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> Night High, A mock of Vampires, Werewolves, and...High School?
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post Mar 25 2012, 01:59 PM
Hello once again, readers, mockers, and PAF members! I return to the badfic bounty board and claim THIS as my next target. I'm not expecting anything good to come from this, but this fic shall suffer my Mojave wrath!

Night High

Sounds like any of my high school classmates before a test.

The new student Hound Nor

He was going for a tough-sounding Norse name, but failed miserably.

In the town, of Nox, there lies a school, called Night High, the school houses demons, and Night creatures.

They're extremely racist against Day creatures and refuse to integrate.

The school will not allow any humans to enter its halls, for the reason of they may die.

They may die? Anyone may die from going ANYWHERE! Is that really all that keeps humans from going here?

A boy soon starts running to this school. "Oh no if Im late, on my first day, I might be in some real trouble." The boy is wearing a gray hoodie, blue jeans, and blue pants, his hair is black, and he is running as though his life depended on it. It kind of did, he was now a student of Night High being tailed by a Necromorph with a serious attitude problem, anyway the kid's name is, Hound Nor. As he continued to run, he heard howls, he looked up, to see bats flying to the school, and what looked like wolves running on the rooftops.

Wow, the world of horror just hates this kid! Is this the only school he can go to?

"Aw great, I am not going to be left behind!" The bell began to ring, when Hound ran into the gates of Night High with a loud CLONK!. As he got up and eventually got in there, he begin to huff and puff, like he was out of breath while fighting the urge to blow a house down. "Hehehe, a simple human has been let into our school?"

"The principle must be getting soft in his old age, that or he is a meal for us."

Wow, the students here can't spell principal. I bet SAT scores aren't too high around here.

Hound looked up, to see a giant wolf, it's fur was black, it had a huge body, and it was walking on its hind legs, the other guy, looked like a human, but his skin was blue, his hair red, and he was wearing shades, he also had on, black jeans, black shoes, and a red tank top. The wolf grabbed Hound by the collar of his shirt. "Listen you little runt, you better run home to mom, and paw, you will die in this school." Hound looked at the guy with an irritated look in his eyes after pissing his pants in fear.

And so we are introduced to the stereotypical school bully, except he's a werewolf. I don't think he wants you lunch money, kid...

"Who exactly will kill me? Because if its you, then I must be soft." He had a small grin, as he grabbed the wolf's arm, and threw him into a big tree that was in front of the school.

Oh great, the kid's using steroids? Well, this is a high school...

The other guy launched at Hound, he dodged his attack, and punched him in the face, then swung his body to the ground with his fist. He got up, and shook his hand, he then put his hood on, and started to enter the building.

So he beats a guy up and then shakes his hand? Is he always so polite when hurting people?

"My that was interesting." Hound stopped and looked behind him, to see a girl in the trees. She had bleach white hair, a green long sleeve shirt, and blue skin tight jeans, and brown female steel toe shoes. She was reading a book and looked at Hound with red blood shot eyes.

Aw, crap, we seem to have found our love-interest.

When Hound saw her, his jaw dropped clear to the ground, when she smiled she showed her fangs.

To which he replied, HOLY FUUUUUUUCK!!!

"Whats the matter?" She suddenly vanished and quickly appeared in front of Hound. "You look as though you've seen a ghost, or where you mesmerized by me?"

I think it was the fact you're a vampire! So far she seems like a legit vamp, but all that might change.

She soon put her hand on Hound's face, sucking the life from his body and then walked off. Hound was still there speechless, until the bell rang after he respawned due to having his life force drained. When he snapped back to reality, he noticed the time, he then ran to class. Luckily he was a new student, so he was given a brake, when he made it to his class, he sat at the wall.

So on the first day of school, all new kids get a car brake as a welcoming gift? Do the seniors get a muffler?

Soon the teacher open the door.

I guess this isn't English class.

"Well here you are, its about fucking time, come on class has already started. My name is Criss-Cross Lin, I'm your new teacher here."

And he'll make ya wanna JUMP! JUMP!

