

"Congratulations on your victory Ash" Cynthia told Ash with a smile on her face.

"Well done on getting the Beacon Badge Ash" Kaname told Ash as she praised him on his Victory.

"You now have all the badges needed for entry to the Sinnoh league" Lucian told Ash.

"Flint it's time for you to fulfill your part of the bet" Cynthia told the Fire type trainer with a glint in her eyes that promised humiliation for Flint.

"What's going on Cynthia, what bet?" Ash asked confused at what was going on.

“Well let’s just say, you need to lose the pants…”

"You see me and Flint here had a little wager on who would win Ash. Kaname and I bet on you and Flint bet on Volkner. The first part of the bet was cash, but the second part of our bet is that if Volkner lost Flint here would kiss a Muk," Cynthia told Ash and Volkner with a smirk on her face.

"Since we do not have a Muk so we will have to call it of" Flint told Cynthia trying to get out of there bet. Cynthia sighed and thought to herself that Flint is right, but then remembered that Ash is from Kanto and he said he had a lot of Pokémon from his previous regions so there was a chance that he might have a Muk.

"We might not have a Muk but I bet Ash might have one" Kaname spoke up as if reading her sisters' thoughts.

"Ash do you by any chance have a Muk?"Cynthia asked Ash, while Flint prayed that the answer was no.

"Not on me but I have one back at Professor Oak's lab in Pallet town."Ash told Cynthia

"Well then let's call Professor Oak. I just happen to have a video phone in the back and a transporter" Volkner said speaking up while smirking at Flint, whose face was pale thinking about how he would never live this bet down.

Oh just imagine that you’re kissing your mother Flint.

"I will call Professor Oak in a few minutes to get muck I just want to get Pikachu checked out in the Pokémon centre first" Ash told Volkner as he carried Pikachu in his arms.

"I will be back in a few minutes" Ash told Volkner before he walked out the Gym door and disappeared in a flash of light and reappeared at the entrance to the Pokémon Centre. Ash then walked up to the front reception desk where Nurse Joy was standing.

"Nurse Joy can you have a look at my Pikachu he had a tough battle against Volkner's Raichu?" Ash asked Nurse Joy.

"Of course that is no problem it is my job come back in thirty minutes and I will have news about Pikachu" Nurse Joy told Ash as she brought him in to the Surgery where all Pokémon were treated.

Ash walked over to the Video Phone and dialed the number for Professor Oak's lab and waited for someone to answer the phone.

"Hello Professor Oak's lab" Tracy said as he answered the phone and there were loud noises in the background.

"Tracey, its Ash is Professor Oak there?" Ash asked his friend.

"Ash! Congratulations on your victory. We were all watching it. Even Gary says congrats" Tracey said congratulating Ash on his victory.

Gary: “It-It’s not like I’m impressed or anything. I could have demolished his team!”

"Tracey please get Professor Oak for me" Ash asked his friend again.

"I will get him now" Tracey told his friend as he disappeared off the screen. Professor Oak then appeared on the screen and sat down in front of the phone. "Congratulations on your win Ash we all saw it here in Pallet town now what can I do for you Ash" Professor Oak asked Ash.

"I want to send Salamence back to the Lab for now and for a rest and can you transfer Muk over to me?" Ash asked Professor Oak in a serious tone.

"Ok I will go and Get Muk for you now Ash" Professor oak told Ash as he stood up to get Muk. After a Few minutes Professor oak returned with Ash's Muk, and Ash sent the professor his Salamence and got his muck back in return.

"Ok thanks Professor I got Muk on this end" Ash told Professor Oak as he hung up the phone. Ash then walked out of the Pokémon centre and disappeared in a flash of light only to reappear in the lobby of the Sunnyshore gym having teleported directly to the gym.

Ash then walked into the Centre of the Gym and saw the unusual site of a Dragonite and Garchomp both Pokémon holding on to Flint by one of his arms.

It appears that they’re lubing up Flint’s asshole.

"Come one Please Cynthia, Kaname let me get out of the second part of our bet please I will do anything. I gave you your money please let me get out of kissing Muk?"Flint begged the two sisters again having been caught trying to sneak out of the Gym only to be levitated back to the Centre of the Gym by Kaname.

The two sisters then released there two Pokémon to hold him in place in order to prevent him sneaking out.

This is fucking embarrassing. These are mature adults, who all have respectable jobs in the Pokémon world. And here they are, acting like immature children. Fuck the author and the horse he rode in on.

"Hey Ash how is Pikachu?"Kaname asked Ash in a concerned tone after all Pikachu had taken a beating

"I left him with nurse joy and he seemed ok just exhausted and sore so I will pick him up in 30 minutes from Joy" Ash told Kaname answering her question.

"So why is Flint being held by Garchomp and Dragonite?" Ash asked sweat-dropping at the strange sight in front of him.

“They’re preparing him for anal sex.”

"Long story short Flint here tried to Welch on the second part of our bet and sneak out of the Gym so we had our Pokémon persuade him to stay" Cynthia told Ash with a smile on her face. Ash suddenly hoped he never managed to get on Cynthia's bad side.

"Do you have Muk with you Ash?" Cynthia asked Ash in a curious tone.

"Muk is right here" Ash told Cynthia as he held up Muk's Poke ball. Ash then calmly released his Pokémon, who jumped up on Ash, hugging him, glad to see him again after so long.

"It's nice to see you again to Muk. Flint here wants to say hello to you," Ash told his Pokémon.

"Come on Cynthia, Kaname have mercy. I will do anything else please let me get out of this one bet. Please. I am begging you," Flint begged to Cynthia on his knees.

Wow, I’ve seen some truly ridiculous shit, but this is just pathetic. Author, are you only doing this, just so you can get a cheap laugh from the audience?

"Nope, no chances. Now come on" Cynthia told Flint.

"Just kiss Muk's head already and get it over with" Kaname told Flint who sighed in defeat.

"Fine just tell Garchomp and Dragonite to let me go" Flint told the two sisters in a defeated tone.

"Garchomp/Dragonite let him go" Cynthia and Kaname ordered their female dragon type Pokémon who released the master fire type trainer. Flint then walked forward and kissed Muk on the head. As he did this he noticed that there was a flash of light. He looked up and saw that Volkner had a small camera in his hand and had a smirk on his face.

Now a man’s reputation is ruined, thanks to this immature shit show of a bet.

Thus proving that none of the characters that Werewolf2300 writes, is likable.

Flint then ran to the bathroom to wash out his mouth and get rid of the taste of the Muk's head from his lips, which left the others laughing at Flint

"Ash can I speak to you for a moment in private?" Lucian asked Ash in a serious tone.

