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> The Luckster And The Gangster's Sister, The misadventures of Roy
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post Mar 18 2017, 06:28 PM
You want to know what’s worse than Masked Rider Roy writing a story? Masked Rider Roy writing a filler chapter to said story. That’s right, we’re gonna sit through what the author classifies as ‘comedy’. God help us…

Ch. 16: Ranchibureikuburūsu

Another set of hours have passed since recess, and classes went on as usual, which generally went peaceful, and no incidents were reported, and now it is lunchtime, and the scene shifts at the reserve course building, where Sato is at the exit of the building, waiting for Koizumi, as she is due to have lunch with her, and she wanted to ask her if Natsumi did something to her or not, and is worried that Natsumi might be in the same class as Koizumi and might do something to make her quit. Her fears escalated as Koizumi did not show up nor answered her text messages, and she slowly went a bit paranoid fearing that Natsumi did drive Koizumi out of Hope's Peak, and a passing Hinata saw her and tries to calm her down, with little success.

Imagine if Koizumi is wagging school in order to play a prank on Sato.

A bit Out Of Character for her, but it would make more sense than whatever Roy’s planning for her.

"Calm down, Sato..."

"How can I calm down?"

"Maybe your friend is late..."

"She's not answering my texts! Maybe Natsumi did something to her!"

"Easy...we don't know if Kuzuryuu has..."

"She did this...she drove Mahiru out of Hope's Peak!"

"Calm down!"

"She did it...I'm sure of it!"

As Hinata tries to calm down Sato, the other reserve course students watched them, and they too were in a state of disbelief that Natsumi was transferred to the main course, in which they were envious, jealous, and suspicious that Natsumi had a hidden talent,

And we get some more input from the peanut gallery. Because that’s what your fans were begging for.

No they weren’t.

and knowing that she is the daughter of a mafia family, they falsely assumed that she bribed her way and got what she wanted, and this made them want to confront Natsumi and find out if she cheated her way there or not.

"That Kuzuryuu..."

“Oh that Kuzuryuu. God I hate how that Kuzuryuu does all her Kuzuryuu things, in a Kuzuryuu manner.”

"How did that happened?"

"I bet she bribed her way through..."

"Yeah...she's a yakuza after all..."

"That bitch...she cheated her way out of here!"

"I'm gonna kill her!"

"Me too!"

"Lets find her!"

At the main course building, the scene shifts at the classroom of Class 79 where you can see Natsumi sitting on her seat, lookin at the arm chair and is blushing furiously, having recalled the events earlier where she accidentally kissed Naegi, and she could not believe her first kiss was taken by Naegi, and though she wanted to lash out at him for that, she could not bring herself to do so, much to her bewilderment. Akamatsu sat beside her and tried to cheer her up and said that what happened earlier was an accident, though she commented that Naegi being the recipient is nice, pointing out that her first kiss went to a cute boy, which caused Natsumi to blush deeper.

Cute? Are you seriously implying that Roy is cute? In what dimension can Roy ever be considered cute?!

"What was that?"

"You heard me...its kid of nice that your first kiss went to such a cute boy..."

" You got to be kidding me!"

"Well...though it was accidental, at least it was a romantic one..."

"I don't have feelings for that guy!"


"Over my dead body!"

By then Saihara passed by and informed the two girls that the AWKWARD INCIDENT is being spread like wildfire, which became a gossip within the main course building and several sections are discussing it as well as someone recorded it on video and is spreading to every student, which Natsumi stared wide-eyed, and stood up, asking Saihara for confirmation, in which he assured to her that what he said is based on the word of mouth that is spreading, and by then Akamatsu's cellphone beeped, and there she checked it out.

Akamatsu gasped as she showed to Natsumi the video that Saihara is claiming, where it showed the accidental kiss Natsumi gave to Naegi inside the music room,

Wait a minute…something doesn’t seem right here. From my memory, the only students near the music room during that time were Akamatsu, Naegi, Natsumi, Fuyuhiko, and Peko. And none of them seem like the type to spread a photo of two students kissing.

