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> Bracelet Girls and Parasites, Yugioh smut in 4D!
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post Mar 4 2017, 11:50 PM
Welcome everyone, to another side mock that Iím doing, in order to help me through Royís shitty story. Now then, this fic will be my first dive into Yu-Gi-Oh ARC-V, the current series thatís out right now. This fic is essentially a fetish fic, which involves the participants being under the influence of brainwashing parasites. The main characters of this fic are the Bracelet Girls, AKA, Yuzu, Serena, Ruri and Rin. Now who are they, you ask? Well itís a bit complicatedÖ

You see, in ARC-V, there are four different dimensions, based on their summoning method. Yuzu hails from the Standard dimension, which specializes in Tribute Summons. Serena hails from the Fusion dimension, which specializes in Fusion Summoning. Ruri hails from the XYZ Dimension, which specializes in XYZ Summoning. And finally, Rin hails from the Synchro Dimension, which specializes in Synchro Summoning. Below is a picture of the four girls, who all happen to be around the age of 14.

Attached Image
From left to right: Rin, Yuzu, Serena, Ruri

I apologize if the image isnít the best, but it wasnít easy to find a picture of the four of them together, that isnít overly sexual. Now that Iíve gotten the explanation out of the way, here is Bracelet Girls and Parasites, written by FicWrit.

Why. That was the question Yuzu Hiragi had been asking herself since she arrived at the dark, dreaded place known as Academia. She had been betrayed by her so called 'friend' Serena and kidnapped. When she got to Academia, she had been immediately locked up at the top of a tower. Of course, she had no idea that Serena had not betrayed her of her own free will. Serena, Rin, and Ruri were all under the control of a parasite that made them all do whatever the Professor wanted. However, everyone was equally in the dark about one of the side effects of the parasite's control. The parasite unwittingly increased girls'cup size, breast sensitivity, attractiveness to both guys and girls, and also gave its host an insatiable lust. Serena had been changed from a B cup to a D cup, Rin from an B cup to a D cup, and Ruri from C cup to a DD cup.


I canít believe that the author gave the girls an increase in breast size, claiming it to be a side effect of the brainwashing! This may not be as extreme as the body modifications in Overlord Harry, but itís still fucking hilarious that the author needed his underage cumsocks to have bigger breasts.

And this is only the first paragraph; I shudder to think of what other depraved shit this author comes up with!

"My apologies Professor, but something has gone wrong". The speaker was a sadistic maniac known solely as the Doktor. He was the one who implanted the parasites in the three girls, and planned to do the same to Yuzu. "For some reason, when I tried to implant the parasite into Ms. Hiragi, I was not able to. The conscious self of the host rejected the parasite too violently".

"Is there some way to fix the parasite?" The Professor inquired

"No need! In fact, there are two ways I know of already for Yuzu to be implanted."

"And they are?"

"Well, the first is to simply put her to sleep. I already have a rather powerful sleeping drug ready to inject her with. Once that is done, her mind will no longer offer any resistance whatsoever. Just say the word and it will be done"

And we have a middle-aged mad scientist willing to drug a young girl to sleep. Just what this fic needed!

"And the second?" The Professor asked, clearly getting impatient.

"The second is much more interesting and entertaining. You see, if we distracted her conscious mind, she could be implanted with the parasite very easily. I think you'll like my means of doing so"

Oh, oh! Is it card games? I love card games.

"Doktor, I am a very busy man", the Professor replied. "If you cannot present your plans in a timely fashion, you will not have a chance to do so at all."

"Of course sir. My apologies. GIRLS!". As soon as the Doktor finished speaking, the door slid open, and Ruri, Rin, and Serena walked down the carpet. Ruri was clad in a bra and panties, with a dark purple hue. Serena and Rin were dressed similarly, Serena in a blue shade of underwear, and Rin wearing green. "While these three beauties are fucking Yuzu silly, her mind will be so full of pleasure that when Serena implants the bug, she won't be able to fight back, and will lose any shred of free will. Isn't that right, girls?"

"Yes Master", all three replied in unison. "Glory to Academia".

If only Professor Leo thought about offering free hookers to the other dimensions, nobody would have resisted his efforts.

"I think this option is best", the Professor stated, eyeing the girls. "Send them to Yuzu right away." At the Professor's command, the Doktor gave Serena the parasite and sent the three to the north tower, where Yuzu, with no idea what was heading towards her, was imprisoned.

Yuzu was laying on her bed, an arm crossed over her eyes, and wondered what she was going to do. How could she escape? What was going on with Serena? Were Rin and Ruri okay? Seconds later, she received the answers to those questions. The door buzzed, and then opened, revealing the three girls.

"Hello Yuzu", Serena said. "Sorry, but since you've been such a naughty girl, we just have to punish you.

ďPendulum Summoning is cheating after all.Ē

On a serious note, who at Konami thought it was a good idea to create Pendulum Summoning?!

Do it, girls".

"What are you talking about?!", Yuzu asked, frantically. "Why did you do this, Serena? Is that Ruri and Rin? How can- ". Yuzu was cut off by Ruri shoving a ballgag in her mouth and pushing her back down onto the bed. The second her ass touched the covers, Rin tied her arms to the top bedposts, while Serena tied her legs to the bottom bedposts

"There, that's better", said Serena, in a voice dripping with sexual energy. "It's so nice to have a bit of quiet before the moans and screams begin. Don't you agree, girls?"

"Absolutely", Rin said, while slowly and sensually licking her finger.

"Definitely", Ruri replied.

ďHell yeah!Ē FicWrit yelled, as he rubbed his penis energetically.

"But I think that there's something missing. After all, if we want to make her feel the most pleasure, we may need a little help". And with that thought, she raised her hand to reveal what she had been hiding behind her back. It was a dildo intended to make Yuzu cum as much as possible.

"Nmgh! Pmmmh!", Yuzu cried out, terrified of the 9 inch shaft penetrating her virgin pussy.

"Uh oh", Serena cooed teasingly. "Is the little schoolgirl scared of the big, bad penis?"

Havenít you heard what the feminists said, Serena? Penises are the cause of all the worldís problems!

, emphasizing the last word by ripping off Yuzu's shirt to reveal a B cup lace bra. "Well, isn't someone rather naughty?", Serena taunted, and began to undress herself. Rin then proceeded to rip off Yuzu's skirt, revealing a matching set of panties.

"Haha! This slut has lace panties too!", Rin cried out, bursting with laughter, and began to slip out of her underwear as well.

"I suppose it's my turn", Ruri said, and she ripped off Yuzu's bra and panties, leaving Yuzu feeling slightly aroused, and Ruri tore off her own underwear. With all the girls fully nude, Serena noticed something.

I swear, if this author throws futanari into this mess, Iím jumping out the nearest window.

"Well, well, well, it would appear that our little Yuzu is a tad bit wet. Could you be enjoying this, sweetie?" Serena punctuated this by leaning in close to Yuzu, and blowing on her nipples, leaving them fully erect.

"Ummh ummh!", Yuzu said, vehemently shaking her head from side to side. However, she couldn't hide the fact that wetness kept seeping out of her pussy.

"Haha! She is enjoying this.", Ruri said, beginning to giggle. "Whaddya say we... turn up the heat, girls?". Ruri climbed atop Yuzu's stomach, and started massaging her breasts.

"Ohmmhhhh", Yuzu moaned in pleasure. Seeing that Yuzu was enjoying her treatment thus far, Rin and Serena decided to join in. Rin removed the gag placed her pussy directly on Yuzu's mouth, hoping to get eaten out. Yuzu, however, wasn't quite ready to be cooperative.

I wouldnít be cooperative too, if I was a girl and someone shoved a ball-gag up my snatch.

