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> The Luckster And The Gangster's Sister, The misadventures of Roy
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post Jan 28 2017, 12:01 AM
Well everyone, I’m back with another one Danganronpa story, courtesy of the illiterate shithead, Masked Rider Roy. He had written so many garbage Danganronpa fics, based around the plot of famous movies, which include.

• The Cannonball Run
• Silent Rage
• Train to Busan
• The Never-Ending Story
• Home Alone
• Die Hard
• Basic Instinct

He’s also written several other fics, which involve his skinsuit getting intimate with the females of Danganronpa. Amazed by the sheer amount of shitty stories, I debated over which on to sink my teeth into, and after a couple of days, I had decided on a story that seems to be his current magnum opus, titled ‘The Luckster And The Gangster’s Sister’, which will involve Naegi fucking Natsumi.

Who is Natsumi you ask? She’s the younger sister of resident badass, Fuyuhiko Kuzuryu. Natsumi’s death was a pivotal part of the second chapter in Danganronpa 2, and was a surprising twist, in an already twist filled case.

Now that I’ve gotten the pleasantries out of the way, let’s sink our teeth into this shit-cake, starting with the authors notes.

First off, welcome to another experimental Danganronpa fic. Having watched the current episodes of Danganronpa 3: Side Despair, I became hooked after the first two episodes were light-hearted, but unexpectedly shifts to a somber one in episode 3 as it finally depicts how Fuyuhiko's sister got killed and introduced Sato which explained the backstory from the Danganronpa 2 game.

You’ll notice that Roy starts referring to his Danganronpa stories as, ‘experimental fics’, whatever the fuck that means.

Having seen Natsumi Kuzuryu on the PS VITA snapshots on the Danganronpa site, I finally get to see Natsumi's anime form. Despite her rough and bully-type demeanor, I find her sexy and seductive, and decided to make an experimental fanfic about her.

Wow, I was joking when I said that he’ll be fucking her in this story, but it’s nice of Roy to admit that he’s only writing this to get his jollies off.

Regarding on who would be her partner, Initially considered pairing her with Hajime Hinata, but he did not cliche with me since he doesn't look too appealing, until Makoto Naegi came into mind.

I began picturing the two and felt that they might make a good chemistry since Naegi is able to befriend even people with bad attitudes, such as Byakuya Togami and Mondo Ohwada, so I thought of making an experimental fic featuring Naegi and Natsumi, since his cheerful and optimistic mood contrasts to Natsumi's egotism and bad attitude.

Translation: “Hinata has too much of a personality for me to use as a skinsuit. Luckily, Naegi’s bland enough for me to insert myself into.”

Moreover, this fic will be quite rough from the start until the romance part comes in, which you will eventually see.

As this fic is set during the events of DR 3: Side Despair episode 3, it would feature some of the DR 2 casts, as well as some from DR 1. Lastly, some later chapter may contain love scenes, which would depend on the flow of the story, so lemon fans...a little patience and you will eventually read them...

You can take as long as you want to, writing your shitty lemons, just as long as I don't have to mock them!

Ch. 1: Prologue

The scene shows that a huge building stands in the center of Tokyo, where it houses the famous Hope's Peak Academy, where for over the years selected certain high school students for having a certain field if talent, and helped them grow and when they graduate, they succeed in later life, and things went on until the board of trustees came up with the idea of opening a Reserve Course which would differentiate itself from the Main Course, which means Hope's Peak would accept ordinary students, those who have no specific talent, but in exchange the student would pay VERY HIGH tuition fees.

Makes sense, since body pillows don’t grow on trees.

Two person appeared to be against it, believing it is unfair to the ordinary students as this would alienate them from the main course students. They are current headmaster, Jin Kirigiri, and former headmaster and current school adviser, Kazuo Tengan, and they voiced their opinion about this, but the board of trustees sheer number overwhelm the two men's opinion, saying it is necessary claiming that due to the government beginning to back out from supporting the academy financially, and said that they are planning an experiment, and if successful, they will give reserve course students the chance to EARN a talent so they can be PROMOTED to the main course.

Earn your talent here! Will you be a pilot? An astronaut? Or even an assassin? Buy yours today, and get 50% off your next purchase! This deals ends today!

"What was that?"

"You can't be serious..."

"We are, gentlemen..."

"This a good opportunity..."

"It would help Hope's Peak..."

"If this proved to be a success, then we can give select students from the reserve course the means to earn their way to the main course."

"Trust us, Mr. Kirigiri and Mr. Tengan...we promise this would benefit the academy..."


Ahhh…the refreshing smell of bland dialogue. Now I know why these fics bored me to tears.

Tengan and Kirigiri are against this, as they feel that treating the reserve course as mere "guinea pigs" is morally wrong, while Tengan believed that talent should come from the person itself, not giving one an artificial means to get one, but despite their opinions, the board of trustees used their numbers to garner votes and won, allowing them to move on ahead, and as the meeting is adjourned, Tengan and Kirigiri left the boardroom, where Koichi Kizakura is waiting for the two, and he asks them how the meeting went, which Kirigiri appeared displeased, while Tengan had a look of concern.

"So...how did the meeting go?"

"Not quite good..."

”I’m not talking about the fic, I’m talking about the meeting.”

"And I'm very concerned..."

"I guess they are going ahead with THAT project..."

"I'll see if I could stall them for a little longer..."

"Good luck, Kirigiri-kun..."

"Oh dear...I'd better have another drink of whiskey..."

Just make sure you leave me some…preferably the whole bottle.



As the three men left, the board of trustees came out next, pleased that they were able to win the vote and now they have no obstacles in having the proposed experiment getting ready, and they left as well, not noticing that someone is there, eavesdropping their conversation, and that person turn out to be Juzo Sakakura, who graduated from Hope's Peak, and now he is working undercover as a security guard head, and he overheard everything and secretly contacted someone, who turn out to be Kyosuke Munakata, telling him the intel he gathered so far.

Oh yeah, get used to the presence of characters from the Danganronpa 3 anime. They crop up everywhere in this guy’s fics.

"...and that's what I gathered so far..."

"I see..."

"So...what now...?"

"Keep getting more info...and keep me updated..."

"Got it...we got to weed out those good for nothing assholes..."

"I agree...the academy is going downhill...and if the overseas version is successful, then I can gain greater control..and restore Hope's Peak back to its former glory..."

Yes, how dare they come up with ways to increase the schools revenue.

"Okay, over and out."


After that, Sakakura continued to play the role of intel seeker while moonlighting ad a security head, intending to find out other dark secrets of the academy, seeing that it has gotten down to the wrong path and became "rotten to thr core".

Much like the state of literature these days.

A few months have passed, classes is already underway as Chisa Yukizome, who was hired to act as a teacher, began mentoring Class 77, where she learned that only half of the students are attending, and she became determined to make this section the best, not only academically, but socially, believing that talent alone won't make a student grow, so she set off to gather the other students until they are completed. The students of Class 77 are assembled and they are:

- Sonia Nevermind

- Mikan Tsumiki

- Mahiru Koizumi

- Fuyuhiko Kuzuryu

- Hiyoko Saiyonji

- Nekomaru Midai

- Teruteru Hanamura

- Akane Owari

- Kazuichi Soda

- Peko Pekoyama

- Gundam Tanaka

- Ibuki Mioda

- Nagito Komaeda

- Ryota Mitarai

- Chiaki Nanami

Listing off important characters, like they were items purchased at a grocery.

Seems like Roy’s pulling no punches today!

Yukizome used unorthodox means to get the students under control, and in turn the students began to earn their respect and they began to attend classes, while at the same time began to befriend one another and Yukizome is pleased that she is able to solve this one problem and told the students that if they act like one "happy family and neighbors", they can make fond memories and succeed in life sooner and remind them that talent alone will not make them succeed, and the 15 students nodded in agreement to Yukizome's advise.

"Yes, sensei..."

"Yes, sensei…"

"Yes, sensei…"

"Yes, sensei…"

"Yes, sensei…"

"Yes, sensei…"

"Yes, sensei…"

"Yes, sensei…"

"Yes, sensei…"

"Yes, sensei…"

"Yes, sensei…"

"Yes, sensei…"

"Yes, sensei…"

"Yes, sensei…"

"Yes, sensei…"

Chisa was baffled to hear Sonia reply 15 times, while the rest of the class stayed silent.

As the hours passed, the day went on until classed ended, and the students of Class 77 left for home, and they were pleased at how things turn out, feeling that attending classes may not be so bad after all, and when the others have left, the scene shows that two remaining students are waiting for someone outside the academy, and they turn out to be Fuyuhiko and Pekoyama, and she noted that Fuyuhiko appeared rather pleased at the turn of events and asks if he enjoyed today's class activities.

"Did you enjoy today's class?"


“Though the classes could use some improvement. Seriously, why would a future crime lord need to know about Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphs?!”


"Right...that teacher sure have guts...but she earned my respect..."

"I see..."

"I guess attending classes won't be as boring as I thought...you should attend classes as well..."

"As you wish..."


By then a limousine arrived and the two teens hopped in and the vehicle left,

Nice to see that the two of them get picked up in STYLE!

and an hour later the limousine arrived where Fuyihiko and Pekoyama got off and are greeted by the Kuzuryu patriarch, and he asks his son how things went on at Hope's Peak Academy, which he said that today's activities were interesting and said he is looking forward to the days to come, and the patriarch nodded saying that attending the academy will help Fuyuhiko prepare himself in the future as the son is the heir apparent to the Kuzuryu Clan, which Fuyuhiko nodded, and as Fuyuhiko and Peko left, the scene shows that a pretty teenage girl is standing there, and she watched the two went inside the house, and she felt envious at the two teens.

The girl is identified as Natsumi Kuzuryu, Fuyuhiko's younger sister and only daughter. Unlike Fuyuhiko, Natsumi is fairly taller than him and has long blond hair, and despite her pretty face, she is somewhat more rowdier and more bad-mouthing than her parents, but underneath those, she is shown to be an insecure girl as seeing her brother getting scouted and accepted at Hope's Peak Academy, along with Pekoyama, made her feel left behind.

I like how Roy needs to constantly tell us that Natsumi has a pretty face. It’s like you can hear the author jerking off, while he was typing this story.

"Nii-san...I'll do anything to be with you...no matter what..."

Wanting to do something so her parents would be proud of her, as well as to be at her brother's side, she bid her time and when her dad is alone, she went to him and came up with a conversation, telling him that she wanted to attend Hope's Peak Academy, which Mr. Kuzuryu appeared skeptical seeing that his daughter has no distinguishing talent, and asks her if she is sure about this, telling her that his intel told him that those with no special talents would end up at the reserve course, though Natsumi feels that she could find a way to show her OWN talents so the scouts would notice her and have her transfer to the main course.

"Are you sure about this, Natsumi?"

"Yes, dad..."

"Why come up with this all of the sudden?"

"I...I...I want to be like my brother...a Super High School-level student..."

"You don't have that kind of talent right now..."

"I'll do something...really!"

“I doubt prostitution classifies as a talent…”



Mr. Kuzuryu is hesitant but Natsumi started to get a bit louder and he sighed as he did not want to have the house turn into a verbal warzone and told her that he would come up with a way to have her accepted at Hope's Peak, and Natsumi smirked as she feels that she has found a way to do something that would make her parents and Fuyuhiko proud of her.

Elsewhere, the scene shifts at the streets where Kizakura is walking around, looking for someone that would get his attention, as he had a rough time due to having managed to convince certain teenagers that they have been selected to study at Hope's Peak, which he recently made contact with Celestia Ludenberg, and just yesterday, a leader of a biker gang, having narrowly convincing him that he is selected as well, that person turning out to be Mondo Ohwada. Kizakura sighed as he is hoping to find someone interesting that would pique his interest.

"Sure is boring...Hope to find someone interesting soon..."

Well, you can always invite me to your academy.

After all, I AM the Super High School Level Pimp.

By then, Kizakura spotted a certain teenage boy passing by, and just then he narrowly evaded an erring cyclist who rode the wrong lane, and the boy said that he is LUCKY to escape injury, only to fall flat as a dirty cat jumped from a tree and landed on the boy, dirtying his shirt and the boy sighed in annoyance, and he is about to leave, he saw something on the ground, which appeared to be a paper money worth 5,000 Yen, and seeing that no one is around, the boy decided to pick it up and claim it as his own, and he felt LUCKY that at least something good happened.

"At least there's that...lucky for me I didn't get hurt...and this money would sure make up for it..."

“Never mind, it’s just some dumb kid. I’ll have to look elsewhere.”

As the boy left, Kizakura smirked as he adjusted his hat, seeing that he spotted someone with a potential talent, and just then, he saw an ID sprawled on the ground and picked it up, where he learned that the ID belonged to the boy he saw, and is identified as Makoto Naegi, and he immediately concluded what talent Naegi would be assigned to, but then his cellphone rang and he answered it, and the caller turn out to be Jin, and there Kizakura told Jin he has scouted a potential teen with a talent, explaining it and Jin began checking on the computer and found the school Naegi is attending, and instructs Kizakura to head at the academy and deliver the invitation to Naegi personally.

"You sure, headmaster?"


"What a coincidence..."

"I know...so bring the invitation to that boy..."

"Okay, okay..."

"And let me know when he would come here..."



Kizakura adjusted his hat as he took his leave and heads back to Hope's Peak so that he would pick up the letter envelope containing the invite and deliver it to Naegi personally.

Well that was an uneventful first chapter. I wonder what Roy has to say about this.

Hope you like this opening chapter, though this appeared to be a bit suspenseful for a romance-type fic. A lot of references of DR 3 Side Despair episode 3 are shown, and here you get to see how Nanami "begged" her dad to let her enroll to Hope's Peak, so it remains to be seen if she would get what she wants.

NANAMI?!?! Don’t you mean Natsumi? You can’t even get the name of your waifu right! Holy shit, just when I thought that you couldn’t get more incompetent…

Apart from that surprise at the end of the chapter, there really was nothing to this chapter. But if I know Roy, then the future chapters are only going to get stupider.

Until next time, everyone.

List of mocks can be found here: Here

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I'm very concerned.

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post Jan 28 2017, 05:00 AM
Damn, Mask Rider Roy sure seems incompetent at writing anything even remotely interesting.

The fact that he seems to have posted 142 fanfics on his author's page makes this the true horror story, if this fanfic is any indicator. Stilted narration that is quickly parroted by the sub-par, script-quality dialogue.

And it took me a while to put my finger on the grossest offender of this author's crimes against the written word. This story does not have paragraphs, but are mainly consisting of run-on sentences.

Even as I have no knowledge of Danganronpa, I can certainly tell I won't get any from this awkward mess.

Good luck mocking it, GorillaGamer, you're doing at good job at it, so far.

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post Jan 30 2017, 04:31 PM
ConcernedGamer@ Wow, I’d never noticed how the paragraphs were consisted of run on sentences. Thanks for the clarification!

Welcome back to Chapter 2 of Roy’s wankfest. What will this chapter have in stock for us? Let’s find out.

Ch. 2: Kibōgamine Gakuen de Rafusutāto

I would like to point out, that the author has all his chapter titles, in Japanese for some unknown reason. Given how cliché his stories turn out to be, I can chalk it up to Roy being a die hard weeaboo.

A few hours after Kizakura dropped by the Naegi residence and left, the Naegi family are assembled at the living room as they are all facing Makoto, as the parents and younger sister were overwhelmed with excitement and joy upon learning from Kizakura that their only son was chosen to be invited to study at Hope's Peak Academy, and even Naegi himself couldn't believe it as he never thought that he'd be scouted, though he was a but perplexed when Kizakura told him about his TALENT, especially when told that his name was drawn by lottery and yet his family said that it is okay since they believed that their only son have EARNED it, and they and Komaru encouraged him to accept and attend there.

"Accept it, Makoto..."

"You deserve it..."


"That's right, onii-chan!"

"You earned it..."

"It's a rare opportunity for you..."

"You should go for it!"

"We will support you..."

"We will, son..."

"Accept it, onii-chan!"

Naegi sweat-dropped at what his parents and younger sister told him,

Visual jokes in a written medium?

Weeaboos, weeaboos never change…

and glanced at the letter again, reading it once more, which shows that he is invited to attend and study at Hope's Peak which also shows him his assigned talent, which is the title of LUCKSTER, and while this took a few minutes for him to process the thought, he slowly realized that Kizakura may have a point, as at random times, something did happen to him in the past, though the events were generally harmless, mostly due to him getting a bit of bad luck, yet there were at times that he harmlessly got good ones, and after much thought, Naegi announced that he will accept it.





"I'll accept it..."


"Way to go, Makoto!"

“You’re able to attend Hope’s Peak Academy…at the cost of your personality.”

"Yahoo! Onii-chan!"


"Our son is going to Hope's Peak!"

"We'll be famous!"


After that, the family decided to celebrate their only don for getting into Hope's Peak and they went out to a mall in Tokyo to have dinner, and the LUCKSTER felt optimistic that something good might happen once he starts attending at the prestigious academy, however, LUCK would hit Naegi, as several minutes later, as the family is about to leave the house, they were greeted by excited neighbors, having managed to learn that Makoto Naegi was chosen to attend Hope's Peak, and they congratulates him and his family while some asked how he managed to get there,

Bottom line: His mom was a whore.

and Naegi could only sweat-drop at the scene he is in as more neighbors flocked to greet him.

"We just heard!"

"Your son got in, right?"

"You are fortunate!"

"How did he get in?"

"What's the secret?"

Well when you’re in a story written by a basement dwelling neckbeard, with a HORRIBLE grasp on English…

"Can you tell us?"