The teacher, looked kind of weird. He looked mostly human and maybe a bit homeless, his hair was blond and covering his eyes like a hippie, his right arm looked amputated, and wrapped up, he was wearing a military vest, black pants, and shoes, and he had the number 14 on his jacket.

Looks like he served in 'Nam!

Hound got up and went in the class after him. "This is our new student, Hound Nor, he is, well I guess you can say he is mostly human." Most of the students started to question what the teacher said shout Booooo!. "Hound why don't you take a seat." Hound nodded and went to the back while running a gauntlet of taunts, threats, and projectiles.

Class went for a bit, when it was over, Hound was bumbarded by the plentiful rock collections of many of the students. "Wow so your a real Human? I never thought a human could make it to this school!" One of the students said.

"Your kind of cute, mind if I neck you some?" A girl said, Hound looked confused by the question.

He's not the only one. Seems like that's her way of greeting newbies, or she wants to drain the life from your form. Since that's already happened once, I doubt you want a repeat.

Many of the students asked him questions, soon the teacher came. "Now, now students, give him a brake and brake pad, and also no he is not lunch, he is here as a real student." All the students seemed kind of down and walked away from Hound. He was really confused now, Soon a boy came to Hound.

"So Your Hound Nor Nice to meet ya." The boy was kind of weird, he was darker then night, and he seemed very happy for some reason, he was smiling really wide, Hound could see his fangs, he had on a long red sleeve shirt, with a black triangle at the base, were his abs were, black pants and black shoes.

So just because his skin is dark that makes him weird? This fic is full of racists! Plus, where do these freaks get their clothes? It seems way too bizarre.

His sleeves were so long, that they went over his hands. Another guy came, he had bandages on his face like Joshua Graham, and a purple sleeveless shirt, his pants were blue, and he had on brown and black shoes.

Seriously! Who dresses these students?

"I never seen a human stupid enough to come here, but its good to see you again Hound." Hound started to smile at them both but was quickly punched in the crotch for doing so.

"Its good to see you too Wolf, and Coro, you have been staying out of trouble right? I mean you were kind of crazy when I first met you."

So now he knows their names?

Coro smiled allot and Wolf took his bandages off, to reveal a wolfs face. He then shook Hound hand. "It seems the gang is all here, well this is a big surprise, I cant believe were all in the same class, that means we can take on missions together right? Right?"

Missions? Creatures of the night have missions? Am I in an RPG right now?

Hound said excitedly. Wolf, smirked some, and Coro just had that big smile of his on, soon that girl Hound met at the door came in. "I didn't know you had a pet Wolf, he does seem cute, mind if I take some of his blood?" Wolf looked at the girl like he wanted to rip her head off.

"Yuuki, I would advise against that, I mean, there is a reason he was let in, even if Coro and I begged the principle, he would never let a human into this school unless he was getting paid under the table."

"Yeah, Hound is no human, he is something else, his blood would burn you from inside out." Coro said.

How the hell does he know that? Is this kid part Alien?

Hound looked at the girl, as though he was under a spell which he probably was given all the weird shit that has happened. She looked at him with a expressionless look on her face.

Oh great, she took acting lessons from Twilight...

"Fine, I will see you later Wolf, and I will see your pet later as well." She licked her lips and walked out of the class. Coro waved his hand in front of Hound. "Coro knows that look, Hound is in love with Yuuki." Coro said snickering. Wolf put his hand on his face and looked at bitch-slapped Hound.

"Look try not to get involved with her." Hound snapped back to reality and looked at Wolf.

Hound's mind seems to wander an awful lot. I bet he gets lost walking home.

"Wolf what can you tell me about that girl? You called her Yuuki, so is that her name?" Wolf looked like he was just talking to a wall.

Ha! I actually like that one. Now drive a nail into him and try hanging a picture!

"Her name is Yuuki Bori, dumbass, she is one of the top students in this class. She is an excellent Gymnastic, a vampire, and a assassin, she worked with the shadow clan as a backup singer for a bit, until recently, I dont know why, but she ended up quieting a few weeks ago." Hound looked at the door she was at.