Well there’s also Ibuki when she showed up to do her random musical, but I’d like to forget that even happened.

and Natsumi blushed deeper and went into a rather violent fit and vowed to KILL whoever is spreading the video though Akamatsu tried to calm her down saying that acting violent would not solve anything and promised her classmate that the rumors will eventually pass.

"Natsumi-chan...calm down..."

"Let me find the asshole who spread those videos!

"Calm down...throwing a fit won't solve anything!


"Trust me...we'll find the uploader...just simmer down."





Saihara watches on but sighed as he sees it as something trivial and opted to stay silent and not mix himself with the two girls.

Meanwhile, the scene shifts at the classroom of Class 78, where Naegi is surrounded by most of his classmates after receiving the video clip of Natsumi's accidental kiss to Naegi, and while the boys praised Naegi for being so MANLY, some of the girls were worried seeing that something like this might signal a wrong impression yet the boys were asking him if he enjoyed getting his first kiss from a pretty and cute girl amid Naegi's protests.

Something I noticed in Roy’s Danganronpa fics, including the ones I haven’t mocked, is that most, if not all the males in Naegi’s classroom, cheer him on every time he kisses Roy’s waifu of the week. It’s like they’re a bunch of perpetually drunk men, who fall under the ‘dudebro’ category.

"So, Naegi...did you enjoy it?


"You sure are LUCKY...getting your first kiss...|

"That's not..."

"I really envy you...I wish I would get kissed by a pretty girl...you sure are a girl magnet, Naegi."

"You're wrong!"

"Oh...? How so...?


Meanwhile, Maizono was holding her cellphone, her eyes wide-open, her jaws fell to the floor, and is somewhat devastated upon finding out that Naegi's first kiss was taken by someone else, and is dismayed that her chance to be the first girl to kiss him was dashed to the ground, and his made her feel sad, and envious at the girl who took Naegi's kiss away.

And another thing, Roy always depicts Maizono as a friend zoned woman, in fics where he’s not shipping himself with her. It reminds me of his Roy x Sonia fic, where Maizono is turned into some batshit insane harpy, just so Roy could bash her.

The situation seemingly spiraled out of control when a shouting is heard outside, and when Naegi peered through the door he was surprised to see Fuyuhiko trying to barge his way in, with Pekoyama restraining him, as she is trying to pull him away, and he is seen armed with the bamboo sword, and upon seeing Naegi, he zeroed in and tries to hit him with the weapon while screaming at the Luckster for LUSTING after Natsumi, which Naegi denies.

"You hentai! How dare you dirtying my sister?!"

“You keep hands off my sister, you dirtying pervert!”

"You got the wrong idea!"

"Don't lie to me! I saw the video! You got the balls to kiss my sister!"

"It was an accident!"

"You can't fool me! You are LUSTING after my sister!"

"You're wrong!"

"Prepare to die, you hentai!

Go Fuyuhiko, kill Roy’s skinsuit and end his wish-fulfillment days.


The rest of Class 78 peered from the classroom and stared wide-eyed at hearing the argument, and the shouting is heard throughout the corridor and some students came out and stared at Naegi, and realized that he is the one they saw at the video that was being spread, some approached the Luckster and complimenting him for being so BOLD in kissing a cute girl even though he denied it and said that what they saw on the video is an accident.

"Hey...so it was you!"

"Yeah...the so-called LUCKSTER who got his lucky kiss!"

"You really are lucky...getting your first kiss..."

"You really are something!"

"How many girls can you kiss in a day?"

Are you asking me, or Naegi?

Because if the former, then I’m able to kiss ten girls, on a slow day.

"Is it because of your LUCK?"

"Tell us!"


By then Natsumi arrived and sagged at seeing the scene, and immediately she smacked her elder brother on the head and told him that what happened at the music room earlier was an accident and said that Naegi is not at fault here, and Fuyuhiko stared in surprise believing that Natsumi is siding with Naegi and accuses her of fawning over the Luckster because of the kiss, and she blushed furiously and rebutted his claims resulting in the siblings arguing aloud.

"What was that?!"

"You heard me!"

"You're crazy!"

"Then why side with that asshole with an ahoge?"

"I'm telling the truth!"