"Well, I suppose this is to be expected, but don't worry, we have ways of making you cooperate." Rin growled. Yuzu's eyes widened in fear once more, and Rin tweaked Yuzu's nipples, making her cry out in pain, and giving Rin incredible pleasure, Yuzu's screams shaking the very walls of Rin's pussy. While Rin and Ruri were focused on the chestal area, Serena set her sights on another location of Yuzu's supple body.

"Mind if I borrow that, Ruri?" Inquired Serena. Ruri was too focused on the task at hand to notice Serena's request, so Serena simply snatched up what she wanted. Serena then mounted the bed and sat between Yuzu's knees. Yuzu's view of Serena was blocked by Ruri, so she wasn't able to see what she was doing, and, quite frankly, thanks to the sheer pleasure she was receiving, emphasized by her moans, she didn't really care. While Yuzu was distracted, Serena leaned in, millimeters from Yuzu' pussy, and murmured "If you thought this was pleasure, prepare to scream." Serena then reared back up so she was sitting erect, and without much tact, shoved half the dildo into Yuzu. It took a second for Yuzu's body to process what was happening, but once it did, her eyes shot open and she screamed in pain with all her might.

And here I am, wondering what the fuck is happening in this four way lesbian orgy. Did the parasite make the girls as slender as acrobats as well?!


That must have been the author attempting to clean up his keyboardÖ

Serena left the dildo in for a few seconds so that Yuzu could adjust to the sensation. Once she had, Serena slowly removed the toy, causing Yuzu to gasp in pleasure stronger than ever before from the combined assault of Ruri and Rin on her breasts, and Serena and her dildo on her pussy. "YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSS!", she cried.

"Before we implant her, let's have a bit more fun. Okay Girls?" Serena said, holding the dildo free of Yuzu's pussy.

"Agre- OHHH!" Rin said, moaning in pleasure from Yuzu's panting on her pussy. "I haven't OH had this much MMH fun for a whil- YESSS!", she cried, as Yuzu stuck her tongue up Rin's pussy. Rin leaned back, too euphoric to complete her assault on Yuzu's breasts. Ruri eyed her enviously.

And what about Yuya and his dimensional counterparts? Are they slowly dying of blue balls?

"Hey, I want some pleasure out of this too!" Ruri cried, before having a rather crafty idea."Well... These hands aren't quite up to the job". With a final pinch of Yuzu's tits, she leaned forward and started massaging Yuzu's breasts with her own. "OHH!", she groaned, reaping great benefits from rubbing her highly sensitive breasts on Yuzu's. "Now this is what OHH I wanted". Serena was tired of not receiving anything as well. She decided to switch the dildos, and brought out, from under the bed, a double ended dildo, each side 9 inches. Serena rubbed Yuzu's pussy to force some more lubricant to grease her slit, making Yuzu moan into Rin's pussy, and causing Rin to moan in pleasure even more. Yuzu was now tongue-fucking Rin with full ferocity now, lapping at her wetness with a carnal desire so strong it overpowered her mind. Before long, Yuzu found Rin's clit, and truly began her assault. She pinched and pulled Rin's button with her mouth, and sucked Rin's juices out, desperate for as much as she could get. Yuzu then combined everything she'd done to this point, and finished Rin off by flicking the clit with her tongue. Rin felt time stop, as waves of pleasure cascaded over her, forming and breaking and drawing out her most powerful screams.


I havenít read a lemon this unarousing, since I read anything by Lucariomaster1. And yes, I still havenít forgotten about that tool.

She squirted her juices on Yuzu for minutes, some of it splattering and hitting Ruri's and Yuzu's breasts, while Yuzu drank all of it she could. Rin blacked out from the intensity of her orgasm, and slumped forward, with her pussy still over Yuzu's mouth, and her breasts resting atop Ruri's head. Ruri, who was still massaging Yuzu's breasts with her own, grabbed the dildo that Serena had been using, which was coated with Yuzu's juices, and started slamming it into herself with the same carnal desire possessing Rin and Yuzu. While she was forcing the dildo into and out of her womanhood repeatedly, she began fingering her asshole, drawing out screams every bit as powerful as Rin's.


Lies! I demand that you praise and worship the Crimson Dragon!

As Ruri's ministrations forced her orgasm to strike as well. Reality crumbled around her, as she came forcefully for minutes on end, coating the dildo and the lower half of Yuzu's body, including Serena's and Yuzu's pussies and two-ended dildo, with her cum. Ruri's orgasm was so intense, she blacked out before she could finish cumming, and her head dropped the remaining few inches it could travel, leaving her breasts on Yuzu's and her head under Yuzu's chin. The dildo had fallen out of Ruri's pussy when her orgasm struck, and it was mere inches north of Yuzu's pussy, where Serena was busy finishing both her and Yuzu off. Serena was pounding into Yuzu, which meant the dildo was simultaneously pounding into herself, causing her to moan out repeatedly in sheer bliss.

"OoOoOoHhH GOoOoOoD!" Serena moaned, her breathing and shouting coming in short, sporadic bursts. It was clear she was close to the edge, and one or two more good thrusts would end her. Before she did, she took the dildo covered with Yuzu and Ruri's juices and shoved it into her tight, young pussy as well.

Thank you for reminding me that Iím reading about underage girls fucking each other. Wait a minute, are Professor Leo and the Doktor watching the girls fucking?!

"AGHHGAGHAGHHAHAHAHAHH!", she screamed, as the pressure put on her by two dildos pushed her even closer to the edge. She repeatedly shoved the dildos in and out of her pussy at intervals, so that when one was in, the other was out, and continued shoving the two ended phallus into Yuzu, and right when she was on the edge, she stuck the dildo with Ruri's, Rin's, and her own juices on it in her mouth, and sucked it dry. She couldn't take any more, and shot her cum everywhere, spraying everyone on the bed. She couldn't take the primal euphoria brought on to her by her orgasm, and, after sticking the parasite in Yuzu's ear with her last conscious thought, jerked about and screamed in pleasure "OOOOOHHHH GOD! FUUUUUUCK YUZU! YOU FUCKING BITCH! JESUS CHRISó OHMYFUCKINGGODYEESSSSS!". Serena dissolved into the pleasure of her orgasm, and though remaining conscious, she lost all control over her body and slumped over, her face falling onto Ruri's ass. Serena's violent orgasm threw Yuzu far over the edge as well.

"SERENA! FUUUCK! OH GOD YES! FUCK ME HARDER SERENA FUCKMEFUKCMEFUCKMEFUCKME YEEESSSSS!", Yuzu screamed, losing herself in the pleasure of her first orgasm. As Serena was falling to the grips of her orgasm, Yuzu blacked out, and shot cum all over Serena, shaking from the sheer force of the pleasure she felt. Minutes after her orgasm ended, her eyes shot open, and she said three simple but haunting words."Glory to Academia"

Loyalty by getting your brains fucked out. Thatís one way to attract new recruits.

Thereís one more chapter of this story, and from what the author says, it might feature the Tyler Sisters from the XYZ arc, Gloria and Grace. A quick Google Search showed that they appear to be adults, so thank fuck for that.

Until next time everyone.

List of mocks can be found here: Here

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QUOTE (GorillaGamer @ Mar 5 2017, 08:50 AM) *
I can’t believe that the author gave the girls an increase in breast size, claiming it to be a side effect of the brainwashing! This may not be as extreme as the body modifications in Overlord Harry, but it’s still fucking hilarious that the author needed his underage cumsocks to have bigger breasts.
I would have asked you to not remind me of that story, if it wasn't because it was the very first thought I had as the author let it happen.

I find that this bizarre combinations of fetishes has an inherent irony behind it. As evident by the brainwashing angle, the author can't possibly like these girls for anything but their bodies. Then the body-morphing happens, proving that the author isn't even satisfied with their bodies to begin with. But I also tend to scratch my head at the breast enlargement fetish, asking how this is made possible, through parasites or not. Where is the mass coming from? Are they about to keel over any second because fluids and tissue was siphoned from their organs?