"Any requirements?"

"Tell us!"

Two days later, the scene shifts outside Hope's Peak Academy where Naegi is standing, as he is here to get the academy uniform and some school supplies, and he took deep breath as he is about to go right inside as this is the first time to set foot here, having never encountering such a prestigious academy before, and he wondered what the interior of the building would be like and he brought his camera with him as he intend to take pictures so as to show it to his parents and Komaru.


By then a teenage girl came past him and went across Naegi, and for a moment, he saw the girl, blond haired, attractive, sexy, and he blushed for a moment and softly commented to himself how pretty she looked, not realizing that it was Natsumi Kuzuryu, the daughter of the Kuzuryu Gangster family,

I’d love to see Roy flirt with Natsumi in real life…only for Fuyuhiko to beat the living daylight out of him!

and somehow she seemed to hears what Naegi mumbled and turned her attention towards him, and asks if he said something bad, which he honestly replied with sincerity.

"You said something?"


"Are you harassing me?"

*gasp* Roy’s a dirty creepshow!

"No...I'm not..."

"Then what did you just said?"

"I just mumbled how pretty you are..."

"Is that a compliment or are you just hitting on me?"


At first Natsumi saw Naegi and immediately considered him a TRASH, believing him to be a student at the reserve course, but accidentally blushed when told how pretty she looked, and felt somewhat flattered, yet her demeanor took over and teases him that she would rather go for taller guys and not with PIPSQUEAKS, yet she thanked him for the compliment and left, heading towards another building which houses the reserve course, as she is heading there for get her uniform and school supplies.

She considers him trash, yet blushes at the compliment, only to act coldly afterwards.

All the hallmarks of a badly written Tsundere.


As Naegi shook his head after seeing Natsumi left, he walked the road heading for the main building, but then a security guard blocked his way telling him that only main course students are allowed, but Naegi told the guard he is here to get the uniform and school supplies, and that he is a main course student, which he even showed the letter of invitation, but after reading it, the guard is not convinced seeing that Naegi is too ordinary-looking and believes he is trying to use the letter to sneak his way in and attempts to get him to leave.

One thing you’ll quickly come to loathe about Roy’s stories, is that he always adds in some faceless antagonist, just so he can hammer in Naegi’s bad luck, as much as possible. Roy’s villains come in two shades.

-Arrogant and stupid
-Perverted and stupid.

I wonder which one this villain will be…

"Nice try, kid..."


"But you can't fool me..."


"Get lost."

"Wait...I showed you the letter! It's proof that..."

"You can forge it all you want...but you're too plain to be a main course student...now get lost!"

"Look, I..."

But Naegi wouldn't budge and fought for his right, but the arrogant guard punched him on his face,

And it’s the first one. Why am I not surprised?

busting the boy's lips and he fell to the ground as the guard took the letter and ripped it to shards, telling Naegi that Hope's Peak Academy has no place for TRASH like him, and began stomping on Naegi until Chisa Yukizome grabbed the guard by his collar and threw him aside, and checked on Naegi, seeing that his lips was busted and bleeding profusely, and she saw the ripped letter and managed to piece them together, realizing that Naegi has been invited and is assigned in the main course and she glared at the guard for his actions.

"Why did you do that?"

"That kid is trying to sneak in and..."

"He's a main course student...Headmaster Kirigiri invited him!"

"He's using a fake letter..."

"The letter is real...I know what it looked like..."

"He's just tricking you..."

"No, he is not!"

"That brat's a con artist..."

"He is not!"

"How dare you...!"

The guard claimed that Naegi is using a fake letter to sneak his way in, but she pointed out that the letter is real,

Alright, now it’s time to talk about the conflict of this chapter, in greater detail.

The guard assaulted Naegi, in the belief that he forged a letter to sneak his way through. The teacher whom walked onto the scene, Chisa Yukizome, confirmed that the letter was genuine, yet the guard refuses to believe a member of the academy faculty.

You see what I’m talking about when I labelled the villains as stupid?

and by then Jin Kirigiri happened to pass by, and saw the state Naegi is in and asks Yukizome what happened, and after hearing her explanation, and seeing the ripped letter he sent to Naegi, Jin glared at the guard for what he did, and the guard cringes in fear and pleaded not to be fired, but Jin grabbed the guard by his collar and pinned him to the ground, telling him that he is fired, and told Yukizome to call the police so that the arrogant guard would be arrested for assaulting a minor and have Naegi taken to the clinic.



"Take the boy to the clinic...and cal the police..."



"Yes, sir..."

"See to it that Mr. Naegi is given the best care..."

“Give the kid some of your tasty pussy. It’s the author’s fantasy after all.”

"I'm on it..."

Several minutes the scene shifts at Jin's office, where he is sitting on the chair facing Naegi, who had just been patched up by a school nurse, and he apologized to Naegi for what happened and assured that it won't happen again, saying that he will press charges against the fired guard, and even offered anything to Naegi, but Naegi said he appreciated what Jin did and he said that he is here to get the uniform and school supplies, and Jin nodded as he gave him directions on where to go and when he will report on the first day of classes. Naegi thanked Jin for that as he is ready to leave.

"Thank you, Headmaster..."

"It's nothing."

"I'll be taking my leave..."

"Be ready...your first day of classes will happen soon..."

"I will..."

"Good. Take care."



“Thank fuck that loser’s gone!”

After Naegi left, Kizakura approached Jin and commented that the title of SUPER HIGH SCHOOL-LEVEL LUCKSTER fitted Naegi well, as he got bad luck on his first time setting foot on the academy, but Jin groaned as he did nit expected this to happen and wished that incidents like these won't happen again, stating that students should be treated with respect and wished that the reserve course had not been created as he feels that the board of trustees are using APARTHEID in this academy, after hearing how the students sorted to the reserve course are looked down upon by the main course students, and yet Kizakura is not bothered by it.

You’re comparing the lack of respect directed at a bunch of faceless nobodies…to the systematic racial segregation of South Africa, which occurred between 1948 and 1991.

Stay classy Roy…

"My, my...this made me feel like we're in the 1960's..."

"Stop it, Kizakura..."


"I wish that the board of trustees would not exploit the reserve course students..."

Don’t get too mad at them. They need the money to buy body pillows.

"Who knows..."


"Nothing, sir..."


Several minutes later, Naegi had just exited the main course building after getting the uniform and school supplies, and he is walking the road towards the school gate, then sat on the bench to rest, as he started to feel the effects of the beat-up he got from the fired guard, and by then a reserve course student passed by, and saw the bruises on Naegi's face and asks him if he is okay.




"Are you okay?"


"Are you sure?"

"Yes...I'm okay..."


Such an enthralling conversation…

The reserve course student is identified as Hajime Hinata,

Oh hai, Hinata. How’s it going?

and he asks Naegi if he wants to pass by the academy clinic, which Naegi said that it is okay, and Hinata felt that something must have happened and assumed that Naegi is a reserve course student as he knew that several main course students would bully some reserve course students, and he is about to ask Naegi if he is a student in the reserve course when a main course student came and grabbed Hinata by his sleeve, which is a girl and she turn out to be Chiaki Nanami.

YES! Best girl makes an appearance. My sweet Chiaki makes her debut in this fic…wait, that’s not good news at all.

Fuck you Roy! You better not lay a hand on my waifu!

"Let's go..."

"Huh? Nanami?"

"Let's go...I brought a new game...it's a wrestling-type game..."

"But I..."

"It's great...and I promise you'll like it..."


"No buts..."


Nanami invited Hajime to go to another park area as she brought a pair of PS VITA gadgets and said they are going to play WWE NO MERCY XV, saying that the wrestlers here are good and the controls are several steps ahead from DEF JAM VENDETTA,

Yeah, this author’s a fan of wrestling, and he makes sure of it, but sticking it into the fic, with the subtlety of a rampaging elephant. But if you want an especially egregious example, here you go.

In one of his other fics, titled Royal Treatment, he has Naegi beaten up by bears, dressed up as famous wrestlers, FOUR CHAPTERS IN A ROW!

and though Hinata wanted to turn down, Nanami shook her head and drags him away, leaving Naegi alone, and when Naegi sighed, Natsumi is walking by and saw Naegi again, and seeing his bruised face, she wondered if she got into a fight and commented that he got his first fight with a student, but Naegi said that he was assaulted by a guard, and she assumes that Naegi is attempting to sneak in, but as he is trying to explain himself, she cuts him off saying that she is not interested in reserve course students, even though she is just one, since she aspires to get into the main course.

"Actually, I was..."

"Zip it..."


"I'm not interested in reserve curse students..."


"Got to go...see you around..."



Natsumi left the scene as she is heading for the school gate exit, and Naegi sighed as he did not expect that his first time stepping into Hope's Peak would turn out like this, but then images if Natsumi's face entered his mind, and he sighed again,

Before proceeding to masturbate.

seeing that the academy has their share of attractive girls yet being selected to Hope's Peak would make them feel haughty and arrogant, not realizing that Natsumi had been assigned to the reserve course.

"Seriously...I wonder if attractive girls here are like that..."

After that, Naegi stood up and is leaving the academy and is heading home, as he is due to attend classes in a few days from now.

To Be Continued... .

Well that was Chapter 2, with the only memorable things being Naegi getting beaten up, as well as best girl, Chiaki making an appearance. In the author’s notes, Roy whinges about THQ, despite the company having been shut down before this fic was written.

Until next time, everyone.

List of mocks can be found here: Here

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Jesus man what is up with you and all of those waifus! Are you secretly the "Ultimate Pimp"?
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How infamous is Masked Rider Roy? I never heard of him, and I write fanfictions on my spare time tongue.gif

"Did you know that UnsavoryGlint is my old arse Xbox live profile name?, I keep it out of a odd respect for it (although it could due to the fact that its a euphemism for something nasty.)"
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UnsavoryGlint@ As an actual user on Fanfiction.net, Masked Rider Roy is not really that infamous at all. On here however, he’s the author that grinds my gears the most. I’m surprised that you haven’t heard of him, given his…unique style of writing fanfiction.

Last time, the author in a skinsuit got beaten up by a guard…and best girl made an appearance at the end.

Ch. 3: Kurasu no Shonichi

An hour later, Natsumi arrived home, and went inside the house, where Mr. Kuzuryu is in a middle of a meeting with various branch leaders of the mafia, and there she greeted her dad, and bowed to the branch leaders which they bowed to her as well, and Mr. Kuzuryu asks how did things go at Hope's Peak, which she said that things went well, though she said she finds it boring after being assigned to the reserve course, but her dad said that had she accepted the offer to be the heir instead of giving it to Fuyuhiko, she might have gotten to the main course, but she said that she will find a way to get noticed and transferred to the main course, which her dad sensed that she might get into trouble knowing how troublesome she can be, especially when having a bit of violent reactions.

Get used to this happening every 28 days, Mr. Kuzuryu.

"What was that, dad?"

"You heard me...I doubt that you could make it to the main course on your own..."


"If you want to get into the main course like your brother, you need to find a talent that the scout would consider..."

"I already have one...the SUPER HIGH SCHOOL-LEVEL YOUNGER SISTER..."

…how the fuck would that work?

“Yeah I don’t have a specific talent, but I’m a sister who dotes on her older brother. Enroll me into your prestigious academy now!”

"That's foolish...whatever...go to your room and rest..."



After that, Natsumi went to her room, and the branch leader asks Mr. Kuzuryu if letting her attend to Hope's Peak is okay seeing that she has not shown any specific talent other than managing to make contracts with certain people, and he said that as long as she does well, it would be okay, and it is better than letting her stay at home and cause trouble, which the others nodded in agreement seeing how Natsumi can be a bit terrifying when violent. One branch leader even recalled how she beat up one of her men after he mistakenly gave her a men's underwear thinking it belonged to her and foolishly assume she is a lesbian and it took Fuyuhiko and Pekoyama to calm her down.

What the hell was he doing with someone’s underwear, presumably Fuyuhiko’s? What even is this?!

As shit as he is, at least Roy surprises me with his stupidity.

One of the branch leaders then asks what would happen if Natsumi finds a boyfriend at the academy, which Mr. Kuzuryu pondered about that possibility, though he dismisses it knowing that Natsumi has no time or interests for those kind of things and that he is sure that ordinary boys would steer clear from her the moment they find out about her true identity as a Kuzuryu, and that she would rather concentrate on becoming someone within the Kuzuryu family who would help in strengthening the mafia network within Japan.

What a relief, I thought I was going to sit through a paragraph, on how every guy who crushes on Natsumi is a creepy scumbag, except for the author.

"...and that's what I think about my daughter..."

"I see..."

"I wonder why she did not accept the title of heir to your network...?"

"But since your eldest son became the heir...where would this leave your daughter?"

"I'm sure Natsumi would find a way..."

"I suppose..."

"Still she is one tough girl..."

"I wonder if my son would woo your daughter..."

What an utterly random comment. Seriously, of all the things to put in, you went with ‘Maybe my son might be able to date her…’

Not far, Peko Pekoyama overheard the conversation, and left intending, to tell Fuyuhiko what she just heard, and felt that he needs to be informed about what his younger sister is doing and she has a feeling that Fuyuhiko would get stressed should he imagine the antics Natsumi might cause once she starts attending Hope's Peak Academy. However, Mr. Kuzuryu summoned Peko and assigned her to do some errands which she obliges, and she left, but she intends to tell Fuyuhiko about the matter once she gets back.

At the Naegi residence, Naegi sweat-dropped as his parents and younger sister are concerned, and nearly went ballistic after seeing his bruised face and when told of what happened, and Mr. Naegi is getting up and heading for the police station to get his hands on the fired security guard for beating up Naegi, but his wife and Komaru grappled onto him and urged him to calm down and said they would seek a lawyer to file charges against the guard.

I can’t be too harsh on the guard. If I ever saw Naegi in real life, I’d bash his face in with a baseball bat.

However, Naegi's dad wouldn't have any of it, saying that Naegi should not have been beaten up like a trash can

Spoilers: Naegi IS a trash can; in human form I mean.

and said that the higher-ups at Hope's Peak should assign SMARTER and RESPONSIBLE guards to man the school and not treat his son like a suspicious person and is ready to bolt out of the house but his wife and Komaru urged him to calm down, and Naegi himself stepped in and told his dad that the guard is fired, as well as being jailed, and he is now enrolled at the academy, and he should not cause a scene that might cause trouble.

"Dad, calm down!"

"I won't!"

"But dad...!"

"I won't let that guy beat you up like a punching bag! I'll see toit that he gets what is coming!"

"There's no need for that, dad!"

"There is!"

"Give it a rest, already!"

"But, Makoto...!"

Naegi's dad still wouldn't budge and insisted that he confront the ex-guard, but Naegi then told his dad that the guard was already in jail after the headmaster filed charges against him as well as being fired from Hope's Peak, but his dad told Naegi that he should learn to defend himself and not getting beaten up, urging him to be a MAN, so that he can attract pretty girls at Hope's Peak Academy, which caused Naegi to fall to the floor, anime-style, but he gets up and began arguing with his dad for making such lame comments.

Oh yeah, I forgot. Roy is one of those special kind of authors; the ones who add in visual jokes, for the sake of pandering to the moronic weeaboos who read this trash.

But his dad rebutted and said that aside from attending the academy, Makoto should show everyone that even normal persons can shine and not to be shown as a pushover, and there he told him to bring a camera and take pictures of Hope's Peak Academy, as well as take pictures of pretty girls, and urged him to take the initiative to ask her out on a date, saying this would be a plus factor that even ordinary boys have the ability to swoon a girl, just like he did when he asked his wife out when they were teenagers, and Naegi fell to the floor (anime-style) and began arguing with his dad over the silly comment.

I just—I—What the?!

I know Roy copy and pastes shit from one fic to another, but this is the first time he’s literally copied one paragraph, and slap it next to the original.

Granted, they aren’t 100% identical, but I digress…



"You're talking nonsense!"

"Of course not! What I'm telling you would help you socialize anyone at Hope's Peak!"


"If you managed to get a girlfriend..you could become the SUPER HIGH SCHOOL-LEVEL BOYFRIEND..."

That’s even more retarded than Natsumi’s ‘Super High School Level Younger Sister’.

"Will you knock it off?!"

"Come on, Makoto...I'm trying to help you..."

Komaru and her mom sweat-dropped seeing the father and son bickering non-stop and they sighed at this yet they were happy to see that Makoto is about to start a new academic life and hoped that once Naegi graduates he would succeed in life and makes life easy for the Naegi family, and Komaru glanced at the academy uniform, and wondered if she too would have a talent, though it was wishful thinking since she is only 13 years old, but her mom encouraged her to try whatever talent she has, and said that in two years from now, she might get scouted by Hope's Peak and may end up at the main course, which lift Komaru's spirits.

Speaking of Komaru, Roy’s in the process of writing a fic, where she has sex with Yuta Asahina, the younger brother of Aoi. And by younger, I mean that both Yuta and Komaru are around 13.

You can start screaming now.

"Really, mom?"

"Yes...think of a talent that you're good at...and the scouts might take notice of you..."


"Well, Komaru?"

"Okay...I'll think of something..."

"That's the spirit, Komaru..."

"Thanks, mom!"


A week later, it was Monday, and the scene shows that Hope's Peak Academy is in full swing, as several new students are flocking the main building, and many of them are glancing at the bulletin board to find which section are they assigned to, and are excited to spend their first day of classes each of them were given an assigned title, and not far, Naegi had just entered the main course building, and he too wondered what awaits him as he is bracing himself to spend his first day of classes, and as he stood in front of the bulletin board, he saw several sections and glanced at each one, until finding his name and finds out that he is sorted to Class 78.