"Sure" Ash told Lucian answering his question as they both walked over to an isolated corner of the Gym.

"I will get straight to the point I sensed your psychic Aura and anger the other day when you got angry" Lucian told Ash in a serious tone.

"I would like to make my offer to teach you again Ash. I figure someone in the last few days has taught you how to hide your Psychic presence. But I would like for you to consider my offer to teach you Ash."Lucian told Ash before pausing for a minute to let Ash digest his offer.

Why bother accepting Lucian’s offer, when you have MEWTWO teaching you how to use your psychic powers?

"Remember Ash my offer is always open if you ever need an extra teacher I would be glad to help you" Lucain told Ash in a serious tone.

"I will not ask you who your teacher is that is your private business but I will give you some advice to make sure you trust your teacher immensely Ash. In order for you to master you gifts trust between teacher and student is the most important thing in mastering your gifts" Lucian told Ash.

"When I was first learning to use my gifts my first teacher was a jerk and was only interested in using me for his own ends and when I got too strong for him he tried to teach me my so called place" Lucian told Ash is tone full of venom at the mention of his former teacher

Fucking hell! Does everyone have some sort of tragic backstory?!

"I defeated him with pure power and left him and I then met my second teacher who taught me how to properly use my gifts" Lucian told Ash in a serious tone.

"Just be careful Ash I do not want what happened to me to happen to you" Lucain explained to Ash his tone full of concern for Ash.

"I appreciate your concern Lucian but you do not have to worry I trust my teacher fully and I know he would never try and use me for his own gain" Ash told Lucain as he trusted Mewtwo one hundred percent.

This being the same Mewtwo who planned to conquer the world with an army of cloned Pokémon.

I know that he’s changed, but still…

"Ok then Ash how about I tell you something interesting I have heard recently about a trainer who has been defeating all of the gyms in Sinnoh using only one Pokémon?" Lucain Asked Ash.

"I am all ears Lucain but is it ok for you to tell me this? I do not want you to get into trouble over telling me" Ash replied interested in hearing about a possible future opponent.

"Its fine besides on the way here I heard all of the trainers I passed talking about the mysterious trainer called Tobias who has defeated all of the gyms in Sinnoh using only a Darkrai and it is all over the internet anyway" Lucian told Ash which surprised Ash as legendary Pokémon were not common Pokémon for trainers to own.


Fucking Tobias.

Of all the bullshit, cop-out moves that the writers have ever pulled, he has got to be the biggest.

"I see a Darkrai that will definitely make the Sinnoh league interesting" Ash told Lucain a small smile on his face.

(35 Minutes later)

Ash, Volkner, Cynthia, Kaname and Flint stood at the entrance to the gym with Ash having just got Pikachu back who was given a clean bill of.

"Thanks for a great battle Ash. I wish you best of luck in the Sinnoh league," Volkner told Ash.

"That was a good battle Ash, I will be cheering for you in the Sinnoh league," Flint told Ash

Cynthia and Kaname both said goodbye to Flint and Volkner, and both sisters walked with Ash out of Sunnyshore city and back down the mountain trail.

"Goodbye for now Kaname, Cynthia. This is where we go our separate ways," Ash told Cynthia as they reached a crossroad that had a sign for Celestic town.

Well what do you know, they were temporary travelling partners after all.

"Hang on a minute Ash I almost forget to tell you about the Sinnoh league. The tournament for this year's Sinnoh league was supposed to begin in two weeks time on the Lily of the valley Island." Cynthia explained to Ash.

"But the Stadium where the Tournament is being held was damaged so the league has been moved to take place in six months time. You will be able to get a ferry from Sunnyshore city to Lily of the valley Island." Cynthia told Ash having almost forgotten to tell Ash about the changes to the Tournament.

"Cynthia, Kaname take these two pendants in case you or your family get into trouble the worse happens they will let me or another guardian know if you're in trouble" Ash told the two sisters as he held out three beautiful aura pendants with a crystal chain. At the end of each chain was a beautiful blue aura flower made out of pure aura crystal.

"Ash I can't accept these. Do you know how expensive aura crystal is?" Cynthia asked Ash, who smirked.

No kidding, I shelled out so much money for an aura crystal, hoping to gain aura powers, and it was a fake…


"Cynthia is right Ash they are breathtakingly beautiful but they are too expensive to accept as a gift Kaname told Ash.

"How do you think the guardians fund themselves if we want to stay secret? We make the crystals from our aura, and then make jewellery out of them. It is very easy for those who are able to use aura. It is one of the first exercises we learn when studying to manipulate Aura" Ash told the two sisters who both thanked him for the present and both sisters kissed him again on each of his cheeks.

"Ash here is the numbers for both mine and Cynthia's Poke gear" Kaname told Ash with a smile on her face

"I guess this is Goodbye for now Ash hopefully we will meet again and Ash do not be afraid to use the numbers Kaname gave you to ring the two of us" Cynthia told Ash with a smile on her face. As Ash looked at both of their smiles he could not help but think how beautiful they both were.

(Chapter End)

Before we end this chapter, let us look at the harem the author has planned for us…

The pairings for Ash Harem are Misty/May/Sabrina /Kaname/Cynthia /Giselle/Ena Seishuuin(Campione)/Serena

So we have Misty, May and Serena. Ok, nothing too unusual. Then there’s Cynthia and Kaname, which was to be expected. Sabrina, who is a surprisingly popular pick for harem fics like this. Giselle, who was the ONLY girl Ash ever had a crush on. And Ena Seishuuin, who appears to be from some anime called Campione. Not the biggest harem I’ve ever seen, to be honest. Now that’s I’ve gotten that out of the way, I have something to get off my chest.

The reason I prefer mocking stories with short chapters, is because I find it easier to mock them, than longer chapters. Sure there could be more material in longer chapters, but it becomes a struggle to not repeat jokes throughout a chapter. Furthermore, it’s a lot less draining to mock a chapter with 4,000 words, than it is to mock a 10,000 word chapter. I hope I cleared up a few things.

Until next time everyone!

List of mocks can be found here: Here

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Jesus man what is up with you and all of those waifus! Are you secretly the "Ultimate Pimp"?
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The way everyone who is a male authority figure gets treated or dismissed in this fic leads me to believe that the author has some issues with his own father. Given how every tragic backstory involves something like that, go figure.

I sympathize with shorter chapters over longer ones. FFVI A Retold Tale has the longest I've ever done, and if I ever try to mock them in a marathon style, by the end I'm more frustrated and beaten than anything. Even then, ones that are too short just feel like cheating, and are often hard to build momentum on (see: High School Sweethearts).