And to top things off, the author can't get his definitions right. His parasite, by his own indication of the 'benefits' of beauty and what not that these underage girls attain, should fall under the category of a symbiote.

Nice mock so far. There were a few stretches that I felt lacked commentary, but that's understandable with the lacking substance in these ridiculous orgy scenes.

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Had the author actually intended to write something interesting, he would have spent a little more time focusing on the villains of this piece, not to mention the "parasite". We aren't even told what the thing looks like.

Instead, it all just seems a hastily constructed excuse to have the female cast play out the author's fantasy, consisting of a bunch of overacting porn-stars, who vocalizes their orgasms like they're trying to convince their 80-year-old, hard-of-hearing sugar daddies of how virile they are in bed.

Nice mocking, and the fanfic deserves as much.

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post Mar 9 2017, 05:10 AM
ConcernedGamer@ Hey, thanks for pointing out that the author messed up his definition of parasite. As for the breast enlargement part, thatís a question that pops into my mind every time I see one of these types of fics. Iíd ask the author, but I doubt even he knows where the mass comes from. I apologise if my first mock had been lacking in content. Hopefully, this chapter makes up for it.

StabbyKobold@ With the villains and the parasite, I assume that the author is relying on the audience to have gotten up to the part in the anime, where the girls get infected.

So hereís the second chapter of the story. In case youíre wondering why it took a while, thatís because the chapter length is more than THREE TIMES that of the first chapter. And considering how dull the lemons were in the previous chapter, this is going to be one bumpy ride.

It had been three full days since Yuzu had been implanted with the parasite, and the girls were reasonably bored.

Weíre only twenty words into this story, and already the main characters are sick of it.

Must be a new record.

They wanted something better to do, or rather, someone, and luckily for them, they were about to receive their deepest desire.

"Hands off!", said an indignant but frightened girl. This was the high ranking duelist known as Grace Tyler, half of the best tag team in the Fusion Dimension. Grace was in chains, with a gag in her mouth made from part of her uniform and the rest of it in tatters. She was being brought back to be dishonorably discharged from the Academia army, but the sexiest fusion duelist in the entire dimension had other plans.

Iíd ask where Gloria is, but she must had read the script, and hightailed it out of the academy.

Serena was rather bored, and after fucking Yuzu so hard that she couldn't walk straight for half a day, she needed some action. She was taking a walk to cool her head, but when she saw Grace being dragged through the front gates with clothes ripped in very convenient places, she felt her nipples begin to harden and her pussy moisten.

DamnÖnot even the horniest teenage boy Iíve met, gets turned on this quickly.

She raced back to her and the rest of the bracelet girls' quarters, and told them the good news.

"Really?", Yuzu inquired, clearly interested in what promised to be her most fun experience since arriving at Academia. "She was in chains and everything?".

"Yup.", Serena replied, as the four girls walked down the circular stairs of the tower. "If we just say that there's been a change of plans or something we'll be able to take her back up here and have our fun with her. Then we'll implant her and have her help us capture others." At Serena's last suggestion, the rest of the girls quieted down and started rubbing their slits in anticipation of the upcoming events.

Meanwhile, Iím shuddering in fear of these upcoming events.

Minutes later, the girls arrived in front of the Professor's room, and waited for the escort group. As soon as they rounded the corner, Ruri jumped up and began speaking in an intentionally monotonous tone. "Hello masters. Our lord the professor has requested to meet with Ms. Tyler in a different area. We will escort her to the Professor. Thank you for your trouble."

"Of course", the escort leader replied, a bit confused. "Glory to Academia."

"Glory to Academia", the four girls replied impatiently. Rin and Yuzu took hold of Grace's chains and began to walk. Serena walked directly in front of them while Ruri followed behind, to make sure no one was suspicious.

Because walking in a group of five is bound to take attention away from you.

Within a few minutes, the group arrived in the bracelet girls' suite. The girls then removed chained Grace to the door and went into their respective rooms to change. "Oh God, what are they going to do to me?", Grace though to herself, nervously. "They're clearly not going to take me to the Professor, so then what? They're operating under their own agenda, but what is it? Oh God they're not going to-?" Grace was cut off by the simultaneous slamming of the four girls' doors. When she saw what they were wearing, Grace's concerns deepened profoundly.

Yuzu was dressed in a pink lace bra, with black trimmings around the edges, and a matching set of panties. She also wore knee high lace stockings, but no shoes.

So just like the other girls, but pink.

How rivetingÖ

In her left hand, she held a pair of handcuffs, and her right hand was placed on her right hip. Serena was dressed in a dark blue lace bra and a matching pair of panties. She wore a pair of high heels with the same coloration as her bra and panties, and held an additional pair of handcuffs in each hand. Rin wore a light green lace bra, with a matching green pair of panties, and a pair of white knee high heeled boots. In her left hand, she held a fourth pair of handcuffs, and her other hand was concealed behind her back.

Did the author just copy-paste these descriptions, while changing the names and colors?!

Ruri was dressed in a dark purple satin robe, and judging by the protrusion of parts of her chest and the growing wet spot in the center of her hips, she wore nothing underneath. Her hands were busy holding closed the robe, and she carried nothing else, although there seemed to be a bit of a protrusion near her wet spot as well.

And Ruri gets her own unique description.

Someone's clearly the author's favorite.

Grace looked around, attempting to see anything but the scantily clad girls in front of her. Unfortunately, to worsen her mood, her eyes rested on the object in the far end of the room. It was a king size bed, and its satin sheets would have looked very inviting any other time, but now they only served to terrify her.

Yuzu began walking towards Grace, swaying her hips and licking her lips as she did so. "I get to fuck her first", she said, addressing the rest of the bracelet girls. "It's been three days since my first time, and I need some more to satisfy me." Yuzu unchained Grace from the door, and dragged her on to the bed. "Come on girls", Yuzu said, and Rin and Serena came to help get the chains off of Grace, and then the three handcuffed her arms and legs to their respective bedposts. Rin and Serena then backed up, and joined Ruri on the couch, watching the show.

So you three are just going to stand there, waiting for your turnÖ

No wonder this shit is 8,000 words long.

Yuzu circled around the bed like a hungry shark. Grace followed her with her eyes, now visibly terrified. Once Yuzu was sure of Grace's terror, she leaned in next to Grace's ear and whispered "I've been waiting for a meal like this".


Yuzu ripped Grace's clothes off, starting with her sleeves. "I like you in a tank top", Yuzu said, attempting and succeeding to taunt Grace. Yuzu then proceeded to rip off Grace's pants. "You know, I've always hated one pieces. Let's fix that". Yuzu then ripped the area of Grace's shirt covering her stomach off, leaving only her breasts and pussy covered. "I suppose I'll start with an appetizer", Yuzu said, a bit begrudgingly.

Yuzu walked around to the front of the bed, where Grace's legs were bound, and leapt onto the bed, right between Grace's bound legs. "You know, this is very similar to how Serena started me off. Unfortunately for you, I'm not so kind. I think I'll start off with a little appetizer first". Yuzu crawled forward,

Thatís rich, considering how well you reacted to getting fucked in the first chapterÖ

and, instead of going straight to the grand prize, started licking the insides of Grace's thighs.

"MMMHHm!", Grace moaned, thanking the gag for 'preventing' any sounds of pleasure from leaking out. Unfortunately for her, she was not very good at concealing her emotions and Yuzu knew what to be on the lookout for.

"Well what's this?", Yuzu inquired teasingly. "It would seem that you've become rather wet!" Yuzu was referencing the small but decidedly present stream of fluid slipping out of what remained of Grace's pants and her panties underneath. "I suppose a small taste wouldn't hurt". Yuzu dipped a finger down to Grace's cum and swirled her finger around in it until she held enough to taste Grace.

Oh for the love ofó

I want to find whoever was responsible for the trope of people eating cum, and throw them off the tallest building I can find!

