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> A Rose By Any Other Name, Seems like Batman should utilize a chastity belt instead.
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I'm very concerned.

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post Apr 28 2017, 04:16 PM
The Joker is still back, has still made both Batman and Superman his bitch, and is apparently prepping for a road trip. Let see if we can ridicule this trash enough to regain some sanity by the end of it. Here’s Chapter 19, A New Menace Part 7 (Meanwhile).

Harley sat alone in the bathroom, her eyes welling with tears. Wet gray and black streaks cut deeply across her cheeks. Her voice was broken and her body racked with tormenting pain. She sat on the bathtub edge and pulled a blade out of her bra.

Any lady whose bra underwire once snapped can attest to having lived out this scene.

Poison Ivy was walking through her Arkham City home looking for her dear friend when she heard whispers from her plants. "She's where?" She nodded then her eyes widened and she ran, her shirt whipping back and forth as her speed increased dramatically. "Harley!" She kicked the door down and her vines grabbed her and pulled her down, restraining her. "What are you doing?"

Good question, I want to know that too. This is a tired and nonsensical repeat of the last time we saw you two, except you were both content to lounging at Wayne Manor. Why the fuck are we here and doing this again?

"I can't take it Red, Mistah J and Bats. I love um both...I can't choose and now they both hate me!" She resisted but the vines tightened.

Hold the fuck on, you KNOW that Joker is still alive? Is the author so lazy to write an actual story that he just injected omniscience here and there to get to the climax?

"They don't hate you." She walked to Harley and knelt down, "Well Joker might, but Batman loves you. And me." She sat down and stroked Harley's cheek. "Why do you think we are still alive?

Yeah, let’s not forget that had Bruce not loved you, he’d have snapped both your necks after having had sex with you – because that’s the only inferred reason as your lives were never in danger and saved as a result of Batman, you crazy vegetable. This author is prepping for a ‘choice’ for these bimbos, but he has realized they actually have no true reason to love him and is making shit up as a result!

And we both love him Harley."

"But this is Mistah J's baby...and Batsy's kid was taken from us."

~"So it is Joker's little devil."~ "That doesn't mean anything."

Yeah, especially since you’re probably going to cause her to have an abortion next time you want to jab plant vines into her, like you did Catwoman when she angered you.

"Yes it does." the vines released her and she sat up, "Joker will take this baby and Batman will hate me and so will Joker. And Batman will take the baby and Joker will kill me and then what will happen to baby?"

Attached Image

I just don’t care anymore. This contrived, confused, directionless, banal, nonsensical and all around fetish-catering soap opera is beyond my ability to grasp any longer. The author wants the angst sprinkled on top of his bimbo desert, so he can savor the flavor of how dedicated and wholesomely head-over-heels they are for his Batman-replacement self-insert persona. I’ll ride with this crazy train, but I won’t acknowledge it as anything beyond forced drama anymore

"I'm so sorry Harley."

"Why are you apologizing Red?" Harley's innocence was showing and her eyes were adorably large.

"I brought you into this. Me and Batman were fine but then I wanted a baby and I thought of you since I can't get pregnant."

”My first thought was getting Batman pregnant, of course, but then the author’s dick sort of turned flaccid.”

"I knew what it entitled, and I loved every minute of the fun we three had."

"Then Joker kidnapped us with Twoface-"

It was a battle like no other, too incredible to even be described when it happened 13 chapters ago. Batman, like a lightweight at an Oktoberfest, had fallen into a coma from a brief threeway, leaving the lone and brave manservant to defend his master’s wenches from the two arch villains of Gotham. Like an angry god the butler descended upon the would-be kidnappers, defending the damsels that had been rendered helpless without the author’s cock-puppet watching over them. The clash of terrifying might, the awe-inspiring onslaught in this tremendous battle of good and evil left all news reporters fear-struck at the thought of reporting the damages of Wayne Manor in the papers. Alas, Alfred’s dominance ended when he was caught underneath a piece of rubble, defeated, leaving anyone unable to imagine his injuries as per the author’s eternally piss poor narration skills!!

"What did Harvey want?"

Yes, what did the Sirs Not Appearing In This Fanfic want?

Ivy turned and looked at her with eyes that told the story, but again Harley's innocence was there. "Harvey toyed with my body for three months, raping me when ever he wanted to blow a load.