Taking a deep breath, Naegi walked the hallway and saw many students hanging out, some chatting with one another, but then some glanced at him and whispered, seeing that Naegi is so short for an average high school student and that he looked too ordinary and some even wondered why a plain-looking boy is doing here,

Because wish-fulfilment.

I know I give Naegi a hard time, but I hate the damn guy. He’s easily one of the blandest protagonists, rivalling even Jason Brody from Far Cry 3.

“But GorillaGamer, couldn’t he be a way for the player to insert themselves into the game?” you might say. While you do raise a fair point, there was nothing to indicate that either Naegi or Hinata from Danganronpa 2 are meant for the audience to insert themselves into.

seeing him as an eyesore and nothing more, believing that Naegi does not have the image of a Super High School-level type of a student, which Naegi mentally sighed as he heard their comments about him.

"Look t that kid..."

"Is he in high school?"

"What a boring guy..."

"What's his talent?"

"Is he really a main course student?"

"I bet he cheated his way here..."

"So plain..."

"He's an eyesore..."

And here we go, the ever so original premise of faceless goons trash-talking behind Naegi’s back. It’s a different scenario from the arrogant “villain” that Roy throws in, because while those have a chapter dedicated to them, the faceless goons have only a few lines of dialogue, just enough to give Naegi some pity points.

Naegi proceeded to walk towards the classroom as the other students glanced at him, and they discovered his section and continued to eye him, curious to see what he can do seeing that Naegi is too ordinary and they wondered if he bribed someone just to get him into the main course and they vowed to find out what Naegi is, not realizing that Naegi was sorted into the main course due to his high school title, and the scene shifts inside where Naegi is greeted by someone he knew, which turns out to be Sayaka Maizono, and Naegi is surprised to see that his schoolmate from middle school got in to this academy.

Hi Sayaka, how’s it going?

If I may say something, it’s a shame that she dies really early in the first game. Had she gotten some more screen time, she could have been a great waifu of mine…



"It really is you!"

"Huh...? Maizono-san?"

"Yes...it's me!"

"No way..you were scouted as well?"

"That's right!"


Maizono is surprised to hear that he was sorted to the main course due to his LUCK, and the other students inside the classroom, who would become his classmates, overheard this, and one of them approached Naegi, a tan-skinned girl identified as Aoi Asahina, and she asks him if the LUCKSTER is really his talent title, and when he nodded, she said that it doesn't matter as long as he gets sorted here and showcase his talent and that he would make friends here.

I hope you have your talent go off, when some random thug bursts into your classroom, and blow your brains out!

Naegi smiled seeing that there are students who would accept people for who they are, seeing that talent do not matter much and began engaging a conversation with Asahina seeing that she is a nice person, and the two slowly became friends as Maizono watches on seeing Naegi making friends, feeling that Naegi would fit in well in Hope's Peak Academy, and the scene shows that Naegi and Asahina are talking, slowly becoming fast friends.

"Wow...your talent is Good Luck?"

"Yeah..that's what the scout saw in me..."

"Maybe he's right...you were lucky to get scouted in Hope's Peak..!"

"So...what's your talent?"




"I see..."

Another classmate approached Naegi and made a conversation with him and told him she is curious if he really has LUCK, saying that she too has LUCK, and when he asks her if she is also a LUCKSTER, the girl shook her head and said that her title is SUPER HIGH SCHOOL-LEVEL GAMBLER, and said that she won numerous gambling games due to her LUCK, and she invited him to come with her to a casino so as to test if he really has luck, which Naegi sweat-dropped at the conversation.

You know what? I take back what I said earlier. I’d love to have Naegi come with me to a casino, just so I can rake in the dough. Of course, if his luck costs me a lot of money, I’ll have to punish him.


"So what do you say? Come with me...we go to a casino...and play with me...there I would see if you really have LUCK..."

"But...I don't gamble..."

"Then I'll show you how..."

"Uh...I'm underage..."

"I know of a place where you can play without asking your age..."

"But still..."

"Leave it to me..."

The girl is identified as Celestia Ludenberg, and she said that if Naegi's LUCK is for real, then he can make a lot of money, but another classmate stepped in and reprimand Celestia for teaching Naegi to do bad habits which is unacceptable, causing the two to bicker at each other, which caused Naegi to sweat-drop at seeing the argument between his two classmates.

The two teens in front of Naegi began arguing over MORAL MATTERS,

Fuck moral matters, I want to win big!

which Ludenberg chided the male classmate for being OLD FASHIONED, but he said that her words are uncalled for and that she should be a good example to students and not become a bad influence, but Ludenberg teases him for being jealous and the other boy verbally fired back and reprimanded her for her comments.

"How dare you!"

"Pardon me?"

"You are becoming a bad influence! Goading your classmate to do gambling...that is against the school rules!"

"Don't be so uptight..."

"You should know better and behave yourself!"

"I'm not a kid..."

"You are a student of Hope's Peak!"

"So what?"

The classmate who reprimanded Celestia is identified as Kiyotaka Ishimaru, and Naegi learned that Ishimaru's title is SUPER HIGH SCHOOL-LEVEL DISCIPLINARIAN, and Naegi used his skills as a pacifist and tries to calm his two classmates down,

I thought he was the SHSL Luckster, not the SHSL Pacifist.

in which the classroom would soon become lively, but outside, the other students eavesdropped at the scene, and they were flabbergasted upon discovering Naegi's name and his high school title, and they could not believe that someone like him made it to the main course and they branded him a true eyesore of the academy.

"That kid? A Luckster?"

"What kind of talent is that?"


The exact word I use to describe ALL of Roy’s fic.

"I bet he bribed the headmaster..."

"He really is an eyesore..."

"What a loser..."

"How did someone like him ended up here?"

"Luckster my ass..."

At the reserve course building, the scene shifts inside a classroom where Hajime Hinata is sitting, and is glancing at his hand where it showed marks on his fingers after playing the PS VITA gadget from several games due to him getting roped in by Nanami, and though he is a bit bewildered, he started to feel contentment and felt that he made a friend, but then his musing was interrupted when a teacher came in and announced that a transfer student is here to be part of this section, who turn out to be Natsumi Kuzuryu, and while the students were at first drawn by her pretty face and figure, they were instantly turned off once she greeted her new classmates.

"Hello...I don't know why I ended up being sorted with you garbage...but oh well...nice to meet you..."

“You’re all doodoo heads! Oh well, nice to meet you!

Natsumi then took her seat, and as the other classmates chose to ignore her, one student in particular was seen glaring at Natsumi, as if that student know her, and is not pleased to see her here and became worried over something, and Hinata glanced at Natsumi as she began to act so haughtily yet she showcased her skills during lecture, and he wondered what would happen in the next few days from now as he has a feeling thongs would not go well in this section.

To Be Continued...

I can’t believe that it’s taken me so long to point this out, but Roy happens to be one of those authors, who doesn’t update his fics, unless he gets a few reviews. Granted, he doesn’t ask for a specific amount, but considering how he hasn’t updated ‘experimental fics’, that don’t draw in reviews, shows just how little a shit he gives when it comes to writing stories.

Until next time everyone.

List of mocks can be found here: Here

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Jesus man what is up with you and all of those waifus! Are you secretly the "Ultimate Pimp"?
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Dear god is there a character in Danganronpa that Roy doesn't want to fuck? How long do we have till he starts fucking lolis?

Anyway I gotta hand to Roy, he's always consistent when it comes to Naegi's character, he's always a pussy in every single fic of his.

Also I know its unrelated to the story but are you gonna mock the sequel of keep living for friendship?

This post has been edited by AnItalianGuy: Feb 4 2017, 12:08 PM

Begin salty is an art my friend, thats why you suck so much at it

List of mocks:
In progress: The Luckster And The Detective
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AnItalianGuy@ Well I’ll be a tapdancing orangutan, it’s so nice to see you again. I do hope you finish your mock. Now to answer your questions.

Dear god is there a character in Danganronpa that Roy doesn't want to fuck? How long do we have till he starts fucking lolis?

You don’t have to wait long, Roy’s writing a fic where he inserts himself into Yuta Asahina, just so he could fuck Komaru Naegi. That aside, he’s written a lot of shitty fanfics while you were gone.

Also I know its unrelated to the story but are you gonna mock the sequel of keep living for friendship?

Me and Dashguy have no problem with mocking the sequel, even though we’re a bit busy with Kamen Rider GX. But since CuChulainn1290’s busy at the moment, I might hit up Dashguy with an email, to see if we can get the mock started.

So here we are, another chapter of Roy’s Egregious Wankfest. Unfortunately, not a damn thing of interest happens.

Ch. 4: Kibōgamine Gakuen de no Saisho no shū

Towards the end of the day, things went well at Hope's Peak, as classes went well and no incident has been recorded, all except for the reserve course building, as Natsumi Kuzuryu became the talk of the class, as nearly all the classmates are discussing about her, though not in a positive way, as Natsumi's bad attitude and mean streak has riled them as she bad mouth each of them to no end, though Hinata is spared as she did not notice him, and he can hear his classmates making comments about her and he can understand why.

"That Kuzuryu bitch..."

"Who dies she think she is...?"

"She's got the nerve..."

"I hate her..."

"I hate her even more..."

"She ought to know her place..."

"Makes me feel like I want to DO her..."

"She thinks pretty, but her attitude is UGLY..."

Natsumi has pretty thoughts? You mean she thinks of sunshine and rainbows all the time?

By then the bell rang and it was dismissal time, and the reserve course students picked up their bags and left the classroom, and Natsumi took hers and left the building, as she walked past her classmates without looking at them and her classmates can only glare at her as they did not like her attitude and wished that she be expelled from the academy seeing her as an eyesore but then one of her classmates told the others what he discovered, in which Natsumi is the daughter of the Kuzuryu Mafia Family, and they are rather startled, yet baffled, as to why she came to study at Hope's Peak.

Many somewhat coiled in surprise and others wondered why she came here, yet this did not seemed to deter them from the fact that they do not like her, and felt that as a gangster's daughter, it appeared natural that she looks down on her classmates and they wished that Natsumi gets expelled from Hope's Peak as they see her as an eyesore in the reserve course.

"She's the daughter of the Kuzuryu Crime family...?"

Thank you Captain Obvious!

"No way..."

"That explains why she's like that..."

"A spoiled brat..."

"Hope she gets what's coming for her...

"I hope she gets expelled..."

"Yeah...she's an eyesore..."

"A bitch..."

“She’s a cheater and a fake! A no good cheater!”

Much later, the scene shifts at the school grounds where Natsumi is walking and she unknowingly dropped her purse, and before she could walk farther away, Naegi noticed it and picked the purse and called Natsumi, telling her that she dropped her purse, and when she turn around, she was rather surprised to see Naegi giving her the purse, and though she wanted to ignore him, she decided to at least thank him for that and thanked him even though she did not bother to look at him as she thinks he is plain and boring.

Be careful Natsumi. Knowing Roy, he most likely jerked off in it.

"Um...excuse me..."


"You dropped this..."


"Um...you're welcome...(she looks pretty)"

"What was that?"



Naegi himself is a bit surprised to see her and he just nodded and smiled, and for the first time, Natsumi is taken aback, as she unknowingly took notice of him as he smiled at her and she felt that something is not right seeing that she noticed him after seeing him smiled, and she looked away because of her pride, and began to walk away, and Naegi blinked his eyes as he wondered what is going on, but decided to leave as well, heading towards another direction.

I can now safely say, that the author has no idea how romantic interaction works. But given the other two fics of his I mocked, that wasn’t hard to figure out.

By then Natsumi stopped as she noticed something again and turn around, seeing Naegi walking away, and there she saw him wearing the uniform, and that is where she discovered that Naegi is a main course student, and she couldn't believe this, as she wondered how and why such a plain and boring boy ended up at the main course, and wondered what his talent is. She couldn't believe this is happening and decided to think of a way to have the academy notice her so that they would consider bringing her to the main course building sometime soon.

"That kid...how did he became a main course student...he looked plain and boring...I even thought of him as a reserve course student...! I won't stand for this...I got to think of a way to be noticed and get transferred to the main course...no matter what it takes...!"

Naegi managed to get in, because his mother sucked the right cocks.

The next day, the scene shifts at the main building, where the Class of 77th students are at a park, enjoying a peaceful time, and the scene zoomed towards a corner of a building where Fuyuhiko and Pekoyama are talking, in which they are discussing about Natsumi coming to the academy and ended up at the reserve course, and he is somewhat concerned that her attitude would get her into trouble which Pekoyama agreed, having seen what she can do verbally and physically and this made her concerned as well.

"Natsumi-sama is here as well...?"

"Yeah...and I'm not too thrilled about it myself..."


"She always drive me nuts...but her being here...who knows what she is going to pull...I have a bad feeling she'll get into the face of anyone she sees as an eyesore..."


"What was dad thinking...?"

How Natsumi was the reason he drinks all the time?

"Fuyuhiko-sama...want me to check on her and see what she is up to...?"


Pekoyama offered that she would sneak into the reserve course building and see what Natsumi is up to, but Fuyuhiko advised her against it as he finds it troublesome and that Pekoyama might get into trouble and told her not to do that and said that he will talk to his sister tonight once she is home, but then Mioda came and interjected, sensing something out of the blue, which caused Fuyuhiko and Pekoyama to back away from one another, and Mioda began teasing Fuyuhiko, which he defended himself from Mioda's teasing.

Oh boy! Here’s some more of what Roy calls, “humor”.



"It's rare to see you two talking together..."

"W-what are you...?"

"The gangster is in love..."

"Knock it off, you guitar freak!"

"Hee-hee-hee...Fuyu loves Peko..."

"Buzz off, you heavy metal hentai...!"

Both Fuyuhiko and Pekoyama walked away, as if nothing happened, and Mioda blinked her eyes as she is sure there was something going on between those two but she shrugged her shoulders as she left as well, joining the others as the group enjoyed a leisure time with one another.

The scene shifts at the reserve course building, where the scene zoomed towards the classroom where Hinata is eating a croquette, while at the same time gazing at the main course building, as he is aspiring that he would one day become a student there, but his musing was interrupted when Natsumi approached him, noticing him gazing at the other building, and guessed that he too has the same desire as hers.



"Hey...I'm talking to you..."


"Why are you staring at the main course building? Ah...so you want to be transferred there as well...?"

Nah, he’s just daydreaming about Nanami. And I can’t get mad at him for that…

"Yeah? So what? Wait...is it true? You're the daughter of a crime gang that rumors are saying...?"

"Yeah...the Kuzuryu Crime gang network..."

"No way..."

Hinata was taken aback when told that she is the daughter of the Kuzuryu Mafia Family, and said that she too aspires to get into the main building, and said she would do whatever it takes to get there, and even said that she is willing to face anyone getting in her way, and that's where a classmate came and confronted Natsumi, glaring at her while Natsumi smirked deviously as she saw a familiar face and realized that the person in front of her is someone she knew from middle school.


"Ah...it is you...long time no see, Sato..."

"You better not be doing anything stupid..."


"Don't even try to fool me!"

"Got a problem...?"

"I swear...if you do something foolish...!"

"Buzz off, you green-haired, green-minded whore..."

Green-minded whore…

Clearly Natsumi needs to improve on her skill in insulting people.

The classmate standing in front of Natsumi is a girl, identified only as Sato, and she warned Natsumi not to do anything foolish, but Natsumi just grinned and said she will one day move into the main course building and will do anything to get there even if she has to fight her way to get it, and Sato became incensed at Natsumi's attitude, causing the classroom to get loud, and Hinata can feel the tension, but none of the classmates bothered to do anything about it as they are somewhat selfish and has no sense of friendship with one another, only caring about moving into the main course building and yet commented about the two girls quarreling.

"What is with those two?"

"Do they know each other?"

"Who cares?"

"Not our problem...?"

"Let them be..."

"I hope they get expelled..."

"A pair of bitches..."

"Pretty bitches..."

And you’re all a bunch of jackasses!

By then Koizumi arrived and pacifies Sato while urging Natsumi to stop it, telling her that bullying others won't earn her any points to get to the main course, and when Sato threatens to tell her brother what she is doing, Natsumi got agitated and is ready to punch Sato, but Koizumi stepped in between and pleaded at the two girls to stop, and Natsumi reluctantly stopped her actions and left, and Sato was relieved that Natsumi left, and she and Koizumi left the classroom to have lunch together.

Two days later, the scene shifts at a park inside Hope's Peak as Natsumi is taking a walk as she is bored at her current school life for now due to having no friends which she felt that she doesn't need onr, and there she came across a bench where she was surprised to see Hinata hanging out with Nanami, the two playing a PS VITA game of WCW-NWO REVENGE, and Natsumi is taken aback to see her classmate hanging out with a main course student, and there Hinata saw a surprised Natsumi and asks her if there is something wrong.

I know Nanami is the Super High School Level Gamer, but surely she plays something other than shitty wrestling games.

Wait a minute…a weeaboo who obsesses over wrestling, fantasizes about fucking as many waifus as possible, writes shitty villains, and has more fans then they deserve.

Holy Shit! Masked Rider Roy is a clone of Fennikusumaru! They’re like two peas in a pod.

Two talentless, autistic peas in a pod…




"What is this?"

"What do you mean?"

"Why are you hanging out with a main course student?"

"Well...Nanami and I are friends..."