"Don't lie! I bet you're in love with him!"

I remember reading about Fuyuhiko planning on inspecting Naegi, to see if he’s worthy of dating his sister. For some reason, that was thrown out, in order for Roy to insert this nonsense into his fic.

"I'm not!"

"You are!"

Fortunately, the argument is interrupted when Hagakure came out, and there she saw him and became furious as it turns out that Hagakure tried to weasel out money from one of Natsumi's client, and when Natsumi cornered him she demanded that Hagakure pay up or else he will end up dead, and out of desperation, Hagakure pulled Naegi and offered her his classmate's organs as payment in place of the money he owed.

Ok…this sure came out of nowhere.

Naegi stared in shock and asks Hagakure why and Natsumi stared in surprise seeing that Hagakure is willing to sacrifice Naegi, and there you can see Naegi and Hagakure arguing on why the Fortune Teller is willing to use the Luckster as a sacrifice just to pay the debt he owed to Natsumi, which became quite tense which Naegi became worried at what the results would be if she accepted Hagakure's alternate payment.

"Please, Naegi-chi!"

"What for?"

"You're the only I can rely on!"

"By selling my body parts?"

"I'll replace them when i got enough money..."

Naegi would be too dead for them to be of any use, but I’ll have no problem with his organs getting sold.


"Just say YES and..."


By then Hagakure's mom, Hiroko, came and twisted her son's ear berating him for his foolishness and told him to use his savings to pay off the debt,

And now Hagakure’s mom appears out of nowhere, and promptly scolds her son.

even though he protested it but his mom uses her parental authority to force him to use his savings to pay off the debt and not use Naegi as a monetary sacrifice, and Hagakure eventually gives in and do as told even though he is not happy with this. Hiroko then apologized to Naegi about his and promised that his will not happen again.

Likewise, she also apologized to Natsumi for what happened and gave her word that she will be paid in full, which Natsumi nodded. As Natsumi turns around to leave, she stopped in her tracks as Naegi is in front of her and she stopped suddenly but loses her balance in the process and ended up falling towards the Luckster and both fell on the floor, with Natsumi on top and her lips were on Naegi's forming another accidental kiss, and she gets up, blushing deeply and ran off.

Roy: “DURR, if I have them kiss again, it would be so funneh…”

Naegi sat up and is also blushing as he got his second kiss through an accident, and his male classmates began cheering him for scoring another kiss and he stood up to refute their words and defended himself from his classmates' teasing.

"Way to go, Naegi!"

"You're a true man!"

"You really are LUCKY!"

"You're wrong!"

"We're not."

"You scored another kiss!"

"Do it again!"

"Knock it off!"

However, Fuyuhiko threw a fit as he misinterpreted what he saw and threatens to hit him with the bamboo sword but is restrained by Peko,

Not only did Peko materialize out of nowhere, but Fuyuhiko returned after disappearing during the bit with Hagakure. Are all of the Super High School Level students’ part ghost or something?!

and he threw explicit words aimed at Naegi for "making another pass" on Natsumi which the Luckster denies it and defended himself, reasoning that what happened just now was an accident though Fuyuhiko does not believe it, insisting that Naegi did it on purpose and intended for it to happen all along.

"You lie!"

"I'm not!"

"You did it on purpose!"

"It was an accident!"

"You can't fool me!"

"I swear!"

"I'll kill you!"


By then Yukizome passed by and saw the commotion and used her words to calm down Fuyuhiko and asks anyone about what happened, and there Kirigiri volunteered and told Yukizome what happened, and there Yukizome persuaded him to calm down and forget everything reasoning that no one got hurt and said that it was an accident and there is no harm, and with Peko urging him, Fuyuhiko eventually calmed down though he glared at Naegi before leaving.

Naegi sighed as what happened just now was too much trouble, and there he saw Hagakure sobbing as he was forced to surrender his ATM cards to Hiroko so that she would withdraw all his savings and use them to pay off her son's debts, and Yukizome clapped her hands telling the students to return to their classroom or head for the cafeteria ad lunchtime is still up. She then glanced at Naegi and tapped his shoulder, telling him not to let the incident get to him which he just nodded, and as the teachet left, Naegi sighed as he wonder what to do next as lunchtime is still up.