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Truthordeal@ interesting how the both of us came to the same conclusion. I’m glad that you understand why I prefer short chapters over long ones. Speaking of which…

So here we are, the final chapter at this point of time. Fun fact: the last time I checked this fic, which was around 6 months ago, it only had 3 chapters, and was last updated in 2014. Where this out of place update came from, who knows. Either way, I’m really thankful that it’s nowhere near as long as the last two chapters.

So let’s delve into the final chapter, of this shitty rewrite, of an already shitty story.

Chapter 4:Reunions & Homecomings

Disclaimer: I don't own Pokemon or any of the characters in this story expect for my own OC character, everything belongs to there rightful owners.

Thank fuck you don’t own the franchise. Otherwise I would have jumped off a building.

Ash looked over the side of the ferry and smiled as Cerulean city came into view.

"Come on Pikachu cheer up Cerulean is up ahead, how about we visit Misty before we head home to Pallet?"Ash asked Pikachu trying to cheer him up a bit.

"Chu" Pikachu replied weekly causing Ash to sigh at his starters depression.

Pikachu had not been himself ever since their Gym battle in Sunnyshore.

He started to sing Crawling, while having long showers.

Nothing Ash did seemed to be able to lift Pikachu's mood, he had even offered Pikachu a bottle of his favourite brand of ketchup which he refused.

Ash was concerned about his starter, but Nurse Joy assured him that his starter was in perfect health.

Ash had even asked Mewtwo to try and talk to Pikachu to find out what was wrong but his starter refused to talk.

"All passengers please prepare for docking, and gather all of your possessions we will be arriving in Cerulean City shortly!" A crew members voice announced over the ship's intercom.

"Look Cerulean is just up ahead how about we, visit Misty when we dock?"Ash asked the yellow mouse Pokemon who was standing on the ships railing looking out at the scenery as Cerulean harbor came into view as the ship prepared to dock.

You could at least answer back, you rude little rat!

When the ferry was finished docking Ash grabbed his backpack and placed it back on his back and walked down the removable steps towards the dock.

"Come on Pikachu lets go see how Misty is doing" Ash told Pikachu as he walked over to the footpath and began making his way towards the Cerulean gym.

"Cerulean sure seems busier compared to the last time we were here?" Ash commented as he watched all the traffic pass by.

Must be the new strip club that was built. I should know, I visited the place.

"Chu" Pikachu replied having no interest in the conversation still thinking about his dilemma on evolution.

Whatever reply Ash was going to make to his starters indifference was cut short as he sensed two familiar Aura signatures, he had not sensed in a long time.

"What are those two doing at the Cerulean Gym its not like them to venture this far from home?" Ash mumbled wondering what was going on.

What on earth are you talking about, you delusional moron?

"Pikachu hold on tight lets go find out what's going on?" Ash told his starter as he began to walk at a much faster pace, sidestepping the odd bystander on his way to the gym.

Ash made it to the Cerulean Gym quick enough as he looked at the entrance to the gym, he noticed it still looked the same as the last time he was in Cerulean.

As he walked in the entrance he spotted Mistys sister Lily behind the reception desk with her signature pink hair with white streaks reading a magazine.

"The gym leader is currently busy with another challenger, please take a seat and she will be with you in a few minutes" Lilly told Ash not bothering to look up from her magazine.

Pfft, if that’s how I’m going to be greeted, then I’ll take my millions of dollars elsewhere…

"I am not here to challenge Misty Lilly, i just dropped by to visit her before I head home" Ash told Lilly causing her to look up from her magazine.

"Ash is that you? Your taller than last time I saw you. You like don't look so dorky any more" Lilly commented in a surprised tone.

"Thanks I guess, can I go through to see Misty?" Ash asked Lilly glad to see some things never changed especially with the sensational sisters.

Easy there, you don’t want to add too many people to the harem. Otherwise you’ll lose interest in the story, and delete it like you did with Atlantromes Ace.

"Sure she should be finished with the challenger soon enough anyway" Lily told Ash.

Ash walked into the entrance to the gym pool and took a seat in the stands overlooking the pool.

Misty was standing on one side of the Pool with her Golduck standing in front of her on one of the pool platforms.

Ash also noticed a familiar female with black hair acting as referee for the Gym battle.

Ash could also not help but notice how well Misty had caught up to her sisters in the figure department.

Plastic surgery truly is a miracle.

Ash let a small smile grace his face, remembering when Misty rang him and Brock two weeks ago to brag about Psyduck evolving into Golduck and how strong he had gotten.

Ash smiled remembering all the times he had teased Misty about her dimwitted Pokemon when they were travelling together.

(Gym Pool)

"Will the challenger please choose their next Pokemon or forfeit the match" The referee reminded the challenger.

"Wartortle lets win this" The challenger said as he released his Pokemon.

"Both challengers ready then begin" The referee said as they brought down to flags signifying the start of the final round.

In one corner, we have harem member Misty. In the other corner, we have a nameless challenger.

I wonder who will win…

"Wartortle use water-gun on Golduck" The challenger ordered his Pokemon.

"Golduck dodge and counter with surf" Misty ordered her Pokemon in a calm tone.

Golduck created a giant wave of water and jumped on top of the wave as it surged forward and swallowed the Watergun attack before the large body of water crashed down on the smaller water Pokemon.

When the water surface became calm again and the wave disappeared Wartortles unconscious body floated to the surface with swirls in its eyes.

"Return Wartortle you were great" The challenger said as he praised his starter.

Your fucking turtle barely did anything!

"Wartortle is unable to battle so the winner of this gym battle is the Cerulean gym leader Misty Waterflower" The referee announced as she raised the flag on Mistys side of the battlefield.

"You did your best and put up a good fight but you should try catching some more Pokemon and training your Wartortle a bit more before you challenge me again" Misty advised her challenger.

"I will win next time" the challenger told Misty before he left the Gym ignoring her advice causing her to sigh that was the fourth time she had defeated him.

"Some idiots never listen" Misty mumbled to herself wishing she could just ignore some challengers.

And I guess we weren’t meant to like the nameless challenger.

"You really should go and greet Ash, Misty" A female voice said behind Misty startling her.

Misty jumped in surprise before turning towards the person who had surprised her and tried to give her best glare at her friend who enjoyed scarring her.

Since Misty had taken over as gym leader of Cerulean city she had gotten to know and befriend the aloof Gym leader of Saffron city.

In an ironic twist, they bonded over the dolls each one had collected during their childhood.

"Did I ever tell you how much I hate it when you surprise me like that Sabrina?" Misty asked the beautiful psychic master.

"All the time" Sabrina replied a small smile barley visible on her face.