Hinata is taken aback at Natsumi's queries about why a reserve course student is hanging out with a main course student, which Hinata tries to come up with a rebuttal, but Nanami responded, telling her that she does not mind hanging out with a reserve course student as she believes that talent is irrelevant as long as she makes friends and a lasting memory,

Oh I’ll give you a lasting memory, my sweet Nanami…

which made Natsumi feel agitated, as she firmly believes that a reserve course student would never have friends if he/she is not in the main course, and by then Naegi passed by and saw the scene, wondering if he came at a wrong place at the wrong time, and there Natsumi saw Naegi, and she glared at him before running off, and Naegi wondered what is going on here.

Both Hinata and Nanami watched the scene before they glanced at each other and then sighed as they resume playing the PS VITA game, and Naegi just blinked his eyes as he wondered if his luck caused him to witness such a tension-induced scene. He then glanced at the two and noticed the uniforms they are wearing and Naegi asks Hinata what section is he in, and asks why his uniform is different.



"Er...what section are you in...? I never seen such a uniform before..."

"Sorry...I'm from the reserve course..."

"Reserve course...?"

"Yeah...wait...are you here to mock me...?"

"Um, no...I have no intention of doing that..."


Such enthralling dialogue…

Hinata told Naegi that he is from the reserve course and asks if he is here to mock him, which Naegi denies and said he did not know that things like reserve course exists at the academy, which Hinata glanced at Naegi, quite surprised to hear that he did not know anything about the reserve course, and Nanami interjected that Hinata should not be concerned as she believes that there is no barrier between the main and reserve courses, which Naegi agreed, and this made Hinata feel at ease...for now, and Naegi decided to take his leave, seeing that things might go out if hand if he remains here.

At another side of the park within Hope's Peak, you can see Natsumi sitting on a bench, glaring at the ground, and tears slowly fell from her eyes, frustrated as her impatience of wishing to get into the main course, while at the same time unable to accept the fact that a main course student like Nanami being friends with a "lowly" reserve course student like Hinata, and she felt alone and left out, and by then someone approached her and she looked, wiping the tears off her face and saw an elderly man standing before her.

Why are my child molester alarms going off all of a sudden…?

"Hello there..."


"May I sit next to you...?"

"Whatever...do what you want..."

"Thank you..."


"Can I have a word with you...?"


The man standing before her was Kazuo Tengan, and he happened to saw the scene earlier, and after hearing the brief talk, he decided to offer her some advice as he saw that Natsumi herself has the same insecurity like Hinata, and asks if he could sit beside her, and though she wanted to respond rudely to him, she was unable to since she still, to a degree, respect elders, and told him to do what he pleases, not looking at him.

While you’re busy respecting your elders, can you make something happen? I’m about to fall asleep.

"Are you okay...?"


"Perhaps I can help you..."

"I don't need to..."

"I believe you're in need of some advice..."


"This won't take a few minutes..."


To Be Continued...

Well this chapter was a fat load of nothing. Seriously, I cannot believe I wasted my time on this waste of bandwidth. The next chapter better has something worth mocking, otherwise I’ll reach into Roy’s screen and strangle the fucker!

Until next time everyone.

List of mocks can be found here: Here

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Jesus man what is up with you and all of those waifus! Are you secretly the "Ultimate Pimp"?
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Hello everyone, and welcome to another chapter of The Luckster and the Gangster’s Sister. Remember how in the last chapter, I asked for something to happen? Unfortunately that statement’s gonna bite me in the ass this chapter, as it manages to push a personal button of mine, which I will go into more detail about. I won’t tell you what it is, but once you see it, you’ll know what it is.

Ch. 5: Akuma no Kokoromi

As Tengan sat beside her, he glanced at Natsumi and he can tell that she is still crying, and before he could talk to her, Natsumi warned him not to make any suggestive moves or else he could be charged for "corruption of minors", which he snickered a bit and assured to her that he would not do something like that especially after stepping down as headmaster, which Natsumi stared at him upon hearing that and asks him what did he mean about what he just said.

You have no right to charge a character for corruption of minors, Mr. ‘I jerk it to Komaru Naegi.”

"What did you just said...?"


"You're the former headmaster if this academy...?"

"Yes...that is right..."




"Of course..."

Natsumi was quite surprised to hear that Tengan was the former headmaster of Hope's Peak Academy, yet she chided that perhaps it was his idea to create the reserve course for students who have no talent, but he corrected her by saying that he is not involved in creating a separate course for ordinary students, which she blinked her eyes at hearing this. Tengan then talked to Natsumi, saying that he saw her insecurity on being left behind due to her status as a reserve course student, and said that she can return to her normal high school which she vehemently turn down the idea as she does not want to be left behind by her elder brother and Pekoyama.

Then join in on the family business. That way, you and your brother can work together, without you being left behind.

God, why does every character Roy writes, has to be a fucking moron?!

"I'm not going back! I'll do what it takes to get to the main course! So don'try to discourage me, you old man!"

"Calm down, child...I am not trying to bring you down..."

"My elder brother's in the main course...I want to be with him no matter what! I will not do notho g and get left behind!"

"I see..."

"So don't try getting any wrong ideas...In won't give in...I won't give up...I'll do whatever I can to get to the main course!"

"You sure are determined..."

"Of course! I am the daughter of the Fuyuhiko family!"

Holy shit, you got her name wrong again! Looks like I was wrong about them being the Kuzuryu family. I guess their new names are Fuyuhiko Fuyuhiko, and Natsumi Fuyuhiko.

Just when I thought Roy couldn’t get any more incompetent, he manages to surprise me…


Tengan is rather surprised to see her determination in getting into the main course of the academy, and there he advised her to find the talent that suited her and think of the hobbies she loved most, and then make use of it so the Hope's Peak scout would notice her and consider bringing her to the main course, which Natsumi went silent for a while, and Tengan gently told her not to fear "normalcy" as there is nothing wrong with being normal, and after that, he left. Natsumi was quite taken aback after hearing his words, yet her desire to be a main course student is still strong, and she glanced at her lap as she really wanted to do something that she can be proud of, and in the eyes of her brother.

By then she noticed Naegi standing there and she glanced at him seeing that he appeared to have eavesdropped and she asks him what does he want, and Naegi approached her and said that he too sees himself as a normal person but he did not give up on being the person he is today, and advised her to be optimistic as there can be a lot of possibilities, and all she has to do is find what suited her most, and she was again taken aback, as Naegi's words were similar to Tengan's, but then a suddenly thought entered her mind and asks him what his talent is.


Ehh…I feel like Super High School Level Waste of Space would be more fitting.

"Huh? What the heck does that mean...?"

"Um...good luck...?"

"LUCK? As in...?"



"Um...are you okay...?"

"Are you...SCREWING WITH ME?!"

Natsumi stared wide-eyed in disbelief at hearing what Naegi just said, that his talent is being the "Luckster", and grabbed him by his uniform collar and demanded a STRAIGHT answer and not joke with her, which Naegi is taken aback, and she asks him again what his talent is, and Naegi reiterated his answer, which she finds it unacceptable and asks how can one getting luck can be considered a talent,

Thank you for being the voice of reason Natsumi.

and she saw that Naegi had a calm expression and he told her he did not know how or why he was given such a title or if his LUCK is a talent, only saying that he was approached by the Hope's Peak scout and recruiter and gave him the invite and that us how he ended up here, and there he asks her about the reserve course, in which he said that he never heard about it and is curious to know what does it do here, but her insecurity, as well as her confusion over the conversation caused her to not answer his question, and just went silent as Naegi politely asks her if he said something wrong.



"Are you okay?"




"Did I...said something wrong...?"


It must have taken all of Roy’s brain cells, to be able to write dialogue like this.

By then, Sato and Koizumi passed by the area and saw Natsumi holding Naegi by his collar and they believed that she is harassing Naegi and they went there to tell her off, berating her for "bullying" a main course student, which Natsumi glared at the two girls before releasing her hold and walked off, and there Koizumi asks Naegi if he is okay, which he nodded and finds out that she is also a main course student and saw Sato wearing a different uniform, and he asks Koizumi about the reserve course, in which Koizumi said that it is a separate course of the academy where ordinary students with no talent can attend there but would pay high tuition fees, and he stared in surprise at hearing that Hope's Peak made a course separate from those with talents and asks when this was established which Koizumi said that the reserve course was set up last year, and said that he is fortunate to have ended up in the main course, and he asks what the students at the reserve course is like.

That whole paragraph was a single, fucking sentence!

I’ll say this again, how the fuck did I not notice this to begin with?!

"Well...the reserve course is like an ordinary high school..."



"Why would they...?"

"Should someone discovered a student's latent talent...then that student would be transferred to the main course..."


"Well...that's all I can tell you..."


Naegi stared in surprise when Koizumi told her about it and Sato confirms Koizumi's words, and she asks him what Natsumi did to him, which he told her what he saw, and there Sato advised Naegi to stay away from Natsumi not only because of her attitude but also because she is a daughter of a mafia family which Koizumi said that her classmate at Class 77 is the elder brother of Natsumi, which surprised Naegi again upon hearing this.

Sato and Koizumi then left after that, and Naegi is left pondering after hearing all of these, yet he can tell that Natsumi is not a bad person, and felt that she just needed a friend and some emotional support.

Roy learnt this, via researching Natsumi on the Danganronpa wikia…and Rule 34.

The scene then shifts to Natsumi as she is walking off from the academy, frustrated at what she went through today as well as she couldn't believe that someone like Naegi ended up at the main course because of some "luck", and she believed that Naegi did something so that he ended up there instead of ending at the reserve course.

"Super High School-level Good Luck...bullshit! I'm not buying it! I will find out if that kid cheated his way there...!"

As she left the school gate, several of her classmates from the reserve course are there, glaring at her for her attitude and yet they appeared to have gotten attractive towards her because of her sexy figure, yet they wanted to teach her a lesson for acting so "high and mighty", and they soon came up with a way to humiliate her so that she would be traumatized and leave the academy so they won't have to put up with her pompous attitude.

And here we go. This is what I was talking about at the beginning of the mock, the thing that pushes a personal button of mine, one-dimensional rapist villains.

"That Kuzuryu..."

"Who does she think she is..."

"Well...she is sexy..."

"Makes me wanna DO her..."

"I got an idea...and it'll make her want to leave this place..."


"Tell us..."

"I want to hear it..."

Later that night, Naegi is laying on his bed thinking about how what he learned after today's events, as he couldn't believe that the students with no talent ending up at the reserve course and paying high tuition fees while those ending up at the main course were given great privileges and free tuition, and wondered if his being lucky is the reason why he ended up at the main course.

That’s the way the school works mate. Don’t like it? You can easily drop out anytime you like.

He is unsure what to do if people asks him questions about the academy and he is worried that they might get turned off once he told them about what he learned so far.

"Really...I ought to be careful..."

His thoughts soon shifted to Natsumi and he wondered if she would be okay considering what she went through and wondered if he should go see Tengan and ask him more about the reserve course and get some advise, as he really wanted to get so answers from him after hearing him tell Natsumi not to fear "normalcy", since Naegi sees himself as an ordinary boy.

A few days later, Natsumi is alone at a park within the academy, thinking about what Tengan told her, and she is conflicted as she did not want to waste the efforts she made after begging her dad to let her enroll at Hope's Peak, and she is thinking what hobbies she did which would warrant in making it worthy to be a talent,

Well there’s being a whiny bitch…that has to be a talent.

and looked around, as she thinks that Naegi might somewhere be here, so that she would ask him more questions about why he ended up at the main course as she still refuse to believe that being the LUCKSTER is a talent.

"When I find that kid...I'll get a lot of answers from him..."

Natsumi still refuses to believe that Naegi ended up being scouted to tbe main course due to the reason bring hus SHEER LUCK, and felt that thete is more to this and meets the eye, and she became determined to get answers from him to know the truth believing that LUCK is just a useless talent and she wants to find out how Naegi ended up at the main course, hoping to find the SECRET that would make the scouts notice her and send her to the main course.

By then three persons in masks grabbed her from behind, and two were holding her arms as they made her sit down so she won't have any leverage, and the other used a cloth laced with chloroform and used it to sedate her, and she was knocked out and they carried her to some place within the academy, and minutes later, Naegi passed by the area and saw her bag sprawled on the ground, and noticed several footprints marked there and Naegi recalled what Sato and Koizumi said about her getting the ire of her classmates due to her attitude, and he had a feeling that they are getting even with her.

"No way...she's in danger...!"

Go Naegi, get your ass beaten by the obviously evil villains.

Naegi then went off to find Natsumi as he has a feeling that something bad is about to happen, and minutes later, Pekoyama saw Natsumi's belongings, and she sensed that Natsumi is in danger and she rushes off to find her as well, fearing that Fuyuhiko would go ballistic if anything were to happen to his younger sister.


At a corner of a building within the academy which appeared to be abandoned, the scene shows that Natsumi is laid on the floor, naked, her arms and legs tied to four corners, and her mouth was covered in tape and before her are her classmates in the reserve course, but are wearing the main course uniforms which they secretly stole, while wearing masks to hide their identities, and they intend to traumatize her into leaving Hope's Peak as they pretended to be main course students and began taunting Natsumi.

So they plan to traumatize her enough to leave the academy…by wearing main course student uniforms.

How the hell is that supposed to work?!

"You bitch..."

"A lowly reserve course student..."

"You want to get to the main course building...?"

"You should know your place..."

"And now we will teach you a lesson..."

"Trashes like you don't belong here..."

"And now you will learn it the hard way..."

"And this starts now..."

Get ready folks, we’re entering into tasteless territory.

The students began by taking out a razor and began to SHAVE her PUBIC HAIR until her PRIVATE PART was clear, and there they began fondling her breast, and then her nipples, which began to harden and though the sensation was pleasurable, she Natsumi not want it and tried to break free, but is unable to, and the students continued to fondle her other breast, caressing her other nipple until it hardened, and her heart beats faster realizing that she is about to be raped, and the other student then took out a vibrator and began to jab it onto her WOMANHOOD, caressing her clitoris which caused her to buck her hips in pleasure and then slowly inserted it onto the entrance of her WOMANHOOD, and the vibration of the vibrator caused her body to react in pleasure, causing her hips to thrust upward even though she was screaming in anger yet the tape kept her voice to a minimum, and the students mocked her for getting turned on like this.

Urgh! Reading this makes me cringe on the inside, especially at the part where they shave her pubic hair, due to it being one of Roy’s fetishes.

Roy is fetishising the rape of Natsumi Kuzuryu. I can’t get any clearer than that; he is getting off to a teenage girl getting raped.

"Look at that..."

"She's already turned on..."

"What a whore..."

"That's what you should be from the start..."

"Maybe we should DO her after this..."


"Good idea..."

"I'm getting HARD already..."

Natsumi tried to break free but all is in vain, and the disguised reserve course students kept on molesting her, seductively jabbing the vibrator in and out of her WOMANHOOD, her FEMININE FLUIDS gushing out and her body involuntarily craved for more, while the others were groping her breasts, and she is visibly crying at being violated, and the molestation continued for a few more minutes until her body tensed as she reached her FIRST ORGASM, and after her body tensed with pleasure, the lead student then forcefully jabbed the vibrator inside her, breaking her hymen and she began to bleed, and she made a muffled scresm as pain coursed through her body, and the reserve course students told their leader that they better kill her off or else she might squeal to the cops, which the leader agree.

I have no words to say; Natsumi is clearly in distress, yet all the author cares about is his libido. This is fucking disgusting!



"Let's kill her now..."

"I thought you want to have FUN with her..."

"But she might squeal us to the cops..."

"I see...then we kill her..."

"Okay...right now?"

"Right now..."

By then Naegi arrived as luck was on his side for a reason, and found Natsumi by coincidence but is shocked, appalled, and angered at seeing what the attackers did to her and yet the masked reserve course students were quite apprehensive at being busted, but the leader is cool and calm seeing that Naegi is alone and can be dealt with and asks Naegi what does he want, and the LUCKSTER demanded what did they just did to Natsumi.

"You got a problem, shorty?"

"What are you doing to her...?"

Isn’t it obvious, dumbass?

"Having a little fun..."

"You called that fun?"

"Yeah...I did...got a problem with that?"

"You bastards...!"

"So...want to join us...? You can go first..."


Naegi is seething at the response he got, and he is so incensed that he is willing to take them on, nit realizing that he is outnumbered and is at risk of getting killed but his optimism kept him going and a fight is about to commence.

To Be Continued...

Finally, were done with this putrid chapter. Now’s the time for the talk I promised at the beginning of the mock.

Before I begin, I want to make something clear. Rape is bad; so bad that it should be pretty obvious.

One of my most reviled clichés in fanfiction are one-dimensional rapist villains. I’m not saying that it can’t be done right in fiction, what I’m saying is that most, if not all fanfiction authors, don’t know how to properly write the topic.

Why do fanfiction authors write in rape so frequently? Because it adds edge, it appeals to the edgy try hard teenagers, who binge listen Linkin Park and My Chemical Romance. There are also those “special” authors, who write in rape, in order to fetishise it, like Roy over here. By writing rape so poorly, not only does it make a joke out of a traumatic event, it also makes rape victims feel like shit, for having the unfortunate luck to experience such a painful experience.

Another reason why writing rape in a fanfiction is in poor taste, is that it creates unoriginal, shitty villains. What’s a sure fire to have the readers know that someone’s a villain? Make them a rapist. Writing a villain is a lot harder than writing a protagonist, because you have to make sure that not only are they a credible threat to the heroes, but they have at least one quality, that makes them likable in a way, be it for their charisma, their intelligence, their motive, or even how evil they are. Yes, there are villains that have no likable qualities whatsoever, and they can be done right, but not as well as morally grey/evil villains. Rapist villains are so commonplace in fanfiction, that not only does it show that fanfiction authors don’t know what makes villains work, but they accept it, and even support it. By writing a villain as a rapist, you are telling me that you’re so uncreative, you can even write a convincing bad guy. I’ll take 10 moneygrubbing/power hungry villains over a rapist villain, any day of the week.