Wow, the staff at Arkham Asylum is more corrupt than even the Joker bothered to mention, seeing as you and your kidnappers were all reported to be back there after Bruce woke up from his nap. This fanfic is a nebula of plot holes!

He would flip a coin and decide whether to cum in my face or my pussy. Sometimes he wouldn't clean me off for days and he cum would crust and I felt like I was turning into some kind of cumstone. And it wasn't like he was good at all. Most of the time he would last two, three minutes and then blow."

The fact, that you let your green waifu live through your guilty pleasure kink material by utilizing Two-Face as the perpetrator, tells a deeper story about you than you’d probably wish it did, author.

She sat down. "A few times I insisted I blow him or he free me and It took ten times for me to be free."

"Men are pigs."

"Most are."

"But what about me and the baby?"

Holy non-sequitur, Harley, your friend just told you about a three month long rape spree with the most unbelievable conclusion, because the author was more concerned with wiping off his keyboard. Unless you’re ahead of schedule in giving birth – AGAIN – have some fucking empathy, will you?

"Well the Baby must survive, it is innocent, we aren't."


"You need to stay here at all times until the baby is born."

”I mean, where else could we go and hide? It’s not like Batman has a completely secure and hidden cave or something like that, right?”

"Ok..." Harley frowned but nodded sadly."

Poison Ivy walked crawled over to Harley and smiled.

"Red?" Harley's eyes sparkled and she giggled, "Are you gonna do what I think you gonna do?"

”I always loved your Zoidberg impressions, they are the best!”

"Yupo." Poison Ivy tore Harley's panties and the vines held Harley as some began to tickle her tight holes. Ivy stood up and began to lick and suck on Harley's wet heat as the vines continued to tickle and prod her tight ass.

I knew the author couldn’t keep it in his pants any longer. What other reason would we have to go back to these two sluts, besides forcing in exposition to support the Joker’s outrageous claims in the previous chapter, than a gratuitously sub-par lesbian sex scene?

"OH! RED!" Her voice cried from terror and pleasure, she was surprised and the pleasure soon took over and she began begging for much more. "Pound me Red!"

"You got it Quinn." With a wave of her hand the long slimy tentacle of a vine began to ooze up her tight ass and suddenly harden into the shape of a flexible, thick dick.

Ugh, vegan porn.

Ivy began to let smaller vine from her mouth enter Harley hot dripping wet pussy.

I wasn’t being serious about the Zoidberg impression, author!!

The smaller vines twirled around and slowly tickled her rough G-spot as others rubbed and seemed to suck on Quinn's delicious moist clit.

Unless this author equips Batman with a different kind of utility belt, how exactly is his flesh pole going to compare to this?

"Red!" Harley's voice was breaking up as each pump from the thick vine pounded her from behind and Ivy took care of the front. ~"IVY! I can't believe she is doing this! I love the feeling but I hate the vines. I want it to be Bats and Mister J!"~

~”And I want them to hold hands, and kiss, and wear funny hats, and give me a pony!”~


"Well then." Ivy closed her eyes and let her own tongue delve deep into the wet moistness. The thick white cream oozed onto Ivy's tongue and she moaned from the deliciousness of Harley's cum.

Thank you for confirming my suspicion that you’ve never actually slept with a girl, author.

Harley went completely insane and began screaming for more.

I guess the poor girl was just faking her mental state in Arkham up until now,

"Oh! Ivy!" ~"I'd rather it be Mistah J pounding my ass. And Bat's tongue. But that'll never happen now." Harley imagined being in Joker's 'fun', tied up by her wrists as he slammed his hard cock deep in her ass, pulling her hair hard, making her yell. Him biting her neck tenderly then right as she enjoyed it pound his dick all in and bite hard. Making her cum a little from the overwhelming intoxication of the playtime.

Joker already sounds way more dedicated and passionate about sex than Batman has ever done in this fanfic. It kind of kills me, though, that this isn’t involving jack-in-the-box dildos or laughing gas gag-balls. For shame.

Then she imagined Batman walking over in nothing but his cowl and cape.

Despite being a fanfic, I think this porn parody movie plagiary is getting a bit out of hand, author.

He wrapped the his cape around her as her arms were released and she jumped up, wrapped her legs around his waist and lower herself onto his cock.~

"You seem to be loving this more then usual."