"What you do you mean greet Ash? Where is he?" Misty asked her friend who pointed to the stands.

Before Misty could make her way over to the stands a flash of red light appeared in front of her.

Ok, who let out their Pokémon?

When the light cleared Ash was standing in front of her with Pikachu on his shoulder surprising her as Ash had always refused to use his psychic abilities before in the past.

"Ash, Pikachu" Misty shouted once she got over her surprise as she hugged two of her closest friends.

"Chu" Pikachu replied as Misty hugged both of them.

"What's wrong with Pikachu Ash?" Misty asked concern lacing in her tone noticing how different he seamed.

"He has been like this since our battle with Volkner" Ash told Misty.

Given how piss poor the direction is in this fic, the battle may as well have been five minutes ago.

"He keeps refusing to talk, even to our unique Pokemon friend" Ash told Misty using their code word for Mewtwo.

"Anyway it looks like your doing well as gym leader" Ash complemented Misty trying to change the subject.

"Of course did you have any doubts?" Misty bragged to Ash a smile on her face.

"Well I thought the gym might have been burnt down by now?" Ash said in a joking tone.

"Very funny Ash your a real comedian" Misty told Ash as she punched him lightly on the arm.

Hey, at least he’s funnier than the author.

"Its nice surprise to see you again as well Sabrina?"Ash told the female Psychic trainer who was dressed in a pink sleeveless tank top and a white trousers.

"Myself and Misty have become friends along with a certain friend of yours. Who I believe wishes to greet you Ash" Sabrina told Ash as he was hugged from behind.

"Long time to see Ash did you miss me" A female with long back hair, crimsoneyes purred as she hugged him from behind.

"Ena what are you doing in Kanto? I thought you were competing in theHoenn League?" Ash asked his fellow Aura guardian trying to ignore the feeling of her mounds pressing into his back.

Ah, I was wondering when we’ll get to meet the crossover chick. I was wondering why she’s in the fic, only to be answered by her own wikia page…

Ena is a very beautiful young woman with long black hair, whom Godou has described as having the body of a 'goddess'. She is stated to have a large bosom, and possibly the only one in Godou's group to surpass Erica in cup size.

By the way, the wikia mention’s that Ena’s in a possible relationship with a guy named Godou. Stay classy Werewolf…

"I did and I managed to win the Tournament to, but lost to Sidney'sZoroark" Ena told Ash a smile on her face.

"Anyway two days later I was summoned to the hall of origin along with Brina over there and some others who are waiting for us in Pallet" Ena whispered to Ash.

"Ena don't talk about guardian business where people can over hear" Ash reprimanded Ena thinking of a certain trio of idiots who liked to stalk him and Pikachu.

"Relax Ash, I set up a barrier earlier besides Brina will not let anyone but Misty see or hear us anyway" Ena told Ash using her nickname for Sabrina.

So Ena apparently friends enough with Sabrina, that she gives the latter a nickname.

Alright then.

"Anyway the reason we are all here is that ever since you slew those Oni. The Jikininki (Human eating ghosts) have become bolder and attacked certain guardians like Riley. They lost of course" Ena reassured Ash.

"Lord Arceushas decided to form different hit squads to fight fire with fire. Basically you me, Brina and some others who are waiting for us in pallet will form one of these squads" Ena told Ash in a serious voice.

"Basically we are been given the task to eliminate Jikininki (Human eating ghosts) members and collaborations who threaten to disrupt the balance" Ena told Ash in a serious voice as she explained their mission.

How can these Jikininki be classified as a threat, when Ash destroyed two of them with relative ease? It’s like the author wants to make a conflict, but lacks the talent to actually implement it.

"Mewtwo was going to be the one to tell you. He should be in the hall of origin about now being informed by lord Arceus?"Ena explained to Ash.

"Your going to be okay with being part of the squad right?" Ena asked Ash in a curious tone.

"It will be no problem besides I had to eliminate threats in the past. I will stand by the oath I made at the tree of beginning" Ash told Ena in a serious tone.

"Anyway now that that pleasant topic is over how about you tell me what is wrong with Pikachu is he sick?" Misty asked concern evident in her voice.

Because when I think of pleasant topics, I immediately think of human-eating ghosts and a threat to the worlds balance.

"Pikachu is in perfect health according to Nurse Joy, he has just been down since our last battle with the Sunyshroe gym leader Volkner." Ash told Misty.

"He refuses to talk to me or even our unique Pokemon friend about what's wrong and he even refused Ketchup" Ash told Misty frustration and concern clear in his voice.

"I was going to talk to Professor Oak when I get back to Pallet and see if he has any ideas for cheering Pikachu up" Ash told his old travelling companion.

"Ash think clearly, what Pokemon exactly did he loose to Ash?" Misty asked having had a sudden epiphany.

"A powerful hacked Raichu" Ash told Misty catching on to what she was implying.

"So you think Pikachu is down because he lost to his evolved form?" Ash asked catching on to what Misty was suggesting.

"Its possible, I know he has faced Raichus before but it is the only reason i can think of as to why he would be so down."Misty explained to Ash.

"Did the gym leader say anything about Pikachu, when the match was over?" Ena asked Ash adding her own part to the conversation.

“Yeah, he was talking about how boring the battle.”

Oh wait, that was me.

"Only that I should consider evolving Pikachu, he told me that before his own Raichu evolved they were not getting any stronger no matter how many moves his Pikachu learnt before it chose to evolve and he gave me a thunder stone" Ash told his friends.

"Ash i think the reason Pikachu is depressed is because he feels like he is unable to win battles for you any more as a Pikachu" Sabrina told Ash in a serious tone.

"Is that true Pikachu are you down because of your match with Raichu?" Ash asked Pikachu his voice full of concern.

"Chu" Pikachu replied refusing to meet Ash's eyes.

Did your parents ever teach you, to look at someone when they’re speaking to you? Seriously, Pikachu is the rudest character in this story.

"Pikachu listen" Ash ordered Pikachu in a serious tone of voice causing his starter to meet his eyes.

"Pikachu after we beat Lt Surge all those years ago, I promised i would never make you evolve and as far as i am concerned that promise still stands" Ash told the electric mouse like Pokemon.

"So you lost to one Raichu it doesn't matter remember all the other Raichus you have beaten, no matter what you will always be my best friend whether you decide to evolve or decide to stay as a Pikachu forever" Ash reassured his first Pokemon.

When Pikachu heard Ash's speech he cried in gratitude, at having a trainer like Ash to remind him that he would accept him no matter what.

Earning Ash much praise from the girls, while Dawn is getting mobbed by Starly, because she’s a meanie head.