There, I’m sorry that I rambled on for a bit, but I needed to get it off my chest.

Until next time everyone.

List of mocks can be found here: Here

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Jesus man what is up with you and all of those waifus! Are you secretly the "Ultimate Pimp"?
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post Feb 8 2017, 03:10 AM
You don’t have to wait long, Roy’s writing a fic where he inserts himself into Yuta Asahina, just so he could fuck Komaru Naegi.

Well there’s being a whiny bitch…that has to be a talent.

She can't have that talent. Mykan's Beast Boy already called dibs on it

For me the thing that upsets me the most in Roy's fics are the incredibly emotionless dialogs and random japanes words that he jams in the fics. When the characters talk they don't seem to be expressing emotions in the dialog, like I said in my mock it's like no one cares about what is going on around them.
And about the japanes words, they are pointless especially the honorifics, I know it appeals to weebs but goddamnit it pisses me off.

Roy getting of with rape, Im not surprised really. Most of the lemons he write always have those rape underlines going on, sometimes are more noticeble and sometimes are subtle. Truly Roy is an incredibly deranged individual that should be locked somewhere

Begin salty is an art my friend, thats why you suck so much at it

List of mocks:
In progress: The Luckster And The Detective
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AnItalianGuy@ The thing that upsets me is not only the GODAWFUL writing style, but how bland all his fic are. The dialogue, like you mentioned, is so emotionless and robotic, the entire cast may as well be spam bots.

Now that Roy’s gotten his fill of rape-fantasies, it’s time for his skinsuit to save the day.

Ch. 6: Iyashi to Kaifuku

The leader of the gang decided to play along and challenged Naegi to a fisticuff duel, saying that if Naegi managed to knock him down, he will let Natsumi go, but if Naegi loses, he would GO ALL THE WAY with Natsumi right here and said that her hymen is broken so he won't have to worry about HURTING her, which made Naegi even angrier and as LUCK would have it, Naegi went forward and connected a LUCKY punch, which knocks the leader to the ground and the gang and Natsumi were surprised to see Naegi managing to knock down the leader.

That’s what he gets for being a Nazi.

The leader is in disbelief that he was knocked down by a short and slim boy, and he couldn't believe how he lost to someone like Naegi, and he is trying to regain his composure and tries to get a rematch but Naegi demanded that the leader keep his promise and let Natsumi go, which the leader appeared to have second thoughts, as he knew that Natsumi would SPILL THE BEANS that would result to his and his posse's expulsion from Hope's Peak Academy, and there he attempted to stall Naegi and even bribed him, offering to let the Luckster have his way with Natsumi but Naegi wouldn't budge.

He has yet to tip his fedora at her.

"How about it? You can go ALL THE WAY with her? She's all yours for the taking..."

"I say you let her go..."

"Can we settle for something else...?"



"You said that if I beat you you let her go...so sticknto your promise..."

"But...if I do that she..."

"Not my problem...now let her go or I..."

By then, two of the posse took out a pair of steel pipes and struck Naegi from behind, knocking him down and hits him on the head, busting him open and began to beat him down as the others joined in beating up Naegi, and Natsumi is shocked at what the gang is doing to him and the leader brought out a knife and said that they got what they came for and he will kill her and Naegi, so that no one else will find out, and said that she will never get to the main course and will remain a reserve course and as he is about to slit her throat, Naegi managed to get up and shove the leader, dropping the knife,

You can’t have someone getting pummeled by steel pipes, only to have them shove someone onto the floor. At this stage, Naegi should have been rendered unconscious by the savage beating.

but the gang grabbed Naegi and began to beat him further, and as the gang held him, the leader grabs the pipe and is ready to hit Naegi, pissed that a main course student would stick his nose over a reserve course student and told him to know his place.

"Now then, you brat..."


"You should have mind your own business..."


"You oughta know your place..."


"The reserve course is a place for only the trash...you should not have stick your nose here...so now yoy'll pay for humiliating me...and you should have accepted my offer of ylu FUCKING with that Kuzuryu bitch...but then...if we kill you along with her...then we can get a slot at the main course...so goodbye, brat..."


By then, Kazuo Tengan shows up,

How convenient for someone to show up, when Naegi needed it the most. I’d chalk this up to luck, but given Roy’s obsession with pointing out Naegi’s bad luck, I can’t say that.

having noticed the scene by chance and saw what they are about to do to Naegi, and unleashed a barrage of attacks, knocking out the masked gang and he untied Natsumi, giving her his trench coat which she covered herself, and he checked on Naegi, seeing that the left side of his forehead is bleeding and Pekoyama arrived and went to Natsumi's side, concerned to see her state and asks if she is okay.



"Are you okay?"


"Did those guys do a ything to you...?"


"Come on..."


Tengan then carries Naegi and told Pekoyama to call security and the police, and then he told Natsumi to come with him as he said that they are heading for the academy infirmary, and soon police arrived and secured the culprits as Tengan escorted Natsumi and Naegi to the infirmary to check on their injuries, and soon Jin is informed of the incident, where the reserve course students who assaulted Natsumi and Naegi were expelled, but the board of trustees used their influence to cover up the incident, much to Jin and Jin and Tengan's chagrin.

You mean there are two Jin’s running this campus?! How am I going to explain this to Kyoko?

At the infirmary, Natsumi is there and she appeared to be traumatized by what happened, as she is still shaken by what happened earlier, and there Fuyuhiko and Pekoyama came to check on her, and he is angered at what the culprits did to her while comforting his younger sister though he did gave her a gentle sermon about her actions that indirectly led to this, though she remained silent yet she did listen to what her elder brother said.

Pekoyama was silent, yet she is not pleased with what happened, and felt that she should go out and hunt down the culprits, yet she could not do anything as the culprits are under police custody and that the culprits have been expelled, and for now all she can do is watch as Fuyuhiko comforted his younger sister as well as giving her a gentle sermon about her actions that led to this.

Yeah, blame the rape victim for getting raped.

Need I continue to explain on why Roy’s a despicable cretin?

"Do you understand now?"


"You should be more careful about what you do..."


"Try to control your mouth before you do anything...got it.?"


"Take my advise...it's for your own sake..."


After a minute, Fuyuhiko left, where he used his resources to find and identify the reserve course students who assaulted and molested his sister, while Pekoyama remained to comfort Natsumi, and there Hinata came after hearing about an incident involving Natsumi, though he did not know about the details due to the teachers covering up the incident. He saw Natsumi's state and glanced at Pekoyama, seeing that she is a main course student and asks her what really happened, and Pekoyama reluctantly told him what happened, shocking him as he glanced at Natsumi, which she is glancing at her lap, gritting her teeth in humiliation, and remaining silent.

By then Yukizome came and having heard about the incident, she requested Hinata and Pekoyama to leave for now as she will try to cheer Natsumi up, which the two teens oblige, and when the two teens left, Yukizome spoke to Natsumi and tried to comfort her, and Natsumi asks if all the reserve course students are really trash,

That’s right Natsumi. In the realm of Roy’s little wet dream, every male but him is an arrogant, perverted scumbag.

which Yukizome said that they aren't and told her not to give up, telling her to believe and do her best so that the scouts would notice her.

"...so do your best...and one day you will get noticed and be transfered to the main course..."

"How would you know...?"

"I just know it..."


"So cheer up, okay?"


"Okay...got to go..."


Natsumi remained silent for the next several minutes, and later, she managed to compose herself and gets up, where she saw Naegi laying on the clinic bed and is still knocked out, and she aporoached him, seeing his head covered in bandages, and glanced at him, wondering why he went this far to help her despite that he is a main course student and she is a reserve course student,

Simple. Roy wants to get laid, and he thought that rescuing you would work.

and by then Tengan came after hearing her mumbling why Naegi did something foolish like helping a "lowly" reserve student and there Tengan told her that Naegi is a kind of person he is, kind, down to earth and would help others in trouble no matter who they are, surprising her.

"Are you sure?"


"Why would he.,,?"

"Because of who he is...he knows that he can't just ignore someone who is in trouble...and him trying to save you is an example of the kind of person that he is..."

"But..,I'm just a reserve course student...he is a main course student...but...he is just an ordinary guy...why would...?"


Kururyu? Did they change their name AGAIN?!


"Naegi-kun is not just a kid..."

Natsumi couldn't believe to hear those words from Tengan since she sees Naegi as soneone not worth giving her time to, but Tengan said that Naegi is indeed an ordinary boy, and even has doubts about himself, but he accepts everything that came in his way and moves forward, and he did that after being guven the invitation to study at Hope's Peak despite showing doubts about the talent he was shown, even when Naegi is doubtful of the talent the scouts see in him, and he accepted it and faces the challenge.

Tengan then told Natsumi not to let the incident take her down and she should rise up to the challenge, and told her to try harder and not to give up, while telling her nit to make enemies with anyone and just be herself, and promise her that if she is patient, she will eventually be moved to the main course, and as Tengan is about to leave, he gives her a piece of advice, which would cause her to be taken aback once she hears this, in which Tengan advises her to try and make friends.

"What was that?:

"Find and make friends..."

"Why would I...?"

"It is good for you..."

For one thing, you won’t get attacked by random ass villains.


"You will eventually realize this..."


"See you..."

Natsumi stared wide-eyed at hearing this as Tengan took his leave, and Natsumi just looked sullen as she knew that the advise he gave her won't work since she sees her classmates at the reserve course are "no good" and she then stared at Naegi, who remained in slumber. She still sees him as someone beneath her yet after hearing what Tengan said about Naegi, she began to recall the first time she met him, and there she started to have doubts about what she sees in Naegi.

By then Pekoyama came back and told Natsumi that they are going home, which she nodded, and as she is about to leave, she glanced at Naegi, and saw him about to stir, and before she is considering speaking to him, the nurse came and told Natsumi to leave, saying that she does not want a reserve course student "dirtying" her clinic, causing her to glare at the nurse, and Pekoyama stared intently sensing a commotion is about to ensue as the nurse continue to look down at Natsumi and even insulted her.

Great, as if the rapists weren’t enough, we’re now given an antagonistic nurse to harass our protagonist.

I can’t win with this guy; it’s either shitty villains, or nothing happening.

"Go home, you garbage..."

"What was that?!"

"A garbage like you should not be here...I rather deal with main course stude ts than trashes like you..."

"You piece of shit!"

"You are but a piece of feces...and your only worth is your tuition fee...now get lost..."

"Why you...!"

"I hope you get pregnant...so you can sire a bastard.."

"I'll kill you!"

Natsumi became more agitated and is about to lunge at the arrogant nurse, though Pekoyama tries to calm her down, but Naegi slowly gets up and berated the nurse for her actions, saying she has no right doing that to someone who was molested and violated, and told the nurse that what she did is an embarassment to the academy, but the nurse rebuked him and said she wondered why someone like Naegi ended up getting into the main course, seeing him as "garbage" and that his title of LUCKSTER is a "joke", saying that he should be thrown into the reserve course building where he would fit in with "excess baggage" like the reserve course students, which Naegi became angry.

I recalled saying a long time ago that Roy throws in these villains, in order for us to sympathise with his skinsuit. It’s nice to see that he hasn’t changed one bit.

"Seriously...why did this academy scouted a cockroach like you?"

"What was that...?"

"You really don't have a talent...you're just a fraud..."

"You're wrong!"

"I am not wrong...the scout is wrong...you are worthless! Worthkess trash like those reserve course students!"

"The reserve course students are not worthless! Just because they lack a talent does noy mean you have to treat them like dirt!"

"The reserve course students are dirt. Their only worth is paying the tuition...but you...you are garbage!"

"I am not!"

Natsumi is surprised to hear and saw Naegi fighting back and sticking up for the reserve course students, saying that while its true that the main and reserve courses are miles apart, the students are considered equal since they both study at the academy, and told the nurse she has no right treating the reserve course students as trash, and said the nurse herself is the embarassment because of the way she treated students here. The nurse was angered and slapped Naegi hard, causing him to careen against the stool,

Hehe, Naegi fell into some shit.

and Natsumi became angered and grabbed a syringe with a needle and is ready to stab the nurse, but Pekoyama held her back, urging her to calm down.

"Natsumi-sama...calm down!"

"Let go of me!"


"Let me kill that son of a bitch!"

"She's not worth it!"

"For me it is!"


"Let me go!"

By then, Mahiru and Sato were there, overhearing everything, and some of Fuyuhiko's classmates were there and even heard it, which some of them were not pleased with what the nurse said about Natsumi and Naegi, and by then Yukizome came after noticing the commotion and asks what happened here, and after hearing what Pekoyama said, Yukizome berated the nurse though the nurse just ignored her and mumbled, saying that the reserve course students should just be the janitors here and even said that they should throw Naegi to the reserve course claiming that he is just trash for the main course building, and even mumbled that he should be molested and violated like Natsumi,

You really don’t know how to write villains Roy, don’t you?

which caused Naegi to become angrier and went towards the nurse, grabbing her by the collar and told her to stop looking down on others, saying that people, like Natsumi, does not deserve that, but the nurse slapped him aside and said that he should just be a reserve course student because to her he is trash like the reserve course, and this caused the Class of 77 to butt in and berate the arrogant nurse.

Looks like the whole gang’s here! I wonder what fascinating things they will say.


"That's foul!"

"You have no right saying that!"

"You ought to be fired!"

"I ought to deck you!"

"How date you treat my sister like trash...I'll kill you!"

"My devas will consume you!"

"We'll trll the principal what you just said!"

Some of Naegi's classmates from Class 78 came, and overheard this and berated the nurse as well, and this caused a commotion until Yukizome came and quelled the tension, and after hearing the students' testimonies, she reported to Jin about it, and the headmaster gave the nurse severe sanctions

Thus everything gets solved into a neat little package…


and the scene shows that the Class of 78 students were talking to Naegi, telling him that what he did made them worried, and he apologized, while outside, Fuyuhiko and Pekoyama accompanied Natsumi out of the academy and went home, and Natsumi is still a bit traumatized and she knew that her parents would make a fuss over this.

At the school gate, the Kuzuryu siblings and Pekoyama are about to board their car, and Natsumi saw Naegi leaving by foot, and as she glanced at him, she recalled what Tengan said about Naegi, and she is still in denial about what the former headmaster told her, and she just stared at her lap, and Fuyuhiko asks her if she is okay, which she nodded and told her that he will make sure her tormentors would pay for their actions but Natsumi just nodded without replying verbally.


"Leave everything to me..."

"I'll see to it that those bastards will pay for what they did to you..."

“Those perverts will be sleeping with the fishes once I’m done with them.”


"But next time...try to control yourself..."


"Trust me on this..."


To Be Continued...

Thus concluding the rape saga of this fic. I wonder how much worse this fic will get in the later chapters.

Until next time everyone.

List of mocks can be found here: Here

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Jesus man what is up with you and all of those waifus! Are you secretly the "Ultimate Pimp"?
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"How date you treat my sister like trash...I'll kill you!"

"How date you treat my sister like trash"

"How date you"

Eh...? Was Fuyuhiko trying to ask the nurse out while threatning her?

"Naegi-kun is not just a kid..."

"No, he is something much more worse. A begin of untold power and a sick twisted view of the world, he is... a fanfic writer!"

Begin salty is an art my friend, thats why you suck so much at it

List of mocks:
In progress: The Luckster And The Detective
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AnItalianGuy@ Huh…I never realised that. Well Fuyuhiko can have that nurse. I on the other have, feel that Mikan is the far superior waifu nurse.

So it’s Valentine’s Day today. I figured that I’ll spend this special day with my sweet Chiaki. But before I’m able to enjoy today, I’ve got another chapter of Roy’s story to mock.

Such a shame that one of my favorite Fire Emblem Lords shares the same name as this idiotic author…

Ch. 6: Tōsō

A week has passed since that incident, and and thanks to the board of trustees and other teachers, the incident went mostly unnoticed due to them covering it up and only a handful of students from the main and reserve courses are aware of it,

Well when you consider what ended up happening to Heavenly Host Elementary, covering up incidents such as what happened, is probably for the best.

and yet they hardly care as they think it is not their problem, as shown at the reserve course building, where it shows that Natsumi is trying to move on and cope with what happened to her, and so far only Hinata showed sympathy and concern, but she left the classroom and went to the rooftop to unwind, and Hinata followed her, and tried to talk to her and asks why is she so determined to go yo the main course building, which she indirectly admitted her reasons.

"That is your reason?"

"You got a problem?"

"No...not really..."

"Then shut the hell up and leave me alone..."

"But still..."

"I will definitely move to the main course...whatever it takes..."


"I will...definitely...definitely..."

“Definitely find a way out of this story.”

Natsumi shed a few tears before wiping them off, still upset at what happened to her and yet she is still determined to do whatever it takes to be tranfered to tbe main course, and Hinata said that she can still be close to her brother by bonding with him and make fond memories, though she said that it is unlikely since in the mafia, one has to earn their way to the top and things like "friendship" is irrelevant, which Hinata went silent for a moment until she asks him why is he hanging out with a main course student like Chiaki Nanami, in which he said that they met a few weeks back and befriended him, and the rest is history, which Natsumi glanced at Hinata, feeling unconvinced at his words and then left.