To Be Continued... .

And that’s the end to an entirely pointless chapter. How Roy is able to churn these fics out is an anomaly that I doubt mankind was meant to know.

Until next time everyone.

List of mocks can be found here: Here

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Jesus man what is up with you and all of those waifus! Are you secretly the "Ultimate Pimp"?
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I’ve got nothing to say here, here’s Chapter 17 for you all.

Ch. 17: Hōkago Kaigi

Several hours later, the scene shifts at the rooftop of Hope's Peak Academy, where you can see Natsumi staring at the sky, her face still flushed after getting her second accidental kiss for the day, and to her bewilderment, she could not muster the will to get angry at Naegi, and she wonder why, and when she tries to forget that incident, Naegi's face popped in to her mind, and she shook her head as she tries to get the image off her head, and now she is confused at the things popping inside her head, and she wondered aloud on why Naegi always appear inside her head and why she could not bring herself to get mad at him.

"Seriously...why does that Naegi keep appearing inside my head?"

It’s the beginning signs of Roy Disease, where you can’t get the author out of your head.

By then Yukizome showed up, having observing her for a while and she approached her and placed a hand on the student's shoulder and talked to her, telling her that Naegi is innocent in the incident earlier, which she said that she heard it from Akamatsu, and told her that while unsure, she suggested that Natsumi is slowly developing feelings towards Naegi, and a blushing Natsumi stared at Yukizome, as she is unwilling to admit it. Deep down she is drawn towards the Luckster but is too hesitant to admit and she tried all sorts of alibi just to deny it but Yukizome was sharp enough to rebuke Natsumi's denials.

"Um, Natsumi-chan..."

"You're wrong!"

"But you..."

"I don't like that brat!"

Don’t worry, I don’t like the brat as well. Kyoko is far too good for him.


"He's short...skinny...a hentai..."

"There is no denying it...you have fallen for him...there is nothing to be ashamed of...if you really hate him you would have caused a ruckus...but you did not. Its natural that you get drawn to a boy, given that you are at that age now."


Natsumi went silent as Yukizome smiled after telling her that denying those feelings when they are genuine won't do her good, and advises her to try and befriend Naegi, saying that he is a nice boy as well as he is the one who indirectly helped her find her talent and she suggests to Natsumi to invite and hang out with Naegi so as to get to know more about him, which Natsumi looked away, her face still flushed and is unsure if she should follow that advice.

Yukizome then placed her hands on Natsumi's shoulders and tells her to give it a try saying she has nothing to lose, and then left the scene, which Natsumi glanced at the floor, wondering why is she feeling like this, and is pondering on whether to follow the teacher's advice or not, and she remained at the rooftop for a few more minutes before heading back to her classroom.

Natsumi was obviously posing for her debut album: “Gangster in Love.” Available at all music stores in Japan.

Much later, the scene shifts at the hallway where Natsumi left her classroom as it was dismissal time, and as she is walking, Akamatsu accompanied her and invited her to tag along saying that there is a piano convention, which Natsumi sighed saying that she is not a music lover and said she would only get bored, but Akamatsu instead say that Natsumi should develop a hobby such as hanging out at malls and take pictures of anything that interests her, and even suggested taking pictures of Naegi, and this caused the two girls to trade verbal exchanges.

"What was that?"

"Just take a picture of that boy...who knows...it might help..."

"You piano-hentai!"

Akamastu wants to fuck a piano? Never heard of that before…


"Why would I do something like that?"

"Why not?"

"That Naegi...he's...what?"

"...got to go...bye-bye and good luck with him, Natsumi-san!"

The bickering stopped when Akamatsu saw someone and smiled as she bid Natsumi good luck and left, leaving Natsumi baffled and she turn around where she saw Naegi standing there, and she blushed at the sight, and Naegi hesitantly approaches her and began apologizing for what happened earlier, and she is taken aback by this and was silent by it, and he thinks that she is upset by it even bowed several times while apologizing, though she just stared at the floor listening to the boy rambling apologies.