Pikachu then steeled his resolve and tapped two Pokeballs on Ashs waist with his tail and released two of his oldest friends Charizard and Blastoise.

"Why did you let Charizard and Blastoise out of their balls Pikachu?" Ash asked confused at his starters actions.

Because the author wants to pad out this chapter, with boring Pokéspeak.

"Pika,Pika, Chu, Pikachu" Pikachu replied to Ashs question.

"You wanted to ask both of them something important" Ash said to himself as he translated his starters answer.

"Pika, Pika, Pikachu" Pikachu said real fast as he asked his trainer for a favour.

"Okay slow down Pikachu and say that again slower so I can understand you?" Ash asked his starter who repeated itself slower this time

"Okay, lets see if I got this right, you want me to ring the Professor so you can speak to Ivysaur?" Ash questioned the yellow mouse like Pokemon who nodded his head.

"Is your question really that important?" Ash asked his starter confused at his sudden mood change.

Pikachu nodded his head to show it was really important to him before he turned his attention towards Charizard and Blastoise and began talking with them both real fast.


Not even in the last chapter, can I get a break.

"Misty can I please use your phone to call the Professor, so Pikachu can talk to Ivysaur?" Ash asked his former travelling companion.

"Sure the Phone is in the Kitchen, when did Bulbasaur evolve Ash?" Misty asked curious as she remembered their last adventure when Bulbsaur did not want to evolve.

"Recently he decided he wanted to evolve this time" Ash told his friend as they both walked into the kitchen.

Because why not? Why not give Ash as many evolved Pokémon as possibly. The only thing I will say is that I’m surprised that it didn’t automatically evolve into a Venusaur.

"Ash dialled Professor Oak's number and waited for the professor to answer his phone. Soon Professor Oak's image appeared on the phone.

"Hello, this is Professor Oak speaking" The Professor said as he answered the phone.

"Hey Professor" Ash and Misty greeted the researcher as he answered his phone.

"Oh Ash, Misty this is a surprise, I was just about to call you to tell you about the Sinnoh league being postponed" Professor Oak told Ash a sheepish expression on his face.

"Its fine Cynthia told me about the league being postponed, when I was in Sunnyshore" Ash told the professor.

Did she also tell you that you’re an arrogant jerk?

"Anyway the reason I called you is that Pikachu has been down lately since his match against Volkners Raichu and now he wants to talk to Ivysaur about something." Ash explained to professor Oak.

"Right now he is talking with Charizard and Blastoise about something" Ash told the professor frustration evident in his voice.

"So can you Put Ivysaur on the phone so Pikachu can talk to him. I think talking to Ivysaur will cheer him up a bit" Ash told the Professor Oak.

"You never fail to surprise me Ash, I will go and get Ivysaur for you" Professor Oak told Ash before he walked off screen.

Much like how this author never fails to surprise me, on how shitty this rewrite is.

"You really think Ivysaur can cheer Pikachu up?" Misty asked her friend.

"At this stage if hopping up and down on one leg singing I'm a little teapot would cheer him up, I would do it" Ash told Misty frustration evident in his voice.

I would do that, but I can’t be bothered. Last thing I want is for Volkner to film it and upload it to YouTube.

"Well if you decide to do it make sure you let me know in advance so I can record it. I am sure Brock would love it" Misty told Ash in a joking tone.

Professor Oak came back into view with Ivysaur and place the Grass Pokemon in front of the Phone.

"Do you want me to tell Delia you will be home sometime today?" Professor Oak asked his favourite trainer.

"Yeah, I should be home in Pallet before six tonight thanks to Charizard or Salamence" Ash told Professor Oak.

"Okay I will let Pikachu and Ivysaur have their chat, I need to check up on Tracy anyway he is going for his Researchers Licensee soon" Professor Oak told Ash.

Oh, good for him! I never got the hate for him, to be honest.

"I will talk to you when you come home and try and stay out of trouble Ash" Professor Oak told ash in a joking tone.

"I will try my best, but you know my luck some how trouble tends to find me" Ash replied to the Professor as Pikahu jumped up on Ash's Lap.

"Hey Ivysaur its good to see you how are you doing" Ash asked his first grass type Pokemon.

"Ivysaur, Ivy, Ivy, Saur(I fell great, I am way stronger than last time)" Ivysaur bragged to his Trainer over the phone.

Pokémon translations; the bane of Pokémon fics.

Fuck me…

"Ivysaur Pikachu wants to talk to you" Ash told his Grass Pokemon explaining the reason for his call.

"I am going to let you talk privately" Ash told both Pokemon before he walked out of the Room.

"Pika, Pika, Pikachu? (Ivysaur why did you decide to evolve?) Pikachu asked his old friend.

"Ivy, saur, Ivysaur"("I was not getting any stronger no matter how hard I trained, it was also getting harder to keep the peace.") Ivysaur explained to Pikachu

"Ivysaur, Ivysaur, Ivysaur"("So I decided to evolve in order to get stronger and it felt great when I became a Ivysaur") Ivysaur told Pikachu explaining his own personal experience with evolution.

“My dick grew three inches, thanks to evolution! Try it today.”

"Pika, Pika, Pikachu?"("Do you feel like you changed in anyway?") Pikachu asked afraid he would end up like Charizard when he first evolved, ignoring Ash if he became a Raichu.

"Ivysaur, Ivysaur, Ivysaur, Saur, Saur" ("I only got stronger and it took me some time to get used to my new body") Ivysaur explained to the electric mouse Pokemon.

"Saur, Saur, Ivysaur"("Its up to the Pokemon themselves weather they will change or not, the reason Charizard grew arrogant was because of his previous trainer") Ivysaur told Pikachu try to alleviate any fears he had about evolution.

"Pika, chu(Thanks, Ivysaur)" Pikachu told his old friend who along with Blastoise and Charizard had helped him make his decision.

He was going to shove the Thunderstone, up Ash’s asshole.

Pikachu then jumped off the stool and ran back out towards the pool where Ash was to get what he needed from Ash's backpack.

Pikachu reached the Gym and jumped up in to Ash's arms before climbing up to his usual spot on Ash's shoulder.

Pikachu looked at Ash one last time before grabbing the bag with the thunder stone and jumping of his trainers shoulder, landing on the ground.

Pikachu grabbed the green transparent Thunder stone with a yellow lighting bolt in the centre of the stone and held it between his two paws before closing his eyes and bringing the stone to his forehead.

Pikachu body was engulfed in a bright white light as its body began to increase in both height and mass.

When the light cleared Pikachu had dark orange brown fur, his tail and increased in length and had become both longer and thinner with a lightning bolt shaped end. The soles of his feet were now a tan colour with a circular orange pad, his ears were now bifurcated and larger than his previous evolutions ears and ended with a distinct curl.