Ah…I still remember when I first met Chiaki. It was at an arcade, half an hour away from my house. I was about to play a racing game, when she sat in the console beside mine. The two of use proceeded to play, and suffice to say, she utterly devastated me.

Good times…

Hinata watches her leave, feeling that he and Natsumi can relate since they have no friends in the reserve course and that both really wanted to move to the main course, but due to them lacking any talent, it was just wishful thinking and he just sighed as he went back to his classroom and there he saw Natsumi sitting on her seat, while the rest of the class ignored her as if they do not acknowledge her existence, and they did not acknowledge this as Hinata went to his seat, and a teacher came and class is about to commence the next subject.

Much later, the scene shifts at the main course building, where the Class of 77 is shown inside the classroom, where Fuyuhiko is shown to be in deep thought as so far he is unable to track down the former reserve course students who molested Natsumi, as he desire getting revenge for what they did to his sister,

How hard can it be to track down the former students? Just sift through the school records, and you should be able to find them.

and Pekoyama noticed his silence and can guess what he is thinking, and she approached him, offering to help finding the ex-students but he turn down the offer and told her to focus on her studies for now.

"I'll be fine..."

"Are you sure?"

"Yeah...I will see to it...you just focus on studying..."

"But still...I can't just..."

"I appreciate it...but...leave it to me...you need to focus on other things...just do as I order you to..."

"Very well..."

"I'll ask for your help if and when I need to."

"Yes, master..."

When Peko asked how Natsumi is doing, he said that since that incident she was very silent and rarely doing her usual gig, and spends her time alone, and he is concerned for her fearing that she might do something foolish, if not reckless, and that is something he wanted to avoid, and wished that he could do something to help his sister, not wanting to see her remaining traumatized for the long run and is starting to think that Natsumi wanting to study at Hope's Peak is a bad idea.

Don’t worry, I’m starting to think that mocking this fic was a bad idea. Not because I don’t want to do it, but because I’m on the verge of repeating stuff that I said in my previous mocks, involving Roy’s works.

Meanwhile, the rest of the class glanced at Pekoyama and Kuzuryu, and though they wondered what they are talking about, they can guess that it is about Natsumi, and they are wondering if they should offer him their emotional support, which Akane and Nekomaru are willing to help track down the reserve course students who did this to Natsumi, and they approached Fuyuhiko and offered to help, which he was quite moved by their offer, yet he is reluctant to accept it feeling this is a family matter and wished not to involve his classmates to spare them from trouble, though the two said that it is fine with them saying that the wouldn't let this incident slide.

"Don't mind us...Midai and I are willing to help...family or not...we are involved since you're our friend..."

"Trust us...we are here for you...and my muscles are aching to mangle those maniacs!"

"So don't be too shy...just say the word and Midai and I will find those hentai..."

Which hentai to be specific? There’s harem, tentacle porn, incest, loli, high-school, historic, fantasy…

There’s a whole lot of hentai out there.


"Then it's decided!"

"We're gonna find those maniacs!"

"Of course we will let your sister draw first blood!"

"Then we beat them up!"

By then Yukizome came and overheard the conversation, which made her concerned as she knew that they are enticing trouble and talked to Akane and Nekomaru, telling them to let it go saying that the reserve course students who assaulted Natsumi were already expelled and that Natsumi is recovering, so there is no need to find the culprits and instead encouraged them to move on and do their best in the academy,

And it’s back to the boring tedium. I can’t win with this fic, can I?

and the three students reluctantly oblige and classes began, though Mahiru appeared to be a bit concerned, even though she and Natsumi are in bad terms, she still felt a bit of friendship with Natsumi given that they used to be in the photography club in their last school, and she wondered what Natsumi is doing and hoped that Sato woildn't rub it off on her.

Elsewhere, the scene shows that the Class of 78 are doing well, with Naegi steadily recovering and moving on, and there some of his classmates were having fun while waiting for their next teacher to arrive, and some of them asks Naegi why he did something reckless, which he said that he couldn't just let someone get raped, and if he ran off just to get help, the culprits would have killed her on the spot, but Celestia Ludenberg said that it would be advisable not to get involved with Natsumi due to her being the daughter of the Kuzuryu mafia family, which the others stared in surprise at hearing this.


"That reserve course girl a mafia?"


"Where did you get that info, Celes-chan?"

“The internet, where else did you expect me to find this info?”

"Hmph. So Naegi risks himself over a gangster's girl...how foolish..."

"Hey! Don't be so mean, Togami-kun!"

"Hmm...let me read a fortune...there might be a possibility that..."

"Knock it off, Hagakure!"

Naegi heard this and asks Celes if she is sure about what she said, and Celes confirms it, and even said that her brother, a SUPER HIGH SCHOOL-LEVEL GANGSTER, is in the Class of 77, and said that he himself is going to find the culprits, so she told Naegi to back off and not get ho self too involved with the incident, or he won't be so LUCKY the next time, jokingly states that the mafia might steal his vital organs,

Hey there, Naegi’s organs can save the lives of a few people. I’m all for Naegi getting his organs snatched.

which the others chided her for the remark though Celes said she is joking.

By then the teacher came and classes began to start and the day went on without incident, as Naegi wondered what to do should he meet with Natsumi the next time, having heard from Celes about her family background though he felt that she needed someone to help alleviate her emotional pain knowing what she is going through.

Later in the day, Naegi is seen leaving the classroom and is about to go home, and when he passed by the classroom of Class 77, he saw the students are chatting with one another, and he wondered what sort of students they are, and there Mahiru saw Naegi, and having seen him once, and learning that he was the first to come to Natsumi's aid, she decided to talk to him and approached him, asking him to come with her and talk in private.

Outside the main course building, Mahiru told Naegi about Natsumi, her background and her personality, and advised him not to get too close to her saying that she might use him just to get into the main course, as she knew that Natsumi would use anyone in order to get transferred here and feared that Naegi is no exception and told him to heed her advise, and though he can understand her concern, he told her that Natsumi needed someone to help cope with what happened and he believe in Natsumi's goodness despite the attitude he is told of her, and said that as long as one treats her kindly, he is sure that Natsumi would reciprocate the same kindness.

Which I’m sure is just an excuse the author made up, so he can blow his load into her.

"...and that is what I believe..."

"But, Naegi-san..."

"It's okay, Koizumi-senpai...I believe in Kuzuryuu-san's goodness..."

"But still...I met her a few years ago...and I know her best...so it would be advisable if you stay away from her!"


"Please...for your own good..."



After that, Naegi bowed and thanked her for the advice and left, and Mahiru watches him leave and wondered if he would be okay knowing that if Naegi starts associating with Natsumi she would only use him for her benefit, and Hiyoko came, having eavesdropped on the conversation and said that this is Naegi's problem and it is his death sentence if he choose to make friends with Natsumi, though she thinks it would be averted since Fuyihiko is there, knowing that he would SCREEN potential suitors, which Mahiru stared in surprise.

"Are you saying...?"

"Well...who knows..."

"You can't just..."

"Well...that Naegi looked cute...for a short pipsqueak like him..."

Your one to call others short, Hiyoko, you little slut!

"Saionji-san...stop insulting the underclassmen..."

"I'm just being blunt, Mahiru..."


"That Natsumi and Naegi...what if...?"

Hiyoko giggled as she is curious at what the scenario would be like if Naegi ends up becoming Natsumi's boyfriend and she liked the idea ofNaegi becoming a gangster and a whipping boy for Natsumi, which Mahiru told her to stop thinking of such things, believing Naegi to be a kind person and he deserved someone better than Natsumi, and the two girls bicker until their classmates showed up and said that Teruteru Hanamura is inviting them to his canteen to try his latest cuisine, and the two girls left to join their classmates.

A few minutes later after dismissal time and the scene shows that Natsumi is walking towards the exit of Hope's Peak, and she is still not feeling emotionally good about what happened, and she kept glancing at the main course building, still aspiring to get into the main course building, and she passed by the park area of Hope's Peak and saw Nanami playing a PS VITA, and she glanced at her recalling that she hangs out with Hinata, and she wondered why a main course student like Nanami is friends with a reserve course student like Hinata,

Because Hinata’s an all-around, nice guy to hang out with.

and she approached Nanami, which she bowed to Natsumi, and Natsumi asked her directly the deal with Hinata.

"Hey...can I ask you something?"

"What is it, then?"

"What is your deal with Hinata?"


"Yeah, YOU."

"We're friends...we hang out together...playing video games...chat together...here and outside the academy..."



Natsumi is somewhat taken aback at what she just heard, and could not believe that Nanami has no qualms about choosing a friend regardless of someone being in the main or reserve course, and Nanami said that making friends is important and it does not have to be on a certain social circle as long as that person and the other person show interest with one another. Natsumi is quite unconvinced and thinks that Nanami is just fooling around and asks her how can she be so carefree about choosing someone that is not on one's level, such as Hinata.

Natsumi has got to be as thick as a block, if she’s never convinced about what other people say.

Nanami kept on glancing on the PS VITA and not looked at Natsumi, but replied that a teacher told her that if one person likes the other, talked to that person and if one shows kindness the other will reciprocate the same kindness, and a friendship ia formed, and the rest is history, and Nanami said that she is happy to have Hinata as a friend, and her friendship with him helped her in making friends with her classmates at Class 77, which Natsumi is a bit taken aback, and could not believe that Nanami is so carefree and not minding Hinata's status as a reserve course student, which made her envious towards Nanami.

As she felt that she wanted to lash out at Nanami, she restrained herself as she is thinking what she should do in order to get to the level as Nanami, Hinata came and is surprised to see Natsumi talking to Nanami, and there Nanami waved at him and told him that a new fighting game is now available on the PS VITA,

There’s more video games out there, than fighting games Roy.

showing it to him and told him that the fighting game is good and invited him to play with her, and Natsumi watched the scene in disbelief, and there she recalled what Tengan and Naegi told her from before, and this made her even more envious than ever.

By then five main course students passed by and they balked at the scene seeing Nanami hanging out with Hajime and thinking that she is also hanging out with Natsumi, they told her not to hang out with a TRASH like him and told her to hang out with REAL people with REAL TALENTS, as well as not to hang out with a PROSTITUTE like Natsumi, which drew the ire of Natsumi herself and talked back at the main course student, who is the leader of the posse.



"You talking to me, bitch?"

"Yeah, I am...and you have the balls to call me a bitch, asshole!"

"Oohh...I'm scared...and she is gonna call her mafia family to give her a pacifier..."

"Coming from someone who has a small dick, you micro-penis...!"

"W-what...what the...? How did you...?!"

"Looks like you couldn't even fit your dick into a girl's hole...too bad you get to be impotent...so go screw around and jack off! Or maybe you should castrate yourself and become a monk!"

"You loud mouth bitch!"

The main course student was taken aback at being insulted by Natsumi, which HURTS his manhood and slapped Natsumi so hard that she fell to the ground,

Much like how Roy’s manhood is so minuscule, he relies on writing about faceless villains mistreating women, just so he can look good in front of them.

prompting Hinata to stand up and confront the main course student, telling him why he had to do that to a girl, but the student said that TRASHES like Natsumi and Hinata deserves it because that is how reserve course students are supposed to be treated, but Nanami told the student that what he did may lead him to getting expelled, and the student branded Nanami as a TRAITOR for associating with a reserve course student.

By then Naegi passed by and saw Natsumi on the ground, and saw her bruised cheek and saw Hinata and Nanami standing in a protective stance and asks them what happened, and Nanami told Naegi about it and this caused the Luckster to shout at the main course student, but the student mocked Naegi, having learned of his talent and believed that Naegi should not be on the main course and told him that he should be at the reserve course because he is just a FLUKE, that there is no such talent ad LUCK, and told him he should be kicked out because he is only an eyesore but Naegi answered back, triggering a word war between the two main course students.

Why is it that these arrogant “villains” only ever have one trait in Roy’s stories; that being their blind hatred in reserve course/Luckster students?

Oh wait, I forgot. That would require Roy to have some actual writing talent.

"You're the fluke..."

"What was that, pipsqueak...?"

"Just because you are in the main course does not mean you have to trample those who did not get selected..."

"So what?"

"The only talent you ever have is bullying others!"

Super High School Level Bully…

It does have a nice ring to it.


"So stop picking on the reserve course stude ts and grow up! The reserve course students are trying to earn their way, and all you did was push them away!"

"You pint-sized brat! I'll kill you!"

The other main course students stared in surprise and are taken aback at what Naegi said yet they were pumped to see their posse leader beat Naegi up seeing that the Luckster is an easy punching bag and this would end in a minute which is enough time for their leader to wrap things up before a teacher could come and notice the commotion.

To Be Continued...

Well with this chapter done, I finally get to spend my Valentine’s Day with my sweet Chiaki…

Until next time everyone.

List of mocks can be found here: Here

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Jesus man what is up with you and all of those waifus! Are you secretly the "Ultimate Pimp"?
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post Feb 17 2017, 06:04 PM
You know…despite some of the jokes I’ve made, I’m not one who genuinely wishes death upon a person, since I’m not that type of guy. Roy however, pushed my buttons so hard, and so ruthlessly, that he nearly made me wish death upon him. To date, the only person who made me come this close to wishing death upon them was Onision; an irredeemable dickhead that to this day, I cannot understand how he’s still got a fanbase.

I bet I know what you’re thinking; ‘What could Roy have done, to elicit this much anger from GorillaGamer?’ Well I’ll show you, though I doubt it would be pretty…

Ch. 8: Ochikon to shōrei o shutoku

As the posse leader is ready to get some WARM UP, Naegi played his card and remained calm, not going into a defensive stance but kept his distance and told the posse leader to stop it and stop picking on Natsumi, and the posse leader then tried to provoke Naegi by saying he us GAY because he refused to fight, and said a GAY like Naegi does not deserve and has no right being in the main course, but Nanami stepped forward and told the posse leader that he is the GAY because of what he did to Natsumi, causing him to freeze in shock and is appalled at being told by a girl.

Nanami even told the posse leader that he is an embarassment of a main course student for slapping a girl and for picking on Natsumi, and said that he should leave the reserve course students alone and not provoke them into a fight, and even told him that reserve course students deserve equal respect and not looked down on them just because they do not possess a talent yet, and the posse leader berated Nanami for being a "softie" because she is standing up for the "lowly reserve course students" such as Hinata and Natsumi.

"You're the embarrassment! Why stick with the WEED when you should hang out with the BLOOM like us?"

"I rather be with hem than be with you!"


"You're a coward!"

"What...what did you..."

"You're a coward...a bully who picks on people!"

"You bitch!"


Hearing what Nanami said that he is a COWARD for hitting girls and provoking others, the posse leader was pissed and kicked her on her gut before slapping her hard, sending her to the ground,





….I’m all good now. I should be able to continue with the mock.

and Natsumi was shocked at what the posse leader did, and stood up and is about to face him, but the posse leader punched her on the face, sending her to the ground, and Naegi is angered at this, and as the posse leader is about to deliver another punch, Naegi used his left hand to block the punch, surprising the posse leader, not expecting a "weakling" like Naegi to block him.

The posse watched in surprise seeing Naegi holding their leader off and urged him to beat up Naegi, saying he is as easy as a punching bag and told him to knock him out and then knock out Natsumi, and the posse leader did so, kicking Naegi on the gut then punched him, sending the Luckster to the ground, and proceeded to head towards Natsumi, and tries to hit her but she blocked it with her forearm, but the posse leader kicked her on the gut before slapping her again, sending her to the ground, and before he would proceed kicking her, Naegi moved and covered her body with his own, and the posse leader took pleasure in kicking Naegi,

Good…beat up that low life Roy for me.

and this caused Hinata and Nanami to go to the two teens' aid, but the posse blocked their paths and threatened to harm them if they try to interfere.

"Back off, weed!"

"Or you will face us!"

"We won't mind beating you up..."

"and we're gonna beat up the traitor...a softie siding with the trash..."


"Damn you!"


"Come on...lets beat up those two..."


However, unexpected help came as Pekoyama arrived and uses her kendo sword to disable the posse leader, and when the posse saw this they attempt to help their leader but they too were disabled by Pekoyama, and some of the Class 77 students arrived, where Tsumiki and Sonia checked on Nanami seeing the deep slap mark on her cheek, and Fuyuhiko saw his younger sister on the ground, and blinked his eyes seeing the bruise on her cheek and saw her glancing at Naegi, and there he asks her what happened, and there Nanami told Fuyuhiko what happened, and this caused Fuyuhiko to get enraged and found a metal pipe and is ready to hit the posse leader.

Fuyuhiko must have a talent for creating metal pipes out of thin air. I wonder how that would work in the real world.

However, Nanami held onto Fuyuhiko urging him not to assault the posse leader, but Fuyuhiko said he has to do this to make him pay for what he did to Natsumi, but Nanami said that they can tell the headmaster about this and said she, Hinata and Naegi can act as witnesses to the incident, and pleaded to Fuyuhiko not to risk getting suspended or expelled just for this, and even Pekoyama is conflicted as she too wanted to make the posse leader pay for what he did to Natsumi, and only watched as Nanami pleaded to Fuyuhiko to do as she requested.

"Please, Kuzuryu-kun..."

"No...I will kill this asshole for hitting my sister!"



"We will see to it that they will pay...so please...fon't give in..."


"Please, Kuzuryu-kun..."

"Damn it!"

An intense scene brimmed with conflict, laced with dialogue that came from the script of some shitty soap opera.