She ended up quieting? Did she take a temporary vow of silence?

"A cursed angel..." Hound walked to the door, but Wolf soon grabbed his shoulder. "Hound, she is trouble, her nickname was the devil angel." Hound looked at Wolf, and smiled.

So is she an angel or a vampire? Is she having some self-identity issues? Multiple personalities? This is getting ugly.

"Dont worry, I will make her less trouble. By killing her!" As he left the class, he bumped into someone. The guy was wearing a red shirt, and brown cargo pants. His feet looked like fox feet, and he had a tail, his ears were showing, and his eyes were red. His hair was blue, and he was juggling some sort of ice balls in his hand.

It's a furry! RUN!

"So your the new student, you don't seem like much to me." Wolf pulled Hound away from the guy. He didn't seem interested at that moment, as he walked off. "Be careful around that one Hound, he is trouble, all the night creatures are, they will try to kill you, just because you look human."

Way to go, Hound, you enrolled in the most dangerous school for humans in the area AND you decided to not heed the warnings of probable death or dismemberment. I see a Darwin award in your future.

"I know there were these two guys, at the gate who tried to pick a fight with me, I think there still out cold though."

Author, your English teacher wants to beat you senseless.

Wolf looked at Hound with an are you serious look a look of, You're on the way to a painful death.

It seems things will soon start to get interesting for Hound, as he continues his school years.

If he gets any closer to dying in a hilarious and ironic way, I'm all for it!

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post Mar 26 2012, 11:48 AM
Night High

Who is he?

I think the same thing whenever I play Guess Who?

The bell rang, as Hound, Coro, and Wolf all headed to class, Yuuki, was at the door checking everyone in for signs of bird flu, everyone had a night pass with there class information in it.

Name, gender, and suicidal tendencies.

When Hound walked to the door, he looked at Yuuki, and smiled some until he was smacked across the face with a metal yardstick with barbed wire wrapped around it, he then tried to walk in. Yuuki, hit him with the back of her book causing him to crash into the ground.

Sorry, Hound, life hates you.

"Sorry Hound, but I need to see your pass." she rolled up her sleeve, and dug into Hound's hood pocket mouth, and pulled out his pass, she looked at it, and dropped it on him dripping with his saliva. "Ok you can go now." Hound, got back up and rubbed his head. "Damn that hurt, you didn't have to hit me like that you know."

Yuuki kicked him in the nuts shouting, I DON'T GIVE A FUCK!

Hound walked into the classroom and took his seat, the class was on the history of werewolves.

I don't think this class will take very long. One day this guy became a werewolf and killed people. That's it!

Hound was resting his head on his desk recovering from his injuries, Wolf seemed to enjoy the class, as Coro, was eating a candy bar labeled Man-Meat. Hound didn't really seem like focusing in the class at that time or any time for that matter.

There teacher Criss-Cross, noticed Hound sleeping during his lecture, he sighed with a pissed-off look on his face, and put the chalk on the rest of the chalkboard. He walked to Hound, and raised his right hand, causing energy to surround it, and dropped boiling-hot water on Hounds head. "AHHHHHHHHH!" Hound screamed, as the water started to evaporate on his skin. "What was that for!" He said as he looked at Criss-Cross, it was hard to tell what he was thinking as his hair blocked off his eyes, but the look on his lips could tell it all. He seemed a bit upset wanted to tell Hound one of his war stories.

"Seeing as you are bored with my lecture mister Nore, as the author didn't proofread this thing, why don't I give you an assignment, if you fail, I will drop you from my class, and send you to death class."

Or Hound could just LEAVE and go to a normal school?

Hound started to freak out some because of how much the world hated his guts, he went to death class once, and he learned why it was called death class, the grim reaper taught it, and killed anyone who question him, the worst part was, he could bring them back and kill them as much as he wanted loved dodge-ball using live grenades.

Grim seems like a great teacher! Does he listen to Blue Oyster Cult while the class does aerobics?

"No I will do it, what do you want from me?" Cross smiled some, and walked over to the chalkboard with a handful of nails.