”I mean, last time I did this to you, you were so bored out of your mind that the author didn’t even bother including the scene in this fanfic.”

"Please don't stop Red."

"OK." Ivy continued licking her clit and the deepness of her moist wet pussy.

"Red! Please let me eat you out while my ass and pussy get pounded."

"Geez." Ivy stopped a second. "You are either really horny or you are trying to forget yourself."


Do you know what else you’re forgetting? Everything that has to do about the current absence of your boyfriend!!

"Ok. I understand." Ivy laid back and suddenly Harley was forced down into Ivy's perfectly trimmed pussy. "Now please me."

Harley didn't hesitate as Ivy had her strung up by her legs and arms. Suspended barely off the ground, enough to hover over Ivy's bush and allow her pussy to be vigorously pounded as her ass was pounded by the vines.

Constantly speeding jackhammers and pistons are all this author can write about in these sex scenes. This is going to result in a different kind of rug-burn, I’m telling you.

She couldn't help but moan. ~"OH GOD YES!" Harley imagined riding Batman, while Joker pounded her tight ass. Ivy kissing Joker and squatting over Batman so Batman and Harley could eat her every way they could. Joker pounded hard, Batman began bucking his hips and Ivy pulled Harley's hair to deepen her sucking and licks. Just then Harley began to feel them all shake as Joker covered her back with his cream, Batman filled her pussy, and Ivy glazed Batman as her delicious fruit flavored pussy released her nectar all over Batman's cowl and face, and onto Harley's tongue to drink.~

And while this author finally managed to wedge whatever RULE34 images he last jacked off to into this mess, via an inception-style fantasy of his own, may I ask what the point even is? I can accept arguments for randomly injected sex scenes as attempted evidence of two or more characters being so overcome with lust for one another that it has to be confirmed, fulfilled, wholesome and lovey-dovey and whatnot. This is just a masturbation fantasy about a fictional character’s masturbation fantasy. Had she at least been phasing out the Joker’s cock in favor of Batman’s as it progressed, it would actually count as shitty character development, believe it or not. But the author’s spank-bank needed to make a full withdrawal with how backed up he has become from his plot, making this scene the fanfic’s most irrelevant one yet.

"HARLEY!" Ivy began to moan out of control as Harley began to pay attention. Harley had broken free from the vines and was pulling Ivy's fruit in close and tight,

Is 'vagina' such a crude word that you absolutely have to give me ambivalent groceries to choose from instead, author?

Harley's tongue deep enough to barely touch Ivy's G-spot. The floor was soaked from the red haired seductress's nectar and the vines drenched with Harley's juices and cum. "You have never eaten me like that before."

”The trick is to peal your banana first.”

"I don't know, I guess I just wanted it so bad."

Ivy stood up and her legs shook and she fell back down. "I haven't cum since Bruce fucked me. Not even my vines could do anything for me...but you made me squirt all over you."

"I like your taste."

Ivy turned away, "I know. It is fruity flavored." ~"That was some of the best cunnilingus I ever got. Her tongue was rubbing my G."~

You are a marvel at understanding and depicting the female mindset, author. Stellar writing, bravo. It’s like they truly pride themselves by being nothing but oozing juice-balloons chatting about your kink fallout.

Ivy grabbed Harley, and pulled herself up and used Harley to walk to her room. "You ok?"

"My legs...they went numb from you."


"Harley, honey...do it to me again...please." Ivy kicks the door, shutting it and jumps on the bed.

Meanwhile, thick fog covers Gotham Bay and coming from it a horrific muffled cackle. "OH HONEY! I'M HOME!"

And we just had to end on the most tired sitcom catchphrase in history, spoken to no one but the readers themselves. I’m surprised I didn’t hear the dramatic musical sting, that’s how fucking forced this feels.

I hope you all enjoyed this chapter. I have been so busy lately and still am but I've decided to try and crank out a few chapters per story each week, maybe start a new story. Anyway, Love you all my loyal readers and make sure to comment.

This story has the highest favorite and follower count out of all this author’s stories, reaching the lower end of three digits. That is disheartening when everything going on in this story is a nonsensical mess of replacement actors in discount Halloween costumes, who are half-assed reenacting some swinger’s club’s sexual LARPing sessions. We are now just about half-way through this incredibly long insult to fiction. What more atrocities can this thing spring on us, I dread to think.

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When's the miscarriage angle supposed to get here?

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