Fuyuhiko gritted his teeth as he grudgingly heeded his classmate's plea and dropped the metal pipe, and Mahiru and Sato passed by seeing the commotion, and saw the scene and they wondered if Natsumi caused this incident, and by then Juzo Sakakura, who is working undercover as a security guard, came and asked what just happened here, and there Sonia told the Sakakura what happened, and Yukizome passed by as well and became concerned seeing Nanami, Naegi and Natsumi having injuries, and when told of what happened, she told Sakakura to secure the posse and have them brought before Jin, while directing Mikan to take the three injured teens to the infirmary.

As Sakakura ties up the five main course students and carried them towards Jin's office, Fuyuhiko accompanied his sister and saw her gritting her teeth in frustration while shedding tears, and he became concerned, and told her that it is okay as he is sure that her tormentors would be punished, yet Natsumi is silent, and about 15 minutes later, Nanami testified to Jin about the incident, and Jin is displeased at what the five main course students did, and suspended them indefinitely much to the posse's exasperation and pleaded their case, saying that it was Naegi's fault for causing it, but Jin said that the posse started it and that they were provoking Naegi to retaliate, and the posse leader loses his cool telling the headmaster why did he let a FRAUD like Naegi into the main course saying that Naegi's talent is a fake and told Jin that he is stupid to let a talent like luck being the basis of letting Naegi into the main course, causing Nanami and Yukizome to stare in surprise.

Thus the day is saved, by villain stupidity.

"What did you say?"

"You heard me! Why let a pipsqurak like him get to the main course?! Luckster is just a fraud! I can't believe someone like you is stupid to let him in here! He has no place here in this academy! You should expel him!"

"I beg your pardon?"


"So you said that I am stupid...?"

"I...uh...ah...you see..."

"Then you are expelled..."


The posse leader stopped realizing what he just said, but before he could apologize, Jin came to a decision, and told the posse leader that he is expelled and instructed Sakakura to show the expelled student out, and Sakakura carried the expelled student out of the office and Kizakura sighed seeing that some main course students are acting so arrogant, and Jin apologized to Nanami for what happened, yet she said it is okay and bowed as she left,

Don’t worry sweetheart. I’ll make sure those bastards pay for their crimes. They need to be punished!

intending to see to Hinata, and Yukizome decided to head for the infirmary to check on Naegi and Natsumi, feeling that the two might need some emotional support so as to help them cope after what happened.

At the infirmary, Natsumi was silent as she is pissed at being looked down upon by the main course students and she is starting to lose faith at the prospect of being sorted to the Main Course, and Naegi saw this and approached her, and tries to comfort her by talking to her, and though she ignored him at first, she then asks him why he did that, why stick up to a "lowly reserve course student" like her, and Naegi said that he cannot simply ignore this and he would do it anyway since both of them are Hope's Peak Academy students.

Translation: Roy wants a taste of her pussy.

While she continued to ignore him, Naegi went on to say that even though he is looked down upon because of his talent, it is not reason for him to feel down, and even though his talent is simply the LUCKSTER, it does not mean that it is a basis to feel down or feel insecure, and said that despite this, he is happy to be enrolled here and made friends, and there Natsumi stood up upon hearing Naegi's talent, and she is in a state of disbelief at hearing that something like "good luck" is considered a talent, and grabbed Naegi by his collar and asks how can a "good luck" be considered a talent and why someone plain like him ended up at the main course.

Now that’s the million dollar question.


"How come you get tonthe main course?! How can you say that LUCK got you there?!"

"Kuzuryuu-san...calm down..."

"I...I don't get it...why someone like you get scouted...why am I...



"You shouldn't feel down..."


Although surprised by Natsumi's actions, he calmly said that he did not know why, but was scouted by Kizakura, and though he admitted that he rarely gets good luck, he said that he himself is unsure why yet he accepted them willingly, and said that his optimism is his "saving grace", and said that if his LUCK is considered a talent, then there may be a reason why he was scouted. Natsumi gritted her teeth as she felt tremendous envy towards Naegi, but then he brought up the subject about her being a former member of the photography club at her last high school, and said that if she has talent, if even a hidden one, then she should try it once more as he believe that she might excel there which made her stop in her tracks.

Natsumi asks how he knows about it, and he said that he heard it from Koizumi,

Bullshit, you most likely sifted through her trash, like some sort of creepy stalker.

and he told her that although she may have ended up at the reserve course, he told her not to give up and keep on trying, believing that Natsumi might discover her "hidden talent" and might eventually get scouted, and she was speechless at what he said and asks if he is just making her feel better, and he replied by saying that if he were in her place he would keep on going and live life fully without feeling down, and Natsumi only stared at him in confusion and dismay.

By then Yukizome arrived and saw the two, and tried to pry them apart thinking that they are fighting, and as Natsumi lets go and walked off, Naegi stared at her seeing that she seemed to need someone who can understand her and be at her side when she needed someone the most, and Yukizome followed her as she wanted to talk to Natsumi about the recent ordeal she went through.

At the same park within the academy, Natsumi is sitting on the bench and is staring on the ground in frustration and dismay, and there Yukizome arrived and sat next to her, asking her how she is doing and said that her elder brother is worried about her, and Natsumi kept staring at the floor and asks Yukizome why Naegi got sorted to the main course even though his talent did not appeared to be worth mentioning and fraudalent, and Yukizome told her that Naegi is not the only one who has the talent of LUCKSTER,

Why couldn’t the story revolve around Nagito? He’s a million times better than Naegi.

saying that Fuyuhiko's classmate also has the same talent as Naegi, which Natsumi stared at Yukizome in surprise.

"What...what did you say...?"

"Yes...your brother has a classmate...whose talen also involves LUCK..."

"How...how can that be..."

"Everyone has a hidden talent...even if you do not notice it...and I believe there is a reason for this..."


"Natsumi-chan...I overheard your conversation earlier..."


"You do not have friends, right?"

Yukizome then told Natsumi that she overheard what Naegi told her and said that she should live life to the fullest and should try to make friends whether it is in the reserve course or the main course, and said that if Natsumi has an undiscovered talent, she should try to "awaken" it so that the scouts may notice her and consider sorting her to the main course, and told her that Naegi is someone who should be valued not just because of his talent,

‘Naegi should be valued.’

My fucking sides!

but also the way he carries himself, saying that because of Naegi's nature he has earned a lot of friends and even pointed out that Nanami, who is a main course student, made friends with Hinata, who is a reserve course student, and said that there are no barriers in making friends fro different circles as long as one knows how to carry it, and she advises Natsumi to try find her hidden talent and try to show it around Hope's Peak so that she could be noticed and get scouted, and then Yukizome left, and Natsumi stared at the ground, as she is still a bit confused after what Yukizome told her.

…is this chapter over yet? How the fuck can Roy continue to churn out boring as fuck stories, and receive undeserved praise?

By then Pekoyama came and asks Natsumi if she is okay, which she nodded, and was told that she was sent by Fuyuhiko to fetch her as they are going home, and Natsumi grudgingly nodded as the two girls left the park and are nearing the gate, where Natsumi saw Naegi being approached by his classmates, as they appeared concerned at what he went through, and Natsumi recalled what Yukizone said to her earlier - try to make friends and discover her hiddent talent. Nevertheless she still felt envious towards Naegi for having an optimistic outlook, and then she saw Hinata being dragged by Nanami out of the academy in a friendly way as she showed him her PS VITA, and Natsumi just stared at the ground as she and Pekoyama boarded the limousine as they await Fuyuhiko.

Minutes later, Fuyuhiko boarded the limo and the car left, and there Fuyuhiko expressed concern that she is getting into trouble and urged her to behave which she said she did, saying that she did not do anything this time and that the main course students caused it and they used her as a punching bag,


but then she changed the subject and asks if it is true that he has a classmate who has the talent of being the LUCKSTER, which he is quite surprised, but nevertheless confirms it, saying that Komaeda is said to possess INCREDIBLE LUCK, but Fuyuhiko said that he still has to believe it himself, which Natsumi is quite surprised that Komaeda and Naegi having the same talent.

"Are you serious, nii-sama?"

"Yeah...I mean it..."


"Although I still have to see it with my own eyes..."




"I want to ask you something..."

Fuyuhiko then asks his sister if she has any intention of becoming something at Hope's Peak Academy, which she nodded, and he told her that she has to think of a talent she is good at, so that she could move to the main course, otherwise there is no point for her to stay at the reserve course as their parents can't just pay the high tuition fee,

With all this money that the academy’s raking in, you’d think that they’ll have plenty of ways to keep idiots out of the academy.

which she just stared at her lap, and the limo continued to cruise as the siblings are on their way home, and Natsumi is thinking of a way to find a talent that would attract the attention of the scouts so that she could be eligible to be transferred to the main course of Hope's Peak Academy.

Later, at the Kuzuryu house, Natsumi was rummaging her closet and brought out a camera, which she used to have it and took pictures in her last school, and as she stared at the camera, she recalled how she got into a bad altercation with Sato and Koizumi, and then recalled what Naegi told her, and she wondered if taking pictures would help her get scouted, and right now she is pondering if she has a talent or not, and she is weighing on whether what she would do from this point on would help her case or not, and she is thinking hard whether to go ahead or not.

To Be Continued...

Unfortunately, we’ve still got ten or so chapters left of this. And they author is writing up more chapters as we speak.

As you can tell, this chapter took a toll on me. It’s one thing to have an author attempt to drag my name through the mud, like SovietRussiaMan attempted to do, it’s another thing to write about my precious little Nanami getting beaten up. I couldn’t even go into detail about how well our Valentine’s date went, because of how angry I was at Roy.

Until next time everyone. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to drink away all the memories of this horrid chapter.

List of mocks can be found here: Here

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Jesus man what is up with you and all of those waifus! Are you secretly the "Ultimate Pimp"?
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So after the painful experience that Roy put me through in the last chapter, I did a bit of soul-searching to settle my nerves. And while Chapter 9 doesn’t contain any rage-inducing moments, the contents of the chapter, essentially verify a suspicion that has been plaguing my mind, since I first laid eyes on Roy and his various works.

Ch. 9: Eizoku-tekina Shashin-ka

The next day, Natsumi came out from her room as it was morning and she is seen holding her camera, as she intends to take a unique picture of anything that interests her so that when the pictures are developed, it would show a unique portrait which might entice the scout to consider moving her to the main course of Hope's Peak Academy, though she is unsure if this would work, given that her pictures were not so good yet she is willing to give it a try, and see where this would lead to.

And if that doesn’t work, prostitution’s always an option.

As Natsumi walked around the house, she saw Pekoyama practicing her sword skills against a dummy, and she is seen performing several sword slashes and sword strikes, which were intimidating enough, in which Natsumi was awed and immediately took pictures of Pekoyama's actions in secret, making sure she won't be seen, and as Pekoyama continued practicing, Natsumi took more pictures of her actions, but things came to a halt when Fuyuhiko came and gave her some errands to run.

Natsumi sighed as she wouldn't be able to take more pictures, and she left to roam around the house to see if she could take more INTERESTING and UNIQUE pictures. Minutes later, she came across the meeting room where her parents are in a meeting with the various mafia branch leaders, and there the Kuzuryuu patriarch is being challenged by a branch member who wanted to usurp the leadership, and the two came to a verbal stand-off and Natsumi watches the scene in secret as the two adults are gearing up for a fight.

What’s this? An insurgence from one of the mafia leaders, in an attempt to become the next Godfather?

Why couldn’t I get a story dedicated to this, as opposed to reading about Roy jerking off?

"You dare challenge me?!"

"So ehat if I am?"

"You ungrateful...!"

"I'm gonna lead this family and usher it to the 22nd century!"

"You idiot! You don't have what itntakes to be a true leader!"

"Just you watch as I'm gonna mash you!"


"Here I come, fatso!"

The renegade member then took out a knife and is ready to stab him, but Mr. Kuzuryuu deflected it and beats up the renegade, and Natsumi took pictures of the scene,

Ummm, Natsumi. I don’t care if you’re the don’s daughter, taking pictures of mob meetings is going to end with you getting whacked.

Hey, maybe that’s how she actually died in the game.

which she finds it realistic enough and watches the scene unfold as the defeated renegade is being restrained and Mr. Kuzuryuu instructed his men to have the renegade executed, and the renegade pleaded for mercy, promising that he will not challenge or usurp the leadership again, though Mr. Kuzuryuu is less receptive of this, as he wanted to set an example to the branch leaders about what would happen if anyone would dare challenge him and attempt to take leadership from him.

"Looks like you ought to be taught a lesson..."

"Sorry! Forgive me!"

"Too late..."

"Show me mercy!"

"You should have thought about that before you tried to challenge me..."

Am I the only one who finds the renegades actions baffling? He attempts to usurp the leader, knowing that he’ll die if he fails, and starts begging for mercy when he gets punished by death.

It’s like Roy doesn’t know how humans interact with each other.

"Please..give me a chance!'"

"No can do...get rid of him..."


The renegade was taken away and the meeting resumed, and Natsumi then took her leave seeing that there won't be anything interesting, and as she is leaving, she came across Pekoyama, and noticed her carrying a camera and wondered what she is doing, yet she bowed to Natsumi with courtesy and Natsumi nodded, and she was asked what she is doing, which she said she was just taking pictures,

Taking pictures of things she shouldn’t be taking pictures of, to be specific.

and by then Fuyuhiko came and asks Pekoyama if she accomplished the errands she carried, whichnshe nodded, and gives him what he needed.

However, Pekoyama tripped and accidentally fell on top of Fuyihiko, and the scene showed that the two teens are in an awkward but risque position,

Such an erotic scene. It’s almost like it’s happening right in front of my eyes.

which Natsumi finds it amusing, and she took pictures of the two, and the two blushed deeply and he demanded to his younger sister what is she doing, sensing that she is up to no good and might make fun of him and Pekoyama.

"Hey! What the heck are you doing?!"

"Taking a picture..."

"What for?"

"Just for kicks..."

"You better not..."

"Don't worry...I'll take gooood care of it...and I might make a living..."

"Hey! Don't you dare... "


Natsumi grinned as she waved goodbye and told the two to HAVE FUN, and the two other teens blushed deeper and tries to stop her, but Pekoyama fell on top of her master and again they were in an awkward and risque position,

Is it the same one, or a different one? Dammit Roy, you can’t keep up this amateur writing!

and Fuyuhiko's dad came, and misunderstood the scene and praises his son for MAKING STEPS TOWARDS BEING A TRUE MAN, and Fuyuhiko blushed deeper and steam emanated from his ears as he told him not to assume things, which Pekoyama got up and looked away, blushing amid the fierce argument between father and son.

"Ah...the road to MANHOOD is upon you..."

"Dad! Stop assuming things!"

"You dure know how to charm a lady..."

"Peko did not...

"Though I find it odd that of all the girls you seduced it was Pekoyama..."


"Fear not...I will supply a box of condoms..."

From sending a guy to his death, to showing interest in his son’s sexual life. Mr. Kuzuryu must have his priorities skewed.


At the streets, Natsumi is walking around, looking for something that might make things enticing to take a picture, and as the minutes passed, she finds nothing interesting, and she sighed as she felt that luck has not been good to her and sat on the bench and waited for an opportunity, hoping that something interestong mogjt come and hoped it would be worth taking a picture that might piqued the Hope's Peak scout's interest that might make him consider bringing her to the main course.

By then something came as a group of motorcyclists came and it turns out to be the Crazy Diamond Gang, and they are about to have a break when someone approached them, speaking to Ohwada as he showed him a briefcase, as if he is offering the SHSL Outlaw Biker a deal, promising that he and his gang would get rich, and Natsumi hid behind a thick bush as she listened to the conversation, where she finds out that the stranger is a drug dealer, and she prepared her camera as Ohwada grabbed the drug dealer and told him he approached the wrong guy, saying he hates drug dealers.

Ohwada must be the Academy’s favorite Anti-drug spokesperson, for him to show such animosity towards drug dealers.

"You sure picked the wrong guy to deal with..."


"I really hate drug dealers...they ruin lives..."

"But at least you will get rich..."

"You pissed me off...I'm gonna kill you..."

"Wait...don't...I'll leave you alone...!

"Beat him up, boss!"

"Show him that drug scums have no place here!"

The drug dealer pleaded for mercy and begged Ohwada not to take him to the police,

Such a hardened criminal we have here…

but the Crazy Diamond Gang members urged Ohwada to take him to the police, but the drug dealer's fellow drug syndicate members showed up and attempted to bail their boss out, and this triggered a war between to gang groups, and Natsumi smirked as she gets to see a real fight, and as the two gangs took out their weapons, consisting of metal pipes (for the Crazy Diamond) and knives (for the drug syndicates), a brawl erupted, and Natsumi took pictures of the brawl, and she took several shots, but stopped when a passing police car came and she remained hidden, as Ohwada approached the cop and told him that they just beaten up a drug cartel syndicate which the cop is surprised to hear this.

"What? A drug cartel you say?"

“Yeah, they just appeared out of nowhere and offered to make me rich. It’s almost as if they were only here to get beaten up.”

"Yeah...and here is the proof..."


"Yukimaru...show him..."

"Here you go..."

"No way..."

"Is that enough?"


Yukimaru then showed the cop the briefcase containing the illegal drugs and pointed out to the drug dealer, and the cop radioed for assistance and soonntje syndicate was apprehended though the Crazy Diamond Gang was invited to come along to get their statements, and Phwada and hks biker members reluctantly accepted of this would clear their names, and Natsumi sighed as the action ended as she was hoping to get more shots of actions, but settled for what she got and left the scene and find other things to take pictures of.

Hopefully it involves the author, a bottle of bleach, and a few sticks of dynamite.