Mindless repetition, courtesy of Naegi. Is the author trying to tell us something about this story?

"I'm really sorry..."


"I really am!"


"I know you're upset about it...I'll do anything if it would make you feel better..."




Thinking that she rejected his apologies, Naegi turn around to leave, but then he felt her hand pulling his upper uniform and as he turn around, he saw her holding him while looking away, and though blushing she spoke to him and told him to forget about that incident and said it is fine, which it was Naegi's turn to get drawn to her, seeing how pretty she looked when her facial expression is shown in a neutral way and accidentally complimented her, which she was taken aback.

"What...what was that...?"

"Um...I just said you looked...cute..."


“Yes. Why, did you want me to insult you instead?”



"Um...are you...?"

"Is that a compliment?"

"Yes...it is..."

Natsumi was taken by surprise at being complimented by Naegi, as this was the first time that she was complimented by a boy

Those other boys she met were nothing more than EVUL RAPISTS, who don’t actually care about her.

and she is unsure whether to answer back yet deep inside she was quite touched, and flattered, and this made her blush even more, and she is rendered speechless at this and she mentally wondered why she could not intimidate him as she did to Sato in the past, and is beginning to wonder if she is getting drawn to Naegi or not.

By then something random came to her head, and without thinking or realizing, she invited him to hang out with her at a snack bar, and upon realizing what she just said, she is about to take back her word when Naegi responded and said that it is okay with him, and she stared wide-eyed seeing that he accepted it even though what she said was accidental.

"What? Are you sure?"

"Yeah...if that is what you want..."

"So you're fine with hanging out with me?"

"Yeah...if its fine with you..."




"Are you okay?"

“No I’m not okay! I’m in a fanfic that’s written by some basement-dwelling loser!”

She never thought something like this would happen, but then she recalled what Yukizome told her earlier about getting to know more about Naegi and realized that this is it, and seeing that there is no turning back, she took a deep breath and told him that they are leaving so Naegi went along with her as they left the academy, and as they walked together, Naegi was acting normally though he was secretly staring at Natsumi seeing how cute she looked, and then looked ahead.

Natsumi was silent as she is trying not to give herself away yet she stole glances at Naegi before looking away, and she could not believe she is getting drawn to a mere plain boy, and as they passed by the gate, they were being watched by several reserve course students, as they could not believe that Natsumi was drafted to the main course while others did not believe that Naegi's LUCKSTER title is a talent and they whispered to themselves that those two have no right being in the main course.

Oh my God. Enough with the faceless antagonists! They got old in Chapter 7 for fucks sake!

"That Kuzuryuu..."

"How did she got into the main course...?"

"And that other guy...is he for real?"

"SHSL Luckster...bullshit! Its just an excuse!"

"We ought to protest!"

"Lets chase them out of this academy..."

"Yeah...so it'll be vacant and we can take their places..."


Back inside the academy, Fuyuhiko was quite concerned when told by Akamatsu that Natsumi had left with Naegi, and Peko watches on as he demanded to know where his sister went and why is she with Naegi, though Akamatsu assured to him that she is in GOOD HANDS, something that Fuyihiko is not sure and said he does not trust him after GIVING Natsumi two kisses which Akamatsu reiterated that it was accidental and that it was Natsumi who gave the kisses to Naegi.

"But Kuzuryuu-san...there is no need for you to..."

"I won't give a damn! My sister is with that lecher and I will not let him have his way with her!"

"You should calm down. Naegi-san is..."

"I don't trust him!"

Neither do I, Fuyuhiko. Looks like we’re gonna be working together on this one.

"Give him a chance. I think hr just wants to be friends with her."

"Well I think he wants to DEFLOWER her...and if that is what his intentions are, then I'm going to castrate him!"

"Whoa...easy...you getting a bit paranoid..."

"So what if I am?"