Pikachu looked at his rectification in the gyms pool and the image of a Raichu starred back at him.

Thank fuck it’s a regular Raichu, and not an Alolan one. That shit bodied my team in Pokémon Moon.

Pikachu had to admit to himself that he felt great, he still had the same personality but he felt so much stronger than he did before and more confident.

"Raichu are you ok?" Ash asked his starter afraid that he might have changed from the evolution.

"Rai," Raichu responded while showing off his new muscles smiling at Ash.

"Once you are happy that is all that matters Raichu" Ash told his starter glad to see him happy again.

Ash sighed as he sensed a familiar set of Aura signatures approaching the gym.

"Looks like our stalkers have caught up to us Raichu" Ash told Raichu referring to Jesse, James and their Pokemon.

"What do you say to giving Team rocket some shock therapy Raichu?" Ash asked his starter as he scanned him with his Pokedex to find out what moves he learned by evolving.

I need some shock therapy to keep myself awake.

"Are those losers still following you and Pikachu everywhere?" Misty asked in an exasperated tone.

"More like stalking, if they weren't such pathetic idiots I would have taken care of them ages ago" Ash told Misty leaving no doubt about their fate if they ever became a serious threat.

So on top of evolving Pikachu, the author has now decided to deal with Team Rocket for good.

"Can you call officer Jenny, Misty? its time i put those idiots behind bars for good instead of sending them blasting off into the horizon" Ash asked his friend.

"Lets go Raichu, Charizard Blastoise return" Ash said as he held up both Pokeballs returning his Pokemon to their balls.

(Outside Cerulean Gym)

As Ash and Raichu followed by their friends stepped outside the Cerulan Gym, a giant Robot in the shape of a Carnivine with a set of tracks for feet skidded to a halt outside of the Cerulan Gym.

One thing I never got is that Team Rocket constantly complain about not having enough money to buy food, yet spend all their money on robotic crap that gets destroyed by an electric mouse.

Ash and Raichu sighed as thee familiar idiots emerged from the robot and began to recite their dorky motto.

Listen, is that a voice I hear?, It's speaking to me loud and clear.

Melting on the wind, Past the stars, In your ear!

Bringing chaos at a break neck pace... Dashing hope, putting fear in it's place.

A rose by any other name is just as sweet...

When everything's worse, our work is complete.


And it's James!

Meowth, now that's a name!

Putting the do-gooders in their place.

Team Rocket, We're in your face!

Wooobuffet! ,Mime! Mime!

"Seriously how do you say all that crap, with a straight face?" Ash mocked team rocket who fumed at their motto being insulted.

For how repetitive the motto is, I’ll gladly listen to it a hundred times over reading this story.

"DON'T INSULT THE MOTTO TWERP!" Jessie and James shouted at Ash.

"We will be taking that Pikachu twerp" Meowth told Ash.

"Its Raichu now, open your eyes" Ash corrected Meowth.

"Seriously you three need to get a life and stop stalking me and Raichu" Ash told Team Rocket.

"I mean do you three idiots really have nothing better to do but stalk a teenager and his Raichu?" Ash asked the trio.

“Don’t blame us, blame the writers who refuse to let you win a Pokémon League, and allow a new protagonist to have the spotlight.”

"Shut up Twerp, we are taking your Pikachu today" Jessie snapped at Ash.

Meowth took out a large remote control and pressed a button causing 6 large mechanical arms to emerge from the body of the robot.

"Raichu use Volt Tackle to destroy the arms" Ash told his Starter who jumped of Ash shoulder and charged at team rockets latest mechanical monstrosity.

One of the Robots arms fired an electric proof net to try and Capture Raichu

When Raichu had built up enough Speed all that could be seen was a beam of golden electricity with a red tint in the shape of a Raichu as it destroyed the arms and net that tried to capture him.

"No way that net was suppose to be anti Pikachu guaranteed."Meowth told Jesse and James.

But you’re dealing with a Raichu, making your anti-Pikachu net, utterly useless.

"Raichu use Focus blast to end this but remember don't send them flying?" Ash reminded his old friend wanting to get rid of these stalkers for good.

"Rai, Raichu" Raichu responded to his trainers command, as he formed an orb of yellow energy with a red tint between its hands and threw it at the Robot. Destroying the body the force of which caused team rocket to be thrown forward in front of Ash.

When team Rocket got their wits about them they jumped to their feet and tried to run away and capture Raichu another day.

"Raichu use your Discharge to paralyse them until Officer Jenny gets here" Ash ordered his starter determined to get rid of his stalkers once and for all.

Raichu struck team rocket with multiple bolts of yellow electricity from his cheeks causing instant paralysis.

Thunder Wave would have been just fine, Mr. Overkill.

"Great Job Raichu you were amazing" Ash praised his starter as he lifted him up from the ground and hugged him.

The noise of sirens blaring could be heard in the distance as Officer Jenny and the police drew closer.

"How come you did not send them blasting off?"Misty questioned Ash in a curious tone.

"I just got sick of them stalking me everywhere I go. So I figured I would hand them over to Officer Jenny" Ash explained his plan to Misty

Big deal, they’re just going to break out in a week’s time.

"How could you do this to us twerp?"Jessie asked in an angry tone.

"Simple I am sick of you three losers following me and my friends everywhere we go?" Ash replied in a board tone.

"You called about a group of Pokemon thieves?"Officer Jenny asked as she walked up to the group and spotted Team rocket.

"Yeah I caught this group, they are members of the criminal organization Team Rocket and tried to steal my Pokemon" Ash explained to team Rocket.

"Team rocket your are under arrest for multiple charges of Pokemon Theft, Property damage and disrupting multiple Pokemon leagues" Officer Jenny told team rocket as they were handcuffed.

"What about the past how could you do this to us" Jessie shouted as they were hauled away.

"Your right, that reminders me, officer Jenny if you contact the Police in the other regions you will find a rap sheet for these three a couple of miles long" Ash told officer Jenny causing James and Meowth to glare a Jessie.

Heh, that was kind of funny, to be honest.

"You had to remind him, you could not keep your trap shut" Meowth hissed angrily at Jessie.

"Jessie, James you are both under arrest, as for Meowth you will be given to the Pokemon shelterer in Vermilion City for eventual re-homing" Officer Jenny told the trio as technically there was nothing they could do legally to Meowth expect have him re-homed.

When Meowth heard what his fate would be his eyes went wide he knew that if he went to a shelterer he would be their till he died after all no one would want to adopt a Meowth his age.

And you know this how?