She raised her finger ever so slowly and opened her mouth. She then inserted the finger into her mouth and clamped her lips onto the base of the finger. She began sucking the finger, or rather, what was on the finger, and moaned in pleasure of the wonderful taste Grace's juice carried with it.

"MMH!" Yuzu yelped, already addicted to the taste of her captive's sweet nectar. "I know I said I'd wait but this is just too good!". Yuzu ripped off the remaining scrap of pants Grace wore along with her panties. She smiled maliciously as a clever plan began to take shape in her mind. "It's only fair if everyone gets a taste. Rin, Ruri, and Serena will get a good enough taste in a little, but you won't! That's a mistake that simply must be rectified." Yuzu mopped up the majority of Grace's cum with her black lace panties, then she ripped off the gag. Before Grace could take a complete breath of air, however, her soaking wet panties were shoved into her mouth, with the gag put back in place above them. Grace coughed a little bit, but that was the least of her troubles. Yuzu had set her sights on Grace's thoroughly soaked pussy.

However Grace ended up choking to death on her cum-soaked panties. Ever since that day, the rest of the girls never let Yuzu go first.

"Now", Yuzu said, triumphantly. "I get to finally taste that sweetness again!". She dove in without a second's hesitation. First, she began licking the lips of Grace's pussy. "fmmmmmk!" Grace moaned, her voice slightly muffled thanks to the gag and her panties. As she groaned, she unintentionally squeezed more juice out of the panties hastily shoved into her mouth. Her wondrous, spectacular taste caused her to grow even more wet, and when Yuzu continued her oral assault,

Technically, the authors telling the truth when he says that itís an assault.

Itís an assault on my sanity!

she began to lick up more and more of Grace's addictive juice. "OHH! I can't take it anymore! I want ALL of your cum!".

Yuzu began her final assault on Grace's core. She stuck her tongue directly through Grace's slit, causing her to cry out in pleasure. "OMMHHMMHH!", Grace moaned, hating herself for enjoying Yuzu's ministrations so much. Seeing that Grace was enjoying her treatment more and more, Yuzu added a finger. As she was tongue-fucking Grace, her finger poked around and stroked the areas not reached by her tongue, which only added to Grace's pleasure. Grace was in such a euphoric state, she barely cared what was going on around her anymore. She became more relaxed, causing her orgasm to overtake her all the sooner. The second Yuzu's tongue reached Grace's clitoris, it was over. Grace's pussy tightened and released in a matter of seconds, cum gushing through and out into Yuzu's mouth and on her face. Some of it also squirted around Yuzu on the covers and on Grace's legs. Yuzu lapped up all she could and sunk down, swallowing that Grace's fantastic sweetness. She wouldn't stay like this for long, however, for she knew she deserved to be paid back for the pleasure.

Yuzu reared back up, licking her lips once more to get the remaining cum off of them. She then crawled over onto Grace's midsection and tore off the gag and yanked out Grace's panties. To get more of that delightful liquid,

Seriously, if someone can provide me with a logical reason how come can be Ďdelightfulí I will award them a million internet points.

Not redeemable at Target, Wal-Mart, and Big W.

Yuzu sucked on the panties a little herself. When she had gotten a good taste, she discarded the underwear, put both her hands on the respective sides of Grace's face, and kissed her deeply. Grace's mouth was hanging open, and she didn't have the energy to resist Yuzu's forceful kiss. As Yuzu kissed her, Grace tasted herself on Yuzu's tongue, and she awoke from her trancelike state. She thrashed around, trying to stop Yuzu's kiss, but thanks to the handcuffs and Grace's weakness, it was no use. The kiss continued for minutes, until Yuzu absolutely had to take a breath. When she lifted her head back up, she wiped her lips with the back of her hand.

"Listen up Grace", Yuzu said, voice dripping with pure sexual energy. "I've been good to you, and now you are going to tongue-fuck me, like I did to you.

So is that where you cut a hole in someoneís tongue, and you stick a penis through the hole? Because if so, then you are truly fucked up.

I prefer it to be gentle, so if you bite me, I'll throw you off this tower, Understand?" Grace nodded anxiously, hoping upon hope that Yuzu was kidding. Unfortunately for Grace (but fortunately for the readers),

Fortunately my ass, what is there to be fortunate about in this story, where brainwashed preteen girls fuck each otherís brains out?! Who are the drooling idiots that the author is catering to?!

Yuzu was being completely serious. She slid out of her panties and grabbed up Grace's, then balled them up and shoved them in her mouth. To make sure she wouldn't spit them out, she took the gag from besides Grace's head and gagged herself.

"She's taking too long!", Serena complained from the couch. I'm so fucking wet. I want to go!". From beside her, Ruri sighed. "You should be happy you get to go next, Serena. I have to wait till both you and Rin go." Serena pouted, irritated with Ruri for making a good point. "Fine. Let's enjoy the show I guess."

Just finger yourselves or make out with each other. DO something other than standing around like brainless chickens!

Yuzu lowered herself onto Grace's face, their lips touching. "Ohhhh!" Yuzu moaned. "This fmmls fntstic alrMMH!dy! Ght strtd Grce!".

Author, you gotta backspace this shit, after wiping your keyboard clean.

With a solitary tear rolling down her face, Grace began to lick the outside of Yuzu's core. To her surprise, she didn't hate it.

"This isn't so bad", Grace thought to herself. "I suppose I can go on like this for a little while". From what had already happened during Yuzu and Grace's not-so-private session, Yuzu was very wet, and had already begun leaking cum. Seconds after Grace began licking, she hit a spot of Yuzu's body covered with her wetness. Immediately, all of Grace's doubts were removed and she could focus on only one thing. She was possessed by a carnal desire. She wanted, no, needed more of Yuzu. She began tongue-fucking in earnest, lapping at Yuzu's walls, lips, and anything else she could find. Yuzu could barely control her actions, and found herself grabbing onto Grace's silver hair and face fucking her. Grace barely noticed, and continued to suck, lick, and penetrate with ferocity. Soon, Yuzu was ready to come, after all, it was only her second time, and she held on to Grace's head even tighter than before.

Why is it that of all the Yugioh fics that Iíve mocked, only the Kamen Rider one has actual duels in them? You could try and make an argument for the OC x Akiza one I mocked a while ago, but we only saw the last turn of a duel.

"Grce!", Yuzu cried. "Mm cmmi-MHMMHOHMHMHMHMHM!". Right in the middle of Yuzu's sentence, Grace found Yuzu's clit, and her orgasm struck even greater than the first time. "FMMMMMKK", Yuzu cried, in such a state of pleasure that she began shaking uncontrollably, and spit out the gag. "fuckmefuckmefuckme! JESUSCHRISTGRACE FUCKME!".

ďWhatís that Yuzu? Daddyís a bit hard on hearing these days.Ē

She squirted her juices in every direction possible, drenching Grace's face and neck and giving her a good amount to drink, hitting the pillow and the satin sheets, and some even reached Grace's breasts. Yuzu collapsed, dazed, with her pussy on Grace's mouth and her head leaned so far back it touched Grace's breasts.

Ruri and Rin got up and dragged Yuzu away, while Serena stood up in front of Grace with a malicious smirk. "Rin, could you hand me that... package... you're carrying?", She said, never breaking eye contact with Grace. "Oh Grace... if you thought that was pleasure, you haven't seen anything yet".

Nothing in this story is pleasure. In fact, this storyís the complete opposite of pleasure.

Grace was in the same euphoric state as Yuzu, and didn't care what happened to her. Honestly, she was secretly excited for what was next. Until, that is, Serena revealed the package that Rin had handed her.

It was a 9 inch pink dildo, similar to the one used on Yuzu, but different in one regard.

It had a few Hello Kitty stickers on the shaft.