"We are studying on Vermine Werewolves, however a group of them attacked a neighboring village from Victora, if they aren't stopped this town will be in danger, your assignment, is to stop them. You can take one member of our class, you will have 3 days, try not to die."

So is this a school or a ring of hitmen? Sending students off to kill other creatures of the night doesn't seem like something the department of education would support.

He said to Hound, the bell rang, and the other students left, Hound looked around, as Coro and Wolf walked to Hound.

Pointless filler, anyone?

"Hound, Hound, will you take Coro on your fun assignment?" Coro asked jumping on Hounds shoulders. Hound smiled some winced in pain as his legs gave out from under him, as he gave Coro a candy bar, Coro started to devour it as well as a couple of Hound's fingers, as he dropped off Hounds shoulders and started to chew the candy bar. Wolf looked at Hound crossing his arms.

"Being this is a werewolf assignment, you should bring me, I can track them down easily, what say you Hound?" Hound nodded, and put his arm out, Wolf replied with putting his hand on Hounds fist by biting a chunk out of it.

"Brothers for life, you too Coro, your coming tooThat looked like it hurt!." Coro smiled, and put his hands on there's. As they started to leave, Hound, bleeding profusely, was pulled away by Yuuki, who hit him on the head with her book. As Hound hit the ground, Yuuki sighed, as Hound got up.

"Why do you always make me worry Hound?" She said looking at him. Hound seemed a bit surprised.

I'll say.

"Didn't know you cared." He said crossing his arms bandaging his wounds, looking away from Yuuki. "I got in trouble, I need to fix it. Don't worry, I will be back before dinner, so keep me a lunch if you don't mind." Yuuki, blew her face up, as she blushed combusted into a fireball.

Hound: Well that was interesting...

"Like I would make lunch for you!" She said respawning, as Hound left, she looked a bit worried then smiled a bit. "Just come back alive...baka." As Hound left Yuuki did as well, holding her book to her chest, she soon disappeared in the shadows.

Now she's hunting him. Talk about receiving mixed signals.

Hound, Coro, and Wolf all went to the dragoon train station, as they got to the ticket booth they presented them with there Night High cards. The guy at the booth immidiately said, You idiots, this isn't mon- but then werewolf guy broke through the bars and mauled him.

When they did, they entered the train, and grabbed a seat. Coro looked out the window, and saw a dragoon at the front of the train, it was ready to take off.

"Wow you guys see that dragoon? Its huge! Coro wonder's if Coro can ride it, looks like fun!" Coro said as he started to clime out of the train.

So is Coro a more evil version of Elmo? I'm not a fan of talking in the 3rd person. Actually, I may be onto something here...

Both Hound and Wolf grabbed Coro and tried to pull him back in as the train doors started to close. "Aww Coro can't ride the dragoon now." Coro said smiling some. Wolf hit Coro on the back of the head.

Do people here only know how to smile some? Are their teeth so bad they don't like showing them?

"You idiot, you cant ride on a Dragoon, there is a reason they are chain to the top, they eat other demons." He said walking to a seat and sitting down.

In any case, that helps us!

"Stop acting retarded and grab a seat, we have a long ride, we should rest while the sun rises." Wolf said wrapping his head and arms in bandages. "Hound because you can survive in the sunlight, you should keep look."

You mean keep watch?

Hound agreed and sat down, Coro yawned, and jumped into a seat next to wolf, and he curled up into a ball, and started to sleep did a spin-dash like Sonic the Hedgehog. Hound stretched out some, and looked out the window, as he saw the sun rising, he could see what looked like werewolf's running with the train. One looked at Hound, for a second, then ran up with the other werewolves. They soon disappeared, and Hound was a bit shocked.

That was either foreshadowing or entirely pointless!

He shook his head and got up and stretched some more. "Man I should get something to drink." He said as he walked to the next cart, he saw a sort of bar there, and walked to it. He sat at a stool and showed his school ID, and got a blood soda.

Oh come on! It's a Bloody Mary and you know it! Quit trying to sugar-coat it.