Much later, she came across a scene where Akane Owari is standing in the middle of a park, stretching her arms as she is about to do an exercise, but a pervert snuck behind her and peek under her skirt, glancing at her panties, and she caught him in the act, and she was so pissed that she grabbed the pervert by his collar and demanded an explanation to what he just did, but the pervert foolishly said he wanted to see what is beyond her panties, implying that he wanted to see her bare crotch, pissing her off big time.

I’m confident that this is how Roy would act, were he to meet Akane in real life.


"I want to see your PUSSY..."


"I want to see if you shaved yourself or not..."


"As long as I can put my DICK inside your PUSSY...sure..."

Who talks like this?! No seriously, have you ever seen someone talk like this?! These aren’t people the author is writing in, these are aliens on drugs who were given the script of a low budget exploitation movie!

I shouldn’t keep harping on the piss-poor dialogue, but it needs to be said.



Natsumi smirked as she prepared her pictures as Akane began mauling the pervert, and Natsumi grinned as she took pictures of the beating, and after a few minutes, Akane sent the pervert flying and that was the end,

Thus the drugged out alien gets sent back home, via a super-powered punch from Akane.

and Natsumi sighed as this was the end, and she left the scene to find another scene worth taking pictures of, hoping that the next one would be more unique that might convincethe scout to consider her moving to the main course.

An hour later, Natsumi is sitting on a bench of another park, taking a rest after being unable to find an interesting scene that would warrant taking a picture, and as she glanced at her camera, she wondered if the pictures she took would be enough to help her, and as she is ponderong on whether she should go home or not, she saw a pair of teenagers walking by, and she blinked her eyes seeing that the persons walking turn out to be the Naegi siblings, Makoto and Komaru, and the two siblings were chatting happily, and Natsumi was taken aback upon seeing Naegi smiling, causing her to blush, and she unknowingly took pictures of his smiling face but she remained hidden,

Thus begins Natsumi’s descent into becoming an even bigger creep than Roy.

and Naegi paused as he felt that someone is stalking him, which Komaru asks what is wrong.



"What's wrong?"


"Are you sure?"

"Yes, Komaru...I thought I saw someone watching me..."

"Let's go..."


Seeing that no one is around, Naegi sighed and he and Komaru walked away, and when the coast is clear, Natsumi emerged, and she watched the siblings leave, her eyes focused on Naegi as she is still taken aback after seeing him smile, and for the first time, she felt somewhat drawn to him and she wondered why she suddenly felt this way, and she shook her head as she tries to deny this to herself and leaves the scene and went to another place to find something to take pictures of, hoping that it would help her find her talent worthy to bring her to the academy's main course.

Yeah, I’m sure the Academy would enroll someone who takes photos of the most random shit they find.

A few days later, Natsumi had just left a photo shop after having the film developed and she has the pictures that she took previously, and she went to a park to check them, where she giggled a bit at seeing the pictures she took, such as the Crazy Diamond Gang getting in to a brawl, but when she took out another picture, she saw Naegi's portrait, and once again she finds herself drawn to him, blushing, and she stared at it for over a minute before coming to her senses, and she realized what she just did and shook her head, trying to deny to herself about gettong drawn over a WIMP like Naegi, but then she is startled when Koichi Kizakura stood next to her, glancing at the pictures she is holding, and she fiercely demanded what he wants with her.

Kizakura laughed a bit and assured to her that he won't BITE her and said that he is the scout of Hope's Peak Academy and said he followed her for the past few days upon seeing her taking pictures and said he wanted to see the pictures she took, which made her somewhat suspicious seeing that he doesn't look like an academy staff yet she asks him if he is just here to see the pictures that she took and not making a pass at her.

"Are you sure you are not going to play with me?"

Mike like how Roy fantasizes about playing with you.

"No...that's the truth..."


"Yeah...I just want to see the pictures you took...to study them and see if it might help me make a decision..."





After assuring to her that he has no perverted intentions, Natsumi reluctantly gave him the pictures she took which he glanced at it, and after a few minutes, he took out his cellphone and took pictures of the portraits and gave the pictures back to her, thanking her and then left. Natsumi blinked her eyes and after that she believes that Kizakura was just toying with her and sighed, believing that she fell for his ruse amd decided to go home, feeling a bit dejected.

Much later, the scene shifts at Hope's Peak Academy where Kizakura showed to Jin the pictures that he took from Natsumi's portraits,

“Mafia insurgences, gang wars, violence against aliens. What the fuck am I looking at here?!”

and said that this is an interesting development, and Jin asks if Kizakura really scanned Natsumi or if he is just swaying with her, which the scout laughed a bit and said that he thought that the pictures that Natsumi took looked quite realistic, and said that this might be a first, even though he said that it might be a problem since he believes that Koizumi's talent is better than Natsumi's, and Jin is pondering on what to do next and asks Kizakura for his opinion.

"So you're saying that Kuzuryuu has a talent even though Koizumi is better than her?"

"Based on my assessment..."


"So, Jin...what do you say...?"


"Do you think Kuzuryuu might have a chance...?"

"I will have to think about that..."

"Oh boy..."

To Be Continued...

It wasn’t until I first read this chapter that a realisation dawned upon me.

Roy could be on the Autism Spectrum. I’m not saying this in an attempt to insult autistic people, since I have mild autism myself. I’m saying this because from personal experience, people on the Autism Spectrum have a harder time socialising with people in public. This is evident from how poorly written the characters are; Roy lacks social skills, therefore it’s harder for him to write a genuine conversation, then it would be, if he wasn’t autistic. This could explain why his villains are so random/one dimensional, he hasn’t experienced an actual antagonistic person in public. Furthermore, it could also explain why the dialogue is so dull, since he wouldn’t be able to gage emotions easily, due to his autism.

I do apologise in advance if I offend anyone by mistake, I’m just attempting to explain some of Roy’s odd choices. But if he wasn’t autistic…then I have no idea why he writes the way he does.

Until next time everyone.

List of mocks can be found here: Here

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Jesus man what is up with you and all of those waifus! Are you secretly the "Ultimate Pimp"?
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Since I have some spare time on my hand, I figured that I’ll mock the next chapter of this fic, officially breaking the halfway mark. In the last chapter, we had Fuyuhiko’s dad beating up a renegade, we had Ohwada and his gang beating up some drug dealers, and we had Akane beating up an alien on drugs. Quite a lot of violence in that chapter, I say. How will he top off that one? Let’s find out.

Ch. 10: Shōkan

A few days later, Natsumi is seen walking towards her classroom, silent, as she wondered what the events in the past few days occurred, in which she pondered if this would have an effect on her after her passion for taking pictures was revived after taking Naegi's advise, in which she went to take pictures that involved everyday life, such as her parents' yakuza meeting, a brawl involving the Crazy Diamond Gang, Akane beating up a pervert and accidentally taking a picture of Naegi and his younger sister.

Accident my ass…

While she felt some enjoyment in taking the pictures, she became a bit concerned after meeting with Kizakura, who asked permission to take the pictures to study them, and until now there is no word yet about this.

As Natsumi sat on her seat, she saw Hinata still gazing st the window, looking at the main building of Hope's Peak, and decided to approach him, asking him if he has any luck trying to get noticed by the academy scout, which he said he hasn't, which, for once, made her a little bit sympathetic, realizing that he too has the same aspiration as hers.


"Ah, Kuzuryuu-san..."

"Any luck?"


"About being noticed by the main course scout?"

"No...not yet..."

"I see...must be tough..."

"Yeah...it is..."

As the two were talking, Sato glances at Natsumi, as she is still protective towards Koizumi,

Koizumi still owed her $20. Once Sato got her money back, she’ll have no problem throwing Koizumi to the dogs.

and she still does not trust Natsumi, but things took a sudden surprise when a Hope's Peak school official came and called out Natsumi, which she approached him and asks what is it, and there he told her that she is being summoned by the headmaster, which surprised her yet she has no idea what is it about, and when she asks him why, all he said that the headmaster wanted to talk to her and nothing more.

"The headmaster wishes to a have a word with you."


"Yes, you."


“You’re being taken into witness protection, since your photos are considered damning evidence of your father’s illegal activities.”

"Don't know...just come along and obey."

"That's all...?"

"That is all. Now come along."


Natsumi was baffled by this yet she nodded and leaves the classroom, following the school official, and the rest of Hinata's classmates were baffled at this, some assume that she is about to be expelled, and others wondered if she is going to be transferred to the main course, which the others doubt it seeing that she has no talent, and knowing her attitude, they believe that she is about to be expelled thinking that the officials saw no use for her believing she never has any talent to begin with.

"That bitch..."

"Why would she...?"

"I bet she's gonna be..."

"No way..."

"She has no talent..."

Neither do you, you bunch of faceless jackasses.

"She's about to be kicked out..."

"I hope she is..."

"The bitch..."

Hinata became a bit concerned about this and glanced at the window, wondering what the headmaster is thinking and why he would summon Natsumi, and recalled that she told him that she would do anything to get transferred to the main course, and wondered if she did something that might made the headmaster notice her, and he hoped that whatever the reason is, it may not led to Natsumi getting expelled from the academy.

By then Sato approached Hinata and asks him what is going on, since she has seen him interacting with Natsumi a few times,

They’re friends with benefits. Just don’t tell Roy, otherwise he’ll throw a hissy fit.

and Hinata said that he has no idea what is going on, and she said that she is worried that Natsumi might resort to underhanded tactics just to get sorted to the main course which might cost Koizumi her spot, but Hinata told her not to assume things unjustly, but then they glanced at the window and saw Natsumi following the school official heading towards the main building, and Sato became a bit paranoid believing that Natsumi did something to Koizumi which Hinata urged her not to jump to conclusions.

"No way...that Kuzuryu...she must have dome something to Mahiru-chan..."

Yes she did. She locked up Koizumi in a glass dome; sorry about the $20 by the way.

"Hey...Sato, calm down...we don't know if..."

"That must be it...!"

"Let's wait until Kuzuryuu comes back and..."

"What if she gets sorted to the main course...? And what if..."

"We don't know about that...calm down and..."

"How can I?"

"Calm down..."

The rest of Hinata's classmates glanced at the window and saw Natsumi and the official heading towards the main building, and they too began to suspect something, and they began bugging Hinata about this, as they too have seen him interacting with Natsumi, and asks him if he knows anything about why she is summoned by the headmaster, and Hinata told them he too has no idea about what is going on here, which they did not take it at face value and demanded that he tell them what he knows, but then a teacher came and told everyone to take their seats, and the reserve students grudgingly went back to their seats and class is about to commence.

Thank you faceless teacher. You spared me from more dialogue, coming from the asshole brigade.

The scene shifts at the headmaster's office inside the main building, where Jin is waiting, and there Natsumi came in and bowed, and he motions her to sit down, which she did, and she saw Kizakura sitting on the couch watching her, there she glances at Jin and took a deep breath and began to ask him why he summoned her, since she knows she hadn't done anything in the past few days, which Jin took a deep breath and showed to her the pictures that Kizakura brought to him, and she realized that these are the pictures she took a week ago.

Jin then asks Natsumi if she took those pictures personally, which she confirmed it, saying she was just trying to revive her past hobby after transferring to Hope's Peak and that Kizakura asked for the pictures which she gave it to him, and Kizakura smirked while using his hat to cover his face, and Jin asks her why she decided take pictures just now, which she said she did this to see if this is her talent or not, and there Jin said that after studying the pictures, he said he is unsure if he would consider this as a talent since Koizumi already has been assigned with the talent of SHSL Photographer,

And? What’s wrong with having more than one student have a talent in the same area? As a matter of fact, you should be supporting it, considering how many shitty-ass Luckster students you have!

and Natsumi mentally sensed that she may not get noticed at all, yet the two continued to talk.

"...but still...do you believe this is your talent..."


"What if I decided to transfer you to the main course...would you accept the talent that would be assigned to you...?"


"But you know that this is not an easy way...it all depends on the scout and myself...I still am unsure what to think of the pictures you took..."


"But be ready...I will study the pictures you took a d determine if you really have a talent or not..."

“Hopefully they’ll teach me how to beat up drug dealers and aliens.”


Kizakura silently observed the discussion, which became a bit tense, and wondered if Jin would give her a chance to be sorted to the main course, and Natsumi kept her cool even though she has a feeling that her efforts through her picture takings may not help her at all. After that, he told her that he would need another few days to think before making a final decision, and Natsumi stood up and bowed before leaving the office, and the official escorted her back towards the reserve course building.

Kizakura then approached Jin, asking him why he hesitated in giving her the chance to be sorted to the main course, in which Jin said he is still not convinced and needed another few days to study the pictures he saw, and admitted that the pictures were quite good yet they may not be at the level that matched Koizumi's pictures, and Kizakura sighed as he stated that while Natsumi's pictures may not match Koizumi's, it did show that Natsumi does have a talent, even if her talent is not quite close to Koizumi's.

‘Natsumi’s photos aren’t as good as Koizumi’s.’

There, I summed up that paragraph in seven words.

"Are you sure about this, Jin?"

"Yeah...this is no easy task..."

"But you know...the pictures that Kuzuryuu took looked quite good, even though not as good as Koizumi's..."

"I know...that is why I needed another few days to think about this..."

"At least you should give a little bit of hope..."

"I am..."

"Study the pictures carefully, then compare it to the pics that Koizumi has...then you will be able to decide if Kuzuryuu has a talent or not...and try to figure it out the answer in less than five days..."

"Yeah...I would do that..."

Jin considered Kizakura's words carefully, and glanced at the pictures again and began to wonder if Natsumi do have a talent or not, as this is the first time that he has to decide whether a reserve course student has a real talent or not, and Kizakura began to give Jin some advice on what to do and make a decision that would not lead to a mistaken regret.

A mistaken regret, what the hell are you going on about, you madman?!

Several minutes later, Natsumi returned to the reserve course building and upon entering the classroom, Hinata was surprised to see her back, and Sato was relieved that her suspicions were wrong, and as Natsumi took her seat, she can hear the whispering from her classmates, jeering that Natsumi did not get sorted to the main course, believing that she got what she deserved for acting high and mighty, and she never got transferred in the end.

"Hah...look at the bitch..."

"She did not get transferred..."

"Serves her right..."

"A bitch like her can never be noticed..."

"She should have been expelled..."

"She should be sent to the Middle East...have her become a sex slave..."

"Sounds sensual..."

Fetishising the subjugation of women in the Middle East…

It’s like every day, Roy becomes more and more despicable.


Natsumi ignored the taunts as she kept her cool while Hinata wondered what happened, as he never thought that her meeting with Jin ended up into nothing and decided to talk to her once dismissal time arrives, so he can get some answers from her.

Later in the day, the scene shifts at the park within the academy, where Natsumi is walking, and there Hinata came and called out to her, in which she turns around and saw him approaching her, and he began to ask her what happened earlier, in which she was summoned by the headmaster, but in the end she came back here empty-handed, and though she wanted to keep things to herself, Hinata gently prodded her, and in the end she explained to him the reason why.

Hinata was quite surprised to hear that Natsumi tried to revive her hobby in taking pictures, which led to Kizakura taking notice of it and showed it to Jin, yet he is baffled as to why Jin opted to defer his decision to a later date, and Natsumi believed that maybe Jin was not impressed, and believes that maybe she has no talent, which Hinata tries to cheer her up, reasoning that Jin would not summon her if he did not find the pictures she took interesting.

God damn, this fic is hard to mock, simply because it’s so empty. There are large areas of text, where literally NOTHING HAPPENS!

"...so don't feel down..."


"If the headmaster summoned you earlier...then it means that he finds some talent within you..."

"But he told me that there is a chance that I may be turned down..."

"Yet he saw some potential in you, Kuzuryuu-san...so don't lose hope..."


"Kuzuryuu-san...may I see the pictures?"


Hinata then asks if he can see the pictures she took, which she did, and Hinata sweat-dropped at the pictures she took, seeing that most of them were taken from real events, such as the brawl between the bikers and drug dealers, Akane beating a pervert, and her dad beating a branch officer. Hinata then saw Naegi's picture which he finds it a good take, and a blushing Natsumi grabbed the picture and hides it behind her back, and a baffled Hinata asks what is wrong, which leaves her quite flustered.

How dare Hinata take away Natsumi’s fapping photo.





"Is there something wrong...?"


"Then why are you hiding Naegi-san's picture...?"

"None of your business..."

Not far, Sato is watching the scene, and she remained suspicious as she has a feeling that Natsumi is still up to no good, and she couldn't help but feel worried for Koizumi's well-being, and she makes it a point to follow Natsumi and find out if she is trying to get Koizumi to leave the main course, and by then Koizumi arrived and asks Sato what is she doing, which Sato says she is just passing by and urges Koizumi that they should go elsewhere.

Good, I should go elsewhere as well.

Meanwhile, Natsumi is struggling to hide the picture she grabbed from Hinata, and he asks her what is wrong, yet she is too flustered to say why, and when she turn around to leave, she bumped into Naegi, causing the two to accidentally get caught in an embrace, and Natsumi blushed furiously, and the same goes for Naegi, as he is taken aback at seeing how cute she looked, and she backed away and left the scene, and Naegi blinked his eyes as he wondered what just happened.

"Eh? What just happened here...?"

You tell me, Mr. Luckster.

To Be Continued...

This fic is a massive drain on me. I’ll grant it that it has more to offer than the other Roy fics I mocked, if only because of all the faceless villain encounters. Roy hasn’t updated the fic in a while, but considering how he updates some of his fics every 2-3 weeks, only time will tell whether he continues or not.

Until next time everyone.

List of mocks can be found here: Here

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