Serena licked her lips, already very wet from the scene that she had just witnessed. "Listen up, slut, we're going to get straight to work, well, you're going to get straight to work. I'll let you cum, but you're going to be tongue-fucking me as hard as you can if you even want the chance". Grace didn't move for a minute, and time slowed as she considered her options. She was a virgin, and having that... thing... shoved up her vagina was not going to feel too great.

Thank you for letting me know that the character who only appeared in 5-10 episodes, and has half her dialogue consisting of giving Yuya a blowjob, is a virgin.

Then, slowly, she nodded. Serena smirked, knowing she'd won, and crawled up onto the bed, on her hands and knees, stopping inches from Grace's pussy. She held out the dildo, showing it to Grace, and then brought it up to her face. She shoved half the dildo in her mouth, and sucked on it to arouse Grace and lubricate her pussy. She removed the dildo, and said "Just so that it doesn't hurt so much. It's a two way street, though. I'll lubricate the dildo, but you need to be lubricated as well". Serena started rubbing Grace's lips, causing Grace to moan and more wetness to seep through.

Serena leaned down and tasted a bit of Grace's cum. "Mmm! Yuzu was right! This is delicious! I'll come back to this". With the preparations complete, Serena calmed Grace as to what would happen next. "Don't worry", she said, in a soothing tone. "I'll just push it in a little at a time, so just close your eyes and relax". While saying this, Serena's face took on a malicious quality, and she smirked, getting ready to watch the show.

Only a sentence before, Serena was trying to calm Grace down. Does Serena have bipolar disorder or something?

Grace did as she was ordered, and the second she could no longer see, Serena shoved the dildo into Grace's virgin pussy hilt deep.

"YAAAAAAAGGHHHH!" Grace shrieked in pain for the first few seconds, wondering how something could hurt so much. Once those seconds were up, however, unspeakable pain was replaced by unimaginable pleasure. Serena crawled over Grace's torso, tore off her soaked panties, and planted her pussy on Grace's mouth. Grace began by licking the outer lips of Serena's pussy, causing Serena to moan in pleasure. "fuuuuck, Grace! That's GOOD! Keep UGH dOOing it!". Grace's tongue delved deeper into Serena, licking her walls and lips, eventually finding Serena's clit.

Serenaís clitoris is inside her vagina? Does the author even know how sex works?

"FUUUCK! JESUS CHRIST GRACE! I'M ABOUT TO CUM!". Serena began grinding her hips on Grace's face, moving sporadically and unregulated. Before she came, one final thought occurred to her, and she leaned down, head over Grace's midriff, and turned on the switch at the hilt of the dildo. Immediately, the phallus began to vibrate, launching Grace into a state of complete Euphoria. She was moaning heavily, increasing Serena's pleasure by moaning into her, causing Serena to shake about wildly as her orgasm hit.

"GRA- FUCCCCKKK! I'M CUMMING!", Serena cried, barely holding on to her consciousness as her orgasm struck. As she shook, she screamed like an animal, lost in the pure carnal pleasure.

Iím screaming like an animal as well, though not in pleasure.

She squirted her cum everywhere, leaving a layer of her cum over Yuzu's, and giving Grace a delicious taste. Her cum also hit Grace's breasts and the pillow her head was resting on, and Grace lapped it up happily. Serena leaned back, lost in the pleasure of her orgasm. In the depths of her mind, she remembered the addictive taste of Grace's cum, and realized she needed more.

Serena turned around and dragged herself around to face Grace's dripping wet cunt. She was clearly about to orgasm hard, and Serena didn't want to miss it. Serena leaned down, resting her torso on Grace's, and tilted her head downwards to where the vibrating dildo was still doing its job well. Serena slowly licked up the juices on the outside of Grace's pussy, tongue going all the way from top to bottom, and caused Grace to moan in pleasure.

To backtrack to an earlier question, why only Grace? The author promised to have Gloria and Grace, yet changed their mind for some reason. Do they not find Gloria attractive enough, or is she going to appear in a later chapter, probably to have sex with her sister?


As Grace's juices shot down her vagina and soaked the still vibrating dildo, they shot around and squirted out, drenching Serena's face and the covers around her legs. Serena lapped up all she could get her mouth on with an animalistic ferocity, quenching her thirst and leaving her dazed. As the dildo kept vibrating, Grace kept leaking more and more of her sweetness, but Serena was done. She could no longer move, and definitely couldn't remove the dildo from Grace. Ruri and a now recovered Yuzu stood up, grabbing Serena's arms and legs and laying her on the couch. Rin now stood in front of Grace.

Rin had been changed the most by the parasite, and the sweet, loving child that had once been known to all as Rin was no more.

IE: The author couldnít be arsed to write her in her canon personality, and decides to write her as a one-note sexual sadist.

And the parasite (Symbiont, courtesy of ConcernedGamer) now changes a personís personality. What doesnít this magical MacGuffin do?

Rin was the most sadistic and malicious of the group, and was prepared and happy to put every ounce of her newfound maliciousness and sadism to work to make Grace cum the most that she had ever before.

Grace could see the evil glint in Rin's eye, and began to fear for her safety more than she had ever before. Rin uncuffed Grace from the bed, and began to tie her up. She bound Grace's thighs together, along with her ankles. She then rolled Grace over, and put Grace's arms behind her back to form two opposite facing L's and bound her arms together. Once she'd thoroughly bound her, she attached ropes from her legs and arms to their respective bedposts. She did this so that Grace was lifted and strung a foot off the bed, and then she crawled under her and ripped off Grace's bra. With this done, Rin smiled sadistically, as, for her, the real fun was about to begin.

And weíre now going into a deleted scene from 50 Shades of GreyÖ


She reached behind the cum-soaked pillow, and opened her special crate of toys hidden in the wall. She pulled out first a ball gag, shoved it into Grace's mouth, and bound it around her head. She then grabbed two nipple clamps, making sure to show them to Grace before attaching them. Grace's eyes widened in fear, and she began shrieking and thrashing about, attempting to get loose. Her best attempts, however were meaningless. She was completely immobilized by Rin's expertly tied knots. Rin clamped her personal favorite tools on to Grace's nipples, making sure it was as painful as possible.

Donít worry Grace, Iím experiencing as much pain as you are.

Grace screamed at such a high pitch, it was inaudible. The only sign of pain was her constant thrashing, attempting to dislodge the clamps. Rin reached back and grabbed a paddle. Overjoyed to see the effect she was having on Grace, she planted a quick kiss on her pussy. Rin slid out from under Grace, and waited a few minutes for her to calm down. Once she had, Grace began to wonder where Rin was, but she didn't have to for long. Rin was kneeling in between Grace's legs, and once she saw Grace calm down, she slapped her as hard as she could with the paddle. Grace screamed in pure agony, the combined assault of the nipple clamps and paddle too much for her. She went limp and became more and more submissive with each consecutive slap.

Once Grace's ass was noticeably red, Rin discarded the paddle, and unbound Grace. Grace was so submissive, she didn't even try to run away or escape. She simply rolled over, and cowered when she noticed the predatory look on Rin's face. "Listen up Grace, you filthy whore", said Rin, with a sneer on her face. "I'm going to eat you out while you eat me out. Bite me, tug on me with your teeth, anything. I want it to be rough." Grace nodded slowly.

And I bet that ĎRiní is so sadistic, she eats puppies alive.

Once Rin saw that Grace had accepted her terms, she crawled over her and turned around, shoving her panties to the side and planting her pussy on Grace's face and her mouth on Grace's pussy.

Rin waited for a few seconds, but when it became clear Grace wouldn't take the initiative, she decided to. She began licking Grace's pussy, causing her to gasp in pleasure. After all the torturous punishment she underwent, any amount of pleasure nearly felt like an orgasm to Grace. She began to return the favor, gently licking the outer lips of Rin's soaking wet cunt and delving her tongue into her sweet depths. "Mmmh. Rin tastes great t- AAAAAAGH!" Grace's thought was interrupted when she was punished once again by Rin. Rin had slid her hands under Grace's ass and dug her nails in hard enough to draw blood.