As he drank it, he looked out the window again, and only saw the clouds in the sky.

Already, the booze was affecting him.

Back at the school, a ice fox, looked at the school from ontop of demon rock a few hundred miles away.

A ice fox? I have no hope for this POS.

As it jumped down, it looked as though it was flying, when it was only running on the pressure of the air. As it got to the front gate, it changed into a young man, his hair was ice blue, his ears looked like fox ears, his eyes were red, his skin was white, and his feet looked like fox feet. His tail danced in the wind to the song Spanish Lullaby, as he had a motionless face on.

Does he keep other expressions in his backpack or something?

He walked up to the gate, as the two statues in front of the school jumped down readying to attack, but they were instantly frozen onto there pedestal. "Weaklings like you should learn your place I don't pay you to move." He said as he walked into the school, he was met by Yuuki, who just glared at him.

"Your late Lirn. Where's my cheeseburger?" She said as he walked in, he quickly walked over to her, and grabbed her by the waste and moved closer to her face, she blushed some from the embarrassed position she was in.

OK, fine! I'm through with pointing out these spelling/grammar errors! Long story short, author, you slept through English class!

Lirn moved closer, and so did Yuuki, but she managed to stop, and push him away. She panted some, as she held her chest. "I hate that pheromone of yours when you try to take my heart out through my nose, Lirn." Lirn smirked some made a troll face, as he walked passed her, she could feel his pheromone still on her, as she summon her shadow to cut threw it. She gasped for breath, as she managed to get out of his pheromone.

Little did she know that his pheromone was his flatulence.

She looked up the stares to see some girls with Lirn, as he lead them to an empty room. He looked back to Yuuki and smirked again began singing Trololo.

"That boyfriend of yours will die, a human versus a bunch of Werewolves is already suicidal, but it turns out he will be fighting Vermine werewolves, they are more dangerous." He said to her, she started to worry some.

Seems like a good deal for us.

"He is not my boyfriend, he is just like a little brother to me that I treat like shit on a daily basis." She said hissing some. Lirn smiled, as he entered the classroom with the two girls. "Man I hate that guy." Yuuki said.

Well I hate this fic, so we're even!

Been awhile sense I wrote more of this story, but because I got a few comments, I started it again. I know its short, but its just a set up for a main or sub saga, the Vermine wolves saga, maybe two or so chapters long. I need to start somewhere, and this is the 4th or so version of this story for me so it was a bit hard because of school and other stories, but I will get to this one every so on. Till then comment people, I cant continue unless you show me you care. Lol.

I rest my case, English teachers.

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post Mar 27 2012, 04:26 PM
Night High
Hounds power, is he really a human?

Considering everything that's happened to him, I'll go with, no.

As the train entered the port to Victora, some werewolf's, jumped on the top of the train. Most of the passengers felt it, and started to freak out, as the werewolf's started to brake into the train.

Pants throughout the train were quickly filled.

"Hay um guys, we might have a problem." Hound said. He then looked over to them to see them sleeping still. "Oh yeah. Guess its up to me then."

Just another reason why everything hates Hound!

He said as he punched his palm. Hound ran to a door, and looked up, one of the werewolf's spotted him, and growled, as he jumped down and attack Hound. Hound dodged his attacks, and jumped back, as the werewolf threw his claws at Hound. "Ok ugly, time for me to attack."

Do you really have to announce your attacks? It's better if your opponent doesn't know what you're going to do!

Hound soon moved forward, and blocked the wolf's attack, and punched him with his free hand.

He soon moved forward? WTF?

As the wolf was pushed back, Hound grabbed his arm, pulled him in, and then grabbed his neck and choked him some.

What is with this fic and the use of the word some? Characters just can't decide if they want to do something? They smile some, they choke some, do they get up in the morning, some too?

The wolf started to yelp as it threw its foot at Hound's face, but Hound blocked with his other arm, and slammed the wolf of the ground. That sound could be heard from on top of the train, as the other wolf's started to brake through the train opening it like a can. Hound climbed up the side of the train, and saw the werewolf's monstrous package.