Peko could only watch and though quite concerned, she felt that Natsumi is in good hands as she believe that Naegi is not a bad person, and by then Yukizome came and asks Fuyuhiko what is wrong, and after hearing it, she smiled as she told her student that Natsumi will be fine since she is with Naegi and that it is okay for her to hang out with him because it is normal for her to socialize with a boy, though Fuyuhiko is still worried yet Yukizome pointed out this is a good way for her to make friends, and Naegi is perfect for this as he is the reason why she found her hidden talent and she just want to get to know him, and assured to Fuyuhiko that Natsumi will be okay.

"...so that is what I think..."

"But, sensei...I..."

"Don't worry...Naegi-kun will not do anything to your sister."

"Are you sure about that?"

"Uh-huh. Trust me...your sister is in good hands."

Good hands? Do you know what Roy does with his hands?! They’re anything but good!


"It will be okay, Fuyihiko-kun."


Peko then placed a hand on his shoulders, then whispered to him asking if he wants her to go and find the two and keep an eye on them just in case, which he whispered back, agreeing with her suggestion and instructed her to make a move should she feels that Natsumi is being threatened, though Peko asks if it is necessary as she finds Nargi HARMLESS, but he insisted that she do as told for Natsumi's sake, which Peko reluctantly accepted, and left.

Nargi? Did Roy get the name of his own skinsuit wrong?!

Yukizome told Fuyuhiko that he should not worry too much since his sister is at that age now and can take care of herself, though he pointed out that being sexually assaulted by the expelled students and being insulted by the recently fired nurse, Natsumi can still get in to trouble but Yukizome then made Fuyuhiko promise her not to jump to conclusion and at least talk to Naegi regarding Natsumi, which Fuyuhiko is not quite receptive to the suggestion but nevertheless did as told seeing that she is his teacher.

"...so promise me, okay...?"


"Promise me."



"Fine...I promise."



After this, Yukizome left and Fuyuhiko is left alone and he wondered if he did the right thing, and hoped that Peko finds the two and keep an eye on them as he still does not trust Naegi in regards to Natsumi and he hoped that she does not get in to any trouble now that she is a main course student and not let that fact get to her head. As Fuyuhiko left, he passed by the school gate where he saw Sato shaking Hinata by his collar babbling non-stop about Koizumi being absent and suspected that Natsumi scared her away and took her spot which she became a main course student, and Hinata tries to calm her down, with little success.

Oh yeah, I forgot that this was still a thing.

"Stop thinking like that, Sato-san..."

"But...Koizumi did not answer my calls...she did not show up for lunch! Something must have happened to her!"

"We don't know if..."

"No...Kuzuryuu did something...I'm sure of it!"

"Calm down, Sato..."

"How can I calm down when...!"

"We don't know what happened to Koizumi-san...maybe you should wait for..."

"What do you know? What if..."

Fuyuhiko sighed seeing that Natsumi has made quite a few problems during her time as a reserve course student, and he approached Sato and told her that though Koizumi is absent, he pointed out that Natsumi did nothing to her and revealed that Natsumi is in a different section and suggested to Sato to call Koizumi on her cellphone, in which she said that Koizumi did not answer her calls, and he said that she should visit her house instead so as to be sure.

Sato did not trust Fuyuhiko since he is Natsumi's brother, and she asks him if he is covering for Natsumi which he flatly deny, and told Sato not to assume such things without proof and told her to visit Koizumi at her house so as to know why she is absent, and then left, and Sato is still distrustful for she is worried about Koizumi, but Hinata sighed and told her to stop worrying, and by then Nanami came and invited him to hang out with her at an arcade, pulling him along and both left.

Thank you Chiaki, from sparing us from more of Sato’s shit. You’ll always be best girl.

Sato is now alone and pondered on what to do if she should go see Koizumi at her house right away or wait for tomorrow to see if her friend would attend class the next day. After that Sato left and went home.

To Be Continued... .

How? How can an author constantly manage to write chapter after chapter of boring schlock?! The funny thing is, despite all the praise the author gets, his reviewers don’t point out what he does right; they just give him empty praise. Just goes to show that Roy’s stories barely have any value to them.

Until next time everyone.

List of mocks can be found here: Here

QUOTE (AnItalianGuy @ May 27 2016, 02:03 AM) *
Jesus man what is up with you and all of those waifus! Are you secretly the "Ultimate Pimp"?
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