"WHAT DID I TELL YOU?!", Rin bellowed, looking over her shoulder at her ass and Grace's face. "I said ROUGH. Now try again and if I don't feel some pain, we'll go back to the paddle. UNDERSTOOD, BITCH?!"

If this were a contest on how out of character you could make Rin, then FicWrit wins the gold by a landslide!

Grace cowered in fear, but something strange began to happen. As her brain began to associate being dominated with the incredible pleasure she had felt, she began to grow more aroused and, for the first time during her experience with Rin, leaked some of her delicious sweetness.

"What's this?", Rin cooed, teasingly. "Is someone enjoying pain?". Grace didn't have enough strength to waste on shaking her head no. Rin dipped her head to taste the clear liquid which was now flowing out of Grace's pussy. "Mmmmh! Serena and Yuzu had the right idea! This really is delicious!". Rin began to attack Grace's cunt with a new fervor, biting and tugging on her clit with her teeth, and gripping her ass tightly with her soft hands.

Making sure to dig her nails in, for that extra bit of pain.

Grace began to mimic Rin, clamping down on Rin's clit with her teeth, and then tugging it roughly as much as she could. She then began to lick Rin's clit, causing her to moan out from the intense meld of pain and pleasure "Fuuuck Grace! THIS is more like it! Keep it UUP!" Rin's final thought was interrupted, as Grace simultaneously bit Rin's clit, dug her fingernails of her right hand into Rin's left asscheek, and plunged her fingers into Rin's asshole. Rin immediately came, climaxing for the first time since Yuzu's implantation. Her cum flowed out of her pussy in streams, drenching Grace with yet another layer of cum, mixing with Serena and Yuzu's.

When Rin orgasmed, she began to shake uncontrollably, her tongue thrashing about in Grace's cunt, digging her fingers into Grace's soft, bouncy ass so hard that she once again drew blood. Grace's affinity for a meld of pain and pleasure deepened, and when Rin's thrashing tongue hit her clit, she too climaxed.

How much cum are these girls going to cum? If they arenít withered husks by the end of this fic, then all realism has officially left the story.

Her cum shot out of her pussy like a rocket, hitting Rin's face, and once her mouth was open, gave her a thorough taste of that wondrous fluid.

As Rin closed her eyes and smiled, Grace did the same, both falling unconscious from the intensity of their orgasms and their pain. Yuzu and Serena got up and dragged Rin off of Grace, laying her on the couch. Ruri then got up and untied all ropes from Grace, along with the nipple clamps. then re-tied her arms and legs to their respective posts, and then tying her arms and legs to each other. "Oh Grace", Ruri thought, eager to begin her fun. "You have no idea what's coming. that was not pain. You will know the meaning of true pain and true pleasure when I'm done with you.

Before Ruri could do anything, she had to get rid of what had helped her pass the time until her turn. She discarded her robe, and picked up the dildo Serena had used, coated with a mixture of Grace's cum and Serena's saliva.

What Serena forgot to tell anyone, was that she had been diagnosed with herpes the month before.

She then slowly removed the dildo stuck in her pussy, moaning from its touch. She laid both dildos on the end of the bed, in the middle of Grace's legs.

Ruri and Rin had been implanted the longest, and they had fucked each other quite a bit since arriving. Ruri had grown to quite like punishment during sex, and had developed a masochist side herself.

ĎRuri developed a masochist side.í

This fic really is 50 Shades, but with a Yugioh paintjob.

She smirked maliciously, looking at the unconscious Grace. She decided not to delay any longer and began Grace's second punishment. She reached under the bed and pulled out a device that looked like a brand. She fed a card into the slot at the base of the brand, and the circular end begin to turn red from the heat.

I thought that you were the masochist. Shouldnít you be doing this to yourself?

"Now the fun can truly begin, along with what you will truly come to call pain", Ruri thought. She stepped onto the bed, careful not to wake Grace, the other girls giggling, knowing full well what was to come. She stepped on Grace's back making sure to hold her completely still. She pushed slightly on her back until she felt Grace begin to stir. Once Ruri felt her begin to wake up, she slammed the circular end of the brand onto Grace's right ass cheek.

Grace, already half awake, felt a tremendous pain, more torturous than anything she had experienced, or even imagined, before. She screamed louder than ever, thrashing about to try to move the brand, to somehow alleviate the searing agony she felt. Of course, thanks to Ruri's heel and the tight ropes, all of her efforts were fruitless. Deep inside her, she felt something break. She near completely lost the will to fight, and her struggling lessened.

Ruri removed the brand, revealing a burned in circle that covered about a third of Grace's ass enclosing the words 'Sodomy Slut'.

Branding a captured sex-slave as your property.

At this stage, the authorís fetishes wonít be able to surprise me anymore.

She tossed away the first brand, no longer having any need for it, and crawled over in front of Grace's head. She grabbed another brand, returned to her previous spot, and fed in another card. The second the brand's end became red, Ruri slammed it onto Grace's left ass cheek.

Grace yelled in pain once again, this time with a lower volume, as she'd grown a little used to the brand burning into her ass. Ruri still had to hold her down, for Grace still convulsed violently, but this time, when the mark neared completion, Grace fell silent. Ruri lifted and discarded the red hot brand to reveal another mark, this time on Grace's left ass cheek. It was a circle, again covering a third of Grace's ass, enclosing the words 'Toy Whore'.

Is that the name of some low budget XXX parody, based off the Toy-Story movies?

This last, burning pain drove Grace over the edge, and she came repeatedly, squirting and soaking the covers, as she fell to the depths of unconsciousness.

"Well it looks like you won't be able to have your fun with her after all, Ruri", said Yuzu. "Why don't you let Serena and I take over?"

"No", Ruri replied. "I'll just use the dildos and masturbate until she wakes up. If I cum before then, you two can take her. Of course, I'll have to make sure she has something to wake her up, and to wake up to". Ruri reached under the mattress, pulling out a toy, or rather, pair of toys, that she'd not even told Rin about, for fear Rin would steal them for herself. Rin, of course, already had some. It was a pair of shock nipple clamps. They were connected by a thin metal wire to transmit the electricity, and they were programmed to shock their holder every ten minutes once turned on.

And I take back my comment regarding the authorís fetishes. This is the first time Iíve read about someone getting turned on via electrocuting someone/getting electrocuted.

Any more, and the holder risked unconsciousness. Of course for the daring and most masochistic, there was a setting for five minutes and even thirty seconds.

Ruri reached under the bed and clamped the shock devices onto Grace's breasts. These clamps were added only an extra centimeter to the protrusion of the holder's breasts, so Grace wouldn't be forced up. Ruri adjusted the clamps to shock Grace every ten minutes. They had previously been set for the thirty second option, as Ruri herself had been using them, but a newcomer to the wonderful world of pain like Grace wouldn't be able to take that.

The clamps set off their first shock, causing Grace to shake and moan from the pleasurable pain. The sight of the convulsing Grace with brand marks on her ass made Ruri's cunt even more dripping wet. Ruri could no longer take it, and grabbed the dildos from the edge of the bed, eyeing them eagerly. She took the one coated with Yuzu's saliva and Grace's juices and slammed it into her pussy. "OOOOOHHHHHH!", she moaned, a feeling of euphoria creeping over her. She then took the one coated with her juices already, her arm spasming a little, and shoved it into her asshole.

Oh god, when will this nightmare end?!

Ruri had to bite her lip to keep from screaming in utter agony, but soon the pain disappeared and she felt the pleasure gain a greater hold over her. With her last conscious thought, she reached down, one hand next to each of the dildos, and flipped the switches on their bases. As the phalluses began vibrating, she screamed in pleasure, losing all control to her pure, carnal pleasure. She fell backwards, head landing on Grace's back, as she spasmed about wildly.