"So you are the wolf's causing a ruckus in this town. I was sent to deal with you, so I suggest to you to stop killing innocent people, and leave."

Oh sure, that's going to work! When did reasoning with a werewolf ever work?

The wolf's just snarled at Hound, as they charged him. Hound put his guard up, and charged back. One Wolf, threw his claws at Hound, while the other attacked him from below.

Werewolves now have detachable claws?

Hound put his foot on the lower ones jaw, and caught the others arm. "You both are too weak, Nothing like the Viking wolves I trained with!"

Do werewolves need factions to begin with?

He said as he threw the first one off the train, and punched the other one away. It regained its balance and charged Hound again, but this time, Hound grabbed its neck, and threw him behind him. He then put his foot on the wolf's neck. "So do we have a deal or what? Its obvious that I am stronger, so why dont you just except it." He said with a smile, the other wolf smirked some and bit off part of his foot.

Talking while fighting doesn't help you! It distracts your mind from combat!

"They were made to kill or be killed, they wont stop if you ask them. There nothing but mindless puppets. Programmed to do as I say." Hound looked up, and saw a man covered in scars, he had blue, ripped up some, jeans, and his feet looked like claws. His fist seemed big, and he looked human.

Ya see? SOME AGAIN!!!

"You are the one who infected them? Your a pure Vermine werewolf, guess I have to take you out then." Hound said as he started to get up, when he did the guy appeared in front of him, and punched him to the next train.

Now things are getting good! Boss fight!

As Hound rolled back to his feet, the guy attacked him, he was faster then the other wolf's by a long shot. Hound could barely dodge his attacks, as the guy attacked him repeatedly. Hound could only guard himself, as the guy mercilessly beat on him.

Hound was spamming the block button.

"Damn I can barely retaliate. He has a strong offense, and I cant even tell about his defense." As Hound thought, the guy kicked him to the ground. He walked over him and grabbed his collar.

See what happens when you think too much?

"A human like you would make for a interesting minion." He said as his jaw widen into a troll-like smile, he teeth ready to bite Hound. As he was about to, A gust of wind hit him from behind. "What the hell?" Coro was standing behind him, with air coming from his long sleeves.

Coro, all the powers of a wind tunnel...

"Let go of Coro's friend, or you will make Coro angry." He said as he smiled and watched the guy. Soon Wolf rushed him, and started to swing his sword violently at the guy. The guy clashed with his arm, and blocked the sword strike.

Why does a werewolf need a sword?

"Your Gadiell, the only Vermine Wolf to assent the boundary of wolf and human, to become this abomination. We are students of Night High, and we have come to put an end to your rain of terrine." Wolf said as he pushed Gadiell away, Gadiell jumped back and put his guard up.

Rain of terrine? I assume they mean reign of terror. Did the author even look at the screen while writing this?

"For a cub you know allot. I see your tail is missing, I guess you were band from your clan. Tell me, what clan are you from cub." Wolf glared at Gadiell, as he held his arm out.

So many errors, giving me a headache. The credibility of this author will forever be tainted!

"My name is Wolf Drix, I dont have a clan anymore." He said as the quills in his arm started to extend and shoot outward. Gadiell dodged and jumped back. When he did Hound charged him.

Drix is part porcupine?

"Your not getting away!" He said as he punched Gadiell in the stomach, however he blocked the attack, and kicked Hound away.

Way to go, Hound, just use the same attack because it's done so much good so far!

"The school must be mocking me, if it sends its cubs to deal with me, it must be one of the weak survival schools then."

Actually it's a school that keeps its overcrowding problems under control by killing off students with suicide missions.

He said as he jumped off the train. Hound ran to the end of the train and lost track of him. He gripped his fist tightly, and bared his teeth.

"Damn it, he got away." He said as he punched the ground of the last cart. "He has no right to speak of our school like that. Wolf, Coro, I am going to kill him." Hound said as he jumped off the train. Wolf and Coro ran after him, and caught him.