Meowth knew he had only one chance, the boss would not help him after all he had replaced him with a Persian before and they had failed him to many times for him to bail them out.

"Hey Twerp let me become one of your Pokemon" Meowth begged Ash swallowing his pride after all considering the alternative Ash was the better choice.

"Why would you want to become one of my Pokemon? Considering you have been trying to steel them from me, since my first week as a trainer?"Ash questioned Meowth in a suspicious tone.

"Look its either I become one of your Pokemon or I end up in a shelter?" Meowth replied in a quiet tone.

Or you get euthanized. You can’t forget about the third option, can we?

"You should take him up on his offer Ash" Mewtwo told Ash telepathy.

"How do we know its not another trick? Besides how can we trust him he is a member of team rocket?" Ash questioned the genetic psychic Pokemon telepathically.

"Not to mention if he joins us how can we trust him with aura guardian matters" Ash asked Mewtwo having his own reservations about the feline Pokemon.

"I searched his mind he has no where else to go he is being honest, besides Giovanni dumped him on Jessie and James" Mewtwo told Ash.

"Besides you never could turn your back on a Pokemon in need" Mewtwo told Ash already knowing what Ash's choice would be.

Way to spoil the surprise, Mewtwo!

"Fine you can join my team Meowth, but this better not be one of your tricks" Ash warned the feline Pokemon as he took an empty Pokeball from his belt.

Meowth touched the ball for a few seconds before he disappeared in a flash of red light.

Ash walked up to officer Jenny and explained how Meowth had decided to become one of his Pokemon.

"I can take responsibility for Meowth Officer Jenny, if that's okay?" Ash asked the female police officer as he handed his Pokedex over to Jenny for her to take down his relevant details.

"That should be Okay, the shelter was going to try and re-home Meowth anyway, just have Professor Oak fill out the necessary paperwork for you" Officer Jenny explained to Ash as she took his Trainer ID number.

"Thank you for cooperating and your help in capturing these two" Officer Jenny told Ash before she drove off on her bike followed by the police van.

What this chapter lacks in length, it makes it up in sheer boredom. I’m serious when I say that the longer chapters were easier to mock, and they had over 10,000 words a piece!

As soon as Officer Jenny was out of site Ash turned back towards his friends.

"I have to leave now if I want to get back to Pallet before dark, Ena where are you staying?" Ash asked his dark haired friend.

"I have been staying with Brina here" Ena replied cheerfully as she put her arm around Sabrina's shoulder.

"Will you ever stop calling me by that name?" Sabrina asked her crimson eyed friend in an exasperated tone.

"Nope" Ena replied all to cheerfully for Sabrina causing the psychic master to sigh.

Me thinks the two of them are in a lesbian relationship…

"Your all more than welcome to stay in Pallet" Ash reminded his friends to come visit as he reached for Salamence Pokeball.

"Salamence, I chose you" Ash said as he released the large dragon Pokemon who spread its wings and let out a loud roar.

"Salamence I need you to fly me back to Pallet okay buddy?" Ash asked the large dragon Pokemon who nodded its head and bent down allowing Ash to climb onto his back.

Suddenly one of the Pokeballs on Ash's belt began to vibrate, before there was a flash of red light and Meowth appeared on the ground beside Ash.

"Can I stay outside the Pokeball, I hate those things" The feline Pokemon asked Ash in a pleading tone as like Pikachu he hated Pokeballs.

Did you mean to say Raichu author? I mean, it’s not like the damn thing evolved this chapter.

"Get on behind me and hold on tight" Ash ordered the feline Pokemon not having the heart to force Meowth back into his Pokeball.

"I will talk to you guys later" Ash said as he said goodbye to his friends as Salamence took to the sky with powerful flap of his wings.

(30 minutes later)

Soon enough pallet town came into view on the horizon as Ash and his companions got closer to their destination Professor Oaks lab.

As they got closer to Oak ranch Salamence let out a loud deafening roar as he began his descent to Oak ranch.

"My the sun sure is intense today" Professor Oak spoke to himself as he fed Ash's Ivysaur the last of the Pokemon that had to be given their breakfast for the day.



Professor Oak look up when he heard the loud roar and recognised the large Pokemon that had let out the deafening roar as a Salamence.

As Salamence begun its descent Ash's other Pokemon began to gather around the Professor recognizing the familiar Aura on the back of the large dragon.

When Salamence finished its descent and crouched to allow Ash to climb of his back followed by Meowth.

"Hello, Professor" Ash greeted Professor Oak before he was dog piled by some of his Pokemon with the larger ones gathering around him.

They’re probably scared of Ivysaur, now that they know what his diet is.

"I am happy to see everyone as well, can you guys let me sit up? " Ash asked his Pokemon who obliged with his request.

"Guys I owe you all an apology I have not been doing my best as your trainer to make you all stronger" Ash apologised to his Pokemon telepathically and got them up-to-date on everything that had happened recently.

When Professor Oak saw Ash using his psychic ability's he was surprised after all Ash had always refused to use any of his Telekinetic ability's as long as he knew him.

"Guys I want you to the meet the new members of our family" Ash said speaking out loud to his Pokemon as he released all of his Pokemon.

Ash's Pokemon each greeted the newest members of the team, but when they spotted Meowth those among them who recognised him began to glare at him.

Ooh, sounds like a fight’s about to begin.

"Guys its okay Meowth is no longer a member of team rocket, he is a new member of our team" Ash explained to his Pokemon noticing the glares being shot towards the feline Pokemon.

The Pokemon stopped glaring at Meowth but they still shot him looks full of distrust.

"Guys get a good rest starting tomorrow we are all in training to win the Sinnoh league" Ash told his Pokemon who cheered.

"Meowth you will be staying at the house with me and Pikachu" Ash said as he explained the sleeping arrangements to the feline Pokemon.

“And you better not scratch the couch. That was a gift from my grandmother.”

The trio walked in silence towards the Ketchum house. As they closed in on the Ketchumresidence they spotted Deila and her Mr Mime working in the garden alongside in front of the house.

"Hi Mom" Ash greeted Delia with a smile as he wrapped her in a tight hug.

"Sweetie look how much you've grown, Your turning into a man before my eyes" Delia commented with a smile on her face as she noticed the way Ash now towered over her.

"To think it was only yesterday I was telling you to change your you know what's" Deila commented embarrassing Ash.

What happened to that famous restaurant that Ash was bragging about? Did the health inspector close it down?

"Mom!" Ash said in an embarrassed tone causing Delia to laugh.

"Come here Raichu, How is my favourite electric Pokemon?" Delia asked as she scratched Raiachu under his chin and petted him, causing the electric Pokemon to cry out in delight.