As her ass landed on Grace's tailbone, the dildo was pushed in the remaining two inches up to the hilt. Ruri screamed in a perfect mixture of pleasure and pain, loving everything she felt and wishing for it never to end.

I really need to look at some Fire Emblem porn after Iím done with this story. Virtually nothing could turn me off even less than this.

Well except for NowiÖ

She began playing with her breasts, but found she still wasn't satisfied by pleasure alone. She stopped kneading her breast with her right hand, and instead twisted her nipple as hard as she could.

This was the meld of pain and the pleasure that she so desired. She could no longer withstand her the insurmountable pleasure from her breasts, ass, and pussy, and fell to her orgasm. She squirted cum for minutes, drenching the covers and hitting Grace's ass, legs, and feet. One of her streams of cum landed on the circle that read 'Toy Whore', and seconds later another stream landed on 'Sodomy Slut'.

Thank you for that extra bit of detail, regarding which brand marks were covered in cum.

At the same time, the nipple clamps sent another charge through Grace's body, jolting her awake. She was still barely able to move, and lacked the will to do so.

Ruri fell unconscious, the dildos still in her holes, and slid off Grace's back. She landed, face first, next to her, left arm hanging off the bed. Serena and Yuzu lifted her up and carried her over to the couch, next to Rin. Once she was stabilized on her side, Serena and Yuzu simultaneously removed the dildos from her ass and pussy, causing her to groan in pleasure.

Serena and Yuzu then walked over to Grace and began untying the ropes and removing the nipple clamps. Grace began to shift around, but made no attempt to escape. Yuzu and Serena flipped Grace over, showing the look of pain on her face. When her ass touched the bed, she once again felt the pain of being branded. This time, however, she didn't yell, but moaned, and began to leak her sweet juice.

Serena and Yuzu both lapped at Grace's slit, eager for more and more of that which they so desired. Soon, however, they gained control of themselves, and began their treatment. "Listen up, Grace", Yuzu said, sternly. "You are going to eat out Serena, while I fuck you. If you cum before Serena does, Rin and Ruri will go extra hard on you." Grace's glazed over eyes had no reaction. She was so worn out from the four fuckings and all the intense pain she'd received that she barely even registered that someone was talking.

And you broke her. Congratulations you four, you get absolutely nothing.

Serena crawled over to Grace's face, and firmly planted her pussy on Grace's mouth. "Lick my dripping wet, hot cunt, bitch!", Serena said. Yuzu chuckled and crawled over to Serena, and reached into Rin's... special... box. She grabbed a strap-on dildo, nine inches long, and became wet just at the thought of fucking Grace with it. She buckled it around her waist, only to find that there was a sphere with the same width as the rest of the phallus that she had just stuck inside her pussy.

And whose asshole did this sphere come from?

She moaned from the unexpected pleasure, and flipped the switch to make the dildo. She had planned to tease Grace again, as she had earlier, but decided against it now. She pointed the end of the dick straight at Grace's slit and slammed into her. Grace moaned in pleasure, causing Serena's insides to shake, and giving both extreme pleasure. Grace was now brought back to reality, and immediately understood what was going on, and what her punishment would be for not following her orders.

She began to lap at Serena's pussy eagerly, first sucking around the slit to swallow any excess juices. Serena became more and more wet just from this.

If anyone gets wetter than they already are, someoneís going to end up drowning.

Once Grace realized her efforts were pointless, she began to delve her tongue into Serena's depths. She withdrew her tongue and thrust it back repeatedly. After giving Grace time to adjust to the dildo, Yuzu, eager to have the sphere move around inside her once again, slowly withdrew the dildo, causing both her and Grace to moan from the pleasure. This heightened Serena's arousal, and she felt ever closer to cumming.

Yuzu then began her attack for real. She slammed the strap-on into Grace's depths and withdrew it quickly and repeatedly. Grace moaned and groaned constantly, in an unrelenting state of pleasure from Yuzu's assault on her cunt. "FUUUUUCK!" She moaned into Serena's pussy, adding to her pleasure. Serena was no longer able to remain upright, and used Grace's soft, perky breasts as support so that she didn't fall over.

At this stage, the lemons are repeating themselves over and over again, but with different names each time.

Grace's breasts were incredibly sensitive, and this last unintentional action threw her over the edge. She came for minutes, screaming into Serena's pussy and convulsing rapidly. Her cum soaked the fake dick, and shot out, spraying on the covers and hitting Yuzu's cunt. Some splattered off Yuzu and landed back on her. Possessed by her carnal desire, Grace reached up to squeeze Serena's breasts. (As you may recall, the parasite increases breast sensitivity).

Thank you, oh generous author, for blessing me with the knowledge of how the parasite increases breast sensitivity.

Serena was overwhelmed with pleasure, and, with a final lick of her clit from Grace, she entered her orgasm. She sprayed cum for minutes all over Grace's face and down her throat. Serena's pleasure drove her forward, and she grabbed Yuzu's head and pulled her in for a deep kiss. She forced her tongue into Yuzu's mouth, the two fighting for dominance, all the while providing more and more of her sweetness for Grace to enjoy. In a final attempt to make Yuzu cum, Serena reached down and dipped her hands in Grace's cum, then near simultaneously removed her mouth from Yuzu's and plunged her fingers in. Yuzu was sent to the edge, sucking on Serena's fingers, drinking in her favorite taste.

Serena then planted her mouth on Yuzu's nipple and began sucking. Yuzu was unable to handle this many stimuli, and hit her orgasm as well. She soaked what little of the dildo wasn't in Grace's pussy, and squirted on Grace's cunt, thighs, midriff, and the surrounding sheets. The two girls got up and stumbled back to the couches while Rin and Ruri, fully recovered, shared a sadistic grin and stood up. They walked towards Grace and faced her, hands on their hips.

"Well Grace", Ruri said, eyes lit up with eagerness of what was yet to come. "You came before Serena. Don't you remember the rules?". Grace's eyes widened, remembering what Yuzu had told her.

Oh come on! Just end already!

"So of course", Rin added, "We must hold up go through with your punishment". This was the first time Grace attempted to escape, but she was so wiped out from the constant fucking and the torture that she could barely crawl to the edge of the bed. Rin and Ruri tied her arms and legs to their respective bedposts, making sure she couldn't escape, or even move.

Rin then passed Ruri a leather whip, which she brandished maliciously. "Of course, we can't forget these", Rin cooed, clearly euphoric with Grace's response to her liberal use of toys. She held up the electric nipple clamps, and taunted Grace. "I had originally planned not to use these, but since you defied Serena's clear orders..." Rin smirked, and changed the setting from ten minutes to thirty seconds. "Now maybe you'll learn NOT to DEFY us". Rin's face displayed a level of anger Grace hadn't seen. She quickly regained her composure, however. "Ruri, are you ready?", she inquired.

Iím notÖ

"As soon as you are", Ruri replied, an evil glint in her eye, her slit becoming wet at the thought of making Grace truly and completely submissive.

"Good", Rin said, smirking sadistically. "Let's begin". She attached the clamps to Grace, immediately shocking her and making her convulse wildly. "HAHAHA! Yes Grace! Does it hurt? Does it BURN!?", Rin shouted, all the while keeping her smirk. Ruri began to whip Grace, causing her even more pain and pleasure while she did so.

"Rin I'm so fucking wet!", Cried Ruri. "Do you have anything good in there?!". Immediately after Ruri finished her thought, Grace cried out again, the clamps' shock revitalizing her convulsive frenzy.

And sheís gonna die soon, unless one of you brainwashed floozies calls a doctor.

"As a matter of fact, yes I do", replied Rin, calmly, enjoying the scene in front of her. She dug through her box once again and handed Ruri three dildos, two vibrating and one normal. Ruri immediately slammed a vibrating one in her ass and the other two in her pussy. They were already vibrating, so Ruri's only job was to fall to the ground moaning in pleasure, which she did quite spectacularly.