"Dumb ass, you cant go after him like that. He would crush you again we're on a fucking train!" Wolf said holding Hounds arms.

"Dumb ass, dumb ass, dumb ass! Haha!" Coro said laughing his ass off. Both Wolf and Hound looked at Coro a bit irritated.

"I think he takes pride in laughing at others misfortune." Hound said as Wolf nodded. "Well he is in that town, might as well look around some." Hound said getting up. "But remember I am taking him out when we find him." Wolf nodded as they went into the town of Victora.

Better keep to themselves, unwanted attention could get them into serious trouble.

In the town, Coro went strait to the closes candy store, he started to drool as he hit his head on the glass. "Hound, Wolf, can Coro have some money to by Candy?" He asked with excitement in his eyes.

So much for a low profile...

"No Coro, we only have money for food, not sweets. Use your own money if you want it." Wolf said walking to the inn next door, he soon heard a crash, as he saw Coro eating the stocks of candy in the store. He ran outside, and flew to Wolf and Hound. Wolf sighed, as Hound looked around, he then looked at the sky, and was barley able to see the moon.

If that was supposed to be funny, it wasn't.

"There will be a full moon tonight, best time to fight that guy," Hound said as he punched his hand. Wolf looked toward Hound with some worry in his eyes.

Wouldn't a full moon mean the werewolves will be at full strength or something? Can't you just wait until morning?

"You dont mean Gabiell do you Hound? Fighting in the moonlight will be suicide. A werewolf if faster and stronger during a full moon."

Let's see Hound listen to reason on this one...

"As are some Vampires." Coro added. Hound nodded, he already knew that, but he felt he could go all out if he fought him in the moon light.

You got your ass kicked last time, Hound. Why would this be any different? Unless you packed your gun and silver bullets, you're dead meat.

"We should attack him while its still sunny, he will be weak, and he will heal slower. Attacking him at Night is out of the question." As Wolf was talking, Hound looked out of the window in there room because he was too busy not listening to any words of reason.

"We have 2 days to get this done. That means we have one night, the day is almost done, and it will be night soon. Sorry Wolf, but we dont have the luxury of time. I will take him out the next time I see him." Hound said, as he ran outside. As Night fell, Hound could hear Gabiell howl in the moonlight. Hound fallowed it to a hill top, were he was face to face with Gabiell.

My money's on the werewolf!

"So the cub returns, this time I will kill you, and use your body to make another minion to do my bidding." He said as he charged Hound quickly.

Uh, yeah, you want to be quick while charging, idiot!

Kind of short, but to the point, Hound shows his mastery of his fighting style, I will leave the rest to your imagination before you read the next one. So between the three who do you like the most? Wolf, Hound, or Coro. Anyways comment and tell me.

Mastery? He got his ass kicked then, he's practically dead now! This fic hasn't been touched in a couple months so there is still a chance for it to continue. However, if I discover this June that the fic has not been continued, I will do what I do best: end the fic myself! I await that day with great anticipation. Until then, I'll be headed back to the badfic bounty board.