"I can tell you have grown so much stronger Raichu" Delia complemented the mouse Pokemon.

"So Ash why is team rockets Meowth with you?" Delia questioned Ash in a curious tone having noticed the feline Pokemon.

"To make a long story shot, I got sick of them stalking me so instead of sending them flying I had Raichu disable them and handed them over to Officer Jenny, Meowth then decided to join me instead of going to a shelter" Ash explained to Delia.

“Now to do the same to the rest of the teams I’ve defeated.”

"You know me Mom when it comes to Pokemon with nowhere to go I'm a sucker" Ash commented.

"Welcome home Ash, my you sure have shot up since the last time you were home?" A males voice spoke from the doorway of the house."

Ash turned towards the source of the voice and spotted a man with long black hair tied up on a pony tail with he was clean shaven and was around the same height as Ash.

"Grandfather" Ash greeted with a smile on his face.

Oh it that grandfather that was briefly mentioned in the last chapter. Right before the auth-Ash spewed a lot of bile towards his father.

"I see you have gained a new companion" Ash's grandfather commented noticing Meowth.

"Come in and sit down Ash we have a lot to talk about" Ash grandfather said as he took the bag-pack from Ash and led him inside.

Ash, Delia Meowth and Ash's grandfather all sat down around the kitchen table while Pikachu curled up on Delia's lap as she started petting him.

"Ash did you tell your new friend know the truth about our family?" Ash grandfather asked.

"I did not get a chance to tell him" Ash replied to the question.

"What did Ash not get a chance to tell me?" Meowth questioned in a confused tone.

"Basically myself and my family are Aura guardians, Arceus chosen representatives in this world who protect the balance between Pokemon and humans" Ash told the feline Pokemon bluntly causing the Pokemon to stare at Ash.

"So that's why you always managed to interfere with Team rocket or some other organizations schemes" Meowth mumbled looking at Ash in a new light.

Because Arceus saw what N looked like and thought ‘fuck that guy, I’m going to sic my guardians onto him!’

"Does the old twerp and twerpette know?"Meowth questioned Ash in a curious tone.

"Brock doesn't know, but Misty does" Ash replied to the feline Pokemons question.

"If you want to stay as my Pokemon there is something you will need to know Mewowth" Ash told the feline Pokemon.

"There is a war coming Meowth between Aura guardians and Jikininki (human-eating ghosts) they want to free Aku from his Prison" Ash explained to Meowth before pausing to let the Pokemon take in the information.

"The fighting has already started in the shadows" Ash explained to the feline Pokemon.

"The reason I am telling you this Meowth is to give you a choice, if you want stay with me as one of my Pokemon you will be end up being brought into the fight against Aku" Ash explained to the feline Pokemon.

"The first blood has already been drawn by both sides Meowth" Ash told the feline Pokemon

Actually, the first blood was drawn by the author, when he thought that a crossover between Pokémon and Samurai Jack was the best thing since sliced bread.

"What will happen to me if I decide i don't want to fight against Aku?" Meowth asked still trying to take in all the new information.

"Nothing you can stay in our house, no matter what you choose and looked after the same as any of my family's other Pokemon" Ash-reassured Meowth

"Sleep on it and decide what you want to do" Ash advised the feline Pokemon.

"But for now lets eat" Ash said as they all began to dig into their dinner.

"So what are you plans now that the Sinnoh league has been postponed for another six months Ash?"

"Train my current Pokemon and catch some more Pokemon to increase my teams diversity" Ash explained his plans to his grandfather.

“Of course, I wouldn’t say no to some more harem members.”

"Seems like you are all set" Ash grandfather commented.

"Get some rest Ash, we will talk and spar in the morning" Ash grandfather said before he stood up and thanked Delia for the meal.

"After all I have to make sure your skills haven't dulled with time?" Ash grandfather commented a small grin on his face.

"You wish gramps" Ash said in a challenging tone a smirk on his face.

"Boys" Delia muttered watching the interaction between her son and father a smile on her face.

Follow me Meowth, I will show you where you are sleeping" Ash told the feline Pokemon as he began to make his way up the stairs to his room.

(Chapter End)

That’s it folks, the end of this fic. Now for my final thoughts.

This has to be one of the sloppiest, most poorly written rewrites that I have ever seen. There are so many flaws with this fic, I don’t know where to begin.

First, the plot. It starts off with Dawn acting like an idiot, and promptly gets kicked out the group, with Brock following closely behind. We are introduced to Ash’s ‘original’ Aura and Psychic powers, as well as his training buddy, Mewtwo. All of a sudden, this fic becomes a Samurai Jack crossover, with the introduction of Aku. From this point, the plot becomes an absolute mess, which centres on praising Ash like he’s the best thing ever.

Secondly, the characters. I already mention how Dawn has been altered into some evil harlot, just because the author hates her. Most, if not all named women are there to gratify the author with the promise of a harem. The male characters not named Ash are there for the purpose of either praising him (Volkner, Professor Oak), or to be the butt of the authors “jokes” (Flint).

Finally, the writing. The writing for this fic is so bad, I question whether the author even passed his English class. Not only are random words capitalised, but punctuation marks have been used sparingly. This fic really needs a Beta reader, and even then, I don’t think the improvement would be that much. How bad was the original, for this to be the IMPROVED version?

Overall, this fic perfectly sums up why werewolves should NOT write fics. I shudder to think how bad a fic written by Dr. Frankenstein would turn out.

What a way to start this year off. As for what I'll mock next, I'm going to do the unimaginable, and deal with Masked Rider Roy, for a third time.

God have mercy on my soul...

List of mocks can be found here: Here

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At least this guy didn't pull another "aura master ash" cliche and make all Ash' s Pokemon shiny. Or give him all the legendaries.

Technically, couldn't you kill a weeping angel by knocking it over with a stick? Seems like that would work as long as you kept watching it fall without blinking

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Good riddance. The amount of power endowment in this fanfic was bonkers. Let's consider a few highlights, shall we?

As already mentioned, we have the standard, out-of-box, tanned-hide-of-a-beaten-dead-horse, fan favorite aura and psychic powers. These are further accompanied by mind wipe and fucking jewel crafting abilities.
Ash also uses "killing intent", borrowed from Naruto if I'm guessing correctly, to incapacitate Dawn and random bystanders via radiation from his murderboner. It's the kind of power every wimpy fifth grader wishes they had.
And lets not forget Ash's true love interest, his sword Juuchi Yosamu, 10,000 Cold Nights, or, if you prefer, 27 Years of Sleeping Alone.

Nice mocking, I'm glad to see this fanfic be put to rest.

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