"FUUUCK!", Ruri cried "th-ANK you RIN!". She was enveloped by the pleasure, losing focus of everything around her. To her, all that was was the immense pleasure she received from the fake phalluses. Rin chuckled at the sight of Ruri on the ground, three dildos haphazardly shoved in her holes, subconsciously tweaking her nipples to achieve her meld of pain and pleasure, and then looked over to Grace, who was surprisingly still conscious.

Chiaki, Lusamine, Peri, Chelsea, Eirika, TanaÖ

Oh donít mind me, Iím just thinking happy thoughts. Itís the one thing thatís gonna help me get through this alive.

"I suppose I ought to make sure Grace cums", thought Rin. "This should do the trick". She pulled out a dildo with an inch long metal rod coming out of the end. Attached to the rod was a copper wire. Rin connected the wire to the clamp on Grace's right nipple, so that every time she was shocked in her breasts, her cunt wouldn't feel left out. Rin was working to ensure Grace's orgasm no matter what, and she knew that it could be sped up. She tore out the ball gag and stuck an identical dildo in Grace's mouth. She connected that one to the wire as well, giving Grace such immense pleasure she nearly lost consciousness. The only thing missing was Grace's ass. Rin stuck an, again, identical dildo into Grace's asshole, and connected an extra long copper wire to it. She wound the wire around and around Grace's body, forcing it to bite into her flesh, so that her entire body would each and every shock.

Thatís one hell of a convoluted sex toy youíve got there. Where the hell did you get it from?!

Once Grace's arms were stuck to her sides, Rin attached to copper wire to the nipple clamps.

Grace was constantly fighting to remain conscious. Her inner will had been awoken by the constant, unrelenting pain she was in. She believed that if she could tough it out, if she could stay conscious, she could overcome the bracelet girls and escape. Rin, of course, had other plans.

She attached a pair of wire-connected nipple clamps to herself, moaning at the pain, and fished through the box to find the remaining items to complete her pleasure fest. She pulled out four 9-inch dildos, all like the one shoved into Grace's pussy. and shoved two into her own pussy, one into her ass, and one into her mouth. She moaned at the pleasure of being filled. Rin had been implanted months ago, and she'd had lots of practice to lengthen how long she lasted, and since she had already orgasmed once today, she wasn't even close to climaxing. Before she could connect herself to Grace, however, she had one other thing to do. She took another pair of shock clamps and attached them to Ruri. Neither Ruri's, nor her own clamps could shock either one of them, as only the master control generated the shock. The master control was currently attached to Grace, but Rin and Ruri could still reap the benefits.

And Serena and Yuzu are standing around, doing nothing because the authorís too busy jerking off to his 50 Shades of Card Games.

Rin then pulled out a longer wire from the box, connecting it to Ruri's clamps and tying it off on the middle of her own. She then crawled onto Grace, holding her down to stop her convulsions, and, after connecting each of her dildos' wires to her own clamps, used a small length of wire to attach her clamps' wire to Grace's. Rin had neglected to mention one simple fact. While an electric current was passing between two or more different people's clamps/dildos, all pleasure and pain that each person experienced was transmitted to the others.

Seconds after Rin connected them, a shock was generated. Rin, Grace, and Ruri were all overloaded with pleasure, screaming and blacking out on the spot while simultaneously entering their orgasms. They began cumming wildly, Rin and Grace squirting all over each other, covering their dildos and shooting streams of their juices onto the other's stomach, legs, and breasts. Rin collapsed onto Grace, and Ruri, who had been holding herself a few inches above the ground, collapsed as well. The shocks kept their orgasms going for over an hour. Their bodies kept convulsing, charged with new vigor and a healthy heaping of electricity every thirty seconds, breasts shaking, cum splattering everywhere until Serena and Yuzu decided to unhook them. While the girls were squirting, Serena and Yuzu constantly lapped up the girls' cum. Though all three had quite delicious juice, Grace tasted especially wonderful, and was made to cum for a good thirty minutes after Rin and Ruri were released.

Grace's will was thoroughly broken, and she was undoubtedly enslaved. The girls didn't implant her, they only had a finite number of parasites, after all, and they had to save at least two of them for their plans later.

Is it over? Am I finally free?

YIPPEE! Iím outtaówhat do you mean thereís still more to go?!

One Week Later

The Girls had implanted the Professor and the Doktor with parasites, forcing them to leave duel academy and never return.

Iím more inclined to believe that Professor Leo and the Doktor realised that they made a grave mistake, and left to do some soul searching.

Also, shouldnít the parasite prevent the girls from rebelling against their master? Holy shit, this parasite is the most illogical thing in this story!

The girls then put every student to work, having them renovate the Professor's throne room. With their cards, and using their monsters to help, the work had all been completed within a week. There was a rather large room for each of the Bracelet Girls containing a king size bed, a desk, computer, TV and large chest packed to the brim with every sort of sex device, pleasant and painful, that Rin and Ruri's minds could think up, along with eight more rooms, identically furnished, for anyone else they might implant.

Oh joy, the author has plans to throw more girls into this clusterfuck.

For the slaves they captured, the girls had constructed a room as large as the original throne room hidden underneath the floor.

This slave room contained a racks of different clothes, some were latex, some lace, at the front of the room, various torture devices in the center to be used to break new slaves.. It also contained twenty spacious cells on the left, right, and back walls, although they were lavishly furnished and had TV's, computers, and other sorts of... entertainment.

Why would the girls need TVís and computers? Surely theyíll be two busy fucking to use them.

The first cell was occupied by Grace. The only thing that made the cell recognizable as a cell was the wall that opened into the main area. It was filled with bars instead of plaster and wood, just like a jail cell, and the only keys belonged to the Bracelet Girls.

Since Grace's only clothes had been reduced to shreds, after Grace had been broken, Rin had custom-made an outfit for her. The first part was a latex bodysuit, but it didn't extend to her face, arms, or legs. Her legs were covered by a pair of latex high heeled boots, extending to halfway up her thighs. Her arms were covered by latex gloves, extending halfway up her arms past her elbows. Since the suit was so hard to get off, Rin felt the best thing to do was to was to make it washable and dry-able through a card. When it was activated, the uniform became completely clean. Since all slaves were needed for fucking, the latex suit had a hole surrounding her pussy, a hole surrounding her asshole, and a hole surrounding each of her brand marks. She also wore a collar engraved to read 'Grace - Property of Rin'.

The parasites the girls were implanted with made it impossible for any more hair to grow anywhere on their bodies, and they were clean shaven around their crotches.

This isnít the first time Iíve read about an author fetishising a lack of pubic hair. And sure, throw another benefit into the girl's laps, courtesy of the parasite.

It would have been hard to shave in the slaves' uniforms, so it was lucky that the girls had found the formula for a serum that stopped hair from growing completely, and Grace was also already clean shaven around the crotch. This formula also increased breast size and sensitivity, like the parasites. Grace became a D cup, and injecting new victims with this serum became standard procedure.

In the giant Slave room, there was also a room in the front left corner containing a king size bed and a chest identical to the one in each of the slaves' room. This room, however, also held a box containing the remaining eight parasites. The Bracelet Girls were all sound asleep, and the remaining students, with the exception of the guards, at duel academy had all been sent away. Little did anyone on the island know that the girls' next victim was already at Duel Academia with them.

From that ominous finisher, Iím assuming that Alexis Rhodes is going to be the next victim. Yes in case youíre wondering, ARC-V brought back the fan favourite character from GX, Alexis Rhodes. A few screenshots from the ARC-V anime reveal that ARC-V Alexis has larger breasts than her GX counterpart. So thereís something to draw in GX fans.

Well thatís the last chapter done, even though the author has shown no signs of quitting this fic. Iím not too sure if Iíll get back to mocking this, should the author update the story.

Until next time everyone!

List of mocks can be found here: Here

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