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Встав в туалет и заметив мой интерес к ее заднице она спросила: – Хочешь меня в попку? Солнце освещает золотом дубовый пол, я ощущаю запах лавандового полировочного воска и канифоли, от футляра для виолончели, стоящего у окна, пахнет нагретой кожей, твое дыхание опаляет меня. – Чем – чем – пробасил юнец – у Таньки титьки что прыщики, а пизду и рукой не сразу нащупаешь, две полоски кожи и все. Я прошу налить вина – попробовать. Парень что лапает тебя шепнул тебе "пошли со мной", вы не достояв в очереди удаляетесь в сторону мужского туалета, немного спустя за вами идет и парень видевший как тебя лапали. Радость анального секса была омрачена для любовника прекрасной Татьяны тем, что доктор был соучастником любовных утех... А она, сказав: – Ну-ну, не отворачивайся... Во время сеанса я гладил его маленькую попку, яички, стройные ноги, трогал его дырочку. Увидев меня они встали. В один из вечеров мы были у Ф в номере в гостях. "У нее главное в попе образовавшись трещина из-за запоров", информировала бабушка. Устав двигаться в таком положении Сергей перевернул ошалевшую от чувств жену на спину поперек кровати. Я стал жадно ласкать ее языком, проводя им по горошинке клитора, по дырочке влагалища, щекоча анус. Теперь есть возможность использовать облик Вальрисы в соответствующих обстоятельствах. Чего ржете, вот не дойду сухая, будете тогда знать! 15842 87927 65467 92754 18865 55182 77344 24715. Она поздоровалась со мной и изучающе окинула взглядом мою спутницу. Кэти сидела на спине Энджи, сжимая ее тело ногами и вцепившись руками в ее волосы. Она постаралась применить как следует свои усилия, чтобы держать свой мочевой пузырь, а но всё просился и просился. В течение следующих нескольких дней мы ходили на пляж и занимались любовью. После третьей рюмки глаза женщины заблестели, щеки покраснели. Я сразу прижалась к мальчику всем телом, давая понять, что бы он перешел к действиям. Её движения становились быстрей, она всё глубже насаживалась на мой член, палец в попку она засунула полностью и надавливала через тонкую стенку мне на член, прижимая его. Видимо, просто не обращала внимания.
только реальные проститутки в москве лучшие порны для дрочки порно ролики толстушки в бдсм галибой качок гей порнно с брюнеткой хочу в питере снять девушку для секса жестокое порно большим хуем голые негритосы и их пенисы картинки лесбиянки фистинг полнометражные фильмы ебет пьяную в стельку целку фото брюнеток черно белые во время секса порвался презерватив видео дешевые проститутки москвы.час 1000 руб беременные бразильское порно скачать порно онлайн мультяшки
Спустя несколько минут, она стояла на коленях и ждала Его. Примерно между каждыми двумя словами, раздавался звонкий шлепок. Конечно, я встревожилась, особенно после того, как Аллка не захотела по телефону озвучить причину встречи. Грациозно изогнувшись она ненадолго замерла в дверях демонстрируя свое красивое спортивное тело. – вставая, пролепетала она, в недоумении глядя на своего мужа, полностью одетого, который стоял на пороге ванной. Пусть смотрит, мне не жалко. Как поближе познакомитесь, мне спасибо скажете, она такого вам про свое житье-бытье порасскажет, да о подви-гах на полях битв амурных, что только диву даешься. мёртвая плоть напоминает резину. Известно только, что Винтик и Шпунтик проснулись ни свет, ни заря и стали требовать, чтобы их немедленно выписали. И Х стал медленно двигать рукой по стволу своего члена, при этом выражения его лица поменялось и стало каким-то другим. Папа приgоднимал и опускал меня и его член терся о мои трусики. Мадам Глории было 30 лет, высокая плотного телосложения брюнетка с длинными черными волосами, заплетенными в косичку. Прямо на моих глазах ладонь погружалась внутрь. Потом Инге ставили на живот успокаивающий компресс и отпускали на завтрак. Желание у каждой из девочек возникало примерно раз в неделю, так что я легко управлялся. он вставлял Инге газоотводную трубку. ), которая приехала из Москвы. После уроков Стас заглянул ко мне в класс и спросил... Не знаю, н верю. Наконец массаж был закончен, Света пулей вылетела из парной в предбанник, а затем на улицу. Ответив ей тем же, я и Сандра улыбнулись, а затем крепко поцеловали друг друга. Его руки расстегнули мои брюки. За столом мы сидели вместе.
длинные ноги и большой зад порно очень красивые голые девушки длинные жена обожает сосать видео красивая девушка в нижним белье целуется с парнем видео эротика порно разказ 10см син в бане с тьотей трансвеститы италии доктор практикующий фистинг lindsay kaye порно фото смотреть порнофильмы с большими членами порно групповой секс со зрелами эротика фото скачать бесплатно попы секс жесть старых очень активная брюнетка порно онлайн смотреть русское порно зрелые женшини ебля жен при муже попка жопка фото папуаски с большущими титьками семейная ебляя груповуха

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